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Baby's First Year

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Baby's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Brennan Elise Hone, June 2011 - June 2012


FC: Brennan's First Year June 2011 - June 2012



3: DATE June 17, 2011 2 weeks old

4: This month you were just learning to live in your new environment. You got over the jaundice by the end of your first week. You slept a lot! Once you figured out when it was nighttime, you slept from about 10 pm until 3 pm, then slept for about two hours at a time until it was time to get up the next day. You took several naps during the day and you loved sleeping on us! You HATED your sponge baths, which we had to give you until your umbilical cord fell off. You screamed and screamed! You were too little to play so we just laid you down and played with the toys in front of you. We found out you did not like it when mommy ate chocolate! | Your 1st Month

5: This month we celebrated daddy's 1st Father's Day! We fixed breakfast for daddy and gave him his gifts. You had your first play date with Lily and Grace (well, they played while you slept). We celebrated the Fourth of July in Charlotte during your first "month" birthday! | Happy Father's Day! | playdate!

6: You started to get more comfortable being at home this month. Each week, you wanted to go to bed earlier and earlier. You grew to LOVE your bath this month because you got to lay in your bathtub. No matter how upset you were, when you got in your bathtub, you calmed down! We started your bath around 8:30, and then rubbed you down with lotion, dressed you, and mommy fed you while daddy read a story to you. You slept from about 9:30 pm to between 4 and 5 am. Then you would sleep another two hours before getting up for the day. You were able to stay awake longer through this month, up for a little over an hour each day before you were ready to sleep again. During that time, you would play on your mat, staring at the toys hanging down. You LOVED your swing! Every day you had tummy time and you got so much better at holding your head up! You started to smile this month, but we couldn’t make you smile, they were just random. You took two big trips this month – one to Naples, Florida to visit daddy’s family, and one to Topsail Island, NC to vacation with mommy’s family. You went out on the beach for the first time, but you had no idea because you slept the entire time! | Your 2nd Month | Bath Time! | Play Time!

7: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Your first vacation! Naples, FL to visit Mimi, Papa, Aunt Kathy, and Cousin Harrison

8: In Florida, we spent time with family, hung out by the pool, went for walks, and had a "Meet and Greet" so everyone could meet you!

9: HAND PRINTS & FOOT PRINTS | Topsail Island, NC with YaYa, Uncle Ryan, Uncle Paul and Aunt Keli We relaxed, played games, and sunbathed!

10: This month you really started to act like a little person! You were able to stay awake for two hours or more at a time and you slept from 7:45 pm until 5, 6, or 7 am! You were such a good sleeper! You still loved your bath time, and even kicked your legs to splash the water and played with your little ducky (at least tried to touch it). During the day you still enjoyed your swing, sat in your bouncy seat, and played on your mat. You started reaching for objects and got really good at grabbing and pulling on them. You smiled more and more and started laughing out loud. You were so much fun to play with! You started staying with your babysitter, Holly this month and loved playing with Olivia and Bella! You got very good at holding your head up on tummy time and even reached for objects while on your tummy! | Your 3rd Month | Your "talking" face! | Tummy Time!

12: DATE__________ | This month you became much more interactive! You were able to stay awake for at little over two hours at a time and you slept from 7:45 pm until between 5:15 and 6:30 am! During bath time, you talked, and giggled, and kicked your feet, which got mommy and daddy all wet! During the day you played on your mat, worked on tummy time, played with toys in your bouncy seat, and began playing in your excersaucer. You could wrap your fingers around your toys. You also found your toes and would reach for them. You became quite the giggler, but you were stingy with your smiles, only giving them out when you were sure of the situation. You could put a lot of weight on your legs to stand up on our laps (with our help). You often cooed so much we couldn't hear the t.v. You're growing so quickly! | Your Fourth Month

14: This month, you were able to stay awake for about 2 1/2 hours at a time and you slept from 7:45 pm until between 5:15 and 6:30 am! You started taking two 1 1/2 to 2 hour naps each day. Bath time was still your favorite time. We would put you in your crib awake and you would fall asleep on your own, with no fuss! During play time, you loved your exersaucer, sat in your bouncy seat, played on your mat and did tummy time. You started working on sitting up. You could sit by yourself for a few seconds before falling over. You loved to sit in your Bumpo seat on the counter while we washed dishes or cooked. You rolled from your tummy to your back this month!

