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emerson year three

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S: Emerson Marie Heady The Third Year By Katie Heady

BC: The Terrific Two's

FC: By Katie | Emerson Marie Heady | The Third Year | By Katie Heady

1: Emerson Marie Heady | Age Two 21.lb 5 oz 31.5 inches Age Three 32lb 8 oz 38.25 inches

2: I see monkeys I love Ice cream My daddy sleeps in a big girl bed Lyla pushed me down the stairs Get up Lady Bones I'm scared of Santa Maybe we should eat Ice cream I'm just happy I better go to my room I can't be happy you're sad mommy you better go in the other room I'm scared of Democrats I want something (Iphone) My poops are ready I couldn't it's not possible I don't like Hawaii Please don't toot on my forehead daddy my nose stinks please wipe the stink off my nose its too loud in here I love elephants lets get one I have mud butt beat it boys I'm a gonna stink eye you please give me the stink eye don't mean mug me daddy It smells like poop out there I want to go with just grandpa I can't tell you (grandpas fishing hole) I better keep my potty in my body are you talking about me

3: Only grown ups can pee in the hot tub say it mama say it Watch you talking about I better dig a hole there are red birds in my bed Daddy and I were just smokin some bowls did we make them happy I don't want to see that that's not scary, thats not scary, thats a little scary(paintings in the church) I don't want robot Daddy to get me Robot Emmy is gonna get you Daddy Are you a stinkerpotamus Does that sound mean my kitty is not happy I pooped in the potty,,let's call someone. thats so silly Naked time!!! I want to help do where is the moon I want Emmy shows Mommy, he dogs won't do ring a round the rosy with me Let's do art projects If Evan pulls my hair again she will have time out You're so pretty mommy Do we get to pee in the woods today After Hawaii, no more diapers I just want to sing by myself Let's spin

4: Same story Different Dress. 12/2/09 It seemed at first mommy was just playing cruel jokes on me. You see I am not a fan of Santa Clause. I never have been. On Monday mommy took me and Lyla with her mommy to the mall. It was just like any other day. Mommy and I go to the mall a lot. It was a little different though. There were light s everywhere and red and green decorations hanging from the ceiling. The mommies pushed us around the mall at a quick pace, not stopping in any stores. This seemed a bit odd but I thought nothing of it. When we got to one end of the mall the mommies turned around a headed the other way as if in search of something very specific. As we rounded the corner at the opposite end I quickly realized it was not something they were in search of, but some one. Someone I was very familiar with. Someone so terrifying I vowed never to set foot in front of again. Santa Clause. I saw him. He saw me. Our eyes locked. I panicked and braced myself for the worst. I remembered from last year that despite my please and screams mommy still saw fit to hand me over to this monster, not one but three times. This year was going to be different. I was stronger and louder, and if possible more petrified. I wrapped my arms around my stroller straps and prepared for the worst. What I was not expecting, mommy had elevated her game. Bribery. It's a dirty trick and I almost fell for it. Santa had candy. I love candy. He held out his hand. All my instincts told me to run away. Did I mention I love candy? I had to get it. But How? I inched closer and closer. Once I was 3 feet away I knew it was not safe. I cried out no Santa. Mommy get candy. It worked. Lyla was very brave. She went right up to him and took the candy. I admire her strength. We left right after that. I was so thankful that mommy surprised me. She kept her promise from last year and did not make me sit on his lap. Tuesday mommy surprised me again. We went to a different mall. I was very familiar with this mall. We come here very often. Other that all the light and festive music, all was the same. The same until we came around the corner from the parking lot. She is doing it again. What kind of sick games was mommy up to. I knew I was in for another visit to Ole Saint Nick as soon as I saw the huge tree and red house. He was in there. This is where we met last year. I did not want to go in and tied to run back to the car. Mommy picked me up. She marched me straight into that house. I thought this time I done for. She was going to put me on his lap and I would be having nightmares for a year. Instead though was more bribery. Mommy was not so helpful this time in acquiring the candy. This time she said I would have to get it myself if I wanted it. You know I wanted it. Tears welled up in my eyes as I took 1 inch steps all the way to Santa's fully extended arm. As soon as I had the candy I ran out of the house never to return again. Until today that is. I was feeling better about Santa this time. As long as mommy and Santa keep giving me candy and I don't have to sit with him ewe are going to be great. I should have known this would not be the case. Looking back there were several signs. Today I had to take a bath and we did hair. Mommy brought her camera. And she talked all day about how fun Santa's lap is. The Donovans were up first. They were very brave as well. They she did it. Mommy swooped me up in her arms, counted to three, dropped me in his lap, then Hit the floor and began taking pictures of the whole thing. I struggled but Santa is very strong. I think I heard him laughing. Santa went too far. I vow to never go near a Santa ever again. Not even for the candy.

