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Chloe Jane Miller

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Chloe Jane Miller - Page Text Content

BC: A new baby is like the beginning of all things, hope, a dream of possibilities. | Chloe Jane

FC: April 25, 2012 | Chloe Jane

1: We had our suspicions but we weren't quite sure, since it hadn't been very long before we decided it was time for # 3! We quickly called Ryan's family (who we had been giving the run-around all week (on our vacation) as to when their next grandchild would be coming) and told them the good news! We told my mom and Corinne and her family on Skype, since they were all in Utah at the time! And then we called the rest of the family and the word quickly spread! I was secretly hoping for a girl, since I had two busy boys already but didn't want to say it out loud, as to not jinx myself! I'm due May 5, 2012... Ryan's mom's birthday and Cinco de Mayo! | September 20, 2011 | 18 weeks | 12 weeks | 17 weeks

2: December 5, 20111 We found out we were expecting a baby girl! We were very excited, especially our little boys who can't wait for a little sister!! We brought home pink flowers and an "It's a Girl!" balloon to surprise them and Nana who were anxiously waiting at home! Jackson has been telling everyone that he was going to have a sister, even before I was pregnant so I am glad we were able to help him out! | ! | 19 weeks | 22 weeks | 23 weeks

3: 28 weeks | 33 weeks | 35 weeks | 37 weeks

4: chloe jane | born 4.25.12 | weight 6lbs15 oz | length 20 1/2 inches | time 8:53am | ------- | ------- | ------- | { welcomed with love }

5: c | hloe | Jane Miller made her grand entrance into the world at 8:53 am on April 25, 2012. She has tons of dark brown hair and is receiving lots of love from her two big brothers and mommy and daddy! We were a little bit anxious because she was 10 days early, her room is still under construction and despite her Nana's best efforts to get her to arrive on time, she came the day of her anticipated baby shower! On Monday afternoon, I had a doctor's apt. and she told me I was only dilated to a 1, so not to worry. I was glad because I had been suffering the previous week from a sinus infection and didn't want the baby to arrive and get sick! She gave me an antibiotic and I was calmed a bit. That night however, I woke up at about 2 am and felt like I was having minor contractions, and I started freaking out because I didn't want her to come yet. After about two hours, once Ryan settled me down, I was able to go back to sleep. Tuesday morning, I woke up and started getting everything ready, just in case. I packed my suitcase, and set up the pack 'n play and couldn't really calm myself. i was nervous all day and kept having Braxton hicks and stomach cramps that I told myself were not contractions. Ryan came home while I was in the midst of making dinner and told me to go lay down. I don't think I got up from the couch until I went up to bed that night. Sure enough, I woke up at about the same time...2am and started having stomach pains again. I told myself to calm down, but a little while later Ryan was awake because he kept hearing me get up and down. At about 4 am, we turned on the tv and tried to relax, but the contractions were getting stronger and closer together. At about 4 15 we called my mom and told her to send papa over to our house and meet us at the hospital. We left the door unlocked for my dad and hurried to the hospital. When i got there, they checked me and I was about a 3 1/2 to 4. I told them I really wanted an epidural this time and my labors seemed to be pretty fast, so we wanted to get things moving. However once I laid down when I got there the contractions slowed to about every ten minutes. So, the doctor told me to walk the halls of the hospital for two hours and see where that got me. I was unconvinced, but said I'd try it for a little while. After about an hour of walking the halls with my mom and Ryan, looking at the little babies in the nursery and Ryan timing me with his contraction app... The contractions were back to about every 5 minutes so they checked me again and admitted me to the hospital. Everything got really fast from there. It took quite a few times to get my iv in and blood work done, because according to every nurse, when I’m pregnant I have "spider veins." But they got it and after about an hour, I had an epidural in me. Which relaxed me quite a bit! They checked me and I was at an 8. It was pretty slow to work and I could still feel a bit on my right side, but it was better than nothing! After about 10 minutes it was working pretty well and my water broke! So about 10 minutes after that, I felt her coming and said, "She's coming! Hurry!" The doctors and nurses ran in and I was able to start pushing. This was the first time I actually had to push! Wade was just too fast and came on his own and I couldn't feel anything with Jack! After a few short minutes, she was born and I was able to see my baby girl for the first time! It was amazing!! I am so glad she's here, healthy and strong!

7: it's a girl! meet chloe jane miller !

9: .................................................. | .................................................. | our hearts are filled with happiness. our lives are filled with love. we have the baby girl we have been dreaming of.

10: my first bath

11: all clean

14: me and my mommy | a mother's

17: my new

18: our sweet baby girl is such a precious gift... we are so in love

19: "a baby girl... one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in your world today." | ................................................ | ................................................

20: daddy's little lady | ready to leave the hospital

21: still in love | my proud parents

22: Welcome Home! | April 26, 2012

23: Visitors | I met my great grandparents today! | 'It's a Girl!

