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Eden's 3rd Year

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Eden's 3rd Year - Page Text Content

S: Eden Rae . . . The Third Year

FC: Eden Rae | the third year

1: Eden Rae | I can't believe another year has just flown by. . . man, we've had a blast. I'm still in shock that my little baby isn't so little anymore. You are TWO years old. Where has the time gone? You have grown up so much this past year. You've gone from your Frankenstein walk to full blown running through the house. You are so full of energy, personality and sass! You are absolutely the funnest little girl to be around. You make daddy and I laugh everyday. We are so excited to see what the terrible twos will bring. We love our stinker butt (sass and all)!

2: Eden's super | You have been waiting for your birthday party for so long. Every time it was someone's birthday

3: Hero party | you would sing "Happy Birthday to Eden". Well, your day has finally arrived and it was SUPER!

4: We had TWO birthday parties for you! The first one was up at Pa's house with all your cousins. Everyone dressed up as superheroes. We played games like throw the water balloon at the super villain, shoot the bad guys and we even had flight training. | the super details | ...for a super good party

5: You had so much fun opening gifts. You were a pro. You loved the stroller Tia gave you and you squealed in delight when you saw your Woody and Jessie dolls from Grandma & Pa. You instantly put them in your stroller and started pushing them around. You wouldn't let them out of your sight for the rest of the day. Later that night, after Mama put you to bed, she went to check on you and you had your Woody & Jessie doll with you. We don't know how you got them, but some how they ended up in bed with you. | 2 extraordinary years

6: We also had a party at our house with some of your friends. Mama transformed the backyard into Superhero Headquarters. We decorated our capes, played some games, took LOTS of pictures and had so much fun with all our friends. | the super details | ...for a super good party

7: You were so excited for your birthday all day. While mama was decorating the backyard, you kept poking your head out the back door and saying "It looks Wonderful!" "It's my birfday party!" "Happy Birthday to Eden!" When your friends arrived you immediately showed them all their capes and then you ran around the backyard SUPER fast, cuz you were SUPER EDEN! You were so happy that all your friends came to play with you on your special day. We loved watching you laugh and play. It was such a SUPER day! | 2 extraordinary years

8: Eden's | FIRST | Who knew it would take 2 years before you could get your very first haircut? Mama took you to Cookie Cutters and you got to pick a car to sit in. You were so good and held very still. You didn't want to get of of the car when she was finished cutting your hair, but with the promise of a balloon you decided it would be okay to leave. We all love your cute pixie hair! | haircut

9: The time has come to say good-bye to your beloved binkie. You LOVED your binkies. You wouldn't go anywhere without them. Now that you are a big girl, it was time to say so long. We talked about the Binkie Fairy and how she comes to get binkies from big girls and gives them to the babies. You were very sad the day the Binkie Fairy came, but you were very brave and mama is so proud of you! | Bye Bye | Binkie

10: A Day at the Zoo | As soon as we got to the zoo, you insisted on seeing the baby elephant. You kept saying "He so cute!"

11: This summer we went to the Hogle Zoo. It was very hot, but we had lots of fun. You said "HI!" to every animal. You were really excited to see the GOR-ILL-A (like Tarzan). You always made sure to point out which animal was the mama, the daddy and the baby. Your favorite animals were the elephants and the giraffes. | You loved to watch the giraffes eat. You thought their purple tongue was so cool. "It's puple! It's puple"

12: It's a GYMBOREE Day! | Level 5: Gymboree Creative Thinking Class.

13: You made it your mission to find Gymbo each and every time we had class. You LOVED Gymbo | Mr. Eric was your favorite teacher. You always wanted him to watch you play. You also loved to help him sing the songs | You loved crawling through things and jumping off into the bouncy mat. Bumpy mats and parachute time were your favorites | Rainbow Parachute Sky!

