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Dominick - Page Text Content

S: The Story of Dominick Lucius

FC: The Story of Dominick Lucius

1: It all started when two fifteen year old kids met at a skating rink.

2: And then | they fell | And then | they fell

3: in L O V E | in L O V E

4: A year and a half later and I was pregnant!

5: Even though we were both seventeen we were excited to start our family together.

6: The first 24 weeks

11: We were so excited when we found out you were a boy!

12: Our baby 5lbs 15 ounces 18 inches | You were born on November 10th 2010 at 4:30 PM. I was in labor for 12 hours and you were born 18 days early and you had dark hair and grey eyes. Your middle name came from your deceased uncle.

13: Your hospital band, mommy's hospital band and daddy's hospital band.

15: Bonding with daddy

16: First week home

18: Peek | a | Boo | 11.30.2010 | 11.17.2010 | 11.17.2010

19: Baby & Bubbie | 11.18.2010 | 11.15.2010 | Your belly button cord fell off 11.21.2010

20: 12.2.2010 | 12.2.2010

21: 12.3.2010 | 11.20.2010 | 12.3.2010

22: 12.3.2010

23: Baby's First Bath

24: Cute as a Button! | 12.5.2010 | Since you were a few weeks old you snore, drool, and sleep with your mouth open just like daddy. Except you look so much cuter doing it.

26: 12. 5. 2010

27: 12.12.2010

28: 12.13.2010

29: You give our lives purpose | 12.16.2010

30: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts."

31: Your cousins Joszlyn and Jaylise. | 12.24.2010

32: Its January 2011! | 1.1.2011 | 1.3.2011 | 1.5.2011 | 1.7.2011

33: 1.15.2011 | 1.10.2011 | 1.11.2011

34: First Family Picture | 1.14.2011 | 1.16.2011

35: 1.16.2011

36: 1.13.2011 | 1.18.2011

37: 1.20.2011 | 1.29.2011 | 1.31.2011

38: Its February! You are 3 months old! | 2.12.2011

39: 2.28.2011

40: This is your great grandma, Juanita

41: And your titi Darline. | 2.12.2011

42: 3.1.2011 | 3.2.2011 | 3.3.2011 | 3.9.2011

43: Its March! Your 4 Months old! | 3.4.2011 | You started sleeping through the night and your first laugh happened this month.

44: 3.4.2011 | 3.10.2011 | 3.10.2011

45: 3.11.2011

46: 3.16.2011 | 3.17.2011

47: 3.19.2011

50: Its April! You are 5 months!

51: Its Moo Moo! | You learned how to rest on your elbows and how to roll from your back to belly and belly to back.

53: Your First Big Boy Food. 4.15.2011 | Rawr!

55: First time on a Swing 4.30.2011

56: 6.8.2011 | 5.1.2011 | 5.2.2011

57: 8.9.2011 | 5.2.2011 | 5.9.2011

58: Baby's first party! Your cousin Desirea's sweet 16! 7.3.2011

60: Baby's First Vacation | 7.13.2011 - 7.21.2011

61: Myrtle Beach

62: Your first crawl. 7.26.2011

63: Your first drive in movie. 7.30.2011. We saw the last Harry Potter & Captain America

64: 8.23.2011 - 9.28.2011

66: Your very first haircut. 10.21.2011

67: You Make My Sun Shine

68: Your First Halloween 10.31.2011

70: Happy Birthday | Today Dominick you are 1 What more can I say, You're becoming more special Each and every day, So blow out your candles One by one Enjoy your birthday Have lots of fun.

72: Dominick's Birthday Bash

80: "Believe in happily ever after, and it will come true" | And then Daddy did this.

81: Our story isn't over... | August 2013

82: My Letters to you. | Dear Baby, I am now 21 weeks pregnant! I feel you moving around! You are not moving around enough for your daddy to feel you but I feel you and that's what's important. :p I wrote you a letter a week after I found out I was pregnant but I have no idea where the note went. I think it got lost in daddy's locker in school so I probably will never find it. I can try to sum things up and try to remember what I wrote but I know it won't exactly be the same. I know I was shocked but daddy was even more shocked. I knew deep down it would happen eventually because we weren't doing anything to prevent it. I wondered how my life would change with a baby. I was scared and nervous. I still am. I want to be a good mom more than anything. The only big difference from then to now is I am super excited now. I can't wait to find out if you're a boy or girl. I can't wait until the baby shower. | 7.18.2010

83: I can't wait until your nursery is complete but most of all I can't wait to hold you. We find out your gender in 4 days! We already have names picked out! I hope we have a close relationship like me and my mom. I love you so much already. Your mother, Diamond Storm Borges-Aponte Dear Baby, The last few days have been very eventful. On Tuesday (7.20.2010) we found out that you are a boy! Everyone is excited. Your titi Jamie is extra excited. The look on your father's face when he saw you on the sonogram almost made me cry. He looked so fascinated and excited. Speaking of excited, your grandma was jumping up and down saying things like “Yay! I’m finally having a boy!” Yesterday daddy felt you for the first time. His face was priceless. He made me feel so happy. You're his little man and he is so excited. We can't wait until you are here. Right now your name is Dominick Alicio Borges-Aponte. Alicio is my grandfathers dad (my great grandpa) name. While I was doing a family tree I learned his name and I loved it. | 7.22.2010

