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Connor's Baby Book 11x8.5

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S: Connor's Baby Book | Watch Connor Grow

FC: Connor Ethan Tubbs Born January 3, 2010 | EVERLASTING Love

1: Connor Tubbs | Shannon Tubbs (Hughes) | Brett Tubbs | Carol Hughes (Rogers) | Pat Hughes | Christopher Hughes | Martha Tubbs (Potter) | Clifford Tubbs | Audrey Jurado | Stephen Tubbs | Chloe Tubbs

2: 6 weeks (April 29) | 16 weeks (July 10) | 24 weeks (August 31) | 27 weeks (September 24) | 29 weeks (October 5)

3: 33 Weeks (November 2) | 38 weeks (December 6) | 40 weeks (December 23) | 41 weeks (December 30) | 31 weeks (October 21)

4: June 23, 2009: 14 weeks | See the Heartbeat | Boy! | It's a | August 6, 2009: 20 weeks

5: We spent a weekend in Cape May, New Jersey to celebrate our 5th anniversary in September 2009 (26 weeks along).

6: Lenore and Kim threw me a Baby Shower on October 4, 2009 | Kristine & Nicco (born 12-30-09) | Shannon & Connor (born 1-3-10) | Lenore & River (born 10-23-09)

8: We Can't Wait To Meet You! | Pictures taken 12/27/09 (40 1/2 weeks)

9: The Story of your | December 31 – At about 1:30 am, I started feeling consistent contractions that were 9 minutes apart. I tried to sleep between contractions to rest for the work ahead. Throughout the day, they varied in spacing about 5-9 minutes. We took multiple walks around the neighborhood to try to speed things along. January 1 – Contractions continued, still varying from about 4-7 minutes apart. I slept very little between contractions and Brett said I was displaying the serious signpost. At about noon, my bag of waters broke. By 6 pm, the contractions seemed to be consistently about 3 minutes apart, so we decided to go to the hospital (Santa Clara Kaiser). We figured I must be getting close – I’d already been in labor for about 42 hours. When we got to the hospital, I was 4 cm dilated. Labor continued through the night with no sleep. January 2 – By sometime in the morning, I was dilated to 6 cm. I started to feel the need to push, and it took a lot of concentration and energy to resist that urge. By late afternoon, I had dilated to 7 cm, and the contractions were about 5 minutes apart. The doctor said she understood that I wanted a drug-free birth, but I didn’t seem to be progressing, and my bag of waters had broken more than 24 hours ago, so there was some increased risk of infection the longer the labor lasted. She suggested that we consider the option of Pitocin to increase the frequency and strength of the contractions. Brett and I spent 2 hours trying to make a very hard decision as to whether we would break from our plan and take the Pitocin. We tried more walking, nipple stimulation and thumb sucking while discussing the drug option. By this time, I hadn’t slept more than 9 minutes in a row in almost 3 days. I began to wonder if they were going to send us home without a baby. | Brett made sure I was hydrated and fed me when I would tolerate it, but I was just plain tuckered out. There was no end in sight, and I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out, or if I would have the energy to push when that time came. We decided to use the Pitocin. As expected, it caused the contractions to get stronger, longer, and closer together. Four hours later, they got to a point that I just couldn’t resist the pressure and the urge to push anymore, and I couldn’t tolerate the strength of the contractions. To make matters worse, I was still only 7 cm dilated, so no progress had been made in the last day of contractions, even with Pitocin. I had been in labor for about 70 hours. The doctors advised me to fight the urge to push otherwise I would run the risk of a torn cervix since I was not near full dilation. Against all my well laid plans, I decided to get an epidural at this point. The goal was to let my body relax enough to finish dilating, and let me get enough rest to have the energy to push the baby out. January 3 – Sometime very early in the morning, they said I was 9 cm dilated, so finally I was making progress. We woke up after about 5 hours of sleeping. I was finally dilated to 10 cm. They turned off the epidural, at my request, so I would be able to feel the contractions and know when to push. We started the pushing part about 2 hours later. After 2 hours of pushing (about 82 hours after I started labor), and we were finally able to meet our new baby boy. They had me reach down and help pull him up to my chest, and we had some skin to skin time finally!

