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S: Our Little Miracle

BC: Made with love by | Mommy

FC: For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. Psalm 139 | Phillip Charles Schiesher

1: My wish for you is that you grow up to be a Godly person. You grow up to make the right decisions and taking chances. My wish is also that you go for your dreams and work hard, also that you are kind and help those in need. Always follow your heart and follow God's footprints. That you may also find happiness in all you do! Know that we love you very much!!

2: The love story of Mom and Dad | We met at church when dad was 21 and mom was 19 in Sunday School class. Mom noticed Dad when he was sitting across from her. She started really liking him and would talk about him all the time to Grandma and Grandpa Langley. Mom added Dad on Facebook and he accepted! We often looked at each other in class. Mommy looked on Facebook and saw you were single! I texted Grandpa Langley that dad was single. Grandpa went and showed daddy the text message I had sent him and Daddy went on Facebook that night and asked mommy out on a date. Mommy of course said YES! Dad took mom out to a restaurant called "Fieldstone" and a movie. Time went on and mom and dad fell in love with each other and knew they both wanted to get married. Daddy asked mommy to be his forever four months later at the spot where they first kissed on a snowy day on Christmas Eve.

4: Our Wedding.

5: June 23, 2012

6: Finding out we are pregnant! | Mommy was not feeling good and often was nauseated. She told daddy she was not feeling good and he said to take a pregnancy test. She said no she isn't pregnant! Next morning mommy took the test and right away it was positive!!! She was in complete shock.

7: I told daddy after he got off work that I am pregnant and all he said was "I am going to be a daddy" and couldn't stop smiling! We told all of our family about our news and they were all so excited!! I first told Aunt Heather and Grandma Langley. Aunt Heather was excited. Grandma did not believe I was pregnant and had to send her a picture of the pregnancy test. She then told Great Granny Janet.

8: 5 Weeks | I was often nauseated with you! I never really wanted to eat anything because I could not keep it down!

9: 6 Weeks | Made my first prenatal doctor's visit to Freeport Clinic with Dr.Fulton.

10: Seeing you for the first time! | 7 weeks

11: I was having a lot of pain with you. I called the doctor to see if there was anything I could do to ease the pain. He had me go to the hospital to make sure you were OK and that nothing was seriously wrong. I had an internal ultrasound done and we saw a little yolk! Daddy and I were so excited to see you and know that you are growing just fine and that your healthy! We heard your heartbeat but it was very faint. I immediately fell in love with you.

12: 10 Weeks | I went to Dr. Fulton to do a check up to hear your heartbeat on the instrument. He could not get a reading because I was a week too early to hear you. I was pretty bummed out.

13: 11 Weeks | I switched doctors to Dr. Martin from Monroe. I wanted to deliver you in Monroe so I switched to him. I had a follow up appointment and he put the instrument on my belly and right away we heard the heartbeat. Great Grandma Janet and Mommy started to tear up. I knew then that I fell head over heels for you. This pregnancy was becoming more real to me.

14: Daddy setting up your crib.

15: 19 Weeks | I was at work and started having a lot of pain. I called the doctor and he said I needed to go to the E.R. Daddy drove me to the hospital and the doctor drew a lot of blood and checked your heartbeat. Everything was OK and he sent me home. I had a follow-up appointment the next day. Come to find out i had pulled muscles in my ribs and when you stretched, it hurt even more! OUCH! I then had a ultrasound to see how you were doing and I found out what you are!

16: It's a

17: "In the eyes of a child...there is joy, there is laughter... there is hope, there is trust, a chance to shape the future..."

18: Weeks | 20 | We went to the doctor to get our 20 week ultrasound to confirm that your a boy! We had 4d photos done and heard your heartbeat! It was 146 and you are healthy. Mommy and daddy saw your little hands and feet.

20: oh B Y!

22: Cravings: | Sour apples chocolate pop

23: 23 weeks | Daddy felt and saw your kick for the first time! He was so excited to see you kick. You only kicked twice and then you stopped and I couldn't get you to move again. Couple days after I went to Grandma Langley's house and I had just eaten some lunch. You started kicking me really hard, so Grandma put her hand on my belly and you just kept kicking and kicking mommy. Grandma couldn't stop smiling.

24: 25 Weeks | Your little ears are maturing and can hear! I would play music on my phone and put it on my belly and you would kick me when the music started playing.

25: You liked to move alot but you really liked to sit on my right side. You responded to me rubbing my belly and you kicked often when I did that. You liked music and would move around from one side to the other.

26: .Meet Meathead. | Meathead is mommy's dog since she was a freshman in high school. He is a Lab and English Setter mix. Meathead loves children and attention. He loves to cuddle and give sloppy kisses! He also loved to wrestle and play with his Kong. He is such a sweet boy and is VERY spoiled!! When I was pregnant with you, anywhere I sat he had to sit next to me and he would put his head on my belly and lay there for hours. Even when you kicked him he never budged to move.

27: A Dog's Life

28: 27 weeks

29: I was having a lot of pressure and pain with you and a lot of swelling. I went to the doctor and he checked my blood pressure and it was high, so was my pulse. He took me off work for that day and to come in the next day to get my blood pressure. Next day, My pressure was still high and so was my pulse. He took me off work for the rest of the week. The day after I had to do a glucose testing and get more blood drawn. I also had to do a 24 hour urine sample because they thought I had preeclampsia. They also put two moniters on my belly. One to hear your heartbeat and one to see if I was having contractions because I was having a lot of pressure.

