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S: Ellie-Year 1

FC: our first year with

1: Beautiful baby girl, You are our miracle. After a year of trying and having difficulty, we were so lucky when we had you. Ellie, you have brought so much love into our lives. You have taught us to be more patient, to love deeper, to enjoy the small things, and to never take anything for granted. This year has been a whirlwind and we can't believe you are an entire year old. You may have only been in this world one year, but we feel like we have known you our entire lives. This year has been so much fun. We love you more than the stars in the sky, more than the fish in the sea, and more than the words in a library. Thank you for bringing so much joy and love into our lives. Your laughter makes our hearts sing. We are so glad that we are your parents. When we see your beautiful smile, life becomes a little sweeter. You have stolen our hearts and we are better for having you in our lives. We love you peanut! Mommy and Daddy

2: We are having a | We found out that Mommy was pregnant August of 2010. When the test came back positive, we were so excited, but we were also worried. We decided not to tell anyone for a very long time.. Mommy and Daddy bought your very first onesie. It was a Jedi in training.

3: We chose Dr. Oehler at Desert West OBGYN to be Mommy's doctor. We found out that you were due on April 13, 2010. At 6 weeks, Mommy and Daddy got to hear your heartbeat and see you. You were a little dot, but the most important dot we have ever loved. | We were able to see you every 2 weeks until you were 12 weeks gestation. It was amazing at how much you grew each time that we went in.

4: At 18 weeks we went in for our big ultrasound. We got see so many amazing things. We saw the blood flowing in and out of your heart and umbilical cord. It was so amazing. Then it was time to find out what you were. We found out you were a girl and were so excited. The minute we left the doctor's office we called all of your grandparents and aunts and uncles.

5: Mommy and Daddy couldn't wait to see you, so we went and had a cool ultrasound that we got a DVD with. We got to see what you really looked like. It was amazing. We had a few more ultrasounds because the doctors said mommy was measuring smaller than she was supposed to.

6: Great Aunt Sue and Theresa decided to throw mommy a shower when her and daddy came home for Christmas. Almost everyone was there. We played a few games and had lots of fun. | Fun Times!

7: Mommy's friends Crystal and Missy threw mommy a shower with her coworkers. It was fun and we received a lot of wonderful items. When mommy got home, she unpacked all of the bags and there was so much tissue paper that Bella and Axel jumped in it. | We played some games. | Shower #2

8: Mommy's belly progression | 4 months pregnant | 6 months pregnant | 41 weeks pregnant

9: While waiting for mommy to start pushing, daddy decided to brush mommy's hair. | Mommy's doctor tried to induce her on Sunday, April 17, 2011, but you did not want to come yet. On Tuesday, April 19, Mommy and Daddy were watching a movie when mommy thought she wet her pants. We went to the hospital at 7:30 PM to figure out if it was mommy's water that broke. Sure enough it had. After pushing for 2 1/2 hours, you heart rate started to drop, so we decided to deliver you via cesarean section. You were born at 2:56 PM on Wednesday, April 20th. You weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces and were 21 inches long. Mommy and Daddy couldn't wait to hold you. | Daddy ready to go into the operating room.

10: A nurse in training that was helping with your delivery. | The second nurse that helped to deliver you. | Mommy's first nurse of the day. She was really nice and helpful. | Mommy just waiting.

11: Daddy had the nurse style your hair with a mohawk. | You were such a helper. You helped the nurse take your heartbeat | You are so beautiful to me...

12: Your days in the hospital!

14: The first 10+ diapers daddy changed at the hospital. He was a trooper helping out with you. Daddy stayed the first night and then he stayed at home with Bella, Axel, and Ruban. You and Mommy stayed in the hospital for 4 days. It was fun to get to spend quality bonding time with you. We were so excited to take you home.

15: First days at | We went for our first walk on your first night home. Bella really protected you. | Glow Baby | Checkout of the hospital took a really long time. We got antsy because we couldn't wait to take you home. We wanted Bella, Axel, and Ruban to meet you. They truly loved you from day one. | Bella and Axel protected you from the first time that they saw you. | Grandma Leslie was our first visitor.

