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Ellie-year 2

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S: Ellie Sophia-Year 2

BC: Today you are you, That is truer than true! There is no one alive, That is you-er than you! -Dr. Suess

FC: Our Second Year with

1: Our Dearest Ellie~ As we look back at your second year we can't believe how fast you changed You have grown into a beautiful, crazy, sweet, headstrong, spirited, determined toddler. How did it happen so quickly? It seems like only yesterday that Daddy and I brought you home and had to do everything for you. You have taught us so many things this year. One of those is being patient and let you do things yourself. You also made us laugh. You did so many things that put smiles on our faces. If Mommy or Daddy had a bad day at work, we knew we could come home to your joy and laughter. You like to dance and as you say "shake your booty". It is really cute. You seem to pick things up so quickly. We are so excited that we are your parents. We couldn't imagine life without you. You bring so much joy. We love you! Mommy and Daddy

2: Mommy planned your birthday for months. She wanted it to be perfect. We had a few complications, but everything worked out. Mommy made most of the decorations herself. She put together a time capsule for your 18th birthday. It will be exciting when you are able to read what other people wrote. Grandma Nancy helped with some of the supplies. She made a picture frame that everyone had to sign. You had two parties. The first one was so big. There was hardly any space for people to sit. You had fun Happy Birthday Little Girl!

4: May was a fun time of the year. It was starting to get really nice out. We explored lots of things outside. Mommy went to a couple of garage sales and bought you some outside toys. You loved the green rocking horse and so did the neighbors. Brody and Mackenzie were your favorite buds.

5: You spent a lot of time outside this month. This would be your last month with Crystal for daycare. On Mother's Day we took a nice family photo while we took you to the park. You had a lot of fun. You also helped decorate a cake for mommy. You like to explore your surroundings. It was too cute.

6: Daddy and Mommy took you to Oxbow Park and Zoo. You had a lot of fun looking at the animals. Then we had a nice little picnic. It was our first picnic.

7: We took our first family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells. We had fun visiting with Teri and Dan. We stayed in a little condo. You enjoyed grabbing the phone and pretending to talk. You didn't like the water though. | Family Vacation!

8: Mommy and Daddy got done with work so that we could spend the summer hanging out with you. We went on our first family vacation. We went to the Wisconsin Dells. We also bought you a small pool for the backyard. You didn't care for it at first, but by the end of the summer you would sit in it.

9: We went to the Nature Center and went on your first canoe ride. You had so much fun looking at the muck on the pond. It was a very windy day. We also visited Great Aunt Cindy's animals. You had a lot of fun with the dogs. June was lots of fun because we spent may days outside. We went on bike rides and lots of walks.

10: July was a very busy month. You decided that you love, love, love to be outside! Mommy found lot of things for us to do. We painted outside and you got very dirty, blew lots of bubbles, and just plain played outside A LOT. You had so much fun.

12: Carnival Fun!

13: We celebrated the 4th of July in Austin. We went to the carnival the 3rd and had lots of fun on the bounce house. You didn't care too much for the clown, but you did like the monkey that he made for you. Then on the 4th we watched the parade, but it was very hot and we had to leave halfway through. Daddy and I alternated bringing you to the car toe cool off. Then that eventing, we went to Skinner's hill to watch the fireworks. You had so much fun.

14: We had a lot of fun in the backyard. We even made a water blob. You enjoyed yourself.

15: We visited Grandparents. We took you to the Pine Grove Park. It was fun to take you to the playground that mommy and daddy played at when we were kids. It sure had changed. You even found a ladybug.

16: You started a new daycare this month. You go to Jamie's daycare. Her house is right next to Mommy's new job. There were a lot more kids for you to play with and lots of things for you to do. Mommy started a new job at Southgate Elementary.

