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David's Second Year

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David's Second Year - Page Text Content

1: The first holiday of your second year was Thanksgiving. We went to the Hook's house in Homewood to celebrate. You had a great time and looked so sweet in your turkey shirt. You enjoyed playing on the porch, yard, and outside and of course...Eating! | 11/24/11 | Yum!

2: You ate everything you were offered. You are a great little eater and we haven't found very much you won't eat! It was fun to get to hang out with some of our family we don't get to see very often. Everyone was amazed at how much you've grown.

3: David, we have so much to be thankful for this year. We are grateful for the gift of you. You are such a joy to everyone you meet. We are thankful for your health and how you are growing. We pray that you are always thankful to God...where all of our blessings come from!

4: While at their house, you wanted to climb up and down the stairs and play with their cat. You played with the toys on the porch and with Emily in the yard. The weather was beautiful and it was a fun day with our family.

5: Thanksgiving night, we ate again with Papa and Gigi and went to Linda's a few days later. Her grandchildren were also their including Brooklyn, who is 1 month younger than you. You weren't sure what to think of her at first, but played in the floor with her...even after she took your paci. You spent the night with Grandad and Linda and ate well...again!

6: Dec 10th 2011 | Your daycare church hosted a breakfast with Santa and you meet the big man that day. You were quite sleepy while you were there, but you didn't cry. You wanted to touch his beard and look at him. He gave you a little bear and you got to visit with your daycare friends.

7: Meeting Santa! | Your daycare friend, Jimmy

8: One Year Checkup

9: On December 12th, you went for your one year well child visit. You did very well and Dr. Nagji said you are the"picture of health". You received the MMR, Varivax, Prevnar, Hep A, and Flu vaccines. You cried a lot, but recovered well. Mimi came with us and helped keep you entertained and took care of you and Mommy after your shots...Mommy was as upset as you were. Dr. Nagji was proud that you have never been sick and with how well you were walking.You are really growing up! At least you had something fun to go to after your visit! | Weight 29 lbs (>95%) Length 32.5 Inches (>95%) Head Cir 49in (>95%)

10: Daycare Christmas Party | Dec 12th 2011

11: Mimi took you to your daycare party after your appointment. You saw Santa and Mrs. Clause again and had a cupcake with your friends. You were in good spirits to have had all those shots, but took a great nap after the party was over. Your exchange gift was from Colton and was a play cell phone. You love it!

12: Family Christmas 2011

13: Christmas Time Brings So Much Pleasure When You Have Good Friends To Treasure | Our "Saturday before Christmas" get together with Mimi's side of the family was so much fun. Your favorite part included running around with your cousin Anna (Addison was sick that day). We celebrated by bringing a toy to donate that reflected what we would want as kids. | 12/17/11

14: Your family loves getting together and you really enjoyed eating all the food everyone prepared. You also received some toy firetrucks from Emily and Dwight!

15: Merry Christmas 2011

17: Some happenings of the day included Randy and Meg got engaged the night before so we will have TWO family weddings next May between them and Lydia and James. You went down a slide for the first time. There was no where for you to nap after lunch so you slept in your stroller in the kitchen for a while. Your uncles had fun walking you around and playing (Uncle David even let you wear his hat!) Most of all, your family all got to love on you and spoil you...and you loved it!

18: 13 Months | You are getting to be such a big boy. You run everywhere and are into everything. Your favorite toy is your learning house that has a door, mailbox, clock, and window. You think it is so funny when Mommy and Daddy try to go through the door. It plays music and you love to dance to the songs it plays. Happy Boy!

19: Your other favorite toys are the big and little pianos at Mimi's house. The ball popper you got from Grandad and you finally LOVE the car game from Aunt Ashley. Your favorite place to eat is CrackerBarrel and you clap when the food comes out. Another silly thing you do is when you are very tired, you will lay on the floor for a minute and then pop back up and keep playing. You don't want to miss anything!

20: The Christmas Tree in the living room had a fence around it, so you enjoyed going into the dining room to play with that tree. You also wanted to see the dancing Santa that was Daddy's when he was a little boy.

21: O Christmas Tree... | You were not as fascinated with the lights as you were last year. This year you wanted the ornaments! You also enjoyed your nativity scene that played Away in a Manger.

22: Your ornaments for this year were (clockwise from top left) Your handprint, 2011 Christmas picture, Reindeer made from your handprints at daycare, Chicago Bears monkey from the Hills, Bell from Nana, David Dinosaur from Gigi & Papa, Book commemorating 1st Birthday Party, Santa Hand from daycare, Panda from Mommy & Daddy's trip to the Washington Zoo, Where the Wild Things are commemorating your 1st Halloween, "d" from Mommy (from the first time you said "d" at Hobby Lobby), and handprint ball from daycare. | 2011 Ornaments

23: Aunt Jen had to leave before Christmas so we had our own Christmas for her before she left. You wanted to help open all her presents and loved her new coffeemaker's box. Your Aunt Jen loves you so much, David! | December 18th, 2011 | Jen | Aunt

24: 2011 Christmas Card

26: Christmas Eve at Papa & Gigi's | 2011

27: We started Christmas Eve off at Papa and Gigi's house. Your cousins, Nana, Mack, and Billie were there to celebrate with us. Celeste and Samuel were also there, but Uncle John had to work. You got a sweet train from Uncle Mack and Aunt Billie and an ornament from Nana. You loved watching the other children play!

28: You wanted to play with the big kids! You loved watching them play.

