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Emerson year one

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S: Emerson Marie Heady The First Year By Katie Heady

BC: 12 amazing months

FC: Emerson Marie Heady The First Year | By Katie Heady | By Katie Heady

1: November 24th 2007 8:57 PM 8 pounds 6 ounces 21 3/4 inches long | November 24th 2007 8:57 PM 8 pounds 6 ounces 20 3/4 inches long

2: The Story of My Birth I was supposed to be born on Thanksgiving Day. November 22nd 2007. Mommy was ready, Daddy was on the fence, and I still need a couple more days. I got word that mommy and daddy were going to go to Husky Stadium to tailgate before the Apple cup game, 2 days late at this point. I decided this was my chance. Today would be the first of many well planned opportunities to change my parent’s plans. At 4:30 in the morning I let mommy know what a real contraction was. She thought she was having Braxton hicks contractions for a few days the week before. She also thought that she could be iron woman and go drug free. Let me tell you, after one real contraction she was singing a very different tune. Daddy had been sleeping in the guest room for the last 2 weeks of mommy's pregnancy because mommy was getting up every 30 minutes to pee and watched TV all night because she could not sleep. I think she was very excited to meet me. She would tell me every night that she thought this would be the night. I guess I was manipulating her plans even earlier than I thought. After 2 strong contraction that were about 30 min apart, mommy went in to tell daddy that she did not think they were going to make it to the tailgate. She told daddy to go back to sleep, she would let him know when they were getting closer together and that she wanted an epidural. Daddy said ok to going back to sleep. Mommy went back to bed also to watch the Cosby show. About a minute later Daddy cam in too and said he was too excited now and could not sleep either. Not much happened for a few hours. Mommy took a few showers and cleaned the house. She made daddy put the guest room sheets in the washer for grandma and grandpa Bussolini. They were coming to meet me as soon as I was born and to take care of mommy. Around 9AM I decided to kick things up a level. I remembered from the class the three of us took when I was in the belly that mommy and daddy would be keeping track of the contractions once they became more frequent. I knew they would be waiting for the contraction to reach (411) four minutes apart, a minute long for at least an hour. I also remember hearing that it was good to stay home as long as possible. Mommy remembered this too. She was determined to get to 411. The contractions went on for hours never lasting a minute and being anywhere from 30 sec. to 10 minutes apart. By noon the house was clean and the guest bed was made. The dogs were fed and mommy was in pain. They decided to call the hospital to see what to do. The nurse said to come on in and get examined to see how far along they were. In the car mommy had 5 strong contractions and called the hospital back asking to have the

3: anesthesiologist ready with the epidural. They nurse laughed and said that this was the first time anyone had called ahead for drugs. Personally I though mommy was over reacting. I was the one on the inside getting big squeeze. Mommy and daddy were hoping that they were at least 5 centimeters. After the exam the Dr. told her she was 6 and 3/4 . Almost 7! We did a great job at home and were ready for the drugs. The epidural was very painful for mommy and it took a while for it to work. The Dr. had to come back and try again with more drugs. The second try was a success. Mommy could not feel a thing. She had to look at the monitor to see if she was even having contractions. Mommy and daddy spent most of the afternoon watching the Apple Cup. At about 8PM the Dr came in and had to break mommy's water for her. After that he said it was time to push for a while. Mommy was lifted up into the sitting position. Daddy held one leg and a nice nurse manned the other. The Dr made her push for about 30 min with a few breaks in between. Daddy was so excited that he accidently answered the phone while mommy was in the middle of pushing. The nurse gave him a dirty look but he assured her it was OK because it was a good friend. Trinity. Mommy had to yell at him to hang up the phone. That was the only time mommy yelled the whole time. Later, Dr. Lawler came back in and said she needed to push as hard as she could. Still there was no Emerson. I had made a very nice home for myself in here and was not going to go willingly. I soon found out that this was not going to remain my decision. I made one final attempt to retreat when I felt a thump on the head. It was followed by three rather forceful tugs and pop, I was out. I found out later that they have a suction cup ready for babies like me that do not want to come out. It was very bright and cold on the outside. I was not happy about my new situation. I did get to try out my new voice though. It turns out I have very strong lungs. The Dr. and nurses were very quick about getting me all whipped off and into mommy’s arms. As soon as we met I stopped crying and took a little nap. I was very tired from all the business of being born. After a short while I was taken away again to get checked out and get a shot. Then I got to meet my daddy. I got to stay with him for quite a while when mommy was getting all fixed up. Not long after that I got to meet Grandma and Grandpa Bussolini. No one could believe how beautiful I was. Everyone commented on how you rarely see a newborn that is pretty. Daddy said it must have been my good genetics. It was true though. I was absolutely perfect and beautiful.


7: Sitting with my Raggedy Ann Doll that used to be mommy's

8: 7 weeks old (almost) Date: 01/09/2008 I can't believe I am almost 7 weeks old already. I have learned so much in these few short weeks. Right away I have learned how to make Mommy and Daddy come running with my screams. I have perfected this skill even more in the last 3 weeks. It's a good thing too. I am helping Mommy stick to her New Year’s resolution. (Eat less, move more). I have a finely tuned sense of hearing. As soon as Mommy tries to sit, cook, EAT or nap I promptly wake from the deepest of slumbers and scream, forcing mommy to put down that fork and walk me around until her meal is cold. So far she has lost 7 lbs. Way to go Mommy!!! You could not have done it without me though. I am a very happy baby. Just yesterday I started to play with my dangling toy Mommy and Daddy got me for Christmas. I spend a few seconds focusing on which one I liked and then took several swings at it. I love the sounds and movement. And Mommy and Daddy love to watch me smile as I play. I am sleeping through the night. I can make it up to about 8 hours most nights now. This makes everyone happier and better rested to take care of me. My next feat is to try rolling over. I have been working very hard with Mommy on this one but still have another week or so before I master it. I can push myself up a bit though. I am very strong. Until next week, enjoy each day. Emerson

10: Playoff blues Date: 01/13/2008 It was a very sad weekend for the Hawks. I was so excited before the game started. I got to see my new friend Jake. I am over a month older than him but I think we are the same size. He just barely made it into 2007. His Daddy is very happy for the tax deduction just like my Daddy is. Daddy said I am his favorite deduction. Mommy just wants the "tax return". We all watched the game. I tried to nap but everyone kept yelling at the TV. Uncle Trinity was holding me at one point and I was so excited I made a huge mess in my pants. Mommy and Daddy thought it was so funny watching him clean me up. He was so grossed out when he thought I was all cleaned up and I went again, all over him before he could get a new diaper on. I think next time he will make sure I have already been changed before he holds me. Other than the huge loss for the Sea Chickens it was a fun weekend. Better luck next year. Emerson