6: By plane, then car, Idaho Here we come. 1/4/2010 It's been a few weeks now and figured I better share my 2009 Christmas story with everyone. It took this long to come down from all the sugar and TV that was forced on me the last 2 weeks in December. I really don't like TV or cookies but felt it would be impolite to abstain. I even spent the greater part of each day begging and pleading for them just to be polite. The festivities began with mommy and me getting up very early to catch a plane to Boise. Mommy and I had a little talk going through security about how we were going directly to the gate and not leaving until they called us to board. We were not going to miss our flight like last time. We made it there with no trouble. Aunt Em met us there with Cody. I am not sure what he is but Grandma really likes him and Daddy keeps saying that he thinks there is something wrong with him. I think he is worried about his status as Favorite significant other. We made it to McCall in no time. I only cried for about an hour. Mommy was happy to see Grandma. So was I. Mommy was not giving into my demands and I knew Bama would. McCall was great fun. There was a lot of snow and I got to go sledding every day. On the first day of sledding Grandpa and I cut down an Emmy Christmas tree to decorate. I hauled it in the sled with me all afternoon. Later Rudy even pulled me and Baba in the sled at the same time but we went very slow and it was not as fun. Another time Rudy decided that he wanted to run very fast and play with Havoc and Nasdaq so he took off. I held on as long as I could but as soon as he started heading up the hill I flipped out the back. He even got away from Bama (grandpa) I call all grandparents Bama now. After that I was pretty much done with the sledding. The rest of the time I spent playing beauty parlor with Bama (grandma). It's true, natural beauty can be enhanced with just a little makeup. I went with the opposite approach. Mommy said I looked like a Gothic toddler street walker. Opening presents was my favorite. I was very efficient as well. No time to play with or even see what was in each gift. Just tare and move on to the next one. Even if it was somebody else's turn or present. Finally, my grandma, being a retired 5th grade teacher and principal, helped me with my vocabulary. We had a lot of fun with new words. Sassafras, supercalafragalisticexpyaladoshis, And Busolini are all words I am working on. There was one word I got right away though. Shitty Muffin. I am not sure what it means but it was very fun to watch grandma cover her mouth with her hands and run out of the room. I wanted her to be proud of me so I said it over and over until mommy distracted me with some sausage. I love sausage. That same day we loaded up the car and headed to La Grande to see Great Grandpa Heady and go to dinner. Both Bama and Bama Heady were there and we all got to wear Santa hats to dinner. This was fun because I don't think mommy would have ever thought to do this back home. We even had the very patient waiter take our picture. After dinner it was back in the car. We made it to the farm after dark but I was still fun of energy. I ran around finding treasures all over, only to have them taken away. Later we went up to our own cabin in the woods. Mommy and daddy made a fire and we watched a movie and went to bed. The next morning mommy was being very silly. She opened the front door and went potty outside. I was not sure what to think but managed to put it out of my mind until the next day at nap time. Aunt Goat , mommy and I went back up to the cabin. I went in with Goat and mommy came in a few minutes later with all our things. I am not sure what reminded me of it but instantly I told Aunt Goat that mommy went potty outside. I still don't know why, but mommy and daddy went potty outside every time. Back down at the main house there was a big tree with presents under it here just like in Idaho. I knew exactly what to do and was ready to get started. Imagine my frustration when I had to wait 2 whole days. It was worth it though. All the practice in Idaho had prepared me for a speed round of present opening. When we were done I finally got to play with all my new toys and had a great time. My visit to Oregon also included a vocabulary lesson by Grandma. I learned Bitch. Mommy explained that that was a girl dog and that we should probably not say it unless we become a breeder. Girl doggy would be just fine. The Drive home was very easy. We got up very early again and jumped in the car. I took a long nap and sang songs with mommy and daddy. It was good to be home. It only took 2 days to detox from all the junk and TV. I have had less than an hour of TV since getting back and several cans of green beans. Now I can focus on Being two and challenging mommy.

10: Make your own Pizza Night

11: You can't make me nap! 1/24/10 Last week the balance of power shifted a bit between mommy and me. For the past two years Mommy and Daddy have been forcing naps on me, tired or not. My only choices were to scream or give up. Mostly I just gave up. Mommy took great satisfaction in knowing that no matter what, I was trapped in my crib and she was free to do whatever she wanted, as long as she wanted. I was powerless. This is no longer the case. When I was younger all the screaming took it out of me. I inevitably fell asleep from exhaustion. Now my stamina is much greater. I can scream for hours and mommy can't take it. She has had to come to the realization that I no longer need as much sleep. I feel just a little bad for mommy because this comes at a time when it seems like mommy is in need of more sleep. Either way I am through napping. The power shift was last Monday after class when mommy took me home to take a nap. She let me scream for 90 min before coming up stairs. I thought I had won for sure when she showed up at my door. She never comes up to get me until after unless I nap. I reached up for her, tears already dried up with a huge smile on my face. I had won I thought. Mommy did not reach out for me this time. She said nothing, handed me a Sippy of milk and left. This was not a victory. Mommy was trying to buy me off, and herself more alone time. I took the milk, laid back and started thinking. Mommy had betrayed me. I had been screaming for so long. My throat was soar and I was pissed. I was going to have to show her she was not in charge anymore. If my plan was going to work I was going to have to be very quite. Mommy seems to know my every move. It is as if there is a hidden camera in my room. I pretended for a few minutes to be asleep, assuming mommy would also settle in for a little snooze. After 10 or 15 min I figured the coast was clear and I made my move. First I gathered all my blankets in to the corner of my crib. I climbed up on top of the pile, threw my leg over the side and slid out. The landing was a perfect ten. I didn't make a sound. I tip toed over to the door and gently turned the knob to make my escape. I ran into mommy's room, leaped onto the bed and was cuddled up under the covers in seconds. This would show mommy. Only trouble was that I did not know how to turn on the TV and I really wanted to watch a show. As luck had it I did not have to wait very long. I heard mommy coming up the stairs and got very excited. I pulled the covers over my head. Safe under a blanket, I heard the door open. Mommy walked right past me. This was my chance to get the TV turned on. I threw back the covers, looked mommy right in the eye and said “watch a show?” Mommy did not know what to think. I was prepared for anger or irritation. But all I saw was sadness in mommy's eyes. She looked so defeated. This was better than I expected. Angry mommy would have put me back in my room and barricaded the door. Sad, defeated mommy just turned on the TV and went back down stairs. It was a huge victory for all toddlers. Now naps are on my terms. I have taken only 3 naps since last Monday but they were my idea and I made sure to stay up past midnight each time to make up for it. Personally I love this new arrangement. Mommy is looking very tired.

