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Baby's First Year

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Baby's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Avery Elizabeth East: 1st Year



1: We found out I was pregnant on November 2, 2010. Avery was 5 1/2 weeks old already! We were very excited to be starting our own family!

2: FIRST PEEK | DATE: February 21, 2011 | HOW MANY WEEKS ALONG: 20 weeks | HOORAY! IT'S A GIRL!!

3: MOTHER-TO-BE | Mommy's growing belly! From 15 weeks to 41!


6: HOPES & DREAMS | MOMMY'S WISHES FOR ME | Dear Avery, I have a thousand wishes for you...I wish that you are always happy and know how much you are loved. I hope you keep your funny sense of humor and contagious laugh. I hope you always know how you light up a room when you are in it and how much love you have brought to our lives. You are a very special little girl that I wish I could keep in my arms forever. Always know you are smart, beautiful and very loved. You can do anything you set your little heart to. You have a smile that is worth millions....I love you more than you ever know and always will. Love, Mommy

7: DADDY'S WISHES FOR ME | Avery Elizabeth, where do I begin?! From the moment Mommy and I found out we were having you, I was in love! My wish is that you always feel and know that love is there. Life is going to take us many places and there are going to be obstacles along the way, but the one constant will always be my unconditional love for you. Avery, set your goals high and go after them as hard as you can. As my Dad always told me, "There is no such word as CAN'T." I want you to be the best you can be and I'll support you 100%. I love you Aves!. - Love, Daddy

8: YOUR BIRTH STORY | CHOOSING YOUR NAME | Choosing your name was actually was a name that both me and daddy loved! We decided to give you the middle name Elizabeth because so many family members share the same middle name (your Aunt Laure,n, Cousin Molly and Great-Grandma Mable) | MEASUREMENTS | BIRTH DATE July 20, 2011 | BIRTH TIME 6:06 am | POUNDS 6 | OUNCES 15 | INCHES 19 1/4


10: The BIG Day! | Well I was 41 weeks pregnant and went to my doctors appointment; needless to say I was over it and was very ready to meet you...Dr. Beck decided it was time to induce and sent me to the hospital that evening. Daddy and I checked in at 6:00 and got settled. The party got started around 10 when I started to have contractions. By 2 o'clock my water had broke and you were ready to come to town! We called Nana, Gaga, GG and Aunt Lauren to come to the hospital. We had to wait a few more hours for you to be ready, you were a stubborn little one but finally at 6:06 in the morning you were here! We were so happy to finally see your cute little face!



16: We took your first bath on August 2, 2011 when your belly button finally fell off. You loved your first real bath!

18: DATE_ July 29,2011 | First lake weekend! You were only 1 week old and we took you to Nana and Gaga's to celebrate Will's 7th birthday. Your cousins loved to hold you and stare at you. You loved the lake!

19: 4 months you started to giggle | First bottle with daddy! 2 weeks old

20: FIRST HOLIDAY | We wet to the lake for the weekend. While we were there Aunt Cami had a photo shoot with you! Nana bought you a tennis outfit that you looked just too cute for words in. We had a great time relaxing by the lake and playing with our cousins. | DATE Labor Day, September 3, 2011

21: This is also the weekend we decided to move back to Nashville. Daddy got a new job and we are very proud of him! Labor Day is your dad's favorite holiday because it is the start of football season! You will spend a lot of Saturdays watching football with your dad. Go Vols!

22: Grammy and Papa Visit! September 16, 2011 | Fun with cousin Elle! | Fun with cousin Elle! | Grammy, Papa, GG, Aunt Lauren and Cousin Elle all came in town to see you. It was the first time Grammy and Papa got to meet you! Cousin Elle loves you and wanted to touch you...a lot! We love it when everyone comes to visit!

23: 2 months old

24: Happy Halloween | 3 months old

25: We went to Birmingham to celebrate Halloween with Molly, Maddie and Ben. You had so much fun with them.!They loved to hold you and play with you. | Nana and Gaga came for the weekend too. You were the cutest banana.

