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Baby Magazine

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S: Emily Nicole Bell

FC: Emily Nicole Bell

1: Emily, My whole life changed and I fell in love with you the moment I found out I was pregnant. My life stopped revolving around caring about the little things in life and now focuses on the big important things in life... like you and our family. Every day of my life I live to take care and love you. I have been writing in a diary for you so you can cherish our memories and stories forever. You have changed my life forever and I love you with all my heart. Happy first birthday my little Emily Bell! Love, Mom

2: We found out mommy was pregnant on November 10th, 2010. | We loved you from the very start.

3: Week 14 | Week 16 | Week 20 | Week 24 | We found out you were a girl on March 4th, 2011 and decided to name you Emily Nicole Bell.

4: Week 25 | Week 27 | Week 29 | Week 30 | Week 32 | Week 33

5: Week 33 | Week 41 | Week 41 | Week 42

6: Hey there pretty lady, Miss Emily Bell, this is your Grandpa Kenny here, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed the times you have come up to visit us here in Placerville. You are such a pleasant young lady. Your smile is just wonderful, and to hear you laugh with your grandma is just magical.your curiosity is amazing and it's going to be fun to watch you grow up and see all that you learn,and what you do with it. You've got a lot of great support around you with your parents,grandparents , aunts &uncles, so you make sure that with all of the tough choices that may come your way in life, you go to them for wise council. The cereal isle in the grocery store, that's a crazy one, Lucky Charms or Raisin bran? Your aunt Katelyn's got that figured out, you go to her about that one. And the boys? Well , you don't get in a hurry there, check with your dad on that, then it might not hurt to run it by your uncle Jarrett, he could probably do a pretty good job of sizing them up, just to play it safe. Your grandma's got a lot of wisdom in that area as well, so don't be afraid to come here and confide. But anyway, enough of that future stuff, I want to know how that new day care is working out for you? I hope everything is going well there and that they're taking good care of you. Just writing this to you makes me think about your wonderful smile. I wish for you my darling, a wonderful life, filled with the Love of family and friends, and all of the blessings that God has to offer you. First and foremost in your life, I hope that you will learn about Him and the sacrifice that he gave for us. with much love and care, Grandpa Kenny.

8: Maternity Photo Shoot | May 27th 2011

10: Emily, The moment you were born was the happiest in my life. Although I almost fainted, I wouldn’t have missed you coming into our life for the world. I have enjoyed watching you through all your firsts and I can’t wait to watch you grow up and learn with you. Everyone around always says how happy of a baby you are and I know it is because of how perfect you are and how much your Mom and I love you. No matter how much you grow up, you will always be my little Emily who looks up at me and says with a smile “Hi dada”. I love you and always will. Dad

12: In The Hospital

13: Emily Nicole Bell Born on July 21st 2011 at 4:51am 7lbs 4oz 21 inches long

14: Your family came from Placerville, Pollock Pines and Los Angeles to come meet you. | Some of your visitors in the hospital

15: Our new little Family

16: Dear Emily! This is your Uncle Jarrett and Aunt Jenny. We wanted to write you a very special letter to celebrate your very first birthday. This first year of your life has gone by so fast. We remember like yesterday getting the call that you were ready to enter this world and meet your family. At least, so we thought! Instead of hurrying into this world, you decided to wait and wait and wait to join us! There was a very full waiting room of people wanting to anxiously see your beautiful face. Even though we had to wait to meet you, every minute was fun and exciting. All of your Grandma's were there, Lori, Janette and Janet. Same with all of your Grandpa's: Kenn, Kenny and Jeff..Your Uncle Jarrett and Uncle Eric were there. And so were your Aunties: Jenny, Katelyn, and Gabby.

17: Many other visitors came and went, but your family was always there. Waiting patiently, and maybe impatiently at times to see you. The first time that Uncle Jarrett held you in the hospital, he fondly remembers holding you in his arms so tight, and you looking into his eyes and smiling. You smiled at him like you already knew him. At this moment you stole your uncles heart. He loves the way you smile and loves the way you laugh. He cherishes your cheerful demeanor and works tirelessly to make you laugh. The first time your Aunt Jenny saw you was the day after you were born. She was so happy to finally meet you. She remembers how soft your skin was, how good you smelled and how tiny you were. Your Aunt Jenny doesn't have a single memory with you that she doesn't cherish.

18: She thinks that you are beautiful, happy, and joyous. Her favorite nickname to call you is "Emmers". Your Uncle Jarrett and Aunt Jenny want you to know that they love you very, very much. With all their hearts, forever and ever. We hope that you grow up to cherish your family as much as they cherish you. We hope that you know how much your mother Brianna and Father Ryan love you. They are wonderful parents whom work hard to give you a happy, healthy, loving life. They love you more than you will ever know. As a special keepsake for you, a few of us designed a ruby necklace for you to wear when you get older. This necklace will hopefully remind you of those you made it for you. Remind

19: you of how much you are loved. Right now your mommy will wear this special necklace. And when you are old enough, she will give it to you. Enjoy Emily! And know how special you are to us! Happy Birthday Emily Bell. We love you! With love, Uncle Jarret and Aunt Jenny Scheurer

20: First Day Home | and night at home. | First ride in the car....