12: Over Snoqualmie and thru the woods to Grandmothers house we go 2/8/10 . Just got home from Idaho, again. This time was very fun because we took my friends. For two years now mommy and I have said how fun it would be to take our friends to Winter Carnival but never thought it would ever happen. Mommy and I are road warriors but our friends are weak. Thursday morning we all loaded up and hit the road. Lyla, Sara, Katie and myself along with 3 mommies in one car. All the mommies prepared a little differently to make sure all our needs would be met thoroughly and swiftly. My mommy made sure there were plenty of baby songs and toys. Mama Amy brought lots of cell phones and new books. Mama Suzie made sure the supermarket shelves were empty. We had so many snacks to keep out busy little mouths occupied. It was a good thing too because we all wanted different snack especially anything the person next to us had. Thank you Suzie We made the whole trip in only three stops. Mommy and I average 1-2, so not bad. Mommy was pleased it took only 9 hours. The trip was completely uneventful until we hit Rio Vista. I could feel we were getting close. I woke from my slumber and threw up all over myself, the back of the seat and my friend's car seats. You can add carsickness to my list of firsts. Everyone was so excited to get out of the car. We all ran around like wild animals for a while, had some dinner and went off to bed. OK. Three of us went right to bed. I was not happy with the accommodations. I tried to bite my tongue but the spoiled princess in me eventually came out. I had always had private quarters. Suddenly I was expected to share a room with Lyla. This was unacceptable. Lyla snores. Mommy had no other choice but to let me stay up. I fell asleep in mommy's bed in the office which was nice but woke up in a room with Lyla . I was going to have to make sure this would not happen again. For now, I decided to let it go, it was winter carnival and I wanted to take my friends into town to look at snow sculptures. Everyone had a lousy time. It was cold and every sculpture that looked fun to climb on was off limits and all the boring ones with no opportunity for fun were made even worse by mommies forcing us to take pictures on them. We made sure to have one of us crying and 2 looking in the wrong direction at all times. Once we got back to the house moods were better. We napped then went outside to play with Rudy and the Sleds. Everyone was having a great time until mommy let Lyla slide under the car and hit her head. That was pretty much it for Lyla’s sledding. That evening all of us struggled with our moods. Lyla was having some recovery time upstairs. I could hear her crying and decided I better check in on her. Bad Idea. Sweet little Lyla pushed me down the stairs. I could hardly believe it. I flew backwards down the stairs and was about to completely flip over when Mama Suzie caught me. Normally I would have just shaken it off, and I was about to, when I remembered retribution was in order for the my sleeping arrangements. I really played it up. I cried and screamed for a while. Then I calmed down for a little while to rest up for the main event. It was a good thing too. Mommy tried to make me sleep in a closet. Normally I have no problem sleeping in closets. I do it all the time. Tonight though, everyone was going to pay. Mommy, for sneaking me into a shared room the night before, and Grandma and Grandpa for giving all my friends too much attention. I demanded to go night night and for mommy to shut the door and go away. The problem for mommy was that there was no door to close. After 30 minutes of nonsensical screaming mommy decided to let me try the bathroom because it had a door. Once moved to the bathroom I decided to just scream. This only lasted about a minute because I was waking up the Donovans. Mommy ran me out to the living room as fast as she could and the bed was moved a third time to the office. I continued to cry and scream. Grandma was first to wave the white flag and offered up ice cream and shows. I had to reject them both to keep up the charade. When that happened they all decided I was hurting from my spill down the stairs and that I needed Motrin. It tasted awful so I had to accept the ice cream just to wash away the taste. I took a few breathers in mommy's bed and pretended to watch a show. I did not fall asleep though. I had been quiet for a while. Everyone went to bed and mommy was on the sofa. I must have nodded off just for a minute because I woke up midair as I was falling out of bed. This was extremely aggravating so I screamed some more. I could tell mommy was very frustrated as well. She was at the bottom of her idea barrel when she asked me at 4am if I would like to go get boots on and go for a walk outside. Mommy has very silly ideas in the middle of the night. I decided to give her a break. She had done a very good job practicing “I love my baby”, “it is not ok to strangle you baby” speeches. We eventually fell asleep on the sofa together. The rest of the nights mommy and I had private accommodations upstairs in a room to ourselves as it should have been from the beginning. Once everyone was up we went to the Mardi gras parade where we collected lots of candy and beads then went home for naps and more sledding. Our last day was fun too. We went for a ride in a horse pulled sleigh to feed the Elk. We all piled onto the sleigh and sat on hay bales. It was just a 1-2 minute ride to the Elk. We were wondering what we were going to feed them. It did not take long at all to figure out that they were going to eat our seats. 20-30 Elk surrounded us, eating out seats right out from under us. It was fun for a while, and then Lyla started to cry. The Elk guide said we would have to keep moving if the crying did not stop. He said that the Elk think that a crying child sounds like a baby Elk being killed and it scares them away. Fortunately the mommies had lots of candy. We took turns tasting each others lollipops the rest of the ride. The next day we got all packed up and headed home. This time we made only one real stop where we all destroyed the Arby’s in Colfax. We ran races, wet our pants, made messes and ate very little. Everyone waved to us as we left. I think they were sad to see all of our fun energy leave. Back in the car, and home in a flash. It was a great ride and the mommies were very excited about how well we all did.