15: Your 5th Month

16: Your First

17: DATE__________ | Your 6th Month | First Solid Foods | What the little lady you became this month! You usually slept from about 7:45 pm to 6:00 am. You took two really good naps, usually 1.5 to 2 hours each day, with a cat nap in between some days. You're starting to outgrow your bath tub! You splish splash and have a great time! You still enjoy your same toys, and you're getting really good at passing your toys from one hand to the other. You rolled over a couple more times. You could sit up by yourself for a little while. You also started eating rice cereal for breakfast, after your bottle. You celebrated your first Thanksgiving this month!

18: You spent your first Thanksgiving at YaYa and Poppy's house. You got to meet all your second cousins and great aunts & uncles. Everyone thought you were so adorable. You took a short rest in Lisa's arms. You were such a good girl! Next year you will get to taste all the yummy food!

19: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! | Picking out your first Christmas tree!

20: This was a very special month because it was your first Christmas! You were able to sit up completely on your own. You would reach for your toys, no matter where they were, which sometimes meant you would fall trying to get them. You had your first ear infection this month. You began eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You loved your oatmeal with bananas. You also liked orange veggies like squash and sweet potatoes. Your favorite green veggie so far is green beans. You went to bed around 7:30 pm and slept until about 7:00 am. You took two long naps each day (1 1/2 hours or so) and sometimes needed a cat nap in the middle. We took your swing down since you would rather play than rest! You still loved your exersaucer and you enjoyed playing on the floor with your toys in front of you. This month you got to sit at the table with us, since you could sit in your high chair. You enjoyed going out to eat lunch with us because you could look around! We took another big trip to Georgia after Christmas. | Your 7th Month

22: On your first Christmas eve, we went to visit Aunt Margaret in her nursing home. You helped her open her gifts. Later that night, we went to YaYa and Poppy's for dinner and gifts with the Alala side of the family. Christmas morning, you woke up and Santa had come! Daddy carried you downstairs and you had a good time opening all your gifts! Your favorite present was your bell. Some of the gifts you received were the Laugh and Learn Puppy, a mini sock monkey, a new rattle, a play cell phone, lots of new books, & a Learning Walker. We went back to YaYa and Poppy's for brunch, after your nap. You got even more presents! Later that evening, we went to the Lineberry side of the family for dinner and more gifts! You had an amazing first Christmas, showered with lots of love!

24: The day after Christmas, we packed up the car and headed to Rome, Georgia to visit Aunt Kathy and Mimi & Papa. You got to see your cousin Harrison again, and meet Tara & Austin. They were so excited to see you and just loved playing with you and holding you. You also got to meet your second cousin, Eli, who is only two months younger than you! While we were there, we celebrated daddy's 36th birthday!

25: 2012 | We played with you as long as we could New Years Eve, but you didn't even come close to staying up until midnight! While you slept, we had a nice dinner with Ron & Terri and Chris & Logan (just a few days before your friend Maelyn was born)! We also had one more birthday celebration for daddy!

26: This month you were such the little busy least, you wanted to be! You slept from about 7:30 pm - 7:00 am each day with two 1.5 hours naps each day. You tried new foods, including chicken, pot roast, apricots, peaches, carrots, & cottage cheese. You started practicing drinking from your sippy cup. You acted like you wanted to crawl by doing push ups with your arms and trying to get onto your knees. You loved to sit up so much we turned your bath tub around so you could sit instead of lay back. We really had to watch you in the tub because you wanted to turn around and touch everything in sight, including your bath toys! You loved to play with the toys you got for Christmas, especially if they made noise and lit up! You enjoyed your afternoon walks with mommy in the stroller. You would just look around at everything and make noises. You started saying mama and dada, but you didn't know what you were saying yet. Every now and then you fell asleep while we were out. You really started teething this month. You chewed and chewed on your fingers (and anything else you could get in your mouth). You learned to wave this month, although you were stingy with your greetings. You also loved to look through your books. We read to you every day! You're just growing up too fast!