11: Watching every game with daddy daughter matching jerseys

12: 8 weeks today Date: 01/19/2008 I am 8 week old today. To celebrate Mommy made me spend 2 hours taking pictures. I showed her though. It took 237 photos to get just a dozen or so that she could actually use. I did my best to scream through most of them. I must say though, I am one fine looking baby. Mommy managed to catch me in a few irresistible poses. Be sure to check out my month 2 photos for new shots. New in my life this week is a slight rash on my head. Consequently Mommy has been putting more hats on me in public. I have also manages to grow out of some of my best outfits. Mommy and Daddy foolishly thought I would still be in them another month. I'll show them. I have been gaining about 3/4 of a pound a week. Thank goodness the boys love baby fat. I am chunking up! FAST!!! Until next time have a great week. Emerson

13: 8 weeks old

14: 11 hours in the car is too Much!!! Date: 01/30/2008 Mommy and I had our first road trip all by ourselves this past week. The weekend started with tears by both mommy and me when I had to get my first round of immunizations. We got to cuddle in our Dr. Office for about 20 min while we both calmed down. Then it was off to Idaho to see Grandma and Grandpa Bussolini. I decided to give mama a break for about 4 hours. Once we made it to Colfax though I made it very clear that it was time to pull over and turn the gas station bathroom into my own personal torture chamber. At least that’s what it sounded like. Three other people came into the ladies room while I was breaking down. They were in and out faster than you can say "SCREAMING"! Finally, after changing my diaper, twice!! Sometimes I like to see if mom is paying attention. She was not!! Consequently I also had a wardrobe change while we were in there. After that mom made me lunch and we scurried as fast as we could to the car to eat. We made it to Lewiston an hour later. All in all we made great time. I got to meet a new friend Liliana who lives in Boston with my mommy’s friend Heather “HOOB” Vitti. I got lots of new books and a very cute outfit from all Grandmas friends. My favorite is the dog book. (OK really its mommy’s favorite). After a great visit and being completely spoiled for 5 days Mom said it was time to go. I have learned already we don't question Mom. So we packed up early Tuesday morning and said goodbye. It was only about 30 min before we knew it was going to be a long, long, long, long day. Our 350 mile journey took 11 hours. We were so close to making it over Snoqualmie pass when they closed it indefinitely. So we put a new route into the navigation system and headed south. The roads were treacherous but the scenery was beautiful. We even stopped down a little county road to eat, have a diaper change and take a picture. It was the perfect place to stop. There was no one to bother us, or wonder what we were doing. Unfortunately there was no one there to wonder what we were doing either when we got stuck in the deep snow for over half an hour. Mommy was great though. She rocked back and forth and back and forth putting me to sleep and we were back on the road when I woke up. Finally after 9 hours of driving at 30MPH or less we hit I-5. The city!!! Hurray the city! A freeway!! Rush Hour :( So even though we only had 50 miles to go it took another 2 hours. We made it though and would probably do it again if we had to. Emerson

16: 12 weeks old today Date: 02/16/2008 I can't believe I am 12 weeks old already. I have really turned it on the past few weeks. I smile all the time and have discovered my voice and volume, though not how to control it. I love opening my mouth to mimic Mommy and Daddy and wondering what will come out. Sometimes nothing, but sometimes, Whoa! Baby, Can I hit those high notes. I make Justin Timberlake look manly. I pretty much talk all the time now in an encrypted language that only the dogs seem to understand. I do love how happy it make my parents though, just sitting there staring at me wondering what I am thinking about. It's no great mystery. I am plotting the next time I will prove my parents liars. I like to wait until they brag to someone. For example, a few weeks ago,whe was consistently sleeping 10 hours, going down around 11PM, so Mom could sleep till 9AM. Foolishly she told her friends in front of me and I had to put an abrupt stop to that. For the next week I got up every three hour. Mommy and Daddy were not as fun in those wee hours as I remembered. In fact they even started ignoring me. Once I heard threats of putting me in my own room I resumed appropriate sleep patterns again. We are all much happier now. In addition to my endless talking I have almost rolled over from my stomach to my back twice now. I think this week will be it. My new exersaucer toy has made me much stronger in the upper body. I can't see myself rolling from back to belly any time soon seeing as I hate my belly. I will do anything to get off my belly. That’s all for me. Emerson | 12 weeks old today Date: 02/16/2008 I can't believe I am 12 weeks old already. I have really turned it on the past few weeks. I smile all the time and have discovered my voice and volume, though not how to control it. I love opening my mouth to mimic Mommy and Daddy and wondering what will come out. Sometimes nothing, but sometimes, Whoa! Baby, Can I hit those high notes. I make Justin Timberlake look manly. I pretty much talk all the time now in an encrypted language that only the dogs seem to understand. I do love how happy it make my parents though, just sitting there staring at me wondering what I am thinking about. It's no great mystery. I am plotting the next time I will prove my parents liars. I like to wait until they brag to someone. For example, a few weeks ago when I was consistently sleeping 10 hours, going down around 11PM, so Mom could sleep till 9AM. Foolishly she told her friends in front of me and I had to put an abrupt stop to that. For the next week I got up every three hour. Mommy and Daddy were not as fun in those wee hours as I remembered. In fact they even started ignoring me. Once I heard threats of putting me in my own room I resumed appropriate sleep patterns again. We are all much happier now. In addition to my endless talking I have almost rolled over from my stomach to my back twice now. I think this week will be it. My new exersaucer toy has made me much stronger in the upper body. I can't see myself rolling from back to belly any time soon seeing as I hate my belly. I will do anything to get off my belly. That’s all for me. Emerson

18: No need for an exorcism. I'm fine now! Date: 03/05/2008 A little over a week ago I decided (without consulting Mom or Dad) that life was getting to be too darn easy for everyone around here. With that in mind I decided to really test out mom and dad’s patients. For the first time in my life I did not hear dad say "the crying really doesn’t bother me". I rattled even him. It was 8 long days. I gave them everything I had. I cried for no reason, stopped eating and sleeping. Basically, screamed my face off for over a week. I think Mom was crying too sometimes. I was debating another few days but noticed mom and dad talking. She had all the books spread out and was googling ANGRY BABY! When they found nothing and decided to take me to the doctor I adjusted my game plan. The Dr is where we get shots and I do not like those. I went to bed Monday night and woke up extremely happy again. I have been doing a lot of talking and singing with all my toys. Mom had a very happy Tuesday and there was no more mention of a Dr's visit. Evil Emerson is gone. Wednesday however was not a good day. Not my fault this time though. I was an angel. Mom and dad woke up to find out Nasdaq and Havoc pooped all over the house in the middle of the night. According to mom it looked like they had laid all their traps then played tag throughout the house, spreading it around on every surface. I think I even heard some words out of mommy’s mouth that will be fun to say in public later to embarrass her. Poor mommy had to spend all morning cleaning poop off all the walls, and furniture, and windows, and floors, and doors and carpet and cupboards before we left for PEPS group. She decided a shower would be a good idea but daddy used all the hot water so it was very cold and very fast. I heard some more fun words then as well. Class was fun though and I now have a very clean house to play in. I think this weekend we are getting the dogs an outdoor dog house. Until next time Emerson

