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Dylan's 1st Year

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Dylan's 1st Year - Page Text Content

S: Boy Oh Boy!


FC: Dylan Ray Wyandt

1: Baby I want you to know how incredibly special that you are! After a few years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, I was ecstatic to learn about becoming pregnant. Our journey together in utero was a long ride full of pregnancy symptoms, but it was comforting to know that the pregnancy was completely healthy. At each prenatal appointment my measurements were completely on target and the delivery was seamless. We developed a special bond while breastfeeding and you are an amazingly content baby. It is an awesome feeling to know that I am the reason that you are growing. It is a miracle that you grew from one cell to an 8 lb 2 oz baby then to a little toddler with no outside intervention! I hope that you know that I will do my best to make you the best that you can be. You will always have a safe, caring place within your family. I will be proud of you no matter what happens in your life and promise to help you take on the world. Love, Mom | 2009

3: DYLAN RAY WYANDT | October 14, 2009 | 8 pounds, 2 ounces | 20 Inches | 5:52 am | Conemaugh Hospital, Johnstown, PA

4: D | Meet our precious little one

5: Always kiss your children goodnight - even if they're already asleep.

9: First Days Home

20: Some of your first presents...

22: Some of your first handmade presents...

27: Week 1 – Spending this week very elated but also very zombie-like! Dylan is getting up at 1am, 4am then for good at 7am. Brother Brady and Thunder are very good with the baby! Brady calls him “Baby Dylan” and always wants to hold him. This week marks the first pediatrician appointment and he got a clean bill of health. He nearly gained back his birth weight already, weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz. Week 2 – Life continues to be very haphazard although there was one night of solace as Dylan slept 5 hours in a row! Dylan smiled for the first time on 10/22! His temperament is very good as he generally only cries when he’s hungry. The cries are so cute, sounding like a “Na, Na, Na” noise that amplifies over time, just as his face reddens! Week 3 – Mom began taking resumes for a night-time nanny, but due to a tough economy and salary requirements, decided Dad would be hired! We tried our first out-of-town experience in Greensburg at the mall, but spent most of the time in the restroom for feedings! Dylan enjoys his first Halloween. Brady asks Dylan, “Who’s a good baby?” then answers “You are, you are!”. His belly button fell off on 11/10 so he got his first tub bath the next day! Week 4 – Dylan is rapidly gaining weight! We like to sing songs... “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” when he goes poo; “Walk this Way” when we practice walking; “All Star” when we wear the “All Star” onesie; “Shake Your Booty” when we’re dancing, and “You’re Beautiful” just for the heck of it.

28: M

31: Week 5 – Dylan is still gaining weight! He's 13 pounds already and not fitting into 0-3 months clothes anymore. He doesn't even fit into the first outfit that I bought for him back in April, which was a red Christmas sleeper. Week 6 – Dylan weighs 14 pounds! Today Mom had her 6 week appointment and lost all weight gained during preggo time (40 lbs) - seems like she's giving Dylan her weight! I began calling Dylan "Chub-a-wumba" and saying "He's the chubbiest!" He has cheeks that you seriously want to pinch! Week 7 – We tried on Dylan's blue & pink hospital hat and it doesn't even fit anymore! Actually it could be used more aptly as an earmuff. They grow up so fast and it's only the beginning. We received our first snowfall and Brady shook Dylan's hand saying, "Congratulations, your first snowfall!".

33: Steeler Fans!

37: Week 8 – Dylan had his 8 week pediatrician check-up, where we learned that he weighs 14 lbs, 7 oz. and is in the 95th weight percentile! He was 23 3/4 inches long (75th percentile) but his head was only in the 25th percentile. He got 4 vaccinations and cried a little, but was a trooper! Week 9 – Baby Dylan is beginning to develop a real personality! He is grinning back when smiled at and making lots of funny new noises - squeals, coos and raspberries. He is happiest in the morning and sleeping about 14 hours per day. Week 10 – Dylan unofficially weighed in at 16 pounds and is already wearing 6-9 month clothes! He appears to be off the percentile chart already! Dylan is now making all sorts of silly faces and testing out new expressions like frowns and gigantic smiles. He has become fascinated with his hands and even sucks his thumb sometimes!