16: Ellie and Daddy sleep alike!

17: First Easter

18: You had your first real bath when you were 19 days old. We gave you a bath in your tub using the kitchen sink.. Mommy and Daddy made sure the water was nice and warm so you didn't get cold. You cried a little, but loved getting your head washed. We had so much fun.

19: Just being a

20: Our time with you in April went so fast. You grew and changed each and every day. When we brought you home, the animals enjoyed having you. They were curious, but protective. Bella wouldn't let anyone come near you on our first walk at 4 days old. You cried the whole time. On April 30th, we tried to give you a bottle. You took it well, but it was a rough night. For some reason mommy felt like she was not producing the milk that you needed since she pumped that bottle for you. After that we waited a while longer to give you the bottle. You really enjoyed snuggling with mommy and daddy in bed rather than sleeping in the bassinet attached to the pack and play. When you were a week old Mommy brought you to school to meet all of the people that daddy and mommy worked with. They loved seeing you and said how beautiful and alert you were. It was fun for mommy and daddy to get to spend time with you. Mommy wasn't allowed to drive for 2 weeks after you were born, so she relied on daddy a lot. Daddy was a great help.

21: Ellie your first month flew by. You grew so fast. Each day brought a new adventure for mommy and daddy. We loved you so much. One of the first nights home with you we could not figure out why you were crying. We tried everything including thinking that maybe you were teething and gave you Orajel. Mommy and daddy had a great system to help each other. We spent time with friends before we left. It would be Bella and Axel's last time seeing their dog park friends.

22: When you were but a dream, I wanted you; | When you were here an hour, I would give my life for you. | When you were in my tummy, I loved you;

23: May was an exciting time for us as a family. Daddy and mommy finished up school and said their goodbyes to the people that they worked with for the last few years. It was emotional, but we new that we were doing something great for you. We had people in and out of our house because we were trying to sell it. It was hard at times because we had to keep the dogs locked up. You started to do a lot more things. When you were 13 days old your belly button cord fell off. Mommy was giving you do daddy when we heard some that sounded like plastic drop on the floor. We looked and it was your umbilical cord. Mommy and daddy were grossed out. Mommy picked it up with a paper towel before Bella and Axel got it. When you were 25 days old you smiled for the first time. It was the most wonderful thing to see. You started to lift you head up and bump daddy in the head when you were only 22 days old. On May 29th, you started to roll to your side. We were so excited.

26: 2

27: In Nebraska, you decided that when we said "up" you would put your feet up so that it would be easier to sit you up.

28: June | June was an exciting, but sad time. We were excited to move back to Minnesota to be closer to family, but we were sad to say goodbye to our friends and neighbors. Whenever daddy and mommy spoke to you, you would smile. On June 16th, you rolled from your back to your stomach on the bed. In June we took you to your first movie. We went and saw the Hangover 2. We went to a couple movies at the movie theater. On time you embarrassed mommy and daddy by pooping all over the changing table while daddy was changing you. It was really funny. Grandma Leslie watched you during the days as we packed up the moving truck. We saw how much she loved you, so we decided that she was going to be your Arizona grandma. We Skyped with her when we made it to Austin, Minnesota. On June 20th, we started our trek to Minnesota. We stayed in Colorado, Nebraska, and Austin, MN. On June 25th you met Grandma and Grandpa Nelson for the first time. We went hunting for a new house. When we walked while in Pierz you started to use your hands to put the pacifier in your mouth. You were growing so fast.

30: We stayed with Grandpa and Grandma Nelson for the month of July, while we got our house ready in Austin, MN. It was a fun time for you to get to meet a lot of relatives. There were many things that you started to do this month. You held your bottle for the first time, daddy taught you how to stick out your tongue (you stuck it out at Grandma Nelson), you jibber jabbered all the time, played with your feet, started reaching for your giraffe and held onto it and you rubbed your eyes when you were tired. You slept for 6 hours in your crib. On the 4th of July we went to Aunt Lois's house. We watched the fireworks from the pontoon. Mommy thought that you couldn't hear since you fell asleep during the fireworks. We checked the next day and you were fine. We did a lot of things during this time, even convince Grandma and Grandpa Nelson that they needed an air conditioner. At the end of July we moved into our house in Austin, MN. It was an exciting time.

