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S: Conors Milestones

BC: This book was made with LOVE by your Mommy.

1: We have made this book so we have something to look back on and reflect through the GOOD times and the BAD times. You are growing so quick and it is so hard to remember and hold on to all those wonderful memories. It is amazing to watch you grow and learn all that you have learn up till now and I know we are only at the beginning of the road for learning. You amaze me everyday!!!

2: December we spent a lot of time inside the house playing with you, and driving around getting to know our new town. You are very fascinated with electronics already. If it is a phone or computer you are happy to see how it works. We took you to see Santa. | We have noticed that you have fully out grown your walker. You would crack us up because you being the strong little boy that you are you will just pick up the walker and walk over carpet to get to where you want to go.

3: We made the long trip down to AZ for Christmas!!! It was a long trip. You and dad took off first and I flew down to CA and we drove the rest of the way. I am bummed for some reason i cant find any pictures but this one of the whole trip. I know it was a very stressful trip but i thought maybe we got a few pics. But I cant find any. It was a big family get together with A LOT of people and it was a 12 hour drive. We ended up leaving early just to get a jump on the long drive home. Well worth all the stress but it was very stressful. OH and we took your three dogs with us.

4: January your Uncle Jeremy Aunt Nik and your two cousins Rhian and Tyler came down for a quick visit on a long weekend. We took all you kids to a play land pizza place. You guys had a blast!!!! | On that same weekend Uncle Casey also came up for a visit. We had a house full but it was a lot of fun. Uncle Jeremy taught your Dad how to Crab so that is how you guys became the crazy crabbing pair.

5: February was cold and rainy up in our new state of Oregon. We didnt do much but your dad took you crabbing alot. | You and dad where quite the pair out there on the docks basicly feeding the crabs not really catching any big enough to eat, but you guys did catch crabs just small ones.

6: March has been a Great month. March 10th you you said your first real word. SOCK never thought it would be sock but that is what it was. You said it you sat down and pulled your sock off and handed it to me. We where shocked. You have been saying da da da. for a long time now and we think you are saying ish for fish but sock was plain as day.

7: In March you made a trip back the CA with dad and visited all grandparents and even got to see your buddy Zack and ride his bike | You started Daycare. Dad got a job to help out with finances. You started school and really seem to like it. Your Grandma Lory Also Visited.

8: April is starting to get sunny. You LOVE being outside and love to get into anything but still don't like to get your hands dirty. But you love to splash in water puddles so Grandma bought you some rain boots. | We bought you a sand and water table for home and we we to the beach to get sand for your table. You are just growing up so fast. You and your Daddy are best friends. Dad is amazing with you. He has far more patience with you then I do.

9: We call you a happy baby because you are always smiling. We call you the Forth dog because you are always in the dogs bed. | Mid-April you had surgery to remove a cyst on your lip. It was nothing big but it cleaned up your smile.

10: Random Cuteness Pictures | A boy and his dog | Being funny in your stroller | OK Charlie Brown | Sleeping in cool style | Lost in your toy box!!!!

11: You are doing so well with Feeding yourself with utensils. You can use a fork and a Spoon so proud of you!!!! | You are getting so big!!! May has been a busy month for us all. You are learning more. Your sign language is getting a lot stronger. School has helped out a lot with that. You are eating more regularly you are a picky eater so many times we cant get you to eat. Your favorite thing to eat right now is any type of cracker. You do it eat baby trees (broccoli). Your Favorite thing to watch on TV. Which you don't really watch you come back to it when they are singing, Cat in the Hat knows alot about that, Sid the science kid, or mickey mouse clubhouse.

12: Mister Picasso , Well we had a really hard night with you and I was up with you most of the night. Dad finally took over at 5am and sent me back to bed. | I woke up 3 hours later and came down the stairs and seen this. Dad had fallen asleep on the job and you found the sharpie I took from you the following day. You drew a picture. Dad finally woke up when you drew on his head.

