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Charlie's First Year

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Charlie's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Charlie Jude 's First Year



1: December 2011 | We love you Charlie! You sure are a strong and free little man (as your name means) and we praise God for your first year! May you come to know and love the Author of your life more and more each day. With Love, Mommy & Daddy | "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might." Ephesians 6:10

2: We prayed for you long before you even existed. On March 17, 2010 (St. Patrick's Day) at 4am, we were thrilled to find out we were pregnant with you! So thrilled, in fact, that we couldn't go back to sleep! We praised God that he had answered our prayers! You were due on November 22, 2010, and we could hardly wait! | God is good | Answered | Prayer...

3: 10.5 weeks We couldn't believe how much you were already moving around in there and how we could even see your little profile! | 19.5 weeks We were so excited to find you healthy and growing....and that you were a little boy! You were kicking and punching away, rubbing your eyes, yawning, and sucking on your thumb. What a miracle! | Boy, Oh Boy!

4: Baby Bump | at 34 weeks

5: Here we are on your Due Date! We were so ready to meet you face to face... but you liked it in there so much, you waited 10 more days to arrive!

6: The Story of Your Birth | Around 5pm on Wednesday, December 1st (at 9 days overdue), labor began. Mommy & Daddy were on the way to an ultrasound appointment at St. Joseph's Hospital at 7pm, so they brought their bags along, just in case. By the time the appointment was over, it was clear that this was the real thing! With intense contractions close together and already at 4cm, Mommy was admitted to the hospital at 8pm. At first it seemed things were progressing very quickly, but after 21 hours of back labor with consistent 3-minute-apart contractions (and no sleep), you still weren't here yet! Finally it was time to push, and two hours later you made your appearance! After 23 long hours of natural labor, on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 at 4:09pm (10 days late!) you entered the world. Amazingly, Mommy's water didn't break until a few minutes before you were born! As soon as you were born they had to whisk you across the room due to some minor complications, but then you took your first breath, cried only once, and Mommy got to hold you. When she first saw you, she noticed your big hands and beautiful dark hair. You were wide-eyed and staring intently at us. We couldn't believe how much we loved you at first sight, and that love only grew!

7: Charlie Jude Schmidt | Born Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 4:09pm Weighing 8lbs 12 oz and Measuring 21 inches long | "Strong & Free Man of Praise" | 3/4

8: Charlie's First Days (St. Joe's Hospital) | Mommy & Charlie's first picture together | First family picture when you were 4 hours old | You were wide-eyed and alert from birth!

9: Meeting Your Grandparents | Grandma Schmidt | Marme Kent | Grandpa Schmidt | Grandpa Kent

10: You constantly wanted to suck on our fingers! | You had a perfect Apgar score at birth and even lifted your own head up at one day old! | You were such a good sleeper in the hospital, going 4-7 hours at a time sleeping next to Mommy at night.

11: Going Home! | Saturday, December 4

12: the First Weeks

13: At One Week: You slept 4-7 hour stretches at night! Although you were a good eater, it took you and Mommy about 6 weeks to get the hang of it. We also introduced you to your best friend...the pacifer. We could already tell you were very serious as you had a furrowed brow much of the time. We affectionately called you our "grumpy little baby." At Two Weeks: You smiled for the first time! You loved being carried in the Moby Wrap, and we took you in it to the Mall of America so we could Christmas shop. You contentedly slept the entire time.

14: Christ as | m | Baby's First

15: Weeks 3 & 4 You loved your swing, baths in your "washPod," and car rides! You took your first trip to Chicago for Christmas and met your uncles, aunts, great grandparents, & cousins! You also smiled your first "social smiles." | Nana & Charlie | Auntie Ali & Charlie | Great Grandpa & Grandma Kent

16: Kent Family Christmas | "Why are you so tired, Daddy?" | Auntie Kirstin & Charlie | Uncle Cory & Charlie | Kent Cousins

17: First | Smiles

18: Month | (January) | Here you are in your first monthly photos! Daddy thinks you will like playing the ukulele, and Uncle Cory & Auntie Ali gave you the Dr. Seuss bird! | One

19: At one month old, you weighed 10 lbs and measured 22.5 inches long. You loved music very much and even in the middle of screaming you would stop to listen to Daddy play the ukulele or guitar. You also loved it when Mommy sang to you. Everyone was amazed at how strong you were. You could hold your head up so high when laying on your tummy for long periods of time, and you also rolled over for the first time (tummy to back)! This month you started cooing ever so sweetly! Melted our hearts. We learned of your dairy sensitivity and cut that out of Mommy's diet for a much happier Charlie, as well!