42: Week 11 – This week Dylan got to experience his 1st Christmas. Santa brought him just about everything that Fisher Price makes for the newborn crowd, including a bubble gum machine, bear, stacker and clothes. Dylan's first Christmas was a white one. Brady put a bow on his head and said that he is our present - so sweet! We started playing a game called 'Up and Down' and I think he is learning the words because he leans into the direction that is said! Week 12 – This week Dylan got to experience his 1st New Years. Happy New Years! Daddy is excited for another tax deduction! We went to Aunt Lisa’s house and Dylan just wanted to eat all night long! Then he ended up staying up until 1:00 am (the latest ever!) so he seemed to know the occasion as well! He laughed for the first time while getting a bath on 1/1/10.

44: precious first moments

45: 3 Months – Now Dylan is smiling all the time and opens his mouth to mimic what others are saying. To celebrate all these milestones, mom takes million of pictures although Dylan cries through most of them so we only get a few good ones. Good thing they are irresistible!! Dylan has managed to grow out of most of his best outfits and also managed to hit 20 lbs at 3 months old! You gotta love baby fat. Oh, let me tell you how much Dylan loves to get a bath... he splashes all of the water out of the tub and generally pees like a fountain! 4 Months – Mom made up this game called hot potato, where whoever is holding the baby when he explodes gets the honor of cleaning the diaper!

48: 5 Months - Baby D is eating rice cereal and loves it. From the very first bite he was a pro. Mouth opened wide and he swallowed right away. New activities include rolling over both ways whenever he feels like it, giggling out loud, holding his own bottle, and pulling hair out of mom's scalp.

49: 6 Months – Well finally Baby D is getting off his belly and rolling all over the place. He starts out on one side of the floor and ends up on the other! He is also sitting up now. He went to daycare a few days and got his first cold! He got to try baby Tylenol for the first time and thinks that Grape is good!

51: Easter 2010

54: First Beach Trip!!

55: 7 Months – Baby Dylan went on his first vacation to the Outer Banks in early June. We stopped at a Comfort Suites in Williamsburg where Dylan got his first experience in the pool. He loved it! Dylan now weighs 27 pounds! He just got his first teeth the weekend before Memorial Day.

62: 8 Months – Dylan is an eating machine! He has been getting a lot more solids. At restaurants he can sit in a high chair and mom gives me a lot of what she is eating. Some of our nicknames are Baby D, Baby Deeter, Diggy, and DD. Dylan still has yet to sleep through the night - What is going on here? Since birth, there have been only a few nights where he slept through the night (although Mom is so tired she can't quite recall!). His usual routine is bed around 8:30, and if he's in the crib then he's up by 10:00, then he goes to sleep until about 4:00 am when the party starts for Dylan! He's wide awake, trying to make various noises, smacking Mom in the face, and pulling her hair!

68: It is the nature of babies to be in bliss. | Every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last.

69: But let's not forget the moments of chaos!

70: 9 Months - Dylan has perfected the 'baby Sit N Spin' and has gained two more teeth on the top. He likes to practice out sounds in the morning, just babbling away! He generally sleeps most of the night, but wakes up crying once. He takes two naps during the day for about 90 minutes each. Dad snuck in his first taste of ice cream. This month we had Dylan's first visit to the zoo. Dylan started feeding himself and Dad gets lazy and props up his bottle on one of his toys.

72: Gateway | Clipper

74: 10 Months - Dylan really likes riding in his blue stroller, playing with toys in the high chair (and chucking them across the room), and riding in his blue push car. He got pinkeye and gave it to Mom and his poop smells like spice cookies - sorry the secrets are coming out! He giggles when you poke his belly or play peek-a-boo.

76: A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. | Mother's Day

79: 11 Months - Three days before Dylan's birthday, on Columbus Day, Dylan took his first steps in the kitchen - and from there he was a walking champ! Now he can make a quick getaway after major mess making!

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