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Caleb In Real Life

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S: Caleb In Real Life

FC: Caleb | Caleb In Real Life

1: Caleb’s First Love Letter July 16, 2008 My dear sweet Caleb Baldwin. I am writing this as you lie next to me in my bed asleep looking like the most beautiful little angel I have ever seen. I sit here and have tears streaming down my face as I think about the last 6 days. Much has happened and I have never been so changed by anything in my life as I have by the single event of your birth. It did not start out the way we intended it to. Mama put in so much preparation for your birth for such a long time, and wanted to make sure you got the birth you deserved. I looked forward to your birthing day with such anticipation and excitement. When we went in for your non stress test, we were told there were signs of stress and were advised to induce, I was devastated. We put in a lot of thought and emotion into going through with that decision because it was something I did not want to do for so many reasons. We came to the decision to induce, even though the chance was small that things could go wrong. We were not willing to take that chance on you. Well my love, even though it did not happen the way I would have loved it to, it happened the way it was supposed to. It ended up being the most traumatic, difficult, overwhelming, and beautiful experience of my life. I went through so many emotions the 3 days we were trying to get you into our arms. I never knew something could be so hard, but it has made the reward all the sweeter. I want you to know I love your Dad with all my heart. I could not have done this without him. He was so supportive. There were times where I was so overwhelmed and your Dad was there by my side coaching me. He kept reminding me of what to do and why we were doing it. He was my rock, and I’m so grateful he gets to be your Dad. You should see the way he looks at you. There is such a tenderness and pride. I can hardly hold you when Dad is around. I have dreamed for months and months about the moment that I would have you on my chest for the first time. It was such a remarkable moment when the midwife told me to reach down and pull you into my arms. I couldn’t believe how big you were, and you were so beautiful. This moment was so special, and it was everything I anticipated it would be to look into your beautiful eyes for the first time. It was truly a miracle. There is something I did not anticipate though. I have been constantly crying the past few days since you have come into our family. I look at you and am filled with so much love and adoration that I cannot withhold the tears. I am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude. I have never felt this way about anything in my life and have finally been blessed to understand what it means to love only how a mother can. I have heard that my whole life, but I never knew it was like this. I knew it would be absolutely wonderful and amazing, but this? No birthing class, no child rearing class, or book could have even begun to prepare me for the feelings I am feeling. I have loved so many people throughout my life. I feel I have been blessed with the ability to truly love those who I allow into my heart. I learned on my mission what it truly means to love and to give of myself. But my dear little one, you have tapped into a place in my heart that I never knew existed. I can’t even begin to describe what is going on in my heart right now. It is very new to me, and it has been remarkable to experience. You, my little man, have changed me forever. You have been a miracle baby. We waited a long time to get you here, and through medical intervention and the prayers of all our loved ones we were finally able to conceive back in October. The joy I felt was indescribable, although I never fully realized the extent of that miracle until now. Caleb, you have come with such a sweet spirit. You have the most wonderful disposition and have been such a joy. You have been given the name of one of your great grandfathers who was willing to give his life for the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has left a legacy of righteousness and conviction. He was in Liberty Jail with the prophet Joseph Smith while he received some of the most inspired revelations that were given to the prophet during those months. You will be the first in the Hoopes line that will have been given the name of Caleb. I feel this name was reserved for you my little lovey. You have much to do carrying such a special name, and I want to thank you for choosing me as your Mom. I can’t wait to raise you in the gospel. As a mother it is truly the greatest gift I can teach you throughout all the days of your life. Last night as I knelt in prayer I began to sob. Dad was coming into bed and put his arms around me and asked what was wrong. I told him that I was just thanking Heavenly Father that we, as his children, get to have children. I have now glimpsed into Heaven and have an idea of the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us. I give you my heart, little one. It is yours, take it. I will love you always and forever. Love, Your Mother.

2: "Babies Are Life's Most Precious Gift" | It's a BOY! I knew it all along!

3: Love at first sight! The best moment of our lives! | Our first nap together | First Bath | Beautiful boy. | Birth Date: Sunday July 13, 2008 Time of Birth: 2:01 pm Weight: 8 lbs 14 oz / 4025 g Length: 21 and 1/2 inches

5: Caleb, you were such a sweet baby. You went on your first bike ride at 10 weeks old and LOVED it!

6: Blessing | My dear sweet Caleb, I daydreamed about this day even before you were conceived. The thought of giving our first baby a blessing always would bring tears to my eyes because it was something we waited for, for such a long time. When we conceived, your blessing was something I looked forward to with such anticipation. It ended up being such a beautiful experience. It was so amazing to have family there. I loved looking around and seeing everyone there to support this amazing day. I felt so much love in that room, and so much love for you and your dad. It was a love fest for sure. Before the blessing, I shared the experience that took place in that very room with auntie Meggie a year ago September 26th. We all knelt in prayer before taking Megan to the MTC. Megs offered the prayer, and instead of praying for her mission, she focused her prayer towards getting you, our little miracle to us. I honestly can say this was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. I was so overwhelmed during that moment. She literally pleaded with the Lord to fill my womb. That is when I truly gained faith that we would be having our sweet little boy. I will never forget that special day. I got pregnant on October 11th, two weeks after that sweet prayer. So it was truly a circle moment to have your blessing in that same room. That is why after sharing this experience, we played Megan's CD of her singing "Someday He Will Come". It was our way of sharing this special day with Meggie since she could not be there. Truly magical. Even though I give Megan much of the credit for getting you here, it was amazing looking around the room and seeing all those who have been praying in our behalf to get you into our arms. It truly was a family effort. I loved this day so much because it was a day of celebration. I LOVED seeing your dad tenderly holding you when he was about to give you your blessing. Talk about melt my heart. Honestly, the thing that has probably been the sweetest part of having you is seeing your daddy so in love. Dan does not come off to be a warm fuzzy guy. I didn't think he would be super excited to hang out with a new baby because new babies are pretty dang boring (so I thought until I had you). Dan is more silly and more smitten than I ever thought possible. He is so cute with you Caleb. It has been a joy to watch. We fight over who gets to hold you when you are being super cuddly. Dan lives for the time he gets to have you sleep on his chest. The blessing Dad gave you was sweet. I felt the spirit so strongly, and LOVED hearing the things you were being blessed with. Sweetheart, you are such a special little guy.