27: Your 8th Month

28: This month you celebrated your first Valentine's day! You got your very own remote control! You had a very predictable schedule (which mommy loved): 6:45 - 7:30 Wake Up 8:15 Breakfast 9:30 - 11:00 Nap 11:30 Lunch 2:00 - 3:30 Nap 4:00 Snack 5:30 Dinner 7:00 Bath 7:30 Bedtime Your two bottom teeth broke through this month, within one day of each other. They grew in a v-shape. We went on our first family picnic together in the park. You worked on rolling to get to your toys, even though you only rolled side to side, not across the floor. You tasted lots of new foods, started feeding yourself, and started drinking from your sippy cup more than taking a bottle. You also began eating a snack each afternoon, either string cheese or your mum mum crackers. You were able to pull yourself up holding on to the side of the couch, if you were sitting in our lap. You would also turn yourself around when you were sitting up on the floor. You got to see your first snowfall this month, even though it only lasted a few hours. You perfected your wave, waving at everything! When we said Sophie's name, you would turn towards her and wave. Wow, how time is flying! | Your 9th Month

31: This month you wanted to get up and go! You rocked forward up from your bottom to your knees, and then to your tummy. Once you got to your tummy, you were very quick to go backwards and end up under the couch! We had to baby proof the house this month because you were so fast getting into things! After a few weeks going backwards, you started to army crawl, using your arms to pull you forward. It looked like a lot of work! You learned to clap your hands this month and loved showing that off. You also mimicked our faces, scrunching up your nose and squinting your eyes. You started eating table foods this month - such as pasta, peas, green beans, baked beans, and cut up fruits & veggies. You went to your first birthday party this month at The Little Gym. You had play dates each week with all of your friends! Your right top tooth broke through. One of your least favorite things was swimming lessons! The water was very chilly, and you hated going underwater. We would blow in your face to get you to hold your breath and then dunk you. You were not a fan! We joked that you cried more during those lessons than you had in your entire life! When we were sitting next to you, you would grab on to our arms and pull yourself up to standing. If you were sitting in our laps near something, you would grab on and pull up. You had a very busy month! | Your 10th Month

32: Swim Lessons at the Aquatic Center

34: This month you were on the go! A week after you turned 10 months old, you started crawling on your hands and knees. Within one day, you were a speed crawler! You would chase the cats up and down the hallway making this grunting sound because you were so determined. You got better and better at pulling yourself up on things, especially the couch, stool, and steps. At the beginning of this month, Aunt Julie and your cousins Clara and Anna came to visit. Your great Aunt Debbie and cousin Haley also stopped by for dinner. Everyone loved playing with you! Unfortunately, you got your first stomach bug this month. You couldn't eat much for a few days and you needed a lot of rest. You also celebrated your first Easter this month. The Easter Bunny came to visit and you got a basket full of goodies - bubbles, sand toys, & hair bows. We went over to YaYa and Poppy's to celebrate Easter with some of the Alalas. The weather was so beautiful this month, we had a few play dates and picnics at the park. You loved swinging in the baby swing and you enjoyed your swing at home too. You got your left top tooth this month. You ate the same food we ate, so we loved taking you to lunch and sharing our food with you. We loved listening to you laugh as you played with your toys and read your books (your very favorite thing to do!). You really started to look like a toddler this month, reminding us that your first birthday was just around the corner!

35: Your 11th Month

36: 11th Month continued

37: Your last month as an "infant." How this year flew by! The world was your playground this month. You loved pulling everything out of mommy's purse, pulling all your books off the shelf, crawling to the door & standing up to look out, and cruising along anything you could pull yourself up on. You learned how to open the cabinet doors, and you loved pulling out the cans of cat food and rolling them around the floor. You loved walking with your walker (or any piece of furniture you could move). Your third bottom tooth popped through this month, giving you five teeth total so far. You declared your independence this month during meal time and wanted to feed yourself, which made for a big mess! Luckily the weather was nice, so we would pull your high chair on the back patio and let you make a mess. You made different noises every day - you would carry on a conversation with us, the cats and yourself. You seemed to say "Olie." Every time you saw Olie or Sophie (or any other animal), you would say "Ollll." When we called someone's name (mommy, daddy, Sophie, Olie), you looked at that person. You loved to laugh. We can tell you're going to have a good sense of humor! At this point, your favorite foods were yogurt, mac n cheese, pasta and tomato sauce, fruits you could pick up (bananas, strawberries, apples), applesauce, and peas. You tried peanut butter for the first time this month and you enjoyed it! | You could sit for a long time, flipping through your books, as if you were really reading them. When we told you to go get a book, you would crawl to your books, grab one off the shelf, and then drag it back to us. You wanted to sit in our lap so we could read it to you. You also enjoyed pulling off any pop up objects the books had. You loved going for walks in your stroller. We spent several days this month swimming at the pool with our neighbors Kelly and Nora (one month younger than you). Mommy celebrated her first Mother's Day and her 30th birthday this month! Mimi and Papa came to visit you, and we took a family trip to the beach for the weekend. You didn't have a great weekend though - you just felt crummy and had a rash on your body. They baby sat you while mommy and daddy went to a wedding. They had so much fun with you! A few days before your first birthday, you stopped taking your last bottle. You only drank whole milk and water - no more breast milk, from your sippy cup. Aunt Kat and your cousins Harrison and Austin also came to visit to celebrate your first birthday. You got a new car seat at the end of this month, and you looked like such a big girl in it! | Your 12th Month