84: I told daddy about it and he loved it too. We decided to try to squeeze it in the name of our son. You! We both just liked the name Dominick. There is no special meaning or reason behind it, we just like that name. Also on Tuesday, we picked out the paint for your nursery! I can't wait to start working on it. I will take lots of pictures so you can see the before and after. Your mother, Diamond Storm Borges-Aponte Dear Baby, Daddy and I recently decided to change your middle name from Alicio to Lucius. Lucius was my brothers’ name. Lucius was born premature and he passed away. My mom (Bubbie) will be very happy when she finds out we decided to give you that middle name. I don't want to tell her until you are born. It's a surprise. Bubbie is super excited for you to come. I love you so much, I never thought I could love someone or something as much as I love you and your not even here yet. Your mommy, Diamond Storm Borges-Aponte | 7.26.2010

85: Dear Dominick, I forgot to take pictures of the nursery before we painted it. It was a really light purple, like lavender. I will take pictures of it now so when you get older you can see what it looked like. I will be 33 weeks tomorrow. I feel you moving around so much and my belly is so big. We just recently had a 3-D ultrasound of you. Once again daddy's face was priceless. We think you have his nose. Everyone thinks you look like daddy. You have his long fingers. The baby shower is next Saturday. I can't wait to see what gifts you're going to get. I’m so anxious for you to be here. I want to hold my baby. I can't wait to be a mom. I will do all I can to be the best mom ever! Time has been going by so fast. Before I know it you will be here. Even though your due date is November 28th I hope you can make it until December 1st. The connection and love a mom can feel for her unborn child is AMAZING. I love you so much. Your mommy, Diamond Storm Borges-Aponte | 10.08.2010

86: Dear Dominick, I have been meaning to write to you again before you were born but I didn’t have the chance. Wednesday (11.10.10) at 4AM I laid down for bed and right when I started to fall asleep my water broke. Bubbie was, unfortunately, in Florida. I called your father and him and his dad picked up Shana and I and took us to the hospital. 12 hours later, with your father, titi Wendy, titi Lulu, and Shana in the delivery room, you were born. 4:30 PM, 5lbs 15 ounces, 18 inches long. Daddy was AMAZING. He helped me through the entire thing. He let me squeeze his hands during the contraction and he help my leg back when you were coming out. You are now 9 days old and sleeping in your portable sleeper about a foot in front of me. You fell asleep on my chest and you were snoring, just like daddy. :) You are perfect. You are better than anything I could ever imagine. I cried when you were born when I heard you cry. You are my beautiful baby boy and I love you more than anything. Today I learned some things that I want you to know. I sat down with Bubbie earlier and I told her that I was not going to graduate this year. | 11.19.2010

87: I was nervous to tell her because I did not want to disappoint her. Surprisingly she wasn't. She told me that it didn't matter when I graduated as long as I do graduate and she understood I had a lot on my plate, balancing you and school. And don't ever think that it was because of you that I did not graduate on time because it is not. The only thing you ever did was give my life purpose. When bubbie told me this I realized that it's ok, that everything will be ok and I want you to know that too. There will be obstacles in life, some caused by your action, some caused by others actions and some things just happen but no matter what happens always know that its ok. Don't ever be scared to tell me, daddy, or even bubbie something because no matter what you decide to do in life we will always love and support you and because we will be by your side you can accomplish anything. With the support of your family, everything will be ok. Never forget that. I love you so much! You were the best birthday gift ever! Your mommy, Diamond Storm Borges-Aponte

88: 10.10.2011 | Dear Dominick You will be one year old! I can't wait. You have made me and daddy so happy. You are walking around and laughing all the time.You are just a people person. You take my breath away. Sometimes I can't believe you are really mine. I love you more then anything and I will do everything I can to give you everything you want and need. One day you will understand how much we love you and on that day you will make us grandparents. I forgot to take pictures of your nursery and we changed it so you won't be able to see how it originally was. Sorry. Right now, I am struggling to finish school and your father is going to go to Job Corps and even though things are tough, I am confident things will work out and I want you to know that no matter what is thrown at you, eventually things work out. Just have faith.I am filled with joy every time I look at you. I can't wait to see what you will be like when you get older. I wonder who you will act like, me or dad? you amaze me. I love you so much. Love Always, Your mommy, Diamond Storm Borges-Aponte

89: Dear Dominick 3.13.2014 It has been 3 1/2 years since you were born and you have changed your father's and my life forever. I'm watching you right now playing with your toys. You are such a happy boy and have brought so much happiness into our lives. It hasn't been easy but your father and I have been doing our best by you. We are getting married next month and he is joining the Air Force so he can set a foundation for our future. I will be in school for a while so I am sure you will remember me going to college. I want you to know that it may be hard on you, with mommy in class all the time and daddy gone in the military but we are both making these decisions for you and we know you will be able to understand and appreciate it in the future. Everything will be okay baby, remember that, okay. Always remember that. Things work themselves out, dont stress over the little things because everything will be okay. You will ALWAYS have my love and your fathers love. We will always be on your side. I love you so much. Love Always, Your mommy, Diamond Storm Borges-Aponte

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