16: I have been paying attention! 3/1/10 For quite some time I have been able to understand most of what mommy and daddy say. I am able to follow instructions and let them know what I want and especially what I don't want. Life has been pretty smooth at the Heady house. Just recently though I have made rapid advancement in my communication skills allowing me to reaffirm for mommy she is doing a good job as well as terrify her. I happen to have excellent example of both situations. First was affirmation for mommy one morning last week. I had just gotten up and was enjoying my morning cartoons with mommy in bed. Normally mommy and I just snuggle up and watch shows quietly together. Today though, mommy and daddy kept talking back and forth. I had to move closer to the TV to hear because they were being so disturbing. I decided to play it cool like mommy and daddy do when they get irritated. Just when I thought the talking would never end, daddy came out of the bathroom and went downstairs. I am not sure what they were talking about but, mommy was crying. I knew exactly what to do. I rushed over to mommy, gave her a big hug and said mommies sad. Mommy said yes, mommy is sad. I looked her right in the eyes, gave her a big hug said mommy is crying, you need to go in the other room. I was both, loving in the delivery and logical in the consequence when I told her no happy face; you go in the other room. Mommy and daddy have gotten so good at love and logic that I was able to perform a textbook maneuver on one of them. Mommy started laughing right away of course so I had to let her stay. Mommies’ second experience with my new found communication skills and ability to recall very past events falls into the terrified category. There are certain things that mommy and daddy stopped saying as soon as I started talking, but I still remember them. On Saturday mommy and I drove out to Snohomish to try on flower girl dresses. I am going to be a flower girl at Uncle Trin’s wedding this summer. The shop was kind of a long drive and I was still feeling cranky from my cold. Mommy tried to brush my hair and make me look somewhat presentable. She did her best. We found the little dress shop and went in to see Kim. There was another girl and her mommy as well and a very nice shop owner. She immediately said how cute I was. Something I hear a lot. I managed to hide behind mommy while they looked at all the dresses. I was working on something special myself. After everyone saw what they were going to be wearing it was time for me to get fitted. I knew I was going to get to try on a fancy dress and wanted it to be perfect. There was just one problem. I knew I better tell someone. Seeing as it was the fancy dress owner's shop I figured she was the right person to tell. I did not want to mess up her dresses. As I walked over to her I managed a huge snotty sneeze which paired well with my watery eyes and crooked piggies. Never the less I marched right up to her and announced that I had MUD BUTT. She was shocked. I was shocked. She was the first person outside the family that knew that mud butt meant I had pooped. She gave me a huge smile and said I was killing her with how cute I was. Mommy was shocked as well. She told everyone that we never even say Mud Butt anymore and that she could not believe I remembered it. Guess what mommy. I remember everything.

17: Fun at Alki Beach

18: You want me to poop where. 3/11/10 Lately mommy has been messing with naked time. I still get naked time but it seems to be all about the potty. I think the potty is great. It a fun chair to read in or to watch TV on while eating lunch. It's a great place to hide puzzle pieces or roll marbles around in. I have even used it as a food dish for the dogs. All of which are perfectly fun ways to use the potty. Mommy however has been relentless for months now about how I should put my pee pee and poo poo in the potty. Is she insane? Thats just mad. I would never want to play with something that had any potty on it. I really don't know what is wrong with mommy. Yesterday was especially bad. I kept telling mommy that I had to go poo poos. She took me to my potty. Again, I sat on it. She kept saying put your poo poo in the potty. I kept saying no mommy I need a diaper. After a few minutes we compromised on putting some toots in the potty, and I did. It still seemed like such a bizarre thing to do. Mommy does not think it is funny when I put toots on her. Why would she want me to put toots in my potty? Mommy was not going to let it go today. I insisted on getting off the potty and putting on a diaper. I was reaching a critical stage, the poop was coming. I told mommy poop is coming. I need a diaper. Mommy said sorry. You need to go in the potty. I could tell mommy was tired from being sick too. I told her Ok mommy and ran off toward the bathroom. She was not too concerned and let me go alone. I guess since I have never ever put poop/pee in the potty. A few minutes later I returned to the sofa where it looked like mommy was taking a nap and told her there were poo poos. Mommy was so excited. She jumped up and said show mommy your poops. I grabbed her hand, she grabbed her camera and I led her straight past the bathroom into the dining room, crouched down and pointed directly under the dining room chair, where I had pooped. Mommy was so confused by how I was able to squat so low under a chair and poop without making a mess. At first she thought it must have been a dog. The dogs were outside. Mommy bent me over to confirm with a butt check that it was actually me. Upon inspection mommy was able to confirm it was in fact me. Mommy cleaned under the table, cleaned up my butt and legs and finally conceded to a diaper. This whole day would have been totally different if it was daddy. He never asks me to put poops in or on my toys. All he is worried about is that we never put poop in the hot tub. Daddy is more about the toots. We both think toots are very funny. We like to toot on the puppies together. Daddy even has a finger that makes him toot if I pull it. Daddy totally gets it.

19: Water Balloons in the back Yard

20: St. Patrick's Day

21: Emm'y Gardens

22: Fields of Disappointment 4-2-10 Mommy's word has gone from gold to garbage overnight. from birth, if mommy said, tomorrow is going to be such a fun day, it absolutely without a doubt totally was. Yesterday mommy was way off. Actually all the mommies missed the mark. For days they all had been telling us how we were going to see the flowers and that the flowers were going to be so much fun. Take a good nap and we will go see the flowers. Go to bed early tonight so we can go see the flowers. In my head I was thinking these must be some pretty friggin great flowers. Not the fragile, look but don't touch flowers we have encountered in the past. I was actually getting very excited. Mommy spent all day Tuesday building up the flowers. I even took a nap and went to bed that night without crying so I could see these new and amazing flowers that were going to be Sooooooooo fun. I should have known anything that needed this much hype was actually “FUN” for mommies, not fun for kiddos. We were being tricked into thinking there would be fun. Our super “FUN” day started with loading 7 people in the car. I was already having flashbacks of the last “FUN” trip we took to Idaho with 7 passengers. Mommy put me in the middle again and I knew Lyla was going to try to touch me with her feet like she always does. And she did. So I did what I had to do, I screamed most of the way. I pretended it was because I did not know where my mommy was. I knew she was busy driving but I wanted her in the back. Eventually she pulled over and mommy got in back. Pretty soon we were there. Now I was getting excited. I was ready for all the “FUN”. All I saw when I got out was a dirt parking lot though. A bit concussed, we were all led across the street and through some gates. It was looking up. There were a lot of people here. Let the fun begin. Immediately, we all scattered to different places with our mommies to see the flowers. Instantly when I tried to pick a bright red tulip I realized we had been dooped. These flowers were just like every other flower I have ever seen, just more of them. Then I saw it. I knew instantly the day was ruined. Mommy got out her camera and started in with hey Emerson, go smell the flower. Don't touch it. Just smell it. This day was going to be dreadful. I took a stand. Today I was not going to smell any flowers. I was going look at the ground and play in mud puddles. This would be my silver lining. There were the most fantastic mud puddles. Everywhere I looked, glorious mud puddles. As we headed out to the tulip fields, now referred to the fields of disappointment, I found several suitable puddles to stomp in, and one very slippery puddle. It snatched me up face first before I knew it. I could see that mommy was wishing we had chosen a better color than white. It was too late now, I was covered from head to toe in that glorious mud puddle. We walked for a bit longer. Strangers asked if they could take a picture of me. Mommy took a few as well. Finally I got to see what was in mommy’s big back pack. Good thinking mom. It was full of clean clothes. We sat down next to some alpaca, got cleaned up and headed back into the fields. This time I had on rain boots that were so big I kept falling down. Mommy tried to carry me but the boots fell off every time. Eventually mommy just let me walk around barefoot. Still making sure that I never smiles or looked up, we kept on, I think mommy may have gotten a few good ones in, but over all though I maintained a disapproving face. Finally we all made our way back to the car. Cranky, hungry, dirty and feeling completely betrayed. Good bye Fields of Disappointment, Hello home.

