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Baby Of Mine

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FC: Pregnancy Handbook

1: Indication of Pregnancy | How can you tell if you are pregnant? - Miss Period - Morning Sickness - Urine Pregnancy Test - Tenter Breast These sign will help you to see if you are pregnant. It will only have these symptoms in about a month.

2: How To Test For Pregnancy | If you want to know if your pregnant, you'll need some test to see if you are or not. You'll have a urine test to see if it's a positive or a negative. If It's a positive, then that's when you call the Obstetrician for an appointment. It will take a long time to get to them for an appointment. You can also have a blood test at the doctor for samplings. Urine test can be taken at home. You can buy them at a over the counter or a market. You'll might want to take two or three boxes to make sure it ether a positive or negative.

3: Figuring Due Date | To tell when the baby is due, is by counting the month backwards of the day you missed you period. You only count the number backwards 3 month and the due date that you missed you period. If you not sure, asked your doctor and they'll tell you when you baby is going to be born.

4: Complications of Pregnancy | If there something wrong that you don't feel good. Here are the five complication while your pregnant: - Headache take a long time to go away so you'll have to call you doctor about it and what medication you should take. - Bleeding occurs sometime in the day or night the will bleed. Call a doctor if it doesn't stop bleeding soon or go to an Emergency for medical help. - Early Labor Pain is normal which means that the baby is moving to the cervix to get ready for labor later in

5: the month. It will have a little short pain. It will get bigger by the time your ready for delivering. - Morning Sickness is when you body needs dehydration and eat crackers to help the stomach from getting sick. It will happen during the day and night. - Light Head is when your head is tired that you should rest. If it still keeps light head, that when you contact you doctor and they'll give you instruction on what to do. - Never take medication over the counter unless the doctor say so. It's bad for you and the baby since it's starting to develop.

6: Good Nutrition | Eating good nutrition is good for you and the baby. The reason you need nutrition is for the baby, since it's starting to develop and help the baby grow bigger. The mother also need to take care of her body too, since it carrying the baby. There are five major types of nutrients that you need in your body while your pregnant. Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Fats, and Carbohydrates. What To Eat | You need to eat food that is good for you like fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and grain. Those are the food pyramid that you have to have in

7: your body to stay healthy and for the baby to grow. So the five nutrients are listen below that will tell you what you will need: - Proteins - You'll need them for building block for bones, muscle, cartilage, skin, and blood. It repairs tissue. - The food source you need are Meat, the size of a deck card. Two eggs and don't have them running or boiling. Have something that is fry or scramble. Beans, Poultry, and Nuts. - Vitamins - Vitamins are mostly fruits. They have other vitamins, A, B, C, D, K, and so on. Make

8: sure you wash the fruits first before you eat it. - The food that you want to eat are Vitamin C, Orange juice, and organic fruits. - Minerals - There three other minerals that you'll need. But Minerals help you with solid inorganic substance that helps the nutrition food that you'll need. Like Calcium, Iron, and Folic Acid. Also vegetables primarily good for you and fruits. - Calcium - Iron - Folic Acid - Fats - Its a sort of food that you eat like the food that you should eat are Milk, Yogurt, and Fat-Free Milk. 30% of fat uses vegetables in foods. It helps you grow Bones, Teeth, and helps produce Blood Pressure.

9: - Carbohydrates - It gives you energy so that your body doesn't get tired. It will help you through out the day when your working on something like work, parties, or anything else. - How Many Cups You Should Have On Plates - Milk 1 Cup, Fruits 2 1/2 Cup, Grains 6 Servings, Vegetables 2 Cups, Water 8 Glass, and Meat 3 cups (the size of a deck card). What To Avoid - Caffeine, Chocolate, Coffee, and Salt. Why you should avoid these food? Because there might be some cause to the baby like weight, cholesterol levels, and diabetes. You don't want them to have problems when they get older. So you have to have nutrition for them so that they can be healthy to grow and learn.

