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David's First Year: Volume 2

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David's First Year: Volume 2 - Page Text Content

S: March 12, 2011 - August 25, 2011

FC: David Holman Pugh | March 12, 2011 - August 25, 2011

1: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week4 | Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 7 | Week 8 | Week 9 | Week 10 | Week 11 | Week 12 | Week 13 | Week 14 | Week 15 | Week 16 | Weeks 1 - 16 | First Year

2: First Day of Spring 2011

4: First Wedding | 3-19-11

5: Shane and Katie Ellison's wedding was your first. It was also the first time you met Ann Elizabeth. You came with Mimi and sat in the cry room. You visited with everyone at the reception at Rainbow Pres and enjoyed all the hugs! | Kiss the Bride

6: First Bite 3/17/11

7: Gimme Some More! | Today you had your first bites from a spoon of rice cereal. You swallowed your first bite beautifully (per your speech therapist Mommy!) After a few bites you wanted to hold the spoon and then the mess making started! You are a good eater so far!

8: On March 30. 2011 you had your 4 month check up with Dr. Quizon. You weighed 18.3 lbs (92%), 27 inches long (94%), and head circumference of 43.8 cm (79%). He called you a Sumo wrestler! You were happy and friendly with him and didn't cry when your finger was pricked. You had the same shots as your 2 month visit and only cried with the second shot. The doctor was pleased with your growth and we will go back when you are 6 months old. Also, your belly button has finally gone down! | Four Month Check Up

9: One of the milestones you have met recently is that you are happier in the bath. No more tears with bath time! You enjoy the warm water and can splash around in the sink. However, you are outgrowing the kitchen sink and will move to the baby tub soon. You look so sweet in your hooded towel! | Bath Time

10: Four Months Old

12: Four Days | Four Months

18: Friends | There are so many people who love you, David. Here are a few...(clockwise) Jsho, Marianna, Taylor, Catherine and Jack, Claire Beth, Frances, and Carter. But this month you have two new special friends that made their debut...

19: Ann Elizabeth Vaughn | Helen Caroline Lancaster | 3/31/11 7 lbs. 10 oz. 20 1/2 " | 3/17/11 6 lbs. 12 oz. 19 "

20: Aunt Jen | Aunt Jen came to visit April 6, 2011. We went to meet her at the airport and she was amazed at how much you've grown since Christmas! You had so much fun with her and she could get you giggling and screaming when she tickled you. We went shopping and visited with your grandparents. She helped so much with you that week and it went by too quickly! Your Aunt Jen loves you to pieces!

21: Fun at the River

22: Week Seventeen | Week Eighteen

23: Week Nineteen | Week Twenty

25: All of your friends got together on April 21st to play with baby chicks and learn about the Easter story. You sat in Mommy's lap with Sarah Grace and listened quietly.

26: First Easter | April 24, 2011

29: April 21, 2011

31: The day before Easter, we dyed eggs at Mimi's. You played with your toes (your favorite). On Easter Sunday, you went to church and had lunch at Mimi's. You slept so long after lunch, we had to wake you up so everyone could see you! You got 4 Easter baskets!

32: Baby Shower May 1, 2011

34: Your shower was held at Rainbow Pres and was a very anticipated event! There were lots of ladies ready to "shower" you with precious gifts and tons of hugs and kisses. You had a ball! For over 2 hours you smiled and cooed at all the girls. Your favorites were of course the little ones in attendance like Claire Beth, Carter, and your neighbor, Anne. You received so many special gifts including your high chair and handmade blankets and outfits. We are so blessed.

36: Mother's Day was a busy day. You went to church then hung out at Mimi's house. After lunch you visited Nana and Gigi and then went to Oma's house.

37: You and Daddy gave Mommy this beautiful silver nest with three blue eggs...one for each of us! Mommy is so proud and blessed to be your mother.

38: Four

39: Generations

40: Week Twenty One | Week Twenty Two

41: Week Twenty Three | Week Twenty Four

42: Look who can sit!

43: On May 19, 2011, the day you turned six months old, you sat by yourself for the first time. You are getting steadier everyday!

44: Giles Wesley Sutton 5/8/11 6 lbs 11 oz 20 1/4 in | You have two new friends! Giles was born first to Mommy and Daddy's friends, Wes and Jennifer. Wes and Daddy knew each other since they were babies, too! When you met Giles you wanted to touch his face and took his paci out! Giles is a happy baby like you...

