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Baby's First Year

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S: Andi Jo Thompson


1: Andi Jo Thompson | 11-23-2010

2: 1st Ultrasound 5-20-2010 10 Weeks

3: It's A Girl! | 7-19-2010 20 Weeks

4: Ultrasound Pictures

6: Pregnancy | Mom & Dad's Reaction to positive pregnancy test: Excited & Happy... little nervous | Date we found out we were pregnant & how far along were we: April 6, 3-4 weeks along | First Dr's appointment: May 18 @ Bingham Memorial Hospital w/ Dr. Williams We got to listen to your heartbeat and even take a little peek at you on the ultrasound machine! | When we announced we were pregnant: Mother's Day we told both families (8-9 Weeks along) | Crazy Dreams: Always dreamed baby was a boy after we found out we were having a girl

7: Food cravings: KFC Chicken, Papa Kelsey's Subs, Mushrooms | Foods that would make me sick: Bacon, Taco Time BLT Burrito | First things I bought baby: Pink Peace Sign Shoes & jean vest | Favorite thing about being pregnant: Feeling baby move & kick | Baby Guesses: | Baby Name picked out: Boy: Boden, Tyce Girl: Andi Jo, Austyn | Mom | Dad | Length: | Weight: | Hair Color: | Eye Color: | 19.5" | 18" | 6 lbs 4 oz | 6 lbs 7 oz | Brown | Brown | Blue | Brown

8: bAbY bUmP | 33 weeks | 29 weeks

9: 36 weeks | 12-9-2010

10: 11-23-2010 | 18 1/2 inches | 6 lbs 13 oz | 9:47 p.m.

12: Jo's Birth Story | My sweet little Andi Jo! The day she decided she was going to come into this world she made quite the entrance!! Her due date was December 9, 2010 but I had scheduled to have her December 3, 2010 by C-section. It was a Monday night, November 22, and I had a DR apt in Blackfoot the next day. I was going to go to my doctors apt and then stay in Blackfoot until I had her. Well as I went through the day Monday I kept thinking, “Well maybe I should just go to Blackfoot tonight and have Sean drop me off since the news is saying there is a storm coming in, that way I don’t have to drive on bad roads, and then he can come back to Driggs and go to work then come back down for Thanksgiving.” Well I kept thinking this but kept saying, “Oh I’ll be fine the storm couldn’t be too bad and I’ll just drive slowly.” We went to bed and I woke up a couple times through the night to go to the bathroom and had a couple contractions here and there but didn’t think much of them because for the last 3 months I had been having small far apart contractions and was being monitored twice a week at labor and delivery. The next morning Sean got up and got ready to go to work and just as he was getting ready to walk out the door I got up out of bed and something happened! I yelled for Sean to come back to the bedroom and told him I think my water broke. I wasn’t sure if my water had broken or what so I called my mom real quick and told her what had happened and she said, “Uh I’m pretty sure that would be your mucus plug and your water will probably break soon you’ve got to get to the dr.” Well the news forecast was correct and there was a blizzard outside!! All the roads to Driggs and out of Driggs were closed and the hospital here in Driggs does not deliver babies or have the equipment for it. So I called my Dr. in Blackfoot and she told me get in the car and get to the closest hospital there is no way I’m going to be able to make it to Blackfoot with the weather and all the road closures and I’m just going to have to have whatever hospital and Dr. we can get to deliver the baby. As soon as I got off the phone with the Dr. my water broke and holy cow, that’s a lot of water haha! I was totally retarded and had thought my whole pregnancy there is no way this baby will come early that just usually doesn’t happen in our family and I was sure I had up to the day I was going to have her to get ready for her and to pack a bag and all that stuff. So as my water is broken (and it doesn’t just break and that’s it, it keeps coming and coming!) I’m running around my house grabbing everything I can think of that I need and I was so scatterbrained I was just grabbing random stuff and had no idea of what even to grab! Thankfully we had just gone and stayed in Blackfoot for a few days and I hadn’t unpacked the bag so a lot of my stuff was in there. Sean’s Aunt Belinda and Cousin Nick (that is an EMT) that live right down the road from our condo came right over and helped me grab stuff and get to the car.

