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Cor'ban's First Year

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Cor'ban's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Corban Jacob Stanley Bergen

BC: Your first year of life has been an adventure. Thank you for being such a blessing to this family, we look forward to many more adventurous years as you continue to grow and amaze. We love you Cor'ban!

FC: Corban Jacob Stanley Bergen | Your first Year

1: 6 months Pregnant

2: Getting All Ready | Aaliya helped me set your room up. Your father and I ordered all the furniture and accessories on-line from the states. We painted your room in blue, cream and brown. We are so excited to meet you and now that your room is done it is even harder to wait. I can picture you lying in your bed all snuggled looking so sweet. | Dec 10th

3: Sweet little Angel of mine: My Prayer for you is Love, Peace and Strength. You are a fighter. The way you kick my ribs shows me how strong you are not just in physical strength but in a passion for life and a curiosity for your surroundings. You have shown me so much love before you have even left my womb and have shown me peace within my own heart. I just know you are destined for greatness. When I say greatness I do not necessarily mean you have to accomplish something GREAT in your life but by purely living a life with Christ as your father and savior and fully understanding the meaning of Peace, Love and Strength you will become GREAT. Whatever you do in life I will love you, whatever you accomplish in life I will be proud of you, and whatever you struggle with I will help you. You are my child and that will never change. I feel this way and Christ feels it 100 times more for you are his child too. Love Mom

4: Baby Boy Born February 11th, 2011 8lbs10oz, 54cm (21inches) at 1:30pm | Such a Beautiful Baby Boy you are. I never wanted to put you down. You were so alert and content.

6: The Day you were born I went into Labor at 5 am on Friday the 11th, after taking some Castor Oil on Thursday the 10th. You were 9 days late and I was getting very tired and wanted to see you. After starting Labor I called your Grandma Trudy and we dropped your sister's off at her house. We got to the hospital around 10:30 and I was 6 and a half centimeters dilated. I was in a lot of pain and I knew that once my water was broken it would get worse. I chickened out and asked for an epidermal before they would break my water. After the epidermal I was relaxed and laughing with your Daddy while we waited for full dilation. Daddy kept pushing the button that gave me freezing in my back so when I was fully dilated I was not able to feel when I needed to push. I was 10cm dilated for an hour before I started to push just for the sake of pushing. It took a lot of effort and finally you were born at 1:20. You were such a big boy and the nurses said you were very alert, they had not seen a baby so happy and alert as you. Your sister's, Grandma and G.G were the first to come and see you. They were so happy you were here and safe. They were so proud of you and didn't want to let you go. The first time Jada held you, you started to cry and Jada thought you didn't like her. She was very heart broken. She soon realized there would be many more times you would cry. I only stayed in the hospital for 2 days and went home with you on Saturday night. Sunday morning you were at church and we went to the front of the building to announce your birth. I was very tired but I was so excited, I needed to show you off.

7: At the Hospital | You are loved. Grandma, Taunte Erna and G.G came to see you

8: -New Born- February-March | Sleeping: You sleep for an average of 2 and a half hours at a time. You are up 5 times a night, feed and go back to sleep. I am sleeping downstairs in our spare bedroom and Daddy watches the girls in the morning. I really enjoy our time together throughout the night. I love your sisters very much but we don't get any alone time until night and you are quit the cute little boy. Growth: In this first month you are growing so fast, you weigh 10lbs,3 oz and 22 inches long at 2 weeks.

9: Why we chose your names: Cor'ban has been on our hearts since I was pregnant with your sister Jada. It means: " Gift from God, dedicated back to God". It was used in the bible as an offering to Christ. The people of the day would call a portion of their lands or wealth Cor'ban and in turn it meant it belonged to Christ and was no longer theirs. Jacob is your Great Grandfathers name and he was like a father to your daddy. Jacob is also your Uncle's name on your mom's side of the family. Stanley is your Great Grandfather's name on your mother's side. He was a wonderful pilot in Campbell River, BC for many years.

10: Grandma and Grandpa came to visit Manitoba and see their new Grandson. They were so happy to spend time with you.

12: -One Month- March -April | March 19th | March 13th | April 10th | Sleeping: You are beginning to sleep for 3 hours at a time. Mommy is still sleeping downstairs with you and loving the one on one time. Growth: You are 24inches and weighing 12lbs 15oz.

13: March 11th | April 4th | April 10th

14: -Two Months- April-May | Sleeping: You have moved into your crib upstairs and are waking up around three times a night. Your Daddy is happy to have me back in our room but is such a light sleeper that I am constantly waking him. Daddy loves you so much that he doesn't mind hearing you throughout the night :) Growth: You are 24.5inches and weighing 14lbs.

