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Eliana - Page Text Content

S: Eliana Bonnie Marie Higginbotham 2-21-11 - 3-21-11


FC: Eliana Bonnie Marie Higginbotham | Our Little Girl

1: REMEMBERING THE JOURNEY AND JOYFUL EXPERIENCES OF THE BIRTH & LIFE OF OUR BABY _______________ | Eliana Bonnie Marie Higginbotham February 21, 2011 3:34 p.m. 8 lbs 11 oz; 20 in long

2: 16 Weeks | 18 Weeks | 20 Weeks | 22 Weeks | 33 Weeks | 37 Weeks | 40 Weeks

3: SNEAK PEAK! | Daddy trying on the Empathy Belly!

4: HOPES & DREAMS | We were ready for you to be here! We were very excited for the day! | 3:34 p.m. You ARRIVE!!

5: Mommy's Princess | Daddy's Girl

6: You had many visitors in the Hospital! Mimi, Amy, Auntie M, Grandma, Papa

7: Uncle Andrew, Grandpa, Cousin Naomi, Uncle Grant

8: First Bath | First Diaper Change | E | First Outfit

9: Ready to go Home!

10: David Glavin | Alyson Weldy | Devin & Erin Scott | Your first visitors at home! | Grandpa Jimmie | Mimi came to help right after you were born! | Jenna N. and Joe A.

11: Listening to your first Lady Braves' Basketball Game!! | Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

12: Aunt Jami and Cousin Rebekkah came to meet you!

13: First Outing We went to Texas Roadhouse, Just Between Friends sale, and the Mall! You did great! Then, when mommy went to change your diaper at the restaurant you peed all over everything!

14: First time in your swing! | First time at Bible Study! | First time resting in your crib! First REAL bath | First time taking your Temperature!

15: First Bath

16: Visiting at your house!

17: Baby Shower at GEC! | Catie Friend, Brayden, Eliana, & Mommy

18: I will hold your hand forever

19: Your first walk March 16, 2011

20: First trip to Grandma and Grandpa's! | Meeting Murphy!

21: Murphy was glad to have his lap back! | Auntie M was excited to see you! | Common meeting place...the kitchen! | Meeting Great Grandma

22: Iola Gatherings! | Meeting Great-Aunt Rhonda!

23: First Trip to Mimi and Papa's!

24: Bath time with Bekkah

25: Meeting Grandpa-Great and Grandma-Great!

28: Uncle Matt loves his girls! | First trip to Hoffnungsau | Cousin Bekkah is so Proud!

29: Time for the Park!

30: The Good Family Rob, Sonja, Danika, and Ashlynn | Katelyn Canter | Great-Aunt Betty | Kaydee Nolde | Ashli Cain

31: March 21, 2011 | Your first smile caught on camera! March 26, 2011

32: Erin and Eric Zuelke came to meet you too! (They weren't married yet, you went to their wedding later on!) | Sheila and Stefanie Randa came to visit you when you were one month old. They drove all the was from Hays!!

34: The Ericksons came to visit on March 28, 2011. Emma was so excited to see you she ran right past your daddy and I straight to you in your swing! | She was upset when you were crying. So she laid next to you and started to sing you a song to make you happy again

35: The daddies and their girls. They are very great dads.

36: Best Buds! Ellarie - 3 months Eliana - 1 month

37: The Erickson-Higginbotham Clan

38: You and daddy were watching the Yankees together! | First Bottle! March 27, 2011 | Mommy singing Jesus Loves You! | Flowers sent to Mommy at work on her first day back. From Mimi and Eliana March 31, 2011

39: Getting in some play time on our last days together before daycare and work! | Watching Golf after church one day, it kept you quiet for quite awhile!

40: Your first MCC sale! Your first Children's Auction! | You fought hard for this little doll to give to your cousin Bekkah! | Time to head home, but you needed a bottle break. Bekkah tried to feed you before you woke up and I told her we had to wait. When you finally woke up she was SO excited to get to feed you a bottle!