22: Families that Cruise together, Get sick together!! Date: 03/25/2008 Last Saturday I set out on my biggest adventure to date. This time Dad came as well. First stop TEXAS, to see GG Virginia. Trinity took us to the airport very early in the morning. Mom and Dad looked very cranky. I got to ride on a very big plane. The best part was seeing all the other passengers staring at me. I am pretty sure they were all hoping we sat right next to them, seeing as I am so cute these days. We found our seats and sat down right in the middle of the plane, between several other passengers. How psyched were they!! Babies are so fun on planes. In all the excitement I fell asleep and never got to talk to anyone. Before I knew it we were in Texas. Great Grandma Virginia (GG) was there shortly after we checked into our room and she brought the whole Nelson family it seemed like. Two sets of Aunts and Uncles, a few cousins and herself. I was very tired by this point but I managed to flash a few smiles and did not cry at all. GG did not want to leave but we had to go to sleep before the second leg of our trip. Up very early again the next morning. Mom and Dad were cranky looking once again but we made it with no troubles to the airport and onto another plane where once again I received hundreds of glances from passengers hoping to be able to sit right next to me. I fell asleep again though. Apparently this is what a baby is supposed to do. Everyone said what a great baby I was as we landed in Florida. Once the ground again we caught a bus to a huge ship (the Millennium by Celebrity) we got onboard and found our room. Our very tiny room I might add. It least we had a deck. By now Dad was totally sick and needed a nap. Mom and I set out to explore the ship, and the buffet. It was fun watching mom try to get through a buffet line without dropping her tray or running people over while pushing a stroller. It actually took three days to master it. By 5 we were out to sea. By 6pm mom was sea sick. I was fine though. I think I was the most famous person on the ship. I really did feel like a celebrity. By the end of the trip all the staff knew who I was and tickled my toes as we passed by. I got to go to 4 different Caribbean islands. Puerto Rico, Haiti, and St. Thomas were with both mom and dad. The Dominican Republic was with just Mom. That day was my favorite. I got to take a nap at a bistro that had bean bags as chairs and sit on a donkey. Mom also took my picture with some funny men singing with guitars. When she was done taking pictures they told her to give them $5. Even though it was her camera Mom just laughed and paid them. In Haiti I got to go in the oceans, sort of. The water was very dirty so Dad would not let me in. He stood in the water holding me. I guess I will have to wait till July when we go to Turks and Caicos to officially go in the ocean. (Don’t tell Grandma and grandpa Bussolini. I may not be ready to be left home).

23: After 7 nights we were off the boat and on our way home. By this time, Mom and I caught Dads cold. It was a very long ride home. I could see the anticipation in the passengers eyes again as we boarded the plane home. Even with a snotty nose and blotchy face I could tell everyone was dying to sit next to us. There was disappointment across the board as we ended up with an entire row to ourselves. I was passed out within minutes. We are home now and recovering nicely. I had my 4 month appointment and the Dr. said I was perfect. There is word around the house that as soon as I am better I will be moving to my own room permanently followed by introduction to solids and by 5 months taking away my pacifier. I will keep you all posted as to how things play out. Emerson

26: Dominican Republic with Mom

28: Man oh Man have I been busy!!!! Date: 04/16/2008 So much has happened since our trip. After getting home I recovered from my first cold. I never did get a fever but did get to try baby Tylenol for the first time. Grape flavoring is GOOOOOD! Even though I was under the weather I was still aware of what mom and dad were planning around me. Rumor had it I was going to have to move into my own room. Permanently!! There was only one thing I could do. Sleep Strike!! It was a brilliant plan. At first it did not work. Mom has a very loud fan on her night stand to drown out my cries. I quickly switched to plan "B" Nap Strike!! Once I stopped sleeping all together, I was quickly put back where I belonged... Right next to mom and dad's in their room. I could not let them think it would be Ok to move me back into my own room though. I continued to get up several times a night and completely tossed naps out the window. After nearly three weeks mom was fed up. She brought out the baby straight jacked. I cannot resist the straight jacket. Once I get wrapped up that tight with no room for movement I am powerless. I had to sleep. The strike is over. I am now in my own room and loving it. I am back to 10-12 hour nights and two 3 hour naps during the day. Even bigger news is that I am eating solids now.

29: My first bite was with mom and dad and Grandma and Grandpa Bussolini about 2 weeks ago. I had rice cereal and loved it. From the very first bite I was a pro. Mouth opened wide and I swallowed right away. I did get a rash the next day so I had to wait another two weeks to try again. On my second try there were no reactions other than complete delight. The next day I got to try Bananas. Huge hit. I love bananas. I ate an entire banana over the course of the first day. Day two was not as successful. Broccoli is not on the favorites list for me. There was crying and hitting and grabbing. Outright defiance on my part is all that can be said. Later in the afternoon mom tried to fool be by mixing the horrid broccoli with the beloved banana. I was not fooled. I was ticked off at the very idea. Mom underestimated my taste buds. I cannot be had. Shame on mom for trying to trick me. I am pretty sure she will try this again though. I must keep my guard up. Word on the street is that there are more veggies to come this weekend. (Carrots and celery). We shall see. As long as they taste like bananas I am in. Finally.... Mom and I just started a Spanish class. I love it. We get to play with all sorts of new toys. We sing and dance and play every Monday. The whole hour is in Spanish. No English allowed. Surely I will be even more brilliant than I am genetically destined to be. Plus the more fluent I am, the greater chance I will have to join mom and dad on all their fun trips. I will be there translator. "donde esta el bano?" and "Cerveza pro favor". New activities include, rolling over both ways whenever I feel like it, Giggling out loud, holding my own bottle, and pulling hair out of moms scalp. I am also very close to being able to sit up on my own. Emerson

30: Food reviews are in. Date: 05/01/2008 Now that I am back to a working schedule, mom and dad have been giving me a whole bunch of new foods. They call them SOLIDS. There is nothing solid about these meals but I love them. I have created a ratings scale. Judging is based on texture, taste, smell, and swallowability(yes one word). Each food will be given a rating ranging from 3 clean diapers to 3 dirty diapers. Dirty being of course the foods I will refuse and hate well into adulthood. First on the list was Rice cereal. Not too bad I will give it 2 clean diapers. I tried this just after I turned 4 months old with mom, dad, and Grandma and Grandpa Bussolini. I was definitely ready. I managed to swallow about two table spoons. Foods receiving 3 clean diapers are Pears, avocado, banana, peas, yams, sweet potatoes and topping off the list as my very favorite was celery. 4 clean diapers!!! Receiving only 1 clean diaper were the carrot and potato. Receiving 1 dirty diaper was apple. I think I was in the wrong mood and will try this one again. There was only one food so far that has received 3 dirty diapers. Broccoli! There was no way anyone was getting any of that down me and they never will. Mom says we have to try it 20 times before we give up. We shall see. I am learning how to throw. On deck for new foods in the coming week are squash, mango, cucumber, and papaya. I will let you know how it goes. Emerson

31: Havoc. I think you missed a spot.