20: "Charlie Barley" | "C | "Charlie Tuna" | "B | Nicknames... | h | u | n | k" | u | b | b | a"

21: "Char Char" | "Charlie Chalo" | "Charlie Bucket" | "Cha"

22: Two Months | (February) | __________________________________________________________________________

23: photo shoot by Penny Burns

24: At 2 months, "Fred the Lion" was your best bud. He could make you smile when nothing else could. | This is one of Daddy's favorite pictures of you! | The pouty face | Look at those chins! | Everyone says you have Mommy's eyes, but that you look so much like Daddy!

25: At 2 months you really filled out! You weighed 13 lbs, 6 oz and measured 23.5 inches long! This month we started cloth diapering and they looked so cute on you! You also found your fingers and started sucking on them, along with everything else in sight, and started teething! Most importantly, on February 19, 2011 we dedicated you to the Lord at Bethlehem Baptist Church. We continue to pray the Lord would draw you to himself and that you would treasure Him above all else!

26: Three Months

27: March

28: You've always had the funniest expressions! The top picture is your famous "bird face" we loved so much! And the picture above is with your favorite kitty Gus.

29: At THREE MONTHS... You weighed a whopping 15 pounds and measured about 24 inches long, even wearing some 6 month clothing! We noticed your hand control was getting much better with picking items up. You were extra grumpy this month due to teething, but at 3.5 months your two middle bottom teeth emerged! The day before your 3 month birthday you laughed your first hearty laugh! Such a sweet sound to our ears... and such a sweet baby!

30: Four | Months | April

31: Gulf Shores, Alabama | Family picture at Sea 'n Suds Restaurant

32: When you were 4 months old, we took a vacation to the Gulf of Mexico with Grandpa & Marme Kent! This is where Mommy grew up going on vacation, and she couldn't wait to take you there, too! | You flew on a plane, went swimming, and saw the ocean for the first time!

33: At 4 Months... You weighed 16 lbs 5 oz and measured about 26 inches long. Another big month: sitting up for the first time (with assistance), sleeping in your crib for the first time (in your own room!), buzzing your lips, making "purring sounds" with your tongue, disovering your feet and putting them in your mouth!, loving jumping in your doorway jumper, and enjoying being carried in the Ergo! Teething continues to bother you... Poor baby! | Meeting Great Grandpa & Grandma Staveteig for the first time! | Wearing your Amber teething necklace and being silly...

34: 5 Months | (May) | You... * start army crawling! * roll over from back to stomach. * understand the word "kitty" and look around for Gus. * understand the word and sign for "milk" and laugh when we sign it. * put your pacifier in by yourself. * give open mouth "kisses" on our cheeks. * weigh 17lbs & measure 26.5in. long

35: You loved your "entertainment center!" | We found you sleeping in the cutest positions. | Like my chins?

36: Six Months | June

37: At 6 months... * you weighed 17 lbs. 12 oz. * you started reaching for Mommy to pick you up and would hold onto her like a koala bear! * you started to get clingy and cried when anyone walked away from you or set you down. * you said "bwa" and "ba" a lot. * you started eating solid foodz; avocado & banana, and loved them! * your 3rd tooth came in! Still very crabby from teething though, and it was very difficult to get you to smile for pictures! | * you "blew raspberries" on our faces and arms :) * your army crawling became very fast! * you frequently tried to put your pacifier in our mouths :)

41: ". . . The Lord make his face to shine upon you..." Numbers 6:25

42: "The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.." Psalm 92:12

44: 7 Months

45: July | At 7 Months... * you weigh 17.5 lbs. * you started pulling yourself into a standing position! * you climbed over large objects (like Daddy's guitar case). * you were very clingy and it was hard to set you down! * we added lots of new foods to your diet. * when you were happy, you would head-bang and flap your arms :) * you were working on getting two more teeth in. * one of your favorite pastimes was pulling the "childproof" outlet covers out of the outlets. Oh boy. * you experienced your first fireworks display on the 4th of July! * you loved playing the piano with Mommy.

