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Calvin's Baby Book

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S: Calvin Lee Wheeler October 26, 2012

FC: It's a Boy! | Calvin L Wheeler | October 26, 2012 | The First Year

1: This book was | Lovingly Made | just for | Calvin Lee Wheeler | October 26, 2012

2: all about my Mommy... | Mommy's full name is Her birthday is Mommy has many interests Some people say that I inherited some of Mommy's traits | Brooke Carol Wheeler (Crosby) | February 16, 1982 | She was born in and grew up in She went to school at | Portland, OR | Estacada High School | Estacada, OR | After school she decided to | go to college at Linfield College in McMinnville, OR | Gardening, reading, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, camping, traveling | Eye shape and mouth. Most people think that you look most like your Grandpa Steve and nothing like your brothers.

3: all about my Daddy... | Daddy's full name is His birthday is He was born in and grew up in He went to school at After School he decided to Daddy has many interests Some people say that I inherited some of Daddy's traits | Benjamin Robert Wheeler | January 16, 1982 | Estacada, OR | Estacada High School | Portland, OR | go to college at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR | Welding, carpentry, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, brewing beer, fire fighting | Sorry, but not a whole lot of physical traits seemed to pass on from Dad.

4: Our Tree | Calvin Wheeler | Jan McComb | Virginia Price | Thelma Hansen | Robert McComb | Robert "Paul" Wheeler | Hank Wheeler | Ben Wheeler | Brooke Crosby | Duane Day | Anna Swiggum | Marvin Crosby | Steve Crosby | Brenda Day | Caroline "June" Harbert

6: Mommy and Daddy are having a BABY! | The day they discovered Mommy was pregnant: Thursday, March 1, 2012. My due date was: November 1, 2012. | Mommy and Daddy's first reaction was: Shock! We weren't planning for or expecting to have another baby this soon after Otie. The first people that the told the news to were: Brenda Crosby, Jan & Hank Wheeler, Scott & Erin Crosby, Chad and Terri Wheeler, Jenny Durand, Heather Randall and Stacy Trubachik.

7: Mommy's doctor's name was: Dr. Rachel Algenio Mommy and Daddy first heard my heartbeat: Thursday, April 5, 2012 Mommy first felt me move: Sunday, May 13, 2012 Mommy had many favorite foods that she enjoyed: Cheese, Honeycrisp apples, water, Mexican food, Pesto Mommy and Daddy did a lot of this to help prepare for my arrival: Running around, chasing Hank and Otis. We figured we'd better get in shape for three kids under the age of three. We got flexible and threw caution to the wind.

8: The year you were born... | President: Barack Obama Domestic & World News: President Obama was reelected. American's required to obtain medical insurance or pay penalty to IRS. 2012 Olympic games held in London. The Mayan calendar reached the end of its cycle, which many people believed would be the end of the world on 12/21/12. The Abraj Al-Bait Towers were completed and are the second tallest building in the world at 1,972 feet tall. Popular Films: The Hunger Games, Argo, The Avengers, Rise of the Guardians. Popular Books: Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn and Julia Whelan; Wild, by Cheryl Strayed; American Sniper, by Chris Kyle, Scott McExen and Jim DeFelice. Famous Athletes: Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh, Lionel Messi, Michael Phelps, Kobe Bryant, Usain Bolt, Serena Williams Technological Advances: Portable retina scanners, radars that can scan through walls, thermal plates that are invisible to infrared sensors.

9: Price of gasoline: $4.27 (Portland, OR) Price of gallon of milk: $3.67 (2% milk) Price of loaf of bread: $2.50 (Franz white bread) Price of dozen eggs: $3.06 (large grade A eggs) Price of candy bar: $1.39 (Snickers bar) US Dollar to Euro: 1 (Dollar) to .78 (Euros) Average household income: OR - $49,161 (ranked 29 in US) Average price of home: OR - $233,900 (owner occupied) Population of Oregon: 3,928,068 Population of USA: 316,497,531 | 2012

10: "Twinkle twinkle little star; do you know how loved you are?"

11: The big day is finally here! | Prepping for the C-Section (breech position).