33: By 3 months we were so surprised at how fast you were growing. You were picking up so many new things. We moved into our new home in Austin, MN. It was a tiny home, but it was ours. We did many things to make it work more for our family. We even got rid of the 'shath'. We visited with lots of family. One thing that you started to do was stick people's fingers in your mouth to chew on them.

34: Fun at the Morrison County Fair. Daddy took you down the fun slide. You didn't even cry. You are such as big girl. You did however want daddy's deep fried Oreo.

35: August | August was a calm month. We spent a lot of time unpacking and getting settled before mommy had to start back to work. She took a second grade job in the small town of Lyle, MN. We enjoyed our time getting to know the neighbors. We did a lot of work to the house. We ripped out the cabinets and put in new ones. Bella bit the plumber because she was protecting you. You grew and changed every day. It was hard for mommy to leave you when she went back to work, but she new that you were in good hands with daddy. Daddy would stay up with you so that mommy could go to bed and be rested for work. We went back to Pierz for the Octoberfest parade and Great Grandma Cluka's 85th birthday. You watched your first parade and at your first freezy. You got upset when we took it away from you. You also got your first sunburn because we forgot to put sunblock on you. It wasn't bad. August was a time for a us to spent time as a family.

37: Octoberfest

38: Grandma Cluka's 85th Birthday Party

39: September | Daddy was the first person to get you to laugh. Once we got you laughing, you laughed often. We had to work at it though. You were a very serious baby. You outgrew your baby tub, so we had to start using the real bathtub. We would put the bumpo seat in the tub and mommy would get in with you. We went for a lot of walks around the neighborhood and around the pond. The dogs enjoyed chasing the squirrels and geese. September was cooling off and it was nice for a change. It had been a long time since we had a nice fall. On the 20th you sat by yourself for a little while. You also started daycare with Crystal, so that daddy could go to work. You spent your mornings with daddy and then went to Crystal's in the afternoon.

40: Ellie's first solid food | We first tried cereals, which you didn't care much for at first. Your facial expressions were so funny. You spit the apples and carrots out when you first tried them. You hated carrots and still don't like mushed carrots.

41: Daycare | Crystal watched you for us while we were at work. Case and Kirsten were the kids you played with. You slept in the swing. Crystal's mom, Patty liked to hold and play with you while you were there.

42: Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch

43: We had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch. It was fun getting to experience it with you. You even got your own little pumpkin.

44: We carved pumpkins in the living room. We put plastic bags down on the floor so that you could join in the festivities. It was a little challenging, but it was fun watching you. You had some fun, but the dogs got in the way.

45: For your first Halloween we couldn't figure out what we should dress you up as. We decided on Baby Einstein because you were so smart. It turned out cute. We had a very nice and quiet night. The dogs barked as the kids would come up to ring the bell.

46: October | October was a fun time. We tried to get you to sit in a pile of leaves, but you cried. The air was getting cooler, which was a nice change. We got to dress you in warmer clothes. At the beginning of October you started to clap. It is was amazing how fast you were picking things up. You started to wave hello and goodbye. It was fun watching your wave change as you got older. You said your first word, which was "dada" on October 15th. This month you also started to go up on your hands and knees. We thought for sure you would start army crawling. Sure enough on October 23, you started to crawl. Now we were in trouble. We were excited every time that you did something. We went out on a few adventures this month including the pumpkin patch.

48: November | November was a great month to spend time with family. It was our first Thanksgiving as a family of three. Daddy helped make the food at Grandma Nelson's so that she didn't have to worry about it. While, daddy did that you and I went to Aunt Denise's. You would not let me put you down. You did enjoy Aunt Sue's sweet potatoes. Everyone loved seeing you and wanted to hold you. Then we went to grandma and grandpa Nelson's. You wouldn't even let daddy hold you. You were a little overwhelmed by the amount of people. This month you started to feed yourself with your hands. It was nice to spend time with the families at the holidays. You grew more and more each day. This month you started to regular crawl. Some other words that you started to say were "mama" and "puppa".

