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Baby's First Year (Copy)

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Baby's First Year (Copy) - Page Text Content

FC: Kynbug's 1st year

1: Mommy 7 months pregnant with you on Grandpa's boat July 2010 | Mommy taking a nap after a long day on the boat July 2010

2: Kynleigh Rose Narveson September 13, 2010 at 1:51pm Seven Pounds Six Ounces Twenty-One inches long

3: Kynleigh only a few years old.

4: Your Auntie Des & Ashley along with your cousins Daunte, Kiana & Awnika holding you for the first time at the hospital.

5: First Pictures with Mommy taken three hours after you were born. Mommy on the phone telling everyone you had arrived.

6: Your first pictures taken at home. Top pictures you are two weeks old, bottom pictures five days old.

7: Cousin Kiana feeding you your first bottle at home Cousin Awnika checking you out in your swing making sure you are in their Poppa and you taking a much needed nap

8: Kynleigh your first bath in bubbles and a tub You at first hated bath time you scream through the whole bath till you were dressed and being feed. October 1st 2010

9: One Month Old | Your first Halloween as Mommy's Little Pumpkin October 31, 2010

10: First Session of belly time and you loved it from this day forward you always liked to be on your belly. 11-16-10 | Your 1st Smile and 1st time in your winnie the pooh chair. You liked the chair long has it didn't move. Smile 11-27-10 chair 11-01-10

11: 2 months old! In dress that Cousin Awnika bought and wanted you to wear. | Meeho entertaining you while we wait for Dr. Harbor, this was your 2 month check up. All was good!

12: You at 2 months old and taking your first Thanksgiving nap, by now Meeho had given you nickname Kynbug. Got the idea from an outfit Awnika bought you that had a bug on it. Did a outfit change because you hated the dress outfit. Your purple pacifier was your favorite., it always calmed you down.

13: Santa's Little Helpers. You and Awnika dressed as Santa's Helpers. I loved these outfits on you two. | Kynleigh sleeping next to the snowman These are your very first Christmas picutres. 12-24-2010 Also you are 3 months old

14: Kynleigh and Mommy taking our 1st Christmas pictures together. You were very good about taking these pictures & this was your 1st holiday dress. Christmas 2010 | Our Christmas Trees we picked out and cut down. | Kynleigh and Mommy at the Christmas Tree Farm 12-06-10

15: Cousin Kiana wanted a picture of just you & her in your dresses | You and your cousins | Your first picture on Christmas Eve with Uncle David | Your Christmas Nap

16: Spending time with Meeho before bed time. You always loved to be held and rocked after your bath, it helped you fall to sleep. 12-30-10

17: Meeho giving you a bath at three months of age. The first bath you enjoyed and didn't scream through. That was until we had to sit you up to clean your back. | December 2010

18: You relaxing in your sweat outfit enjoying your 1st New Year's Eve. You brought in the 2011 New Year snoring in your crib. 3 1/2 months old

19: Showing off your French style. Mommy everyone else loved this outfit on you. It was my favorite! 1-13-11 4 months old

20: 5 months old!

21: Happy Valentine's Day! Your 1st Valentine's day in the outfit that your Meedho bought for you. She also bought a matching outfit for Awnika but Awnika wasn't in the mood to take a picture. February 14th 2011

22: Mommy's favorite outfits. Mommy loves these outfits 6 months old 3-2011

23: Your first time in the jumper. You loved it, you were making that jumper move from side to side. March 2011 | You looking at Cousin Awnika's book called But Not The Hippopotamus.. You found this book to be exciting you didn't book the book down for hours. March 2011

24: Your first time eating baby food, which was Oatmeal. And let me tell you, you hated it you would scream and lock your lips. So put it in your bottle and by the end of April you were eating from a spoon. March 30, 2011

25: You having play time on the floor which consists of rolling all over the place and checking out all of yours and Awnika's toys! April 1, 2011

26: Look who is 7 months old! You are out for your very first stroll in your stroller wearing the hat cousin Awnika put on your head. And smiling and showing off your baby phat outfit and your wild curls. Then you are play on the floor having a blast. April 2011

27: Look who got her ears pierced! you got pretty greenish blue flower earrings. You only cried for a second! Was such a big girl, mommy cried more then you. April 22, 2011

28: Happy Easter! Your very first Easter! You are wearing the same dress your mother wore at your age, and your basket was full of clothes and a little Easter Chicken! April 24, 2011

29: You wearing your first Summer dress and a bow which Cousin Awnika bought you. May 1, 2011

30: You are playing in your walker showing off your dress and bow. Then here is Cousin Awnika showing off her dress that is the same colors as yours, while you are in the background. You also said your first word which was DA DA,! I was so happy to be here and hear it! May 1 2011

31: Mommy was trying to get a picture of your first two front bottom teeth that have started to come in, but you wouldn't open your mouth wide enough or move your tongue. But finally say the two little white bumps on your gum line! I was so excited I told everyone! | May 13 2011 | Look who is 8 months! And also you got your first viral infection which caused you to break out with a rash, and got your first ear infection.

