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Ella Grace Slye - 2008 Vol.1

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S: Ella Grace Slye - Ella's Birth through the first 4 Months - 2008 Vol. 1

FC: Ella Grace Slye | Ella's Birth to 4 Months - 2008 Vol. 1 | Our Baby Girl

1: Ella Grace Slye Born April 9, 2008 2:52pm at Brookwood Medical Center 7lbs. 5oz. 20.25 inches long

2: Getting Ready!!

3: All of our family was there waiting for Ella's arrival! | aby | 4/9/08

4: Daddy's first words: "She looks just like us!" | We arrived at the hospital at 5:00pm on Tuesday, April 8, 2008, to be induced. At 2:30 in the morning my water broke. When the Dr. came in at 6:30, I was 4cm dialated. They started Pitocin at 7:00am to induce contractions. Around 9:30am, when the contractions became to hard for me, the anesthesiologist gave me an epidural. After that it was smooth sailing! Our whole family was with us until 2pm, when the nurse said I could begin to push. Then Jason brought in a chicken sandwich into the room and the smell made me sick! At 2:20pm we started pushing. I pushed through 3 contractions and Dr. Barron ran through the door just in time to catch Ella Grace at 2:52, She nearly came before Dr. Barron could get into the delivery room! It was a wonderful easy delivery!

6: You are so beautiful!! We are so blessed! You never cried very much, you just looked up at us and took it all in. There were a LOT of people in the room to see you. | The doctors all said that they had never seen a daddy so excited! And everyone commented on your beautiful hair and how it looked like it had highlights in it.

7: After your bath, you put on your 1st clothes! Then Mommy and Daddy finally got to hold you all by ourselves.

8: Day 1 draws to a close! What an exciting day! That night Ella started choking, which really scared us! She was born so fast, her lungs still had amniotic fluid in them. (above: Today's visitors)

9: Our little sweetie pie! | Day 2

10: Ella had her hospital pictures taken today! ... And of course, more admirers came to visit!

11: Beautiful!

12: One Final Visitor | Day 3 Going Home!! | This is Ella's going home outfit. It was also the outfit that my mother brought me home in 29 years ago.

13: Ella was so tiny in her car seat. We were scared to death driving home! It's hard to believe that MeeMaw brought me home in her lap!!

14: Baby Girl | Welcome Home Sweetheart!

16: Day 4 | Ella's First Bath

17: We were worried that Mckenzie would not handle having a new little person in the house very well, but she quards over her like she is her own pup.

18: Ella was 5 days old and we realized that there were a lot of things that she needed that we didn't have. So Nonnie came over to keep her while we ran out.

19: Ella's First Doctor's Visit!! Ella had a billirubin level of 7.8 when we left the hospital. When we visited the Dr. our main concerns were if she was gaining weight and if those levels had gone down. | Ella's 6th day

20: Day 6 - Time to Rest

21: Ella is one week old and we found out her billirubin levels had shot up to 16!! So the Dr. sent out a special phototherapy bed for her to lay in. She is only allowed out to eat and be changed. Poor baby...its a good thing she seems to like it.We have a routine down now. Daddy is enjoying his time with his baby girl!!

22: April 16. Today was Ella's last day in the "billi-bed" and she had gained back up to 7 lbs. She is still so tiny. She can only wear preemie clothes right now.

24: Ella's 2nd Week Rolled over for the 1st time at 10 days old! | 1st lunch Date! April 22nd - We got all dressed up and met daddy for lunch!

25: Ella is wearing an outfit that was mine, 29 years ago. I think it makes her look like a boy. My mother loves it. | - MeeMaw stays for the week!

27: Our little sweetie pie

28: Pictures made by The Blink Lady at 2 weeks old

34: Ella's 3rd Week | Baby Burrito | On her 15 day checkup, the Dr. said that she had gained 10oz. in 10 days and was back up to 7lbs 4oz. We have a healthy little girl!

36: Ella's 1st Tub Bath 2 weeks 6 days | Ella's umbilical cord finally fell off so she had her first tub bath today. She really liked it. I love to see her little legs floating.

37: Ella's 4th Week | Ella is no doubt going to be a genius! She rolled over at 10 days old and she pushes up on her tummy. By the end of the month she had started to smile! We have our fingers crossed that she won't lose all of her gorgeous hair, but she has already rubbed it thin in the back. We think we have her tummy troubles and reflux under control. At 4 weeks she slept through the night for 8 hours! | Excerpt from Baby book:

38: Ella's 5th Week | May 11, My 1st Mother's Day/ Ella's 1st time to go to Church - Daddy made me an awesome video of special moments w/ Ella!