30: 31 Weeks | I can feel you move in my belly more now! Your heartbeat is 140. Mommy and daddy are getting more and more excited to see you! Mommy's belly is getting so big also. We finalized your name too! Swelling in my feet are getting so noticeable.

31: Maternity Photos

33: Daddy loved to kiss mommy's belly all the time. He loved to feel you kick. Daddy often talked about taking his son hunting, fishing, and watching football | Mommy loved to feel you kick and move. She would often talk to you in her belly and made a promise to always protect you and love you. She talked about you becoming a bears fan!

34: Mommy went to the doctor and your heartbeat was 150. The doctor was really happy to know you are doing so well! You liked to kick the heartbeat monitor when Dr. Martin listened to your heart beat. Mommy was sitting at grandma's house and mommy's belly kept making funny movements and we figured out that you started having hiccups! You had them for almost five minutes. Mommy felt so bad! But throughout the week you had hiccups four times! Daddy felt my belly go up and down and we felt so bad for you. | 33 Weeks

36: Mommy woke up to lots of pain on a Sunday morning at 5 o'clock in the morning. Daddy woke up at about 6 o'clock and asked if mommy was OK. She said no she was having constant pain and couldn't move. She called Aunt Heather to see what was going on. Aunt Heather said they were contractions and if they are 5-7 minutes apart have daddy take you to the birthing unit. Daddy timed the contractions and he said to take mommy to the hospital. He packed our bags and we left for the hospital. Mommy got checked in and settled in room 205 at Monroe Hospital. Her doctor for the day was Dr. Townsend. They hooked mommy up to the fetal moniter and contraction moniter. Mommy's contractions were 3-4 minutes apart. They checked mommy for dilation, and she was not even dilated! So she walked with daddy, nana, and papa around the birthing unit. Mommy was still not dilating so the nurses gave mommy Morphine to see if she would dilate. She did not respond to the medicine very well and got really sick. Time went on and she was not dilating and the doctor released me to go home and rest and wait until her water breaks.

37: 38 Weeks | Contractions

38: Daddy was excited! | Mommy's big

39: Labor and Delivery!

40: It started at 6:00 a.m., I woke up with back pain and some discomfort. At 10:00 a.m., I texted Nana and said I was having alot of pain and my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart. I waited longer at home longer because I didnt know if I was actually in labor. I took a shower and walked around. The contractions got more intense. I called Nana and she came over. finally about noon, she made me call the doctor. I also called daddy and updated him. Nana and I went to the doctor and they put me on the contraction monitor. I was contracting alot so they had the doctor check me. Dr. Martin said I was dilated to 2 centimeters and to go to the hospital. I immediately called daddy. He was still driving and had to let his boss know I was in labor. Nana and I arrived at the hospital and got checked in and got the moniters put on me. Daddy went home and grabbed our bags and met us at the hospital. I then got in the bathtub and labor started getting more intense. The nurses checked me and asked if I wanted an epidural, I said no! She said I was dilated to 3-4. I walked around and soaked in the bathtub. At 8:00 p.m., the nurse said I was dilated to a 10 and I could start pushing when I was ready. I felt contractions and pushed and pushed. Finally after 3 hours of pushing the doctor said I needed a C-section because your sunny side up.

41: Lets Do This

42: I had to get a spinal tap because I didn't get the epidural. Daddy could not come in to comfort me through the shot. It hurt! When the anesthialogist put the needle in my back, my leg shot out and almost kicked the nurse! When they laid me down they had my arms stretched out on the table and a huge curtain covering me from the chest down. The spinal tap was supposed to numb me down from my chest down but instead it numbed me from my face down. Finally daddy came and sat down next to me. The surgery began. I was nervous because I was awake during the procedure!! I was also scared because I wanted to know you were OK. I asked the doctor when he was going to start, He said hes already started. In a few seconds, I felt lots of pressure and doctors talking and all the sudden the doctor said that you came out with your arm in the air. Daddy went and cut your umbilical cord. The nurses cleaned you up and had daddy bring you to me. When I first saw you I noticed how tiny your hands were and how soft you were. Your cheeks were rosy and you never really cried. I asked daddy how much you weighed, he said 9lbs 2.9oz and 22 inches long! I was excited and extremely tired! The doctors stapled and sewed me up and I went to recovery while daddy went and spent some time with you. | Phillip Charles Schiesher

43: 9 lbs 2.9 oz | 22 in | June 7, 2013 | 11:21 p.m.

44: Meeting Mommy for the first time! | My baby you'll always be

45: Meeting you for the first time made me cry like crazy! All of my worries and doubts went away. My instinct was to immediatly protect you and give you everything you needed. I was in awe of how handsome you are! your little button nose, your big hands and feet, made me fall in love even more. Seeing you physically here was surreal. I felt like a momma. I wanted to never let you go. I couldnt wait for what God has in store for our little family.

46: Meeting Family for the First Time!!

50: Bringing Baby Home

53: Bringing you home was overwhelming but exciting. I was scared because I was thinking how in the world am I going to care for you. You were so tiny and so fragile. I knew nothing about caring for a newborn. I've gotten so may advice on how to care for you. I took them in stride. Leaving the hospital and buckling you in your carseat scared me to death! you looked so little in your carseat, I was worried you would not be safe riding in it. But daddy reassured momma everything is alright!

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