32: I have teeth. Date: 05/30/2008 So many updates in such a short amount of time. I have really been growing. Two weeks ago I was chewing on mom, like I usually do, when she screamed out in pain. She ripped her finger from my mouth and yanked open my jaw. This was not particularly appealing for me. She was ecstatic though. Apparently getting a new tooth is a big deal. I was the first out of all my friends to have this happen. I think it must mean I am gifted. I was so happy to see mom and dad so excited that I decided the next week to push out another. All this pride and excitement from mom came at a price though. For two weeks I did not take a nap. I have put the teething thing on hold for the time being though and am back to regular naps. In other news just a few more pounds or 1 inch and I have to move into a new car seat. This is causing great tension around the house. Mom wants to get a new seat for me at a store that will last until I can sit with a regular seatbelt and no booster. Dad wants to save $30 and get me a used one. I have not been on this earth long but I really don't see this going in the win column for dad. Last weekend was great fun. I got to go back to Idaho to see Grandma Bussolini at her schools retirement party they threw for her. I was passed around for hours. For quite a while mom did not know where I was. I always seemed to turn back up in her arms just as I needed a diaper change though. It was great to see how many children, parents and coworkers Grandma has touched in her 32+ years in the Lewiston schools. I hope someday I will be remembered as fondly as she was to so many. More firsts... I spent a day at the zoo with my friends meeting new animals. Until then I did not realize there were more creatures out there to meet other than my dogs. I got to see Evan get spit on by an alpaca. Mom pretended to feed me to a bronze alligator. We saw cougars and tigers and

33: reindeer oh my!! I have also been swimming now. The pool is open in our subdivision and the water is fantastic. I love to splash and kick and scream. Mom even dropped me under on accident and I was totally fine with it. I can't wait to show daddy how great I am in the water. I am also developing a wee bit of free will. At first Mommy thought this was quite cute. She even said one night, Look daddy Emerson is throwing her first tantrum. Basically this involves kicking and hitting Mommy if she tries to take something I want, or give me something I don't want. I have a new scream/grunt that was very effective at getting parents attention, at first. Now when I pitch a fit I am put to bed. My stamina is getting greater though. Now I can wail for over an hour before I have to give up. Also there can be no tears when throwing a tantrum. I no longer cry with tears. I just scream and grunt with dry eyes. Perhaps I should bring back the tears. I usually get picked up if there are real tears. Solids are going very well. In the last week I really started to figure it out. I now eat about 2 jars a day. I like everything they give me except broccoli. I still cringe at the sight of it. Mom found a new biscuit called biter biscuits. These are great. I just gum them until they are a liquid mess all over my face. In the car ride home from Idaho I was given one to quiet me. After several hours mom looked back at me. Apparently I have gotten it all over my face. It dried in a crust flakey mess leaving me looking like a burn victim. Over all I am a very happy baby. I love to play with anything I can get my mouth on. I am still not crawling but definitely have a desire to move around. I am sure it will happen any time. Thank you for checking in on me. See you all later. Emerson

34: Very funny Mom!

35: Wow! You smell!

36: Sitting in the cheap seats!!! Date: 06/17/2008 I had a great father’s day weekend. I have a few firsts to add to my list. Grandma Heady found out that mom and dad were having a garage sale. This news apparently got her in a huge frenzy. She spent the whole week before visiting gathering treasures (crap according to everyone else). After mom and dad put out all their crap to sell they spent a long morning spreading out Grandmas “treasures”. And Grandma spend a good portion of the morning changing all mommies prices from $.25 to one dollar or more on many items. She also wore a chicken hat and danced for every customer who took something, even if it was from the free table. The chicken hat was a huge hit. I am not sure what Grandma was thinking. All day she kept saying she was trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff at her house. She did get rid of a great many treasures. Just a quickly as she got rid of something of hers, she replaced it with items mommy and daddy had for sale and put them in her car. She even bought things at other garage sales. By my count she left with just as much as she came with. It was very fun. You cannot stop Grandma. Later Grandma and Grandpa got to babysit me too. Mommy told them they could give me baby cookies from the baby basket. Mommy forgot to tell her which ones were the messy ones and I got cookie from head to toe. It was very funny. Those cookies are my favorite and I only get them on long car rides. My other first from the weekend was I got to go to my first major league baseball game. Mommy bought me a pink mariners jogging suit. For me it is really a sit around and drool suit. The Mariners lost. No surprise I am told. According to Daddy it was more likely that I would not poop during the game than it was that the Mariners would score. In fact we played the Washington Nationals (Washington who?). Formerly the worst team in all of baseball. Now we proudly wave that flag. We had a lot of fun though. We sat way up at the top. I made the people in front of me change seats within the first inning. I guess they were not thrilled that I kept sneezing on them. Other than that I was a perfect little sweetie. I was clapping with help from mommy and fell asleep in the 7th inning after a fun dance to take me out to the ball game. I also got to try nacho cheese sauce with daddy when mommy was not looking. It was real good. I was so tired when I got home I went straight to bed for a good night sleep. In the morning Grandma and Grandpa Heady had to leave. I had a lot of fun with them. Especially grabbing grandpa’s nose and watching him make all his funny faces. And I am sorry about breaking Grandmas necklace. I would like to say it will not happen again but I am compelled beyond self-control to grab all jewelry and get it to my mouth by any means necessary. I will try harder though. Mommy is working on this with me.

37: New Updates. I have decided not to advance much in the past few weeks. I have been very focused on fine tuning my current skills. Now I can sit unassisted and pull myself back up if I fall forward. I can sit alone for several minutes as well. I am an eating machine. I have been getting a lot more real solids. At restaurants I can sit in a high chair and mom gives me a lot of what she is eating. (Bread, chicken, tortilla and soup) My favorite though is hummus. I can also roll over like no other, both ways with great ease. I don’t even have to try anymore. Sticking out my tongue now occupies much of my day. It seems to get a great reaction from the giants in my life. Still no crawling. I will keep everyone updated when it finally happens. Love Emerson.

40: Everybody out of the pool!!!! Date: 07/02/2008 I have had a very fun few weeks. Lots of pool and tub time with my friends. Until the “incident”, that is. I still do not see what the big deal was. Lyla, Evan and I were having a great time in the bath tub. Sharing toys and splashing each other. Just when thing really started getting exciting Evans mom yells “EVERYBODY OUT OF THE POOL!!!” And we were all yanked out of the tub one right after another. All we got was a flimsy towel and we were all pretty much tossed on the floor as my mom reached for another baby and Evans mom wrapped us up. All three of us were very confused. We decided the only thing we could do is have a three way melt down. I am pretty sure I was the loudest. Once we were all out of the tub, we were once again whisked off to another room where we got a rather rough diapering. Still not sure what the big deal was but there was talk of not wanting us to pee on the carpet. (IF I could talk I would have told them I already went in the tub….. HEE HEE!!) Because it was a hot day we all got to sit in just our diapers for the rest of the afternoon. That was fun. Still we were very confused about why the bath ended. I later found out that it is OK to go poop in your diaper, but not in the tub. How embarrassing. No one told me. Now all the mommies say that I pulled a caddy shack.

