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David's First Year: Volume 3

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David's First Year: Volume 3 - Page Text Content

S: August 26, 2011 - November 19, 2011

FC: August 26, 2011-November 19, 2011 | David Holman Pugh

1: We ended your Eighth Month with pictures with Aunt Lexie. Look how long you are on your changing table! You have grown so much...

2: 1 Week | 2 Weeks | 3 Weeks | 4 Weeks | 5 Weeks | 6 Weeks | 7 Weeks | 8 Weeks | 9 Weeks | 10 Weeks | 11 Weeks | 12 Weeks | 13 Weeks | 14 Weeks | 15 Weeks | 16 Weeks | 17 Weeks | 18 Weeks | 19 Weeks | This is your first year so far...

3: 20 Weeks | 21 Weeks | 22 Weeks | 23 Weeks | 24 Weeks | 25 Weeks | 26 Weeks | 27 Weeks | 28 Weeks | 29 Weeks | 30 Weeks | 31 Weeks | 32 Weeks | 33 Weeks | 34 Weeks | 35 Weeks | 36 Weeks | 37 Weeks | 38 Weeks | You are becoming a big boy!

4: August 16th 2011

7: That week you began to do this silly grin where you would scrunch up your nose and stretch your smile. You can see it in the picture that you are smiling at Daddy. It disappeared a few weeks after this shoot. You were so sleepy so we were only able to get about 15 minutes worth of pictures. You were asleep before Aunt Lex pulled out of the driveway....

9: ...but, trying to keep you awake turned out some sweet Mommy and David pictures. Such a sweet boy!

10: Shoes | First | On Saturday, September 17th, 2011, you went with Mommy and Daddy to Hick's Shoes on Broad Street. You got your first pair of Stride Rite boots...Size 5 1/2 Extra Wide! You were much more interested in the box than you were with the shoes. So far you keep them on pretty well.

12: Week 40 was a busy week... | August 28th you pulled up for the first time. For a while you only pulled up on your bed...now it's everything! | August 29th you got your second tooth on the bottom. Then September 6th you got your third - your top right eye tooth... | On August 31st you "pattycaked" by yourself for the first time...

13: On Septmenber 3rd, you swung in your swing in the backyard for the first time (during the Auburn/Utah State game). You laughed and squeeled the whole time. You must have gotten comfortable because it eventually put you right to sleep!

14: You went to your first Auburn game on Sept. 10, 2011. It was against Mississippi State. We went down the night before and spent the night with the Hills. Friday night, went went to Niffers to eat. On gameday, you rode in your stroller to the stadium. You didn't know that you were at the game yet...you were asleep! | First Game

15: You were such a good little tiger! You lasted the whole game in the stadium! Quite a feat for a nine month old. You weren't afraid of the crowd noise and ate lunch, ate a few snacks, napped, played, and watched the people in the stadium. This little girl entertained you during your 3rd quater break in the breezeway while you age a snack. You were facinated by her! | Touchdown!

16: During halftime, you played with Abby. We've sat with her parents in section 15 for years. She is 18 months old. You played with toys and looked at books together. You also tried to take each other's pacifiers and books away from each other!

17: Auburn won the game, 41-34. After the game, we went to Toomer's Corner to celebrate. This past year a crazy Alabama fan poisoned these trees and they have started to die. We are so relieved that we were able to get our family's picture with the trees while they were stil green (and covered in plenty of toilet paper!) We had a fun day and are glad you got to experience being a part of our Auburn family. War Eagle! | 1st Ticket

18: Week Thirty Nine | Week Forty

19: Week Forty One | Week Forty Two

20: Saturday, September 24th | The weather was beautiful and we went to Noccalula Falls. Mommy and Daddy were excited to take you to see the animals and ride the train. You enjoyed the train ride and sat in Mommy's lap and held on tight. You watched the park go by, but liked looking at the other passengers the best. The playground was closed for renovations, but we still had a great time with the train ride and petting zoo. | First Trip to Noccalula Falls

21: Choo-Choo!