29: Wake up, David! Time to go to Oma's house! | 12/24/11

31: Somebody is getting sleepy! | At 5 we headed to Oma's house. You got to eat again and played with every single knick knack in Oma's house. You loved her mirror in the hallway! Her flashlight and anything on the coffee table was also fun to you. You received a book from Aunt Flo and Uncle Harold and money from Oma. You played hard!

32: Then we went to Mimi's house for you to open your Christmas Eve Gift (pjs) and put out cookies for Santa. The Elrod's were there to visit with and you did the silliest thing...You ATE Santa's cookies!

34: Silent Night...

35: Holy Night...

37: Jesus Is The Reason For The Season | On Christmas morning, you received a tricycle. You were so sleepy that you barely noticed it! Daddy put you in it and pushed you around the house. You put your paci in the cupholder and enjoyed the ride. We went to church at 10 am. It was so wonderful to be able to celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas with our church family and friends. Mimi, Jopa, and Papa came and sat by us at church. You loved the music and danced and swayed to the songs before the service. You were so sweet when we sang "Away in a Manger" and you put your head on Mommy's chest and nearly went to sleep! During a long prayer, you became restless so we joined Helen and Ann Elizabeth in the cry room. You liked to watch your grandparents through the window. David, we pray that you always remember what the true meaning of Christmas is and will love God for all he has done for us. It is the most important thing you will ever learn!

38: Christmas Morning at Papa & Gigi's House 2011

40: You were asleep by the time we arrived, so you napped until lunch. After a great meal, you opened your many gifts and played in the wrapping paper and helped everyone open their gifts, too. Gigi had a special stocking made just for you!

42: After leaving Gigi and Papa's house, we met Grandad and Linda at our house. You received some great clothes and a fun new play IPhone. Cell phones are so interesting to you! After napping a little bit we headed to Mimi's house for dinner. | Nap with Mommy and Charlie | Christmas with Grandad

43: Christmas with Grandad | Christmas with Grandad | Christmas with Mimi | At Mimi's you ate Cornish game hen and lots of veggies. You played with her, Pawpaw, and Jopa and opened more gifts like your pirate towel, sleeping bag, and gift cards. You had a great time with the wrapping paper and tissue paper!

44: What A Fun Christmas!

45: Christmas 2011

47: Welcome 2012!

48: M | I | L | K | On January 10, 2012 you had your first drink of real cow's milk. You drank it down and handled it really well. Until this point you had only had infant and then toddler formula. We always called you "Mikey" because you've never been picky about the formula you've had... You drink it all!

49: Silly Boy! | Whenever you go in the bathroom, you open up the cabinet and get out a candle lid. You smile and laugh at your reflection and then put it back in the cabinet. It is hilarious!

50: You | Love | To Eat! Sticks! Your Belly! Tickles! Hiding (look at that hair!) Going Visiting!

51: You | Hate | Wearing Shoes Toys that are put up Cameras you can't hold Not getting your way Meals to end Not running around/ having to be held

52: Fourteen Months | Your life changed a lot this month mostly because Mommy started staying home with you everyday except Tuesday and Thursday. You still love going to daycare. You are such a smart and sweet little boy. Milestones this month included learning to drink from a straw and climbing on everything!

53: Fourteen Months | You love music and dancing and starting dancing by turning in circles on 1/22/12. You were dancing to "Words of Love" by the Mamas and the Papas. You have also started poking your cheeks for "your face will surely show it" and turning your hands for "The wheels on the bus." You also (finally) said "Mama" on 1/29/12!

54: We went and visited Oma on January 16, 2012. You loved petting Tippy the dog and hiding in the curtains. You sat on the sofa with Oma and we weighed you on her scale... 33 pounds (with your clothes and shoes on)! You are really beginning to recognize your grandparents who think that you hung the moon. Oma loves you, David!

55: O M A

56: I Love You

58: At First it was Fun... | Then it just wasn't... | Tried a change of scenery... | Tried the wagon... | Then you were over it... | Then went back to playing! | The Saga of The Grandparent Card

59: You want me to do what? | The Final Product | Mommy and Daddy wanted to make a special card for your grandparents like we did last year. The plan was for you to hold an "I", then a heart, and then your grandparent's name. As seen in these pictures...things did not go as planned. You had fun running around and not cooperating. At least we snapped this hilarious picture of you showing off your belly! The final product included a recent sweet picture in your Valentine's Day outfit.

60: This year we made Valentines for your school friends. Your favorite snacks right now are goldfish crackers so we made "Will You O'Fish'ally Be My Valentine Friend" packages.

61: Valentine's Day 2012 | On Valentine's Day you wore your shirt with an airplane making a heart. You were a sweet little Valentine!

62: You ate cupcakes at school... | And spent the evening with your parents | And Valentines from your classmates... | You got lots of Valentine Cards... | Gigi brought you a giant balloon...

63: Goodies from grandparents included a bear, money, a new play cell phone and keys and a Lady and the Tramp DVD. What a fun day!

64: You went to Pancake Day at Convention Hall with Mommy, Grandad, and Linda. You stood in the line and held your ticket and watched all the people. When we sat down to eat, you surprised all of us by grabbing a sausage patty and sticking it in your mouth. You now like sausage, too! Pancakes are one of your favorite breakfast foods, so you ate about a large pancake and a half. You were fascinated by all the people and the organ that was playing on stage. | Pancake Day | February 18, 2012

65: Because it is tax season, Daddy had to work. You took him some hot pancakes to his office and visited him and the girls. You loved his telephone!