41: A few days later mommy and Daddy took me to Whistler Canada for an Edward Jones Summer meeting. It was a very long trip, but I got to ride with my friend Gwen, her mommy and Elise. It was supposed to take just over 4 hours but it took 11. There was a very bad accident and we had to sit on the road for a very long time. Mommy decided to break the rules and let us out of the car seats to have some play time. A stranger in a car next to us even took our picture. Once we got there I was a hit. All the Jones brokers thought I was very cute. I was held a lot and now have a little crush on Jason Biro. I think I like him because he is bald like all my friends. It was in Whistler that I had another first. I got to stay with my first babysitters that were strangers. Mommy was nervous at first, and then she met the ladies taking care of me. They were two seasoned (that means old) British women. They were just like Supper Nanny on TV. Unfortunately, I failed Babysitting. I was very happy for about an hour then I was very sad they informed mommy. She even got a report card for my baby book. Apparently I had a terrible case of the “windypops”. We call this gas at our house. There were several frowning faces on my report card and I was purple and snotty when mommy came to get me. I guess I will just have to stay on moms hip forever. I am pretty sure she was thinking the same thing. She says no but I am sure that is just her being sarcastic. New to report: I can get into a sitting position all on my own now. No one has seen me do it. I think it is funny to see mommy hover around with the video camera waiting for me to make my move. I am very patient though. I wait till she goes to the bathroom and then as quick as I can I sit up and pretend nothing happened. I love to see mommy come out and Say oh crap I missed it again. I have done this three times now. Someday I will reveal how I do it. For now this is too much fun. I am also so close to being able to crawl. I can get up on all fours any time I want and I can get my knees moving but for some reason the only thing my arms do is fly out in front of me, laying me flat on the floor. I am sure I will have this down before the house is safe for me. I can’t wait to show mom and dad what a poor job they have done baby proofing. I can also pull myself into a full stand in my crib. I love to make sure I am standing when I wake up mommy and daddy in the morning. My voice really carries with the extra altitude. They get up a bit faster now. Well that is about all for now. This weekend we are going to a wedding in Portland and then in 14 days we are back to the Caribbean for another vacation in the sun. Love Emerson

43: Getting some sun with my best girls. Lyla and Evan

44: Look who's crawling Date: 07/12/2008 It’s official. I am crawling. I tried to put it off but mom and dad kept insisting that I needed to learn to play alone and self sooth and self entertain several times a day. I am very good at it, but very sick of it. I decided yesterday that if I was going to get to the places I needed to be (mom’s feet, arms, lap) I was just going to have to get up and go there myself. Fortunately mommy and daddy have not baby proofed the house yet. They think I won’t find the cords and various other choking hazards. I assure you I will. Right now though I am most interested in getting as fast as I can to where ever mommy is. Just a few obstacles I see so far. I cannot get up the stairs to the kitchen so when Mommy is in there I just have to sit and scream for her the old fashion way. Maybe next week I will conquer the stairs. Then they will really have to baby proof. I will keep you updated as to how unprepared my parents really are for my mobility. On a more unpleasant note I must mention the child abuse that went on at Aunt Goats and Uncle Noah house last night. I was minding my own business sitting up on moms lap (way past my bed time) when my entire family decided to have some fun at my expense. I think they were getting me back for the full body poop I laid on them at daddy’s softball game last week. Definitely a two person job, that sent everyone running in the other direction. It was some of my best work. Anyway back to the cruel and very unusual punishment forced upon me. Minding my own business Aunt Laure showed me the most terrifying monster I have ever seen. It was a mutant monkey made out of a coconut. I wanted to get as far away from the obviously evil creature as I could. My loving family however found it hilarious to watch me scream as they turned it back and forth in my direction. Fortunately it was all caught on camera and I have posted it to my video clips as evidence. Someone please call DCF. I am sure after seeing this they will have to dedicate a whole task force to investigating crimes against upper middle class babies. Next Wednesday I am told we are headed off the Turks and Caicos for some fun in the sun. I will report back when we return as to the sun as well as the continued abuse I am sure to face. Emerson

46: THE WORLD IS MY PLATE!!! Date: 07/28/2008 Now that I am really efficient at crawling I am able to experience the world through my mouth like never before. All the little trinkets and knick knacks I have been eyeballing from afar are all within my reach now. I have a firm rule about new toys, objects, etc. I cannot possibly know if I like it until I put it in my mouth. In the last few weeks I tasted my way to the Caribbean and back with Mommy and Daddy. We went to the Islands of Turks and Caicos. At the airport I got to taste our plane tickets. Actually I got almost every boarding pass mom pulled out into my mouth before they took them. Once we were on the plane it was a whole different story. I was not allowed to move around much despite my entire body telling me I needed to in motion. I was able to sneak a few maneuvers past mom though. I can’t believe how much I missed the first time I flew. I slept through everything. Not this trip though. There was too much to discover. Over the course of 5 plane rides I was able to eat one emergency landing manual, a wall street journal, three in-flight magazines and one gentleman’s hair in front of me. Mom tried to give the magazines back to the flight attendants but they insisted I keep them. That was so nice because I enjoyed them in my stroller between gates. Our resort was very fun when I wasn’t being abandoned at the Sesame Street Day care. I had to go there three times. My grades are coming up though. Last time I received a failing grade in babysitting. Now I am sitting with a solid C. There was some crying and a need for special attention but mostly I enjoyed playing with new toys. The rest of the time I spent in the pool or at the beach with Mommy and Daddy. Sometimes just Mommy when Daddy needed an extra nap. The rest of the time I joined Daddy for a nap or we watched concerts and met other babies. The food was great. I got to try everything mommy ate. I had lots of fish, calamari, veggies, soup, cheeses and best of all I got to try chocolate. For chocolate I will go crazy. I was only given it two times, but I think I would do just about anything to get it again. Grandma Bussolini picked us up very late at the airport and took us home. Mommy put me to bed and I fell right to sleep. I was folded in half, wedged up against my crib bars, but sound asleep and happy. Mommy and grandma thought I need to be more comfortable though.

47: Once they moved me I woke up and screamed for another hour before I was able to fall back asleep. It sure is nice to be back in my own room again. The next day was a very big day. I got to play all morning with Grandma while mom picked up the house. After my nap we all got into the car and went back to the airport. I was very excited because there was a sky mall magazine I was dying to get my teeth into that I had left behind the night before. We never made it past baggage though. We just sat there for a while, and then walked around. Then we sat a while more, and then grandma got very excited and grabbed me from Mommy and ran over to see two ladies riding in big strollers. I felt bad for them though. Their strollers did not have any toys or treats in the tray. They were very happy to see me though. I quickly found out I was meeting for the first time my Great Grandma Velma Bator, and My Great, Great Aunt Annie. They got to come to see my house for a few days and I turned on the charm. Once again I was in a position to eat. This time we were at the dinner table. To bring you up to date, mom has been holding out on letting me use my own spoon. Grandma thought it would be very funny to let me have a spoonful of peas to see what I would do with it. I assure you I did not dissapoint. I had been watching everyone around me for so long that I knew exactly what to do. I was so excited to finally be given the freedom of using my own spoon that I overshot the first few bites. I was ready though. When I saw mommy reload the spoon and bring it closer to my hand I would start to shake in anticipation. Then without any hesitation I would grab it from mommy as fast as I could and with a loud enthusiastic growl I landed the spoon right in my mouth making sure that 80% of the goods made it in. When you eat with as much passion as I showed you are bound to have a few drops hit the bib. Video of this new adventure should be on the site in a day or so. We are waiting for Aubrey to email it to mommy. It was so great meeting more of my family. I knew they loved me right away. Next time I see them I will be a bit nicer to them. I was a wee bit of a mama’s girl while they were here. For now I am just happy to be home with my puppies, enjoying the freedom to crawl wherever, eat whatever and pull anyone’s hair without bringing shame to the family. Emerson