49: For you first Thanksgiving we stopped by Aunt Denise's and Uncle Paul's house. You didn't want anyone to hold you. Later that day we were at Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's. You had fun. It was good to see everyone. You had such a busy day. The day after Thanksgiving we went to Aunt Lois's. You had fun with cousin Jordin. You took out all of her stuffed animals.

50: December | It was a mild winter. December had a few negative days, but nothing that kept us from going anywhere. We were excited to put you in your snowsuit, but we never really got a lot of snow. This month you started to go into a sitting position all by yourself. You were just starting to become Miss independent. We loved that though. You also started to pull yourself into a standing position and loved to crawl up the stairs, including the doggy stairs. When you started to pull yourself up, we took out your walker and you could walk with assistance. You were getting so big. This month your first tooth started to come in. At this time you also became needy. Always wanting to be with mommy. Mommy didn't mind. She loved feeling your love. New word was "up".

51: Merry Christmas

52: On December 18th we went to Great Grandma and Grandpa Gruber's house for their Christmas. You had lots of fun, but didn't really care for opening presents. You didn't want anyone but mommy to hold you. We finally tricked you and Danielle got to hold you. You eventually fell asleep. It was a busy day for you and you got a lot of great gifts.

53: We spent Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's house. You were a little overwhelmed by all the people. You got a lot of great presents. You really liked the books that Grandma and Grandpa got you. We went to Grandpa and Grandma Carlson's house later to open gifts. They showered you with a lot of gifts.

55: "Babies Are Life's Most Precious Gift"

56: January | January was cold. We had to warm the car up before we put you in. We bundled you up nice and warm. You got your first cold this month. You had sneezing, coughing, and lots of snot. We think it was because you were teething. You had 4 teeth coming in at once. Poor baby. We gave you Tylenol to help. Because of this, you were up every 2 hours. That was a little rough on mommy and daddy. This month you started to stand in your crib. Now we were in trouble. Your new word this month was "du" for duck. Oh how you loved ducks. We bought you a variety for the bath. Daddy made you pancakes and you loved them. They were your favorite.

59: February | Wow time was flying with you. There was never a dull moment. You were always changing. First thing this month was you started to use a child car seat instead of your infant one. No more carrying your car seat in with us as we went into stores. New word this month was piggy. When we were visiting Grandma Nelson, you blew on her coffee. It was too cute. You knew what hot meant and that you had to blow on it to cool it down. Our little smarty pants. You love Macaroni and cheese.

61: Valentine's Day 2012 You did not want to cooperate to take pictures in your onesie. We did the best that we could. You have a such a little attitude.

63: March | This month was an exciting month. You stood alone and also took your first steps. We had to supplement formula this month. You didn't mind. You also started to point at things. It was nice kind of knowing what you wanted or were talking about. You spoke so many words that we lost track.

64: Easter 2012

69: "Babies Are Life's Most Precious Gift"

70: We had two parties for you. The first one was at Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's. You had so many people show up. It was a crowded house. You had lots of gifts. We had a make shift photo booth that the kids really enjoyed. You didn't dig into your cake, but you still managed to get food all over you. You were so tired you fell asleep on Grandma Nancy.

71: Smiled 25 days old | Rolled Over 2 months | Cut Teeth 9 months | Walked11 Months | Crawled 6 months | Laughed 2.5 months | Sat up 5 months | Talked 9 months

72: Your second party was at Great Grandma and Grandpa Gruber's house. It was great to see people. Janis made you a new pair of mukluks and Great Grandpa painted you a shirt. It was so much fun. We celebrated Theresa's 30th birthday too. We got her a smash cake as well.

74: Newborn | 1 month | 2 months | 3 months | 4 months | 5 months | 6 months | 7 months | 8 months | 9 months | 10 months | 11 months | One Year Old

75: Ellie, Mommy and Daddy are so proud to have you in their lives. We cannot wait to see what next year brings. We love you!

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