33: Kynleigh at 8 months old! Wearing one of the many bows her mommy bought her! At 8 months old you caught your very first ear infection, viral infection and respiratory virus. It took you about a week to get better! May 18, 2011

34: The first time you sat up all by yourself! Mommy was so happy! You were so proud of yourself, you were smiling and laughing! May 29, 2011

35: Mommy's Little Bug... Me and your Meeho found this costume in a box and had to try it on you. You are such a cute little Kynbug! getting so big so fast! June 4, 2011 almost nine months!

37: Kynleigh at Nine months old! Playing with Awnika's backpack. You are getting so big, you know sit up smile, roll and have finally started to crawl. You crawled for the first time on June 12, 2011. I was so excited and happy to see that you finally did it after months of trying. We still don't like baby food, but you tried watermelon today and you loved it! June 13, 2011

39: This is what Mommy woke up to! Kynleigh pulling herself up in her crib for the very first time! You were so happy you, were giggling and threw your raddle at me! I was so happy! You had a big smile on your face that said yeah I did it! June 16 2011

41: Family Vacation Pictures! Picture of you playing with Cousin Kiana, Cousin Daunte trying to catch you before you crawled into the kitchen. Picture of you showing your GiGi and Poppa Del how you can turn all the way around in your chair while you are buckled up. Also and picture of your Meeho and GiGi relaxing on a warm day and you playing with toys. July 2, 2011

43: Your very First fourth of July!! Pictures of the horses and Mommy and You feeding them while we were on vacation in Trinity Center at the Great Grandparents house. At first you were unsure of the horses but when they finally came over for the apple you laughed and kept reaching out to pet them. You were all smiles and loved watching mommy feed them apples. July 4th 2011

45: Great Grandparent Photos! Poppa Del and you playing he would blow on your tummy and you start laughing and smiling! You be laughing so hard I thought you would start crying! GiGi and you, every morning when you got up you crawl over to her and cuddle up in her chair with her and your blanket and just sit their and watch your Mickey Mouse Club. Gigi loved to cuddle with you in the mornings when you got up! July 2011

46: Bathtime! You having a blast playing in the water in GiGi and Poppa Del's sink! July, 2011

47: Nap Time! Look what fresh air did to them! July 2011

48: Family Pictures taken while on vacation! they all love you July 2011

49: Ice cream! We all went to the Mini- Kat for ice cream! Auntie Des had a Malt, you and Poppa Del shared an ice cream cone, and mommy meehoo and you all shared a banana split. It was your first taste of ice cream and you loved it! July 2011

51: Boat Trip at 10 months old! This was your very first boat ride out on any boat! You loved Poppa Del's boat so much you feel asleep within five minutes on being the water. And you loved the ride, once we came to a cove for swimming you were all over the boat laughing smiling, playing and pulling your self up! Didn't like the water all that much cause it was cold! July 5, 2011

52: Kynleigh and swimming buddy in the pool enjoying swimming with Meeho, Daunte, Awnika, Keys and Auntie Ashley!

53: First Steps! 8-9-2011 We were all watching television and you just took off walking! I was so proud!

55: Look who is 11 months old and growing fast! The year is flying by you are now walking holding on to toys, crawling all over the house, eating real people food and even ice cream which is favorite with cousins. You also are cutting your two front teeth! You still don't like bows or headbands in your hair but I am determined to get you use to them. You have been on 2 road trips on to washington to see a friend of moms and to California to see your Great Grandparents. You love to be in the pool and take baths and love to go for walks. Mommy is so proud of you and is loving watching you grow up! Next is the big first birthday and party! 8-23-11

56: Look who fell asleep in her Mac n Cheese lunch! You were so tired you couldn't finish your favorite lunch. Everytime you eat mac n cheese you never leave on noodle on your tray!