24: Happy Easter

25: Battles 5-2-10 With mommy's and my nearly month long sickness marathon coming to a close, tension has been building. For three weeks mommy waited on me hand and foot. I slept when and where I wanted. I even got to drink as much milk in the bed as I wanted. It seemed mommy was prepared to go to extraordinary measures to make sure I was comfortable and quiet. This was just fine by me. I was a bit surprised that mommy had enough energy to cater to me seeing as she was sick too. The sickness awakened some of my other senses. Rage for example. Several nights in a row I was accidentally put to bed in my own room. I however preferred to sleep with mommy for a while then the floor to cool off, then into the pack n play and finally back to mommy's bed. I could tell this was really frustrating mommy. After two weeks of musical beds mommy took a stand. I was completely caught off guard. It was around three AM, I was on my third trip to mommy's bed when I decided that I wanted mommy to go down stairs and fill my Sippy cup fuller. Mommy did not even look at me. She just rolled away from me and said finish what you have and then I will get you more. If I had to pinpoint it, that single act of betrayal was what jump started the next few days of battles. In retaliation I threw sippy on the floor and screamed as loud as I could that I needed more milk in the cup over and over. For the most part mommy did not even acknowledge me. Now I was frustrated. I crawled into the pack n play with my sippy and pounded it against the way for nearly an hour, still screaming that I needed more milk in the cup. Eventually I moved to the floor right by mommy and kicked her bed. Later I moved back up to the bed. I braced my hands on mommy's shoulders, leaned over her face and pleaded with her. Mommy opened her eyes and said it again. When you finish what you have, I would be happy to go get you more. It was around 6 AM now. I was going to call mommy's bluff. I was sure that she was too tired to go get more milk. I leaped off the bed to gather up all my pillows and blanket, curled up next to mommy and started to drink my milk. I was feeling much better now. A calm came over me and I was about to fall asleep when I remembered how cruel mommy had been to me. I decided to confuse her. I sat straight up and started telling her about the Easter bunny and chocolate. Mommy gave me a silly look and agreed with me that the Easter bunny is fun but now we needed to go to sleep. I finished my milk, waited for mommy to fall asleep then I stood up and peered over her shoulder making sure my face was right next to hers. Without even opening her eyes mommy grumbled WHAT? In my sweetest voice I told her I needed milk in the cup all the way full. Mommy got out of bed grabbed my sippy and came back with it, all the way full. Now finally at 7AM I could go to sleep. I felt really bad for mommy when her alarm went off an hour later to babysit. I would have gotten up with her to help entertain but I was too tired. The battles continued to escalate, starting on Tuesday night and climaxing on Wednesday. I was feeling better. Lack of sleep and still being sick was taking a toll on mommy. I heard her tell daddy, now that Emerson was better they needed to take back the power. I knew mommy was serious. I also knew that she was worn out and still sick. Any amount of resistance was going to make mommy really mad. It started with bed time Tuesday night. I had to sleep in my own room with no milk in the bed. It was a devastating loss right out of the gate for mommy. There was no way I was going stay in my bede or room. I must have climbed out of my crib and left my room 50 times only to be swept back in by mommy before she finally locked her own door and said fine sleep in the hall. I actually got two wins that first night. I screamed by her door for about an hour gaining bonus points knowing it was driving her crazy on the other side. The real salt in the wound and one of my finer victories was when daddy came up to check on me. He put me in my crib and I went right to sleep. Nothing drives mommy crazier that battling with me for hours only to have daddy swoop in and effortlessly fix everything. Mommy woke up the next morning with her game face on. Today felt different. She knew that I liked my milk in a sippy not a glass and to be filled all the way to the brim. Her first stand was to intentionally give me glass, half full. She would not even give me a sippy cup. Naturally I had to make sure she got the message that this was not OK. The first time I screamed that I needed a sippy cup while pouring the milk on the floor. Instantly I heard. Ut Oh. Time for a little bedroom time and was escorted to my room. Normally I stay in there by myself. Today I did not want to stay in and choose not to. I screamed at the top of the stairs. Mommy let it slide and I eventually came down in a better mood. Again I was offered a half full glass of milk. Again I poured it out. This time I added throwing the cup and hiding under the table. Ut Oh I hear again. Mommy grabbed me by the leg and dragged me out from under the table and back to my room. This time mommy stayed by the door holding it shut from the other side. I tried to escape from under the door but only my fingers fit. It would not have mattered though. Mommy kept shoving them back under. I eventually recovered, and was let out. Mommy offered me water this time. Half full in a glass. I was upset. Clearly I needed milk, in a sippy, filled all the way. You guessed it. I poured it out, mommy sang Uth Oh and I was back in my room. This time mommy switched things up. She brought a screw driver with her. I was still in my room and I was still screaming, but this time mommy was in the doorway dismantling my door knob. She switched the lock from inside my room to the hallway. When she was done she shut the door. I heard a click followed by the sound of mommy going downstairs then loud music from the living room. Well played mommy. You figured out how to lock me in my room and not have to hear screaming. That night mommy planned on skipping her parenting class because of her cough. Instead, she waited until stopped crying, scooped me up, threw me in the car and said mommy needs a little dose of love and logic tonight. I think she was worried there had very little neither love or logic practice today. I agreed. After class we were both in a much better mood. I even went to bed without a battle. I really thought mommy was feeling better, but the next day I heard mommy tell daddy over the phone that he needed to come home and take this child away. Could I be “that child”? Daddy was home soon confirming that I was in fact the child she spoke of. Mommy had the car packed up and dogs loaded by the time daddy was home. I was so excited. It was going to be my first daddy, daughter road trip. We waved good bye to mommy and hit the road. I hope mommy was not too lonely without us.