13: May pasted by quickly. Your Grandpa Pete came up to visit you and we took you up to Eugene to watch a College Baseball game. You boys spent a boys weekend up in Eugene I had to come back because I was on call for work. | You are getting better at listening to stories. You bring us the book and actually ask to be read to. We have been reading to you since you where in my tummy. It is quite cute to watch you so interested in book. Right now the book you love is Are you my Mommy?? You have eaten it and pulled the spine of the book off, but you still love to head us read it to you.

14: Towards the end of May I got some horrorible news about a friend of mine and it changed my outlook on life and the things I am taking for granted. I have promised you that I am going to TRY and no sweat the small stuff. I will pick my battles. You have been sick with Croup, Ear Infections, and a Sinus Infection and I have been short with you and I am going to work on being a better Mom when you are cranky and Whiny. I understand you don't feel good but it has been hard to stop what I am doing and come and cuddle you. I am making more of an effort to better with this. I put this in here so that you know that I am human and I am going to make mistakes and I might even make a bad decision every once in a while that I will have to apologize for. I am learning right along with you but I always have your best interest in mind and I am willing to do whatever it takes for you to Grow up to be a responsible Adult. I only know what I have been taught and learned through the raising of my parents with me. I feel my parents did a swell job with me. I have become the responsible adult they have wanted me to. There are a few things that I remember as i was growing up that i wished i could change about my parents and I am going to try and change so i don't do those things with you. I am sure you will have things that you don't like about the way I raise you that you will change when you have kids.I am sure your father feels the same way. Like i said it is a learning process. Right now it is hard. You don't understand what we are telling you so we have to think of ways to tell you do that you do understand them. We are LEARNING to be more consistant with you. We love you Conor. Be patient with us and we will be patient with you. You have completed me and my world. You bring sunshine to us everyday.

15: The Sun came out Summer was finally here in June. It was hot for a few days so we broke out the Pool. You loved it. It was special times we spent on the deck playing in the water.

16: I think this is the most adorable picture of your little naked bottom. I know you will probably hate me for putting naked pics in here but you are just so cute. You ran around naked in the yard. | NAKED IN NATURE!!!!

17: The Weekend before Father's Day we went down to Gold Beach, OR to visit with your Great Grandparents, Great Aunt Chris and Cousin Chance. While we Down there they had a Free Fishing for Little Kids. I would call it cheating since we did it right at the Fish Hatchery but it was meant to be a learning experience and to make you ENJOY the trill of catching a fish. You where a bit young but we still had a blast.

18: Fathers Day Weekend there was a Wood Carving Contest in Reedsport. We bought not one bench but Two. It was a Huge bench. We plan on staining and selling the second bench. | Dad Quit his job at ACS. It was a very negative place and he wasn't making much money. He would rather spend valuable time with you. Well to help makes ends meet he took a job delivering phone books. We took you with us on one outing You enjoyed yourself. It was not a glamorous job but it paid a bit and I liked it because strangely enough it gave us Mom and Dad time when I wasn't at work to help Dad!!! | You are so big and always want to help. You really enjoy walking the dogs. If they will allow you.

19: Your Cousin Tyler graduated from Pre-K and he was singing a Solo and we went up there to watch him walk. It was a Fun weekend for Craziness. You got to spent time with you cousins and Grandma came up and visited. It was a great family weekend. We even took you to your first 3D movie CARS 2.

20: The Last day up in Tacoma, WA Grandma wanted to get pictures of all of you kids so we took you to Picture People and It was an Experience to say the least. We were very lucky to get some great Pictures of you Kids!!!! Here are a few of them!!!

22: We tried potty training. We got your a Potty and a potty watch. Still to soon but we are ready when you are. | You where to COOL to sit with your parents!!!! | We took you to the sprint car races. You vroom vroomed as the cars went by and really seemed to be into it.

23: You tried and Loved Corn for the first time. We had it every night that week just for you. | Watching you eat a Mcgriddle you just looked so big. This was the time when we spent most Saturday Mornings looking at houses to Buy!!!