22: When we arrived at the petting zoo, you had fallen asleep and we woke you up to see the animals. You were not afraid of them and fed a llama and sheep and petted baby rabbits and guinea pigs.

24: First Haircut | 9/28/11 | Your hair on the left side was getting really long in the back, so we decided it was time for your first haircut. Monica has cut Daddy, Gigi, and Papa's hair for years. You sat in Mommy's lap and she trimmed you up. Such a big boy!

26: 10 Months | You went for your "9 Month" checkup when you were 10 months old on September 30th. You weighed 26 lbs, 12 oz (97%), was 31 inches long (95%), and had a head circumference of 48cm (95%). Dr. Lockridge was so proud of your milestones you have reached and that you have never been sick...not one fever! You also got your first of two flu shots.

27: Some things you do: Play with your walking toy...Stand for a few seconds without help...Loves books and turning pages...Will hide face for "Where's David"... Play peep-eye with the curtains...Open and close every door and cabinet..."clap" and wave "byebye"...play in the cat door...feed yourself and hold your sippy cup...able to find every wall socket...Sweet as can be!

28: A Time for Giving Thanks | October 4th: 4th Tooth (Top Left Eye Tooth) | Sept. 25th: Crawled Up Stairs

29: Fall...The Colors Leave You Breathless | October 4th: Said "Bye!" At Daycare | October 6th: 5th Tooth Bottom Middle Left

30: Pumpkin | Patch | Boaz,Alabama

32: You went to the pumpkin patch with Daddy and your friends. You picked out a little pumpkin and rode on the hayride. You touched everything! You had fun swinging in the tire swing and playing in the dirt in the field.

33: October 14th 2011

34: David! You are walking! You took your first steps on your Mimi's birthday as we were eating her birthday cake. As you took your steps, we froze and watched as you lifted your legs one at a time. You were so proud! You sat down after a few steps, but you are getting better at it everyday. You have also begun climbing on things. You are our little monkey!

35: October 25th 2011

36: 11 Months

37: 11 Months | You are 11 months old and are into everything! Your toys now take up all the cabinets in the den. We can't keep you away from our phones, the remote control, and the stereo knobs. You have started eating table food and there are not very many things you won't eat. You are such a smart little boy. You can point to your ear and bellybutton and love to say "Dada" and "byebye". You will give "hugs"to your toys and still love the "kiki's" (the cats).

38: Week Fourty Three | Week Forty Four

39: Week Forty Five | Week Forty Six

40: David as "Max" | Oct 31st 2011

41: Where the Wild Things Are..... | First Halloween | You were "Max" from Where The Wild Things Are for your first Halloween. Brenda Yates made your precious costume. You had a tail made from a faux fur scarf and pipe cleaner whiskers. Your costume was made from soft woolly fabric with big wooden buttons. You were warm and toasty on that cold Halloween night!

42: We went to the Brown's house for some fun. Some memorable costumes included Hudson as Candy Corn, Ann Elizabeth as a pumpkin, and Helen as her favorite Caterpillar teether. You enjoyed stroking your whiskers and touching your crown.

43: D | A | V | I | D

44: Hug a little, Love a lot!! | Big Boy Car Seat | 11/7/11 | You now have a forward facing car seat. You look so big in it! You like looking out the window and being able to see Mommy and Daddy while you are riding. You like looking at books while you ride.

45: We will miss the old car seat because you loved it so much. There was even a point when you were 5 weeks old when you slept in it at night! It fit into your stroller and you would sleep through being transfered from the car to it and back to the car. You looked so tiny coming home from the hospital in it, but by 11 months old you filled it up completely!

46: Daddy's | David Dave-O D Buddy Bubba Son (when you're in trouble)

47: Mommy's | Love Boo Bear Sweetie Bee Baby Boy Little D BooBoo BubbaLou Silly Willy Darlin'

48: Week Forty Seven | Week Forty Eight

49: Week Forty Nine | Week Fifty

50: First Time in Print GadsdenStyle Magazine Fall 2011 | Mommy's friend Laura Catoe saw your picture on facebook and asked us to send her our favorite picture of you on your first beach trip!

