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Caleb's Baby Book

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Caleb's Baby Book - Page Text Content

S: To Our Precious Son: A Memory Book of Your First Year

BC: With All Our Love, Mommy and Daddy

FC: Caleb Brantley Payne October 26th, 2007

1: Caleb Brantley Payne Born on Friday, October 26th, 2007 at 1:41 PM Weighed 7lbs, 4oz 20 inches long Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento, California

2: Your long awaited arrival...

4: Those who came to meet you Just about every family member in the state came to meet you. Our room was so full people had to wait in the waiting room for their turn. I think Halla and Lena arrived first. Grammy and Pop were with Chaim, Gracie, Genna and Jack and they all arrived next. Uncle Mike and Aunt Crystal, Aunt Shelly and Uncle Michael showed up minutes within eachother. Maria, Lauren, Niki, and Tyler were next. I'm pretty sure Kati came the next day. And so did Vinko with his family, Vera with Mark, and Steph with Darren. How it felt to introduce you I was SO proud to introduce you to everyone. I had a grin from ear to ear. Since I had surgery I was stuck in bed so Daddy passed you around and took a million pictures. It made me so happy to see everyone gushing over you and they each couldn't wait to hold you.

6: I love this photo because it was right after we brought you home from the hospital. We had just woken up and were enjoying a very sweet, peaceful moment as a new family.

7: Month 1 November | Your first month went unbelievably fast. I remember that you were lifting your head hours after you were born. I was amazed by that. It was such an exciting time because everything we did was a first. Your First Bath First time going on a walk in your stroller First time going to the dog park with Jerry First time having tummy time and sitting in your swing | First Thanksgiving at Uncle Mike and Auntie Crystals in Nevada City

8: You were already giving us the most rewarding smiles. What a doll. | Month 2 december

9: Your First Christmas

10: GrandMomma Roza and Auntie Dili came to visit you from New York this month.

11: Month 3 january | You started sitting in your Bebe Pod It was the first time we left you with a babysitter. Grammy and Pop watched you while we went to dinner for our 3 year anniversary.

13: Month 4 february | We went on our first road trip - Santa Cruz You started lifting your head while laying on your stomach You started eating solid baby foods You started laughing. It was the most amazing sound in the world.

14: Month 5 March | I started working on March 17th four hours a day. Lena (Tete) watched you until the end of April. You two bonded strongly. It seems like you immediately grew up a little more once you were around her.. You liked carrots and all the orange vegetables. You disliked prunes and thick baby foods like peas and green beans. You LOVE Jerry. You laugh at every little thing that Jerry does. You LOVE your Daddy. You would kick in excitement when you saw him. On your good days there was lots of smiling, laughing, and babbling. You were beginning to have more and more good days. Some days you were a little fussier if you didn’t sleep well or didn’t have your acid reflux medicine. So you would cry more and want to be held and rocked more than usual. My favorite moments were seeing you proud of yourself when you did something and I praised you. Like when you would roll over and I would get excited and say “Good job baby” you would get so happy. It was adorable. Things I’m learning about you are that you are just a sweet, sweet boy. The more your personality comes through, the more I see a sweet little boy that loves to laugh and can’t wait to get into more things.

15: Eating: You ate 4-6 ounces of formula every three hours and you ate a stage 1 jar of baby food every night when Daddy got home from work. Sleeping: You were sleeping from 8 pm – 2 am then again after a feeding until 7:30 am. You started this schedule on your own. You were rolling over and you loved your playmat, walker, and swing. Daddy would play sumo wrestler with you. You were mainly just fussy when you were hungry or tired. I gave you baths every other day. We would read books some nights, watch your sign language DVD, and Daddy would play with you and make you laugh really hard. Sometimes we would go on walks to McKinley park, run around town on the weekends or go to Riverside Café for breakfast.

16: Month 6 April | You were showing many more sides to your personality at six months. Parenting was becoming so much fun. You were sitting on your own. Your hair was starting to grow in. You were grabbing everything in sight and tried to put everything in your mouth no matter how big it was. You started showing me more attention which I loved. But you were still pretty independent. You didn’t like lying down; you always wanted to be part of the action. I started introducing you to fruit baby foods and fruit juice. You loved them both. You started daycare Apr 28th. The ladies at the daycare loved you. They thought you were an easy baby and a very happy baby. You still love carrots the most. Jerry still makes you laugh. You love your feet and always put them in your mouth. You had your first ear infection and those were the only bad days this month. Even then you kept a smile on your face. My favorite moments were letting you play with your food. Watching you sit up for more than a few seconds, seeing you in a stroller without an infant carrier. That smile!! You’re so easy and content. So happy. People comment on that all the time. You love routine and need your naps else you get real cranky.

17: Eating: We introduced a second solid food feeding in the morning (fruit and cereal) and you still drank 6 oz every 3 hours. Sleeping: We finally got you sleeping through the night. Your bedtime was still 8 pm. Now that you slept all night you woke up earlier – at 6 am. We would sit in the backyard in your walker. Dad would do this airplane bomber fighter thing that was adorable. You would laugh and you loved it. You weren’t fussing much. Mainly for attention, hunger, or sleepiness. Still taking baths in the sink every other night. | This picture was taken on my birthday. Daddy had you scribble on my card. I LOVED it.