10: Medications During Pregnancy | When you are pregnant with a baby, you have to make sure that what ever medicine you are taking isn't good for the baby. So take to your doctor about what medication you should take if you are sick or have a headache. If you are taking a medicine for you health, that's when you talk to your doctor about it and see what they think is best for you. There are some medicine that you can take while your pregnant if you are sick or have a headaches. All so never take medication over the counter since that is not good for you and the baby. You should make sure you find something that is safe and what the doctor describes to you. The medicine that you should have are safe. The list tell you what you should take if you have these items: Allergy's - Chlorpheniramine (there tablets) Cold/Flue - Tylenol

11: First Aid Ointment - Bacitracin and Neosporin Headache - Tylenol Rashes - Benadryl Cream and Caladryl Lotion or Cream. These medicine are safe to use and if your not sure about it. Talk to your doctor about and see what they think if you should take it or not. | Doctor's Visit | The doctor that you should see are called Obstetrician/Gynecologist doctors. They are the onces that check on the baby. Once you know you are pregnant, that's when you call for appointment. It will only take 2 1/2 month to get a doctor's appointment. They check your Anemia to see if it's ok. What anemia means is that low blood iron that they'll test your blood to see if the baby is ok while it developing. They also look at the baby with a ultra sound. They look at the baby to see how it's developing and making sure that there is no problems to the baby. They'll asked you question

12: about your family history, the due date, health history, and pregnancy health care risk. These will help the Opstetrithin and Gynecologist to make sure that the baby is ok and if the baby might have these family history. So it's a good idea to go to the doctor's appointment for every month to check on the baby. Weight gain is normal for during pregnancy. The baby give weight on you because it's starting to develop and gain more pounds on food. You should eat much food because the baby need to weight or once it born, it will be to early for the baby to go home. Your weight gain will be about 10-12 lb on the Sixth Month. Then on the Eight month 18-20 lb continues. On the Ninth month 24-30 lb is when the baby is starting to grow and gain pounds. You should ask your doctor how much you should gain in a pound while your | How Much weight Gain?

13: pregnant. Every women is different size, that they'll gain only a few pound while there baby is developing. Your doctor will till you how much you need to gain pounds. If you are an average weight you should get 25-35 pounds. An under weight women would need 28-40 pound. Over weight women would need 15-25 pounds. The reason you need to gain these much pound is because the baby need food to survive and grow in your stomach. Just make sure you watch for calories and eat right amount of serving foods. - Rest - The reason you need rest is because your working to hard and all the energy is from the baby. Bed rest is the most common thing when your pregnant. It help you keep your body healthy from high blood pressure, bleeding, work, and exercise. | Rest, Exercise, Work, and Travel

14: - The Do's and Don't What you should do is you can drive, exercise, cooking, shower or bath, and walking. You don't want to lift things that are heavy since your muscle is weak and you don't want to hurt your back ether. Your health car provider will tell you what you need to do while your in bed rest. - Exercise Exercise is the most important thing that your body needs while your pregnant. It will help your body get some good exercise while your at home. Staying in bed is good but a little bit of exercise can help you keep your muscle. you shouldn't exercise during pregnancy if you have medical problems like; asthma, heart disease, and diabetes. The exercise that is safe to do like swimming, brisk walking, indoor stationary cycling, step/elliptical machine, and low impact aerobics. These have a little risk of injury but,

15: they are food for your entire body and you keep continued exercise until birth. - Work While your pregnant at work, it's a good idea to get some stuff done but what about stress and uncomfortable sitting in a chair all day would that make you really tired? Will there are some good idea's that will help you get in shape and make work a lot easer. When your stomach get morning sickness, try avoiding the smell of coffee. Also if the kitchen make you sick, don't go in there since that will make you sick. Also if you feel hungry you can take a snack to work like hard candy, dry crackers, and lemon drops. When working a lot in the morning to afternoon can make you tired, so maybe you can walk around work for a few minutes or work out a little with something that is easer to use. You can also play a game that can help you past the time if you get

