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Baby Jillian's First Year

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Baby Jillian's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Jillian's First Year




2: FIRST PEEK | It's A Girl


4: JILLY'S BIRTH STORY | CHOOSING A NAME | Jillian Adeline was named after her Aunt Addie and Aunt Jillian. | MEASUREMENTS | BIRTH DATE: May 26, 2011 | BIRTH TIME 8pm | POUNDS 9 | OUNCES 7

5: Baby and Mommy

6: Meeting the Siblings

7: Meeting the Grandparents | Gaga | Bobba | Grandma | Grandpa

8: FAMILY PICTURE | DATE August 2011

9: DATE___July 2011___

10: FIRST HOLIDAYS | 1st Christmas

11: Thanksgiving Valentine's Day 4th of July

12: BABY'S FAVORITE THINGS | DATE_____________ | Sleeping in the sling | Warrior Baby | Apples

13: DATE__________ | Making funny faces | Climbing inside things | Showers or baths | Playing outside

14: Oh The Places Baby Goes | The farm in Oklahoma October 2011 | Apple picking in north Georgia September 2011 | Japan Fest Fall 2011 | Hilton Head Beach July 2011

15: Medieval Times March 2012 | Wedding in NC April 2012 | Opelika - Spring 2012

17: May 2011 - Birth to 1 week old Labor: Water broke Wednesday May 25th at 8pm. Mommy went into the hospital around 2am that next morning. Jillian was born at 8pm that night. - First Impressions: came out purple because the cord was around her neck, pinked up pretty quick once they rubbed her down, looked like her Daddy when she first came out, was so big looking for a newborn, had dark hair all over her head, long skinny fingers and even longer fingernails, wanted to suck on Daddy's fingers right away, nursed pretty good the first time with Mommy, didn't cry much when the nurses had to mess with her, liked to look around at all of the lights and listen to Daddy talk to her, liked being held by Mommy up against her skin, eyes were swollen and face was kind of beat up from birth. - Hospital stay: slept great in the bassinet the first night, Gaga stayed with baby and Mommy that first night, after that didn't want to ever be in the bassinet and would only sleep in someone's arms, Aunt Jillian stayed up most night holding her, Aunt Jessica was in town and came to help out at the hospital and stayed up some nights holding baby Jilly as well, had a lot of gas and cried until you could get a good burp out of her, responded to Gaga the best and liked the way that she would rock her and bounce her, nursed very well but liked to nurse football hold on the right side and cradle hold on the left side and wouldn't have it any other way, ate every two hours if not less, slept great in someone arms, - Visitors in the hospital: Daddy, Tobin, Jessa Fikrte, Aunt Jessa, Aunt Jillian, Gaga, Bobba, Grandma Taltha, Grandpa Jeff, Aunt Addie, and Uncle Tony. - Team Baby: Gaga and Aunt Jillian took shifts helping take care of Baby Jillian so Mommy could get some sleep and recover. Daddy would take Baby until midnight and then Mommy would take care of her until 2am when Aunt Jillian would sit up with her all night until Gaga took over in the morning. She was constantly bounced and walked and brought to Mommy when she was hungry. - First Doctor's Appointment: Went to the doctor a few days after coming home from the hospital. Baby had already gained back her birth weight. She didn't mind the car seat too much as long as she had the pacifier in her mouth. The doctor said that she looked great and seemed to be eating and gaining weight well.

18: June 2011 - 1 to 5 wks old Appearance: looks like Tobin's baby pictures and sometimes like Mommy's too; cord fell off at 12 or so days old but continued to drain for a few more days; at four weeks old got baby acne all over head and face; eye lids are still swollen and red looking. Growth: at two weeks couldn't fit into newborn clothes or diapers; at three weeks old weighed 10 lbs 7 ounces; has gained about a pound every two weeks; is 96th percentile in weight. Sleeping Time: had to say goodbye to Aunt Jillian and so now sleeps all night with Mommy; sleeps all night long on Mommy's chest; wakes up every two hours until around 5 am and then every hour or less; in the mornings will sleep in her chair for 15 minutes; sleeps better when swaddled and kept in an upright position. Awake Time: doesn't spend much time awake; moves her head all over in wild motions, very strong but not much control;

