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Baby's First Year

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Baby's First Year - Page Text Content

BC: Psalm 127:3 Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.

FC: Audrey Jolene November 18, 2010 7 pounds, 19.5 inches


4: We found out another beautiful baby was joining our family on March 9, 2010. We announced that we were expecting another baby by posting these fun pictures of Cora wearing a Big Sister shirt on Facebook. Everyone was excited about another Bone baby.

5: We went camping together while Mommy was pregnant with you. We enjoyed hikes, sliding down the big rock, and going for walks with sister around the campground.

6: We stayed busy during the pregnancy. Besides Mommy working at Frederickson Elementary as a 1st grade teacher, we also went flying to Friday Harbor, rode around the neighborhood, swam at the lake, and visited the zoo. | I didn't get to rest and nap as much as I had liked to, but there were some days Cora snuggled up next to me on the couch while I slept.

7: We were so eager to meet you. Cora loved looking at Mom's belly and touching it. She would even point at her own belly and say "Baby!"

10: Audrey Jolene | We called you "Audrey Undecided" for the entire pregnancy because we couldn't agree on a middle name. When Mom woke up in the middle of the night in labor she immediately got on the internet to find a name for her soon to arrive baby girl. We wanted a Jo name because there are lots of Joes in the family. Mom stumbled across Jolene, which means God will increase and beautiful bird. Since your room is decorated with birds it seemed perfect.

11: November 18, 2011 at 2 am Mom woke up with intense contractions. She was afraid of the hospital telling her to go home, so she stayed home an hour. Daddy convinced Mom it was time. Mom endured a car ride to Granny and Papa's to drop of Sissy, then to the hospital. We arrived around 4 and mom was dilated to a 4 and asking for her epidural. Labor hurts, but the end result is beautiful. A lovely daughter weighing in at 7 pounds, measuring 19.5 inches, and arriving in our arms at 8:26am. | November 18, 2011 at 2 am Mom woke up with intense contractions. She was afraid of the hospital telling her to go home, so she stayed home an hour. Daddy convinced Mom it was time. Mom endured a car ride to Granny and Papa's to drop off Sissy, then to the hospital. We arrived around 4 am and mom was dilated to a 4 and asking for her epidural. Labor hurts, but the end result is beautiful. A lovely daughter weighing in at 7 pounds, measuring 19.5 inches, and arriving in our arms at 8:26am. A beautiful treasure with dark brown hair and big blue eyes.

12: You are a glorious gift from God! We wonder what amazing things you are going to do, what wonderful things you will accomplish, and how you will touch the lives of many people.

13: Lots of people came to meet you in the hospital. Auntie Dannielle, Granny and Papa. and a bunch of girls from church came to welcome you into the world.

14: Cora Jane was thrilled to see a brand new baby. When you came home it was like you had always been there. You two became inseparable from the moment she saw you. | You are such a little bundle of joy. Daddy and Mommy have a hard time swaddling like the nurses, so we used that cute monkey swaddle with velcro.

15: You and Mommy didn't have compatible blood types, so the doctors were concerned you would have a bad case of jaundice. We had to stay at the hospital a bit longer to see if your bilirubin count was too high. You never got jaundice. You were as healthy as could be.

18: We were so excited to finally be home and now a family of four. You got Cora a doll as a present for being a big sister. She liked to lay the doll next to you. Within days of being born it snowed. The first weeks being home involved lots of cuddles!

19: Exactly one week after you were born we celebrated Thanksgiving together. Granny made you a silly turkey dress to wear on Turkey Day. You met all your relatives and learned that they are all a bit crazy, but they are also full of love.

20: DATE__________ | Newborn Pictures

21: DATE__________

23: We got pictures taken with Santa. Cora was very unhappy and did lots of screaming, but you slept through it all. and were as peaceful as always.

24: Your First Month | This month we decided that you resemble Mr. Bean. You are quite alert and aware to what is going on around you. You enjoy being swaddled while asleep. Mommy calls you Audi and Cora surprising pronounces your name perfectly. You sleep at night, but wake every three hours to eat. You prefer your mommy, which is good because Cora prefers Daddy's attention. Mom works hard at keeping you warm because it's been quite chilly and we've already seen your first snow. You are the perfect addition to our growing family. Such peace and joy surrounds you. | Stats: About 20 inches and 7.5 pounds

25: Your first four weeks...

26: December brought colder weather and hats, blankets, and sweaters. We enjoyed cuddling and keeping each other warm.