52: Fun in the bathroom Date: 08/27/2008 Wow, what a month. A lot has been going on the past month. It all started out with a great visit from Grandpa Bussolini. This worked out very well for me. For a whole week I was able to rise and shine with company. Grandpa was very prompt at attending to my morning noises. I am pretty sure mommy would get up with me at 7:30 too if she could hear me. Thank goodness grandpa was sleeping right next door to me. He did not have a fan to drown out my cries for attention. We got up early every morning and made coffee and read the paper. We even kicked out mommy and daddy several times so we could have some alone time. I thought this was great. And it was very funny how grandpa when call Grandma every time we were alone to make sure she knew how much fun we were having. I am very excited to see Grandma again. Grandpa is gone now and it is very sad. I continued to rise, a bit less chipper and shinny, every morning for a week. I suspect mommy could hear me though. I was very loud. No one came to see me though. In retaliation I broke all the dangling flowers off my mobile and threw them across the room. I will rethink this course of defiance in the future. It did not get a quicker response from mom, and now I was out a great toy to play with. I think it would be best for everyone if I could just have grandpa stay here. The past few days have been very exciting. Mommy got the stomach flu. Last night we both had fun playing in the toilet together. Mommy was making very funny noises and using the toilet in a very new way. I had never seen it used this way before. Before I only saw her sitting. This sitting business was of no interest to me. But now I see that much fun can be had in the bathroom. While mommy was taking breaks in her bed, not paying too much attention to me, I found as many things as I could to put in the toilet. I am so glad mommy taught me this new game.

53: For some reason it is only OK for Mommy to play this game. I was interrupted several times and told NO THANK YOU! I know what that means now very well. It means I cannot touch what I want to touch or continue doing what I was doing. Sometimes I still try though. I try at least 1-50 times before I give up. Daddy was still at work for most of our fun. When he got home I got to play with him the rest of the night. We spend the whole evening cleaning everything mommy touched so we would not get sick. Today I got to spend the whole day with Daddy at his office. This is very fun. I got to play with all my toys and meet some clients. When we got home I was very sad because I saw Mommy but could not go to her. I had not gotten to see her in almost 24 hours. I miss her and wanted hugs. She said she loved me and that we could have hugs in the morning. The stomach flu is a real bummer. Daddy is great fun but I have to wear funny clothes and go to bed early. I can't wait till mommy is better. Updates.... Yesterday was my 9 month checkup. I am very healthy and growing like a weed. Dr. Claudson says I am in the 97% for height, 50-75 for weight and 180% for cuteness. Physically I am doing very well for my age. I aced the 9 month checklist mom says. I am very close to walking on my own. Last night I took one step on my own. I am very brave. I can walk all the way around tables and furniture. Mommy got me a train to push. I can get around the living room with no problem. Check out my video clips to see my maiden voyage. Verbally I could use some work. I have taken a bit of a break from making new sounds. I still talk all day. Mostly the same sound all day though. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Mommy calls me gifted when and I growl at all my toys Dr. Claudson says this is normal. I have just redirected my attention for now on movement. I have finally mastered the Sippy cup and I'm getting better at the straw. I love drinking from a cup and feeding myself with a spoon. Emerson

56: Fun In Idaho 09/02/2008 Feeling very lucky that I dodged the stomach flu, and mommy feeling much better, we decided that we were going to take another one of our very long road trips to Idaho to see Grandma and Grandpa Bussolini in Mccall. I like Mccall much better than Lewiston but it is a lot further. That I do not like. Mommy rode in the back with me the whole time and we had fun singing and learning to wave. So far, still no clapping for me. Currently I see no use for it, no matter how hard mommy tries to teach me. I was very excited to make it all the way to Riggins Idaho where we turned off the highway to climb way into the mountains. This was my very first chance to camp. (Does it count if we never went to sleep?) Mommy made a great bed in the back of the car for both of us as well as Havoc and Nasdaq. Havoc was not being a very good camper though. He kept stepping on us and whimpering at the door. I think he wanted to go look for the raccoons he saw earlier. Mommy kicked him out to sleep with Trinity and Daddy. And then there were just the three of us left. I was having so much fun that I did not want to sleep. Mommy said that it was 2AM and we all needed to go night night. I decided to give it a try. Just as we all started to drift off I got a bit gassy and it was somewhat noisy. Nasdaq was very frustrated or interested in what was going on in my pants and began growling and biting my diaper every time I let it rip. This got me all excited again and any chance of sleeping was out the door. Mommy decided to turn on the car and we listened to some music until we saw sun and then we left Daddy and trinity to head for Mccall. I was so excited to pull in because I remembered Grandpa right away. I did not get to go to him for a long time though. Grandma grabbed me and gave me lots of kisses and hugs. Someone should have told her sooner I am not really into being held and hugged. I prefer to be on the floor. The only useful purpose for being held is vantage point. Up high it is easier to plot my next course. Just give me 20 seconds up high and I am ready to go back down. She caught on after a while. Finally the next day when the Michigan game finally came on the TV, after Grandma

57: made me change into a new T-shirt that was supposed to help her team win, I was granted permission to see Grandpa. Incidentally the T shirt did not work. Also visiting were the Maytons. They were very nice friends of the family. I got to hear a lot of liberal gibberish. Even I knew it was best to just keep quiet about our views. Without Daddy we were definitely outnumbered. We all had a great giggle in the car as we drove away though. On the way home we got to drive all the way back up into the hills to get daddy and Trinity, and see Grandpa Heady too. Mommy and I were so lucky that they took and extra long time hiking out to the car. If they had been on time we would not have been able to meet the nice man and his 2 dogs that warmed up in the car with us for an hour, and were kind of smelly. Also I would not have gotten to play on the restroom floor while mommy went potty. 2 hours later though they all showed up and we headed down the hill. I got to go to Wingers again on the way home in Moscow Idaho. Home of the Vandals, and Alma Mater to the future Vice President of the United States, Sara Palin. (GO McCain!!) After that I was very sleepy and slept most of the way home. It was a very fun trip and I can’t wait until I am old enough to ride the Jet Ski too. Emerson