19: Eating: nurses every 2 hours or less; at three weeks old took a bottle with breast milk in it from Gaga, ate the whole thing and had to be taken to Mommy to nurse some more; spits up everywhere all of the time; cries when she nurses sometimes because of the gas hurting her tummy; wants to nurse to sleep even if she isn't hungry, then she spits up a lot and sometimes comes out her nose; makes cute little sniffing noises when she wants to eat and also sucks on Mommy's face; Likes: being held; rocked; bounced on the ball; Daddy sitting her up and burping her; hearing Tobin talk to her while getting her diaper changed; sleeping in the Moby or in someone's arms; getting her diaper changed and will lay down for a minute or two after getting one; Dislikes: wet diapers; gas; being put down at all; the swing; the baby rocker chair; being hungry, if she wakes up hungry she starts crying to be fed right away; Firsts: recognizes Mommy's voice and starts smacking her lips wanting to nurse when she hears her; had her first bath in her baby bath tub, loved the water and wanted to nurse right afterwards;

20: Vacation to Hilton Head - Jillian got to meet a bunch of family, everyone loved to hold her, didn't like the long car ride to the beach too much and cried about half of the time, liked to sleep on someone's shoulder while sitting under the beach umbrella and listening to the waves, also liked the hammock and the rocking chair on the deck, wore a cute little sun hat that Azu and Uncle Jeff brought from Tokyo, got fussy in the evenings, slept most of the day and night, started smiling during the vacation week, Gigi loved getting to see Jillian's first smiles.

21: July 2011 - 5-8 wks old Appearance - blue eyes; brown hair; loosing hair on top of head; red heat rash/baby acne all over face, head, and upper chest; chubby legs; big cheeks; small nose; looks like Tobin's baby pictures. Growth - at 1 month check up: weight 11 lbs 11 oz (95%), height 22'' (89%), head 15'' (96%). Sleeping Time - sleeps for about two hours at a time at night but goes back to sleep easily until around 6am; sleeps deep for a few two hour cycles and then has some awake time; at night sleeps on Mommy's chest; during the day sleeps on someone's shoulder or in the Moby wrap on Mommy; in the mornings she sleeps in the bouncy seat for about 20 minutes; at seven weeks slept four hours in a row but not every night. Firsts - smiled at Gaga and then Bobba at 5 weeks old; smiled and turned her head at Mommy's voice around 6 weeks; first time to the beach; first long car ride, she cried through a lot of it; slept four hours one night for the first time; has started to make little happy laugh noises. | Awake Time - kicks and moves her arms and legs; wants to be held; smiles a lot in the mornings; likes to hear Mommy's voice; at seven weeks old will lay under a mobile kicking her legs and watching it turn; throws her head around and is very wiggly; sometimes cries because she threw her head into Mommy's shoulder; bought a new swing that she seems to like more but only in the mornings. Eating - nurses every hour or two; takes a bottle with no problem when Mommy is taking a nap; still has some fussy eating times but not as much gas as a few weeks before; spits up a lot; gets upset if not fed right away. Likes - baths; being bounced or rocked or walked; being outside; looking at light coming in from a window; looking at someone's smiling face; nursing to sleep; looking a toy; listening to Mommy or Gaga sing to her; when Daddy sings his Jillian song and always smiles at the line "Jilly illy in". noises. Dislikes - a wet diaper; being put down for too long; gas; being touched and kissed too much by Tobin and Fikrte; being tired; riding in the car seat; being hungry.

22: August 2011 - 2 Months old - Appearance: blue eyes; brown hair; fair skin; bruises on the top of her eye lids; most of the rash/baby acne is gone; some more hair growing back on top of her hair but it is growing in lighter than the hair on the back of her head. - Growth: height 23 inches (92%), weight 13 lbs (90%), head 15 inches (94%). At 2 months old had to move up into 3-6 month clothes; feels heavy and is hard to carry around all day. - Sleeping Time: likes to be rocked to sleep for naps; naps in the swing or in Mommy's bed but likes Mommy's arms better; has many short naps through the day; sleeps at night from 9 pm or 10 til 8 am waking every three hours or so to nurse; sleeps at night in Mommy's arms or propped up on a pillow; sleeps the best in the Moby attached to Mommy. - Awake Time: gets bored pretty easily and has to be able to see what the kids are doing; is every happy in the mornings and smiles a lot; will sit in the baby rocker and look at the hanging toys in the morning while Mommy makes breakfast; wants to be held most of the day and held up high to see what is going on. - Eating: has started to nurse for longer periods of time; has discovered the joy of sleep nursing; still spits up a ton all over everything; at night nurses laying across Mommy's tummy; nurses every two hours or so. - Likes: being sat up to see everyone; watching the kids from up in Mommy's arms; being held facing out; to grab everything and chew on it; chewing on her hand. - Dislikes: the car seat for more than a few minutes, once she starts crying in it there is no stopping her until she gets picked up; being bored or left in a room by herself; sudden loud noises; being woken up by Tobin in the morning when she wanted to keep sleeping (it puts her in a bad mood). - Firsts: grabs things; sucks on her hand; laughed for the first time in early August while watching Fikrte jump into the baby pool, she laughed so hard she shook up and down; napped in Mommy's bed by herself for thirty minutes.