25: let's celebrate! today is papa's birthday too! | little sis'

26: c | chloe jane 3 days old

27: my big brothers

28: 4 days old

29: 5 days old | my

30: My First Bath a | My First Bath at Home

32: 6 days old | sweet baby

33: meeting mommy's Uncle Gary & cousin Laura

34: smiling in my sleep!

35: 1 week old | time to stretch!

36: It's a | 8 days old

37: daughter | 1 1/2 weeks | little | of mine

40: my princess | in pearls | 11 days old

41: in pearls | in pearls

42: Rockabye Baby...

43: the tree tops

44: tickled | Chloe's Baby Shower | four generations

45: my family | mommy & me

46: sleeping like a princess | presents!

47: my quilt from nana | precious

48: first time at the

49: cousins

50: watch out Jake!

51: first time at the beach | two weeks old



55: MAY 12, 2012

56: CHLOE JANE | baby girl

57: CJM

59: Precious | Girl

60: first day at church | 2 1/2 weeks

61: family of five | Uncle Nicky | Uncle Nicky

62: Mother's Day Brunch

64: Chloe's debut at the family party | two 1/2 weeks | mommy's cousins

66: Chloe Jane 1 month old

67: At one month old, CHloe weighs 8lbs 6 oz and is 21 inches long. She is just starting to smile! She had been smiling in her sleep A LOT and just started to smile while awake. I captured the first one on camera at about 6 weeks old. Her poor baby face was covered in baby acne for about two weeks, but she came out a champ... just in time to develop thrush... common stuff for a baby girl of her age. She is definitely a girl of character. She cries a lot if she is not held while she is awake... I guess that means she likes attention! She sleeps great, around 11pm to 6am most nights.

68: SMILE | 6 weeks old

70: 7 weeks

72: Club | first trip to the

73: Father's | Day

76: Chloe Jane 2 months old

77: At two months old, Chloe weighed 10 lbs 9 oz and was 23 inches long. She got four shots at the Dr. and screamed like I've never heard before! She loves to be held, holds her own head up now, smiles a lot and is a great sleeper. She sleeps from around 11pm to 7am in her bassinet. She is stealing our hearts with all of her smiles!

78: I met my Uncle Josh | 9 weeks

79: and Aunt Corinne, Brooklyn & Uncle Matt today!

80: summer

81: Baby's First

82: C | My Blessing Day | Chloe Jane Miller

83: CHLO | "a daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart." | my family

84: Our Father in Heaven, In the name of Jesus Christ and by the authority of the Melchizedeck priesthood, we take this infant in our arms to give her a name and a blessing. The name by which she will be known upon the records of the church and throughout her life is Chloe Jane Miller. Chloe at this time, we give you a blessing that the spirit may guide and direct you. Chloe at this time, we give you a blessing of health. A blessing of health in body, in mind, and in spirit. That as you grow your body will support your desired wishes. That you may be healthy in your choices and will develop good habits to maintain that health throughout your life. We also bless you that your spirit may be healthy, that an early age you will have faith and gain a testimony of your savior, Jesus Christ. That you may also find a strong testimony of the restoration of the church and that you will use that testimony as an example to move forward in your life and to others that you may bless their lives and bring peace to them and help them gain interest into the church. Chloe at this time we give you a blessing that you will be healthy in your mind. That you may have a desire to learn about the things of the world. Chloe, you have a very creative spirit. We bless you that will gain as much knowledge as you can and to use this creativity to further your progress spiritually, temporally, and with people around you and especially your family. Chloe we bless you with patience as you grow and develop; patience with your family and patience with promptings of the spirit. We bless you that you as you do so that you may be happy and gain more faith and progress within the church. Chloe we bless you that you may heed the council of your mother. And as you do heed that council you will find that you will be able to enter the temple and gain blessings from the endowment and temple marriage. Chloe, we bless you that you will maintain a strong will to have charity and love to those around you. That you will be a peacemaker. That you will find that as you have struggles and trials in your life you will turn to the Savior and be open with him and be able to find resolutions and happiness there. These blessings we leave you Chloe and other blessings that the Lord sees fit in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. | July 8, 2012

85: our special day

86: dinner party

87: our

88: I love to hold my head up high and l am learning to roll!

89: Chloe had her first experience in the pool today! She had been to the beach and beach club before and stuck her little piggies in, but this was the fist time she got all the way wet! She didn't seem to mind too much, she just relaxed and floated around in her little raft!

90: 12 weeks

91: baby

92: Chloe Jane 3 months old

93: At 3 months old, Chloe weighs about 12lbs 4 oz and is getting quite the personality! She is finding her voice and loves to coo at everyone who will talk to her in a high pitched voice! She has given me one or two giggles and smiles all the time especially at her brothers, who love her to pieces! She sleeps from about 10pm to 7 or 8am in the pack 'n play, which is amazing!

94: our | little

95: love | you

96: With Chloe being only 3 months old we were a little anxious to take her to the | pack 'n play in the tent! We braved some wind storms, but had a lot of sunshine

97: lake, but she did great! She was quite the trooper, sleeping like a champ in her | and fun time in the water! She even got her first pedicure at our little day spa!