40: Ella's 2nd Month

41: Memorial Day at MawMaw & PawPaw D's

44: Riding Kenzie! | Taking a bath in Nonnie's sink! | Cuddling with Mommy!

45: Ella's 2nd Month (from baby book) Between 6 & 7 weeks, Ella started sleeping 10-12 hours. She goes to bed at 8pm, and gets up between 6 & 8 am! She loves for you to hold her in front of the mirror and let her jump and "dance". Nonnie has a swing that swings REALLY fast and now that's the only one she will swing in. She's definately a morning baby! At 11 weeks she laughed out loud! She loves to kick the bobbing head bear and watch her mobile. She's very independent and she bites her hands when she wants to be put down.

46: Ella's 3rd Month

47: Ella's 1st outfit | We bought this the day we found out she was a girl! | Below: Cute baby sneezes.

49: Daddy's Little Girl

50: Dancing Baby! 10 weeks 5 days

51: Above Left: Ella's 1st time in her bouncy Above: Hanging out with Mee-maw, June 25, her 1st time to laugh out loud (Lou-Lou) Above Right: Laying under " Bobbing Head Bear" Right: Swinging in Nonnie's Turbo swing Bottom Left: At Erin's Sister's Baby shower holding Luke (Andi's was having the twins) Bottom: Erin holding Ella at the Shower Bottom Right: Lunch with Paw-paw and Mimi

52: Top: Having Lunch with Mommy and Daddy at Roly Poly Bottom: Office Lunch at Logan's

53: June 18 to July 2 Backyard Transformation! | We were really excited to finally finish the backyard!! Its been 2 years and it was long overdue. We brought in a ton of dirt, built a retaining wall, sodded, planted shrubs and flowers, made a play area for Ella, and built a garden so that I can make organic baby food. We also added a fence and a sprinkler system, we couldn't even begin to water everything now that we had a front and back yard!! We love everything!!

54: Ella's 1st 4th of July

55: Ella's 1st time to swing and slide on her playground. | 12 Weeks 2 days | After living in our new home for 2 years, we finally finished the backyard! To celebrate, we started the tradition of having family over for the 4th! Below: Nonnie singing "Here comes the bug"!

56: Right: Ella's 1st playdate at the Andrew's house. Actually they didn't really pay any attention to each other, but it was a new experience anyway. Below: Not too happy about being in her car seat before church.

57: A few of my favorite things

58: Family Pictures 12 weeks 4 days

60: Portrait Innovations 3 Months

61: Ella's 3rd Month Ella has started laughing out loud! She loves T.V., so we had to start limiting the time she watches. She rolls over in both directions now. She loves her jumper! We get out of the house alot. We visit Daddy at work several times a week. She still can't control her arms well so she is swaddled at night, but she has moved from the bassinet to her crib!

62: Ella's 4th Month | Ella meets Emma! 7-10-08

64: I look just like my Daddy! | Below: Ella is really trying to sit up! This was about 2 seconds before she fell forward and hit her head. We will only play this game on the carpet from now on! 1st Boo Boo

65: Visiting Daddy at work. Showing off Mommy's new hair-do.

66: July 20, 2008 Above: Ella takes her first dip in the pool! Right: Ella's favorite morning activity. Gives mommy at least 30 minutes to relax or clean up! Opposite Page Bottom: Today was PawPaw Wilson's retirement party. We didn't get any pictures there unfortunately.

68: Covenant Classical School Infant 1 Teachers: Sharon & Becky | Pictured above on 8/7/08 Ella's 1st day was 7/23/08

69: Ella's 4th Month Ella started daycare this month! Mommy was so sad!! I would have done anything to be able to stay home with her. It seemed to be much harder on me than it was on her. A couple days of adjustment is all it took and she was on thier schedule and seems to be having a good time. I have never seen her cry there, although I'm sure it has happened. We love her teachers and we feel really fortunate to have found such a wonderful daycare. It's right across the road from our office too. She has really found her voice now! She is starting to want to play with toys. Everything you show her is amazing to her and she reaches for it. She also wants to taste everything. She is such a sweet baby. She can grab her feet and roll around. She can put her paci in her mouth by herself now. She still loves to stand all the time. She tolerates tummy time more. We have tried rice ceral but she doesn't like it very much. She is generally always a happy baby if she gets her naps. We are so blessed!!

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