24: September 2011 3 months old - Appearance: Little bit of blond hair has started to grow in up on top; dark hair on the back of her head; pale skin; chubby legs; thinned down a little; looks just like Tobin's baby pictures. - Sleeping time: Has started to nap during the day in Mommy's bed; sleeps 5 hours at a time and only wakes up enough to nurse and go back to sleep; takes at least 5 short naps a day; goes to bed around 10pm or later with Mommy and wakes up at 8am; sometimes sleeps in until 9am. - Awake time: Wants to be entertained when awake; gets bored easily; will lay on her back and look around for a few minutes; prefers Mommy and smiles really big when she sees her; makes lots of noises in the evenings.

25: - Eating: Nurses less often and mostly before going to sleep; gets angry if it is offered to her and she doesn't want it; mostly nurses quickly but sometimes wants to nurse to sleep. - Likes: To be carried all of the time; to watch the kids play; to sit in the hammock outside with Mommy and swing; to ride in the moby facing out so she can see everything; being held by Mommy; grab her feet when laying on her back; grab everything, never let go and put it in her mouth. - Dislikes: Being on her tummy; getting her ear pulled too much by Tobin; the dark, unless it is time to go to bed with Mommy; cries when Mommy leaves the room; - Firsts: First tooth at the beginning of the month and second by the end of the month; rolled over from back to stomach and then from stomach to back; laughed when Mommy tickled her and also when Mommy was coughing and choking.

26: - Appearance: Hair on top is coming in light brown; pale skin; thinned out some; heat rash on her chin skin folds. - Growth: height 25 inches (80%), weight 15 lbs 10 ounces (79%), head circumference 16 inches (86%). Hair growing up on top and sticks out all over; looks taller. | - Sleeping Time: Sleeps 10-12 hours at night waking up once around 11pm and then again at 4am; gets one diaper change in the middle of the night and nurses once; naps throughout the day for an hour or so at a time; now will sleep in bed next to Mommy on her stomach. - Awake Time: Stays awake for longer now before needing a nap; needs to be entertained; will lay on the ground and roll around. | - Eating Time: Nurses every 2-3 hours; other than sleep nursing in the evenings, she nurses quickly; mostly only wants to nurse to go to sleep. - Firsts: Can sit up in someone's lap with little support; scooted a foot or two across the carpet; sits in high chair.

27: October 2011 4 months old - Likes: Kicking her legs; being held facing out; watching the kids play; chew and grab everything; belly laughs at the kids swinging; riding in the Moby; playing "warrior baby". - Dislikes: Being held by any one other than Mommy in the evening; being bored; being woken up half way through her nap by the kids. - Trip to Oklahoma: First time flying; she did well but cried some; was fussy the first few days at Gigi's; loved going on walks through the field in the Moby; everyone made such a fuss over her and wanted to hold her.

28: - Sleeping Time: Takes four 1 hour naps a day; naps mostly in Mommy's bed; sleeps in front pack while Mommy makes dinner; sleeps 12 hours or so at night and wakes up once or twice for a nurse. - Awake Time: Wants to be entertained when she is awake; in the mornings will lay next to Mommy for a little bit and just look around; in her best mood right after waking up. | - Eating Time: Nurses every few hours; can go up to 3 hours between nurses; likes to nurse to sleep and a long time in the evening right before going to bed; still spits up but not as much. Appearance: More hair, no more bald spots, hair sticks up in all directions; little leaner around the tummy, but still has huge round legs; blue eyes; pale skin; two teeth smile. - Growth: Wears 6-9 months clothing.

29: - What Gets a Smile: Recognizing Daddy or Bobba or Gaga; brother and sister talking to her; seeing Mommy come and get her from nap or in the morning; Mommy playing peek-a-boo; Tobin or Fikrte crying or throwing a fit (she thinks it is hilarious). | November 2011 5 months old - Likes: Putting everything in her mouth; books to chew on; eating paper (but is not allowed to); watching Mommy vacuum; being carried around when Mommy is doing something interesting; going outside. - Dislikes: Being kissed and knocked over by her siblings; watching Mommy leave the room; being put down on the floor too often; having a toy taken away from her; being offered to nurse when she doesn't want it; when the kids do school (not enough action for her to watch). - What Gets a Laugh: Playing warrior Baby; watching the kids swing; Mommy "eating" her tummy.