66: Fifteen Months | Feb 19, 2012

67: You are 15 months old! You are such a sweet boy and do some silly things. You have started going to the chair in our back bedroom just to hang out and sit by the window. You love Mommy's blow dryer, flashlights, toy mower, and anything that is not a toy. You still like the car game, but you sit in it sometimes. We think you want it to spin you around. You love to show off your belly and helping Daddy start a fire in the evenings. You will point at the fireplace and say "woo!" for wood. You have started throwing tantrums when you don't get your way and will stomp your feet. You eat everything and love going to Crackerbarrel to eat vegetables. You wag your finger to sing "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" and still love to dance and clap to music. You are such a joy!

68: Picture Day | 2012 | They took your picture at daycare and you did so well! We had to go on a non-daycare Friday and it was before your nap, so we were nervous about how you would do...

69: Smile! | You sat completely still and the photographer started saying peekaboo to you...You let him pose you and you smiled and smiled at him! Sweet boy!

70: 'Side

71: From the moment you wake up...you want to go outside (or "side" as you call it). You will stand and cry at the back door until we go out...sometimes in just your pjs, coat, and shoes. You explore every corner of the yard - climbing on tree stumps, picking up sticks and rocks, and running wild. You identify "tees" (trees) and "shash" (trashcan) and will cry when we have to go back inside. You are so tough and curious!

72: Sometimes the only camera around is Mommy's IPhone...here you are (clockwise from top left) enjoying your first PB&J, admiring yourself in the mirror, sweet morning bedhead curls, visiting your friend the vacuum cleaner, taking out the dishes in the buffet, hiding in the clothes racks, playing with toys on our every Friday night trip to Crackerbarrel, morning playtime sitting on your drum, daycare morning, shopping at Walmart, coloring for the first time at Logan's, the worst boo boo after falling into the door in Mommy' and Daddy's room! | You | by IPhone

73: Visiting Mimi at the store, crazy morning bedhead, eating a cookie form the cookie jar at Walmart, crazy bathtime (trying to drink from your water cup), dumping out the cat's dish, hugging on your Trenia, playing in the yard in your pj's, sitting in the little chair at the store, playing on the carts at Target, finding the wet floor sign at the post office, snacking on goldfish in the car, and being silly at breakfast...David, you are such a funny, silly, sweet boy and we don't want to miss a single moment with you...no matter how big or small!

74: 16 Months | David, you are growing up so fast. You are 35 pounds and wear 2T clothes! You are a big eater and there's not much you don't like. You always want a "bite" of whatever Mommy and Daddy are eating. We are amazed at all you eat. For breakfast you have 2 applesauce pancakes, a piece of turkey sausage, a scrambled egg, and a whole banana! Your favorite toy is a play lawn mower, but you rather take things out of the trash cans (or "shash" as you call it) and mess with the cat's food and water. You like the TV to be on, but you won't watch it. Other silly things about you are that you love to sit in Mommy's lap when she drys her hair (and sing "This Old Man"), you think that belly buttons are the most hilarious thing ever, and you are so animated. If you ask where something is you will open your mouth wide, hold your palms up, and shrug your shoulders dramatically. Then you "look" for it by creeping around looking under furniture and even picking up the rug. You are so brave. You will jump off of anything and will even put your face in the water in the bathtub! You are learning shapes and numbers and can recognize star and circle. You have a vocabulary of over 64 words, but your favorite things to say are hot, cold, outside, and Mimi. You always echo "Bye!" when Mommy says it when talking on the phone. You wait for it!

75: You still love daycare and love going to see your teachers and friends on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You said "Giles" for the first time 3/20/12...it was your first non family name to say. He is your buddy! You have still been so healthy. You even brought a stomach flu home to Mommy, Daddy, and Mimi and you never got sick! You have also been getting some new teeth. You got your first top left molar on 2/29/12 and your bottom two first molars on 3/13/12. You know so many of your body parts: hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, bellybuttom, feet, toes, hands, and knees. You know your shirt, pants, diaper, socks, and shoes. You want to walk everywhere. When we are shopping you will push your stroller instead of riding in it. You still love the pacifier and call it Paa-E. You are a good sleeper and will sleep about 11 hours at night and take 2 naps during the day. You have begun trying to use a fork and spoon and will "poke" the food to eat it. You drink out of a nuk sippy cup and only drink whole milk and water. You love to drink water from straws when we are out to eat and love water bottles, too. Your favorite songs are Skip to My Lou, 5 Little Monkeys, and Polly Wally Doodle. You play so hard and will climb on the playground equipment and go down slides. You are such a beautiful child and have the sweetest curls. Unfortunately, that also means you get called a girl a lot! Daddy is ready for you to have a haircut, but Mommy loves your curls. David, you are such a precious boy and are so very loved by so many people. We love you more than you will ever know, sweet boy!

76: Spring Has Sprung

77: Spring is here and you have really enjoyed going outside. You love your little bike and running in the yard, but your favorite thing to do is sit on the porch and wait for the cars to come by (and say "CAR!" each time.) You also love to go in Mimi's yard and on the porch. You can always find a ball, stick, or rock to play with and throw.

78: 3/17/12 | Meeting the Easter Bunny

79: We went to the Secret Garden downtown like last year to see the Easter bunny. You were much more interested in the plastic eggs and toys at their table than you were the Easter bunny. You enjoyed watching the other children, exploring Court Street, and carrying around the eggs!

