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Baby Boy

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S: Our Baby

BC: We Adore you Caleb

FC: Our Baby Caleb

1: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful baby named Caleb. Who was welcomed into the world by two loving parents Tim Young and Kaillie Bueno

2: Place of birth: I was born in Huntington hospital in Pasadena, CA. Time of birth: my time of birth was In-between two and four o'clock in afternoon Where they were when the C-section began: My mom was in hospital bed and, my dad he beside my mom How long was the labor: my mom, she had C-section, she didn't have labor. Who was present: My grandma and dad were present in my birth. What my weight was: 7pounds 5 ounces How did my parents decide my name: My mom liked the name Kyle for my name but my dad liked Kaillie so they decide to name me Kaillie. What were my parents thoughts as they took you home for the first time: They thought I was a very sweet baby. My mom and dad were scared and didn't know what to do. They didn't know how they were going to take care of me. They were scared of the responsibility. What was the first month like: As a baby I was fine but my mom still had to finish school, but she had the help of my grandma and dad. What was the first year like: I was an easy baby but an expensive one. When did I take my first steps: I was 11 months and I walked on my grandmas deck. | My Birth Kaillie Nikita Allies Bueno

3: My Birth TIm Timothy Carlson Young | Place of Birth: I was born at the Kaiser Permanente on 4867 West Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA Time of Birth: I was born in the evening between 10:00-10:15 P.m. . Where Were They When the Labor Began: When the labor began my parents were at home. My mom's water broke when she was using the bathroom at 3 in the morning. How Long Was The Labor: The labor lasted for about 18 hours. Who Was Present: My dad was present because he was driving my mother to the hospital. My aunt and my grandparents met my mom later at the hospital. What Was Your Weight At Birth: I weighed 7.5 pounds at birth. How Did Your Parents Decide On Your Name: My mom liked the name Timothy and I inherited my Father's first name as my middle name and as my last name also. What Were Your Parents Thoughts As They Took You Home For The First Time: When my parents took me home my parents knew it was going to be a lot of work. What Was The First Month Like: My mom said the first six months were fun. According to my mother all I did was eat and sleep. She says if you put food in my mouth I would be a jolly baby. What Was The First Year Like: My mom said the first year was very tiring and fast. When Did I take MyFirst Steps: I took my first steps when I was 14 months old.

4: Our Baby 5 bs. | Cute Caleb Isaiah Young

5: Caleb's Birth Certificate

6: Daddy's Little Man

7: Mamma's Boy

8: Our little Sweetie | Journal 1 Tim

9: Journal 1 Kaillie

10: Before applying the lotion on Caleb for his eczema.

11: Making his eczema better | moisturize Cable's skin for his eczema

12: Journal 1 By Kaillie Bueno This the first time I saw our baby . Me and my partner as first time parents we decide to name our child Caleb Isaiah Young. I picked the name Caleb because it is one of my favorite names and Isaiah was just the finishing touches to the name I choose. Me and my partner discover that our dear child has eczema. We hope to treat our child well in dealing with this condition. I'm hopping this project and having this baby is a great experience in me one day maybe becoming a parent. For the weekend Tim my partner is going to take Caleb. Tim said that he was going to take Caleb to a Laker's Basket Ball game. I hope they have fun but I wish I could have taken him first. All things set aside I hope they have fun and even though I just met Caleb today I miss him already and I am very much attached. March 15,2013

14: Journal 1 Tim | Today is the first day that baby Caleb came home. He stayed with me over the weekend because I wanted to have him first. Caleb and I left school right after third period andI had to ensure that Caleb would be safe in the car while I was driving so I got some shirts and stacked them so that Caleb would be tall enough to wear a seatbelt. The drive was a little bumpy once we reached the house because of all the speed bumps but once we passed the bumps we were fine. I decided that today I was going to teach Caleb about the world of sports, particularly basketball since it is almost time for March Madness". Immediately as we got home I turned on the television and the Los Angeles Laker game was currently playing. The Los Angeles Laker's were facing the Indiana Pacers in Indiana. . As the players were racing up and down the court I explained to Caleb the basic rules of basketball. Although he probably could not understand me at his age I think that he enjoyed the game because he started to put on a huge smile when Dwight sealed the game with a slam dunk. Once the game was over Caleb and I took a nap then I decided to let Caleb watch his favorite show on Netflix, Bob the Builder. After two episodes of Bob the Builder, Caleb and I watched Grant and the Arizona Wildcats face off against the UCLA Bruins. I told Caleb the great potential in Grant and how he was a great teammate last season. When the game was over I read Caleb a bedtime story and put him in his bed to go to sleep for the night. | March 16, 2013