18: Mommy got a call at work from Carrie at daycare. You were running and fell and cut your eye. Carrie told Mommy to come get you right away and take to you the ER. Mommy was so nervous because you were bleeding all over! The doctor couldn't put stitches in because part of the cut was on your eyelid. Instead, they used surgical tape to keep the cut closed. You were very scared while we were in the doctor's office and were still upset when we got home. | First trip to the

20: It got a little cool in September. You are such a sweet girl. We went on many walks around Mill Pond. You liked watching the geese. Your hair was starting to really grow out. We got you a new bike for us to use on walks. You also enjoyed playing in the sink water.

22: The weather in October was so nice! You finally liked to play in the leaves. We got you a new slide that you enjoyed sliding into the leaf pile. We raked leaves into a big pile. You even helped. You liked to carry your little dolly around everywhere. Her name was Mary. You named most of you bald babies Mary.

23: We went to the Children's Museum in Rochester to see Curious George. You had so much fun. You ran around the whole time. Daddy and Mommy also had a lot of fun playing with you.

24: We went to Farmer John's pumpkin patch again. You had a lot of fun. We let you pick your own pumpkin. Then we let you play on the toys. We even went on a horse and carriage ride. It was the perfect day. You got dirty, but had lots of fun.

26: We carved pumpkins. You had a lot of fun. You did not like to touch the pumpkin guts though. We enjoy spending all this time with you. Bella and Axel tried to eat the insides of the pumpkin.

27: Our Spooky friends we'll meet. | See the costumes we have on, | See the costumes we have on, | Monsters, ghosts, goblins too. | Pumpkin time is here again, | Time to play trick or Treat. | Pumpkin time is here again, | Hear us all shout "BOO!"

30: November was a busy month. We visited a lot of people. You kept very busy. You helped daddy put in a new floor in the bathroom. It was a big job. You built a cardboard house. That house you played in for hours. We colored it and even made pipe cleaner flowers for it. You started helping mommy with chores. She let you put the silverware in the dishwasher. We liked to eat popcorn that daddy made and you liked to watch it. You are a silly girl. Always trying to make us laugh.

33: Adam's birthday is on the same day as Grammie's birthday! We celebrated Adam's birthday on Sunday, the 13th. | 'SpongeBob' was the theme of Adam's party. Most of his gifts were SpongeBob, as well as the decorations!

34: Mommy and Daddy like to host Thanksgiving at our house. Mommy, Daddy, Grammie, Grampie, Grandpa Al, Uncle Brenton, Tiffany, Adam and Lorie came to Thanksgiving this year. Grandpa Jack and Grandma Janice couldn't make it. This year was all about the babies! You and Adam played so well together all day! You played dress-up in all of Emi's clothes, played with beads, played with toys and had Grandpa Al read a million books!

36: You had a busy month! You helped Mommy bake Christmas cookies, you helped set up, and decorate the Christmas tree. By the time Christmas got here, we didn't have any ornaments on the bottom half of the tree. You said 'Ya yew' (Love you) for the first time on December 8th.

37: When Mommy wasn't looking, you tried to open the presents. You only succeeded a few times! New words this month are 'chee' (cheese), 'boo' (moo), 'dog', 'Santa', 'duck' (Chuck), 'Ma-ney' (Molly), 'ooh ooh ahh ahh' (Monkey sound), and 'dat' (that). You say 'dat' for everything you are curious about.

40: On Christmas Eve, we went to Grampie and Grammie's house. Grandpa Al, Lorie, Uncle Brenton, Tiffany and Adam were there, too. We ate prime rib for dinner and opened gifts. You cried and cried because you were so overwhelmed. You and Adam had a great time!

41: The next morning, we got up early and went to Grandma and Grandpa Jack's house. There were more gifts waiting for you! Uncle Jake, Amy and Noah were there, too. Uncle Butch and Uncle Mike came in for lunch. We went to Kirwan's house after lunch. We played games and talked and had lots of fun!

44: Since Christmas, you have become really attached to your babies. You love 'Baby Hannah' and all you other babies. You push them in the stroller, cover them with blankets and feed them. Coloring is one of your favorite activities. Markers are your favorite, but crayons are a close second. Mommy loves to color with you. We color Daddy beautiful pictures! When Daddy says 'vacuum' , you let out a little squeal and run to Mommy for Safety. You get too scared! Daddy likes to tease you a little!

