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Buffalo Midwifery Services

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S: To Eileen, with love, on your birthday March 12, 2012 from a selection of women and babies who love you dearly

1: Dearest Eileen, We celebrate the anniversary of your birth full of joy and reflection. Each of us can fondly recall the sound of our babies' first heartbeats and your loving and jovial "Hiiii babyyyyy!" From that point on, it is clear that the love you show for each of us is only overpowered by the love you have for our children. When we first met you, we could not have understood the depth of what you would come to mean to us and our families. You patiently waited as we felt our way through the sometimes rocky transition to motherhood with quiet wisdom and never ending support. You gently educated each of us and helped guide our path toward motherhood to ensure it wound up exactly where it needed to be. We could not have achieved this level of success and blissful satisfaction if it weren't for your warmth, encouragement, and positive attitude. You are a beacon of love and hope for all; you perfectly exemplify your profession as you are- at all times- truly with each woman in mind, body, and spirit. It was the realization that you mean just as much to each of us that this book has been compiled. We all love you and have accepted you in as a member of each of our families and our homes as you welcomed each of us into yours. It is our hope that this book can begin to express what words cannot. Much love and many blessings on your birthday, All the families whose lives you have touched

2: Claudia Grace, born after 60+ hours of labor 3 hours of pushing at 2:11 in the afternoon January 30, 2011 9 lbs 7 oz 22" long

3: Dearest Eileen, I was not the easiest woman you've ever worked with, for certain. You were by my side through the most turbulent period my life has ever seen, and you were my rock when I desperately needed one, whether you knew that or not. Your common sense approach to labor, delivery, and motherhood have impacted my life more than I ever realized it would. Without your support and faith in the natural process, I would not have had the courage to do everything necessary to get my baby out after being so far overdue and having such a difficult labor, or to successfully breastfeed despite having had a breast reduction. After a lifetime of society telling women their bodies are broken, your encouragement is a powerful voice of reason to combat every last bit of their self-doubt. | Thank you, from the bottom of our collective family heart, for guiding us and teaching us more than we ever could have imagined. We love you! Love, Mary, Mark, and Claudia

4: Finnigan Lucas September 27, 2011 | Dearest Eileen, You are a very special woman to me and Finnigan. You give of yourself so willingly and lovingly. I will forever remember your place in our lives and cherish the gift of his most perfect birth. I cannot explain how much you make me smile and when I speak of his birth day, you were integral in showing me how strong I am. For that, I will always be grateful. Love Always, Melissa

6: Dearest Eileen, we've been so blessed to have you with us at a very special time in our lives as we became mothers. You are an amazing woman and inspired us all as we labored to bring our babies into this world. Your incredible patience as we cried, sang, screamed, moaned, hummed, meditated, and cursed through those long hours gave us the courage and strength we needed. We are immensely grateful for everything you did for each of us. You nurtured us and gently guided us along an unknown path. And in that special, graceful way of yours, you taught us to be strong, fearless and to trust that our bodies are capable of making miracles. You've touched our lives forever and we'll forever remember those special moments we shared with you. Take care, Carolyn & Catherine | Catherine Louise age 5 1/2 months born 5/24/11

7: Leo Aran - born August 23, 2011 Eileen, You were our rock. Thank you for having faith in our instinct and bringing balance to even the most stressful stages of our experience. Your presence ensured our calm and confidence. We are ever grateful! Love and respect... ~Tamara & Peter~

8: Eileen really touched our lives. She is a wonderful midwife. She helped me in more ways than I can express.... I am so grateful and lucky to know her. Thanks Eileen-we love you more than you know... | Michael Vincent 7-10-11

9: Eden Rayne 6/9/2009 | Elliot Rowan 11/8/10

11: Dylan Eli Born 7/29/11

12: Tafari Emmanuel born to Napthali and Eve on September 6, 2012 at 4:10pm THANK YOU EILEEN! For your overwhelming strength, patience, wisdom, and most of all love! I never doubted my ability to give birth to Tafari until the 9th hour when your words, fingers, and (perceived) impatience guided me the rest of the way. I also didn't doubt that he would be ok- when everyone else began to panic that he wasn't breathing i knew that he was in the best hands and would be just fine. So thank you Eileen for all that you are and all that you have given us! Happy Birthday!