80: On the morning of March 30, 2012, you woke up with your first fever...102 degrees! You and mommy went to Rainbow Pediatrics when they opened to find out what was wrong. You sat patiently in the waiting room and read your book and watched the other patients. You saw Dr. Snell and were memorized by her as she listened to your chest and looked in your mouth and ears. You had a sore throat fever virus. Dr. Snell said that you could have Tylenol, Motrin, and Benedryl to help with the fever and sore throat/cough you had. You were so sweet and looked around every inch of the exam room. | Sick Day

81: David, you were so pitiful. You slept 9 hours during the day on Friday. Your fever continued Saturday and some on Sunday. Daddy and Shane worked in the yard on Saturday and you sat by the window to watch them. You started saying "Mama" when you cried...it broke Mommy's heart that you felt so bad. You started feeling better on Sunday and were 100% by Monday afternoon. We feel very blessed that you had 16 1/2 months of perfect health. Dr. Snell was amazed! We celebrated you getting back to normal with some hot fudge cake with Mimi. We think chocolate really made you feel better!

82: 4/1/12 | Palm Sunday

83: On Palm Sunday, we celebrated Easter with Grandad and Linda. You loved the banana pudding and hunting eggs in the yard. You didn't want to put the eggs in the bucket and carried them in your arms!

84: Happy | Easter

85: To | David & Hudson!

87: Aunt Lexie took these precious pictures of you in your Easter outfit at her house. She even had baby chicks there!

92: It was tough getting all these beautiful pictures, because you ran around like a wild man during the entire shoot ...Mommy and Mr. Brandon chased you all over the yard! You were also not crazy about the chicks (see above picture). When one hopped toward you, you picked it up by its head and dropped it back in the basket. Silly boy!

94: Easter | Oma | with

95: The day before Easter, we went to visit Oma. You explored her yard and loved petting her little dog, Tippy. You showed off all your new words showing Oma the trees, doors, tv, and puppy. She made you a sweet Easter basket and we gave you some nibbles off a chocolate bunny. What a fun day!

96: That afternoon we played in the yard and you made goofy faces while daddy tried to take pictures. We went to Mimi's house and dyed eggs. You sat in the high chair and munched on snacks and even ate one of the eggs!

97: Easter morning we went to church and you played with your friends in the nursery. Here you are with your friend Giles. His daddy and your daddy have been friends for a very long time. | April 8, 2012 | 2012

98: After church, we went to Mimi's house and you got a good nap in while we prepared brunch for the family. When you woke up, you had a house full of relatives ready to get their hands on you. You played in the backyard and ate a yummy brunch. You got an Easter basket from Mimi and Jopa that had a wheelbarrow with yard tools, a bubble blower, a book, bibs, and all kinds of treats!

100: Easter was a great day full of family, food, and fun. But always remember what the true meaning of Easter is, David. We celebrate the sacrifice that Christ made for us on the cross. Easter baskets are fun, but we want to teach you about Jesus...it is the most important thing you will learn!

101: Next, we went to Nana's house and saw Gigi, Papa, Celeste, and Samuel. You got another Easter basket with lots of goodies in it. They also found a hilarious chicken that lays eggs and sings. You made Nana smile the whole time we were there. She loves to watch you! Gigi also wore a pin with an egg on it that you were fascinated with.

104: 17 Months

105: David you have grown up so much this month! You got another molar on 3/20/12. said your first phrase ("bite you" to the bathroom closet door that's pinched you) and have shown all that you've learned at school. You know ALL of your letters, numbers 1-10, and some shapes and colors. Your vocabulary continues to grow daily. You are obsessed with trash cans, brooms, and vacuums.You've learned to open doors and will say "thank you" and "love you" sometimes. You weigh around 37 pounds and have started wearing 3T clothing. You wear a size 8 shoe...big boy! You sleep from 8 pm to between 6-7am and still take 2 good naps every day. You are the sweetest boy in the whole wide world!

106: Spring 2012 | This spring you went to Kindermusik on Wednesday mornings at 11. Your teacher was Kelly Carr and you were fascinated by her! Helen Lancaster, Thomas Gladden, Eloise LeBlanc, Cate Emanuelson, Jack Gilbert, Henry Smith, Jackson Vanderford, and Ryland Patton were in your class. You enjoyed it on most days, but sometimes you wouldn't leave Mommy's lap! Your favorite thing in the class was the parachute. You love to run under it! You also liked the red egg shakers and looking at yourself in the mirror. Your class did "Cockadoodle Moo" and "Dewdrops". Your favorite songs were Skip to my Lou, Yankee Doodle, and Hop Up My Baby. We had home CDs that we listened to in the car and you always light up when they start playing. You wave "hello" to the greeting song in the car, but won't do it in class. Usually after class, you would visit Mimi for lunch and always took a long nap after that. Singing and dancing wear you out!

110: Mother's Day 2012 | Mother's Day was very laid back this year. You gave Mommy a new Kindle and a sweet bookmark you made at school. We ate at Skye's and hung out at Mimi's house. You showed off your dance moves with Aunt Jen. After a good nap, you went to see Gigi. Of all the gifts you gave your grandmothers, the most unique were teatowels that said that of all the names they've had, Mimi/Gigi is their favorite...and it's true. The ladies in your life love you more than you will ever know, David! We are so proud to be your Mommy, Mimi, Gigi, Nana, and Oma!

111: May 13th | 2012

112: James & Lydia's Wedding | May 5, 2012 | Lydia and James were married at the Wynfrey and you had a big time at the wedding. You stayed in the ceremony until after Lydia came in and then stayed with Daddy in the hallway.

114: Once the DJ started, you hit the dance floor with Mommy. Daddy was glad you were there to be Mommy's dance partner so he didn't have to dance! There was a little girl there that you enjoyed watching. You ran around and danced with your aunts and cousins.

115: One of the best things that came out of your dance moves at the wedding was your "chicken wing". You raise up your elbow and tuck your little arm up like a chicken wing. The reason you are in your pj's in these pictures is because we changed you before we headed home. When we starting saying goodbye you wiggled down and ran to see Lexie who was taking pictures on the dance floor. We figured out much later that you were making a "S" with your arm! | Chicken Wing!