46: Watching fireworks as a family in Chicago... you loved them! | fireworks

47: Silly Uncle Cory | We visited Uncle Cory, Auntie Ali, and your cousins in Indiana over the 4th. | You and your Kent cousins: Liam, Miles, Oliver, & new Baby Graham!

48: Taking a Swim | Later in July we stayed in a cabin on Cass Lake in MN, and you met more of your relatives on Daddy's side! | There was a swimming pool there, but you weren't too fond of the water.

49: This month we met your friends Caleb Houser and Jude Schaap! | NOT happy. | Like father, like son!

50: 8 Months

51: August | At 8 Months... * you weighed 17 lbs. (losing weight from being so active!) * you had 5 teeth! * your hair really started growing and getting curly :) * you were learning to wave and clap. * you loved to walk with Mommy & Daddy holding onto your hands. * you enjoyed playing with a ball across the floor. * you started saying "Da-da" all the time! | * you started playing with your lips while making funny sounds. * you could pick up tiny pieces of food between your thumb and forefinger. * you started smiling cheesily whenever the camera was pointed at you :) * you got sick for the first time with a cold and fever, but were pretty happy through it all!

52: 9 Months | Photos by Megan Schaap

53: September

54: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. | You'll never know, dear, how much I love you. So please don't take my sunshine away.

55: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray...

56: 9 Month Menu Squash Oatmeal Chicken Sweet Potatoes Bananas Applesauce Avocados Carrots Egg yolks Peaches And more...

57: *you laughed when we gave you high fives and when Mommy danced with you :) *you hated diaper changes and would throw your pacifier, arch your back, and throw your head back when you were mad! | *you weighed 17.5lbs and measured 28" long. *you started "cruising" around furniture. *you could copy many things we did: clapping, waving, buzzing lips, making "sss" sounds, etc. | At 9 Months...

58: 10 Months | October

59: * some new foods you ate were: cream of wheat, pumpkin, peas, and beef. you LOVED food. * you started weaning from Mommy due to biting and your not getting enough, so we added some goat's milk (in a sippy cup with a straw) to your diet. * you started getting a little better at leaving Mommy but still hated the church nursery :( | At 10 Months... * you weighed 18.5 lbs and measured 28.5 inches tall! * you were cruising all around the house holding on to furniture, walls, doors, and people :) * once in awhile you'd get up on your hands and knees to crawl, but you still favored the army crawl. * Marme, Grandpa, & Nana came to visit!

60: Classic cheesy smile | Not sure what to think about Mommy's straight hair! | You loved to point...at everyone and everything! | You spent lots of time playing with the cat door down to the basement.

61: Watching the cars drive by and waiting for Daddy to come home from work.

62: 11 Months | November

63: At 11 Months... | * you really started to gain weight quickly and weighed in at 20 lbs! * you became such a happy little boy! Almost constant smiles, singing, babbling, and laughing, you started playing by yourself for long periods of time! * you started dancing to music and swayed back and forth very intensely! | * you started standing unassisted for a few seconds at a time and cruised all around, holding onto furniture or walls. * you started saying "Mama"... what a sweet sound! * you got your 6th & 7th teeth in with no problem!

64: Look at those curls!

65: Aunt Carolyn & Charlie | 4 generations: Great Grandma Gunny, Grandpa Schmidt, Daddy, & Charlie

66: 12 Months | December

67: Grandma & Grandpa Schmidt gave you a rocking chair for your birthday! | You loved your teddy bear so much!

68: Happy 1st Birthday, Charlie!

69: A Peanuts Inspired Party

70: ONE | YEAR

71: You loved the walker we gave you for your birthday!

73: At 12 Months... * you weighed over 22 lbs. and measured 29 inches tall! * you were crawling on your hands and knees most of the time instead of your army crawl. * you were such a happy boy! * you ate a lot of "adult" food with us, and you loved it! There wasn't a single thing you wouldn't eat. | * you could stand for a few seconds at a time unassisted before you realized it and quickly sat down! * you started saying, "All gone/done" and "Bye bye" along with the sign language! * you loved walking with your walker. * you were such a good napper and sleeper! (12 hours at night and up to 4 hours during the day!)

74: 1 2 3 4 5 6 | "But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. | Months

75: 7 8 9 10 11 12 | To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen." | 2 Peter 3:18

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