12: "A Baby's Love Is Best Of All" | Calvin Lee Wheeler

13: PLACE: Kaiser Permanente; Clackamas, OR WHEN: October 26,2012 9:42 am WEIGHT: 8 lbs, 15 oz. LENGTH: 21" long HEAD: 14" circumference EYES/HAIR: Blue/Brown

15: Birth Announcement

17: "A Baby's Love Is Best Of All"

18: Our first month with sweet little Calvin was full of ups and downs. On the up side, Hank and Otis loved Calvin (as did Mommy and Daddy too of course). Hank especially liked to feed, hold and kiss Cal. He was quite the helper to his baby brother, Calvin. We didn't experience any sibling rivalry; only lot's and lot's of love. We knew pretty early that nursing wasn't in the cards based on prior nursing problems and because of all of the activity going on in the Wheeler house, so we went the bottle and formula route and it was great. Cal ate like a champ and since he took a bottle, the whole family got to take turns feeding him. Calvin was 10 oz heavier than his birth weight at two weeks! | Calvin was a pretty fussy little guy in the beginning. There was a lot of crying and on most days it seemed like if we weren't eating or sleeping, we were crying. It was hard on Mommy and Daddy. Every night between 10:00pm and 12:00am Calvin wailed. Calvin's favorite place to sleep was on Daddy's chest in the yellow chair (just like his big brothers). Even though it was a touch-and-go in the beginning, we loved little Cal so much. We couldn't be happier to have been blessed with such a sweet little baby boy. | 1 Month

19: Our sleep habits were still inconsistent, but definitely getting better. Cal was still waking every two to three hours to eat. It was a bit exhausting to be up so often in the middle of night and have two toddlers and a newborn to care for during the day, but we'd been through this a couple of times and we knew it was going to get better. Since Cal was born towards the end of October, most of his 2nd month was during Christmas time and tree harvest. This meant that we bundled up and played outside in the trees often. We all loved those adventures. Calvin seemed to really like the fresh air and it helped with his fussiness. | Some discoveries we made were mirrors, bright colors and fir tree branches. Our big brothers were really great about always making sure that Cal had plenty of toys to play with. A couple of milestones for the month were that Cal rolled over from belly to back on 12/1/12 and he smiled for the first time on 12/4/12 at Mommy. This made her day of course! Calvin also started cooing and laughed for the first time on 12/20/12. Cal's favorite people are his big brothers, Daddy and Mommy and Mimi and Gigi. His grandma's come over to see him a lot and Mom and Dad are so appreciative! | 2 Months

22: Happy New Year!! Calvin rang in the new year at home with his brothers, dad and mom. Otie has become a favorite of Cal's. Or maybe Cal has become a favorite of Otie's. Otie just can't seem to get enough kisses and hugs from Cal. It's pretty sweet. Month three was a pretty good one for Cal and the Wheeler clan. Calvin's fussiness started to subside and he was only crying for about one to one-and-a-half hours each night. He also started sleeping longer stretches. Yeah!! His longest consecutive stretch was on 1-7-13 and he slept for 8 hours!! Mom was so happy. :) | 3 Months | Our big accomplishments for the month were cooing, laugHing (a lot), grasping, holding our head up and SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. Calvin loves chewing on his hands and 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider'. | One tough deal is that Cal spits up a lot. After every bottle, he gives a bit back. We're so looking forward to baby food.

23: 4 Months | Four months had many ups and a couple downs. The ups were that Calvin giggles a ton and he rolled over from his back to belly on 2-21-13. He's really found his voice and started squealing. Calvin is also holding onto things well and has started bringing them to his mouth. And finally he's starting to sit with a little help. | By 4 months, Cal was sleeping through the night and only waking up on the rare occasion. He tried baby food on 3/11/13 for the first time and liked it. He tried it again the next day and hated it. He continued to dislike it for the next three weeks, but we're patient and consistent and keep trying. | The down side to four months started on 2-16-13 when Daddy was in a snowmobiling accident and broke his knee cap. Mom had to rush him to the ER in Bend, OR for x-rays and then drive him home in a strait leg brace and unable to walk with surgery in his horizon. Mom and Dad came home to Calvin being sick and struggling to breath. By the next evening Cal's breathing was so bad that he needed to go to the ER and was then transported to Doernbecher's Children Hospital by ambulance. It was scary and exhausting and the first of many respiratory problems to come for sweet Calvin.

