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Deacon Sawyer Armstrong

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1: Deacon Sawyer Armstrong

2: Thank you for coming out to celebrate me, I'm one lucky boy, that's easy to see! I'm the very first munchkin for Courtney & Mike, Who can hardly believe they have a one year old tike! As I am still just a very little tot, It's easy for me to forget a lot. So please take a moment and have a look, Then let me know you were here by signing this book.

4: All About You | Name: Deacon Sawyer Armstrong Date of Birth: November 7, 2010 (2 weeks late!) Time: 2:18 p.m. Weight: 8lbs, 7oz Length: 21.5 inches Hair & Eye Color: Dark brown hair and gray-ish blue eyes Hospital: St. Joseph's Medical Center, Toronto Ontario Delivery Doctor: Midwife Kathleen and Doctor Melchoir Mommy: Courtney Amber Armstrong Daddy: Michael Raymond Scott Armstrong Siblings: Just you so far! Grandparents: Nanny & Papa, Grandma & Grandpa Aunts & Uncles: Uncle Brett

6: ALL ABOUT THE DAY YOU WERE BORN | The day before you were born mommy woke up and didn't feel very well, so she spent the morning watching movies and resting on the couch - she had no idea that later that day you would start to make your way into the world! While mommy was resting, daddy was in Toronto at a photography session, but he called all day long to check in and make sure we (that's you and me!) were ok. In the early afternoon mommy started to feel funny and she thought her water broke (which would mean you were on your way soon!). Now luckily she had an appointment that night at the hospital anyway, so she just continued to rest and wait until daddy got home. When daddy got home we had Mexican for dinner (a favorite of mommy's and yours) and then left for the hospital. When we got to the hospital we were very excited to find out that mommy's water did break and you were finally coming ... you took your time getting here ... you were two whole weeks late! Daddy called Nanny and Papa, Grandma & Grandpa and Uncle Brett and let them know you'd be here soon. They all came racing from Barrie to wait for you! It was a very long night ... you were very comfy in mommy's belly and didn't want to come out ... but finally at 2:18 p.m the next day you arrived! When you arrived the world was a bit overwhelming and you were sick, so the doctors took you to a special place for sick babies, called the NICU. You spent a week in there getting better. Mommy & daddy stayed with you, watching over you until you finally got to come home one week later.

8: SPECIAL MEMORIES OF YOUR FIRST FEW DAYS | Mommy and daddy's first big special memory is when we got to finally hold you outside of the incubator, because then we knew you were going to be ok and you were our very special little man. Daddy's first special memory of you was in the NICU. Mommy just finished feeding you for the first time and passed you to daddy. You laid in his arms and looked up for the first time ... then you pooped!

10: our WEE MAN | November 14, 2010 you were FINALLY able to come home from the hospital. First thing mommy and daddy did ... Exchanged confused looks and said "Now what?" First thing you did ... pee on the couch!

12: YOUR FIRST NIGHT AT HOME | Where you slept: In mommy and daddy's room. When you went to sleep: You were a party animal and stayed up until midnight! When you woke up: 2 a.m. When you went back to sleep: 6 a.m. When you woke up again: 9 a.m.

13: GETTING INTO A ROUTINE | Naptimes: At first you napped all the time! Eventually you changed to 3 naps a day (noon, 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.) and then 2 naps a day (11 a.m. and 4 p.m.) Mealtimes: In January you started eating 4 times a day; 10 a.m., 1 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. Things that made you happy: Being naked! And as you got older standing! Things that made you sad: Socks & booties! Once you learned to stand, laying down made you very cranky!

17: NANNY'S BIG VISIT | A couple of weeks after you were born Nanny came and stayed with us to help out (and let mommy catch up on some much needed sleep!) You had a great week burping, pooping and farting on her. Of course there were also lots of cuddles too! Nanny's favorite memory from the week ... when we took you Christmas shopping and you stayed awake for almost 6 hours straight!

18: YOUR FIRST VISITORS | Once you were home everyone wanted to come and see you! Some of your first visitor's were: Uncle Brett (who is mommy's brother) Nanny & Papa Grandma & Grandpa Great Grandma Abels (who is daddy's grandma)

19: Great Aunt Rena and Cousin Hunter came and spent the day with us a little after you came home. Megan and Tom Fisher were the first of mommy and daddy's closest friends to come and visit with you. We can't forget family friends Vicki and Larry! Mommy has known them since she was a little girl and Nanny has known Vicki since she was a little girl!


21: The day you first grasped something: Saturday January 8, 2011 you held Sophie the Giraffe on your own and put her leg in your mouth to chew. The day you first found your thumb: Thursday December 2, 2010. The day you first found your feet: Tuesday March 1, 2011 you began grabbing your feet. After that you held them almost every time we changed your bum. The first day you smiled: Boxing Day, which is December 26. The first day you laughed: Thursday January 13, 2011. What made you laugh: Mommy and daddy were changing you into your PJ's and as we pulled them over your head you started to giggle. We ran and got a camera to record your laugh but you only had one that night ... no matter what we tried! The day you first pushed yourself up: Wednesday January 19, 2011 you pushed yourself onto your elbows while having 'tummy time'. The first day you rolled over: Thursday February 24, 2011 you rolled from your back to your left side while playing on your 'around the world' gym. You played on your side a lot that day. The day you first waved: Saturday September 3, 2011 you waved at mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa while playing with your tugboat. The day you first said 'mama': Saturday July 23, 2011 you said while sitting in your high chair. A little later in the summer you screamed it in daddy's face while he was trying to rock you to sleep. The first day you said 'dada': Sunday July 24, 2011 you said dada while eating your breakfast. The day you first crawled: Thursday July 21, 2011. You teased us for weeks before this by getting up on your hands and knees and rocking back and forth like you were about to crawl. Then on July 21 you scooted from the couch to the TV stand. The next day you crawled from your crib to your bedroom door and up and down the upstairs hallway.

