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Ben's 1st Year

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Ben's 1st Year - Page Text Content

S: Benjamin Matthew Carter

FC: Benjamin Matthew Carter Moran November 13, 2007

1: Benjamin Matthew Carter birth date November 13, 2007 birth time 10:27 am weight 9 pounds, 7 ounces length 22 inches | A Baby will make love stronger, a home happier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.

2: On Friday, March 9, we found out that you were growing inside my tummy, we were a little surprised but also very excited! We got to see you a few times while you were growing in my tummy and everyone wanted to know if you were a boy or a girl, but we wouldn't find out! You always had your head pushed up against the top of my stomach and I was always trying to push to back down! I went to the doctor's on your due date of November 7, 2007, and found that you were breech, basically you were turned the opposite way that you should have been. Two days later we went to the hospital so that the doctor could try and turn you the right way. But you were very stubborn and would not turn the right way at all. We scheduled to have you born the next week if you didn't come on our own during the weekend. The weekend came and went and you didn't even try to come out of my tummy, so on Tuesday morning we headed to the hospital.

3: "A Baby's Love Is Best Of All" | Your room was ready a couple months before got here and I would love just to sit in the rocker and imagine what you would be like. I didn't have to do much to get your room ready. Your brother Sam was still in the crib, so really I just had to move him into his new room. I change the theme around to a jungle animal theme and painted the trim a darker color. Daddy brought all the baby stuff from Sam (and some new stuff of course) up from downstairs. Wow, I forgot how much stuff you needed being such a little person!

4: My Baby, My Butterfly... May you never be afraid to fly. May you always keep the innocence that you hold at this young age. When you are on a branch and you feel it shake, have faith that it will steady itself again. Enjoy your individual beauty and uniqueness; never wish that it would change. When you fly go in a direction that will take you places to happiness, don't be distracted by those which will not. You start out so small and fragile, unable to take flight, with time may you be able to fly on your own. May you spread your wings and fly without doubt. I hope that you will give yourself the chance to let your mind wonder, and show you the way.

5: It's a BOY! Your dad and I arrived at the hospital at 7:00 on the day you were born. I was scheduled for a c-section at 8:45. I got checked in and the nurses monitored your heartbeat for a little while. There was another soon-to-be-mom who needed her c-section before me, so we had to wait until 10:00. I was getting really nervous about the surgery, so it was nice to have some time to relax. Soon, the nurses came and wheeled me into the surgery room, Daddy had to wear a silly outfit over his clothes, so he put that on while they prepped me. Before I knew it, Daddy came into the room and only minutes later they were taking you out of me. You let a very load (but beautiful) first cry! And you kept crying, there was no doubt you had a healthy set of lungs! The nurses weighed, measured and examined you. And brought you over for Daddy to hold you and I got to see you and touch you. You were just as perfect as could be.

6: Welcome to the Family Right after you were born I got to see you for a few minutes and then Daddy got to go with you when they cleaned you up and examined you. I remember the first time holding you and I just couldn't believe how perfect you were. Grammy brought Sam up to the hospital in the morning and Jacob came up to the hospital after school. They were both so excited to meet you and have a new brother! Your Aunts and Uncles and Grandpa and Grandma also came up to the hospital later in the day to meet you.

8: Welcome to the Lord's Family November 25, 2007

10: one month

11: Your first month has gone by so quickly. It does seem like it has been awhile since we left the hospital but at the same time, I don't feel like it has already been a month that you have been home. The first couple weeks you really slept a lot, which made adjusting to two kids pretty easy. In the last week you have been starting to be more awake during the day and more alert. You have started to like laying on the floor and just checking things out and listening to your brothers run around the house. You really like to kick your legs too! You are sleeping great at night, only getting up a couple of times to eat and then you go right back to sleep. You are starting to coo a little bit and it's so cute. I can't wait to see how much you change in the next month now! | 12 lbs 23.5 inches

12: First Christmas - 2007

14: two months

15: In the last month you have really started to show some of your personality. You smile all the time now, and you are so cute when you are smiling. You have let out a couple little laughs too. You are cooing more and more, I just love the little noises you make. You have discovered your hands and always seem to have them in your mouth. I think you just might be a thumb sucker like I was when I was little. You are more awake now during the day and you definitely like lots of attention when you are awake. Sam just mesmerizes you, you love watching and listening to him play. You are sleeping great at night. About 6-8 hours straight, then just up to eat and right back to sleep for a few more hours. You are changing every day, and this is just the beginning. | 13lbs 14oz 24.5 inches

17: "What A Life Eating Sleeping Playing... And Being Cute"

18: three months

19: You are three months old today and are cuter than ever! I had to go back to work a couple weeks ago, but when I come home and you see me, your fact lights up and you have the biggest smile for me. It just makes my heart melt. You are making all kinds of noises now, cooing a lot and laughing and smiling all the time. You love to smile! You are starting to turn yourself on your back a little bit now too. So you are not always in the same spot in your crib when I lay you down. I brought the highchair out and you love sitting in there and watching me make dinner in the evenings. You love to watch TV, especially Sam's cartoons! I think that you are almost ready to start eating some cereal in a couple weeks. I can't wait to see if you like it or not. You are growing like a weed it seems too, I love how chunky your legs are getting and your adorable checks. Pinching them it one of my favorite things to do!

