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Baby's First Year

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Baby's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Julia's First Year



1: JULIA MA APRIL 10, 2010


3: MOTHER-TO-BE | MARCH 2010 | Mommy (right) with Auntie Joy. Cousin Katy was born just two weeks before Julia.


5: YOUR BIRTH STORY | Julia was born three weeks early. Mommy had been on maternity leave for a week, and was chopping onions for lunch when her water broke. It was a little bit of a shock, and Mommy and Daddy hadn't prepared yet. It took Mommy a little while to realize what was happening. Daddy quickly rushed back from work. Mommy packed a bag, and we went to the hospital. The doctor induced labor and after 20 hours of labor, Julia was born! | MEASUREMENTS | BIRTH DATE: APRIL 10, 2010 | BIRTH TIME: 8:39 A.M. | 6 POUNDS, 1 OUNCE 29 INCHES

6: YOUR NAME | Mommy and Daddy had selected five or six names, but were leaning towards the name Julia. We didn't finalize our choice though until Auntie Joy called to say that they were thinking about using the name Julia. Mommy and Daddy quickly decided that Julia was the perfect name. We always knew that Julia's middle name would be Chinese, and we asked Grandpa Ku to propose some names. Of course, because Julia arrived early, we hadn't selected a middle name yet. Grandpa Ku gave Mommy and Daddy a few selections, and we settled on Tianxing. Literally, it means "Skywalker" but it's part of a proverb that means "there's nothing that you cannot conquer."




12: MONTH ONE | April

13: Julia is a typical newborn - sleep for three hours, wake for an hour to eat, and sleep again. In general, though, she's an easygoing baby who only cries when she's hungry. She likes being rocked in the "daddy bassinet" and being held by Grandpa Ku. She has some funny faces: the cutest pouty face and and an expression with her mouth open that looks like she's saying "ohhhh." Daddy loves to hold Julia - she's like a hot water bottle. Mommy and Daddy have lots of nicknames for Julia: Sweetpea, Milkface, Princess Poo Poo, and Scrunchy (for the face she makes when she's unhappy).

14: DATE__________ | _____________________________________________________________

15: MILESTONES | April 12 April 13 April 17 April 22 April 24 April 26 | Homecoming First visit to the doctor Grandma & Grandpa Ku's first home visit First bath First visitors (outside of family) First outing

16: With cousin Katy

17: Three tigers. Grandpa Ku is the biggest tiger. Julia is the small tiger. And the stuffed animal is the smallest tiger.

20: MONTH TWO | May | Aunt Nancy, Uncle Richard, and Bradley visit.

21: Julia has started cooing, lifting her head and sucking on her hands and fingers all the time. She still flails a lot but has also started grasping objects. Her favorite place to be is on her play mat. Her favorite toy is her lion chime. Mommy and Daddy have started reading to Julia - books like Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. | Aunt June and Uncle Darren visit.

22: FIRST BIRTHDAY | Julia clearly spends a great deal of time sleeping, and has started sleeping longer at night (anywhere from 3-6 hours at a stretch). However, she still seems to dislike napping. Mommy and Daddy have started a bedtime routine, and "Goodnight My Someone" is her bedtime song. Julia is still swaddled for sleep but has gotten awfully good at fighting her way out of her swaddling. | SLEEPING

24: Daddy loves me!

25: I love my play mat! | Grandma Ma visits. | May 10 May 22 May 30 | Grandma Ma's first visit First smile First visit to the mall | MILESTONES

26: MONTH THREE | June

29: MILESTONES | Maxwell visits. | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 3 | Julia turns over but doesn't do it again for a number of months. | 11 POUNDS 9.5 OUNCES 23.75 INCHES | June 15 June 23 | Aunt Grace, Uncle Chris and Evan visit Turns over | Julia still doesn't like to sleep and any nap longer than thirty minutes is a victory. She also hates Trivisol and has gotten very good at spitting it out. What she does love is Daddy, TV, her pink and white puppy, her plush Mickey Mouse, and smiling. We've started reading The Going to Bed Book to her and Hop on Pop. Julia has also developed very good neck control. We almost don't have to support her neck anymore when holding her.

32: MONTH FOUR | July | Julia has started sleeping much better, only waking up once per night, but she's developed some funny habits in the crib. She'll thump her legs, lifting them up and then slamming them into the mattress. She also turns 180 degrees in her crib, scooching around on her back. Mommy and Daddy sing "Edelweiss" and "Stay Awake" to put her to sleep. She likes Mommy's Mickey Mouse cup and her "links links" toy. She also smiles and laughs a lot.

33: THE MANY FACES OF JULIA | I hate Trivisol!

34: Daddy & Me

35: Daddy & Me

36: Mommy & Me

37: (Top Left) Ally Schumacher and Julia. (Top Right) Julia visits Maxwell.

38: FIRST BIRTHDAY | July 12 July 17 | First laugh Sits supported | MILESTONES

39: MONTH FIVE | August | (Top Left) Julia likes it when Uncle Mon helps her fly. Julia has started turning over from her stomach to her back more consistently. She continues to hate Trivisol, learning how to completely spit out an entire dose.