23: FIRST BATH AT HOME | Right from the start you liked bath time! Your favorite bath time toys were your rubber ducky and your rubber killer whale. You were a champion splasher! After every bath the bathroom looked like it had been hit by a hurricane! Most night's daddy bathed you, so that he got some one on one time with you and he always made up funny songs. Your favorite was his silly version of 'Splish Splash'. | November 15, 2010

27: FAMILY TIME | In December 2010 you met GG and Groompha for the first time (that's mommy's grandma and grandpa) as well as your Great Aunt Sharren and Great Uncle Glyn.




37: 10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... HAPPY NEW YEARS!

38: FIRST OFFICIAL PHOTO SHOOT | Daddy was nervous that he wouldn't be able to capture just how much of a sweetheart you were on film. So even though he takes beautiful photos we took you to Marie, a lady who specializes in taking pictures of cute little munchkins like you! You had a great time having your photos taken and even relaxed enough to pee right out of the baby hammock!

42: PLAYTIME | From the very start you were raring to go, which made playtime a lot of fun! You had every toy we could think of and loved most of them, especially your Discovery Dragon, Shake & Rattle Winnie the Pooh and your Busy Ball Popper.

43: Your penguin grudge! From the first time we put you in your exercauser you had a grudge against the penguin! For some reason, you really didn't like him and would glare at him while playing with the other animals. When you were a little bigger and finally able to reach the penguin, you would grab him and pull so hard we thought you were going to rip him right off! Eventually you made peace with the penguin, but never really trusted him enough to play with him much.

44: Swimming Lessons | When you were just 5 months old, mommy and daddy signed you up for swimming lessons! You had eight lessons. Each week you and daddy would get to play games, splash and even go down a little water slide! Some weeks you liked your lessons and some weeks you did not (they occasionally interfered with your nap time).


54: FIRST SOLID FOODS | On April 16, 2011 you had your very first bowl of cereal. You didn't have much of a reaction, no smiles, no cries, you just gobbled it up.

55: In the beginning you loved sweet potato, avocado, pears, apples, prunes, carrots, green beans, yellow beans, broccoli and cauliflower. You hated banana's, butternut squash, blueberries, raspberries, plums and apricots. You did eventually come around to like banana's, but it took a while. | As time went on and you got more of an appetite for big people food you ate just about everything! Roast beef, tacos, potato's and rice were your favorites. You also liked pasta, cucumber, sausage and turkey.

56: Hair to Spare; the story of your CRAZY HAIR | The entire time mommy was pregnant with you, she wished for a chubby baby with hair and well, that's certainly what she got! When you were born your hair was ... unique. You had the cutest little patch of longer hair right on top that covered all the shorter hair making it look like a little old man hair piece. And as you got older, you just kept getting more and more hair until you had a full head of very long hair! When mommy & daddy put this book together we still hadn't had your hair cut and it was out of control, in a good way. Family, friends and even strangers were fascinated with your hair and looking at these cute photo's it's easy to see why.

58: Why are you dressed as a giraffe? | Since you were due on October 24 mommy and daddy went out and bought you the cutest Halloween costume they could find ... a giraffe! But you didn't arrive in time to wear it. We were pretty sad as the costume was so cute, so on a nice day in the spring we dressed you up and put you in the garden for some adorable photo's.

59: The same day we dressed you in the giraffe costume, we also did these photo's. We thought your hat and train conductor overalls were just too cute together!

60: BABY PICASSO CLASS | During the summer you and mommy took an art class developed especially for curious little one's like you. In class we finger painted, body painted, took our hand prints, foot prints and lots more! The art teachers made you a special book with all your projects that mommy has tucked away for you. Baby Picasso was a lot of fun and we met all sorts of friends ... your favorite artmate was Mikale.

62: HOT FUN in the SUMMERTIME | You loved splashing and cooling off in the water! Nanny and Papa bought you your very own little pool for the backyard and sometimes we would go swimming in their big pool too!




67: I DO NOT want to sit on this rocking whale. | I guess it's not that bad. | This rocking whale is fun. | Oh mommy and daddy I love this rocking whale!



74: MOMMY and DEACON | This is our first photo together! You were just a couple of hours old.









90: FUN in the FALL | In order to get this very special book ready for your birthday mommy and daddy had to order it very early, so we didn't get to put many of fall fun photo's in it. These are just a couple of photo's from all the fun we had your first fall.

92: IN MOMMY'S TUMMY | Your due date was: October 24, 2010 First heard your heartbeat: May 6, 2010 First saw you on the ultrasound scan: Mommy saw you on April 12, 2010 and daddy saw you for the first time on June 2, 2010 Mommy first felt you move: June 16, 2010 Daddy first felt you move: June 30, 2010

93: The first pregnant photo of mommy! This was taken the day that mommy and daddy told mommy's aunts, uncles and cousins. We had a big brunch at Nanny & Papa's house on Mother's Day weekend to tell everyone our very exciting news. | When we told daddy's aunts and uncles about your arrival we surprised them. We lined everyone up for a photo and instead of asking them to say 'cheese' we had told them to say 'Courtney's pregnant!' ... daddy snapped this picture of everyone's reaction to our big news.

94: Pregnant 4 months | Pregnant 5 months | Pregnant 5 months | Pregnant 6 months

95: Pregnant 7 months | Pregnant 7 months | Pregnant 7 months | Pregnant 8 months


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