57: Look who is one! Kynleigh wearing her happy birthday hat at her one year old party on Sept 10 2011

59: Look who enjoyed her Sweet Potatoes! Meeho was trying to feed you some sweet potatoes but you decide to fling the spoon so she put some on your tray and this is what you looked like after! Auntie Dessy thought you looked so cute and took a picture so it could be added to your book.

60: Your ladybug Birthday Cake that Meeho and Mommy made you

61: Cousin Awnika and you checking out your cakes, we all sang happy birthday to you to and Awnika helped you blow out your candles! Auntie Dessy and Auntie Symphony showing you your cake. You weren't sure of what to think of it but you kept touching it and laughing!

62: Your ladybug cake and cupcakes were a hit! everyone said they were good, your cousins Daunte and Kiana posed for the camera as they ate their second ones! You were unsure if you liked it or not, so we got a picture of you trying to make up your mind as mommy held you.

63: Family and Friends who came to your party and had a great time! Shelby had fun making you laugh and watching you trying to steal her watermelon, emmy had fun watching you play. While Mary Jo and Poppa had a conversation.

65: Mimi Helping you open all your gifts! You weren't really into the gift thing, but mommy opened them. You loved the teddy bear that Chey, Shelby and Emory bought you. You thought he was so soft and he made you giggle. You also got some books from Chey, Shelby and Emory. Auntie Symphony bought you a talking piglet you started screaming when I turned it on so Auntie Symphony got on the floor and was trying to tell you it wasn't that scary but you weren't having it. You got cups and a cute queen bee bib from Mary Jo. Auntie Symphony got you a diaper bag and the pig, Mommy bought you a book, outfit and a really cool tye dye blanket. Poppa Meeho got you a kitchen that Awnika picked out.

66: Kynleigh's First Crush! Cannon came to your party and you followed him around like no other, you even took your first steps by yourself no help for him!

67: Gene (auntie ashley's boyfriend) passing the birthday girl off to Auntie Dessy. You like Gene he makes you giggle and you love when he chases you. Auntie Dessy and you both have that look on your face why are you taking this picture.

69: Kynleigh visiting with Chey and Shelby! Shelby was making you laugh and you thought she was so funny. Then you decided to see and pet the Shelby's new dog Lucy Mae. You feel in love with her so much you gave her a kiss.

71: Cousin Awnika thought it was to hot, so the party needed to be cooled off by taking a swim in the pool. Once Awnika and Auntie Ashley got in then Cousin Daunte, Kiana, Uncle David, and Auntie Dessy all got in. When you woke up from your nap you got in the pool and played with Uncle David and Auntie Dessy. Your party was such a hit and so much fun that when you went to bed you didn't wake up till the next morning. You also decide to be a show off and stand up but as soon as you knew everyone was looking at you, you decide to crawl instead of walk.

72: Look who is swinging!

73: Kynleigh and Cousin Awnika decided they need to go to the park and try out the swings. Kynleigh at first you were unsure of the swing and had a look like you were going to fall then after a few minutes you got use to it and kept staring down at the ground. 9-19-11

75: Every morning I wake up to you smile or standing up in your crib staring at me! And every morning it makes my day start off on a great foot. You love to throw all your toys and stuff animals out of your crib and say uh ho, then you throw your milk cup at me and giggle. You love to also just rock out in your crib to the Hot Dog song off of the Mickey Mouse Club! Can't believe you are already 13 months old. You are walking all over the place, and starting to say more words like tickle and uh ho! October 2011

77: Daunte & Kiana's Halloween Birthday Party! Kynleigh was a ladybug but I said it was a Kynbug, Awnika was a punk rocker from the 80's rocking the pink hair, Daunte was a ghost ship pirate, Kiana was a good witch, Shelby was a barbie princess and Emmy was ballerina with a attitude! We all had so much fun! 10-15-11

78: Pictures of your cousins birthday cakes that Auntie Dessy made by hand! Aren't they cool?

79: Chey finally got to hold you, she was so excited! You decide you were going to kiss and beat up the little boy named Gage. Then you started to cry and Uncle David picked you up and start to comfort you

81: Daunte & Kiana opening their presents, we got Daunte clothes and Iron Hide the transformer. Kiana got princess barbies and clothes. You decide to check out their gifts and Chey was trying to get you to stop trying to steal Daunte's gift before it was opened.