41: Papa came by on a break from making new years cookies! Yummy!! | Bekkah loved the doll you won her! | Bottle Break! Daddy and Mommy held your frozen milk under the hand dryer in the bathroom....we got some weird looks! | Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jami teaching Bekkah how to mini golf!


44: You had many people at your dedication, all there to help celebrate you and praise God for you!

46: 2 months old! April 21, 2011

47: sunny days are here again! | Pretty in Blue!

49: Meeting the Taylors in Okinawa!

52: The Hunt Is On

53: I love my Duckie! | Play Time

54: Fun Day With Mimi! 5-5-11

55: Fun day with Mimi!

56: Ellarie's Dedication 5-8-11

58: "We Laugh, We Cry We Make Time Fly Best Friends we are, My Mom & I"

59: "A Mother's love never ages." Mother's Day 5-8-11 | Nap Time on Mother's Day!

60: Daddy and Marielle | Little Oscars

62: Little Oscars

63: Family Fun

64: Pretty Girl

65: Playing with cousin Bekkah! | Bekkah enjoyed playing like you were her baby doll!

66: You got to meet Laura Jones! | First Buhler City-Wide garage Sale

68: Haylie Ludwig | Emily Dick | Jade Todd | Cami Burns | Tessa Jirak | Tanner Tush

69: Jade Todd | Zachary Arvin | Tamara McGregor | Preston | Tim Jacobs | Caleb Null | Sammy Hicks | Kayla Johnson | Gage Schuster | Tyler Winterringer

70: Memorial Day Weekend! Uncle Andrew is so much fun! | Sitting outside watching us play ladder-ball!

72: We were so excited that summer was finally here!

73: First time in Bumbo | May 28, 2011

74: Daddy missed you over Memorial Day Weekend. He stayed in Ottawa to work while you and mommy went to Buhler!

75: First MAJOR Blowout!

77: Going on a Walk! | Auntie M and Auntie Naomi teaching you about coffee!

78: First Garage Sale: It was SO HOT!

80: So, one night during the summer we heard a kitty behind our garage. It ended up being this little guy! So, we rescued him, however, we didn't know what to do with him, because we could not keep him. So, we prayed that God would guide us on what to do with this precious kitty. Well, that evening I was in the garage and I heard a little boy saying, here kitty kitty. It ended up being the kids across the street. Though, this was not the kitty they were looking for; their dad said they would take care of it until it was old enough to go out to the farm with the other cats. So, this precious kitty had a wonderful new home! He, Oliver, was technically you're first pet; even though he was only with us for not even 24 hours!

81: Singing "Jesus Loves You" That song was the only song that would calm you down, Mommy sang it over and over for hours! | Playing with the music toy in your Bumbo with Daddy! | Eliana and daddy Sleeping!

82: Summer Outings! | Looking at wedding venues in Lawrence with Jenna! | Annual shopping trip at the Legends with Vickie and Jenna!

83: June 9th | Discovered your pacifier and learned how to put it in your mouth! | SO FLEXIBLE! You can put your feet in your mouth!

84: At the Gardner Fair! And you met the Westons! | Listening to the Music!

85: Watching your FIRST Disney Movie with your Mommy and your Daddy! | Laying in bed with your dad. Wearing your Yankees Shirt ready for the game later in the day! | Precious Sad Face!

86: Happy Father's Day Daddy!

87: "To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world."

88: Brayden Christopher Friend In the summer we went over to Bryaden's house every Wednesday in the month of June. Your play-dates mainly consisted of the two of you sleeping while your mommies talked.

89: B U H L E R T R I P

90: First Trip to the Water Park!6-25

92: First Trip to the Zoo!! June 25

93: Mommy and Daddy's first date night! Went to Wichita to a movie for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary! | There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to the one you love.

94: Basketball Time!!

95: While Mommy and Daddy went on a date you stayed at Mimi and Papa's House and played, played, played!

