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David's First Year: Volume 1

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David's First Year: Volume 1 - Page Text Content

S: November 19, 2010 - March 11, 2011

FC: November 19, 2010 - March 11, 2011 | David Holman Pugh

1: Mommy was eating lunch with Mimi, Aunt Trenia, and Aunt KJ and got a phone call that YOU were going to come and join our family. She called Daddy and he was so excited! Mommy and Daddy have prayed for you to be born for years and years. We learned that you were going to be a little boy and and you were going to be born in three weeks! There was a lot to do to get ready for you and lots of people to tell about your arrival... | One Tuesday... | For this child I have prayed, and the Lord has granted me the desires of my heart. 1 Samuel 1:27

2: Before.... | Our friends and family were told you were coming to join our family with a delivery of baby blue cupcakes. They had been praying for you! Daddy got so excited he backed the car into a ditch and got a flat tire! | Dancing for Joy... | Making a registry... | Fixing your window...

3: Everyone came to our house to paint and fix up your room. We had to work quickly! Daddy and Mr. Taylor put in new floors and Papa helped put together your crib that Grandad gave you | Painting... | Sweeping... | Having fun waiting for YOU!

4: WBW Shower | Daddy's work friends threw a shower and gave you such sweet gifts. They gave you everything from diapers and baby wipes to your polka dotted diaper bag, lamb lovey, and church outfits. Ms. Amanda wrote down your gifts. They also gave us advice on how to take care of you! | 11/12/10

5: GRMC Shower | 11/17/10 | Mommy's work friends also gave a shower for you. We ate yummy food and opened all your gifts. Aunt Ashley made sweet tablecloths and decorations and wrote down your presents. Jacob helped open your special gifts including baby basics and a jonjon Ms. Kerri made just for you!

6: We decided to name you David Holman. David meaning "beloved" because we felt so blessed that you were ours and you are so loved! Also, because David is a strong Biblical name. There are several Davids in our family, too! Holman is after your paternal grandfather Howard Holman Pugh who passed away the year before you were born. He was a good man, like David, and we pray that you grow up to have traits like your namesakes. | Your Name

7: And then the big day finally arrived... | We received this picture of you and fell in love. This is what you looked like 2 weeks before you were born. Your room was ready and so were we!

8: We got a text at 2:19 pm that said, "Your baby is here". We went into the nursery and they brought you in... Your grandparents and Ashley watched at the window... | W A I T I N G | November 19, 2010

9: You were 22 1/2 inches long and weighed 8 pounds. You were perfect!

10: Amazed

11: Blessed

12: You had very long feet and long fingers and had lots of dark hair... They had to shampoo it in the sink and brush it! | We held your hands when they gave you your first shots and we gave you your first bottle... | They put you in Mommy's arms and we've never been so happy. You are truly a gift from God!

13: We wheeled you down the hall to meet your grandparents and friends... | Precious Baby | You were very awake and had wide eyes taking everything in...

14: "Think of all the wonderful things the Lord has done for you" 1 Samuel 12:24 | Mimi got Daddy a desk calendar for Christmas... Do you know what it said the day you were born?

15: You may not have grown under my heart for 9 months, but you grew in it right then... | David, you are a miracle. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for your life.

16: Your grandparents were so excited to meet you, but first Daddy needed to hold you. You were the first baby that he ever held! | With Gigi | David and Mimi

17: You went to sleep, but became wide awake around 10 pm for Daddy to feed you... | Papa and Grandad...

18: Visitors

19: Everyone wanted a chance to hold you and feed you. Your Pawpaw, Aunt Trenia, and Aunt KJ came by the hospital as well as lots of our friends...

20: When | You wore the Feltman Brothers gown and bonnet that Daddy wore home from the hospital and Grandad helped dress you and put you in the car. It was a sunny and warm day for November! You were so good on the ride home and Mommy rode in the back seat with you... | Going Home | When we got home, Mimi, Gigi, and Papa came over. You also got to meet your Daddy's Uncle Mack and Nanna. We couldn't believe you were finally home. You were a good eater and good sleeper from the start and loved to sleep in the Moses basket.