16: -Three Months- May-June | Sleeping: You are only waking up twice a night and Mommy is really enjoying the pro-longed sleep. Growth: You are 25 inches and weighing 15lbs

18: -June 1st- Mommy's Cousin Jocelyn, Auntie Chavon and your first Cousin Clark flew up to see you.

22: Going to the Zoo on our way to drop off Cousin Jocelyn at the Airport.

24: Our Photo Shoot: Your Auntie Chavon took family photo's and it was a lot of fun! It was difficult keeping you entertained and focused on the camera. All-in-all a good attempt.

26: -Four Months- June-July | You have begun to move into a crawling position. You love to bounce and are starting to get annoyed by your two bigger sisters. They just love on you so much. You are such a happy baby, very content and energetic. Sleeping: You are only waking up once around 4am and then you fall back to sleep. Growth: Weighing 16lbs and 25.5inches long. Your growth has begun to slow and Mommy is thinking it is due to how active you are becoming. | June 13th | July 4th

27: June 27th | July 11th | MY

28: -Five Months- July-August | July 14th

29: You are almost half way through your first Year of life. You are such a blessing and you bring such happiness to our home and lives. You love to laugh and smile. You have not acted shy with anyone, you are curious and love to study the people around you. You make people smile whether in the grocery store, church or walking down the street. People can't help but say hello to you. You don't mind just sitting and relaxing with Mommy but you love to bounce in my arms the best. I love your play and your snuggles. I can't wait to see the man you will become, you have blessed this family just by being in it. We love you Cor'ban Jacob Stanley Bergen and we always will. Love: Mom & Dad | Aug 2nd | Growth: 16lbs 8ounces and 26 inches long. You are sitting up and make the cutest little baby sounds. My favorite is when you giggle.

30: -Six Months- Aug-Sept | You sit up on your own and have begun crawling you are such a fast learner. I have to keep a close eye on you now! You are becoming a lot more receptive and will start to play. Your sisters keep you entertained but as soon as they touch you, you scream. You have learned how to get my attention and everyone else's in the room. Growth: Your weight did not change from last month so the Doctor was a little concerned so I began supplementing with infant formula along with feeding you your first rice cereals and solid foods. You still have no teeth so all your foods consist of mush. You seem to really enjoy eating. You are 26.5 inches long.

31: Your First Friend Asher Bamford

32: Sept 3rd Happy Birthday Grandma Trudy | We love you so much

33: You had lots of fun being held by all your relatives and eating some of Grandma's cake | You have blessed this family

34: -Seven Months- Sept-Oct | You are so busy you love to crawl all over the place and have begun to pull yourself up. Growth: 17lbs and 27 inches long | Sept 13th | Sept 16th | Oct 1st

35: Oct 1st

36: -Eight Months- Oct-Nov | Growth: 18lbs and 27.5 inches long | Growth:

38: Your First Halloween: You stayed at home with Grandma Trudy and handed out candy to all the kids that came to the door. You got to have your first piece of chocolate!

39: Jada and Aaliya went door-to-door trick or treating and brought back a lot of treats for you to sample. You went from having nothing to sweets overload. You thoroughly enjoyed Halloween.

40: -Nine Months- Nov-Dec | Dec 8th | Nov 16th | You have begun walking along the furniture . You love to laugh and play. You love to spend time with Grandma Trudy and she loves having you around. Growth: You weigh 19lbs and are 28 inches long.

41: We set up the tree and Christmas decorations early so that we may enjoy some Christmas in our new home before leaving for BC. | Nov 16th

42: 1st Christmas Eve of 2011: This year we are planning on going to B.C for Christmas and wanted to have an early Christmas with Grandma Trudy before we left. You and your sister's were having a lot of fun. Sorry to say son, but we didn't get you any Christmas pajamas this year.

44: Christmas Morning with Grandma Trudy: Woke you and your sister's at 8:00am and called Grandma Trudy to come over. You loved walking up(assisted) and seeing all the gifts under the tree. We got you to open your own gifts with out help. We had a big breakfast and you enjoyed your banana and pancake breakfast.