58: 3 Little Squirts went to the Squirt Park! Date: 09/17/2008 Today was the best day I have had all summer. Cruise ships are Ok and Turks and Caico was fun. Neither of them holds a candle to the Squirt Park though. It was so much fun. I spend most of the day there without a nap and was able to hold it together the whole time without making a scene. The only one making a scene was mommy. I was so embarrassed for her. She forgot to bring more than one outfit for herself and had to walk around all day with Pee Pee on her shirt. I tried to tell her, again, how the swim diapers work but she was not paying attention. The secret is that they let all liquid out and keep #2 safely inside. It was unwise on her part to carry me around after such a big bottle. It was a warm day though, most of it dried before we made it home. Now back to our adventure. The Squirt Park is a big flat ocean for babies to play in. The only water in the whole place comes from the sea animal’s mouths, noses and blow holes. I had so much fun crawling and a bit of walking to see all the different creatures. I had to give a stern grunt to a few of them as they spit right in my face without warning. Emma and Madeline met me there with their Mommy. The three of us were very upset that our mommies did not bring us here until the last day of sun for the year in Seattle. Before the park we started off the day with our new music class at the MUSIK NEST. Mrs. Rebecca was so much fun. Mommy said she reminds her of Molly Shannon from Saturday Night Live. I remembered her from the Sammamish Library. We met her there Monday morning and she gave me a new scarf and sang songs with me. Today we went to “the Musik nest” and met new friends. Mommy and I got to dance together and sing. I had two favorites here today. First was the Peek a Boo song with Mommy. I hope daddy will learn this game too. It is so much fun with the scarves. Best of all is that while all the other babies had to sit in their mommies laps during the hello song I was right smack dap in the center of the circle. Everyone was so happy that I was able to make it to class that they made me the center of attention and sang just to me. I was truly the star in class to day. It’s nice to know that it’s not just family and friends that adore me, but also complete strangers. New for me the last month is that I have been walking just a bit more on my own. I took a few days off from walking to get over a cold. But I am back now and moving all around. I am also getting much better at going down the stairs. I have also broadened my vocabulary beyond grunting and the 30 second AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

59: I am making all sorts of new noises and putting several sounds together. I may say a real word soon. I am still a great sleeper according to mama, eating well and down to 3 bottles a day. On a darker note, I have been struggling once again with the dog food dishes. They call to me and I am unable to resist. This is causing some tension between Mommy and me. We are not Seeing Eye to eye on this topic. Perhaps mommy will come around to my side. Perhaps the dogs will have to dine in the garage. Hugs and Kisses Emerson

62: Dirt in a pumpkin patch tastes so much better! Date: 10/14/2008 In just one short month I have gone from playing at the squirt park in a swimming suit to getting all bundled up to go find pumpkins. Let me tell you a little something about pumpkin searching. There is a lot of false advertising out there. Mommy, Mrs. Sarah, Mrs. Courtney and Mrs. Amy were all very excited about taking us all out to pick out our own pumpkins. This seemed to be the main topic of conversation the past few weeks. Rain, Mommy kept complaining about, was keeping us from all the pumpkin picking. This morning however was quite a different story. We woke up and the sun was back. Mommy called all the other Mommies and set in motion the plans for today. We were all going to meet at the farm at the bottom of the hill. The best part was it was only a 2 minute drive. It was the perfect distance for a sunny day in the middle of the week. No one wanted to be indoors or in the car any longer than that. We were even promised lunch in a restaurant afterwards. Three babies, two mommies, a stroller and a wagon all piled into the car and we were off. Soon after leaving we found out that this particular patch was closed. We decided that it was too nice of a day to give up. And we did not. 5 farms and over an hour later (all of which were within 10 miles of the house) we accidentally found Fall City farms. Mrs. Sara and Mrs. Amy gave up. It was the only farm open during the week day. Mommy thinks that she has a case for discrimination against middle class stay at home moms. Not one of these 5 other farms were open during her working hours as a mommy. It was a long time in the car but all worth it. I got to see two new puppies. They both looked like Nasdaq. I really liked them but they did not like me. One even growled at me when all I did was give him a love bite on the ear. Mommy told me not to play with that puppy anymore. That was very hard for me. I really love puppies. I had to be reminded a few more times. We did not do too much here. Mostly mommy and Mrs. Courtney just ran around putting us in several silly places and took our pictures.

63: The best part was out in the fields. In the fields there is soft wet mud everywhere. I was able to eat enough to make black drool. As far as babies and drooling goes, I hit the jackpot. Out in the field the silliness continued. Mommy kept trying to put me on top on different pumpkins, all of which I immediately fell off from resulting in a new bruise on my forehead. We really worked up an appetite on our scenic drive and photo shoot. I was really looking forward to this lunch in a restaurant I was promised. We all piled back into the car with all our new pumpkins and headed for town. I was very disappointed to wake up and see that we were home. I was robbed of my lunch out, even worse I was put straight to bed. I cried for a few minutes thinking I could outsmart mom and she would get me up. I must have lost though because the next thing I remembered was waking up in the dark, daddy was home, and it was time for dinner. Quick updates: Still eating and sleeping very well. New is how well I am walking. I no longer walk like a drunken Sailor. My steps have really straightened out. I can turn around and stop and go several yards without falling. I have also found the beat. It turns out I am a fantastic dancer. Anytime I hear music with a good beat I cannot help myself. I gotta move! Daddy calls it booty popping. Mommy is upset because I won’t dance to country music. Only daddy’s hip hop with questionable language can get my booty popping. I am very close to saying kitty and learning that like the puppy at the pumpkin patch, kitty does not like love bites either. My new favorite game to play is with Nasdaq. I walk over to him with a toy and when he starts to move toward me I run to mommy and squeal. To play this properly Nasdaq must never actually get my toy. I think this is a silly rule but mommy insists. Please check back. I am having a Halloween party for all my friends this weekend. There will be lots of pictures to see on Monday. Emerson

68: White Trash Vs. Little Monsters Date: 10/19/2008 Daddy was a little sad today. At first I did not understand why, but he told me a story about a great party. Every year on this very weekend Mommy and Daddy threw a very fun party that daddy was very sad to see end. It was called White Trash Bash. Friends came from several States (Oregon and Idaho) to celebrate mullets and Rainier Beer as well as many other bottom shelf pilsners. Only the crappiest of brew could make it into the barrel of doom. With all this fine hooch came even finer cuisine. Franks and beans, chicken pot Pie, beanie weenies, and the icing on the cake… Moon pies. Daddy looked forward to this party every year. It was his only opportunity all year to play his Milli Vanilli tape on VHS. This tape was very important to him he told me. This tape was sacred and was what separated the real white trash from the posers. I am told once the tape started, immediately the posers decided it was time to leave and the real, true white-trashers grabbed another Schlitz and started singing along. All this is over now mommy told him. Daddy said that he was happy to see 15 one year olds coming over to celebrate Halloween in costume on his special day. Mommy told him there would still be beer and that now it would be micro-brew and Mike hard Lemonade. She reaffirmed that this was a step up and that it would be fun. Daddy did not believe at first. He had never had to do poop patrol for white trash bash before. Soon everyone started arriving and daddy got to parade me around in my pink octopus costume. I even heard him tell mommy several times how I was definitely the cutest of all the babies. Later in the night, about 30 minutes, when daddy saw me trying to sneak a bottle of beer out of recycling can, I am pretty sure I saw a little tear of pride roll down his cheek. White trash could live on in the next generation he must have been thinking. I had a very good time. All my friends came to celebrate with me. We got to play outside all day which is my favorite. I also got to eat straw. It was very funny to see all the mommies that do not let their babies eat the things they find outdoors. Mommy lets me eat almost anything I want. The other babies were very jealous. I tried several time to share a pinecone with everyone. Sadly there were very few takers. All the mommies were on high alert. As long as I kept the pinecones to myself the mommies stayed away. I could see in their eyes that they wanted to take my treasure but my Mommy insisted I was fine. As soon as I tried to share though the invisible mommy barricade was gone and so was my pinecone. I am not sure how I am supposed to learn to share when other mommies take my offerings away.