22: First Day | Later that day, your Grandad and Oma came over. Your Oma was so proud and thinks you look like Uncle Harold did when he was a baby. | November

23: At Home | Several friends and family also came by that evening including Uncle John, Aunt Celeste, and Samuel. So did a bashful Elijah and Ms Lexie. She took pictures of you at the hospital when you were born! | 22nd, 2010

24: First Visitors

27: See the frame behind you? That is the cover of the magazine that Daddy got the plans to build the changing table you are laying on in this picture. Daddy built it a couple of years before you were born...out of faith that you were coming to join our family one day. You are an answered prayer, David! | Baby David | 11-24-10

28: Mommy Loves David

31: Daddy's Boy

33: Our Family | 11-24-10

34: Mimi gave you your first bath. You love the warm water, but bath time is NOT your favorite. You like being wrapped up in your whale towel and snuggled after it is over. We hope you learn to love baths! | Bath Time

35: Rub- A - Dub Dub... David's in the tub... And he's ready to get out! | At first, you needed sponge baths and then we bathed you in the sink.

36: 1st Doctors Visit | You were so good for Dr. Snell. She was Mommy and Daddy's doctor, too! You had lost 3 oz. since you were born, but you were very healthy! You didn't cry until we had to put your clothes back on. | November 23rd 2010 | In the waiting room

37: You had to go back to the hospital to have you hearing re-screened. The nurses were glad to see you again and you were very good for them. You looked so pitiful with all of that stuff on your head! You passed and then we got to go see some of mommy's work friends. | Hearing Test | December 3rd 2010

38: #1 | #2 | 11/26/10 | Your First Iron Bowl The Hills came over to watch the game at our house. You ended up wetting through 2 football outfits before kickoff! Outfit #1 was the first thing we ever bought for you...A blue Auburn onesie. Next, you wet through a football sleeper and finally wore an orange and blue bodysuit Ms. Marilyn bought for you. You slept in the Moses basket on the sofa with us. We screamed and cheered and you never woke up. We won 28-27. | IRON BOWL

39: #3 | This is as close as we got to a "Touchdown Auburn"! | 12/4/10 | S E C Championship Game We watched this game at home, too. You wore a football sleeper and slept in the pack n play for the entire game. You don't seem very into football yet, but we'll give you a little more time. We won the SEC Championship game again South Carolina 56-17. It was a blowout and got us into National Championship game. | SEC CHAMPS

40: We stayed at home on Thanksgiving, but you had many visitors. You wore an outfit that said, "I'm Thankful For Mommy". You were in someone's arms all day long!

41: We Give Thanks for Our Little Turkey

42: Your first social outing was on December 1st. We went to Oma's house and visited for a while. You did not want to go back into your car seat when were leaving! We stopped by Ms. Lexie's house and saw Cy and then picked up lunch for Mimi and went to the store. Ashley came to eat with us, too. You slept the entire time. | Getting Out

43: First Visit to The Alabama Gift Company

44: Weight: 11.3 lbs (84%) Length: 22.5' (77%) Head Circ: 37.5 (97%) | Tummy Time

45: David, you are one month old! You saw Dr. Quizon and got your next Hepatitis shot and PKU. You are gaining weight and growing well. Your doctor said that we needed to practice more tummy time. You are gaining so much control of your neck and head! You get tired very quickly and will lay your head down with a big dramatic sigh. It's hard being a baby! | December 20, 2010

46: You love the swing. This is a picture of the first time you were in it. Your favorite way to swing is pacifier in, blanket on, and swing at the highest setting. | David? What are you looking at? You would stare at the lamp or ceiling fan all day. The first time you went into Academy you never looked down. Fluorescents are your favorite. | You love to sleep with both arms up around your head. We have heard that it is a sign of a content baby...and for the most part, you are pretty content. Sometimes you hold your ears, too. | First Favorites | Swinging | Lights | Arms Up

47: Charlie is your buddy. He stays right next to you all day. You look at him sometimes, but I guess YOU are Charlie's favorite! He even lays out in the hall when you sleep. | You love to lay on our chests. You get bad hiccups and we hold you until they stop. You will sleep for a very long time this way. You are so snuggly right now and we hope you stay that way! | You love the NUK brand. Right now they look SO big on your tiny face! You cannot keep it in very long, so it turns into a game. Paci in, Paci out...This is a favorite we hope you drop soon! | Charlie | Snuggles | Pacifiers

48: Some crazy things you do are... | "Paci Grab and Hold" You will hold your own pacifier in! It's amazing....but then you rip it out of your mouth and cry because it's gone. Silly boy! | "OOOOHHH" The first silly face you made was rounding your lips. You actually said "OOHH" once when Mommy was singing to you when you were a few weeks old! It is so cute! | Funny Boy! | "The Fishhook" On a daily basis, you reach inside Mommy's mouth and grab her lip like a fisherman holds a fish! It looks so funny!