14: Decorating Cookies | October 2011

15: We went to Pa's to paint some pumpkins for Halloween, but it was raining so hard we couldn't visit the pumpkin patch. So we decided to make Halloween cookies instead. You love baking You were a pro at rolling, pressing and decorating those cookies. Like a true chef, you made sure to frequently taste test the cookie dough & frosting and your cookies were never short of sprinkles.

16: Breakfast with the Witches | October 27 2011

17: You ran up on stage every chance you got. You had no fear. Grandma couldn't get you off the stage at one point and so Taloolua just picked you up and said "I found a baby, and she doesn't want her mama anymore. I think I'll keep her...and she did...for the rest of the show. Grandma thinks you should get an agent my little movie star! | This year grandma started a new tradition. She took you and Ever to have Breakfast with the Witches at Gardner Village. You dressed up as a princess witch. You were able to eat breakfast AND hot chocolate while all the silly witches danced, sang and put on a show. You loved Taloolua Web Bottom. You kept running up to her and waving HI! She was your favorite!

18: Halloween Fun | On Halloween you dressed as Princess Belle. We went to Bronson's house to go Trick-or-treating. Bronson was scared to go to some of the houses but not you. You walked right up to the door and said "I not scared, I want candy!"

19: You dressed up as one of Pa's chickens to go see the pumpkin festival and for the Halloween Carnival. You told me Halloween was your favorite day

20: Once upon a potty...

21: One day just you decided you wanted to be a big girl and start going potty. Since that day, we have not changed a poopy bum. Hooray! You got better and better each day. Not long after we said good-bye to diapers all together. You are so big and we are SO proud of you!

22: C h r i s t m a s | Dinner with our favorite friends | Decorating the Christmas tree and our house | Christmas parties at the cabin with our Wilson cousins

23: T r a d i t i o n s | Visits to Santa to tell him what you want for Christmas | Helping Grandma transform her house into a Winter Wonderland | Going to Temple Square to see all the lights

24: For Christmas Eve we went to Grandma and Pa's house to have some fun. You got so many wonderful toys and were so happy to play with your cousins all day long. Grandma and Pa got you a princess castle and wagon for Christmas. You were so excited that we had to set up your castle right away. You spent the rest of the night chasing the bad guys (Brennen & Bennett) and hiding in your castle with Ever and Clovi! | When it started getting late, we decorated some cookies for Santa Clause, while Pa read the story of Jesus' birth. You pilled Santa's cookie high with lots of treats! | 'Twas the Night before Christmas... | * | * | HARK the | herald angels sing

25: We didn't want to forget Santa's reindeer so we made a special blend of food just for them. Right before we went to bed we sprinkled the food along the drive way so that the reindeer had something to eat while Santa filled the house with presents. | Right before everyone went home we all opened our Christmas jammies. You were so lucky and got a whole kitty outfit (including slippers!) Now it was off to bed to wait for Santa to come! | reindeer feeding station | *

26: Christmas Morning was so much fun! You were thrilled to find that Santa had eaten your cookies & the reindeer had eaten their treats. When you saw Buzz in front of grandma's tree, you were so happy! You immediately pushed every button you could find. This year you were a PRO at opening gifts. You could open a present in two seconds flat! You are one spoiled girl. You got so many gifts! You are so lucky to have so many people who love you!

27: After we opened presents at Pa's, we headed to Shane and Jody's...turns out, Santa left you a present there as well! You weren't quite sure what to do with yourself but after you realized it was for you, you strapped Buzz in the front seat and you were off! | We stopped at Grandma Rosey to say hello that day. Then we went to Chad & Julie's to eat lunch and see what the boys got from Santa. It was a LONG day, but oh so fun! Right before bed you told mama you were SO happy... well watching you that day made us SO happy!