13: Lucas was the third of three babies born in 30 hours on June 15-16. I delivered at Children's and the nurses were making fun of Eileen because she had two deliveries at the same time, which she never had before! Thank god my mom was there. We ended up having to rush to fill the tub and there was an issue with the adapter for the faucet not fitting. My mom had to hold the hose while Jeremy bailed water. My mom still talks about how Eileen knew how many more pushes I had left and how calm she was. She likes to tell Luke the story about how he went swimming with mommy. | Lucas Ronald June 16, 2011, 9:03am

14: John Stephen May 25, 2008 1:48am, approx 4 hours of labor, waterbirth | Katherine Joan August 1, 2011 11:28pm, approx 3 hours of labor, waterbirth, born in the caul | Eileen, I want to express my most sincere gratitude for having had your support during and after the pregnancies and deliveries of John and Katherine. You hold a special place in my heart and in our lives, and we are forever grateful for your love and dedication to helping bring babies into the world gently and peacefully. With Love, Kelly

15: There are women Who wear the veil And walk in the place Of in-between And speak the language Of All Souls. To her we are thankful, For she ferries our babies Home to us, From the sacred light To the body ecstatic. -Courtney | Henry Oak, 4/10/08 and Nola Jane 7/02/11.

16: Jody Josephine 10-20-11 6:05 am

17: My daughter, Allison Christine Zellmer, was born at home with Eileen as a midwife on December 13, 2010. We so appreciate Eileen and we are in love with the birth that she allowed us to have. She truly is an incredible woman!!! I am in awe everyday at her commitment to her families and her self sacrifice. The Zellmer family loves you Eileen! Bethany

18: Kiera Helen | For our wonderful Midwife Eileen, It has been such a blessing to have found you and for you to come into our lives. We had a personal, natural, and caring pregnancy and birth experience with you and you are still such a part of our lives now 19 months later. Thank you for being you and helping contribute to making such a significant time in our lives so perfect. We love you! Mike, Carrie, and Kiera

19: May 7, 2010 | Paul Michael

20: Isis Alma April 3rd, 2011 To Eileen from the women and babies you serve. We love you dearly. Breathe in the deep full depth of our love Gather our strength around you like a cloak We are your sisters, bonded in blood Our screams join your own until they reach the heavens and bring back light How brave How hard How wonderful The work of a Mother, bearer of life What could be more powerful a miracle The universe contracts Life begins -Anonymous

21: This is Xavier Michael born on June 29th, 2011. Eileen is very special to us because she was with us, by our side from Sunday until Wednesday for our long labor that ended in an emergency c-section. Thank you for holding my hand until the end! Love, Anne Marie, Dan & Xavier

22: Aydan Ryan | “The Baby Whisperer” Her sweet name is Eileen Mommies everywhere, here & there Will know exactly who I mean She is light in the darkness She is peace in the madness She is calm in the storm Her hands are steady Her gift is baby Her heart is always ready To bring life & love Healing energy from above To all she can touch My grip softens My heart slows My fear is gone, gone, gone She has taken it from me Giving me hope, strength & courage To fight & continue on To do this wonderful, magical thing So simple, pure & right The beauty of natural birthing The moment is here! There is no more fear I hold my baby dear I call you the “Baby Whisperer” No other name will do When you hear it, you will think of her And feel peace through & through Our children will adore you Others will implore you To work your magic more & more Thank you, sweet Eileen For your tenderness, love & care In our hearts & hearts of many You will always be there! ~dedicated to Eileen Stewart, Amazing Midwife & #1 Baby Whisperer ~written by Ti | October 7, 2010 7 lbs 10 oz 11:04pm