24: 5 months was great! Calvin was sleeping well, eating baby food (favs are sweet potatoes and bananas), rolling over like crazy and a very happy boy. He loves to play with Hank and Otie and giggles every time they do. But he doesn't like it so much when they smother him with kisses or rough-house with him. Hank and Otie really like to help feed and change Cal's diapers and bring him toys. They're good big brothers. Calvin is a rolling machine and can no longer be trusted on an elevated surface. He's also started reaching out to people. The first person that he reached for was his babysitter, Paige. Since dad's knee surgery, Paige has been coming to the house three nights per week to help Mom. Dad has to be in a strait leg brace with his leg elevated for four weeks. This is really tough on Daddy because he has to be in bed a lot and he doesn't like that. Calvin is pretty good at sitting on Dad's lap, so they're a great team right now. Calvin has also discovered that he loves the front pack. He spends quite a bit of time in it while strapped to Mom, facing out. This works out well for everyone since he can be face to face with people and part of the action and Mom still has two hands to work with. Life is good in the Wheeler house. | 5 Months

25: 6 Months | Cal is a super happy baby with a great disposition. He giggles often and squeals with delight. He seems to have no fear and will go to anyone. He really doesn't have a favorite person, because he loves everyone. | Calvin is a good eater! He's finally really liking baby food. At his six month checkup he weighed 20 lbs, 6 oz and was in the 88% for his age. He's constantly grabbing at everything and putting it in his mouth. He'll be feeding himself in no time. | He's not a thumb or finger sucker. By six months both of his brothers had started sucking they're thumb and fingers. Cal doesn't do either. He really doesn't seem to care for a pacifier much either. The only time that he likes a pacifier is when he's tired. | Sleeping on belly through night. Eating food really well and holding own bottle. Sitting up (5-13-13) on own and playing.

26: Cal went on his first road trip at seven months and he was a trooper! The Wheeler clan went on a 2,800 mile adventure to Mesquite, NV to Mimi's house and saw a ton of Gigi's family along the way before meeting up with Mimi, Uncle Scotty and Auntie EE. We also found out that Dad is Calvin's new favorite person. No one can make Cal giggle like Dad! And Calvin got his first two teeth this month. The bottom, middles came in on 5-21-13 and 5-28-13. | One of our biggest discoveries this month was Calvin's love of water. He had so much fun swimming and bouncing in his bouncer in the water and sitting on the ground at the splash pad in Utah. It was pretty hot, so anytime water was involved, he was happy. We also discovered that Cal likes the backpack carrier. He did awesome on his first hike. We continued to use the backpack for months. | 7 Months

27: Calvin is sitting really well and plays by with his toys awesome. He's also pulling himself up to a standing position, but he's not crawling yet or showing any interest in it. This is fine by Mom and Dad since we've got two other toddlers keeping us on our toes. | When Calvin pulls himself up to a standing position, he really likes to do in in front of the mirror where he can giggle at himself and at the coffee table when I'm folding clothes so that he can pull the clothes off of the table and giggle at himself. Stinker. | We went on Calvin's first jaunt to the coast this month for our annual clam digging trip to Fort Stevens. Each morning we'd wake up bright and early, load the kids into the stroller and backpack and go get our limit. Cal had a cold, so he wasn't super excited about being there and it was one of the wettest trips I remember. We left a day early because the park was flooding. | 8 Months

28: Nine months was a big one for Cal. Here's some of our accomplishments: Crawling 8-1-13 Waiving 8-10-13 Allergic to Amoxicillin 8-12-13 Walking while holding something 8-15-13 Upper left/middle tooth 8-18-13 Upper right/middle tooth 8-24-13 Whew. Busy month for a busy guy. We started the month with Calvin's maiden voyage to Prineville reservoir. Unfortunaly nearly all of camp ended up with the Prineville Plague (literally 56 out 75 were sick), including Cal, Otie, Hank and Mom. This put a major damper on our trip. nevertheless, we got in a little lake and boat time before we came back home. Shortly after we came home, Calvin had a heck of a time getting over his sickness and ended up with another respiratory infection. We gave him Amoxicillin and discovered that he's allergic. Quick trip to the ER for some observation time and meds and we were all set. Three days later Calvin was cruising all over. He loves it. Cal no longer wants to be held and won't sit still. Some of our favorites are: Playing patty cake Dad singing Cruising and crawling Waiving Drinking from a regular cup (this has become the best shower toy!) | 9 Months

29: Calvin had all sorts of adventures this month. He went to a Day/Conrey family reunion where he was showered with love. We went hiking at three different parks in Oregon. Papa and Grammie took us to Oaks Park and spoiled us rotten. And we went peach picking. Calvin loves peaches! | Cal was babysat by Papa and Grammie this month and he did awesome. He didn't fuss at all (or so they say), ate well, took a good nap and played great by himself. Mom and Dad were happy! Hank and Oties are starting to get rougher and Cal is getting louder about not liking it! | Calvin has mastered crawling upstairs now but can can't get down them (other than falling of course). Cal is also getting really vocal and working pretty hard to repeat the sounds and movements that he hears and sees. | Calvin's fifth and sixth teeth, upper left and right incisors, came in on 9-8-13. He's been pretty great considering how many teeth have come in lately. | 10 Months