21: Two Year Anniversary | July 26th, 2011

22: Visitors....

23: and more visitors....

24: Dearest Emily, What a beautiful present your parents gave to me when they told me they were expecting. I, of course, put in a request for a girl. When we found out, I was so very thrilled. Seeing you move around inside your Mommy was amazing and I cried with happy tears. I went out to the waiting room where my best friend, Betty, was and yelled out with joy “It’s a girl.” The first time I held you were so very precious to me! Watching all the family each take a turn holding you warmed my heart. Everyone was hugging each other, we were all so happy. There was so much love in the room, it was incredible. Every single time I see you, my heart swells with love.

25: There have been so many special firsts with you, I treasure them all. To name a few: holding you, giving you a bath for the first time, having you stay with me overnight, watching you giggle and laugh, helping you to fall asleep, and seeing new things you do. Happy first birthday, my sweet Emily! Just know that I love you more than words can say and I’m so very blessed whenever I get to spend time with you! Love overflowing, Grammy

26: ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR | FIVE | SIX | Ducky...

27: Grammy got this ducky chair for you so we could see how much you grew every month. | SEVEN | EIGHT | NINE | Chair

28: Your Grandparents | Grammy | Papa | Grandpa | Mimi | Nonnie | Grand-Pappy

29: Your Aunts and Uncles

30: IN THE MOUNTAINS WE LIVE In the mountains we live, we're here to stay! Every once in a while you come to play! We laugh and giggle and roll on the floor; It starts as soon as you come in the door! Remember our dog, she licks your face? Don't let her do that, it's a disgrace! Pull on her ears, grab her tail. She loves to play, she isn't frail! We could play and play and play all day, But eventually I'll yawn, I must say! I'm not a kid, quite like you, Who am I kidding, you sleep more than I do! I turn down the TV.... it's time for a nap, on the couch, with your old grand-pap! Cheyenne, our dog, is asleep on the floor, And before I know it, you start to snore! I begin to dream, where could I be? Oh, you're right there with me, we're in a cookie factory!

31: The smell is so yummy, I begin to wake; "Emily, get up! Nonnie's beginning to bake!" We sit and wait, for her cookies to come, They're yummy, so yummy, to the very last crumb! "Where are those cookies?" we demand, Nonnie finally brings them, one in each hand!! Your parents show up, they're at the door, We'd offer them a cookie, but there are no more! We can always tell by the look on their face, We're so sad, it's time for you to leave our place! We played and laughed most of the day, We really wish that you could stay. We finished the cookies, we took a nap. Come back and visit your old grand-pap! In the mountains we live, we're here to stay, I'm sure we'll see you again soon one day! Our granddaughter is loved by Nonnie and me, Come up again and we'll teach you to ski!! Lots of Love, Your Grandpappy!!!

33: Emily's first Halloween | Mom and dad carved a pumpkin for a contest at daddy's work. We didn't win, but we had fun! Grammy came over on Halloween day and we went to dinner at Red Robin. I had such a good day! I love Halloween!!

34: Eric and Gaby.... | On November 5th. 2011 your Aunt and Uncle came to see you. We went to Old Sacramento and had lunch with Grammy....

35: came to visit | took family pictures, and went bowling with Papa.

36: Hi Miss Emily, This is Auntie Gaby and Uncle Eric. You may know us as the Aunt and Uncle who live far and away, but we know you as the cheerful, joyful, and beautiful girl who was brought into this world surrounded by the people that love you. We haven't had as many opportunities to physically get to know you, but through email and pictures we have gotten a chance to see how much of a beautiful person you are growing to be. We remember the first day we met you, the day that you were born, we were the last ones to meet and hold you. You looked at Uncle Eric like he was an alien (which everyone does) and you looked at Auntie Gaby pretty much the same way (Ha!). But we looked at you with love in our eyes knowing that you were a very special gift from God. So now you will grow up, as babies tend to do, and read this letter. What we would like you to know by the time you read this is 1. That we love you dearly 2. That we wish you all the love, peace, and happiness this world has to offer

37: 3. That makeup is NOT that serious! Don’t start wearing it until you’re AT LEAST 18! 4. Don’t waste your time on boys, because a good man is worth waiting for, and 5. Always put God first and foremost in your life, because he will always lead you to where you need to be. Remember that life has lots to offer and many opportunities. Don’t be afraid to pursue your passions, and don’t be afraid of the failure that may come with pursuing them. Remember to appreciate the simple moments like cart wheels on a spring day and ice cream in the summer. Always find a reason to laugh and never let life’s struggles steal your joy. With that said we hope that when reading this that it gives you the confidence, motivation, and the hope for pursing your dreams. We LOVE YOU EMILY!!! Love Your Favorite Aunt and Uncle, Eric and Gaby

38: Pretty in pink!