27: Put a Pin in Michigan 5/18/10 Last week I was able to put a pin in Michigan on my travel map. Mom and I met grandma Bussolini at the airport and flew all the way to Detroit where we rented a very expensive car and continued on to Fowlerville to stay with Great Grandma Bator, Great Aunt Barbie and Great, Great Aunt Annie. They were happy to see mommy, but completely ecstatic to see me. All week there was a lot of kissing and hugging going on. Every day I met a new Aunt, Uncle or Cousin and each one of them went right for the kisses. If I had to give out awards there would have to be two. First goes to Great Aunt Mary for holding the record for longest lasting lipstick. Every person at Grandmas on Mothers day had bright red lipstick somewhere on their face and I never once saw her reapply. The Endurance award goes to Great Aunt Barbie. I thought mommy gave a lot of kisses. Barbie also get a bonus award for holding the record for most “I loves yous” said in one day. I felt like a super star all week. There were Great aunts and Uncles, Great Great aunts, second and third cousins, and great grandma all in one place and they were all there to see me. There were only a few mishaps the whole week. First was that Mommy forgot special blanket at home and we had to drive to target to pick out a new one. I call it polka dot blanket and it is my new favorite. Second was that grandma Bussolini decided that I needed to take a bath 2 times while we were there. They were both terrifying but swift. I recovered nicely but want it to go on record that only grandma cares if I am clean. The last day Mommy and I drove into the Detroit for a motor tour with Great Aunt Deb. First we saw her house in Mexican town then went to lunch with Deb and Eduardo. After lunch Eduardo went home and we Toured Detroit. We Saw Canada on the other side of the river, American cars, Stadiums, and graffiti. We made our way to Heidelberg on the other side of town where we parked the car and walked around. I think I would have really liked running around this great place if it were not for the rain. Every house was dressed up with something different. Some had polka dots all over while others were covered in vacuum cleaners. There was even a tree with shopping carts all over it. What a strange and colorful place. Eventually we went to the airport. I did not want to get on the plane. I was tired and a bit cranky. Mommy made a fatal car seat error right before we got on the plane. She decided since we were in the 53rd row that it would be easier to check the car seat rather than carry it all the way to the back of the plane. She took a gamble and lost. I really wanted my seat. I asked for it over and over for nearly an hour before moving on to full on crankiness. It did not help that the flight attendant was cranky as well. Mommy was not happy with her either. It all started when mommy and I were minding our own business, just playing in the restrooms next to our seats. It was very fun running back and forth from one toilet to another flushing them. After a few minutes the mean lady came back with a big cart and told us to go sit down and buckle up for some turbulence. Mommy said Ok but her cart was blocking us. Again the lady told us, now in a stern voice, get to your seat and get that child buckled up. Mommy said Ok and moved aside for the lady and her cart to pass. When the lady told us a third time to sit down and buckle up, her cart still in the way, mommy said, in a voice as polite as she is capable of while irritated, if you would move your cart we would be happy to sit down and buckle up. We got a dirty look as she backed up to let us pass. Mommy took me right to my seat but I did not want buckles. The mean lady came back again to yell at mommy. She told her to get me buckled up right now. Mommy said she was and that it would just take a second. I was arching my back and screaming that it hurt and that I wanted to sit on mommy's lap. The mean lady turned to me this time saying young lady, do you see this light. She was pointing to the ceiling at a seatbelt sign. When the seat belt light is on you have to wear your belt. She continued on and on until mommy said do you really think a 2 year old gives two rips about your light? The lady walked away and we did not have any more trouble with her until the last round of beverages. Mommy asked her if she had any milk. Her reply was I don't know and walked away. Mommy thought that she would come back with milk or to tell us they were out. 45 minutes went by and mommy asked another lady who very nicely said of course and went and got us some right away. When we were not dealing with mean lady I had to deal with passenger after passenger bumping into me as they passed by. I felt like a broken record telling each and every one of them “don't touch me”! Every time I said it mommy tried to make me sit in my own seat, and every time I started to cry so she let me back up on her lap. Sometime around 2AM, Michigan time, we landed and daddy took us home. It was nice to sleep in my own bed with all my blankets.