20: A couple weeks ago I tried some plain cereal with you and you didn't really like it, but you took some spoonfuls. Later on in the middle of the night, you threw it all back up. So I figured out you were not ready and to wait. Yesterday I thought I would try again, but you really didn't like the plain cereal. Sam was eating some pears, so I spooned out some of the juice and mixed it in with your cereal... now that you really liked! So this evening I mixed up some bananas with your cereal and milk. At first you were not too sure, but after a few bites, you really figured out that you like it and when it didn't come fast enough you were fussing for more! And so this marks the beginning of you starting solids! | Ready to Eat! March 4, 2008

22: four months

23: You are changing more and more everyday! You laugh and smile so much these days. You love to hear yourself scream and you are always trying to talk - non-stop, you can really be a little chatterbox! Especially in your crib in the morning, you will just talk and talk to yourself in there for quite awhile. And then you get even more excited when I go into your room and get you. You have found your feet and toes and you love to play with them. You also love to eat your hands! You can hold a lot of your toys now and you already have some of your favorites. You can roll over onto your side and you have really learned how to move around in circles on your back. I love the smiles you give me when I get home from work, they always make my day so much brighter! | 16lbs 13oz 26.75 inches

25: First Easter 2008

26: five months

27: You have learned so much in the last month. You have just started rolling over, from your back to your tummy. You are getting really good at moving around on your back to. Just tonight you were moving sideways half way across the living room floor. You really are finding ways to get around! When you see a toy laying next to you, you can pick it up and play with it. You still love to babble and babble and let out little screams. I started putting you in the exersaucer and you really seem to like it. You love to eat too. You have cereal with fruit in the morning and for dinner. If Daddy or I am eating you just love to watch us and have this look that says, "I want some too!" You can sit up really well, not by yourself, but it won't be long. You loved being tickled and give out the biggest laughs then! You can get your feet in your mouth now and I love watching you do that. I think your favorite thing to do is to just watch people. You love to watch Sam (if he stays still long enough!) and when Jacob holds you, you are are just mesmerized by him. I love your chunky little cheeks and squeezing them is one of my favorite things to do.

28: Yum, Yum, Yummy...

29: fruits & veggies | You love to eat! Carrots, squash, broccoli, pears, bananas, peaches, tomatoes, zucchini, rice and even mushrooms! I make all your baby food from scratch and you love all of it!

30: six months

31: You are already half a year old! It doesn't seem like it was only a year ago that I was pregnant with you and another six months until you were born! You are changing so much these days. You still babble a lot, more and more everyday it seems. You are rolling over both ways and scooting all over the place. You certainly don't stay in one spot anymore, you can move yourself all over a room. Even in your crib, I lay you down one way and two minutes later you are completely turned around. You love your excersaucer and love to bounce in there. The drool has started that comes along with teething and of course everything makes it's way to your mouth. You love, love to eat, I think it's your favorite time of the day! You are eating three meals a day now and I am trying new foods with you all the time. So far, I really have not found anything that you don't like! You are really starting to love your baths, you love to splash and kick and a lot of times Sam takes his bath with you and you love when he splashes you too. You just love watching Sam, almost everything he does makes you laugh. You are just such a happy baby, you are always smiling and laughing and making everyone around you smile and laugh too! | 19lbs 8oz 27.25 inches

32: stroller bike rides!

35: How do you like to go up in a swing? Up in the air so blue? Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing Ever a child can do!

36: seven months

37: You are getting so big lately it seems! You can almost sit up on your own now and you love the new view that you have (anything must be better than staring at the ceiling!). You have mastered rolling over both ways and you are getting better and better at scooting all over. You still love babble and babble. You have the cutest little high pitched scream that you do when you are excited. You love to be tickled and I think I have found your most ticklish spot! You have not had any teeth pop through yet, but that is okay with me. I wonder what new things you will be doing by next month!

38: First trip to the beach

39: Soaking up the sun!