40: (Top Center) Mommy and Daddy have started putting Julia in the exersaucer. She can't quite reach the bottom, but a telephone book does the trick. (Left) Naps are still a challenge with Julia, so Mommy and Daddy were ecstatic when she fell asleep on her own on the playmat.

42: MILESTONES | 14 POUNDS 3 OUNCES 25.75 INCHES | August 31 | Sleeps through night (This was Julia's present to Mommy the night before she started work. Of course, Julia didn't sleep through the night consistently until January!)

43: Great Aunt Kathy and Great Uncle Robert visit.


45: September

47: Visiting with Auntie Jen, Uncle Willis, Ethan and Alexa | Mommy went back to work on September 1st. It took Julia a little while to adjust to being fully on the bottle, but she was fine after about a week. Julia says "unh" and "ah." She likes "jumping" in her exersaucer, her Minnie Mouse puppet, and eating her feet. Julia can sit supported on the sofa and turns over in her crib.

48: MONTH SEVEN | October

49: MILESTONES 16 POUNDS 4 OUNCES 27.75 INCHES | October 13 First solid food

51: Julia occasionally sleeps through the night. She's starting to make consonant sounds like "buh." She's learning to sit up and drink water from a sippy cup. | For some reason, she likes to pull her own hair (what little there is of it!) Julia hates having her face wiped, and Mommy and Daddy hate it when she has a "poop dump."

52: HALLOWEEN | Julia went trick-or-treating with her cousins in Grandma & Grandpa Ku's neighborhood. She didn't seem to understand much of what was going on, but cousin Sara had a blast.

53: MONTH EIGHT | November

54: MILESTONES | 17 POUNDS 8 OUNCES 27.75 INCHES | November 1 November 29 | Sits alone First tooth

55: Julia is learning to sit, to drink from a sippy cup, and to turn off lights. She's also making a high-pitched squeal sound now. She likes her teething leaves, standing (supported), smacking her lips, flinging her binky and toys, chipmunking (storing food in her cheeks) and pulling her hair. She's also very squirmy so Mommy and Daddy like to call her "wiggle worm."

56: Poor Julia! A week before Thanksgiving, Julia came down with a high fever and was very lethargic. She didn't have any other immediate symptoms, but when we went back to the doctor the next day, the doctor discovered a massive skin infection. Julia was immediately sent to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital. She ended up in the hospital for ten days, was being seen by three different sets of doctors (pediatric surgeons, pediatricians and infectious disease specialists) and eventually had surgery to drain the abscess created by the skin infection. She was on six different antibiotics as the doctors tried to find an antibiotic that was effective against the infection, which turned out to be a MRSA infection. | DATE__________


60: Uncle Richard held a holiday get-together and the family took advantage of the gathering to take some family portraits (previous page). | Awww....isn't Maxwell sweet?

61: DATE__________ | MILESTONES | December 28 December 31 | Holds cup Stands supported



66: Since Julia came back from the hospital, her sleep pattern has been horrendous. She wakes up 2-3 times per night. Her mood has recovered completely though. She has a funny snort-laugh and has started clicking her tongue. She's learning to crawl and likes pulling hair, flinging toys, tags ("Tags are baby treasure"), her command center play space (opposite page top right), her poopersaucer (every time she plays in the exersaucer...) and Mr. Squeakers (above). She hates naps and face-washing.

69: MONTH TEN | January

70: MILESTONES | January 2 January 7 January 13 | Holds bottle Creeps Crawls | Mommy and Daddy finally had to sleep train Julia and she's sleeping 10.5 hours per night, but she still hates naps, and Mommy or Daddy have to accompany her for naps (opposite page). Mommy has started weaning Julia and she's doing great!

71: DATE _____________ | Julia has started saying Dadada, Mamama and is learning to feed herself (especially Cheerios), stand supported, and getting to sitting and standing on her own. She likes strings and crawling through things (coffee table, exersaucer). She's significantly expanding her diet and likes yogurt & bananas, oranges, and Babybel cheese.

72: MONTH ELEVEN | February | Julia is starting to explore her world a lot more. She discovered how to escape her toy corral via the exersaucer, learned how to crawl up stairs (on February 19) and has started crawling down the hall from her bedroom.

75: Julia loves her Doggies book, especially three dogs nnn...nnn...nnn.... She likes power cords, big people food, mommy "eating" her hand, and watching people who are following her while she's being held. Daddy calls her Toothless after the dragon in "How to Train a Dragon, even though she clearly has teeth now.

76: MONTH TWELVE | March | Julia really liked bags this month! But seriously, Mommy and Daddy didn't take that many pictures this month except for those on the Disney Cruise. Julia is very into making sounds - banging things together, using Mike & Ike boxes like maracas, and playing with her real maracas (that Mommy and Daddy bought for her in Cozumel). She's also walking around assisted and loves playing chase around the sofa and turning on the light via the wireless remote control. She also has a funny "Darth Vader" voice.

77: I'm a princess! | Pirates in the Caribbean!

79: April '11

80: Julia! | Julia's birthday celebration lasted a night and day. On Saturday night, the family gathered to celebrate both Julia and cousin Katy's birthday. The next day, Julia got two trips to the playground - one with Grandma & Grandpa Ku and Mommy and one with Mommy and Daddy. It was a wonderful birthday!

83: Blanket Sledding

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