116: Aunt Jen came home for Lydia's Wedding/Mother's Day. You LOVE Aunt Jen or "Jen Jen" as you called her. You stare at her more than any other person you've ever met. She kept you laughing and we all enjoyed spending time with her shopping and hanging out. You actually got in her lap several times which is unheard of in your busy toddler world. After she left, when Mommy would mention Mimi, you would add "and Jen". We wish you saw her more often, but you love the times that you have! | A | U | N | T | J | E | N

117: May 2012

118: 18 Months

119: David, you are growing by leaps and bounds now. You are so active and silly and your vocabulary is booming! You identify people by their names and acquire new words daily. You have started watching movies including Meet the Shapes, Numbers, Colors, and Letters. Your favorite is called Baby Monet. You think it is hilarious. Your favorite book is Clifford 1..2..3. You are still obsessed with the trash cans and can find one anywhere! You love to pray and bless the food and pray before bed and school. You love other children and is seen here with your buddy, Hudson. You cut your top two eye teeth on June 18th and the bottom two are not far behind.

120: Randy & Megan's Wedding

121: Randy and Megan were married in Columbia, South Carolina. You loved swimming in the pool at the hotel and going to the zoo the morning of the wedding. You were a wild man at the ceremony, so you hung out with Daddy in the parking lot. At the reception, you munched on meatballs and enjoyed seeing the family. Towards your typical bedtime you had had enough. You were hot and tired (no nap!) and ready to go. The funniest part of the trip is that you slept in the pack n play in the hotel bathroom where it was quiet. You did great in the car watching "Baby Monet" over and over!

122: Time to go!

123: May 27, 2012

124: First Zoo Trip | 5-27-12

125: The morning of Randy's wedding, you made your first visit to the zoo in Columbia, SC. You went with Mommy, Daddy, and your cousin, Russell. You love the monkey exhibit with the screaming and swinging monkeys and the petting zoo. You even fed a goat with Daddy's help! The weather was perfect and you walked through most of the zoo.

126: Your favorite part of the zoo by far was the multitude of trash cans they had. You found every single one and had to touch and identify them..."Trash!" You also found wet floor signs. The other fascinating object you found was the souvenir penny maker. Overall, You seemed to have a good time and looked at the animals more than expected. Maybe you will be naming animals other than the monkeys and wild trash cans on your next zoo visit!

128: Father's Day 2012 | 6-17-12 | David, you are so blessed to have wonderful, godly men in your life. Your Daddy, Papa, Grandad and Pawpaw love you so much. You enjoy spending time with them and have so much fun wrestling around and playing with them. Mommy and Daddy are so glad that they get to spend so much time with you because we all live in the same town.

129: Poor Daddy. Last year, we were in the car all day for Father's day and this year he was sick! Thankfully, he started feeling better and we all went to Chili's with Grandad. Daddy got an electric smoker as his gift. Daddy is your buddy and takes such good care of you! It is so sweet to hear you say his name and run to greet him. You are his shadow when he is working around the house and always want a bite of everything he eats!

130: You | by IPhone

131: You | by IPhone

132: Kitchen Time

133: One of your favorite things to play with at Mimi's is Mommy's play kitchen in the backyard. You love to cook, crawl in and out of the oven, and wash your hands in the sink. The best is to dump out all the dishes on the ground. Mommy & Daddy used to play with this together when they were little!

134: We did your 18 month pictures at Lexie's house. You loved throwing rocks in the pond and riding on Cy's tricycle. You got so sweaty during the shoot and was excited to see your favorite food...Watermelon!

135: 18 Months

146: 18 Months

148: 19 Months | David, you have turned into such a little man this month! You have started saying the possessive "s" on everything (Daddy's truck, Mommy's shoes). Some of your other cute words are "timber!" when you knock things down and "eat supper!" when you are hungry. You often ask to "drive" and want to wash your hands. You have started saying animal sounds and know "meow, moo, and bock". Whenever you don't know what the animal says, you say "Kack" (quack). Your cutest word is "pe-yo" for pillow (sometimes it is pillgo). Your one syllable words have turned to two (Diaper instead of dip and Kipper instead of Kip). You love the movie Baby Neptune and the octopus (or oc-pus) is your favorite! You still love numbers and letters and point out and name all that you see (especially at WalMart..you name every price..and request your cookie!)

149: 19 Months | Your current favorite foods are corn on the cob, watermelon, and cantaloupe. You are getting so good at eating with a spoon, but often toss it aside to shovel the food in with your hands! You love the tub and the baby pool. You do a belly flop into the pool and get in and out and in and out when you play in it. You are such a creature of habit. You love to have an order to how you do things from the minute you get up. Your only bad habit right now is hitting people in the face, but we wonder if it is just your excitement. You never seem to slow down! One funny thing about your age is that you say "yes" to everything while most babies say "no". You are such a joy to everyone you meet and love to give out hugs when saying bye-bye. We love you so much, sweet David!

150: Mommy had to work on July 4th, so we celebrated Independence Day on Sunday, July 8th at Linda's house with Grandad and Jen. You were so sweet in your red, white, and blue outfit with patriotic cowboy hat! You were excited to eat lots of fruit (especially watermelon) and ride in the boat!

152: Daddy & David's 1st Time Tubing!

153: Grandad's Little Skipper! | You LOVE the boat! You want to "drive" and sit in Grandad's lap the whole time. This was your (and Daddy's!) first time to ride the tube. You thought the spashing was fun, but after a while requested to get "down". You love swimming and have started kicking your feet!

