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Elliot First Year

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Elliot First Year - Page Text Content

S: Elliot James Kerwin: First Year

FC: Elliot James

1: Elliot James Kerwin November 7, 2012

2: First Ultrasound 4/11/12 | 4/26/12 | 11/1/12 | Found out you were a boy on 5/14/12 during 3D ultrasound.

3: You took your brother Luke's old room. We made a few changes to it to make it more your own. You slept in your room in the rock n cradle starting at 1 month. You didn't sleep in your crib until you were 4 and a half months old.

4: We had an Indian baby shower for you. All of Dadu and Deda's closest friends were there as well as mommy's friends and our family. We had the party at your Uncle Sant's house. Everyone blessed you by blessing mommy. All of the kids also blessed mommy by feeding her some rice pudding.

6: Welcome to the world! | Born: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Time: 9:23 pm Weight: 6 pounds 13 ounces Length: 20 inches Delivery Dr: Dr. Lilly Lee Hospital: Cedars Sinai Where: Los Angeles, CA How: C-Section

7: You came out with redish blonde hair. The first thing the dr said was wow look at the color of his hair. You were such a mover. Constantly kicking your legs and flaring your arms. Nurses said that you were a feisty one.

9: First Weeks

10: Wednesday morning on November 7th, 2012 mommy noticed that she was bleeding and went to the hospital. To be safe the doctor thought it was best to deliver you that night. This was one week before your planned c-section.

11: First Bath in the kitchen sink

12: 1 month | 2 months 11lbs 5oz (25%) 22in (25%) | 3 months smiling and holding head up on tummy | 7 months rolling over from back to tummy | 8 months doing full push ups, sleeping through night | 9 months 18lbs 7oz (20%) 29in ( 75%) | oh how you grow!

13: 4 months 13lbs 8 oz (25%) 24 1/4 in (25%) | 5 months eating rice cereal | 6 months 15lbs 13 oz (25%) 26 in (35%) | 10 months pulling self up crawling on all 4's | 11 months waving bye bye cruising around | 12 months 19lbs 11oz (20%) 29 3/4in (75%)

14: E | J | K

15: First photo shoot at 7 weeks old

17: HAPPY THANKSGIVING | For Thanksgiving both mommy and daddy's families came over to our house since you were only 2 weeks old. Auntie Kelly made the turkey and ham and everyone else brought a side dish. Dadu and Deda were here and Auntie Rumpa and her family came to visit from Texas. That was a special treat since we don't see them very often. All of the kids played ball outside and everyone got to hold you. It was a fun day. | 11/22/2012

18: During your first month you were definitely a little feisty. You would never stop moving constantly kicking your legs . I kept you swaddled all the time. You did not like being in the car or the stroller which made leaving the house a bit difficult. You were sleeping a lot during the day and even at night you would do some long stretches. You had your first bottle at 2 weeks old.

19: 1 | month

21: Brotherly Love | Your brother loved you so much from the moment he saw you. He always wanted to hug and kiss you. Every time you heard his voice you would quickly look around to try to find his face. He would always ask me when you would be able to play with him.

22: Merry Christmas

23: We spent Christmas Eve at Nana and Papa's house with Uncle Mike, Auntie Carrie, cousin Zac, Auntie Lesley,Uncle Don, and Papa Larry. Christmas morning we opened presents at our house and then went back to Nana and Papa's house at night. You slept most of the time we were there on both nights.

24: 2 | months | During your second month you started to smile. You were taking good naps and you started to recognize my face and voice. You had really good head and neck control and were doing pretty well with tummy time. You were really strong. You were still quite fussy during the day needing to be held a lot and you still did not like the car seat at all. We swaddled you all day to help calm you down. Mommies friends would make fun that they never saw your hands.

25: You met your first friend, Chase this month. He is just 2 weeks younger than you. You guys looked so cute next to each other especially when you both were crying. | First Smile 12/26/12

26: months | During your 3rd month you started smiling a lot more. Some days in the morning when you woke up you would smile when you first saw my face. It was the best feeling ever. You were still very fussy when we would try to put you down, but you started warming up to the swing and the play mat. One thing that always calmed you down was playing top 40 music and dancing around. Your favorite song was Gangham style. | You really liked listening to this puppy sing and play music. | 3

27: 1/8/13 - 2/7/13

29: 3 | m | o | n | t | s | h

30: 4 | months

31: We started putting you in the bumbo chair and in the exersaucer during your 4th month. You did great in both holding yourself up pretty well but you didn't like being in either for too long. You were great on your tummy for longer periods of time and started reaching for toys. | To calm you down we would sit you in the chair blast some pop music and dance around. You loved watching Luke dance and jump on the couch. Favorite songs were c'mon and dying young from Kesha. Always made you stop crying. Also this month Auntie Judy visited from London and got to meet you.