83: Your very first pumpkin! Awnika had the boo pumpkin and you had the wicked smiley face one. You didn't want anything to do with the pumpkin and when you felt the pumpkin guts you cried! Auntie Ashley helped mommy carve your pumpkin, she did an awesome job! While Gene did Awnika's pumpkin. You both supervised and when they were done, you laughed at the pumpkin and ketp trying to kiss it! October 27, 2011

85: Happy Halloween! This was your first Halloween and you enjoyed it! You kept the costume on and even went trick or treating with cousins, Gene, Aunties and even let Auntie Symphony hold you and take you up to houses! You had a blast , you did an hour of trick or treating but after that you were ready for a hot bath and a warm bed! 10-31-2011

87: First trip to the Oregon Zoo! We were off to the Oregon Zoo, it was cold outside but everyone was a wake and ready to go! So we loaded up the van with Awnika, Bug, MeMe, Gene, Auntie Ashley and Mommy and went to the zoo! 11-11-11

89: This was the outside of zoo, we were waiting in line and it was cold outside! So you and Awnika were bundled up and ready to go in! We went to the zoo with Meme, Awnika, Auntie Ashley and Gene!

91: Meme, Awnika and Bug stood outside the gift shop against the big stuff bear and got your guys picture taken. You weren't sure of the bear but just stared at it. After we got out of the gift store, your MeMe bought you a little giraffe, I bought you a big giraffe and a polar bear book and the ladybug beanie you are wearing on your head. Awnika got the penguin, and a jungle book, and meme bought her zoo animals to play with.

93: First animal we saw was a huge male mountain goat! He had huge horns, and you really couldn't see him cause he was at the top of his rock stack laying behind the rocks! Cousin Awnika thought it was a big dog! You could smell the goat before you even approached his enclosure. They had the cool statue out front of the enclosure it was cool and you didn't like it, it made you scream!

95: This was the black bear we got to see! He was busy playing with his ball and toys! Awnika loved the bear and for you, you weren't sure of the bear but then you start to laugh and say ooo when you say him play with the toys. You even got to pose next to a statue of the bear. Awnika and Auntie Ashley posed in front of the enclosure and then Awnika wanted a picture by herself!

97: This is all the cats you saw at the zoo, you saw a bobcat, cougars, and a pack of loins, and of course you saw the cheetah. And for the cheetah"s they were brothers and nine months old and this was their debut in public. You looked at the cheetah and just stared! They were so cool looking all the cats but you didn't really show an interest in all of them! Awnika did though she was busy pointing out the animals in her book as she saw them.

99: This was the penguin exhibit! You and Awnika got a kick out of watching them dive in and out of the water and come right up to the glass! You both laughed and giggled! You thought they were awesome. At the end I decide to take your and Awnika's picture, it was funny cause you had goldfish on your tray and Awnika was like yummy and that was more important then the picture

101: Here came the Hippos! These Hippos were so huge and up close! When we came up to the hippos you could see both of them and their teeth were huge! You didn't like the hippos especially when they started to make noise, it made it echo! You started to cry and then when they disappeared you were like where did they go?

103: The Asian Elephants! We only saw two of them, and they were so big you loved them! Their was even a baby elephant, you wanted out of your stroller so bad cause you loved the elephants, so I got a picture of meme and you in front of the exhibit!

105: Ducks! You really wanted to get down and walk so you did and went right up to the glass and started to stare at them! Awnika was right behind you! Then you wanted up so I did and MeMe snapped a picture of us.

107: This was such an awesome site & a one in a lifetime! We got to see a American Bald Eagle up close and it is was so cool! They were so pretty and looked so peaceful! You and Awnika didn't show much interest in the eagle but the rest of us were amazed we got to see one! Also saw what a eagle nest looks like!

109: Polar Bear! We really didn't get to see him cause he was to busy playing in his cave with his ball. But just by seeing him in the cave he was huge, his paw was the size of mommies head! You loved watching him play with his ball and when he move you start making noise. Awnika loved him to!

111: Turtles, fishes, water falls oh my! We got to see snapping turtles in the water and even saw some the just hatched in the nursery! We go to see trout swimming with the turtles and even saw a diagram that told the showed the life cycle of trout. Awnika and Gene posed in front of it. Then we took pictures in front of the water fall, but our picture was right down from the water fall in from of an awesome forest scene of trees.

113: White & Black Strips Oh My! We got to see a zebra in its natural habitat, and all it did was eat! By this point you were sleeping in your stroller!

115: Wolves and Elk! We only saw the one white wolf cuddled up in a ball on the grass, and we didn't see any elk! You found the picture of the wolf showing his teeth scary! Awnika was leaving all of us behind!