27: Lots of people love to hold and love on you. You began needing the "Giraffey" to go to sleep.

29: Christmas Morning | We started the morning by opening stockings. You slept. Cora opened yours and placed the gifts around you. | Then we headed to GigiMa's for breakfast. We enjoyed lots of food (which you later partook in!)

30: Granny Bonnie traveled all the way here to see your beautiful face this month. She loved holding you and spending time with you. Her visit was very welcomed. She gave mom lots of relief and she was able to cook and clean up the house. We also had lots of fun while she was here too. We celebrated Cora's 2nd birthday, went to the children's museum in Seattle, and saw Tangled in the theater. | Audrey and Granny Bonnie

31: We had our 1st playdate this month. Mommy worked with these mommies at Frederickson. You were born first, followed by Brooke two weeks later, and then Carson a month after you. You all were so sweet and spent most of your time sleeping.

32: Enjoying Life!

33: This month has brought its challenges. THRUSH! You have 2 daily doses of Nystatin. | Stats: 22 inches 10 pounds 6 ounces | Later the doctor determined you also have acid reflux and put you on Ranitidine. (Baby Zantac) | After you were on acid reflux medicine you became a much happier baby! | Your second month

34: You and Cora are inseparable. You both are learning to share, seats, books, and even Daddy.

35: So much love went into decorating your room. Mommy fell in love with birds, but wanted the colors to be vibrant. She recruited Granny to do much of the sewing, while mommy did lots of the paper art. Daddy was in charge of painting and scrapping the yucky ceilings. The end result was beautiful.

36: Happy Valentine's Day! We celebrated today by having a bunch of toddlers over for some cookie decorating. You slept through the whole party, but we made sure to snap some pictures of you in your super cute sweetheart dress.

37: Things have been messy around here. The thrush lives on. We've attempted Nystatin with no avail. Mom has even attempted Gentian Violet, but it left a purple mess on EVERYTHING. The acid reflux continues to worsen and you've been given the nickname "Spitter". There's not an unstained shirt or clean square foot of carpet in the house.

38: We continue to learn about your little..ehem...BIG personality. It appears that you have some strong feelings about things. Like your disgust for the swing, your need for 3 hour feedings even in the middle of the night, and your desire to always have someone be present in a room with you. | Despite these things, we strongly believe that you are the most joyful, little baby we know. Anyone can hold you, smiles are given freely, and the only time you are really upset is when you are hungry, poopy, are in a swing, or mom forgot to give you your reflux medicine. We know as time goes on you'll be blessed with even greater joy.

39: 3 Months Old! Stats: Not sleeping through the night Started cloth diapers. 11 pounds 4 ounces 22.5 inches long

40: Everyone loves to hold and cuddle you. Sister asks all day long if she can hold baby Audrey. She lavishes you with kisses and snuggles. When daddy gets home from work he's eager to grab you and rub his cheek against yours. Mommy loves all the loving you give.

41: On March 12 we put pretties in your ears. You were upset for about 2 minutes, but once you got your binky back you were content.

43: Happy St. Patrick's Day my little leprechaun.

44: Your Fourth Month

45: 4 Month Stats: 12 pounds 2 ounces 23.5 inches long You are rolling over Your ears were pierced Mommy went back to work

46: Our days are filled with smiles and fun. You admire your beauty and write your name. | You silly girl. You love to hide in the laundry and play with your rattles.

47: We went to the Daffodil Parade together. It was so loud as all the bands with their loud instruments came marching by. Funny though how you slept straight through it. You woke up right at the end just in time to eat.

48: We are so blessed to have an amazing family who is loving and supportive. We celebrated the life of Aunt Debbie this month. Above is Gigi-Ma (Aunt Debbie's Mother-in-Law) and Stacy (her daughter-in-law).

49: Sisters

52: 5 months old: Stats: *No teeth despite the drool and chewing *You have rubbed the hair off the back of your head *You can shove your foot into your mouth

53: Your Fifth Month

54: You have many different faces. Your smile lights up a room. You are very inquisitive and are always trying to figure out what is happening around you. Your mouth almost always has something in it...a fist, a toy, a binky.

