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Development Portfolio

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S: Our Baby

FC: Development Portfolio | o

1: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful baby who was welcomed into the world by two loving parents and their family and friends...

2: Ovulation | The first week of pregnancy is a womens menstrual cycle. (A) | 1, Ovulation is a part of the menstrual cycle. 2, Since it is hard to determine when a menstrual cycle starts, many doctors go by the patients last period as a starting point for the 9 month pregnancy. 3. Menstruation occurs monthly even if you the women will not become pregnant

3: On the second week, oestrogen makes the uterus produce blood rich lining. (B) | 1. Women will produce lush blood lining to prepare for pregnancy; the lining will be shed if the egg is not fertilized. 2. Proestrogen is also produced to help with pregnancy. 3. The ovaries ripen an egg to release during this time.

4: I am rapidly multiplying | Fertilization | 1. Withing 12 hours after release of the egg, a sperm must fertilize the egg for it to develop into a fetus. 2. Upon fertilization, the egg will split and rapidly multiply. 3. Only one sperm cell, from a male, our of millions will fertilize the egg. | C

5: The egg and sperm have become a zygote, and will attach to the uterine wall. (d) | 1. At week four, the placenta and umbilical cord have been formed and the baby will get nutrients from it. 2. The embryo is still a ball of dividing cells, but has some digestive system, 3. The embryo is the size of a poppy seed.

6: Week 5 & 6 | At week five, I am still in utero, but I look more shrimp-like. (e) | 1. Despite being so small, heart starts beating at week 5. 2. The kidneys are growing, during this time. 3. The neutral tube, which protects the spinal cord starts to close over.

7: Mamma's Boy | At week 6, I am almost the size of a bean. (f) | 1. features start to form. 2. Black dots marks where the nostrils and eyes on the baby will be located. 3. Fingers are starting to form on the fetus.

8: Week 7: I continue to feed of the placenta. (g) | 1. The brain and heart are starting to become more complex. 2. The elbows have a slight bent now, allowing the joint to form. 3. The tip of the nose is starting to form.

9: development TIME | Week 8: My tail is starting to disappear (h) | 1. Considerably more active, but the mother will not feel for quite some time. 2. The wrists start to flex. 3. The legs have gotten longer than before.

10: Week 14 & 24 | I started sucking my thumb around 12 weeks in utero. (i) | 1. Muscle function has started, The fetus newly developed muscles allow him to slightly move around in the womb. 2. Laungo, small white hairs, have started to form on the fetus. 3. The fetus now has distinct eyebrows.

11: The best fetus in the World | 1. Taste buds have started to form. The Fetus may have developed a sweet tooth. 2. The skin in still fragile, but it is more prominent than before. 3. Has enough functions to survive if born prematurely. | I am starting to have more movements in the womb. I also can blink now. (J)

12: Almost there: week 40. | I am ready to come out of the womb any day now. (K) | 1. Muscles are fully developed. 2. Is generally head down, to prevent neck damage. 3. I am moving more and more.

13: Miracle of life | Recently born into the world, I am still becoming accustom to the noisy world. (l) 1. Movement is uncoordinated and jerky. 2. The baby may have heavier breathing the first week because they are becoming used to the air. 3. Breathes in cycles: fast and deep, then slow and shallow,

14: Month three and six | 1, When laying down at this age, babies may try and lift their heads, 2. Babies have become more accustom to their muscle movements, making them less jerky. 3. It may be hard to tell, but babies have started to develop eating and sleeping habits by three weeks. | I am sleeping because i am tired from moving so much. (l)

15: More Nap Time | I still sleep often, but i have become slightly more active. (l) | 1. The baby should have started to recognize you, and prefers you to strangers. Maybe even cooing when you are near. 2. Music has become fascinating to infant. 3. While they may not pick it up, if you place a toy in front of them, they will stare at it.

16: Month 9- 18 | I play with a wooden spoon. (L) | 1. Babies have become accustom to to their surroundings, and may be disturbed on trips. 2. They can grasp an unfamiliar place, but not travel. 3. Babies are still clingy at month 9, but are easily distracted. | 1. The baby should start to be seeking more independence. 2. Despite wanting more independence, babies may suffer from separation anxiety, 3. They may be able to walk. | I am smiling, but more picky about at whom. (l)

17: 1. =Babies should be walking at 15 months. 2. They can start using utensils like a spork to eat their food. 3. they can recognize themselves as an individual. | My dad tosses me in the air. (L) | 1. Babies start to engage in more physical play. 2. He can remember you after you remove him from his face. 3. They can dance on rhythm to music now. | (L)

18: Age 3 and 6 | I shave with my dad. (L) | 1. I can prepare a bowl of cereal myself. 2. I can get dressed without any help. 3. I can run stand or jump with ease.

19: I am stacking diamonds. (M) | 1. At age 6, i can follow three commands at once. 2. I can focus on a task for about 15 min at a time. 3. I can speak fluently.

20: Ages 9, 12 and 15 | 1. At 9, I want to be included in more decision making. 2. I can focus on a task for an hour. 3. I can follow five commands in a row, | 1. Puberty may start, meaning additional height and weight growth. 2. Body hair growth has started to increase. 3. Voice cracks due to changes in voice box may occur.

21: 15 | N | 1. Voice cracks are still present, but the less common and the voice has deepened. 2, Rapid height and weight growth. 3. Due to puberty, body hair should become present in even more areas of the body. (i.e. face.)

22: 1. During the 20s, some males will start to lose hair and become bald. 2. Males become fully developed. 3. People marry in this time period, meaning much emotional growth. | 20's

23: Age 30 to 40 | 1. Metabolism slows down and many adults start to gain weight. 2. Because of children and work, many adults get less sleep than healthy, causing easy agitation. 3. Males often become unhappy with life, causing a period of depression, called a midlife crisis.

24: 40s | 1. If you lived a sedentary lifestyle up till this point, you are most likely obese. 2./Many people do not take proper care of their teeth, and it may cause problems in your 40s. 3. Many males, if it did not happen in the 30s, experience a midlife crisis, causing depression or poor decision making.

25: I'm the baby gotta love me | 1. Many male hair's , if they do not have the bald gene, start thinning. 2. Adults experience graying hair during this time. 3. Adults start gain more wrinkles during this time period. | 50s

26: 70s | 1. Hair has become fully gray at this time. 2. Many wrinkles have started to form. 3. Adults have a higher risk for cancer at this point.

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