117: Monkeys and more Monkeys! We say spider monkeys, baboons, Orangatain and chimpanzees! You loved watch all the monkeys play and sleep like the one in his house! You had a spider monkey that would follow you around when you moved the monkey moved so MeMe put you up next to it for a picture! You and Awnika wanted to see how you measured up to the Orangatain height!

119: Giraffes! You got to see two Giraffes one was a white with dark brown spot and the other was white with fawn color spots! They are so big up close! You wanted out of your stroller to see you loved watching them you just stared! Meme and Bug in front of the giraffe exhibit!

121: Barn yard Animals! We saw a cow, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens! And MeMe was fun and decide to try out the horse saddle! One of the goats tried to give you a kiss threw the fence but you weren't having it. Awnika loved the pigs and cow she even tried to get the cow to go moo for you!

123: Hyena's in the Den! It was to cold for the pack of Hyena's to come out but they were all cuddled up next to each other. Between all of us we counted at least four of them! You really didn't like them but you like your reflection in the glass more!

125: End of the Zoo Trip! We were getting a elephant ear and some hot coco to drink! You and Awnika had so much fun at the zoo but by this time you were ready to get warm and go home! You loved the elephant ear, and by the time you got warm in the car yo passed out!

127: Emanuel Children's Hospital! This was a very busy day for you, we had to go up and get testing done on your brain to see what is causing your episodes! By these pictures you were tired and ready for a nap and food, you were waiting for the nurse to come back and get you for the CT Scan! When you came out of the CT Scan you were still sleeping and looked so peaceful! 11-22-11

129: Emanuel Children's Hospital! MeMe was holding you while they did and EEG of your brain. They hooked up like 30 wires to your head in different spots and monitored your brain waves to see if your brain was firing correctly. You didn't like this one bit, you hate the man touching your head and the things on your head. They wire connectors and the tape wouldn't stay on your head cause your hair was so curly and you were hot and sweaty! But they allowed you to be held and watched Blues Clues! You did so well! 11-22-11

131: Happy ThanksGiving! This was your second Thanksgiving but the first one you really got to enjoy! You weren't really feeling like yourself, so I wasn't able to take to many pictures because you weren't liking it! Auntie Dessy and Family hosting Thanksgiving at their house. You loved the breakfast which was eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon and cinnamon rolls! When Auntie Dessy wasn't looking you stuck your whole hand in the frosting on the cinnamon rolls and starting licking it off! We all laughed! You loved seeing and playing with your cousins. In the picture you couldn't wait for your eggs so MeMe feed you a banana

133: Uncle David and Bug! This is when you went over and had a play date with your cousins, auntie and uncle! Uncle David and family were having a blast with you, and this is the best picture of you to! 12-7-11 15 months old!

135: Awnika and you waiting for the Christmas tree to get in the house! We were moving your toys and you guys were putting them back! We didn't go to pick out a tree this year because you and Awnika were both sick. But as soon as the tree came in and was decorated, you wouldn't leave it alone. I even got a picture of you rocking out and making funny faces next to it! Dec 2011

137: Tis the Season! This was your very first Christmas, we decorated the tree and it looked so great with all the presents around it! We decorated the outside with lights and Grinch! We hung the stockings you have the princess one !

139: You have gotten so big in a year's time! You and Awnika took your Christmas Pictures! It was hard to get you to keep your eyes open and even getting you to sit or stand still long enough to take the picture! But was able to have MeMe get some good ones, and some goofy ones! Kiana and Daunte took pictures to and they have gotten so big. We were unable to do a fancy one with all you cousins together but this worked. 12-24-11

141: Christmas Pictures! We had a blast taking these pictures! We couldn't get all you guys together at once so we did separate pictures. You weren't into getting your picture taking with mommy, but MeMe got some good ones. Kiana and Daunte got dressed up and took pictures to and Kiana decide to sing Celebration to us on her karaoke system.

143: Christmas Morning! You woke up early and went in and woke up Awnika. You weren't really into opening presents, you like the bows and paper the most. But after watching Awnika you got into the spirit. You and Awnika helped each other open all your gifts and go through your stockings. You got a dance and play puppy and you at first cried but then started to dance with it. You got pj's, the dancing pink puppy, books, poor bear telephone, a pink and leopard jacket and some noise makers.

145: Christmas Morning 2011! More pictures of you and Awnika checking out each others gifts and your own. You even drew and picture on Awnika's easel and she checked out your musical toys and telephone. You loved the musical toys and the books you got. Still not to sure of the dancing pink puppy but time will tell. You had a great Christmas with family!

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