10: Connor Ethan Tubbs | Born January 3 2010 at 11:24am | 9 1/4 pounds, 20 1/2 inches

11: Good | Life | Is

12: Connor Ethan Tubbs You were born on Sunday, January 3, 2010 at 11:24 in the morning. You were 20.5 inches long and weighed 9 pounds 3.44 ounces. You had a little bit of strawberry blond hair and bright blue eyes. You had a big bump and an off-center bruise on the back of your head. Mommy said she had a matching one inside. Doctor Megan Mihok delivered you at Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara, California. You were very healthy, and after spending 2 days at the hospital in a room with Mommy and Daddy, you went home on the evening of January 5, 2010. Your first house was at 3431 Victoria Avenue, Santa Clara, California, 95051.

13: Mom and Auntie Susie helped with assembly. | Connor's Birth Announcement

14: 6 months | 5 months | 4 months | 3 months | 2 months | 1 month | 7 months | 8 months | 9 months | 10 months | 11 months | 12 months | Watch Connor Grow!

15: Santa Clara, CA in 2010 A gallon of Organic Milk $6.50 A loaf of bread $4.00 An evening movie ticket $10.75 A Sunday newspaper $1.50 A postage stamp $0.44 A gallon of gas $3.10 A laptop computer $1000.00 | Cost Of Living! | Firsts! | 19 months | 20 months | 21 months | 22 months | 23 months | 24 months | 18 months | 17 months | 16 months | 15 months | 14 months | 13 months | Started Sitting Up: 5 months First Tooth: 6 months (lower center) First Food: 6 months (Avocado) Started Crawling: 6 months First Words: 11 months - "Uh-Oh," then "Dada," "Mama," and "Up" Started Walking: 12 1/2 months (1/20/11) First Sign: 13 months - "More"

16: 6 months | just born | handprints | footprints | and | Connor's

17: 1 1/2 years | 1 year | 2 years

18: Learning to nurse Connor was one of the biggest challenges I've ever overcome. For the first 5 weeks, every 3 hours I would try to nurse Connor for 20 minutes, then Brett or I would feed him from a finger syringe or a bottle, and I would pump for 15 minutes for his next feeding. I went to the Newborn club at Kaiser every couple days, where they gave me advice I should have ignored: that he wouldn't get enough milk if we didn't do all that, and he wouldn't have enough energy to wake up on his own if we didn't wake him up to drink every 3 hours (he wasn't gaining weight quickly enough for the nurses). We had the frenulum on Connor's tongue clipped to help him stick his tongue out farther. We hired a Lactation Consultant who recommended an Occupational Therapist who gave us exercises to strengthen parts of Connor's mouth. I got opinions from nursing friends. There was a lot of crying for both Connor and me. I think the turning point was attending a La Leche League meeting, where someone said you need to take a leap of faith that you can provide all the milk your baby needs. I took that leap and finally in Connor's 5th week, he started mostly getting milk directly from the source. By the time we went to Hawaii when Connor was 10 weeks old, I was confident enough to not bring a pump. What a great accomplishment for both of us - teaching Connor how to nurse and having the confidence that I can provide all the nourishment Connor needs just by nursing him. As an added bonus, Connor was quite comfortable both nursing and taking my milk from a bottle when he went off to daycare, and I've been able to do a lot of reading. I love snuggling with him and nursing, even in the middle of the night! I nursed (or pumped at work) every 3-4 hours (usually once at night) for the first year. Then we cut back to morning and night, then just night until about 22 months It was definitely worth all the effort at the beginning! | The Art Of Nursing

19: Haircuts! | 1 year | 1 1/2 years | 2 years

20: Little Bundle | 1st month (January 2010)

21: 2nd month (February 2010) | 3rd month (March 2010)

22: 4th month (April 2010) | 5th month (May 2010)

23: 5th month (May 2010) | 6th month (June 2010) | 7th month (July 2010) | 6th month (June 2010) | 7th month (July 2010)

24: 9th month (September 2010) | 8th month (August 2010)

25: Connor's Baptism September 19th, 2010, St. Lawrence Church Connor's God Parents are Uncle Chris and Cheryl | Party People: Nana and Kupuna, Gramma and Grampa, Auntie Susie & Uncle Dorsey, The Ockerbergs, The Scheerers, The Races, The Gaglianos, and The Rosses

26: 10th Month (October 2010) | 11th Month (November 2010)

27: Family Is The Best Part Of Christmas | 12th Month (December 2010)

28: I'm One! | January 3 | 2011

29: 14th Month (February 2011) | 15th Month (March 2011)