30: Big Girl , Big Adventures. 6/12/10 Except for the small detail of still peeing in a diaper I am officially a big girl now. One month and 3 day ago mommy and I finished painting my new big girl bed and moved it into my room. I have slept in there ever since. Mostly. There have been a few minor setbacks. It seems that in addition to the “red Birds” that visited me nightly in my crib there is now an infestation of bugs. It is a very strange situation. The bugs only appeared during naps and in the middle of the night. For that reason I now have to sleep with the door open and my light on all night. We were all getting very frustrated. Especially between two and four AM when the bugs usually appear. Both Mommy and Daddy did their best to assure me there were no bugs in my bed. I still don't know how they were able to make such promises seeing as most of the time I don't think they could even see them. On Wednesday mommy was fed up. We went to target to get all the necessary supplies to vanquish the bugs for good then went straight home to get to work. First we had to take all the sheets and covers off the bed. Mommy just threw them out in the hallway and said “GOOD BYE BUGS!” Next we put the mattress into a plastic bag. This was the special bug repeller. Bugs do not like white plastic mommy said. Once they find out about it they go somewhere else. As an added precaution, mommy put on a special mattress protector. This repels as well as catches my pee if I have an accident or take all my clothes off in some sort of random protest. Taking all my clothes off seems to be my first line of defense these days when I am not getting my way. Finally mommy put on my new sheets. I wanted poka dot. I even put poka dot sheets in the cart myself yet somehow when we got home they were gone and mommy's choice was in the bag. Green. Oh well. Whatever we did that day it worked, I have not seen a single bug in three nights. I did see some “RED BIRDS” but they do not scare me anymore. There have been a lot of new adventures this past month in addition to my big girl bed. Mommy and I went ice skating for the first time. I was pretty good but mommy got tired really quick. Next time I want daddy to come. He just smiles and changes the subject when I ask. Not sure but I think there may be something he is not telling me. I also have a few saying mommy and daddy think are funny. If you ask me where daddy sleeps I say” In his big girl bed”. Daddy says he sleeps in a big boy bed. I like my answer better. On a different day I was trying to tell mommy that daddy and I were outside smoking the bowls. Over and over mommy said, you and daddy were doing what? Smoking the bowls I repeated every time. A few minutes later daddy came in and told mommy the exact same thing I told her. He said we were in the front yard smoking out the MOLES. Silly mommy, I think she just needs to clean out her ears. I also started getting an allowance this month. I used to get 50 cents a day until mommy did the math. Now I get only 25 cents a day. After the first week mommy took me to our favorite store. Target. I picked out a marker and paper project and water balloons as my very first purchase. I think I could really get the hang of this shopping thing. Earlier this month I did a little experimentation. For 5 days BAMA had me thinking I was a democrat. She was so proud that she taught me to say “I’m a democrat” As you can imagine, mommy and daddy were shocked at first. As parents, they have to be prepared for their children to make choices they don't understand or agree with. Why us they thought. This was the kind of thing that happened to other people. Eventually they came around. Mommy and daddy sat me down and explained to me that they would love me no matter what. Then they explained to me what it meant to be a Democrat. Now when asked I shout “NO! I’m scared of Democrats. I’m a republican.” I even got to go help Daddy at a Republican Rally for his friend running for Congress this year. I am going to be in a few parades with him proudly wearing American flag outfit. Sorry BAMA I still love you, no matter what.

35: GG Virginia Came to town

36: There's no place like home. 7/24/10 Mom and dad recently subjected me to a family vacation. No one consulted me. If they had I would have told them no thank you. Forgetting the car seat really set the tone for the entire trip. Our vacation started with some stranger taking my stroller and blanket away from me to scan at security. I had to take my shoes off then I had to put my shoes back on. I eventually got my blanket back but it was too late, I was officially pissed off. When we got on the plane I did not like where we were sitting, I wanted my car seat, I was not happy with the activities provided, I leaked out of my diaper and soaked through my pants and shirt, and that was all in the first hour. From there it just went down hill. I spent the rest of the flight telling everyone on the plane that I did not want to go to Hawaii, kicking mommy and daddy, pulling hair, poking eyes, and crying when I was told to be quite. After landing we rented a car that I did not like and went to wal-mart to buy a car seat that I did not like. I made sure to protest every single time we went anywhere in that car. At the hotel there was only one good part. the lagoon "GOON". So much water in Hawaii and only the Goon was suitable for swimming. There was swimming pool that I like until I convinced myself there were animals in it. Mommy kept reassuring me that they were just pictures on the bottom but I could not be convinced. There were definitely animals in the pool. The Beach and Ocean were definitely off limits in both Kauai and Maui. They were very scary. More sand and buckets than I have ever seen, completely ruined by all those loud crashing waves. I also had some bedding issues. You would think that at a hotel as nice as the Hyatt you could get a good nights sleep. Instead housekeeping left frogs and bears in our room. Mommy got rid of the animals but still had to sing a "there are no animals in Hawaii" song every night. Every day we went somewhere, and always in that car I didn't like. We went to a canyon that I did not like so I had a little tantrum. On another day we went to see a cave. I did not like this either. At first it looked promising. There was a frozen treats truck and daddy said I could have ice-cream. when it was our turn to order they told me they did not have ice-cream. I was offered shaved ice and responded by crouching down and screaming as loud and long as I could. Daddy ran away pretending he did not know us. Mommy swept me up under her arms and said nothing. Instead she just squeezed me around the belly every time I let out a scream. This was very frustrating and forced me to add in kicking and hitting. Once we got to the cave she let me go and ran away from me just like daddy. The cave was scary and mommy told me to pull it together if I wanted to hold hands. Topping off the list of things I did not like in Hawaii are Bananas, puka dogs, pizza, sharks, dolphins, the man holding parrots, dinner, the store, walking, riding, holding hands, not holding hands, daddy, quiet time, room temp water ,naps, the color of our car, airplanes, the ocean, sleeping, being awake, stink, baths, mommy, cameras, other kids, strollers, shopping, sight seeing, blow holes, pretty views, and much much more . My likes list was much shorter. Flowers on the ground. Always in search of the "perfect flower"' telling perfect strangers that after Hawaii NO MORE DIAPERS, Sleeping with mommy even though she continued to sleep perpendicular to me. I constantly kicked her in the tommy but she insisted on sleeping the long way while I preferred the short way, I absolutely had to have ice cold water. If it did not come from a cooler of ice, I was furious. Goldfish crackers, cookies, ice cream, and leaving. Maui was a little better. The pool there also had animals in it but they were not scary. The beach was scary and I did not like the car. We did get to stop and play at the black sand beach which I liked on the road to Hana. The last night I got to see Hawaiian princesses at a Luau. I got to dance up on the stage. Once with other kids and two other times I ran up there with the princesses before mommy could get me. I got to dance and spin all night. The last day was by far my best day. On the shuttle ride from the car rental place to the airport I announced to mommy that I was happy now, and I was. I was happy the whole ride home and have been ever since. It's good to be home and we all agree that Emmy is best left at home on family vacations. At least to Hawaii.