96: Bekkah came to visit for a few days! She was so excited! June 26, 2011

97: Ellarie and Emma came to visit when we all got home!

98: Emma and Bekkah went straight for your room - and destroyed it! | Washing their hands before they ate their pizza!

99: It was everyones first sleepover! You were in our bedroom. Rebekkah ended up in your bedroom. And Emma slept in the living room. | Good Morning! Breakfast and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

100: We went to the park with Emma and Bekkah. You did so good. You slept the whole time we were there while the girls played!

101: You were worn down after the park! We all took naps! | By lunch time Bekkah and Emma needed seperate towels because they were fighting...

102: Ellarie came back to pick up Emma. You were telling her lots of stories!

103: Some more pictures of Rebekkah's visit

105: Bekkah made cookies for us...they did not turn out...we didn't have enough flour. Then we all went for a swim at the Country Club!

106: Fun Drying Off! | You seemed to always sleep when we went to the pool this summer!

107: Relaxing after we swam | We had soooo much fun!

108: Uncle Andrew came to visit before Bekkah had to leave!

109: Here is your sad/cry face! I had to document it!! :) | Jason Sullivan came to meet you! He is a great friend from school. | And David Glavin came by to see you again! | Both of these guys are amazing men! If you ever need anything you could call on either of these guys.

110: Playing with your Basketball!

111: Sweet Little Girl! | First time pulling on your birdie!

112: Working in the Garden as a Family

113: The Beautiful Flowers

114: Working on Camp with Bud! | Planning camp! You were my little Assistant!

115: Meeting Gideon and Kristy Walker and Nate Wilcox! | Hanging out at the Country Club Bar! :)

116: Aunt Melisa and Grandma came to help me because we were babysitting Ellarie!

117: Aunt Melisa was trying to get you to crawl to her! :) | This was also the first time you rolled over! You rolled back to your tummy for the first time on July 1!

118: We had so much stuff for our trip to Buhler! I sat in the backseat between you and Ellarie and your daddy sat up front with TONS of stuff! The drive went okay. You both started out sleeping. THen you both played a little. Then you both ended our trip with CRYING! It turned out you were both poopy. Look at all that stuff we unloaded at Mimi and Papa's!

120: Playing in the morning! You two had matching jammies!! :)

121: Your first time eating cereal.... | You Were Not A Fan

122: Home of the free...Because of the Brave

123: Amazing Fun on the Fourth | Watching the boys blow up fireworks!

124: Amazing Fun on the Fourth | You and Ellarie REALLY liked the bright ones, but not so much the loud ones.

125: Watching the city fireworks. You fell asleep. You also fell asleep at the Ottawa City fireworks. | Bekkah was in the bathtub when they started...

126: Happy First Fourth of July!!

127: Amazing Fun on the Fourth | Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks

128: Watching the Parade! Stars 'n' Stripes Forever

129: You and Ellarie both fell asleep during the Parade!

131: It's the little things that make life beautiful.

132: We Love the Slide

134: Best Friends! | Chrissy and Lincoln Young came to visit! They live far away but Chrissy answered all of mommy's questions when you were first born! | "Good times are even better when they are shared"

135: Wow!! Look at you eat your foot!! :) | This was our last night in Buhler. Mommy and daddy were excited after taking care of TWO little ones for FOUR days!

136: Your faces are so adorable! | Ready for Erin Smith and Eric Zuelke's Wedding Rehearsal!

137: Daddy was a groomsman, mommy was a bridesmaid, and you were a pretty guest! All at Eric and Erin Zuelke's Wedding July 9, 2011

138: Auntie M and Uncle G showed up for a quick hello at the reception! | You fell asleep during the dance!! Slept right through the loud music and everything!!