46: -10 Months- Dec-Jan | Sleeping: You have slept through the night for a week now. Hopefully this will continue! Growth: You weigh 20lbs 5ounces and are 28.5 inches long

47: B.C. Bound Dec 13th | Drove to Winnipeg and got a flight on WestJet to Calgary and then from Calgary we flew to British Columbia to see Grandma and Grandpa. It was the first time traveling with you. The girls had a lot of fun on the airplane and you loved visiting with all the people in the seats behind us as well as the ones in front of us. You started to get a little fussy and Mom made you a bottle. You couldn't sleep on the plane, but you often don't sleep in places other than your crib. While in Calgary your sister's took a couple of pictures of our time in the lobby. At least they were having fun during the lay-over time. It also gave you a chance to move around. So far this vacation is a success.

49: Finally arrived at Comox Airport in BC. This is the first time you have seen my Mom and Dad since you were born.

50: Our Time at Grandma and Grandpa's: | The day we arrived you got to meet your Uncle Jacob and Uncle Patrick

51: We had to make you look sharp for seeing all your relatives! Mommy did want to show you off a little bit. You are my sweetheart and I love you so much.

52: Auntie Chavon and Uncle Josh came to visit during the Christmas Holiday. Went to the park and had some fun outside. It has been raining since we got here and now finally a day of Sunshine. It felt so good to get outside. You have not been sleeping very well here. Dad moved into another bedroom for the night due to his back hurting and the little sleep you were allowing us to get. I guess you just had to get used to me sleeping right beside you. You were in a playpen but all the noise from going in and out of the bedroom kept you up all night. | Sportsplex Playground

56: Christmas 2011 Photo taken: Auntie Chavon took our Christmas photo so that Mommy could make Christmas cards for all the family. You and your sister's looked so cute.

57: You got to meet your Great Uncle Steven and your 2nd cousin Ciana Morgan. | Uncle Patrick and Uncle Josh played a lot of poker.

58: Christmas Eve: Your first Candle Light Service. After the Service we went to Great Grandpa Stan's and Great Grandma Patsy's. They had some gifts for you and your sister's. | Jada and Aaliya | Clark Barry | Isaac Flemming | Everyone is so excited for Christmas and you are starting to really enjoy all the people around. You are warming up to everyone and love to laugh and play. Your Great Grandma and Great Grandpa love you so much and want to spoil you.

61: All you kids had a fun time at your Great Grandparents.

62: Went looking at some Christmas lights and then off to Grandma and Papa's for opening Christmas pajamas.

63: Merry Christmas

64: Spending Quality time together

65: Miracle Beach in Black Creek

68: Your Dedication | Papa did your Dedication on January 1st. Last night was New Years Eve and Mommy didn't get much sleep but we were all up and ready for your dedication. Well at least some of us were.

70: Your Cousin Jocelyn came for New Years Eve and to see you Dedicated. She almost didn't make it. | You are trying to crawl up the stairs and have begun scaring Mommy. | One of your favorite things to do is watch your Uncle Patrick play Rockband.

71: You love to dance to Papa playing his guitar. Mommy really loves it when your Grandpa plays. It reminds me of when I was little and your Papa used to play for me before bed. He used to play me sad Country songs and now I love them.

72: -11 Months- Jan-Feb | Jan 19th | You are one of the happiest babies I have ever met. You are so full of life and laughter. The only time I really see you upset is when you are hungry or your sister's are crawling all over you. They do love you ever so much :) You love to crunch your face up, just like Grandma Trudy used to do when she was little. You are walking along furniture and will stand on your own if it is unknown to you. The moment you see you aren't holding anything you drop. You are quit the crawler so I don't think you are very motivated to learn to walk.

73: Sleeping: You are having troubles sleeping, you have cut your two bottom teeth and are still a little out of sorts from our BC trip. You wake twice a night and are still nursing through the night. Growth: You weigh 21lbs 3ounces and are measuring 29 inches long.

74: Your First Birthday February 11th | Happy Birthday Cor'ban Jacob Stanley Bergen

75: We are so proud of the little man you have become. I can not wait to see every new stage of your life. You have blessed our lives Cor'ban and we love you. Your sister's love you and so do Daddy and I. You have made this family even more complete. You are my son and I will cherish you always. God knit you in my womb and is continually molding you into a man. I am sure you will be such a joy to all those around you. Love: Your Family | Happy Birthday Baby Brother! Love: Jada and Aaliya

76: Jam filled Car Cake

78: Present Time

79: You are standing on your own and will walk assisted. I hold one hand and you motor yourself. You point at things you want. You make sounds but no words. You crawl every where you want to go but soon you will be walking. You have your two bottom teeth and I see the outline of your two top teeth coming in. You have a big personality and love to scream either in play or frustration. You are growing so much and we love you. Growth: You weigh 21lbs 9 ounces and 29.5 inches long.

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