49: "The Witching Hour" Every day from 6 pm to 7 pm, you cannot settle down. In this picture you can see three pacis that couldn't soothe you and that crazy look on your face.... You are a wild thing! | "The Elvis" You make this cute little sneer all the time. We call it your "Elvis look". You make it for the camera a lot. | "Milk Mouth" Our favorite - You get SOOOO sleepy after you eat and will fall asleep with your formula on your chin. We call you our sweet little milk mouth and then you start to smile. You are so sweet when your belly is full!

50: The next generation...Addison, Anna, and David | Uncle David with Baby David

51: Meeting cousin Randy | Christmas Begins... The Saturday before Christmas. Mommy's family got together and were excited to meet you. You have lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles! You slept most of the day...

52: Sleepy Baby | Toy Chest from Aunt Mary

53: When we arrived ,Dwight pushed you around and around in your stroller to soothe you. Your Great Great Aunt Ivlean got to hold you and Mimi didn't want to put you down. Your Aunt Jennifer was also here that week. Poor Aunt Jen was sick and couldn't hold you very much.

54: Christmas Eve was very busy. Daddy took you to Papa and Gigi's while Mommy worked at Mimi's store. Nana held you and you looked sweet in a dressy blue Santa outfit...that you spit up on. We changed you into the plaid outfit and headed to Oma's. You were very alert and got a little fussy. By the time we headed to Mimi's, you were asleep. Kipper was so jealous of you! The weather was getting colder and you won't believe what was in store for the next day...

55: Christmas Eve

56: Can you believe it? Your first Christmas was a WHITE Christmas! We only took you out for a minute (and realized that you have no cold weather clothes!) You wore a white bunny sweatsuit and Daddy's hat from when he was a baby. You stuck your tongue out a few times and didn't seem to mind how hard it was snowing. It was beautiful...

57: David

58: Christmas Day

59: Grandad and Linda came over in the morning. You wore your pj's from Ms. Meredith. Mimi and Jopa came over to see you and then we headed to Gigi and Papa's for lunch. | You stayed in the swing during gift opening, but received many great gifts during the day including a bookshelf and books, an activity mat, clothes, and a mobile. Samuel also gave you his Dr. Suess books.

61: David's First Christmas | We went to Mimi's for dinner and ate with PawPaw, Jopa, and Kipper. You stayed in Mimi's lap for hours. It was a wonderful day!

62: Special Ornaments (Clockwise from top left) Pooh from Hope Strawn, Giraffe from Mommy, Rattle from Gigi, Aubie from Mimi, Your footprint, Train from Vonnie, Doctor from the Hills, Block from Mommy, 2010 from Sherry Whorton, Bassinet from Jopa, Analee Kitty from Vickie, Handprint Kit from Aunt Jen | Jopa bought this ornament in 2009... before we even knew about you! How did he know you would be a little boy?

63: A Christmas To Remember... | 2010

64: Week One | Week Two

65: Week Three | Week Four

66: First Sunday at Church You wore a gown and bonnet from the Brewers and went to the 8:30 service. You loved the music and smiled and cooed as we sang. We sat in the cry room, but you still stared at the lights in the sanctuary. David, we pray that you will love Jesus and enjoy your church family that loves you so much!

67: January 9, 2011 | Rainbow Presbyterian Church

68: We got around five inches of snow! We walked to Gigi and Papa's house holding your car carrier in the snow. Gigi kept you inside while we built a snowman with Papa. The next day we visited Maddie across the street. You were a cute little Stegosaurus! | Let It Snow!

69: January 10 - 11, 2011

70: Auburn won the National Championship! You made it to half time before you went to sleep but some highlights of the game for you include: Your expanding Auburn wardrobe, When Auburn kicked off and we were saying "Waaaaar Eagle" , you smiled and said "aaaahhhh", and of course the (too close for comfort) win. You are getting so vocal and coo and smile all the time! | War Eagle!

71: January 10, 2011

72: Week Five | Week Six

73: Week Seven | Week Eight

74: 2 Month Checkup | This month your sweetest milestone was cooing. Your first sound was on 1/11/11. You said "Ga" and laughed at Mommy singing Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. You impressed everyone a few days later with your all of your new sounds at the store! Your voice is so sweet and you say "Ga", "Guy", "Gee", and "WooWoo." Your smile melts everyone! | Rah Rah Roma roma ma!