31: Calvin took three wobbly steps on 9-29-13. Three days later, he's walking! Another milestone this month was temperament. We discovered that Calvin has a little temper on him. When he wants something or if someone takes something from him, he screams like crazy. Another biggie was that Calvin (and Hank and Otie) spent four days with their Gigi and Pops while Dad and Mom went deer hunting. This was the longest amount of time that Dad and Mom were apart from Calvin. He and the other boys did great. Hank and Otie still like to play with Calvin and are making him tough by how rough they are. We have to watch them. When they're not being rough they like to read and sing to him. It's cute. | 11 Months

32: Woo hoo! Bring on 1 year old. Calvin went from crawling (8-1-13), to cruising (8-15-13) to walking (10-1-15) to running (10-23-15) to climbing (11-14-13) within three months. There are now three Wheeler boys under the age of three years old giving us a run for our money. Calvin had a sweet little birthday party with his family and family friends. Then he and his brothers dressed up as the Three Amigos for Halloween. It was the most adorable thing and everyone loved it. Calvin has started rough-housing with Dad and brothers. Mom is constantly telling all the boys (Dad included) to knock it off and to keep their hands to themselves. I've been told that I will be repeating that for many many years. Calvin is the sweetest, most smiley boy and our life wouldn't be complete without him. We love him so much and are so thankful for him! | 12 Months

34: Date Age Height (%) Weight (%) Head (%) 10/26/12 1 Day 21" 8 lbs, 15 oz 14" 11/08/12 2 Wk 21" (72%) 9 lbs, 9 oz (86%) 14" (47%) 11/22/12 1 Mo 10 lbs, 6 oz (87%) 12/20/12 2 Mo 23" (73%) 14 lbs, 6 oz (92%) 15.5" (67%) 02/26/13 4 Mo 25" (53%) 16 lbs, 13 oz (75%) 16.7" (75%) 05/07/13 6 Mo 27" (56%) 20 lbs, 6 oz (88%) 17.5" (75%) 07/24/13 9 Mo 29" (70%) 24 lbs, 1 oz (96%) 18" (65%) 10/28/13 12 Mo 31" (87%) 27 lbs, 2 oz (100%) 18.5" (74%) 11/20/13 13 Mo 32" (91%) 26 lbs, 7 oz (97%) 18.5" (70%) 02/04/14 15 Mo 32" (82%) 27 lbs, 9 oz (95%) 04/28/14 18 Mo 34" (96%) 31 lbs, 15 oz (100%) 19" (76%) 11/03/14 24 Mo 37" (97%) 35 lbs, 6 oz (100%) 19.5" (72%) | Here I go... watch me grow

36: Yeah for FAMILY!!!

38: "The greatest gift my parents gave me were my brothers."

40: So Many Firsts... | First Bath 11/13/12. Calvin didn't love his first bath. He didn't really care for being naked and cold. It didn't take too long though before he learned to love it. And eventually he loved the shower too. Calvin and his brothers were more shower-kids than bath-kids. | First Smile 12/4/12. Our first real smile was at Mommy. I was singing to Calvin and he gave me the sweetest little grin. He was the most smiley baby and little boy. His daddy could make him smile and laugh like no one else. | First Tooth Cal started teething at four months. He chewed and drooled and chewed some more. His first tooth to come in was his lower middle-left tooth on 5-21-13 and then the lower middle-right tooth followed on 5-28-13. Cal was a good teether. Other than drooling, runny nose and chewing, you'd never know he was cutting teeth.

41: First Friend Calvin's first friends were definitely his brothers, Hank and Otis. These two loved Calvin from the moment they saw him. Hank was a little papa bear and wanted to help feed and rock and change diapers all of the time. He just loved helping any way he could. Otie showered Cal with love. He was always kissing and loving and touching Calvin. Sometimes it would get a little rough for Cal's liking, but Otie meant well and was such a sweetie pie. They're lucky to have one another! | First Steps Calvin's first three consecutive steps were on 9-29-13. It only took two days after that for him to be walking all over the place. Three days before he turned 1 year old, he started running and then he was climbing within three weeks. Calvin was a sweet, quiet little boy that played well with his toys and books by himself. Pair this with his quick little feet and we really had to keep an eye on him.