16: Journal 2 Here I am sitting here wishing that Caleb was here I miss him very much, I cant Waite for another two days I miss my baby so much. I think today Caleb and Tim are going to go to the Laker game today I hope they have a lot of fun and Caleb enjoy being with Tim. If I had Caleb today we would have probably have watched a movie with his grandparent and Auntie. We would have also had a really good time. I don't know at least Tim and Caleb are having a father and son Bonding time. I hope Tim is keeping Caleb's skin moisturized due to his eczema I cant Waite to get Caleb in two days I'm so excited. We are going to have so much fun together I just cant wait to take care of him I am so tired of waiting. March 16,2013

18: Tim Journal 2 | Today was the first full day that I spent with Caleb. In the wee morning of the hours Caleb began crying. I woke up and helped settle Caleb down until he was able to go back to sleep. Once Caleb fell asleep I put him back in his crib and I also went back to sleep. The morning was pretty interesting because we went to the gym to shoot some hoops. I think Caleb liked the sport a lot but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of Caleb and I playing. In the morning and afternoon Caleb watched me do my homework. I was able to teach him about pre-calculus and Ap Government so that Mr. Ferguson would be proud of our baby's expertise about the Civil Rights Movement. At night I took Caleb to dinner at CasaBlanca in Claremont. CasaBlanca is a Mediterranean restaurant that is focused on serving exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and providing a great atmosphere for its customer. At the restaurant Caleb and I shared the lamb kabob but I do not think that Caleb was fond of lamb due to the fact that I ate most of it. When we got back home Caleb was starting to look sleepy so I put him in his crib. While Caleb was in his crib I was working on my Supreme Court cases Project. Once I finished the project I noticed that Caleb was still sleeping so I did the same thing and went to bed. | March 17, 2013

19: About to Eat Dinner

21: Journal 3 Kaillie Bueno Here I am sitting here wishing that Caleb was here I miss him very much, I cant Waite for another two days I miss my baby so much. I think today Caleb and Tim are going to go to the Laker game today I hope they have a lot of fun and Caleb enjoy being with Tim. If I had Caleb today we would have probably have watched a movie with his grandparent and Auntie. We would have also had a really good time. I don’t know at least Tim and Caleb are having a father and son Bonding time. I hope Tim is keeping Caleb's skin moisturized due to his eczema I cant Waite to get Caleb in two days I’m so excited. We are going to have so much fun together I just cant wait to take care of him I am so tired of waiting. March 16,2013

22: A baby is teddy bears and tickles, grins and giggles! | Watching TV

23: Tim Journal 3 | After thirty minutes of tossing and turning I eventually fell back asleep only to wake up at 7:30 in the morning in order to get ready for church. On the way to church I made sure that Caleb was all buckled and off we went. At church Caleb was able to enjoy a variety of gospel songs along with a sermon that was about helping others. I thought it was a perfect sermon because I want Caleb to learn that helping others I essential to trying to live a life according to the Word of God. After church Caleb and I went to Old Word Deli in the Eastland shopping Center and enjoyed a steak sandwich along with broasted chicken that was accompanied by Arizona Iced Tea. After enjoying our nice afternoon meal, I left Caleb with Grandma Christina for five minutes so that I could go into Target and buy a Sesame Street bib for him. I rewarded my mom by ensuring her that I would finish the scholarship letter thing and I agreed to the deal. When we arrived home Caleb and I watched the NCAA Selection Show Sunday on CBS in order to see all the brackets for the upcoming college basketball tournament or as most people call it “March Madness”. After that Caleb was feeling a bit tired so he took a nap as I did my homework for school. When he woke up I got him ready for dinner and when he was done I got him ready for bed. | March 18, 2013

24: Journal 4 Kaillie Bueno Today is Monday and it is my first time with Caleb. We had so much fun I showed him to his grandparents, and his Auntie. My sister was so excited to see him she thought he was so cute she was proud to be his auntie. We didn't much but we got watch a move, we watched Ice age; the first one . I feel that Caleb really liked the movie. Also after we watched the movie we worked on some homework. We learned some economics and an little of U.S history. We had a lot of fun doing homework we will probably do it again; so my little Caleb can grow up to be really smart.

25: watching Ice age

26: Journal 4 Tim | Today, I left Caleb with his mother. This is an emotional time for me because I miss him so much. Right now we would be enjoying his favorite TV show, NCIS. As I watch the show all by myself I think of him and all the reactions that he would inhibit while watching the show. I do not know how I would be able to make it all the way until Thursday without seeing him. I miss being able to communicate with him and make him laugh. The house feels so empty without him and I have no idea where he could be or what he is doing. I am not in control of that and I have to trust his mom to take good care of him. Although he is not with me I still did the right thing as a loving and caring parent by calling him in the middle of the night to ensure his safety. | March 19, 2013

27: IMiss Him :(!

28: Journal with Caleb 5 Kaillie | Today me and Caleb went to the donut shop with Sean, Andrew,Erin,and I we all got to eat some treats. we had a fun play date got to have some guy time with his good friend Andrew. I feel that Caleb and Andrew had a lot of fun. After we ate Caleb and i went home and i gave him a bath. Caleb and soon grew an appetite and we decide to cook some dinner. Caleb watched mommy make some baked turkey and brown rice with some broccoli. The after we ate we worked on some homework this time we worked on some British English homework. Caleb had fun listing to me read to him he had a big smile on his face. I thought it was the cutes thing in the world.