154: First Carousel Ride | Your first carousel ride was at the Gadsden Mall. Mommy and Daddy took you and you were very unsure about the ride. You would laugh and enjoy it and then say "Down!" which is your way of saying stop whatever is going on!

155: June 22, 2012

156: 20 Months

157: You are getting such a little personality, David! Your vocabulary is growing and growing and you make phrases all the time now. Your favorite things include going to the park and watching the "Meet the Sight Word" DVDs (your "moo-e" over and over.) You are over 40 lbs now and people always remark about what a big boy you are. Right now you love Mimi's car (and keys), blueberries, and everyone's shoes. You have dropped down to one nap a day and can feed yourself with a spoon/fork very well. You are hilarious and keep us laughing!

158: Big | Boy | Haircut | 7-20-12

159: Oh, David. This was a day Mommy has been dreading. You had the most beautiful ringlets. Rachel Richardson at the Moxie gave you your first big boy haircut. Jenny read you books and showed you movies to keep you entertained (it was a big job!) You did not want to sit still! We will miss your sweet curls...you look so grown up!

160: Fun | In | The | Sun! | Rainbow City Park

161: July 13, 2012

163: One of your favorite places to go this summer was the water slides at Imagine That in Southside. They have inflatable water slides and pools for kids to play in and you loved the water. Every time we went you ate tons of snacks and slept for hours after we got home. You loved getting in and out of the pools and running around with your friends. The long inflatable was so slippery and you would fall down laughing and get right back up to run! It was a fun place to visit!

164: Your first visit to the Imagination Place was on First Friday in August. They had a "snow" machine. When you saw the "snow" you called it "soap"...which is exactly what it was! Your favorite things were the grocery cart and the digging machine. You played peekaboo with Daddy in the tube and ran wild through the whole building. You touched the snow and ended up putting most of it in your hair. It was a fun night and we are sure you will enjoy coming back here! | Let It Snow? | 8-3-12

167: 8-4-12 | Hudson's 1st Birthday Party was so much fun! There was a "car wash", water table, and pools to play in. You played hard with the kids there and loved all the yummy food. You are so sweet with Hudson and try to take care of him... bringing him his cup and following him around. You enjoyed all the water and belly flopping into the baby pool. Hudson's first year has flown by and he is a sweet friend.

168: N | A | N | A | Your Nana passed away on August 4, 2012. She was Gigi's mom and you loved going to her house. You visited with her nearly every time you went to see Gigi and you frequently talk about "Nana's house" and her sitters Kim (who you call Tim) and Tammy. Nana had a stroke a few months after you were born, but she was always so happy to see you, David. You always made her smile. We are so glad you were able to spend time with her and bring her so much joy. | She bought you this bear right before her stroke

169: Mary Magalene Goss entered her heavenly home on Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012, at her residence surrounded by her family. Funeral services will be at 3 p.m. today at Crestwood Chapel. Burial will be in Crestwood Cemetery. Visitation will be from 1 until 3 p.m. before the service. Dr. Scott Hassell and the Rev. Ray Tucker will officiate.Pallbearers will be John Pugh, Daniel Pugh, Terry Henderson, Joe Whorton, Charles Gardner and Livingston Overton. Honorary pallbearers will be Richard Brooks, Eddie Entrekin, Dilbert Runyan and Joe Rollings. "Her children rise up and call her blessed," Proverbs 31: 28. Mary Magalene Malone Goss was born in 1915 in Blount County, Ala., near Snead's Cross Roads, named for her mother's family, John Baker Snead. She graduated from Ramsey High School and went on to Jacksonville Normal School (currently Jacksonville State University) where she graduated in 1934. Mary, as her friends called her, or Magalene ,as her family knew her, taught children in grades 1-6 during her career in Blount County, Etowah County and Gadsden City Schools. Eventually, Mary started her own private first-grade school where she finished her career teaching first graders. Mary was passionate about teaching and loved to teach children to read. Mary was also very active in her community. She was a charter member of Walnut Park Methodist Church, a past member of The Gadsden Woman's Club, the first president of the Coosa Valley Chapter of the AARP and an avid worker in the Republican Party. She enjoyed the outdoors immensely. Mary kept a beautiful yard well into her 90s and received honorable mention in the Gadsden Beautification Awards Program. Mary leaves behind her son, Dr. Grady Mack Goss (Billie) of Scottsboro; and a daughter, Sarah Goss Pugh (Frank) of Gadsden; grandchildren include Karen Goss Henderson (Terry) of Gardendale, John Pugh (Celeste) of Hokes Bluff and Daniel Pugh (Rachel) of Gadsden; great-grandchildren, Molly, Haley and Christian Henderson, David Pugh and Samuel Pollock. Mary also leaves behind a special sister, Nina Will (Billie) Belmont of Birmingham; a beloved sister-in-law, Cleo Goss; and niece, Dianne Henderson of Oxford. Mary was preceded in death by her husband, Grady B. Goss; daughter, Glenda; and special friend Nila Abney. Mary has been surrounded by amazing caregivers who have shown God's love and mercy to her during these past months. Julie Barron, Barbara Myers, Kim Whorton, Tammy Wolfe, Jane Edwards and Shay Knight have been like angels sent by God here on Earth providing competent and appropriate care while tending to Mary's every need. The family would also like to thank Gentiva Hospice and their dedicated staff, especially Christie Luker, Kim Glass, Mindy Fernandez; Dr. Courtney Lowe (Deb); and pharmacist Rick Bearden of Rick's Pharmacy in Attalla; and Stanley Hamby. Mary's long and fruitful life has been an incredible journey of faith. "Eyes have not seen nor ears, have not heard the house I have prepared for you." She awaits her heavenly home where there will be "treasures in the darkness and hidden wealth in seceret places," Isaiah 44. In lieu of flowers, the family request donations be made to the Walnut Park Community Church, c/o Treasurer Betty Brooks, 3610 Western Ave., Gadsden, AL 35904, designated for Children's Ministry.