30: 16th Month (April 2011) | 17th Month (May 2011)

31: 18th Month (June 2011) | 19th Month (July 2011)

32: 20th Month (August 2011) | 21th Month (September 2011)

33: 23rd Month (November 2011) | 22nd Month (October 2011) | 24th Month (December 2011)

34: Fall 2011 | My Family

35: Connor & Cousin Chloe | The Tubbs Family | The Hughes Family

36: Chugga Chugga Choo Choo! Connor's Turning Two! January 3, 2012

37: We had a train themed party to celebrate Connor's 2nd birthday. The people that attended were Connor, Mommy & Daddy, Nana & Kupuna, Gramma & Grampa, River, Serenity, Lenore, & Kenneth, Dylan, Jenny, & Jeff, and Nicco, Gianna, & Achilles.

38: Week 4: He rolled over on his own. I thought it was an accident, but he did it twice in a row. I didn't see it again for a week or so though Week 5: We've mastered the art of breastfeeding, and are breastfeeding almost exclusively. Noticeable improvement in his neck strength – he held his head up on his own much more when being burped or held up in a sitting position Week 7: We bought a swing and he loves it! He stares up at the fish spinning around and the colored lights much longer than we expected. It usually quiets him down right away if he's fussy. He's definitely looking around at things more. He focuses on the hanging doggies in the bouncer and bats at them. He's smiling at us more often now. Week 13-14: He's started to reach for toys hanging over his bouncer (more than just an idle hand wave). He's also started to try to put toys in his mouth if they're close enough. He's closing his hand around more objects, like his pants by his knee, or the car seat, or my hair. If we put a rattle in his hand, he often tries to bring it to his mouth, and it stays in his hand briefly before he lets go. Sometimes when I hear him in his crib, I go in and his eyes are open and he's looking around. I come into view, smile, and say "Hi Connor," and I get a big smile in return. Week 15-16: He's talking quite a bit now. Some of it sounds like gargling. Sometimes it's like a conversation – we take turns making voice noises back and forth. He's really grasping the concept of grasping – it's fun to watch his hands try to close around a toy. He brings the toy to his mouth, and sometimes gets it in. He smiles every morning at daycare at Sherry and Bunny too, and sometimes strangers who smile at him. He's chewing on his hand and my hand quite a bit, and he's a drooling maniac. We think he might be starting to teethe. He still loves doing squats and enjoys being upright while spinning and bouncing in the Johnny Jump-Up. Week 18-19: He's started rolling over. Usually he rolls right over when we put him down on his back. He often puts his arms out to the sides while on his tummy, instead of underneath him for support. He stays like that for awhile, holding his head up, but often gets fussy when he gets tired. He's not as enthralled with the swing as he used to be. He doesn't really like the Bumbo seat anymore, but he'll sit for most of our meal in the booster seat pulled up to the table. Week 21: He can stay in a sitting position with a wide leg stance for a minute or so now and can balance for a little while before toppling to the side or doing a face plant. Sometimes he leans on his arms positioned on either side of his legs, and he looks like a monkey. He's discovered his feet, and if he's sitting on someone's lap and leaning forward (he can bend in half) sometimes he's putting his toes in his mouth. He smiles at everyone quite a bit! This weekend he started squealing in a very high pitch. I hope he gets over that soon! 6 Months: We started feeding Connor semi-solid food on 6/24/10. His first food was avocado. In the past three weeks, he's also had rice cereal, banana, and sweet potato. Carrots are up next! He loves eating! Sometimes he slaps his hands on the table and squeals with joy in anticipation. The first couple times he tried to hold the spoon, and chomped on it like a toy, but he ate all the food. Now, three weeks later, he's getting much better at opening up wide, and most of the time he doesn't grab at the spoon. We're trying a sippy cup. He gets a tad of water from it, but mostly it's a chew toy right now. He started eating food at daycare on 7/13/10. Connor's first tooth broke through on 7/2/10 2, 2010 (center, bottom, left one). The second one is just about to break through on 7/14/10 (center, bottom, right one). He's on the move! He made it off the rug, although it’s not quite crawling yet. Sometimes he rolls, and sometimes he gets up on his toes, and sometimes he falls forward over his hands, but he's moving! We just got an exersaucer. He loves standing and jumping in it and looking in the mirror. Connor laughs at the silliest things, which we do over and over to hear him laugh! | 7 Months: We started two weeks of parent/tot swim lessons today. He’s pretty calm in the water, but by the end of the two weeks, he seems much more comfortable in the water, and doesn’t mind being dunked quite as much. Connor is quite a proficient crawler now, with coordinated hands and legs. On the hardwood floor, he usually crawls on one foot and one knee. Today after daycare, we were sitting on the rug, and he started pulling himself up on us to a stand over and over for an hour or two. He even worked up a sweat! We’re his new favorite toy. By the middle of August, he’s also pulling himself up on couches, bookshelves, toys, and anything else he can find. He loves standing up! He gets a big smile on his face and bounces, bending his legs repeatedly, while holding on to our hands. 