32: We started taking you to the pool at the MB country club . You really liked being outside in the sun watching everyone swim and play in the water. You would just fall asleep in my arms.

33: Mom's Lucky Charms! | St. Patrick's Day 2013

34: MARCH 24, 2013

35: We went over to your Uncle Sants house a week before Easter to celebrate Easter with your cousins. Your brother and your cousins had an easter egg hunt in the front court yard. You watched them look for eggs and open them up. Next year you will be able to participate. We had dinner there with Uncle Drew and Auntie Kelly's mommy. This was the first time I bought matching shirts for you and your brother.

36: Happy | Easter

37: MARCH 31,2013

38: 5 | M O N T H S | 3/8/13 - 4/7/13

39: During your fifth month you started to babble a lot as well as squeal.At first the squealing was cute but then it turned into a piercing scream. You would do it all the time. We didn't know if you were happy or upset. | You still kick your legs and flare your arms around non stop. Your constant moving around and restlessness causes you to be quite fussy. With all that moving you still have no interest in trying to roll over. | This month we transferred you from sleeping in the rock & cradle to sleeping in your crib. The transition was easier than I expected. We started your first foods with rice cereal. You liked it but didn't know what to do with your tongue. | first foods

40: 6 | months

41: At Goofy's kitchen for Colin's 5th birthday | Sitting up unassisted!

43: THINGS YOU LOVED AND COULD DO AT 6 MONTHS: * You started sitting up unassisted right before you turned 6 months * You loved riding in the buggy push car. It was such a blessing because you hated being in the stroller. You wouldn't make a peep in that car. * You loved our nanny Marcella. You would smile every time you saw her. * You really liked going to the pool and being in the water. * You loved bath time, but did not like getting out and getting changed. * You loved your piano toy. You would bang on it while sitting in the bumbo chair and while being fed. * You loved sweet potatoes and carrots. You were not a fan of fruits at all. * You still needed to be swaddled 4/8/13 - 5/7/13


45: For Mother's Day Daddy, you , your brother, Uncle Phil and Papa took Mommy and Nana out to brunch at the country club. It was a beautiful day. Lukey and Daddy made mommy a beautiful jar filled with sayings of why they love mommy. | MAY 12, 2013

47: Things you Loved and Could Do: * Lizzie. You loved playing with Luke's lizard toy * Holding your own bottle when i prop you up * Swinging in the swing at the park *Putting everything in your mouth. * Holding self up on furniture in standing position * We started putting you in a highchair at restaurants 5/8/13 - 6/7/13

49: Your first plane ride was to Las Vegas . We went there for Uncle Sant's 40th birthday. You enjoyed being by the pool and going in the water. Mommy, daddy, Uncle Sant and Kelly went out to the Foundation room to celebrate.

50: For Fathers Day we went to a Chinese restaurant with Daddy, Dadu, Deda,Papa, and Nana in Huntington Beach. You loved your daddy. Every time you saw him you would have a big smile on your face.

51: June 16, 2013


53: June 22, 2013 | We had an Annaprasan for you to give you an Indian blessing at Uncle Sant's house. Part of the ritual is to have a few items on a tray and see which one you pick which will decide what you will be in the future. Like your brother you ended up picking the stethoscope. Looks like we will have 2 Dr's in the family.

54: as a | button | During your 8th month Dadu and Deda were in town from India, you flew on your first plane ride to Las Vegas, you and mommy started a mommy and me class at south bay adult school, and you liked playing outside in the backyard. | 6/8/13 - 7/7/13

55: 8 | months | FACTS AT 8 MONTHS: * Slept through the night to 6:20am on 6/15/13. Consistently slept through the night since. * Started to get up into full push up position * Rolling over both ways but only in the crib * We stopped swaddling you on 6/11/13 * You were very fussy making loud grunting sounds especially when we would put you down.