98: 14 weeks

101: love my

102: little

104: Chloe Jane 4 months old

105: At 4 months Chloe weighs 14 lbs 2 oz and is 26 3/4 inches long. She is becoming such the little cutie! She has found her hands and feet and grabs at everything in sight! She loves to roll around on the floor and giggles all the time! Especially when her brothers make her laugh or her papa lets her touch his whiskers! She has been sleeping like a champ in her crib, in her own room for about a month or so now! She sleeps from about 9pm to 7am or so, all night long! She is a little stinker when it comes to naps though, she absolutely loves napping in her swing, but when we try and lay her in her crib, she wakes up after about 20 minutes. Oh, well. You can't be too picky! Her colic is getting a little better, but she still a holds the record for being the loudest screamer in our house... which is quite the accomplishment!

106: learning to sit

107: pretty princess

111: 4 1/2 months

112: First | Angels | September 25th, 2012 | Game | We celebrated you turning 5 months old by taking you to your first baseball game & you loved it!

114: Chloe Jane 5 months old | sits with help | eats rice cereal | discovered her tongue!

115: giggler | makes faces | loves her big brothers

116: 10/7/2012 You tried rice cereal for the first time! Jackson was just dying to feed you, so we let him give you the first bite! You were a little unsure at first, but you ended up all smiles! Now your favorite baby food is bananas!

118: Chlo-Chlo | Chloe Bear

119: little chloe girl

120: 5 1/2 Months

121: i love to play!

122: Chloe Jane 6 months old

123: sitting | sitting | baby food | likes peaches & bananas, but makes faces while eating pears! | starting to wave | 16 lbs 2 oz | 27 1/4 in long

124: Baby's First Halloween | at the pumpkin patch

125: my little ladybug | carving her first pumpkin

127: 1/2 months

128: my first | thanksgiving

130: Chloe Jane 7 months old

132: Baby's 1st Christmas!

133: 7 1/2 months

134: Chloe Jane Miller | Christmas 2012

136: First Time Meeting Santa... was at "Breakfast with Santa at the Lake. We faced you forward the hole time and kept smiling at you like nothing happened and you didn't acre that you were sitting on his lap! The second time was Christmas Eve and you figured it out! You cried just as mom snuck away to get a pic! | My Christmas Cutie!

138: Chloe Jane 8 months old

139: first word: Mom!! second word: Dad!! | total momma's girl! cries with everyone else! | Jane hs old | claps for joy

140: First time on a plane... we flew to VA so you could meet your family! | your cousin KATE | you guys chatted... | & gave each other kisses! | giggled...

141: your cousin LILLY & | your cousin JAKOB | the whole BUNCH | giggled... | new years eve!

142: First Time on the Farm!

144: I tried crackers and ice-cream for the first time and loved both!

145: California | January 2013- my first time playing in the snow... well sort of!

146: Chlo-Chlo

147: 8 1/2 months

148: Chloe Jane 9 months old | 28.5 inches | 17.2 lbs | gives love pats | cries when mom says no!

149: trying and loving new soft solid foods! | drinks from a sippy cup! | loves to play peek-a-boo! | hides her head in mom's shoulder when people say hi

151: My cousin, Mason is born! We were sick, so we had to wait to see him! There are now 5 grandkids on mom's side of the family! | 2/1/ 2013

152: my first VALENTINES day | L | O | V

153: O | E

154: ...playing in the CREEK outside our house! | 9 1/2 months

155: I Love to play! | ...eating sand at the DINOSAUR park!

156: working on first tooth | Chloe Jane | waves as she says | loves to babble | says ya and dat (that)!

157: 10 months old | learning to scoot | hi and bye! | grabs and reaches | while sitting | says nana and papa!

158: my girl | play date!

159: a day at the beach... | nope mom, no pics!

160: bathing beauty

161: wild at heart

162: my first tooth | 10 1/2 months

163: Mom dressed me as a little lady leprechaun and made me a special clover bow! We celebrated Wade's birthday and ate green everything ! | First St. Patty's Day !

164: loves to play ball | scoots across the room | Chloe Jane | 3 teeth | pulls | herself | up

165: has piggytails | says | hi daddy ! | 11 months old

166: Baby's First Easter

171: First Time on the Swings!

172: land | first | April 10, 2013 | time | to

174: 11 1/2 months | Chloe

175: first pony tail! | first piggy tails!

176: I love to laugh and giggle!

177: April 25, 2013 We celebrated your birthday at Nana and Papa's house with pizza and cookies! We made a #1 out of pepperonis and it was yummy! Nick and Claire got engaged the day before so we had some new family members to celebrate with! We had your birthday party on Sunday with the whole family and it was a princess "Once upon a Time" theme with lots of pink!

178: C

179: Chloe Jane | months | stands with help | gives high fives! | steps with help | 4th tooth came in! | says her own name | pulls herself up

180: my

181: once upon a time

184: Birthday

186: Chloe | Princess

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