51: Week Fifty Two | Week Fifty One

52: You are afraid of the ice maker on the fridge and the car game from Aunt Ashley. You want to watch it, but only from a distance! | You hate to hear "NO". It always make you cry.Once when singing "This Little Light of Mine" you cried when we got to "hide it under a bushel..no!" | You understand so much and put things together in your head. When Mommy said she was making pancakes one day, you began clapping your hands like "pattycake". | You love to put things on your head when we ask you if it is your "hat". You will put anything on your little head! | You are fascinated with belly buttons. You love to show yours and if you see Mommy's or Daddy's you will always poke it! | One of your favorite snacks are Gerber Cheeto's. For a while you would lift your hands and look like you were praising the Lord for them when eating them. | Putting your shoes on is hard, but you get tickled if we smack them onto your feet. We call them your boom boom shoes and "boom" them on! | One of your favorite things to do is being chased around the ottoman in the the den. You will hide and creep around it to sneak up on us! | All About David | Your favorite book is "That's Not My Lion". Any book that has velcro texture you will love. You also like the "Baby Faces" book and smile at the happy babies. | Your silly Speech Therapist Mommy gave you a Language Test when you turned a year old and look how smart you are! You tested like a 18 month old!

53: To know that you are finished, Mommy taught you a sign for "all done." You do it very dramatically by grabbing your elbows when you are all done with anything! | You know where your bellybutton and ears are on you. If you hear "hands" you will clap your hands. You're having trouble learning "nose" because it sounds like "no!" | You love going upside down! You think it is so fun and will tilt your head back over and over again to go upside down again. | Everything is a phone! If anyone says "hello?" Whatever you are holding goes to your ear to answer. | You love getting in the cabinets and pulling everything out. We've had to babyproof everything! Your favorite cabinet is the one with the cat food! | All | Done! | One of the sweetest habits you have is twirling your hair. You do it when you are sleepy or when you have your paci in your mouth. Sweet Boy! | You love to DANCE! Anything that sounds like music will make you dance. Even when you are sleepy, if you hear a beat, you are dancing!

54: David is ONE!

55: Birthday Bash

56: Your first birthday party was so much fun! The theme was Very Hungry Caterpillar: selected because we love the book and you are a fantastic (and always hungry) little eater. You had around 65 people at your house to celebrate with us. As people arrived, they signed in copy of the book as a guest book. We ate all the things that the caterpillar ate: apples, oranges, strawberries, cheese, and of course...chocolate cake! It was unseasonably warm that day and the party spilled onto the deck and into the backyard. You received many wonderful presents including a wagon, ball popper, books, ride on toys, and your favorite the Fisher Price Learning House. You actually hugged it when you saw it. It is your favorite thing at daycare and church nursery. You handled all the people very well, but kept your pacifier in a lot during the party for comfort. You had a caterpillar shirt and matching hat that you wore for most of the party. You unwrapped the gifts after the party and had a bath to get all the cake out of your hair! It was a wonderful day celebrating your first year.

59: Your buddies Hudson, Helen, Davis, Steven, Charlie, Wilson, Elijah, and Cy

60: Let | Him | Eat | Cake! | You had caterpillar cookies for favors and hats with purple curly antennas!

61: You had your first cake (other than a nibble off a cupcake at daycare) at your party. You dug in with both hands and ate over half of it! You were not happy when it was gone, but we know now that your have a sweet tooth!

62: One Year Old

69: David Is One!

70: Official!

73: The day your adoption was final, Mommy posted an announcement on Facebook. Everyone was so excited to hear about you and see your pictures!

74: David in the Mail... | This is the postcard invitation for your church shower. Ms Carmela designed them for you.

75: This is the invitation that Ms Meredith made for your shower in Birmingham. | This is the stationary that Gigi had made at Gifts on Wings for your thank you notes.