18: I love this photo because it reminds me of all the time we spent in the backyard on those beautiful spring afternoons. The picture says it all - can you be any cuter?

19: Month 7 may | You got your first tooth this month - it was a bottom tooth We took a road trip to 3 Peaks Resort in Tahoe. It was your first time in a pool. This month ended up being a hard month. You were getting sick all the time at daycare. Everyone said it was normal to get sick in daycare and that it would build your immune system. But I wasn't ready to have you go through that yet. You were just too little. We gave it a try for another month, but by the end of June we decided to take you out of daycare and that's when Tete took over again.

20: Peek A Boo! | Month 8 june

21: There was lots of teething this month. Because of it you loved to chew on celery Your second tooth came in - it was your first bottom tooth You started Army crawling

22: Month 9 july | Monterey Bay Aquarium

23: You seem to be showing more affection. Hugs and open mouthed kisses. You’re crawling around like crazy but you won’t use your knees. You’re adorable. You’re still a sweet, sweet boy with a little fire in ya when you want something. You definitely have a mind of your own. Your hair is filling in even more. I pulled you out of daycare and Tete was watching you again. You were SO much happier and so was I. It was a big relief for me to know you were being watched by someone that loved you so much. We went to Monterey with the Payne family on July 12th. Going to the aquarium was our first educational outing with you and we weren’t sure if you would respond to the visuals. You loved the fishies and you were soooooo cute to watch while you were looking at them. You are showing that you love new environments and staying busy. | Eating: You eat more solid foods now. Three times a day. You have an interest in table food but we’re still not introducing many to you. Only mashed potatoes, breads, and steamed veggies. Sleeping: You go to bed around 8-9 pm. It takes about 30-45 minutes to get you to fall asleep. You wake up around 6:30 – 7:30 every morning.

24: Month 10 August | You’re finally using your knees to crawl. Ha! We thought you were going to army crawl until you walked but you decided to go ahead and conform. You’ve started having some minor temper tantrums. That surprised me. But you’re still as sweet and as happy as can be. You LOVE getting out of the house so we try and take walks, go out to eat, go shopping or take weekend trips as often as possible. The best days are when we are all three rested and in good moods. We laugh a lot and are relaxed and we just enjoy each other’s company. The worst days are if we didn’t get a good night’s rest. It makes the daytime fussing a little harder to deal with. But other than that, there really aren’t difficult days. I love when we just lay around on the carpet and let you crawl all over us. You make us giggle with how cute and excited you are. I’m in love with watching us grow as a family. You’re already analytical. Everywhere you go you stare intently and seem to be thinking deeply about all that is going on around you. You have a very complex personality.

25: Eating: You’re eating well and are very interested in finger foods. Sleeping: You’ve been waking up nightly lately. You just want a pacifier and some holding and you go back to sleep. You’re very mobile, crawling, cruising along furniture. You pull yourself up on anything that will hold you up. We went to the California State Fair this month. Your favorite part was the petting zoo. It was also your first time at McKinley Pool.

27: Lazy Summer Days

28: Peek A Boo!

29: Month 11 September | You got your first and second top tooth this month. You point at things as if to ask What's that? September 5th was the first weekend you stayed at Grammy and Pop’s two nights in a row. You did great. Mommy and Daddy went to Reno with their friends Stephanie and Darren. We went to Fairy tale town for the first time.

30: Birthday Boy

31: Month 12 october | You got two teeth this month - your third top tooth and your third bottom tooth You started signing. You knew how to sign more, milk, and you sometimes tried signing shoes. You love bananas and your sign language DVD and Grammy and Pop. Your separation anxiety is higher than it has been so it was extra hard to leave you in the morning, especially after the weekend. Lena was still watching you at this time. You are starting to give kisses more often which I absolutely love. You and I are probably the strongest we've been so far because I only work 24 hours a week so we have more time together. I'm off on Mondays so Mondays have been very special.

33: More of your 12 month | Auntie Dili flew out for your first birthday. It was a very special visit. We went to the Pumpkin Patch with her. She helped give you your first haircut. | BEFORE | AFTER

34: Our Sweet Baby Boy

35: Your First Birthday

36: other special memories

37: My favorite ultrasound of you. Look at your handsome profile. | The day we found out we were having you. February 26, 2007 | Your footprints taken at the hospital. | One of my favorite hospital pictures. What an angel. | Jerry waiting to meet his best friend.

39: They didn't have you where I come from Never knew the best was yet to come Life began when I saw your face And I hear your laugh like a serenade How long do you want to be loved Is forever enough, is forever enough How long do you want to be loved Is forever enough Cause I'm never, never giving you up I slip in bed when you're asleep To hold you close and feel your breath on me Tomorrow there'll be so much to do So tonight I'll drift in a dream with you How long do you want to be loved Is forever enough, is forever enough How long do you want to be loved Is forever enough Cause I'm never, never giving you up As you wander through this troubled world In search of all things beautiful You can close your eyes when you're miles away And hear my voice like a serenade How long do you want to be loved Is forever enough, is forever enough How long do you want to be loved Is forever enough Cause I'm never, never giving you up | Lullaby By The Dixie Chicks | I would play this song all the time while I was pregnant with you. I think it's just beautiful and will always remind me of you.

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