59: On the eve of Mother's day I realized I never asked Granny to make you a special dress. Granny was so busy she didn't realize you needed one. So Mommy fought back tears and put you in Cora's 1st Mother's Day dress. Don't worry, Granny made you one (better late than never)...Mommy just failed to ever dress you in it. | Mother's Day

62: Family Pictures: 6 Months

64: Stats: *Sitting unassisted *0 teeth *Still waking up every 3 hours at night *Started eating solids *Acid reflux continues and is even grosser with the introduction of solids *Love bathing and splashing *Sisterly bond gets stronger each day *You now are only on formula

65: By now you are living up to your nickname: Baby Joy. Mommy jokes that if we name you again you would be Audrey Joy. A smile has a near permanent residence on your face. You giggle lots, and generally have a great temperament. | Your 6th Month

66: We all adore our Audrey. Our fun loving, book reading, cuddle bug.!

68: As the sun begins to reappear we venture out for some walks. | Not all our walks were warm. So we bundled up to soak in the sun rays. | Some days it did get warm enough for your cute tootsies to come out. | Mommy is so thankful for a fun stroller that fits both my girls.

69: A wonderful family of four. Wake ups, bedtimes, giggles, and pass outs... | What JOY we have... we are blessed!

70: Your 7th Month

71: Stats: *Drool is your middle name *Acid reflux has begun to disappear *You are full of giggles and smiles *You admire your sister *You love mom so much you STILL require her attention at least once every night.

72: Happy Father's Day! | You were decked out in a baseball dress in honor of Daddy's favorite sport.

73: We had a fun-filled summer. Time at the park as a family, swinging, and going for walks.

74: Happy 4th of July

75: We went to Granny and Papa's for our annual 4th of July brunch. We enjoyed yummy breakfast pizza and a delicious fruit pizza.

76: After brunch we hopped in the mini van and headed to Nevada to see Granny Bonnie and the rest of Daddy's family. We made some stops along the way- parks for playing and eating and even to watch the fireworks, which you gazed in amazement while they boomed around you.

77: You immediately captivated the hearts of your family. Granny Bonnie loved her cuddle time with you, GigiMa couldn't get enough of your big grin, GigiPa enjoyed bouncing you on his leg, Uncle Cody and Courtney thought you were such a sweet baby, and Daddy's Aunt Donna made a special trip to GigiMa's house just to see you and hold you! What a wonderful family you have.

79: We did lots of visiting with the family and catching up. We also got out and did some fun stuff too. We went to Lake Tahoe and enjoyed the warm weather and cool water. We went to a zoo and saw all kinds of animals. We also went up to Virginia City and looked around the old mining community and rode a train!

83: Play dates with cousin Baze, lots of giggle time with Cora, swinging high, walking the Nathan Chapman trail, and eating nutritious cheese-whiz with dad...that's what summer is all about.

84: 8th Month | What a "mostly" fun month. There were a couple bumps in the road... like that long road we traveled to Nevada. You know the one, where you REFUSED to sleep while daddy tried to drive through the night. Us stubborn parents have learned our lesson: Audrey needs a bed to sleep in. But other than that, you stayed as smiley as ever, with lots of giggles and cuddles.

85: Stats: *You still have no teeth *You still are not sleeping through the night *You began crawling *You had an upper respiratory infection *You weigh 14 pounds and 8 ounces *You are 27 inches tall

86: Audi, you are such a goofy little girl. You are always giving the best little smirks and grins. You giggle and laugh at all the silly things that happen, like sister stacking cups on your head or food turning into a goatee. Or maybe it's Mommy, Daddy, and Cora who are laughing!?!

87: This month we've had lots of time with friends. Brooke, Gracie, Alyssa, Jenny, Connor, and all your little cousins were seen this month. You are such a social little girl.

88: We are on our way to go camping. We actually had to stop once and pull you out of the car for a diaper change...stinky little baby! | It's quite tricky to get you to eat anything that's not nice and hot (or border line hot). You weren't too pleased with how quickly food cooled down. | You were a snuggle bug and had a great time playing with your toys in your pack and play...just as long as you could see what everyone else was doing. | Daddy and Mommy made sure your were toasty warm. Lots of layers, hats, and a warm fire to get you happy. But boy did you hate the smoke!

89: Cougar Rock Mount Rainier | Mom, Dad, Granny, Papa, Kaylee, Ava, Cora, and Audrey

90: We actually saw the mountain this year. It is usually hidden by the clouds. It was the 1st year in a long time that wasn't frigid. What a wonderful time!

91: We absolutely enjoy spending time with you. You loved being outdoors, hearing the sounds of nature, and being close with Mommy and Daddy. We were so happy to take you down to the Nisqually River and have you and Cora see where Mommy and Uncle Jake played so much as kids.