28: Let it snow | Let it snow | Let it snow

29: You and Mama made your first snowman this year. We had so much fun rolling the snow and finding his eyes and mouth. We even had a carrot nose. We also went to Pa's and painted in the snow with Bren and Ever. You only wanted to use purple paint...cuz it's your favorite of course

30: Valentines Day | This is the card we took to all your friends

31: On valentines day we kept it simple. All you really wanted was a rubber ducky and mama delivered! you were so happy to have another duck for your bath time family

32: You got to go to your very 1st circus this year. When we walked into the arena the first thing you saw was the elephant and it was over! You were in love. You thought it was so cute. Once the circus started you only wanted the elephant to come out! | You waiting so patiently for the elephants to come out and performed. Once they came out you were glued to your seat. It was your favorite part. At the end of their act the elephants took a bow and you thought they were hilarious. You laughed & laughed. You talked about those elephants for days!

33: You all got to pick one thing to do at the circus (including ride the elephant) and everyone wanted their face painted. The lady was super fast! In a chair and then lickty split... Wa La! | The Greatest Show on Earth!

34: March 9th 2012 | Grandma Rose spoiled us and took us to Disney on Ice. You were so excited to see Woody & Jesse, but mostly BUZZ! Grandma bought you everything you asked for. Before the show even started you were loaded top to bottom with all the necessary gear.

35: You danced & sang & clapped your hands all show long. You squealed in pure delight when Ken and Barbie made their appearance. You even cried at intermission because you didn't want them to leave. It was a dream come true! You are so lucky to have Grandma Rose

36: mama's most favoritest holiday | You woke up bright and early on St. Patrick's Day to try and catch that silly leprechaun. First, we checked the trap we set up in your room but the leprechaun got away! He stole our gold and used the latter to make his get away. Next, we found the messes he made in the bathroom. Green glitter was everywhere and he even turned the potty green!

37: Later we discovered that our 2nd trap also failed and this time the leprechaun left us a note. You read the note to mama. You read "Happy Birthday to me. I the leprechaun. I love green. It's forty dollars o'clock." The leprechaun caused more mischief all day long. He turned our milk green and even our breakfast! He was so sneaky that he even managed to put green glitter in yours and mama's hair! Tried as we may, we couldn't catch that silly leprechaun, but that didn't keep us from having fun. We went over to Marlee's house later that night for a Corn Beef and Cabbage party to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. All your favorite friends were there and we had so much fun! I think you like that holiday as much as mama. We spent the whole day laughing & having fun!

38: You were an easter egg dying expert this year. You dipped and swirled and oohhed and awwed. You loved to dye an egg one color and then experiment by putting it in another color to create the most wonderfully colored easter eggs around. You liked to carefully observe Brooks and Brittan's eggs dying technique. You then made sure to tell all the boys just how beautiful their eggs turned out. | Decorating Eggs

40: The day before Easter we went to grandma and papa Rose's for an easter egg hunt! Aunt Becky made you a VERY special easter basket just in time for the egg hunt. You and Bronson raced each other around the cabin looking for eggs. You both were trying to get to an egg before the other would see it. While we were outside looking for eggs, the Easter Bunny snuck inside and left you a present. You were so excited for you baseball tee. You and daddy went out and played baseball with the boys.

42: This year for Easter we went to Pa and Grandma Judy's for an Easter Egg hunt with all our favorite cousins. You carried your basket around all day long waiting for the easter egg hunt to begin. You were so excited to go find those eggs. Every time you found an egg you wanted to open it right away, but then you quickly spied a hidden egg and off you ran to fill your basket! You even found a bunny mask that you wouldn't take off. You jumped around Pa's house yelling "hop, hop hop!" | 2

44: Easter Sunday | Easter morning you woke up at 6am to go potty. Even though you were still sleepy you spotted the trail of Easter eggs right away. You squealed in delight and yelled at the top of you lungs "The Easter Bunny came!"

45: The trail of easter eggs lead to your new Easter dress. You were so excited to put it on. Your Easter basket was full of fun things to bring to church. After church we came home and the Easter bunny had hid eggs all over the house. You hopped around the house looking for all the eggs. You were an egg hunter expert by then. After we found all the eggs we spent the day playing outside with all your new toys.