24: We Took you to the Wildlife Park down in Bandon. It took you a good 45 mins to warm up to the fact that we where walking around with wild animals. Soon you where ok with all the goats and deer.

25: Even though you where no to sure about the big animals you love your dogs and when the dogd will allow a cuddle you are always there to cuddle them!!! | Beginning of August was Dunefest and Dad just had to take you and it was an experience to say the lest and the following week you Grandma Lory came for a 4 days visit. You guy Relaxed and played in the pool in the yard.


28: Grandma and Papa had their annual motorcycle trip to Canada and they stopped in an seen you for a night. They brought along Uncle Jeremy and Uncle Roger. You loved the motorcycles you sat on them and said vrroommmm vroom for hours. Papa wanted to take you for a ride and the minute the motorcycle moved you got scared and wanted off, with much easing you into it you finally went on a ride with Papa before they left.

30: Words you say side......Outside sock......sock cya......cya c-don......sit down dink......drink no no......no da......dog shesal......chisel da......dad momma......mom ga ba......garbage dun......done bow......boat vroom.....car utmal......apple nih nih..... Night night i c......I wanna see papa.....papa meme......grandma You are starting to really pick up words. I try and say everything we are doing and see if you will say it back. In time you will be talking so much i will wonder why I will wonder why i ever was so eager to get you talking.

31: Things you do You help throw stuff in the garbage. I am amazed that no one has told you or taught you to go vroom vroom or make car noises and when you push a car you make the right noises. You pick up your toys with some guidance. You have been picking out the shoes that go together for about 6 months now. You brush your teeth with help. You climb stairs up and down all on your own. You feed yourself with a spoon and fork for the most part. You need a shower afterwards but you get most of it in your mouth. You hold the dustpan while I sweep stuff into it and then throw it in the garbage. Big Helper!!!! You can tell me after you potty!!!! Working on before you potty!!!

32: In September Dad and I went on our Honeymoon Cruise to Alaska and you stayed with Grandma at Uncle Jeremy's house. We were gone a week to alaska. I believe it was | harder on me and your Dad then it was on you. You seemed to have a good time with your cousins. They kept you very busy and Grandma was there to comfort you.

33: You had a great week with your cousins. Grandma and Uncle Jeremy took you to the Fair were you rode some rides and had alot of fair food. Your Cousin Tyler took you on your first ATV ride, then you drove by yourself.

35: Conor Fashion!!!

36: F U N T I M E S ! ! !

37: You are at such a fun age!!!! The things that you do are just so funny and boy are you getting to smart for your britches!!!! This week Grandpa Pete was up and visiting and he was throwing the football to you and you where catching it like you knew what you were doing. It was awesome. It is so nice to be in this new phase. There for a few months I was worried. I felt like all I did was yell at you which is not what i wanted to be doing. I think you are starting to understand alot more. I get frustrated when i want you to know what i am telling you. But i have to take a step back and remind myself that you are not even two yet. Somethings you are just so advanced in that I forget you are not even two yet. We are still working on the bottle and bed thing. I just don't see it hurting you right now and if it helps you to go to bed at night then i am all for helping you be comfy. It has been nice you have been sleeping thru the night for the past two weeks it has been amazing. Now mom and dad have lost it and think they want another kid. hehehe I really want you to have a sibling. I grew up with a brother and so did Your dad. I don't know what it would be like to be an only child I just know that i think my life would of been very boring with out my brother in it growing up. I wanted to have a sister for you but you have changed my mind about it. I wouldn't mind having another boy. We already have all the supplies and i even this time have names ready for a boy. We will see we have been having issues trying to conceive you a sibling. We have been working on getting you a house to grow up in. We are do close and me and dad are very excited. We dont want to get to excited encase it falls thru but we are pretty excited.