42: Slept through the night: The first time Calvin slept through the night was 1/7/13. He was two and a half months old and it was awesome! Calvin was a bit fussy as a newborn and with two other toddlers at home, Mom and Dad were pretty exhausted. We were so grateful when Cal started sleeping well. By three months, Calvin was a rock star sleeper. Found hands and feet: Calvin really started chewing on his hands at three months. He would get his whole hand in his mouth and chew and there'd be drool everywhere. Teething, I think. Laughed out loud: We heard Cal laugh for the first time on 12-20-13. When dad laughed, Cal laughed. It was the sweetest! Waived hands: Calvin started waiving to people at nine months. If you waived at him, he would wave back. Rolled over: The first time Calvin rolled from his tummy to back was on 11-26-12 and from his back to tummy on 2-21-13 | So Many More First...

43: Sat up alone: Calvin sat on his own on 5-13-13. He was so much happier when he was able to sit up and play with his toys and observe everything around him. Crawled: The first time that Calvin really crawled was on 8-1-13. He was nine months and really hadn't shown much interest in mobility and then all of sudden he started working at it and with a couple of weeks, he was on the move. Ate solid food: We introduced rice cereal to Cal at four months. Two weeks later (3-11-13) he was getting baby food. By seven months he was eating regular food that was mashed up and at eight months we started giving him very small bites of solid food. Stood alone: Calvin was standing alone at eight months. He crawled a month later and walked two months after that. Spoke first word: Calvin's first word was 'dad' or really 'da' at 13 months. He was a pretty quiet kiddo and didn't talk a whole lot. With two older brothers speaking for him, he really didn't need to say much. Cal was a year and a half before he really started trying to talk. Even though he didn't say much, he loved to be sung to and read to. All of the Wheeler boys enjoyed reading and singing time a lot.

44: Mesquite, Nevada | In April, 2013 we headed out on our first road trip to Mesquite, NV. Ben, the boys and I were off on a 2,800 mile adventure with our car loaded to the max with all of the necessities (car seats, strollers, pack-and-plays, back-pack carrier, front-pack carrier, etc.) The first day we left we made thirteen stops! And that was pretty much how our trip on the road went. Our first real destination was Heber City, UT to visit Aunt Dotty and Uncle Mike. We spent the night with them and it was awesome. Gigi was there and the next day she hitched a ride with us to St. George, UT where we got to see Grandpa Bob, Uncle Harvey, Aunt Wendy and cousin Monte. We had a blast playing at Grandpa Bob's and visiting with family. | After that we headed for our final destination, Mesquite, NV and stayed at Mimi's house. While in Mesquite we swam, went to water parks, hiked Zion, went to a wildlife museum and enjoyed our time together. It was a great trip and we loved every minute of it. Our trip home | Cal loved his bouncer so much. He never wanted to get out of it. :) | was pretty fun too. We visited towns and cities we've never been to before, stopped and saw some friends in Roseburg and went to the Winston Wildlife Safari. It was a trip for the books and we won't forget it!

45: Fort Stevens, Oregon | We went on Calvin's first trip to the coast in May, 2013. Every year we go to Fort Steven State Park and camp for 4 - 5 days during a great clam tide and go clam digging. There are usually about 80 - 100 of us that all go together. We've been going on this trip since I was a little girl, so the size of our group has grown substantially now that we're all grown and have families of our own. This year was like every year, in that we had a lot of fun clam digging, riding bikes, playing at the beach and visiting with friends. All of the families camp near one another so the kids are able to ride their bikes around the camp loop for hours and never need to leave. This year we also got to have a little birthday celebration for Uncle Sotty, which was a lot of fun. | This year was particularly wet and cold so we had to be bundled up the entire time. On top of that, Cal had a little cold, but he was a trooper and toughed it out. It may not have been ideal beach conditions, but it was still a great time and we're looking forward to next year!

46: Prineville, OR In July, 2013 our family and 75 other people headed for Prineville Reservoir to do a little camping and boating. On the way there, we stopped and did some hiking and had a picnic to break up the amount of time in the car. (We did a lot of hiking that summer) About two-thirds of the way to Prineville, Hank started getting sick in the car. Oh oh! We trekked on and hoped for car sickness. By the time we got to our destination, Hank seemed fine and all was well. We unloaded, got settled and made dinner. Shortly after eating Hank and Otie were both sick! It definitely wasn't car sickness. We kept the boys in the trailer in hopes of not spreading anything, but it was too late. There were two other families with the flu who had been dealing with it for about a week. Luckily the bug was a two day wonder and then gone. But it was a rough two days. When it was all said and done, 58 of the 75 people ended up sick and it became known as the Prineville Plague. We did manage to sneak in a little fun here and there with some boating and swimming and good times with good friends. And we're looking forward to a sick-free, good time next year.

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