56: You are so lucky I'm a nice dog and not biting your hand off right now, | Izzy as usual was great with you. She sniffed you a lot when we first brought you home and would always try to lick you. She loved siting in your vibrating chair and you loved sitting and playing in her dog bed. When you started to crawl you loved playing with her water bowl and you kept trying to take her food when we fed her. You were pretty rough with her pulling her legs and ears and poking at her eyes but she was a good sport. | Happy Birthday To Me

57: I can't believe mommy brought another one of these home. | Stop copying Me | Don't you have a crib to sleep in

58: 9 | Swimming at Bk's house | You had fun at the Santa Monica Pier

59: FACTS AT NINE MONTHS: * On 8/3/13 you started to army crawl * You could go from sitting position to army crawling position * Your first tooth broke through on 8/1/13. It was on the bottom. * You started to finger pinch and pick up puffs and cheese * We started to bathe you in the big bath tub with Luke * You would get up on all fours and rock back and forth. | 7/8/13 - 8/7/13 | Papa's Birthday

60: 10 | months | 8/8/13 - 9/7/13 | Luke's 4th Birthday party | Nana came to visit on Luke's birthday

61: FACTS AT 10 MONTHS * Got your second tooth on 8/27/13. It was on on the bottom. * Started to crawl on all fours * Started pulling self up and cruising around using furniture. * Clapping * You loved to stand but didn't know how to get down until 9/4. * You would crawl up the stairs * Shake head back and forth * Loved Cheerios and eating sand | Ball pit at adventure plex

62: 10 | months | 10 | months | months | 10 | First time I found you standing up in your crib was on 8/23/13

63: You loved playing with Izzy's water bowl.

64: Leslie and Don's Wedding

65: We went down to San Diego for Lesley and Don's wedding. You had a lot of fun swimming in the pool at the hotel and crawling around the hotel room. You went to the ceremony but we got a sitter for you and your brother during the reception. Your brother was the ring bearer and looked so cute.


68: Yummy | TASTY | So good! | Enjoying new tastes! | 9/8/13 - 10/7/13

69: 11 | months | During your 11th month you started to try more foods and your 3rd and 4th tooth came in. Now you had 2 teeth on top and two on bottom. You were crawling really fast. You would crawl with a peg leg. One foot would always push off and your knee wouldn't touch the ground. You were also cruising around furniture much faster and you knew how to get down from the bed and sofa. You were babbling a lot and you started to wave.

70: You had the best big brother. He was so loving and kind to you. Every morning when you would wake up crying he would go in your room and play with you in the crib. When you would hurt yourself he would run over and give you a kiss and a hug. He would get mad at you when you destroy his stuff and knock down the things he built but he wouldn't stay mad long. He would build you your own thing to destroy. He called you Elser Belsers.

71: brotherly

73: For Halloween you dressed up as a pirate. The family dressed up as characters from Jake and the Neverland pirates. Luke was Jake, Daddy was Captain Hook, mommy was Izzy, Izzy was Skully and you were supposed to be Cubby. We had a party at our house before trick or treating. You skipped that part and went to bed.

76: 12 | months

77: We nicknamed you the destroyer because you would just knock everything down and throw things all over the place. You would never sit still and look at things. You needed to be held a lot and had separation anxiety. You were a mamma's boy. You were a master climber. You loved going up and down the stairs. You knew how to go down the correct way. We would say Elliot feet first and you would change your position. You climbed up everything, the dishwasher, the fireplace, the trampoline, up the bed. You name it you climbed it. You loved opening all of the cabinets especially the coffee table ones and taking everything out. You were obsessed with your blue elephant angel dear blankies. You had to sleep with them and have them in the car and stroller. That was your lovey. You enjoyed playing with the water table, balls, trucks, rings, and music table. When you would hear music you would move your body back and forth.


81: Elliot, I cannot believe a whole year has past since the day you came into our lives. From the first moments we met you we knew you would be a feisty one and we were right. You could never sit still. Chill and mellow were not in your vocabulary. You always wanted to knock something down or throw something. You would grunt really loud or scream when you wanted something or just attention. You could go from being happy and laughing to being upset and crying in a split second. But it didn't matter because when you would flash that smile and give us kisses you just melted our hearts. You were the cutest thing ever. I see that special bond between you and your brother already starting. I can't wait to see that relationship grow as you start to talk and interact with him more. The past year has been full of so many memorable moments as you have grown from a newborn to our little one year old man. You have been such a special addition to our family and I can't wait to see what next year will bring even though I don't want you to grow up too fast. Hugs and Kisses (and a few more kisses), Mommy and Daddy

82: watch me grow!

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