26: Happy | Your first Thanksgiving was celebrated at Disney World! It was a week of first...first plane, bus, boat, and taxi ride. You also stuck your feet in sand for the first time and also dipped your toes in a pool! You had a lot of fun at Disney with all of your cousins. We also celebrated Molly's 10th birthday while we were there. During the Thanksgiving meal you tried mashed potatoes for the first time, you weren't so sure what to think. You were a super traveler and it was a great week! | 4 months old

27: Thanksgiving | The fun didn't stop at Disney, when we got home we traveled to Jackson because Aunt Lauren and Uncle Drew had a surprise wedding! You got to wear a fancy dress and meet Uncle Drew for the first time! Everyone came to celebrate! It was a great day!

28: Avery's First Christmas | You had the best first Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day at GG's. You got to open tons of presents with your cousin Elle. Then we traveled to the lake to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve with Nana and Gaga. All your cousins were there and they just loved playing with you! Over the Christmas break you also got your first tooth!

29: 5 months old

30: 6 months old | We spent the week with Aunt Jodi and your cousins when you turned 6 months old. You had so much fun playing with them and loved to crack up at Ben. You have become such a big girl sitting up and scooting all around.

32: 7 months old | Your first Valentine's Day was a lot of fun. Daddy bought you a big teddy bear that you love. GG sent you a kissing Elmo that you love to give kisses back to. We celebrated your dad's and Aunt Lauren's birthday soon after Valentin's Day. You are the best little Valentine ever Mommy and dad love you. xoxo

33: We celebrated daddy's and Aunt Lauren's birthday's. \You love playing with Elle.

34: 8 months old... | We traveled back to Greenville to close out our house and you got to swim for the very first time! You LOVED it!

36: 9 months | We spent your first Easter in Birmingham with your cousins and Nana and Gaga. You had a lot of fun eating your plastic eggs and playing on the slipping slide!

38: 9 months old | 10 months old | Nana and Gaga came to visit for Mother's Day! We had fun going out to eat and shopping! You make being a mom the best job in the world!

39: We went to the lake for Memorial Day. Yow swam for the first time and loved it! We also visited the zoo. Going to Camp Keowee is always so much fun!

40: We surprised dad a week early for Father's Day since we were going to be out of town for the real Father's Day. you had fun helping dad open his presents!

41: 11 months old

42: We spent the 4th of July at the lake with all of your cousins. Even though you didn't get to see fireworks you had so much fun swimming in the lake and playing in the water. Aunt Cami made you a dress for your birthday and we couldn't resist taking lots of pictures of you!

45: Your first birthday was one to remember! It was a party! All of your cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents were there to celebrate along with mom and dad's friends! You loved eating your Elmo cupcake and opening presents. You were the life the party! Everyone loved celebrating your first year!

46: MILESTONES | DATE November 28 2011- 4 months | _____________________________________________________________ | 23 weeks first bottom right tooth! | 1st Taste of Cereal | Sitting all by yourself- 5 1/2 months | Pulling yourself up- 8 months

47: Roll from back to belly-21 weeks | First Roll | Army crawl- 6 months | First Word... "mama" 8 months | Real Crawl- 8 months

48: SPECIAL MEMORIES | When you were 7 months old we went to a Gymboree class with Olivia. You had a lot of fun playing on the mats. You made mommy laugh because you made lots of loud funny noises when you weren't supposed to. You showed me that you are very independent and like to explore. | When you were 8 months old we went to visit Nana and Gaga and you swam in the indoor pool for the first time. You loved the water and didn't even cry a little bit. You loved floating around in your float and hanging out with mommy. I think you will love swimming in the lake all summer! | When you were 8 months old we moved to a new house in Franklin.. We were so excited to move so you would have more room to play and grow. Daddy and I know this new house will bring lots of happy memories and we are very excited to be here. You handled the move very well and adjusted to your new cozy room!

49: Over Memorial Day we went to the lake.. We went to the zoo for the first time and had a lot of fun. You liked to see all the animals and hang out with your cousins. You also swam in the lake for the first time. You like to be wet! I am glad you are not afraid of the water. | Just before you were 11 months old mommy left you for the first time. daddy and mommy were supposed to go away to a wedding for a whole weekend and take you to Aunt Jodi's but instead mommy had to go to a funeral so Aunt Jodi, Molly, Maddie and Ben came to your house! It was your first official sleep over and you had so much fun. I actually think you prefer your other family and mom!!

