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Bijou's First Year

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Bijou's First Year - Page Text Content

S: a book about BIJOU SOON LEWIS

1: a book about Bijou Soon Lewis | Black Jack Baby by Elizabeth Mitchell Black Jack Baby came running through the woods And she sang so loud and gaily. Made the hills around her ring And she charmed the hearts of the ladies, Charmed the hearts of the ladies. How old are you, my pretty little miss? How old are you, my honey? I don’t know but I’ve been told That I’ll be eight months this Sunday, Be eight months this Sunday. Come go with me, my pretty little miss, Come go with me, my honey. We’ll sail across the deep blue sea Where the skies are always sunny, Skies are always sunny. Black Jack Baby came running through the woods And she sang so loud and gaily. Made the hills around her ring And she charmed the hearts of the ladies, Charmed the hearts of all the ladies.

2: mom as a baby | when mom was born ________________________ | where mom was born ________________________ | where her family came from _______________________ | where she grew up _______________________

3: papa as a baby | when papa was born ________________________ | where he grew up ________________________ | where papa was born ________________________ | where his family came from __________________________

5: GISELE & DAVID | how mama & papa met | their first date | the proposal | their wedding day

6: HOW MANY WEEKS ALONG __________ | FIRST PEEK | when mom felt the first kick _________________________________________________________ | mom's cravings _________________________________________________________ | the day we learned you were on your way _________________________________________________________ | the day you were due _________________________________________________________ | DAD'S FIRST THOUGHTS


8: below, about 8 hours before you were born | that glorious moment | your first photograph | AMAZING BABE While I labored with you, the high school marching band practiced for the 4th of July parade. I felt like they were celebrating your arrival!

9: great grandmother | _______________________ | grandmother | _______________________ | great grandfather | _______________________ | _______________________ | _______________________ | _______________________ | grandfather | FAMILY TREE | _______________________ | _______________________ | _______________________ | _______________________ | _______________________ | _______________________ | _______________________ | _______________________ | _______________________ | father | mother | baby | great grandmother | great grandfather | grandfather | great grandfather | great grandmother | grandmother | great grandfather | great grandmother

10: when & where mom went into labor | THE SPECIAL DAY | dad's reaction to labor | other thoughts & memories | _________________________________________ the day & date | ______________ the time | where you were born ____________________________________ | you weighed ________________________________ | you measured ________________________________ | victory!

11: WELCOME ! | what mom thought & said | what dad thought & said | first weighing

12: HELLO ! MY NAME IS | how we chose your name ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ | nicknames: Chumbalina | bi-jou n. pl bijous or bijoux [F fr Bret bizou ring, fr biz finger] (1668) 1 : a small dainty usu. ornamental piece of delicate workmanship ; JEWEL 2 : something delicate, elegant, or highly prized -- bijou adj, bijouterie n

13: YOUR HOME | you were born at memories of your first night

14: popular TV shows: The Game of Thrones How I Met Your Mother Dexter on the radio: Adele Lady Gaga Bruno Mars Gym Class Heros movies in the theater Super 8 Bridesmaids Midnight in Paris best seller books The Help, Kathryn Stockett Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua | In office: President Barack Obama | baby's world

15: first signature | AMAZING BABE At our weekly get-togethers with friends, they called you "Buddha Baby" due to your calm, cheerful demeanor and delicious, plump body.


17: birth announcement

18: AMAZING BABE By mid-October you were already really interested in toys, notably playing with a fabric book that made crinkly sounds.

19: family and friends | AMAZING BABE You are such a wonderful talker and you love to "blow raspberries." You sing in the morning and some-times you chatter so loudly that we can't hear a movie we are watching. We love it!

20: First Bath | imitated speech sounds: Aug. 8, 2011 licked by a cat (Willie): Sept. 6, 2011 rolled over: Nov. 26, 2011 play at a daycare (New Tampa YMCA, about 20 min.: Nov. 29, 2011 first consonant ("d"): Dec. 14, 2011 first night in your own bedroom: Jan. 8, 2012 first teeth appear: Feb. 7, 2012 tried to say "mama" on April 24, but real first word is "hi", May 21, 2012

21: baby's firsts | good night sleep: July 22, 2011 | smile: August 7, 2011 ate solid food: December 11, 2011 | waved "bye-bye" and clapped her hands: Feb. 6, 2012 | Not until March 10, 2012 could I determine that your eyes were a hazel-brown. Until then, they changed from blue to a clear shade of green to hazel. No matter what color, they are beautiful eyes! | sat up alone from flat on back: Mar. 12, 2012 | Unforgettable memory: Bijou took a doll from me, cradled and hugged it, looked at its face and cradled it again.