38: Oh what a difference a year makes! Montana & Ellie (12 mo) Mommy & Brennan (11 mo) Stephanie & Ryan (10 mo) Tina & Mason (7 mo) | First ride in your big girl car seat

39: Last cup of breastmilk. Yay! Mommy made it a year! | You crossed your feet like a little lady every time you sat still.

41: Beach Trip to Southport Mimi and Papa came with us to Southport, NC. They babysat you while we went to a wedding. The next day we explored Southport, walked out on the pier, visited the Maritime Museum, and went swimming in the pool at our condo. You loved your new float! | Almost one year old!

42: Making cupcakes | Good Morning, Birthday Girl!

43: Happy 1st Birthday!! We celebrated your first birthday on June 2, 2011 with a "You are my Sunshine" theme party. We had the party at YaYa and Poppy's house. The high temperature that day was 75 degrees, sunny, no chance of rain - a perfect sunshiny day to celebrate you! Mommy made the decorations - yellow and blue gingham were the colors. Aunt Kat helped mommy make sunshine cupcakes out of yellow frosting, candy corn for the sun rays, chocolate chips for the eyes, and red icing for the smile. You wore the outfit Ms. Connie made for you from the sunshine pattern Mommy picked out. The babies played together and everyone watched the video of you from your first year! Everyone took home their own little beach ball as a favor - a thanks for shining with us! | Rays of Sunshine for Brennan

44: Daddy and Uncle Ron cooked burgers and hot dogs on the grill. Aunt Kat and Mimi made baked beans and their famous macaroni and cheese recipe. Yaya made taziki sauce, parsley burgers, and cabbage salad. We also had chips and goldfish for the kids to eat! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and they thought you looked adorable in your outfit!

45: We ordered the cake from Delicious Bakery - chocolate truffle, decorated with sunflowers and a sunshine. They gave you a free cake to "smash," decorated with a sun. We sang "Happy Birthday" to you. At first you didn't know what to do with the cake, especially with everyone watching you. But you figured it out quickly and dug right in to the cake. You seemed to enjoy it! It was all over you, so Mimi and Mommy washed you of in the sink.

46: You received so many gifts from your friends and family! Yaya & Poppy got you a wagon, and Mimi & Papa got you your new big girl car seat! You also got Little People toys, board books, new outfits, and many other toys. Your guests included: Mimi & Papa and Yaya & Poppy Aunt Kat, Cousins Harrison and Austin Aunt Keli, Uncle Paul & Jodie, Uncle Ryan Ron and Teri Ryan M Brent, Elicia, Zachary, & Catherine Matt, Jenn, & Elliot Steve, Tina & Mason Montana & Ellie Chris, Logan & Maelyn Kelly & Nora Holly, Olivia, & Bella Courtney & Grayson Scott, Katie, & Lily Aunt Carol & Uncle Johnny CT2 - Teresa Jane

47: Your Schedule at 1 Year: Wake 7:00ish am Breakfast 8:00 am Nap 9:15 - 10:30 am Lunch 11:45 am Nap 1:30 - 3:45 pm Dinner 5:45 pm Bath 7:15 Bedtime 7:30

48: On the morning of June 3rd, daddy and mommy took a picture of you first thing in your crib. We sang "Happy Birthday" to you. You helped daddy fix breakfast before going down for your nap. After your morning nap, we all went to the pool (you, mommy, daddy, Mimi, Aunt Kat, Cousins Harrison & Austin, and Uncle Ryan). You played with your water toys, walked along the steps, and relaxed in your float. That afternoon, you opened more gifts and everyone wanted to get a picture with the Birthday Girl! You had a wonderful birthday, showered with lots of love and surrounded by people who adore you - exactly the way your entire first year was! A perfect way to celebrate an amazing first year! | 1st picture as a 1 year old

49: Even Sophie wished you a Happy Birthday!

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