69: I got to try some very fun new foods. Queso, cheese cake, and, candy corn. I gotta tell you, candy corn is the new ice cream. I would give moose to have a handful of candy corn. Wait! Not moose! I would give my ridiculously itchy octopus costume to have just one more candy corn. I really hope I never have to put that on ever again. The night ended 90 minutes after it started and all the babied were off to bed. I got to stay up a bit longer and run naked for an hour before choosing for myself that it was time to retire as well. Mommy calls it choosing when I lie on the ground arching my back and screaming. I would have chosen another candy corn and a third bottle to cap off the night. Unfortunately I was out ranked and sent to bed. I hope you enjoy what few pictures I have posted. We had a baby meeting of the minds and decided not to let anyone with a camera get a good picture of us all at the same time. There was crying and escape attempts to ensure success. They did manage to capture a few though. Check back in a few days to see if mommy gets any from her friends to post as well. Those mommies can be very tricky with their cameras some times. Emerson

72: It's your Party, but I will steal your toys and make you cry if I want to! Date: 11/12/2008 It was one of my best friend’s, Evan, birthday this past Sunday. I have been to two other friends’ birthdays this past month. At those parties I was under the impression that my method of sharing was completely acceptable. That method being, if I want it I take it. It was working out beautifully until Sunday. I was already on edge after seeing the Hawks lose another game when it came time for me to help Evan open and play with her new toys. It was actually going pretty well until Miss Sarah opened up the giggling lemurs. I had to have those lemurs immediately. Fortunately I was able to get them into my possession before Evan saw them. Small stuffed animals are my current obsession. I was so happy playing with these Lemurs. They were so soft and giggled when I squeeze them. How could life get any better? And then I saw it. Sitting right next to Evan was a fluffy small white kitty. With one Lemur in my mouth and the other in my left hand I crept, not so discretely over Evan. And I mean right over her, to get to that kitty. When Evan recovered and realized that I was trying to get the last stuffed animal she became a very ungracious host and tried to snatch it away. Apparently no one told her that I was to be given small stuffed animal amnesty at all birthdays.

73: You would think that a loud screech and a few kicks to the leg would have sent the message to Evan that the toy was mine. It was quite clear that Evan was not backing down when she grabbed hold of the kitty with one hand and whipped out some fancy kung fu on my face with the other. Tactically my only move was to scream, cry and continue to kick. Evan was still holding strong. She countered my screaming, crying and kicking with equally loud screams. Then she trumped me with a very pathetic lower lip move that turned the parents against me. This was a very unfortunate turn of events for me. Evan was weakening I could feel it. Surrender was only moment away. When Mommy saw the lower lip move removed me from the room. Without any small stuffed toys either. It was not long after that that mommy and I had to leave. There was mention of my attitude and a nap as we said our goodbyes. Then next day I saw Evan again at our wobblers class. Awkward! I saw her across the room. Then she saw me. Then I saw the stuffed animal corner. Then Evan remembered the party and went the other way, giving me a clear path to my special place. We did not play too much that day, but today we went to music class together and we were best friends again. New activities for me are being able to walk backwards and throw the ball for Nasdaq. I can also go up and now down the stairs very well without help. I am also done with the bottle completely. I thought it would be hard but I hardly notice it is gone. Finally I can eat peanut butter now. I love peanut butter so much, I could eat it every day. Until next time. Love Emerson

74: PEPS Birthday Party at the Seattle Childrens Museum

78: Happy first Birthday to me

80: Dear Emerson, 8:57pm one year ago you became my first born. 8 pounds, 6 ounces and perfect. I have heard that you fall in love with your baby the moment you see them. For me it was so much more than that. I was so overwhelmed the first time I held you all I could do was cry. For the first time I knew unconditional love, and knew that it could never go away. I remember the nurses telling me I could not sleep with you in my bed so I just stayed awake so we could stay cuddled up together. It does not seem possible that is has been a year since we came home, now a family. The day we went home we immediately got on the same schedule. When you slept I slept and when you cried so did I. After a few weeks we had it all figured out though and have been a great couple ever since. I read somewhere that humans learn more in the first two years than they will the rest of their lives. That is no joke. In 12 months you went from being completely helpless, with only crying to communicate with us to a walking, babbling, signing individual with preferences and personality that are 100% Emerson. Very strong from the day you were born, being able to lift you head, you have continued to amaze you daddy and me at how fast you rolled over, sat up and now nearly running. For months now you have had so much to say. I know you are telling me something very interesting. I cannot wait for all you little words to come spilling out. It has been so much fun watching you experience the world with no expectations. Everything is interesting, everything is new and everything must be tasted. I think it is true when you become a mom for the first time that you also learn more in the first two years that you will ever learn again. You have given and taught me so much. First you taught me to really appreciate simplicity and innocents. That sometimes the best way to spend an afternoon is watching your baby discover her feet, and that she can fit them in her mouth. That spending 15 min. playing peek-a-boo with a scarf or inventing a new game to play can be more fun than vacation. Spending hours with daddy dissecting your personality, trying to figure out which traits you got from me and which ones you got from daddy. We are currently undecided as to how you ended up so serious. You happily spend most of your day exploring and studying everything around you. So far mobility has been your greatest accomplishment. For months you were only able to look at the world around you from limited vantage points. Now you are able to get to, and get after everything within reach. What a privilege it has been to watch you grow and play and care for you. The best reward for me is still watching you run across the room arm stretched open wide, with a huge smile on your face wanting to he picked up by only me. Your daddy and I will always be here for you, love you, and never be the same since we met you. I cannot wait to see how you grow and change in the next 12 months. I love you. Happy 1st Birthday Mommy

81: Daddy’s letter to you (1 year) Dear Emerson, I want to wish you the best in your long, adventurous life. May your life’s journey bring you to an understanding of the good in people, and the kindness that we all are capable of. I want you to know your mom and I will do our best to provide you with a kind and nurturing environment so that you will grow up strong and independent. I want you to always know you will have a safe, caring place with your family. I think you will have a spirit that allows you enjoy life and will culture learning and getting the most out of life. I will try and raise you to take educated risks, even if they all don’t work out. Life isn’t always about successes, as failures can sometimes teach us far more. As I think about your curly, cute hair that I run my hands through every chance I get, I know I will be proud of you no matter what happens in your life, and I promise to give you as many of the building blocks you will need to take on the world. Love, Daddy

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