40: eight months

41: ON THE MOVE! That is you now. You are scooting & crawling faster than ever now! You learned how to get into a sitting position on your own on July 2 and master than within 3 days. You can get across the room within seconds now, so nothing is safe anymore! You are also starting to pull up on everything, you can only really get to your knees, but the other morning when Daddy went to get you out of your crib in the morning you were pulled up all the way and hanging onto the side of the crib. So I had to lower your crib. It made me so sad to have to do that, it just means you are getting bigger and growing out of being a baby already. Your first tooth started to pop through on Friday and you seem to be doing okay with it. You don't have as much of an interest in eating anymore. I think you just don't think being stuck in that highchair when you know there is so much to explore and see! You even figured out the other day how to get up the two steps that separate the family room from the back foyer area. Nothing is stopping you from getting to where you want to be! I guess it won't be long and you are going to be walking... but I am just not ready for you to be that big yet.

43: August 2008 | Mackinac Island

44: nine months

45: You are crawling on all fours now! And you are pulling up on everything and cruising all over the furniture (and anything else)! When you see something that you want you can get to it in seconds, you are really fast! I know it won't be long before you are taking those first steps and chasing after Sam! You have even started playing with Sam a little bit. You love when Sam takes all the cushions off the couch in the living room and makes a fort out of them. You love to crawl under them and over them. You also love playing with Sam's toys in his room (when he lets you!). There is a container under Sam's bed with rollers on it and you already know how to pull it out and play with everything in there! You got your second tooth in, so you now your two front teeth on the bottom. Feeding you is getting easier. You are able to pick up little foods and gum them up. So for dinner you usually eat what we have just cut up really small. You are still a very happy baby and you are very content most of the time. You can say Mama and Dada pretty clearly now and you can even Papa! | 22lbs 14oz 29.5 inches

46: First Ice Cream!

47: August 16, 2008

48: ten months

49: Explore, explore... you are into EVERYTHING now! Under tables, inside cabinets, under beds, peeking in the toilet (put a stop to that one right away!). You are checking out anything you can get to and into! You are excellent at cruising now and you can even stand for a few seconds on your own. We are just waiting for that first step and then I now I am not going to be able to keep up with you! You say "mama" ALL THE TIME now! You have three teeth with two more on the way. You love your baths, as soon as I turn on the water for the bathroom are make a bee-line for the bathtub! And you are bouncing up and down, excited to get in there! You always like to try to turn the knob for the water on while outside of the tub, it's just within your reach and you always get excited when you make the water come out! You are eating more finger foods now and wanting to use a spoon (but I am not just not ready for that mess yet). Chicken is one of your favorite foods, especially when I cube it up and you can eat it on your own. You love to laugh and to be tickled. You love to watch Sam and you love even more to play with him. You just think he is so funny sometimes. For the most part you are always a happy baby and you can turn almost anything into a toy!

51: First Trip to Yates Cider Mill - September 2008 -

53: My Family

54: eleven months

55: You are just so darn cute these days! You started playing more with Sam (well I should say Sam has started playing with you). You just love your big brothers and eat up any attention they give you. You have learned how to climb lately. And you can climb on almost anything, even the toilet. Even almost an entire flight of stairs (I was standing right there behind you)! You seem to also understand the word no. Not so much when I say it to you, because you laugh when I tell you no. But if you don't want something you shake your head no. It is so cute. And you really do seem to mean it! You still love to explore everything and are still into everything. You have taken a couple steps on your own and you can stand on your own for awhile. You can cruise along anything quite fast now too. I keep saying, it will be any day and you will be walking all over on your own. You did a great job for your first set of fall pictures! Something that I look forward to every year. I just can't believe that in a month you will be considered a toddler... but you will still be a baby to me.

56: First Halloween

57: Happy Halloween

58: FIRST HAIRCUT | November 1, 2008

60: Happy 1st Birthday!

61: Make a Wish! | November 13 2008

62: 25 lbs 10 ozs 31.5 inches

63: Wow, what a year it has been. I can’t believe you are already one year old! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital. You even made your first trip to Target that day! Sam just adored you and always wanted to help me feed you and change you. You were a great baby right from the start. Slept good, ate well, and just looked around waiting for someone to play with you. You really loved to eat. I made all your baby from scratch and you were trying something new everyday and you almost always ate everything right up. Before I knew it you were rolling around on the floor and starting to get into everything. Since you were always trying to catch up with your brothers, you quickly learned how to crawl and then pull up on things. It wasn’t long before you started walking and then chasing after your brothers. You are a very determined little person. You know what you want and there is nothing stopping you from trying to get it! You love playing with your brothers and getting into their stuff. There is a wonderful bond between you and your brothers and I only hope it grows stronger and stronger. You are a very happy little guy, always smiling and laughing. You loved to be tickled and have the cutest laugh ever! It just amazed me how much you have grown in the last year and how much you have learned to do. You are still growing by leaps and bounds and discovering new things everyday. You have brought me so much joy and happiness! I love you more and more everyday. I can’t wait to see what adventures you will bring next! I love you and always will. Love Mommy | O N E Y E A R

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