75: Weight: 14.13 lbs (92%) Length: 23.75" (61%) Head Cir: 40cm (34%) Shots: Pentacel, PVC13, Rototeq | 11/24/11 Mimi and Daddy took you to your appointment with Dr. Nagji. He said you were a very healthy baby and you impressed him with your smiles. He said not to worry about your bellybutton sticking out. You only cried at one of your shots and went home with Bugs Bunny Band-Aids. | ah ah ah! Gaga oh la la...

76: First Runny Nose | The day after your shots, you started having your first runny nose. You coughed and sniffed and had to sleep sitting upright in your car seat! But every morning you would be happy and giggling. You would sit in the bathroom while Mommy got ready for work and smile while you you look like a sick baby? The only thing you didn't like was the nasal aspirator!

77: Holding A Rattle | February 3rd, 2011 | You've been enjoying the sound of the rattle for a while and will watch it, but you haven't been interested in holding it until tonight. You and Daddy worked on holding the rattle and you held it for 30 seconds or so and would shake it. I think you surprised also entertained Charlie and Ava with the noise and movement!

78: Week Nine | Week Ten

79: Week Eleven | Week Twelve

80: _____________________________________________________________ | Three Months Old | Little Prince | Eating: 6 oz bottle every 3 hours...Sleeping: 8-10 hours a night....Loves: Paci, laying on

81: You are three months old! This month you have become so alert and interactive. You laugh and smile all the time. You love the ladies and always have a sweet smile for them! Your hands are always in your mouth and your head is steady. Next month you will have a doctors appointment. | At 12 weeks you were around 15 lbs. Big boy! | the changing table, swing, and activity mat...Sweet baby: All the time, day and night!

82: Gigi's Shower

83: Gigi's friends threw her a "Grandmother Shower". It was hosted by Anita Watson (who was also Mommy and Daddy's 2nd grade teacher!) She got a lot of sweet things to help take care of and entertain you at her house. We came before the shower ended and you were squeezed and kissed by everyone there! | February 12th 2011

84: Everybody Loves David | Ann Elizabeth is kicking you through Ms. Bethany's belly! | Mr. Shane had never held a baby before...he tried to let you walk on the floor! | Sarah Grace calls you "My Baby David" and loves pictures of you! | Ms. Kala kept you on your first Sunday in the nursery.

85: Ms. Lexie loves you so much, David! She can't stop squeezing you! | Elijah loves to pet you (and poke your bellybutton!) | Cy thinks everything is for you..."Is this for Baby David?" | Ms. Katie carried you around during most of the Super Bowl!

86: Valentine's Day 2011

87: You brought home your first "crafts" from daycare on February 14th. They traced your little hands and made cutouts for a valentine. Your little fingerprints are on the picture frame. You also came home with cards in your sack. The Sunday before Valentine's day you wore this sweet outfit from Gigi. What a precious Valentine you are!

88: Growing Boy | You are already over 17 pounds at 15 weeks old! You wear 6-9 month sleepers!

89: Your personality is coming out in the sweet and silly faces you make. You are so ticklish, too! Once you start can't stop! | Tool outfit Kerri made for you

90: Spring is Coming..

91: 1st Pair of Sunglasses | The weather is getting warmer and you enjoy strolling around the neighborhood. You wear your sunglasses and never touch them once they are on! You usually fall asleep during our walks. | 3/6/11

92: March 15th... | was a big day for you... | First Day in Overalls

93: And First Time to Roll Over! | You've been trying for weeks and you finally did it! We kept you entertained by playing your musical frog in front of you...then you rolled over! We clapped and cheered and you grinned. So proud of you!

94: You change every day! When people are speaking you watch them so closely (including people on tv!) You are bright eyed and happy all the time...even now while you're teething! Here are some of the things you love...

95: Patty Cake or ANY song! | Everything goes in your mouth! | Rubbing hair when sleepy | Jumparoo and Exersaucer | Legs always in the air! | Your favorite songs are "Zipadee Do Da", "Rise and Shine", "This Is The Day", and "Be Careful Little Eyes What You See"

96: Week Thirteen | Week Thirteen | Week Fourteen

97: Week Fifteen | Week Sixteen | Week Sixteen

98: Daddy and David | We can't believe how fast 16 weeks went by. You've doubled your weight and your cuteness!

99: Mommy and David | Mommy and Daddy love you so much and we love to watch you grow. Everyone comments on your sweet disposition and we pray that you are always such a happy boy. We can't wait to see what the next 36 weeks have in store for you!

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