13: When we got in the car the road to Rexburg was still closed and they said it would probably not be until the next day that it would open because it was so bad and there is no way they could get a plow and follow in an ambulance and also the pass to Jackson was closed so our only option was to go to the Driggs hospital even though they don’t deliver babies there. We got to the hospital and that’s when I started having contractions. I hadn’t had any contractions when my water broke until then. We went into the hospital there and were treated HORRIBLE!! The nurse at the front desk gave us a horrible dirty look and said, “Um we don’t deliver babies you better go somewhere else we can’t do anything for you.” Ok dumb lady I’m standing here with my water broke, which my the way my boots are freaking filled with water!, I’m having contractions, it’s a dang blizzard outside and all the roads are closed where would ya like me to go!! Seriously! She wouldn’t even have a nurse check me to see how far dilated I was or anything. It was a joke. So as were standing there wasting time at the retarded Driggs hospital I said, “Well we have to get somewhere so we might as well get in the car and start trying to get somewhere!” We started to head to Victor to see if we could get over the pass and just as we got back in the car and started heading that way the pass opened! Nick called the ambulance in Jackson and had them meet us at the top of the pass because my contractions were starting to get 2 minutes apart and way bad. We got to the top of the pass in record timing and the ambulance was there. I jumped out and ran up to the ambulance with an audience of skiers at the top of the pass just staring us down and yelling Congratulations! When they checked me in the ambulance I was only dilated to a 1 (which I had been dilated to a 1 since like a month before this so that was no surprise) once we got to the hospital we got checked in and they checked me and I was to a 3. So I went from a 1 to a 3 in about 30-45 minutes. I had decided that I didn’t want to go through with a C-section since I was already in labor and I didn’t have my Dr. that I had been going to for 9 months. After getting all my paperwork done and getting my blood taken they checked me and I was to a 6! So I was dilating pretty fast and we thought we would have her pretty soon. My contractions were getting horrible so they came in and gave me my epidural (which I was freaked out my whole pregnancy to get this because of the big needle but it wasn’t bad at all! I was having a contraction when he put it in and I didn’t even feel it! But afterwards I felt like heaven!! Thank goodness for epidurals!!) After the epidural I didn’t dilate as fast so we just hung out and waited. Belinda and Nick were there with us at the hospital and then Sean’s cousin Stacie that lives in Jackson came over and saw us and also Sean’s uncle Shane. While we were just waiting Sean & his uncle Shane gave me a blessing. I was so thankful that my husband could do that for me and also for Shane. Throughout this whole day all we really had to rely on was prayer. From the moment my water broke and my family found out everyone started praying for us and we started praying for everything to go ok. I know when the pass opened up it was an answer to our prayers and it was because of everyone’s prayers that it opened and we were able to get to a hospital.

14: And while we were sitting in the hospital the pass closed because of an avalanche and didn’t open back up for the rest of the day. I didn’t reach a 10 until just after 9 that night. She was facing up instead of down so we tried for a while to get her to move but she never did and we ended up just having her that way. She came out just fine after pushing for about an hour and had her at 9:47pm. She had quite the cone head from sitting in the birth canal for so long but it was completely gone by the next morning. She was 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 18 inches long. We stayed at the hospital until Thursday. None of our other family or parents from Blackfoot could get to the hospital to see her until the next day because of all the roads being closed. My parents and sisters, Brittnie and Madison, came up and saw us Wednesday night and stayed the night in Jackson and came back until we got released. All of our other family decided to stay home and wait for us to come down because the roads were still way bad and Thursday was Thanksgiving and everyone had to be home to cook for everyone else. They released us from the hospital Thanksgiving afternoon and we then went to Blackfoot and Pocatello for Thanksgiving dinners and then stayed at my mom’s house for a few days and had all of our families help for a few days. I was pretty nervous when I found out I was going to have to go to a different hospital that I had never been to before and have a Dr. that I had never met. But we were very lucky and from the staff on the ambulance to the nurses and Dr.’s at St John’s Hospital they were all SO amazing and SO friendly! While I was getting my epidural there was a nurse that I had there that hugged me and laid my head on her shoulder while I was going through my contractions and epidural and was SO kind! She felt bad my mom and no other family could be there for me so she said “Well I’ll just be your mom!” haha! Her and all of the other nurses we had the whole time we were in the hospital were amazing! Dr. Roberts that delivered her was also SO great! She was SO kind to us! I loved everyone at St. John’s! While I was in labor the nurses came in and said, “We have something pretty funny to tell you! The Jackson Newspaper just called and wanted to confirm that there were triplets born on the pass and that they are now here at St. John’s!” All the skiers that were at the top of the pass I guess thought I looked big enough to be having triplets and that I just had them right there!! So Andi was quite the talk of the town and we still to this day run into people and they say, “OH this is the baby that was born on the pass!!” No not quite but it’s quite the story for Andi’s birth! Andi is such a blessing in our lives!! She is a very good, sweet girl! The experience of having her has been a huge testimony builder for me. I have never had such a strong testimony of prayer until now. I can’t remember a time in my life until now that all I had to rely on was a prayer. Everyone’s prayers for us were answered so quickly and to me it was such a miracle the way the whole day went. A lot of people ask me if I was freaking out or how did I handle not having a hospital and not knowing what to do but I was so calm and I didn’t worry at all the whole time everything was going on. Looking back at it now I can’t believe I wasn’t freaking out but I know because of prayers and my Heavenly Father I was comforted and was able to go through the whole situation calmly. I’m so thankful for Sean and how great he was through the whole labor. He was right there every second and stayed very calm also which helped me. He is such a good dad to Andi! I’m also so thankful for all of my family and friends and all of their prayers!!