8: In the beginning Dad talked a lot about your name. He went into detail about Caleb Baldwin and his testimony. He talked about how Caleb was willing to give his life for the gospel, and he talked about how he had so much passion for the gospel. He blessed you to share that same passion, and that you can be a light to others through your great spirit. He blessed you that you would share the same testimony and strength of character as this special man. One of the parts that really touched me was when Dad said how generations from now your decedents will also look back to you, our baby Caleb, as an example of faith and that they will honor your life. Talk about a sweet thought for Mom. Dad also blessed you that your mind would be quickened and that you will have an inquiring nature. You were blessed to seek to find answers. He said that we know your great spirit and that you will be a light for others and will use your associations with others as missionary opportunities. Dad obviously blessed you to be faithful and to serve an honorable mission, but that you will not let that be the only time you are a missionary, rather you will carry that missionary spirit into every activity you do. It was interesting and really cool when Dad blessed you to do everything with passion in your life, but that you bridle your passions to help and serve others. I do believe you will be very passionate. Actually I think it is genetically imprinted that you will be passionate. If you know us you know why:-). Dad also blessed you with a sense of humor to bring smiles to others as you already have done. I thought this was really cute, and so true. You have brought so much joy into our little family. Dad talked about how you were long awaited and the joy you brought into our family. He talked about how temptations in our world are great and that when they come, you my sweet Caleb will think about what Christ would do and act accordingly. He blessed you that by doing what Christ would do, you will recognize Him at the last day and join with Him. Dad closed by blessing you to look for the good in all of your trials and to see the blessings of the Lord, for his hand is in all things. If we only look we will see His loving hand in all things. I loved this, because it is so true. Gratitude is so important, and such a high value for me. I truly pray I can raise you to be a grateful little boy. It was a beautiful blessing, and to write about it doesn't do it justice. It was so special to hear it come from my amazing husband who adores the boy he held in his hands beyond anything else in his life. It was one of those moments that will remain with us. Honestly, I love your little spirit so much. To hear about who you are is amazing. I can't wait to see what you become. My heart overflows with so much love for you my son. I find myself crying often while holding you. I look at your little spirit and feel so grateful that Heavenly Father has entrusted this amazing person to be raised by us. I have already learned so much from you, and I know you have come to teach us so much.

9: Three Best Things: 1. That I am married to a worthy priesthood holder who was able to give this sweet blessing to the greatest blessing in our life. 2. All the people there to share in that moment with us. 3. I am so grateful to be a mother. Honestly, this was something I carried so much fear around. I feared I would resent losing my freedom, I feared I would mess up. I thought I would get bored. I thought a lot of things. Well, there has been nothing in my life that has brought me more joy than you, sweet one. I know I will mess up with some things, but the Lord is there to help me and children are so forgiving. Motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have felt love that I cannot even explain. I am so grateful you are with us, and I can't wait to meet the other spirits that are waiting to come into our home. I'm pretty sure you will be an amazing big brother. YAY FOR KIDS AND YAY FOR BLESSINGS! I am so overwhelmed with the greatest blessing in our lives named Caleb!

10: We have shared such sweet moments my son. Your life has brought so much joy into our little family.

11: There is so much love in your mother's heart

12: I ADORE the picture of you sliding. There is such JOY on your face. Something you bring into our lives EVERY day! | You love to swim, throw, and slide! | Oh how you love your Maga!

13: You are the JOY in our lives

14: "be like the flower, turn your face to the sun." - Kahlil Gibran | You absolutely LOVE cars, trucks, and trains. Pretty much anything that moves. You look so handsome sitting in your Daddy's car.

16: My little scarecrow

17: Skiing was such a blast. You did GREAT! | Riding the lift!

20: One of the most joyous moments of our lives happened May 5th, 2011 when you rode a two-wheeler for the first time at the age of 2!!! We are so proud!

21: Thank you precious son for coming into our family. Being your parents has been the best thing that has ever happened to us. Oh the places you'll go. Kid, you will move mountains!

22: You got up your first time trying at the age of 2 thanks to your Uncle Jake! We were so proud of you! Caleb, you are a Stud Man! | LAKE


24: We had such a blast with you this summer. We lugged you around on the Weehoo multiple times a week for LONG rides! You were such a trooper. We were training for LOTOJA, and because we rode with you so much, we ended up getting 2nd place!!!

25: Cycling Boy!

26: What a blast we have on Halloween. We love you little man.

27: Cutest UPS guy EVER!!

28: T

29: Our dear sweet Caleb. I hope you love this book we made for you about the first 3 years of your life. You truly are such a gift to us. It feels as if our lives REALLY began the day you were born. Thank you precious boy for choosing us to be your parents. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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