16: your work done. Working very hard to to while your pregnant. If you are sitting on a chair in the office, adjust the seat to get conferable and the arm rest too. When standing a long time try having one foot on a footrest and switch the other leg for it too rest. If you ever get stress out, talk to your friends or partner about the issue. Make a to do list to see if someone that you can trust do your choirs for you if you can't do it. Also relax and fun at work, sometimes work can be fun if there something that is happening that you don't want too miss. - Travel Sometime when traveling while your pregnant can be difficult. But you'll have some discomfort on the ride. Here are some tips to have some safe traveling and comfort while pregnant. When traveling

17: sometime you'll get bloating, gas pain, and heartburn when your travel. Also when you go to a different state, you'll have trouble adjusting you meal time when you enter in a timezone. You don't want to eat on the run, fast-food, and foods that your not used to. Those thing can be hard but, if you take one step at a time you should be fine. Like pack a loose comfortable clothing to where when your tummy doesn't feel sick. Take a little snack while your on the road, it will help keep your stomach from going hunger when traveling to the next town for a couple of hours. To avoid gas, try to cut back on food that can cause gas like; cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, leeks, onion, scallions, artichokes, dried fruit, pears, apples, honey. soda, fruit drinks, wheat, corn, potatoes. oat bran, beans and fried foods.

18: Also heartburn you'll have to avoid foods, and drinks that cause heartburn. caffeine, chocolate, acidic food, citrus fruits, tomatoes, mustard, and vinegar, processed meats, spicy, and fatty foods. Don't eat dinner close to your bedtime. Give yourself two to three hours of digest before lying down. Try sleeping with your upper body propped up with a several pillows. Take some pillows from home so that you can be comfortable. If you suffer from constipation before a trip. Like sitting long stretches, changing diets and mealtimes, also not have restroom readily available when need one, not drinking enough fluids. So make sure you bring high fiber food bran like cereal, whole-grain breads, and fresh or dried fruit. Make sure you drink at least six to eight glasses a day. Exercise when taking a break from travel like walking and stretch. If at a hotel go to a fitness center and swimming pool. Ask your doctor about what you need to do while your traveling and he will give

19: you some tips or over the- counter fiber supplement. Talk to him about other health system that you'll need question on about food, drinking, timezone, and other medical stuff. Hygiene Hygiene means your body is changing while your pregnant. It can happen to a women at a early and late period pregnancy. Hygiene doesn't always sustain level of the convenience that your not used to have. Some will increase like smells that are not supposed to before pregnancy. Vaginal discharges which is quite often plus urination process becomes more often to it. All of those have changes from natural origin, blood volume changes, sanguimotion, and hormonal field. Your skin can change unfavorable like; redness, dryness, peeling. freckles. skin tension changes level, exposed veins through skin and sometimes pimples. But some lotion on to help keep your skin feel soft and not dry.

20: You'll lose some hair when your pregnant. Some hair will fall out after birth and your hair color will change too. Don't color your hair while your embryo is growing and while pregnant. It not safe for the baby since there are chemical to it. Make sure you go to a dentist before pregnancy cause of the x-ray, anesthetic medicine, and other dentist stuff. Ask question about dental treatment and how you can brush. Make sure you use tooth paste and use some different size tooth brush twice a day to brush your teeth. Daily Routine Your daily routine would be different when your pregnant. The reason is because you starting to have a bed rest and eating a lot of food when you hungry. You'll start to go back to normal after the baby is born. When pregnant you'll need to make sure you go to bed early and getting up early so that your body can have enough energy all day and do some exercise if that helps. Daily routine would be

21: doing the same stuff all over again everyday. But you don't have to do it over and over again. You can change some daily routine up if you get bored when your not working or do stuff that need to be done. But other stuff that you might need to do some daily routine. Clothes Why do you need bigger clothes? The reason is because your tummy is getting bigger and the clothes that you used to fit won't work. But you'll need bigger cloths. You can wear your regular cloths. But not when your tummy is big since it can tighten your stomach and cause the baby to be squash. You might want to find something that is big enough for you to move around and for the baby to move around too in you stomach. Physical and Emotional Changes to Mothers and Father The mother will try to hid her physical and