8 months: Today I noticed two white spots on his upper gums – the two top teeth are coming in (left one first)! For the last couple weeks, he's been making distinct syllable sounds. Ma-ma-ma and ba-ba-ba are his favorites. Da-da-da, Ahhh, and mmmmm are also popular too. Connor is starting to explore more. He's taking off, crawling away from us sometimes, and playing on his own in a different part of the room for a while. 9 months: Connor has started crawling while pushing something along the ground with him, like his bib, a shoe, or a car. He's started moving from holding onto one object to another while standing, such as from the bookshelf to the couch. He's getting more interested in reading books and turning pages. He loves being outside and loves splashing in the water while taking a bath. He's clicking his tongue, and sometimes seems to do it to copy us. Sometimes it seems like he's trying to repeat sounds we make too. His two top teeth are still working on coming in. They're almost half way in – they're taking much longer to come in than the bottom ones did. He's drooling and blowing bubbles quite a bit, and he often chomps on his hands. He likes to slap his leg like clapping when we're driving around, and slap the table when we're getting ready to feed him. Brett put him at the table to sit with him and Nana while they ate, and handed him a toy. He pushed the toy away, looked around, and started humming, like he does when he wants more food. It seems like he's figured out that eating is what we do in that chair at the table. 10 months: He’s crawling all over the house, and exploring. Although he loves being around people, he also crawls away, down the hall or into the bathroom sometimes. He’ll push the ball (either on purpose or on accident when he means to grab it – we’re not sure which) then go chasing after it. Every once in a while, he’ll let go and stand for a second or two. He seems to do it without being aware that he is. He pushes his lips together then pulls them apart making a popping sound. If we copy him, he smiles. Sometimes he copies us. While holding on to the edge, he’s begun walking along the couch or a coffee table. He likes to hug us. He throws his arms around us and sometimes lays his head on our shoulders. He loves climbing on us too. He’s just started saying ma-ma-ma and da-da-da over and over, sometimes while crawling toward us or looking at us, and we think he is now associating those names with us now. That’s pretty exciting! He usually crawls on both knees now, although sometimes he still crawls on one knee and one foot on the hardwood. Sometimes he puts his head down and starts crawling more quickly, barreling his way across the floor, like he’s on a mission. Occasionally he bonks his head into the couch because he’s not watching where he’s going. It’s pretty funny! Connor got Roseola. On Tuesday night (11/2/10), Connor’s fever got up to at least 101.9 (it was a first for him). He seemed fine Wednesday morning, but the temperature spiked up again during the day, and I had to pick him up from daycare. I stayed home with him on Thursday too. By Friday morning, his temperature was normal, but he started getting pinhead-sized red dots all over his tummy and back. They got worse on Saturday, and Saturday night they were creeping up his head. Sunday morning he looked much better, and the spots are pretty much gone by Sunday afternoon. Connor started clapping today, with a big smile on his face. We bought a Radio Flyer Walker Wagon for Connor today. He makes laps around the house pushing the wagon, although he gets stuck at every wall and needs help turning the wagon around. He also likes to push the desk chair around the house. Connor has started pushing the shapes through his wooden turtle toy with his fingers. Then he grabs them from underneath and hits the top of the toy, as if he’s trying to fit them back in the holes. 11 months: Connor likes to take the blocks out of the box and spread them from the window to the couch on the hardwood between the fireplace and the rug. He pushes them while he crawls until they’re widely dispersed. Some he puts under the couch then looks under the couch for them later. Connor said, “uh-oh” quite a bit while visiting Hawaii and Shannon’s family, and it seemed to be in context. He seems to have made a leap in social interaction recently. He was chasing crawling people around on the floor, and he loves peek-a-boo. He was a hit at Mel and Jeff’s Christmas party. He let everyone hold him, he copied clapping, he crawled around under people’s feet, and smiled at everyone. He seems to be babbling more – in long gibberish sentences. He’s starting to let go every once in awhile and stand for a few seconds. It’s really fun watching him play now, because he can do so much more. He likes to drive the cars all over the floor on his hands and knees, and he likes to put things in the block box then take them out. | Connor's Progress! | Journal