30: - Appearance: Pale; chubby cheeks; light brown hair that stick up everywhere; bruise next to her eye from falling down one stair. - Growth: height 26 inches (64%), weight 76 lbs (76%), head circumference 17 inches (77%). - Sleeping Time: Takes multiple short hour naps; doesn’t sleep long on her own; wants to sleep in the pack on Mommy; sleeps all long next to Mommy. - Awake Time: Likes to crawl everywhere and get into everything; wants to be held and walked around; gets fussy at night; teething makes her fussy and she puts everything in her mouth in a frantic way. - Eating Time: Started to eat solid food; spits out most of the food; likes hummus, bread, baby crackers, apple sauce, puffs; nurses a lot when teething; still nurses every few hours.

31: December 2011 - 6 months old - Likes: Twisting her tongue around in her mouth all of the time; pulling up on everything and often falling over; the humidifier; Gaga who is now her favorite person (besides Mommy), gets a big smile on her face when she sees Gaga and reaches for her; sleep nursing. - Dislikes: Hearing the kids in another room playing but can’t get to them; having anything taken away; not being allowed to have Mommy when she wants her; teething. Firsts: Solid food; pulls up and steps forward or sideways while holding on to something; reaches out for people; by the end of the month had five teeth (three on top). - 1st Christmas: Loved to chew on the Christmas tree; liked seeing everyone but mostly wanted to be held by Mommy; tried to tear into everything she could get her hands on; loved the wrapping that the presents came in.

33: January 2012 - 7 months old - Appearance: Light brown hair that sticks up all over; stubby front teeth with a space between them; pale skin; - Growth: Wears 9-12 months clothes - Sleeping Time: Goes to sleep around 8pm and sleeps most of the night, waking up twice or so for a feeding. Takes two short hour naps during the day mostly in Mommy’s pack. - Awake Time: Crawls around after the kids; plays with the tubs of toys; wants to be carried around by Mommy so she can see everything; - Eating Time: Nurses every three hours or so. Eats food in her high chair or while sitting in Mommy’s lap. Crawls around on the ground and finds food to eat. Found an Oreo once. Likes to drink water from a sippy cup, but mostly lets it all run out of her mouth. Also likes to get cleaned up after eating because she gets to drink water. - Likes: Going up to see Gaga (she is Jilly’s favorite person); to crawl towards Daddy when she hears that he is home; playing with the kids (screams with joy when they play with her); to climb the stairs; the vacuum; climbing into the dishwasher; to stand up, hit the tv and laughs when you grab her; taking a shower with Mommy; pulling and eating the toilet paper off the roll. - Dislikes: When toys are taken away from her (screams and cries); if you don’t keep a steady stream of food going into her mouth; not being allowed to go in Tobin and Fi’s room when they are playing (sits outside the door and hits on it). - Firsts: Has six teeth; got scratched by the cat right above the eye when she grabbed him while under the table (had a big chunk of his hair in her hand), stood alone for a few seconds; discovered how much fun it is to splash in the toilet; pulls up on someone’s legs when she wants to be held; recognizes the words Baby, Mommy, Gaga, and nurses.

34: February 2012 - 8 months old - Growth: Wears 9-12 months clothes - Sleeping Time: Won’t sleep long unless nursing or in Mommy’s arms/front pack; sleeps most of the night but had a week of fussy nights this month; likes to sleep on Mommy’s stomach during part of the night. - Awake Time: Wakes up with a smile for Mommy and a laugh for Tobin and Fi every morning; still wants to be carried around but also wants to crawl around more; can crawl very fast; fusses when anything doesn’t go her way. | - Eating Time: Nurses every few hours; loves to eat food and screams until you give her something to eat; eats anything she can find on the floor; likes to sit in Mommy’s lap and be given something to chew on; sits in her highchair and eats any food given to her. - Dislikes: Having a door closed on her; having a toy taken away (tries to bite or hit when she gets really mad); not getting her way; getting her diaper changed.

35: Likes: Taking a shower with Mommy and letting the water pour over her head; to bite Mommy’s shoulder when she gets picked up; to climb up the stairs; to open any type of box; climbing into the refrigerator and makes a bee line for it when it opens; going upstairs to see Gaga; getting into the fireplace and eating the rocks. | - Firsts: Says “Mamamamama” when crying; learned how to open the toilet but gets her hand stuck in it and cries; stands up alone and holds things; remembers where things are that she wants to get into and keeps going back to them (once chased her Bobba around the kitchen trying to get to his swept dirt pile).