170: 21 Months

171: You've grown so much this month, David! Your sentences are getting longer and longer. One of the funniest ones you said this month was wanting Mommy to push your stroller you declared, "Come on a Mama! Drive it!" You have fallen in love with a little girl named Emma at school. You talk about her all the time and want to pray for her every night. You have a love hate relationship. She's either holding your hand or hitting you (see picture). You have become mr independent and want to do everything yourself. You know all your letter sounds and over 40 sight words! Your funny words right now are "blanken" for blanket, "bupins" for muffins and buttons, and putting "a" in front of everything. We love you, silly boy! | D + E

172: Sweet David

173: Sweet David

174: Sept 27-29 2012 | We went to Pensacola Beach, FL for a beach weekend. You LOVE the ocean! As soon as you saw the water you literally dove in! You chased mommy and daddy all over the beach and loved to help fill your bucket with water & dump it out...or have it dumped on you! Unfortunately, Mommy got sick the last day so our trip was cut short, but you enjoyed every minute you got in the sun and sand!

178: We met our friends, The Spark's, at the Crab Trap. You played hard with Elijah!

180: 22 Months | You are growing up so fast, David! One of your favorite things to do is watch movies, but the only ones you will watch are Preschool Prep and Baby Einstein DVDs! You love going to church and love Sunday School with Ms Melissa. You say, "God made my hands!" (that was the first thing you learned God made) Your vocabulary continues to grow, but you still say silly things like "Want some more pick up!" when you want to be picked up. We love you, sweet silly David!

182: October 12th 2012 | Pumpkin Patch with Daddy

183: For the second year in a row, you and Daddy went to the Pumpkin Patch. This is an event that you talk about all the time! You loved the playground there and tried to sit on all the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch! You enjoyed seeing your friends like the Bushs, Vaughns, and Laughlins and riding on the tractor truck to the patch!

186: October 13th, 2012

188: Russell and Amber's Wedding was so much fun! It was outdoors at Woodland Park in Homewood. You had a great time with cousins Anna and Addison and dancing with them and Mimi. You cruised around in the stroller with Daddy during the ceremony, but was in the middle of it all during the reception - eating and playing with your family.

189: Dancing Boy!

191: You arrived in your stroller and was immediately greeted by your family. Everyone loves to love on you, David. Your family adores you! You went to three weddings this year for your cousins. Always know that mommy and daddy are already praying for your future wife and that you always remember the importance of family!

192: Fall is... Costumes, Cooler Weather, Pumpkin Patches, Football, Fun!

193: Happy Fall Ya'll!

195: We can't believe you are 23 months old! You are becoming so grown up and independent. An eventful thing this month is that your Sassy started chemo for breast cancer. The bottom left picture has the t-shirt you wore on her first day. It says "I wear pink for my Sassy" | 23 Months

197: You are such a silly boy! Here you are dancing with Jopa, twirling your hair into into knots, trying to fit into the baby carseat, and dancing at music class. We love you, monkey!

198: Heritage Festival & Pumpkin Patch | We had a fun day out with Ashley and Hudson to visit the Attalla Heritage Day Festival. You and Hudson played in the jump houses and with the pumpkins on display. Your favorite part was running up and down the ramp! You slept through lunch at the Cupboard

199: 10/20/12

200: We waited forever for a truck to come to take us to the pumpkin patch so you ran and swam in the dried corn in the fun barn. There was another little boy to play with and you both squealed and ran up and down the corn! The best part was falling down!

201: We had a lot of time to kill on the playground before the truck came so we got you a bag of your favorite food...Popcorn! You enjoyed it so much that you refused to put it down or stop eating it to take pictures. You kept getting in the pictures of Aunt Ash and Hudson, but I don't think they minded at all! They are two of your most favorite people!

202: The barn also had a tall slide with rollers to go down. We were nervous to let you go alone so mommy and daddy took turns sliding. You loved climbing the stairs to the top to go down again!

203: When we finally got to the pumpkin patch you were starting to fade, but that didn't stop you and Hudson from exploring the field together...and of course trying to ride some more pumpkins!

204: Happy | Birthday | Mimi! | The Sunday before Mimi's 60th birthday, we had a surprise luncheon for her at Ruby Tuesday. You fell asleep in the car on the way there, so you slept in your stroller for the entire meal...you didn't even wake up when we sang "Happy Birthday!"

205: After the cake was eaten and everyone was getting ready to leave, you woke up. You enjoyed visiting with all the family in the parking lot. You were Chandler's big buddy that day! It was a fun day celebrating Mimi and seeing everyone. | 10-21-12

206: The night of Mimi's actual birthday, we went out to eat with her and Trenia at Chili's. Then, we went back to Mimi's for cake. You walked to her cake last year!

207: 10/25/12 | We had a wonderful evening! You made us laugh wearing Mimi's glasses around. We think you look like Grandad! Little did we know how much our lives would change in just a few hours......