15: Blog post from (A Jackson Skier Blog) Sooothere has been some chatter that a women gave birth in an ambulance in the parking lot on top of Teton Pass this morning. This is the quote from the Teton Conditions thread on Teton Gravity Research. “On a side note, when we got to the top this am (around 8:30) there was an ambulance waiting at the top for someone. We figured someone got mangled skiing. 2 minutes later a car rolls up honking the horn, and a very pregnant woman in labor jumped out and gave birth in the ambulance on top of the pass. Kid is gonna be a ripper.” -MeatSpicy Any guesses on what the little grom’s name will be? I’m thinking Glory, Edelweiss or Chivers are at the top of the list. For some reason, I don’t think Twin, Shovel or Titty Mouse are gong to cut it.

16: FaceBook posts the day you were born! | Leah Rigby Little baby girl Thompson is FINALLY here! She was born at 9:47pm in Jackson Hole, WY. She weighs 6 lbs. 13 oz. and is 18 1/2 inches long. Whitnie was 6-13 too! Sean says she's a cutie pie with her eyes wide open and Whitnie is doing really good! Get the plows moving...we need to be in Jackson! Like November 23, 2010 at 10:21pm | Cindy Scott Thompson This is next, Sean said Whitnie's water broke, contractions 3 minutes apart, stranded in Driggs, all roads closed, no way to Blackfoot in time. Ambulance is meeting them at top of Jackson pass, guess we will have a Jackson, Wyoming baby soon! Like November 23, 2010 at 9:19am Cindy Scott Thompson Good news! Baby is almost here, Sean and Whitnie made it to Jackson hospital by ambulance (Driggs hospital wouldn't take them, they don't deliver babies, can you believe , even in an emergency!!! Anyways she is dialated to a 7, almost here, can't wait, so sad we can't be there, but happy all is well! Like November 23, 2010 at 12:29pm

17: Mindie Loosli November 23, 2010 My sister Whitnie is having her baby today. Her water broke at 7:45am at her house in Driggs. The hospital in Driggs doesn't deliver babies and with all the road closures she wasn't sure where to go, long story short, they drove over the Teton pass to Jackson, an ambulance met them half way and she is now at the hospital and last I heard is dialated to a 7. We are all praying for her that everything goes well. | Brittnie Rigby November 23, 2010 via Facebook for Android *** AnDi JO has made her arrival!!! 6lbs 13ounces, 18.5 inches long!!! Can't wait to see her!!! | Cindy Scott Thompson No baby yet, but Whitnie's at a 9, somehow I thought once you were past a 6 you just went fast, my how we forget!!! Hang in there Whit and you too Sean. Like November 23, 2010 at 7:12pm

18: rub a dub dub | Bath Time! Andi's 1st Bath 12.14.10

19: Andi in the tub! | all clean!

20: 1 | M | O | N | T | H | December 2010

21: H | A Daughter is one of the most Beautiful Gifts this world has to give

22: This summer we were able to go on a few cookouts in the mountains since we lived so close to the mountains. We went to Mike Harris with Aunt Belinda and her family and Collette was also here from Arizona to go with us. Another time we went to Darby Canyon with Nick, Jade, & his friend from Texas. We were a little worried about bears that time because they had seen a few a couple days before! And our last one we were able to go on Madison was visiting us and she got to go with us and Lexie & Nick. Andi LOVES going on cookouts and being outside!! | Devin & Andi

23: Jake & Andi

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