39: My Dear Sweet Ems, What a joy you have been in this first year that you have blessed our is hard to believe that it has only been one year since you joined our family!! Being the first grandchild is a wonderful will always have a very special place in our hearts and, of course, will be spoiled rotten, but then again, isn't that what grandparents are for?!! I am so looking forward to sharing all sorts of "girly" stuff with you (shopping, pedis, shoe collecting....sorry Mom and Dad :-). I can’t wait to teach you some of my passions like baking and jewelry making, and passing on the technique of making my “special” frosted sugar cookies (but only if you promise to share them with your Grandpappy!!). But whatever we do, little Emily, I simply look forward to spending special time with you and creating memories that you will carry with you for a lifetime. I can’t wait to get to know you as grow into the beautiful young lady that I know you will become!! You are such a lucky girl to have a wonderful extended family that loves you dearly and who will be there for you through all of lives challenges and milestones..what fun it is going to be!! With all my love, Nonnie

40: Emily's First

41: Christmas

42: Growing up.... | So Fast!

43: Dearest Baby Emily! I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!! I can not believe how much you have already learned and been through in 1 year! Watching your smile grow and your murmuring transform into perfect giggle. You are such a happy loving baby, and all your family treasures the time they spend with you. Especially your auntie KK. Happy Birthday Baby girl! I can't wait to see you more and be able to read books to you and play barbies, dress up, have tea parties, and picnics outside and learn about the world together. You are a very bright baby and I can already see so much personality in you! Your mommy and daddy do such a great job loving on you daily! Watching you become this little girl already just makes me soo happy! Happy Birthday my little Emmers! LOVE your auntie kk

44: One Week Old | Two Weeks Old | Two Months Old | Three Months Old | Mommy's Little Model

45: Four Months Old | Four and a half Months Old | Five Months Old | Six Months Old

46: Dear Baby-girl Emily, It is hard to believe you are turning 1 year old already. This year has been so fun watching you grow and making me laugh. Emily you are my first and only grandchild, so far, and it is hard to put into words how much love I have for you in my heart. It was amazing to watch your Mommy's tummy grow bigger and bigger with you inside her. Your mommy is my baby, so she means a lot to me and I love her very much. The first time I saw you, just after you were born, I started to cry. You were so precious and beautiful. Babies are amazing and a true miracle of God. And you are my granddaughter!!! I just couldn't take my eyes off of you. I wanted to hold you for days, but I had to share you with the other people who were there at the hospital to meet you for the first time. That is when I decided to come see you on Mondays after work and spend special time with just you and your mom and dad. You were growing so fast and changing so much, I didn't want to miss anything.

47: I came down and spent the night one night to give your mom and dad a break. I slept in your room with you. My plan was to get up in the night with you when you woke up. I would feed you and change your diaper and hold you, then put you back to bed. That way your mom and dad could catch up on their sleep. Well it ending up I didn't get much sleep that night because I kept hearing the little sounds you made in your sleep, like every baby makes. I loved hearing you coo. Then when you did wake up for your feeding I held you in my arms and put you in bed with me. I couldn't stop looking at you. In the morning your mommy came in and took a picture of us because we looked so cute bundled together. My neck was so sore from looking down at you all nigh.You have grown into a very happy, smiling, laughing baby-girl. I say that you make me laugh because you do. You are so happy and you laugh all the time. One day I had you in my arms and you were laughing and making me laugh. I did not want to ever forget how cute that giggle.

48: sounded, so I recorded it on my cellphone so I could hear it anytime I wanted to. Your mommy takes lots of pictures of you and I get to develop them for my photo album. You have added so much joy to my life. God has blessed our family with you, our precious baby-girl Emily. I am looking forward to this upcoming year and all the new fun things you have to show us like crawling and new teeth and walking and saying, "Mimi" for the first time. I love you Emmers, my sweet baby granddaughter. Love, Mimi

49: Dear Emily, This is from your PAPA, your Daddy’s Dad. I’ve been waiting for you to come into this world for quite some time. Your Mom and Dad told me at Christmas time that I would be a Grandfather in July of 2011 and I was very excited and could hardly wait to see you. When you come into this world and I got to hold you for the first time, I was so proud to have a beautiful granddaughter. I love you very much and love to hold you and watch you smile at me and I can show you off to all my friends. I hope to be around for many years to come, so I can see you grow up and play sports like soccer and tennis, just like your Mom and Dad do. Love, PAPA

50: On Saturday Grammy came over and we went to a park in Elk Grove where you met the Easter bunny! | Easter...

51: Weekend | On Easter Sunday Grand-Pappy, Nonnie, Auntie KK and Papa came over and we had lunch, an Easter egg hunt, played pin-the cotton tail on the rabbit, tennis, and had a balloon toss.

52: You started attending Butterfly Garden Daycare on May 1st 2012

53: This book was created by Brianna Bell

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