50: GROWTH CHART | AGE IN MONTHS WEIGHT HEIGHT | 0-1 | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | 1-2 | 2-3 | 3-4 | 4-5 | 5-6 | 10 lb 3 oz | 22 3/4 in | 12 lb 2 oz | 24 in | 12 lb 15 oz | 24 3/8 in | 15 lb 6 oz | 25 in | 17 lb 5 oz | 26 in | 19 lb. 5 oz. | 27 in.

51: AGE IN MONTHS WEIGHT HEIGHT | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | 6-7 | 7-8 | 8-9 | 9-10 | 10-11 | 11-12 | 20 lbs. | 27 in. | 20 lbs. | 28 in. | 21lbs. 2 oz. | 28 1/2in. | 22 lbs. | 29 in. | 22 lbs. | 29 1/2 in. | 22 lbs 12 oz | 30 in.

52: Little steps along the way... 1 week- started using a love it! 2 weeks- first bottle 5 weeks- first smile 6 weeks- first week in the crib for nighttime and naps Weeks 1-6: eat about every 3 hours, take about 4-5 naps ranging from 2-3 hours. At night sleeping 3-4 hours. Wore newborn clothes for 4 weeks 6 weeks- went on a bottle strike and refused to take a bottle from anyone 8 weeks- found you hands, you love to eat them Weeks 6-9: still eat every 3-4 hours during the day but are starting to sleep for 5-7 hours at night, your wear 3 month clothes 10 weeks- moved to Nashville! 11 weeks- started taking a bottle again and now don't love to really call the shots around here! | 12 weeks- you became a formula fed baby 15 weeks- your rolled over from your belly to back!! and graduated to 6 month clothes 4 months- slept for 10 hours straight for the first time, but not consistently. You had rice cereal for the first time 3-4 months- you take 2 good naps a day and go to bed around 6:30. You are capable of sleeping for 10 hours but only do it once in a great while, you normally go for 5-6 hours before eating. You eat 5-6 bottles a day 4-6 oz. at a time. 18 weeks- giggled for the first time 20 weeks-rolled from back to belly!! and started to eat oatmeal 21 weeks- you STTN for the first time, but it only lasted 3 days 23 weeks- you got your first tooth! Bottom right 4-5 months- you grew out of your 6 month clothes and now wear 6-12 months, you still eat 5-6 bottles 4-6 oz. and also 2 tsp. of oatmeal a day

53: 24 weeks- sitting by yourself for a short time, and ate sweet potatoes 6 months- sitting, scooting/army crawl, you wear 12 month clothes, take 2 naps a day and sleep for about 9 hrs at night before eating. You eat 5-6oz. bottles a day plus 1-2 solid meals of fruits, veggies and/or oatmeal. 28 weeks- you started army crawling! 7 months- you STTN!! 7-7! You eat finger foods (Cheerios, peas, mum-mums, puffs....) 32 weeks- starting pulling yourself up to your knees 34- started pulling up on your knees, and climbing over things 8 months- starting to get your top teeth, you eat 3 bottles (6-7 oz.) and 2-3 meals a day. You went on a hunger strike and refused to drink formula for about 2 weeks. Wear 12-18 month close and sleep through the night (most of the time) | 36 weeks- wave "hi" and "bye", follow cues/questions "Where is daddy?" 37 weeks- said "mama," pulls up to stand on everything, moved crib to lowest setting 7-8 months- started to get top teeth, go your left "fang" first and the others followed, started to crawl on all 4's 9-10 months- starting pulling ourself up to stand on the couch or to get toys out of the ottoman. Eat 3 times a day (6,7,8 oz.) and get 3 meals (puree and finger foods) STTN, go to bed by 7:30 10 months- sick for the first time with diarrhea and fever :(, you do "SOOO BIG!", clap, and roar like a lion. You can point to mommy's nose and point to new things you see., and you give kisses!! 10-11 months- start to do tricks, and mimic motions, you also 2 more teeth on the bottom 11 months- You say things with meaning like "mama", "bye-bye" and can follow directions, you know where your belly button is

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