139: This is the bed you slept in when you out grew your bassinet. I wasn't ready to move you to your own room, and you were still waking up a couple times to eat in the night. So I moved out the bassinet and in the first pack n' play. You are so cute! | Theater in the Park We went to see Horton Hears a Who with the Ericksons! We had lots of fun! We had reserved seats, but we ended up putting blankets down and sitting in front of these chairs. You kept rolling, and since we were on a hill you kept rolling down the hill into people!! You did so good through the whole show!

140: hanging out at AB Sr High Camp Playing during worship! | Audrey Paine and David Glavin were great playmates!

141: One of your favorite Camp Counselors!! Erin Zuelke! | Sucking your thumb!!! | Mimi came to camp with us to play with you and keep you busy! | You would sleep during every worship!! You slept through the band and the speaker! (and our speaker had a loud voice!)

142: Family Reunion in KC 2011 | Hanging out with Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Teresa!

143: Oh my! Look at all your silly faces with Uncle G! | You loved playing on our table with all of our empty water bottles!!

144: Meeting Ashley Ford and Angela Vohs. Friends from Ottawa University!

145: Emma was so excited to see you again! | Ashley was my college roommate for 3 1/2 years!!

146: Dinner Break with Auntie M | Iola Weekend in August | Hanging out with Great Grandpa! | Meeting Katherine for the first time! | The Garcias came to Kansas to meet you! | Your FIRST trip to Iola DQ! You didn't actually get anything, but we knew we should start you young!

147: Look at how CUTE you are! | The Garcias bought you this pretty dress!!

148: Everyone loves you in your pretty dress!

149: Hanging out with the Garcias!

150: Bath Time with Bekkah! | All Clean!

151: outing with Mimi and Aunt Jami before school

152: Playing with Bekkah

153: This is your Great-Great-Aunt Hilda. This was your first and only time to meet her. You played skip-bo with her the summer that you were in mommy's tummy! Your Aunt Hilda was so much fun. We would play dominoes and skip-bo for a long time with her. She is your Grandma-Great's sister.

155: Papa's Biker Girls!

156: Buhler

157: Pool | Every time we went to the pool, you ended up sleeping in my arms!

159: You're Such a Silly Girl! | You LIKE your cereal now! We tried the cereal again every week, you finally started liking it the beginning of August.

160: Big Girl sitting in your High Chair!

161: Gorgeous Blue-Eyed Girl!

162: Your first Wounds. Your leg got pinched in the carseat...poor baby, your first bruise. Then, you rolled off the couch and hit the computer. But you're smiling about it!

163: Meeting Miles Richie for the first time!

164: School's back in session. Mommy and Eliana snuggling while Mommy grades!

165: Meeting Great Aunt Betty! | TICKLES BY BEKKAH

166: Beautiful September Day hanging out with daddy!

167: Helping Mommy make Dinner!

168: Poor David was playing with you up in the air after you ate, and you got him good!

169: Modeling her new hat. Made by Karah Covey | Headed to the Kansas State Fair 2011

170: Watching animals in the birthing Barn | First taste of Roasted Corn! | Enjoying the fair

171: Rebekkah riding the Rides! Bekkah Picking a Duck! | Pick a Duck! You won a Froggie!

172: Great First Trip To the Kansas State fair! | Wearing Daddy's favorite stocking cap!

173: Ellarie and Emma came to play while their mommy went to do a photo shoot | Playing together -- Best Buds

174: Happy Birthday Daddy! 9-23-2011

175: Bowling Adventures

176: You poor thing....I can't remember what you were sad about....but you are an adorable fit thrower :)

177: Sweet Baby: Love your Pacifier Love your Mommy

178: Happy Haunting!

180: Corn Maze

181: Hay Rack Ride!

182: Decorating the Pumpkins!

184: First Halloween!