95: 9 month pictures | We got the whole family together for this set of pictures. Granny and Papa, Uncle Jake, Aunt Yvonne, Ava, and Kaylee all joined our little family for this photo session.

96: You are really into Raja and we have to keep you away from that fierce cat! By day you drink out of a sippy cup, by night (ahem mommy's 2am wakeup call) a bottle. You are an expert crawler. The most beautiful smirk lives on your face. | 9 Month Stats:

98: Camp Gramma | 2011

99: Your Granny Cora loves you so very much. She puts on a special camp every summer for her favorite girls: Kaylee, Ava, Cora, and YOU! Macee and Baze join in the fun too! | This year we blew foam bubbles with old water bottles, visited the Seattle Children's Museum, made gak, and had lots of outside sprinkler fun. We are so blessed to have such a thoughtful Granny.

100: Thanks Granny! We had a blast playing this week! | so

102: Woodland Park Zoo You were really into looking at the animals. We had a great time looking at the giraffes and monkeys. We ate a picnic lunch together too. It was such a fun family outing!

103: We always pack our summers full of fun before mom heads back to work. Spray parks, bubbles, trips to the lake, and giggling with dad!

104: What a wonderful summer together. Mommy is already counting down the days 'til next summer!

105: FINALLY!!! It's hard to see...but hidden in those gums is a tiny little tooth. It took so long for you to get your first tooth that we were sure you'd be walking before you got teeth.

107: 10 month stats: *1st tooth!!! One tiny little speck of white popping out through your bottom gums. *We went to the fair and you thought this crazy guy to the left was amazing. *You are still the sweetest little angel by day...and silly baby by night. You do love that quality time with mom at night. *Shoes are your enemy. You wear the slipper shoes, but that's it! *Your big blue eyes and sweet grin capture the hearts of many. *You weigh 15 pounds and 13 ounces. *You are 27 inches long.

108: Y | You are sick and tired of crawling around! So you have begun to pull up on just about everything! We know it's just a matter of time before you are running around!

109: You try so hard to keep up with big sister Cora, but sometimes it's just so exhausting hanging with the big girls.

110: You are our silly and playful little girl. We have to make sure all the big girl toys are put away when you are awake because EVERYTHING goes into your mouth!

111: Daddy and Mommy love their cuddly baby girl. You are so much fun to snuggle up to, and all those soft snuggly clothes make it even more fun!

112: 11 Month Stats:

113: *Still not sleeping through the night, but you are still the happiest baby by day! *You are trying so hard to cut your second tooth, but it's just not happening. *You are pulling up on everything and are so antsy to be walking. *You weigh 17 pounds and 4 ounces. *This month you got croup and scared mommy and daddy. Daddy slept by your crib to make sure you were still breathing.

115: Spooner Farms Pumpkin Patch | You had so much fun exploring in the hay, playing with pumpkins, and walking around in the rain. It was such a fun day as a family!

116: Happy Halloween!

117: By day you wore a cute spider dress. By night you were wonderWoman!

118: You have so much fun with your Kaylee, Cora, Granny Bonnie and Uncle Jake. You're such a loving little girl and you enjoy everybody's love and snuggles.

120: Happy Birthday Audrey! | We started the day with a birthday muffin and a gift from Granny Bonnie!

121: Let the Rainbow Party begin!

122: Nothing suits you better than a bright and vibrant rainbow party. A colorful cake, cupcakes, balloons, streamers, drinks, party bags, and even pictures of your first year. Mom and dad worked so hard to make your special day extra special... just like you!

123: To go along with your rainbow party your Granny Nanny made you a special rainbow dress and mommy made you a rainbow pretty for your hair.

125: The day started out rough. You were going up the stairs shortly before your party started and slipped and knocked your noggin. It immediately bubbled and bruised. But after we settled you down and started the party (aka opening gifts), you were as happy as could be! We are so blessed to have enjoyed this past year with "Baby Joy".

126: 12 month pictures Granny Bonnie was up in Washington for your birthday, so she got to be a part of our picture day. We went to the Union Station in Tacoma to capture your 1st birthday!

128: 1 Year Old

129: Stats: *You have 2 teeth. *You are walking!!! *You still wake once in the middle of the night...don't worry, we still love you. *You're bright blues and big nearly toothless grin melts our hearts. *You weigh almost 18 pounds and are 29 inches long.

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