22: First Holidays | holiday: HALLOWEEN date: October 31, 2011 who celebrated with us: our neighbors the Gioffres and the Walkers. CAVE BABIES! | AMAZING BABE By around Thanksgiving, your eyes had lost their blue hue, favoring a rather green overtone. Beautiful!

23: holiday: CHRISTMAS date: December 25, 2011 who celebrated with us: the Lewis family in Portland, Oregon

24: 1st YEAR GROWTH CHART | --------- | ------------------- | ------ | -------- | ------------------- | --------- | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 28 inches 20 lbs. 1 oz. | approx. 18 lbs. | 25.75 inches 17 lbs. 6 oz. | approx. 15 lbs. | 24 inches 13 lbs. 3 oz. | 12 lbs. 3 oz. | at appointment on 1/11/12

25: 22 lbs. 4 oz. | -------------------------- | ----------- | ------------------------- | --------------- | -------- | months | 11 | 10 | 9 | 8 | 7 | approx. 22 lbs. | 28.25 inches 21 lbs. 14 oz. | approx. 21 lbs. | approx. 21 lbs.. | AMAZING BABE For your first few months, your weight was 98 percentile and your weight 96. At 8 months old you only fit 12 month clothes! Top o' the charts, baby! We were thrilled with your healthy body.

26: FIRST BIRTHDAY | 12 months | ----------- | 30.5 inches 22 lbs. 8 oz. | Your birthday weekend was filled with exciting activities. The previous Friday, we invited Gordon & Kathy, Dan & Steve, Larry, Christina & Dorothy for a special Happy Hour. On Saturday, we enjoyed dinner out as a family at PJ Dolan's with | a surprise cake and candle. On Sunday, your birthday, we took a family trip to the rec center where you had a blast. Your mama made a.chocolate teddy bear birthday cake, and we sang you happy birthday. The next day we flew to Boston to celebrate all over again with Momo & Popo. We love you!!!

27: birthday fun! | you're cuter every day . . .

28: Picture this: it is before dawn, perhaps 5 am. The soft rustle of a baby stirring in her loosened swaddle enters into her mother’s dreams, wakens her gently. The mother props herself up in bed, crescent pillow around her waist, then smoothly transfers the little one from bedside bassinet to her lap. The infant’s eyes are still contentedly closed; she knows her mommy will hear her slightest movement and feed her. Sure enough, she feels her mother’s soft nipple brush her lips and she eagerly latches on and drinks hungrily. The baby makes blissful noises of satisfaction as she suckles, mmm mmm. Both mother and baby fall back asleep, warm and secure in each other’s presence. Precious, beautiful Bijou. I wanted you so badly before I became pregnant with you and I delivered you exactly the way I wanted to. I’ll never forget that triumphant day. Within an hour of popping you out here in our home, you latched onto my breast and suckled expertly as though you’d already practiced. In fact, you were quite hungry, and when your father held you in the night, you bit him twice with your strong gums as you searched for a nipple. You were a natural. For me, nursing you has been the ultimate joy. From the first, I gazed into your bright eyes with their long lashes and I felt staggering love. To give you health and growth by means of my own body is my best accomplishment. On the one week anniversary of your birth, your father and sister were outside playing and I had you alone, to myself. We bonded and recounted the incredible story of your birth: the eagerness I felt at the first contraction, the hour of pushing, the moment you landed in the warm water, then when you were brought to my arms and the way you immediately looked at me which made everyone around us say, “oooh” with reverence. You recognized my voice. Tears came to my eyes as I relieved the triumph and contentment of those moments and you looked at me as though you understood. I love you, Bijou. Get ready for a loving, remarkable life together! | NURSING BIJOU

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