46: The Story of the One day at school you were riding on a or say you were hurt but when mama got just knew something was wrong. The next thought your elbow was out of place. The you just cried and cried. So you went to made sure to tell everyone you saw not to take an x-ray with you but you were so nurse took a picture of your arm. After doctors to get your arm wrapped up. doctor was going to twist your arm one twisted your arm. A new "nice" and made it feel ALL better. You you went so your shirt was covered went back to the nice doctor and excited that your whole arm was doctor he did a good job and show all your friends you new Mama was a little nervous weather because of your cast, but

47: Broken Elbow snail and you fell of. You didn't cry home from work later that night she day you went to the doctor's and they doctor tried to twist it into place, but the hospital to have an x-ray. You twist your arm. Mama couldn't brave and held so still while the the x-ray you went back to the You were afraid that the mean again. Mama made sure no doctor wrapped your arm up also got a sticker everywhere in stickers. A few days later you got a purple cast put on. You were so your favorite color. You told the nice you LOVED your new cast! You love to arm. You think it's the coolest thing ever! you wouldn't have any fun in the warm the coolest part is that it can get wet!

48: BIG SISTER! | You had some big news to share just in time for Mother's Day. You are going to be a big sister come December! You are so excited and can't wait to hold your new baby sister (or so you think it's a baby sister). Every day you ask if the baby is big enough to come out so you can hold her. You also tell mama all about the things you are going to do when he/she arrives. You promise to sing the baby songs and feed it bottles and be mama's little helper. We just know you are going to be an AMAZING big sister. We are so proud of you!

49: We were pretty low key this year for the 4th of July. Mama made you a stars and strips breakfast and then you and Ever played outside all day long. You even dressed up as a USA soccer player with Ever as your cheerleader. You raced across the backyard dribbling the ball and everyone was really impressed with your mad skills! Later that night everyone came over for a BBQ. There weren't any fireworks this year because it was so hot and fires were burning all over the place, but that was okay with us, we had lots of fun anyway! | 4th of July

50: We had so much fun with our friends this year up at Grandma Rose's for the annual horse tournament. The weekend started by playing in the river. You sat in your floaty & splashed around all afternoon. You & Bronson spent lots of time driving your jeeps up and down the lane. You would rather be a passenger then drive your own jeep. On Saturday we had the kids' parade. You rode with Brittan on the four wheeler & had your parade wave down pat! After the parade we played games, won prizes, painted faces and splashed in the water. Your birthday twin Presley even came up to join in all the fun. You had so much fun with all our friends & went to bed every night completely tuckered out. It's our favorite time of year! | the 24th of July

51: Swim Lessons | This year while mama was at school. Aunt Marcia (a.k.a. mama cia) took you and Ever to swim lessons at an outdoor pool near her house. You have always been our little fish and you just LOVE the water. Your swim class was too big and so they split it into two different classes. One had a boy teacher and the other had a girl teacher. Originally, they put you in the class with the boy teacher and split you and Ever up. You cried the whole 1st day but did everything your teacher asked. The next day you ran up to the girl teacher, sat on her lap and refused to leave her side, so they switched you to that class. At swim lessons your teacher focused on getting you comfortable with the water. She had you practice blowing bubbles and putting your face in the water. You would only put your face in the water if you had your goggles on. You also practiced doing your monster arms and alligator floats. By the end of the six weeks, you were doing so great. You loved your teacher and always wanted her to watch YOU! Mama got to come and see you swim for your final test. You showed me all your skills and made me SO, SO proud!

52: Four wheel rides. Playing in the dirt. Sleeping in tents and looking up at the stars. Swim lessons. Inner tube rides down the river. Hiking through the woods looking for deer. Fishing. Camping. Marshmallow making. Trips to the zoo with friends. Swinging from the trees and staying up late. All reasons we love the summer! | Summer Time Fun | July & August 2012

53: Life is good today... Life is good today...