23: We transferred late into Eileen’s care at 34 wks, after hearing from our OB that we were a good candidate for a C-section or Induction because I had mild Gestational Diabetes. Eileen never believed I did. We were very determined to have a natural, drug free birth. We would’ve been Eileen’s next water birth at Children’s Hospital if Aydan didn’t come so quickly! I calmed down immediately, I knew now everything would be OK & it was. A few pushes later (NOT lying on my back thanks to Eileen) at 11:04pm, 10/7/10, my beautiful Aydan was born. Thank you Eileen for this AMAZING experience & empowering me to trust in myself as a woman & allow my body to do what it was meant to do beautifully & naturally! Much Love always & forever ~Aydan, Ryan & Ti P.S. We can’t wait for you to help us deliver baby #2 in July 2012!!! | My water broke at 4pm on a sunny Thursday afternoon, after it had rained for several days straight! He was 10 days early & I was just packing my hospital bag that day. We weren’t prepared for what came next. We went to see Eileen around 5:30 to hear the heart beat. Everything sounded GREAT! We thought we were in for a long night with baby #1 8pm my contractions started, 9pm I was softening in the tub, 9:30 contractions were 2 mins apart! Eileen said to come labor at her place until it was time. 10:30 we got into the car. I started to push in the car a couple blocks before we reached Summer & my husband took a panicked turn down Bryant to Children’s, even though I had yelled to go to Eileen’s. Coming to a screeching halt up the wrong end of the driveway, he dashed into the ER where there were no wheel chairs! Classic movie style! We waited for what seemed an eternity for a gurney. The transfer was excruciating & for what I thought was FOREVER until I saw by my side, a beautiful angel, it was Eileen!

24: Dearest Eileen, In my family, we refer to you as the birth wizard. The way you led us through the process of having an empowered birth was beyond words and measure. We adore you and are so grateful for helping us have the best experience of our lives. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. We love you, Jayme, Pete and Reed | Reed Paikea Louis Born 9-22-10

25: Tessla Calyx

26: Dear Eileen, Thank you so much for your loving care during our pregnancy and birth. The level of peace and comfort you brought to me and my family is something we will always be grateful for. I appreciate you always listening to what I had to say and for giving me an experience that I could not have had elsewhere. We are truly blessed to have you been a part of two of our pregnancies. Your kindness will always stand out in my mind. Love, Jennifer, Jason, Siiri and Henry. | Henry George August 21, 2011

27: Weston Sage Born September 2, 2011

28: (Pictured: Diego, Rachel and Elisa Silva) Elisa Sofia 12/14/11 | Eileen is a true gift to women in Buffalo. She has an incredibly beautiful approach to pregnancy and birth. She gave me the extra bit of confidence and comfort I needed to trust the entire birth process. She was also integral in helping me embrace the strength I have within. I am so grateful for the support, honesty, knowledge, and friendship Eileen exhibited to me during both my prenatal care, labor, and postpartum care. Sincerely, Rachel

29: Isaiah Macthir born on 10/22/11 at 8:30am

30: Willow Marie born March 15, 2011

31: Dear Eileen, We cannot thank you enough for making this experience what it was! Your encouragement, strength, knowledge, patience, and kindness made it all possible, even when it seemed impossible. Love, Colin, Leigh, and Tom

32: Ian William, born on June 6, 2011. I will always be grateful for Eileen. I planned on having a home birth with Ian, after an unpleasant hospital experience with my first son's birth. A couple of days before Ian was born, I was admitted to the hospital for HELLP syndrome, and had to fight to deliver vaginally.

33: Eileen and Katharine were an amazing team and made my experience the best it could have been. They never doubted me or questioned my ability to trust my body. "I like that plan" became the mantra. Eileen exceeded all of my expectations, even making a house visit to draw blood after I was home from the hospital. She is a remarkable woman and I count myself lucky to have shared such an intimate part of my journey with her.

34: Maya Grace June 15, 2011 9 lbs 21 inches 5:38am Thank you for making this dream possible for our family and so many others. Your love and encouragement guided us through the most amazing experience of our lives and we'll never forget it.

35: Ronin Cyrus | born October 31, 2011 at 5:36 am he weighed 7lbs. 9oz. and was 19 in. long

36: Noah James born September, 2nd 2011 @ 10lbs 21 inches Layla Maye born July 19th, 2007 @ 8 lbs 13oz. 21 inches Both born at home after 4 hrs of awesome labor.