208: You became a BIG BROTHER! Friday, October 26, 2012 started out like a pretty normal day. You headed to daycare and Mommy was planning on working at Mimi's store. At around 9 am, she got a phone call that your baby brother had been born the night before. This phone call came two years to the day from when we received a phone call from the same doctor that you were coming to join our family! Mommy quickly got ready and picked up Daddy and headed to Birmingham to meet your baby brother. After meeting him, Daddy went home to get you from Gigi and Papa's house. We used our Iphones and did facetime for you to see him for the first time. Your reaction was funny: you stared at him and then informed Daddy that you wanted to hold the phone. We could not wait for you to meet him in person! | Jacob Malone Pugh | B I G B R O T H E R

209: The next morning, you came to the hospital with Daddy and Papa to meet Jacob. You didn't know what to think of him. You were very gentle with him and petted him on the head and wanted to hold his hands. Mostly, you roamed around the hospital with Papa, Mimi, and Trenia. We are so excited for you to have a brother, David. He, like you, is truly a gift from God...and is one of the best gifts you will ever receive - a friend for life! Another gift is that just as you were born on Gigi's birthday, Jacob was born on Mimi's birthday. We will never be able to top those presents! David, you have a great responsibility now. Being a big brother is a very important job! We pray that you will love Jacob and be a great role model for him. and teach him how to be a godly man. We can't wait to watch you grow up together! | 10/25/12 7 lbs, 7 oz 19 3/4 in

210: Whoever loves his brother is in the light 1 John 2:10

211: Brotherly Love

212: Big Brother

213: P | J | M

214: Coming Home | You were so funny when we came home with Jacob. You had just woken up from a nap so you were a little confused and clingy to Mommy. You then wanted to put shoes on Jacob and brought some to Daddy to put on him. Finally, you pointed at Jacob and declared, "I hold him!" ..... so Mommy gave him to you and you did and were happier than you appear!

215: We were so relieved to see how much you LOVE Jacob. You constantly want to hold his hand or put in his pacifier. You say, "Gonna go check on Jacob." If he cries you tell him, "It's ok sweet baby Jacob!" You are a wonderful big brother and have been so grown up with him. You have only had a few jealous moments and asked Mommy to put Jacob down to hold you. You enjoyed all the company we had and have only had one downside..your paci is back! | I want to hold your hand...

216: 2012 | David's Second | Halloween | O | O | M | P | A | L | O | O | M | P | A

217: David, You made the cutest Oompa Loompa! We struggled to get a family picture this year (as seen in these boxes). You wouldn't sit still to have your eyebrows painted so it looked like you have a inquisitive look on your face all night!

218: Halloween Fun at Kindermusik | We couldn't get the green to stay in your hair that morning, but you were still so cute!

219: Trick or Treat! | Halloween Fun at Kindermusik | Halloween night, we went to the Sports Zone for RPC's Fall Fest where you had fun on all the inflatable slides. During the day, you went to Kindermusik and had fun playing with Natalie, Jackson, and your other buddies. Your favorite part was the cookies that Ms Kelly brought! | DeeDee made your precious costume!

220: School Birthday Party | 2

221: Chicka Chicka ABC

222: A is for Auburn – that’s always our side. B is for the boat Grandad takes you for a ride. C is for Christmas & the gifts it will bring. D is for dancing your classic chicken wing. E is for the Easter bunny you got to meet. F is for the Fourth of July & fun in the heat.G is for Gigi and Papa who love their grandson.H is for Halloween & some Oompa Loompa fun. I is for the icing on your first yummy cake. J is for Jacob and the great big brother you make. K is for the kitchen and Kipper you love you play outside. L is for your love of the park especially the slide. M is for Mimi-you're her special boy. N is for Nana- you brought her so much joy. O is for Oma you love to go & see. P is for Pawpaw- his boy you'll always be. Q is for quirkiness with trash, shut doors, & washing hands. R is for running on the beach in the sun & sand. | A told B, and B told C...

223: S is for sweeping and vacuuming the floor. T is for thanksgiving food and asking for "more". U is for uncles, aunts, and cousins- they play a big part. V is for Valentine’s Day and how you steal our heart. W is for watermelon you love to eat. X is for Kindermusik xylophones and drums to keep the beat. Y is for Your big boy haircut we finally had done. Z is a zoo trip- your second year was so much fun! | Look at what a big boy You're starting to be!

224: Right now your favorite book is "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom". You have it memorized and love letters, so this was an obvious choice for your birthday party theme. Your party was small with only family and close friends and you had a great time being the center of attention! We had cupcakes and palm tree cookies to eat and you loved your birthday cupcake. | We can't believe you're two!

226: You really enjoyed opening your gifts this year! You were so excited about each one! The cupcakes and cookies were also a hit with you. We are so proud of of the big boy and big brother you've become, David! | We Love You!

227: 2

228: You had a cupcake with breakfast on your actual birthday and loved playing with a gift from Mommy & Daddy...a Dyson vacuum of your own!

229: We did your two year checkup and Jacob's one month checkup at the same time. You were not very excited about it...more specifically, you didn't want your ears looked in. You weighed __lbs and were ___tall. Putting you in the __% for weight and ___% for height...you are a big, healthy boy!

230: David

231: David

235: 2 years old

240: 13 Months | 14 Months | 15 Months | 16 Months | 17 Months | 18 Months

241: 22 Months | 23 Months | 19 Months | 20 months | 24 Months | 21 Months

242: David, it is amazing to look back to how much you've grown this year. From toddling around at Thanksgiving to running and sliding by Halloween! Your sweet, funny self has come out and you shine wherever you go. You've gone from baby to big brother overnight and embraced and loved Jacob in an amazing way.You love so many and are loved by all. We are so incredibly proud to be your parents.

243: Now that your second year is over, we look forward to the little boy you will become. We can't wait to hear what comes out of that silly mouth! We pray that you continue to grow and will remember how incredibly special you are to God and to us. We love you the bestest and the mostest in the whole wide world! Love, Daddy & Mommy

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