36: - Growth: Weight - 20 lbs (79%), Height 28 inches (59%), Head 17.5 inches (64%) - Sleeping Time: Sleeps all night next to Mommy and wakes up once or twice; started taking naps on a little toddler bed on the floor of Mommy’s room; Mommy would go and lay down by her when she started waking up. - Awake Time: Plays outside by crawling around and eating dirt; climbs everything; wants to be where the kids are and likes getting what they are playing; Gaga is her favorite person in the world. | - Likes: To pull things out a container and put them back in; laughing at things and the kids; showers with Mommy or anything to do with water; to sit in boxes or containers. - Dislikes: If someone walks by her and doesn’t pick her up; when Tobin picks her up and moves her away from his toys; having something taken away that she was playing with.

37: March 2012 9 month old - Eating Time: Loves to eat apples by chewing them up and spitting it all out; drinks water from a cup and a sippy cup; sits in her high chair and eats most meals with Mommy, Tobin and Fi. - Firsts: Introduced the bunny blanket; stands alone; got 7th bottom tooth and 8th on the top; ate sand and then pooped it all out; tries to take off her clothes when the shower turns on.

38: - Spring Break in OK: Flew with Mommy to OK while the others drove; Jilly did really well on both flights there and back; she slept most of the flights and loved looking at the planes from the airport windows; favorite thing was to unpack Mommy’s purse or carry-on; acted fussy when the kids were not around; loved the porch and eating dirt; let some people hold her but mostly wanted only Mommy; rode on Mommy’s shoulders on walks through the woods; loved getting into the hot tub. | - Firsts: Took first steps at a rest stop in SC on our way back home from a wedding in NC. Gaga saw it first and then got her to take some more steps so we could get it on video.

39: April 2012 10 months old - Growth: Wears 12 month clothes and size 4 diaper; weighs over 20 lbs. - Sleeping Time: Takes two one hour naps (around 10am and 3pm); naps in little bed; goes to be around 8pm and wakes up an hour later; sleeps next to Mommy all night long; sometimes starts off in her new little bed in her and Fi’s room. - Awake Time: Fusses when things are taken from her; when she is happy she yells “ahhhh” or has her mouth open and pumps one arm up and down in the air; fusses when she sees Gaga and isn’t picked up right away; she likes to fuss/talk to Gaga and seems to be telling/complaining to Gaga about her problems.. - Eating Time: Nurses around 6am and then not again until first nap around 10am; still nurses in the middle of the night a few times and about every 4 hours during the day; eats most meals with us in her high chair; doesn’t eat much but makes a huge mess and has fun. - Likes: To drink water; seeing Gaga; playing with the kids and being in the middle of things; climbing chairs; biting everyone; putting things in something and taking it back out again like taking the toys out of the bathtub.

40: -Growth: Wears 18 months clothes - Appearance: Blue eyes; pale skin; light brown hair that is thiner and shorter up on her forehead. - Sleeping time: Takes two one hour naps; schedule got messed up for most of May because of traveling; naps on a little cot in Mommy’s room; nurses to sleep and wants to nurse a few times in the middle of the night. - Awake time: Is a happy baby in general and likes to crawl around getting into everything; loves being around the other kids; tries to “talk” by saying “uhhhhhhh”; very destructive; bites when she is mad/hungry/frustrated/teething; -Eating time: Likes eating food but still nurses every three to four hours; likes to drink from a straw; eats rice and eggs with Gaga in the mornings.. - Firsts: Learning to go backwards off of things; started walking right after first birthday.

41: May 2012 11 to 12 Months Old - Likes: Pulling clothes out of drawers or sitting in drawers; to climb up on the bathroom stool while the kids are brushing their teeth; to pick up clothes, throw them and yell “ahhhhh”; to climb into the water table or into the lego table; sitting on the stool and doing dishes with Mommy; her bunny bun bun who she sleeps with; bathes. - Graduation and Memorial Day: Flew with Mommy and Gaga to Tulsa for Aunt Jillian’s graduation; did not as well on the airplane this time; was fussy and wanted to crawl into everything; seemed bored without the kids around and was a little fussy in general. Seemed to like having lots of people over for Memorial day. Jilly allowed Aunt Jessa to hold her a little bit but mostly wanted Mommy or Gaga.

42: BABY'S FAVORITE THINGS | DATE_____________ | Eating Sand | Taking Clothes Out | Bunny Bun Bun | Standing up in the chair and yelling

43: DATE__________ | Drinking from the hose | Climbing | Drawers | Swing set

44: FIRST BIRTHDAY | Things we did at Jilly's party: play out in the backyard, blow bubbles, have a cookout, play on the new swing set, have cake, and open presents.

45: Jilly's Favorite Things: - Opening presents - Eating cake - Playing with her balloon - Swinging out her new swing

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