185: Trick or Treat Grandma-Great and Grandpa-Great | Papa's so silly

186: Lady Bug Rebekkah and Lady Bug Eliana

187: Trick Or Treat Jenna and Joe | Trick or Treat Erin and Devin

188: Hanging out in Iola | Sitting with Grandpa Great | Loving Great Aunt Rhonda and Cousin Cindy

189: You love your Auntie M and Uncle G | First Bowlus Show

190: First time swinging by yourself

191: Mommy and Daddy wanted to take you on a picnic to the park...since October had been so warm we planned it for a free evening. Of course that was the first chilly evening. So, we decided to just go to the park but we had our picnic inside :)

192: Decorating Bekkah's Birthday Cake Happy 3rd Birthday Bekkah

193: Sweet Eliana | Taco Hut Date with Carter and Mason Jones

194: Eating Macaroni all by yourself | Clean up time | You love the Bible

195: Your very first ear infection... so your very first antibiotic. You really like medicine :) | November 2011 | You poor thing...This was the ONLY comfortable position for you while you fought your ear infection. You eventually fell asleep this way. Mommy and Daddy don't like it when you're sick.

196: We didn't go to Iola near Halloween, so we went Trick or Treating in November | Hanging out with Murphy and Grandpa

197: Sweet Love for Murphy

198: Thanksgiving at Cousin Cindy's House! Hanging out with Great Aunt Rhonda and Dalton

199: Enjoying Thanksgiving Lunch with Grandpa Great and Marge

200: Home is where there's someone to love, and someone to love us.

201: Our attempt to get a photo of the two of you....was not very successful. | Matching Jammies!

202: Planning our Black Friday Attack! | We bought this outfit for Rebekkah when she was little. It was so cute on you too! | Enjoying some Mimi time!

203: Yummy....Popcorn! Mommy and Eliana both love Popcorn!

204: I'm as cute as my Aunt Melisa | Smiling Baby!

205: Enjoying some time before Christmas Tree Shopping!

206: First Time Christmas Tree Shopping! For your first trip it was cold and rainy...but we still had fun, and found the perfect tree!

207: Right after we picked our tree, you fell asleep. | Successful Trip!

208: Helping Mommy Decorate the House and the Christmas Tree | Beautiful Lady

209: Hanging out with daddy in front of the Christmas Tree! | You were fascinated my the Christmas Tree...but you did a really good job leaving the tree alone :)

210: Your first BIG dumped out all of the cheerios. Then, when mommy swept them into a pile, you sat in them :)

211: OU Cheerleader!

212: Garnett Elementary Christmas Party | Rhett LeVota | Allison Carriger, Destinee LeVota, Jenna Neunswander

213: Hanging out with your Buddy Brayden Friend

214: Playing in the tent with Mimi. | Peek-a-Boo Eliana

215: Beautiful Reeves Family

216: Higginbotham Christmas

217: Time to Open Presents!

218: Dancing with Aunt Rhonda's Hippo and playing with your dinosaur from Grandpa Great!

219: Regehr Christmas! Spending time with family, dancing, and playing with your new puppy from your Great Grands!

221: Christmas Eve at Mimi and Papa's

222: Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

224: Cookie Making Fun

225: NAUGHTY | NICE | ??? ???

228: Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days | Christmas Evening Dinner

229: Hanging out with Family and Murphy | Bath Time with Auntie M


232: Annual Trip to Russell Stover's

233: We brought LOTS of things home!

235: "Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family." -Anthony Brandt | The Scotts came over to Ring in the New Year with us! You had fun playing with Erin! | You knew you were supposed to stay up late on New Year's Eve...We tried to put you to bed many times, you finally fell asleep some time after 11:00!!

236: Tech Crew and their Helpers!

237: Hanging out with Miles and Piper!

240: You were so tired the first day we had to go back to school after Christmas Break... | Pretty her Pretty Kitty Cat Dress | are like quilts: Lives pieced together, stitched with memories, and bound by love.

241: Meeting Baby Kinsley Jo Scott January 21, 2012

242: Meeting Mr. Elijah Matthew Simon born: January 17, 2012

244: Game Day. LET'S GO!

245: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

246: Eliana Loves Shoes!!

247: my valentine

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