37: My midwife my friend, the mother that I never had. I am so glad that we found each other and you joined me on my journey to motherhood. Caring, compassionate and willing to put others dreams before your comfort. You have built a community of women that love & appreciate you more than you can comprehend, but not more than I. You are like our tree, you nurture our dreams and care for us like a mother. You feed our needs and worries with your compassion and help root our relationships with our children with love. You have the most important job in this world. My heart and my soul truly believe that Peace on Earth, begins with Birth & At the end of the night when its all said and done and you are exhausted & gave every last drop of your energy into that birth, just know that mother & child will have never been the same without you. You are amazing and I love you more than you will ever know. Love, Always, Angela and my babies.

38: Birthing with Eileen is like having a most trusted Aunt, Mother, Grandmother advising and coaching and helping you through the process of ultimate femininity. She takes care of you, your baby and your family. It is comfort and connection with the life you and your partner have created at the highest possible level. If my husband and I decide to have any more children, every one will be with Eileen. No matter what the damn insurance people think! ~Anne | Emerson Alec born breech and perfect 9/7/2011 after 35 hours of labor and encouragement from Eileen.

39: Titus Joel born 2-17-11

40: The first time we met Eileen, we knew she was the midwife for us. Her gentle guidance, wisdom and strength speak volumes for the kind of woman she is. We could never thank her enough for helping us bring our son, Eben, into this world safe, sound and healthy. Our home birth experience with Eileen will be a memory we always cherish, and one we will pass on to our family and friends. Malissa, Sean and Eben | 4/9/11 9:18am 7lbs14oz 21 inches Ebenezer Thomas

41: Silvie Rose 8-24-11 Adelyn Elliott 5-29-09

42: Eileen, There are no words that can describe the confidence you bestowed upon me...your words guided me when your hands could not. The calm and passion you exude is a gift to everyone around you. Thank you so much! | Cecelia Rose Born 11/3/11

43: Juniper Lucia November 21, 2010, 9:49am David and I began visiting Eileen when we were 4 or 5 months pregnant. We couldn't stop smiling at each other as we walked out of our very first meeting with Eileen. Without even knowing what we were looking for, we knew we had found it in her care. We immediately felt the natural love and kindness that radiated from her voice, her smile, and her comforting touch. Eileen continued to support us through the journey of our first baby, answering our many questions, easing our minds, and watching my belly grow. As little Juniper reached and surpassed her due time, Eileen was there for us as we faced some difficult decisions. Though we birthed in a hospital, Eileen was fully present and tended to us as if we were her only focus in the world. She took charge when we needed advocacy, and showed tenderness when the room pulsed with love. Eileen was an essential part of our pregnancy, birth, and the incredibly precious weeks to follow. We will never forget the magic of our experience, and owe so much of it to Eileen's wisdom and the beautiful age old midwifery tradition. Eileen, we love you and hope to make many more memories with you in the future! Love, Lauren & David

44: Eileen gave me one of the best pieces of advice that I got as a new mom. She asked me if I had to go pee the day after I had Maddie and I told her no, I have to feed the baby. She said, well if you do have to go make sure to go and always take care of yourself first. That has been true in so many situations in the past two years as a mom. Whenever I feel like I need something whether its lunch with a friend or a quiet ride for myself I take care of it, then I am much happier when I am with my family. I feel like living by those words that Eileen said to me that day has made me see that you don't have to sacrifice your happiness for your child, you can have your baby cakes and eat 'em up too! Paulaya and Maddie | Madeline Paisley 2/13/10

45: Madison Rose Born August 18th 2011 Thank you Eileen for making our family that much closer!

46: Evelyn Sparro Dec 24, 2009

47: Eileen provides an essential service, and she does so with incredible grace and such a loving presence. The difficulties we had in the last few weeks of this pregnancy – mostly with potential physical issues and the fear these brought out – were dealt with honestly and compassionately, and she never faltered from her goal to help us have the birth we wanted. | Her faith in the birthing process gave us strength when nothing else could have. She, and the wonderful women with whom she works, were instrumental in helping instill a sense of efficacy, and naturalness, to a process that has largely, it seems, been taken out of women's hands and put into those of medical professionals. Eileen is amazing. - Sara and Aaron | Luka Griffin Clute 1/5/2011 11:00pm

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