29: A baby is teddy bears and tickles, grins and giggles!

30: Journal 5 Tim | This marks the second day without Caleb. As I enjoy this steak salad I reminiscence on Caleb and think about how much he would be enjoying this food. I wonder all the things that he and his mom could be doing right now. It haunts me not to know where he is or what they will be doing. When I get him back on Thursday I promised him that we would go to McDonald’s to get a happy meal and go to the park again. As the loving and caring adult that I am, I still will call him around 2:30 in the morning to ensure he is safe and sound. | March 20, 2013

31: When we were at the park

32: Journal 6 Today Tim took Caleb he wanted to take him to the park so I let him take him for today until Friday so I can take him for the weekend, I miss him already and it only been 6 hours , I cant Wait for another day, I miss my baby so much. I hope they have a lot of fun and Caleb is enjoying Tim's company. Today I would have went grocery shopping with hi so I can show of my cute baby. We would have also had a really good time. I let Tim take him again so the can at least get more Tim and Caleb father and son bonding time. I hope Tim is keeping Caleb's skin moisturized due to his eczema. I'm sure he is, he is a very good father and seems very responsible.

34: Journal 6 Tim | Today I finally got Caleb back from his mother. It was a joyous reunion because I was so elated to see him after two days without him. As soon as I got Caleb we immediately went to the car so that I could take him home. Caleb was very happy since we got out of school early today. Unfortunately for him I had a lot of homework to do so he could only watch NCIS. I cannot comprehend why Caleb loves this show so much. Personally I think he likes mystery shows but we will see what happens as he grows up. After the show Caleb took a two hour nap. He was really exhausted from the long day that he had. When he woke up I took him to Old World Deli once again and we shared a steak sandwich. I started to get worried because Caleb did not eat much of the sandwich but then I realized that he was probably really full. When we got home Caleb started to cry so I changed him and got him ready for bed. Before we went to bed Caleb and I went through the usual drill. We sat down on the couch and I put an intensive repair lotion on him called Eucerin. The lotion helps Caleb and protects him from getting dry skin since he has Ezcema. Also, I had to ensure that the temperature in the house was just right so that his skin would not have a reaction because of the weather. | March 21, 2013

36: Our first family portrait

37: Journal 7 Kaillie | Today me and Caleb only spent time together during school because his daddy wanted to spend some more time with son. I'll get him tomorrow and all throw the weekend so ill let them have some more time together. Tomorrow i get him so i got something big planed for me and Caleb for our last weekend together.

38: Pizza and Games

39: Journal 7 TIm Last days with Caleb | Today is my last day with the baby before his mother takes him again. I am so sad because I have not been able to do much with him lately do to my heavy homework load. The good thing about today is that we were able to watch some basketball and Caleb helped me make a cake. Caleb and I are so excited to watch all the games. There have been some major upsets already like Harvard beat New Mexico. As we were sitting on the couch my mom asked me to go pick up the pizzas so I decided to go out with Caleb. After all of the action from this hectic day, I got Caleb ready for bed. We did the usual operations and then I started to think of all the fun times we had. It made me sad knowing that this would be our last time together but I was excited because Caleb had taught me so much on how to be a good parent. I appreciate everything that Caleb has done for me in my life through this school project and to think he was only a sack of flour. | March 22, 2013

40: A baby is teddy bears and tickles, grins and giggles!

41: Journal 8 Kaillie Bueno Last days with Caleb | Today is Friday my last day with Caleb, well at least until Monday but this is the last journal i have for my dear Caleb. Today we did a lot of public activities Caleb and i went on a shopping spree. This is the only time Caleb would probably enjoy shopping with mommy. Anyway, we went to city wear and our best friends Erin and little Aaliyah were there so me and Erin both had fun with our babies. After we went to City Wear we decided to go to Target to find some toys for our babies. Luckily Caleb and Aaliyah had each other company because we were there for quiet some time.

42: Tim's Journal 8 | Today I gave Caleb back to his mother. I was so sad that I did not want to let him leave. We enjoyed our time together and I’m glad I had the chance to be his father. If Caleb was here right now we would be watching the NCAA tournament. It feels so lonely watching it by myself because I have no one to talk to about it. I just hope that Caleb is enjoying his time with his mother right now and that he is safe. As I reminisce on all the things that Caleb and I have done together I realize the meaning to being a parent. Parents have a great responsibility of raising a child and not everything will go right all the time. When I first got Caleb it was hard adjusting to having a bag of flour sitting in a carriage right next to my bed but as the transition starts to ease up, it is the best feeling in the world. I know that in life a real baby will be even harder to take care of because it cries periodically and there is no set time to wake up. | March 23, 2012

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