45: Davis Charles Brown 5/18/11 7 lbs 11 oz 20 3/4 in | Next, Davis was born to Mommy and Daddy's friends, Taylor and Kala. You met Davis when he was one week old at church. The three of you boys are nursery buddies. Mommy did a bad job of getting a picture of you and Davis, so he is 4 months old in this picture!

46: Memorial Day 2011 | We went to the Lancaster's lake house and you spent some quality time with your girls, Helen and Ann Elizabeth while Mommy and Daddy hung out with their friends. You napped in the sun by the lake. This was your first time to spend the night away from home.

48: You LOVED it! The faster the boat went the more you smiled! You squealed and giggled the whole time. The only tears were when we stopped. It was a very fun day! | First Time On A Boat

50: June 7, 2011 | On Mommy & Daddy's 8th wedding anniversary, our family went to the probate court to have our "Family Day". The day that Judge Bobby Junkins declared you to be our son forever. He was very kind and told us that many people have been praying for our family. He gave you a little blue Bible (which you tried to put in your mouth) and congratulated us for such a sweet and happy baby. Your Mimi, Grandad, and Papa were also there to celebrate with us.

51: David we are so honored and proud to be your parents. We love you so much!

52: 6 Month Checkup | 22 lbs, 4 oz (97%) 28 3/4 In (94%) 46 cm (92%)

53: June 7th was a very busy day! You also had your checkup with Dr. Nagji. You were so fascinated by him! You had the same shots as you did at your last visit and only cried with your last shot. Dr. Nagji said for you to start eating meats, start vitamins, and cut back on your formula. He was excited to see how well you are sitting up and how much you are growing! | David LOVES Sofie

54: That night we celebrated with all the friends that have prayed for you since before you were born. Your friends Sterling, Ann Elizabeth, Elijah, Charlie, Helen, and Maddie were there, too. You played in your exersaucer and gave out lots of hugs. Your friends are so sweet to you and like to bring toys to you and "help" you play. Sterling even put your paci in your mouth for you! We ALL love you so much!

55: June 7, 2011

56: Week Twenty Five | Week Twenty Six

57: Week Twenty Seven | Week Twenty Eight

58: First Beach Trip | June 12th - 19th Seagrove Beach, Florida

59: You had a GREAT time on your first trip to the beach. Your favorites included playing in your baby pool on the sand, the big pool, letting the waves hit you, and most of all...eating sand.

60: We got there and went straight down to the beach... | Not sure what to think about the sand... | Hmm...this feels pretty good... | Mommy...what do you think?

61: I think it looks....YUMMY! | First steps in the ocean... | First nap on the beach... | Already a great beach baby!

62: Most mornings, you would eat breakfast on the porch, play, then take a nap inside. When you woke up, we went to the beach and you sat on the shore line and ate sand and played in the water. Next, you played in your baby pool, chewing on every toy and splashing around. You ate your lunch on the beach and took a nap under the tent. After napping we went to the big pool and then went inside to bathe and get ready to eat again! What a life!

63: David, you are such a happy and laid back baby. Everyone enjoyed you being on this trip. On the way to and the way home from the beach...you slept the entire trip! You slept in a pack n play and slept all night each night. You still have never met a stranger and whether it was a trip to the outlets to shop or to Seaside for ice cream, you were happy and content. We were so glad that you were able to spend time with your great aunts, uncle, and cousins. We love that you love the beach!

65: Beach Baby

68: First Father's Day | Work | Rest | Play

69: Daddy's first Father's Day was spent driving us home from the beach. We ate at Moe's and you gave him some Auburn football guys. You saw Papa and Grandad later that week. These men love you so much! | June 19th 2011

70: Baby Shower | 6-25-11

71: Mommy's high school friends hosted a shower for you at Aunt Meredith's house. She decorated everything beautifully and you received such nice gifts! You were also able to meet William, Gywn, and Luke and enjoyed playing with all the toys Luke brought. We are so grateful for all the people who love you.

72: Baptism June 26th, 2011

73: Your baptism was a very special morning. Your Sassy made you a beautiful gown to wear. You fell asleep before the ceremony and slept through it, only raising your head a little when Mr. Robbie placed the water on your head. Mrs. Carmela did a special children's sermon and you woke up and smiled and laughed. She talked about how even though waiting for you was so hard, we never stopped talking to God. We are all so blessed.