45: Blueberries (boo bee boo), pretzels, and strawberries are your favorite snack. In January, your vocabulary tripled! You started talking in sentences and repeating everything we say. Some of Mommy and Daddy's favorite words are 'num-a-nuh' (m&ms), 'Meh-mee' (Emi), 'bitty bitty dye-der' (Itsy Bitsy Spider), 'ooh ooh ahh ahh shoes '(monkey slippers), 'ooh ooh ahh ahh ni-ni' (monkey jammies), and (our favorite) 'yah-you' (love you)

46: Mommy got an electric pasta roller for Christmas. You were such a helper when we were trying it out! You helped stir the filling for the ravioli. You are becoming such a little chef! When Mommy cooks or bakes, you push a kitchen chair to the counter so you can see!

47: January was such a mild month! On the 15th, we played outside for hours! The temperature was 46 degrees! You had a great time running around and playing on your slide and tricycle.

49: The slide and the giant ball pit are two of your favorite toys at Carrie's house. Your best buddies are Owie (Kayla), Baby (Sawyer), and Dada (Lincoln).

50: You are getting so good at feeding yourself! 'Boyda-boyda-boyda' (yogurt) is your favorite thing to eat with a spoon. Your favorite foods are pizza, rice, pudding, yogurt, 'noo-nuls' (noodles), pretzels, chocolate covered peanuts, jelly beans, 'bloobies '(blueberries), popcorn, and anything sweet, especially chocolate.

51: Hooking the fasteners on shopping carts, high chairs, and your car seat are really fun to you! Whenever we try to put you in your high chair, it is always clipped! You also love to sign your name on credit card machines at stores. You are going to be an excellent shopper!

52: It's all & ...

53: ...until Mommy puts Blankie in the washer!

54: On Valentine's Day, Mommy made a nice dinner at home and we took pictures with your Valentine's gifts. Each set of grandparents gave you a stuffed bear. Mommy and Daddy gave you books. Happy Valentine's Day, Baby Girl! We love you!

56: It finally snowed enough to use your sled! The snow was actually slush and it was about 38 degrees out, but you didn't care. You let Daddy pull you in your sled until Daddy's shoes were soaking wet. You weren't sure about walking in your snow boots. You looked so cute in your outfit!

58: March was such an incredible warm month! We were able to play outside with Ellie and "Puppy Jack" many times! You are starting to love to play dress-up. When Mommy hangs up your clothes, you take things out of the closet as fast as Mommy puts them away. Shoes and hats are your favorite to wear.

59: Baby Sawyer turned 1 on March 31st. You enjoyed attending his party. You are talking so well, we usually know what you are saying. If we can't figure it out, you get very frustrated.

63: You fell and scraped your knee for the first time on March 23rd. You were having a great time playing with Ellie and Puppy Jack. Usually, when you fall, you don't get too upset. This time was different, you cried and cried. Mommy and Daddy knew it must have hurt very badly.

64: Corn on the cob is your favorite! You get all crazy when you see it. You can usually eat at least one ear, sometimes two! Last year, you only chewed on the end; this year, you are getting the hang of things!

66: We decorated Easter eggs on April 6th. You had a great time! We found dye on the wall, because you dropped the eggs into the dye. You liked to reach in and retrieve the egg, too. By the end of the night, your hands were blue! You bit one egg and broke the shell! One egg slipped out of your hand. Both you and Daddy watched it fall to the floor.

68: We spent Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's house. We went to Pioneer Elementary to go on an egg hunt. It was fun and messy. We had to wear our boots because there was lots of snow on the ground. We had lunch with everyone. Then we went over the Grandma and Grandpa Carlson's. They got you a nice Easter basket with lots of goodies.

71: We decided to have your party at the Country Inn and Suites. It was fun, but you didn't feel very well until we went swimming. It was an underwater theme. You recieved a lot of presents. Grandma and Grandpa Nelson got you your first bike. The food was deliscous and the company was great. You were cute in your dress from Grandma Leslie.

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