54: Eden's Favorite | Gymboree: You ask to play with Gymbo each day. You love to climb, explore and use your imagination. You are excited to try new trick and show off your skills with the help of your teacher Mr. Eric | Singing: You love to sing. You always help mama and daddy sing you bedtime songs. You have a beautiful voice. We love hearing you sing. Your favorite songs are "love is Spoken Here", "I am a Child of God" and "Fearless" by Pink Floyd. | Toy Story: You LOVE Toy Story. It's your favorite movie. You walk around the house singing "You've got a friend in me." Mama often finds Jesse and Woody in bed with you after you've fallen asleep., but Buzz is your favorite. You love to fly with him around the house. | Playing Dress Up: You love to put on your princess dress and twirl around your room. You can even convince daddy to put on a princess top and play with you. After he dresses up you make sure to tell him he looks SO pretty! Your favorite princess to dress up as is Belle!

55: Things at Two | "Real" Babies: No matter where we are you can find a baby lickity split! You LOVE to hold them are are always so careful with them. If a baby starts to cry you are the 1st to let their mama know. You are going to be such a good mama one day! | Dancing: You LOVE to dance. Anytime you hear music, you bust of move. You've got some serious rhythm. We always stop to shake it if we hear a good tune... You yell "FREEZE, now dance!" We are very excited to start dance lessons once your 3. Hollywood here you come! | Cooking: You are my little chef. You love to help mama in the kitchen. You put on your apron and say "let's cook!". Making cookies are your favorite, you always make sure to taste tests the batter. You love to help with eggs. You can crack an egg like nobody's busy. | Being Naked: Girl! you love being naked. We can't keep clothes on you! You love to run around the house in the buff after going potty or taking a bath. Any chance you get, those clothes come off! You love to scream "Naked baby! Naked baby!" while mama & daddy chase you with clothes. We love our naked baby!

56: Eden's Favorite | Jake and the Neverland Pirates: This is your favorite TV show right now. You love dressing up as Jake and walking around the house looking for Captain Hook & gold deblooms. We can always catch you singing "Yo Ho Mateys Away!" as you hunt for treasure while playing pirates. | The Color Purple Anything & everything purple...it's the only way for you. Whenever you see something purple you say "That's my favorite!". You always want to be wearing purple. If anyone gives you a chose of color or anything. We all know what your response will be...PURPLE! | Being Girly: Even though you love to run and play in the dirt, you sure do love your accessories. You love reading Fancy Nancy and learning all the silly words she uses. You love to put on your sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets and strut your stuff. | The Children's Cottage Oh how we loved this place! This was your school while mama went to her school. You would always come home with something you made that day and you loved to tell mama about all the things you learned. Tori (aka Toto) was your favorite teacher. We were so sad to leave.

57: Things at Two | Swimming: I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are my little fish. You live for the water. If it's not the tub it's the pool and you never want to get out. This year you took swimming lessons and even though you were a little nervous at first, you were running the show by the end. | Camping: You love to be outdoors. You were made for them. You love the dirt, the trees and all things nature. You are like a wild animal set free when we go camping. In two seconds flat you are covered in dirt and having the time of your life | Go Diego Go: This is another one of your favorite TV shows right now. You love Dora & Diego. You could watch them for hours and hours. We can always hear you counting in Spanish..uno, dos, tres...We are quite impressed with all the words you have learned. You even have your very own baby jaguar who you love! | Being Creative: You love being creative. You are our little artist. Every day you want to do a craft or make something new. Painting is your favorite! You love to dip your brush and paint. You also love to glue and paste. I think you might be an artist someday

58: Mama's | favorite | photos

61: Mama's | favorites | more of

62: Three whole years have come and gone. You have grown up SO much this year. You have turned into quite the little lady. You are so full of energy and love. You make us laugh every single day with all your sass and personality.

63: You are one lucky girl because you are OH so loved. We are so glad we get to call you ours! We can't wait to spend another year loving you. Happy Birthday to our beautiful, silly, crazy girl. We love you like MAD! | mama & daddy

64: We | Happy Family | are a

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