38: If we get this house you will have your own room and it is a big room at that. You will even have a whole room downstairs to play in and make a mess so that We can have a nice clean living room. We will even have an extra room for when family comes and visits. We are excited. Well Conor I just wanted to tell you that I have been so blessed to have you as my son. It has been a struggle at times but i feel like we have turned a corner and things are going to be better. I know we will hit more rough patches along the way but know that I will always have your best interest in mind. You might not like the decision i made at the time but When you are older you will look back and understand. You might not even understand till you have kids yourself one day. I have helped raise many of my friends kids and i always thought of this is easy. but it is totally different when it is your own kid. When you get in trouble and i have to discipline you and you look at my like i am this horrorable person for doing so. It breaks me heart. My dad used to always tell me it hurts me far more then it hurts you and i used to think Dad you are crazy. But I get it now. Now that i am in his shoes and having to do the same thing it sucks. Lessons have to be learned and for the most part they will be learned easy but there are going to be some that are going to be learned the hard way. Thru discipline or injuries. It is just something that you have to go thru. I am just hoping that you start to catch on sooner because you have busted your head alot on the window sil and you still dont get it. hehehe I LOVE YOU CONOR ALEXANDER RUSHER you are my world. you have completed my life.

39: In the middle of October we had a family reunion here at the Dunes in Oregon. We have been vacationing here for a long time and we really enjoy running the dune on the quads and sand rail. You Loved Riding. I tried to take you out every day and you loved it. You even woke up a few time at 4am and was asking to go for a ride. It was an awesome week. You had alot of fun with all your Cousins and Great Cousins. | Family Reunion 2011

42: You where rubbing your face against the sliding Glass door!!! | You took a nap and Peed thru your Diaper and all we had was your sweater and Grandma's Socks to put on your.

43: Your Official First Halloween. We took you to the Pumpkin Patch the weekend before Halloween and we picked out pumpkins and carved them Halloween eve. You were a Dinosaur for Halloween. You went Trick or treating with Chloe from school and while we were at the trunk or treat we ran into almost all the kids from day care.

45: Priceless Moments with Conor | ---> You Asked Daddy to lay down and go nih nih with him on the floor <---- You Thought you would ride your House!!!! | <---- We had been reading this book to you and then you decided you would ride the Horse in the book. -----> You dropped an egg on the floor.

46: We have been doing really good at Potting in the potty. I think you are still to young to hold your bladdar but you are doing amazing using the potty!!!

47: The whole potty thing has kind of went by the way side. You only want to potty when you get to wash your hands and brush your teeth and get a yummy, I know that you are to young to get the whole concept but you are doing good when you do go potty. | Your speech has been coming along. There are alot of things that you say they we have no Idea what you are saying but Some things are getting alot easier to understand I am not sure if it is us getting used to your language or you are actually getting better at saying stuff. | You love to be read to. You read the same books over and over and over all evening long most nights. You favorite book is a collection of animal books that help you learn to count and the time of day and opposites. You can have those read to you 80 times and you still want to hear them.

50: It was the very first Thanksgiving dinner I ever cooked. You just woke up from your nap when it was time to eat and you Ate it all up!!!

51: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONOR!!!! You spent the day with your dad and then we went to Outdoor in and had a pizza party!!! | We had a great time play with kids and eating pizza!!!! You really liked riding the mechanical Race car and Horse. The day after your Birthday you slept till 9:30 you ran yourself tired.

52: I can not believe that the year has past so quickly. It was a trying year at time, but the good times we had are not even close to the bad. You have to take the good with the bad and press on in life. I hope to teach you that. I am amazed by alot of things that you do. You are super smart and if we can get you to use your knowledge for good and not bad we will be proud parents for a little child that is going to go far in life. You have changed my life in such a big way and it is all for the better. I am learning alot about myself that i never would have learned it I had not had you. I am getting better with my patience with you. I have learned that dishes, laundry, and cleaning can all wait. This is the time that we are creating memories and teaching you while we play with you. This next year is going to be a new beginning for all of us. We are buying a house so that you will have a place to call home. We love the house and I know you will love to have more room to run around. You will have your very own room. We are hoping to give you a sibling sometime in the near future. I LOVE YOU CONOR ALEXANDER RUSHER!!!!

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