76: Daycare | You go to daycare at Rainbow Church of Christ. These ladies take such wonderful care of you and you LOVE to go see them. The daycare is so small that sometimes you have your teacher all to yourself! Your best daycare buddy is Colton (Ms Ann's son) who was born the day that you started going there. Your first daycare friend was Olivia, who has now moved up to the big room. Now your friend Giles goes there, too. | Ms Della and Colt | You started there on January 18, 2011 after Mommy stayed home with you for 8 weeks. It was a hard day for your mom...she cried all day missing you! That Friday night after picking you up, she held you until almost 11 at night and you watched Mama Mia with her. It's hard to leave you! | 1/21/11

77: Ms Charlotte | Ms Ann and Abe | Ms Sandy | Ms Patricia | You | Avery and Colt

78: You get to school between 7:30 and 7:45 am and hang out with your teacher, Abe, Colt, and Avery. You go back with Ms. Patricia and stay in the baby room with her. Your favorite things to do are play with the house and other toys and watch DVDs. You stay there until 4:45 or 5:15 when Mommy picks you up to go home. Everyday you get a "Cuddlegram" that tells when you ate, slept, and had your diaper changed. You eat and sleep very well at daycare. You love these ladies and they love you! | Rainbow Childcare and Kindergarten

79: Rainbow Childcare and Kindergarten | First School Picture

80: Mimi Monday | Some Mondays you spend with Mimi. You have so much fun with her. We kid her that you always get a bath at her house. You have a baby piano to play with there, a purple toy phone you walk around with in your mouth, and of course Kipper to watch. You want to play with him, but he doesn't agree.

81: Gigi &Papa Frank Friday | You spend most Fridays with Gigi and Papa. You go to visit Nana sometimes when you visit. Papa kept you a lot this summer. He waits out in the driveway (see above) for you to get there. Your favorite things to play with are the dishwasher and playing with things in the coffee table drawers.

82: Grandad keeps you in the evenings sometimes. One of the sweetest memories of when you were 6 weeks old: Mommy and Daddy went to eat and when we came home you were fast asleep on his chest (see above). You love to try to get his phone and get tickled by him. Grandad takes great care of you! | Grandad Dates

83: 10/06/11 | 11/08/11 | 11/15/11 | 10/04/11 | 08/29/11 | 09/06/11 | 07/14/11 | You have a mouthful of teeth! You put everything in your mouth. Knobs, remotes, phones, blocks, even your baby gates! Your little teeth are so sweet and make you look so grown up. You like your toothbrush, but want to hold it yourself. | Your Teeth | 11/22/11

84: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | David Holman Pugh

85: 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | Month By Month

86: David Holman Pugh

87: D

88: Baby David

89: P | D | H

90: DHP

91: David

92: David Holman Pugh

93: I love these pictures of you because they show so much of your personality. Peekaboo under the blanket, showing your belly, your curiosity peeking in the drawer and your sneaky eyes in that chair...even the tantrum you threw after I took a remote control away from you! Your pointing saying "Uh! Uh!" to get what you want and your sweet sleepy face...We love every bit of you, David!

95: David, looking back over the past year, we are amazed at how much you have grown. There is so much that we don't want to forget about your first year. There are so many memories that didn't make it onto these pages. A few that come to mind are these: Can you believe that the first time we ever took you out of town we left your diaper bag at home? We made it to Trussville and ate at Moe's and realized that it was back home in the garage. We had to go to Target to buy you diapers! Another silly thing was your ability to only pee on Daddy when having your diaper changed...not anyone else but Daddy. One about Mommy was that her name was not in your vocabulary for a long time and we were convinced you would just call her "ball" because you loved saying that word so much! We loved the way you would do your "swan song" humming yourself to sleep (getting louder and louder over anyone talking or making noise!) and the way you twirled your hair when you were sleepy (We knew you were very sleepy if you twirled with both hands!) So many memories were made this year and we look forward to so many more with you. David, you will never know how full you make our hearts. We can't wait to see what the next year has in store for our family! WLYTBATMITWWW! Love, Daddy & Mommy

96: I didn't give you the gift of life, But in my heart I know. The love I feel is deep and real, As if it had been so.

97: For us to have each other Is like a dream come true! No, I didn't give you the gift of life, Life gave me the gift of you.

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