39: 12 months: At Stephen, Audrey, and Chloe’s house, he started standing on his own while playing with Chloe’s Fridge Farm. He’s standing longer and longer every day now. Connor loves to dance. He gets his legs bouncing and his head bobbing and his arms waving. Connor has added the word, “Up!” to his repertoire of, “Mama,” “Dada,” and “Uh-oh.” He knows what it means and uses it quite often. Sometimes he throws temper tantrums. He puts his head down on the ground, his face turns red, and he gives out a loud angry cry. We don’t like those, and he certainly doesn’t get whatever he wants after that! He’s started handing toys and other stuff to us – he’s so much more interactive! He notices so many details, like a tiny bit of paper on the floor, or a bump on my neck, or a little hole in a piece of wood. Almost 13 months: Today (1/20/11) we’re marking as the day Connor launched into walking. He started taking 3-4 steps on his own! 13 months: He can walk all the way across our patio and sometimes back. He even bounces and dances. He can walk sideways too. Sometime he looks like he’s about to topple, but his balance is pretty good most of the time. It is so cute to watch him! Yesterday he started doing the “more” sign. I can’t tell if he’s really relating it to wanting more, but he’s definitely doing it at the table. He seems to understand a lot of what we say now. The first time we noticed it was when we started playing the game, “Where’s the Bear.” He’d look around the living room until he found it. If we say, “get your shoes,” he’ll go to the closet to grab them. 15 months: Connor uses the “more” sign all the time when he wants more food. He’s pretty much running, and he’s a tough little guy. He trips, then stands right back up and keeps going. He loves to clap his hands, wave his arms, stomp his feet, shake the rattles, and spin around. Sherry says he’s the best dancer at daycare, but he’s the youngest one. He’s starting to try to say a few more words, like “wheee” and “yea!” Brett just asked Connor, “Can you say ‘quack, quack?” Connor replied with, “awawa.” I tried to get him to say, “light,” the other day, because he likes to point at the lights, and he got the “L” sound out. Connor has been very clingy to me, if I’m in the room. He seems perfectly fine if I’m not there, but he often stands at my feet and cries, or tries to get out of Brett’s arms and into mine if I’m around. We started working on potty training in the middle of February. He’ll sit on the potty seat for 5 or 10 minutes sometimes, when we sit him there during a diaper change. He’s peed and pooped in the potty seat several times each, but I don’t think he gets the concept yet. He likes to rub the washcloth on his belly and the brush (hair brush and toothbrush) on his hair. Connor loves his shoes. He always sits down when we say it’s time to put shoes on, probably because he likes to play outside. At daycare, for the last couple weeks, he’s been able to pick his shoes out of the box, then he sits down on the chair to put them on. He even helps by undoing the Velcro. I think he’s trying to count. We noticed it on the way back from Tahoe. Brett had been counting in the counting book over and over. Then on the drive, Connor would open the book, make 5-10 sounds, some the same, some different, and the last one would have a downward pitch like at the end of a sentence, then he would clap. Then he’d start over. He can stack up several blocks now, sometimes buckle the chest strap on his car seat, walk over an uneven surface without falling, and climb up the stairs and go down the slide. Brett built a sandbox in the backyard, and he likes to go in the backyard and play in it, especially knocking down my sand castles. | 16 months: Connor has started to try to copy what we say. We’ll say, “Let’s go outside,” and he’ll say, “ah da,” or we’ll say, “tractor,” and he’ll respond with, “cada.” He’s beginning to pretend. He’ll pretend to pick something off the table with the tips of his fingers and put it in his mouth or into my hand. He loves to jump holding onto the edge of the crib or the trampoline at daycare. He likes to climb up the step ladder. Halfway through dinner tonight, he held out a hand for each of us to grab. I think he was praying, because he made a few sounds then one “final” (Amen) sound and let go of our hands. He repeated it about 6 times. He likes to shut doors – closet doors, cupboards, the refrigerator, the dishwasher, etc. I think he “told” me last night that he wanted to color. The craft closet door was open, and he started pulling out a bin with his crayons and paints in it. I pushed it back in, and he walked over to the table and started pulling on his chair like he wanted to get up to the table. I put him up and pulled out the crayons, and he happily colored for a while. 