22: emotional while pregnant from the outside world. Physical changes is the most common thing during pregnancy, and so when the fetus grow the abdomen of the mother. It will then push the organs that will increased the urinate, decreased the lung capacity and lower back pains when the baby is load on the back increases it. Your hormones changes and blood capacity of the body increase. Emotional changes is when the women is attached to the unborn fetus that is attention from the baby that feels effect to it strongly. When the baby is born. The fetus no longer holding it. Your hormones will change that will take over that some symptoms that are feeling unsure, panicky, extreme reactions that might be minor things and crying. Sometime you'll have some anxiety about your baby's health or what if something wrong with your baby. If it still makes you worry about it, go to your health care provider and they'll check on your baby

23: to see how it's doing. They'll also make you call down to make you feel better that the baby is ok. You'll also worry about labor and how you will handle it. So if you ever have these kind of motion, don't worry about it. Talk to your husband or your mother about these effect that you are worry about your baby. Fathers will be attached to a baby when they are born. They will take care of it when the mother is resting from labor and other things that they need to rest. When the women is pregnant it will have there hormones changes, physical changes, and emotional that they become a dad that everything will change. Some men won't get exited right away when you tell them since there behind the emotional changes of pregnancy. But once 2 month comes they'll start to get exited about. Men will be happy when the baby is born that they'll get to play with them and have fun when they get older.

24: Father's Role During Pregnancy When the mother is pregnant, the father will be interesting about how the baby might look like and take care of it since it's him and his wife baby. The father will take care of the baby while the mother is resting. They'll change timbers, feed with formulas bottles (if there ready), and talk to them since the baby might need to know the fathers voice. Before the baby is born, the father might do some nesting like butting up the crib, car seat, and baby strollers. So it's nice to have a father to help the mother out when she can't do anything but bed resting. | Development of Baby - First Month: The cell membrane will began to grow inside the uterus. The Internal organ and circulatory system begin to form. Fertilized egg is attached to itself on the lining of the uterus. - Second Month: Five weeks the embryo is at

25: 2 1/4 in long. complete. Face, eyes, ears, and limbs take it's shape. Bones began to form and internal organs begin develop. -Third Month: Fetus is 4 in long. All the organs are present and almost immature. Nostrils, mouth, lips, teeth buds, and eyelids are forming. -Fourth Month: Fetus is 6-7 in. long and starts to weight about 1 oz. at the beginning of the month. It will start to suck its thumb, swallow, hiccup, and move around. - Fifth Month: Fetus is 6 1/2-9 in. long and weight 4-5 oz. Hair, eyelids, and eyebrows appear to form.Teeth are continuing to develop. Fetus becomes more active when growing. Sixth Month: Fetus is about 8-10 in. long and weight 8-12 oz.. Breathing movements begin when it breaths in the atomistic sac. Open and

26: close the eyes. The baby starts to kick, stretches, and sucks thump. Seventh Month: Fetus is 10-12 in and weight 1 1/2 - 2 lb. The periods of the fetal activity are now followed by the periods of rest and quiet. Eighth Month: The Fetus is 14-16 in. and weight about 2 1/2 - 3 lb. Fetus react to the loud noise with reflex jerking action. Is usually moved into the head down position. Ninth Month: Fetus is about 17-18 in. and weight around 5-6 lb. The weight gain will continue until the week before birth. skin will become smooth as the fat deposits week before birth. The baby movement decreased as it has less room to move around.The baby is descends into the pelvis that is ready for birth.

27: Diagram of The Baby Parts During Pregnancy | - Placenta is where the baby's umbilical cord is attached too. After the baby is born, the placenta will release. | Placenta

28: Umbilical Cord | - Umbilical cord is where it attached to the placenta and the baby's belly. It's where it transfer the food, proteins, and other sources from the mother.

29: Amniotic Sac | - Amniotic Sac is where the baby is inside the sac that is fill with water. It helps keep the baby protected from other sources when the mother does something. The baby breaths water and when it's born, it will not be in the sac anymore and breath oxygen.

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