74: Sassy stitched your name and baptism date in the slip of your gown | The Sacrament of Baptism The covenant promise made to Abraham is made to all believers and their children who not only have an interest in the covenant, but a right to the seal of it, and to the outward privileges of the church under the gospel. It is through infant baptism that we receive children into the life of the visible church, distinguished from the world, and united with believers into the covenant family. As with circumcision in the Old Testament, baptism marks a child as set apart to God and engaged to Christ. We agreed to these questions:

75: Do you claim God's covenant promises on David's behalf, and do you look in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ for his salvation as you do for your own? Do you understand that baptism is not a magical ceremony, in itself gaining for David the grace of Christ, but do you acknowledge his need of the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ and the renewing grace of the Holy Spirit. Do you at this moment declare before our covenant-keeping God that, relying on his faithfulness, you will raise David, by example and word, to trust in Christ alone, live for Christ first and love Christ's church? | The congregation agreed to undertake the responsibility of assisting us in the Christian nurturing of you. | DPH

76: July 4th 2011

77: First Independence Day

79: You had a lot of fun on your first fourth of July. We spent the day at the river. You enjoyed the water! Aunt Jen was in town and you loved playing with her. You didn't seem interested in the fire works and ended up napping on the sofa.

80: Week Twenty Nine | Week Thirty

81: Week Thirty One | Week Thirty Two

82: July 14, 2011

83: After months and months of chewing and drooling, your first tooth finally came through. It is the bottom left front tooth and is just a little spike right now. You can't keep your hands off of it! Your Aunt Mary and Trenia were in town that day and got to feel it. You are being so sweet and happy even though you are cutting these teeth!

84: Whenever you see Ava and Charlie you say "keekee" | You love to watch yourself in the mirror! | Sofie the Giraffe is one of your favorite toys | You love to nap and snooze on the sofa | You love pears & sweet potatoes, but don't like peas or apricots | Seven Months | What You Love...

85: You love blankets for peekaboo and before you sleep | You love books with textures and turning pages | You love to put everything in your mouth & you're babbling | You love the exersaucer and the animal book on it | You rode in the grocery cart and enjoyed it this month! | You love laying around in your diaper!

86: On The Move... | Look Who's Crawling! July 24, 2011 8 Months Old

87: You are "Commando Crawling" now! You crawl by pulling along on your arms and left knee with your right leg out straight. The first thing you crawled to...the tv remote control. Now you enjoy "chasing" the cats. You are so excited to be on the move!

88: Week Thirty Three | Week Thirty Four

89: Week Thirty Five | Week Thirty Six


91: F | R | I | E | N | D | S | B | E | S | T | Your buddy, Hudson Elway Morgan, was born on July 30, 2011. Weighing in at 7 lbs, 2 oz and was 20 inches long. You met him for the first time on Mommy's birthday, August 6th. You were so curious! You wanted to touch his face and be right next to him. Aunt Ashley and Mommy are so excited to raise the two of you together. We pray that you will encourage each other and grow up to be godly men... who always love their mamas! We love you, Hudson! | with Dede

92: First Night Away From Home | 08/06/11 | Mimi's House | All Packed Up! | You spent the night with Mimi and Aunt Jen and had lots of fun! You slept well and met us at church the next morning.

93: We ate at Linda's for Mommy's birthday. You helped unwrap presents and crawled around on the floor making everyone (and yourself) laugh! You are getting so fast and can stand holding onto things very well. You'll be pulling up any time... | August 7, 2011

94: Gulf Shores | Aug 18- 21

95: We went to Gulf Shores for a few days with Mom and Jopa. You still love the beach. We had to keep your paci in so you wouldn't eat the sand...

97: You loved the ocean and being spoiled by Mimi and Trenia... | You found water bottles and loved to squeeze them...Aunt Jen loves to squeeze you! | You read books with Mimi and hung out with Daddy under the tent

98: Week Thirty Seven | Week Thirty Eight

99: David, We can't believe that 8 months have already gone by this quickly! You are growing up so fast into a sweet little boy. You bring so much joy to everyone and we are so blessed to be your parents. It is so exciting to watch you learn and experience new things every day. We love you the bestest and the mostest in the whole wide world! Love, Daddy and Mommy

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