17 months: Connor and Daddy were roaring back and forth yesterday. A few weeks ago, Connor was playing with my cell phone in the hall bathroom. It fell on the floor, and then it was nap time. I put him in his crib, but he refused to sleep. I pulled him out about 45 minutes later. He squirmed out of my arms and went running to the bathroom where he looked around, confused (I believe) that he couldn’t find the phone there. He’s getting pretty good with a spoon. Often the food falls off the spoon as it tips before it gets to his mouth (which gets him really frustrated), but often it makes it in. Sometimes he gets angry if we try to feed him, because he wants to do it himself. He likes to clink glasses with us, and we say, “cheers!” He likes to stack up the plates at the end of dinner. Connor went on his first backpacking trip 5/29-30/11. We went to Butano State Park and stayed one night at the trail camp (5 mile hike). He liked riding in the backpack, but he didn’t really like the sleeping bag. He got his first bloody nose on 5/30/11, which was preceded an hour earlier by a bang and a bloody lip. Connor’s been throwing a lot of temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way or when he gets frustrated, which happens quite often these days. He’s also started hitting or slapping us when he’s angry – we’ve got to figure out how to curb that one soon! He’s learned the basic moves to “I’m A Little Teacup.” He’s gone potty or pooped on the potty seat multiple times recently. 18 months: At almost exactly 18 months, Connor learned the word “no.” He seems to get confused between yes and no though, when we ask a question. 22 months: We took the side off Connor’s crib, and he loves it. A couple things happened at the same time. We say, “It’s time to go to sleep, crawl up in your bed,” and he grabs large armfuls of stuff to take with him. It started out with him asking for the little tractor book, then moved to 2 books and 4 stuffed animals or so. We’ve never let him sleep with stuff, but he snuggles with it and doesn’t make a peep when we cover him with a blanket and turn out the light. He also lost interest in nursing. I tried before bed, but he wanted to climb into his bed and curl up with his stuffed animals. He’s repeating a lot that we say. When we read a book, he repeats the last word on every page. He can string words together too, usually repeating something we say. He says, “Good Night Daddy,” and “Bye Bye Daddy (with a wave).” He’s been throwing a lot of temper tantrums. He definitely has a mind of his own and something specific he wants, but he can’t always get the point across, and it’s very frustrating for him. Sometimes he’s able to figure out a word that makes us understand, and that’s pretty rewarding. About half the time we go to put on or take off clothes, he throws a big fit. I think he understands being gentle and timeout. When he hits or bites me, I tell him “no” scoldingly, then put him in his room on the middle of the carpet. He just sits there until I come and get him in about 2 minutes. The last 3 or 4 times, he’s smiled at me, given me a hug, and gently brushed his hand over my arm several times like I do when I’m trying to teach him to be gentle instead of hitting. Timeout seems to calm him down when he’s having a screaming fit too. Sherry asks Connor and Hudson if they know that Mommy has a baby in her tummy - they both lift up their shirts and look at their tummies. 23 months: We were waiting in line to take a tram up a mountain, and I told Connor to count the ornaments on the Christmas tree. He counted all the way to 10, then threw in an 11 and 13 also. Up till this point, we thought he could only count to 3! He slept all week in Indio on a twin bed – he’s moving to a twin bed at home in about a month so his little brother can have his crib in April. He’s a little parrot – he tries to repeat everything we say! He’s quite cuddley. He says (quite often), “a a hug Mommy,” then gives me a nice squeeze. Sometimes he says, “tand up Mommy,” because hugs seem to be better when I’m standing. His vocabulary is really improving. He likes to sing, especially “The Wheels On The Bus,” “Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me” (followed by “I peel, I peel”, instead of “I feel, I feel,”), “Train Is A Coming,” and “Ring Around The Rosie.” He loves to dance. Funky music seems to be one of his favorites at home. In the car, he asks for the “Me, Me, Me” song quite often from his “mu-mix.” He still loves to take multiple stuffed animals to bed with him and lay his head on them. Geronimo, the lamb, is his favorite right now. He calls it something more like,” jaw-mo”. He spent the night at Nana and Kapuna’s house this weekend. All three of them had a blast, and all three took long naps on Sunday!

40: Connor's Art

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