42: Always a Flower Girl, never again! 8/10/10 Being a flower girl was not all it was cracked up to be. For months mommy had my beautiful princess flower girl dress hanging in the entry way for all to see, but not touch. Mommy kept telling me I was going to be a princess flower girl in Uncle Trin's Wedding. I had no idea what this meant but was eager to wear the dress. Friday my day had finally arrived, so I thought. Papa, Bama, mama, and I all piled in the car and went for a long drive up north to meet daddy for "flower practice" I was sure this is what I had been waiting for. I was on my very best behavior. Happy, compliant, and excited for my big day. I was finally going to be a princess flower girl. I was a bit surprised that in addition to not wearing my princess flower girl dress, there were also no flowers. It didn't matter. This was my big day and I was going to shine. Mommy's camera was out, and everyone was excited, so this had to be it. Soon it was all over. I was told I did such a great job. Mommy and daddy went in one car and I went with the grandparents back home. The next morning I was feeling very good about myself and relieved to have fulfilled my commitment when mommy asked me if I was excited to be a flower girl tomorrow. Was mommy crazy? Was this Ground hogs day? Wasn't I just a flower girl yesterday? I tried to forget about it but everyone kept bringing it up. Sunday morning grandma kept talking about how much fun it will be to dress up and be a flower girl today. Turns out Flower girl practice is different than a wedding. I was going to have to do the whole thing all over again. This time with a bath, fancy hair, a dress and sandals. I did not want to do it again. I wanted to go in the hot tub or go to the park. I told mommy that I did not want to be a flower girl all morning. Mommy just kept repeating "I know". I got even more upset when I saw mommy start loading up the car. First our dresses, then snacks, then a bag full of toys. A bag of toys meant I was going to be in need of entertainment and it was going to be a long day. I was so determined to not be in a wedding today I screamed all the way there. I quickly realized that "practice" was much better than a wedding. At "practice" you get to wear comfy pants and are done in 30 minutes. For a wedding you have to watch people get all dressed up for hours. Then you have to get dressed up and have your hair done. Still enraged about having to change into my fancy dress I secretly stripped my hair of the flower clip and flung it in to a tree as we passed under it. You should have seen mommy running around like maniac looking for it. Still pissed and still wanting to go home I cried through the majority of the pictures. Eventually we all went back inside to line up. I was feeling a bit better now. Mommy got some grapes and juice in me and I was ready to assume my role as princess flower girl along with two other junior princesses. They were older but this was my day, I was head Flower girl at this wedding. Just as everyone started walking I whispered to the brides maids "this is my moment, lets go". I took my job very seriously as we walked down the isle. I carefully sprinkled the flower petals one by one all the way up to the front where we stood very still in a line looking back at all the guests. Then everyone stood up to watch Kim walk down. I was doing great. I could see mommy. Daddy was not to far away and both grandmas and grandpas were out there too. As soon as Kim reached the front I realized I had not completed my mission, I still had petals in my basket. I panicked at first. I looked at mommy and cried just a little. She smiled back giving me the courage to do what I knew needed to be done. I could not let Kim down. She gave me a basket full of flower petals to sprinkle in the isle and I was going to finish. I had to walk over her dress just a little to get behind her, but once in position I was able to carefully take my time, making every petal hit the ground. When I was finished I saw no reason to get back in line. I ran back down the isle to sit with mommy. You did such a great Job Mommy said. She also said now you are done. I remember hearing her say this because I was so happy. Great I thought, now I can go home. Mommy lied. I was not done. We were told we needed more pictures, then it never happened. Again mommy told me all done. Then we were told not to leave, Kim wanted even more pictures. I was getting very cranky. All I wanted to do was go home. I tried spinning on the dance floor to take my mind off what I really wanted to do, which was, go home, but I kept falling down and did not have the energy to get up. I remember crazy boys dancing around me. Finally Daddy stepped in and told Uncle Trin that mommy, grandma and Emerson were going to nut up if they did not take the last picture really soon. Too Late, Hurricane Emerson was upon us. We still took the pictures, but they look very much like my Santa photos. Happy Bride, Screaming Emerson. Seconds later mommy swooped me up and out to the car where finally "I got to go home".

46: Princesses and Paint

47: First trip to the dentist

48: Ring-Ling Brothers

49: Just Grandpa 9/7/10 My last trip to Idaho was all about Grandpa and Emerson. Grandpa spent the whole week doing whatever I wanted. We spent several hours every day in the driveway. Mostly I gathered pine cones and collected rocks to make special bird houses. Grandpa did a great job of not interfering in the creative process. He sat in his chair, encourage me when needed and followed all my instructions. The highlight of the week was when I got to go fishing for the first time. Mommy told me that grandpa wanted to take me to his secret fishing hole. I was so excited. I told mommy that I wanted to go with Just Grandpa. We packed lunches and toys, hopped in the truck and drove way out into the woods to the “secret fishing hole” Papa told me that when you find a fishing hole this big you cannot tell a sole where it is. I took this very seriously. Grandpa's trust in me was tested the very next day in Shavers grocery store when I was telling mommy about all the fish we caught. Another customer overheard and asked where did you find all these fish? I quickly responded with It's a secret. I can't tell you. Everyone agreed that it must be some great fishing hole if you can't tell. Just to rub it in a little I stretched my arms out as far as I could and announced that the fish I caught was “this big”. Even though this was supposed to be Papa's and my special spot, we let Mommy, Cody and Aunt Em go too the next day. Mommy said that we could do some more fishing in Seattle but I don't think we will ever be able to find a fishing hold better than the Papa and Emmy secret spot.

52: Remlinger Farms

53: Puyallup Fair

54: Butterfly Princess Wings. 9/18/10 I had such a special mommy and Emmy day. When I got up this morning mommy surprised me with a trip to Ben Franklin craft store. She told me when we got there that we were going to be making Butterfly wings. Butterfly Princess Wings I said? Sure said mommy, butterfly Princess Wings. We quickly gathered all our supplies and went to work. I was very anxious to get started. Mommy was having some trouble with the construction part. The wire we bought was too flimsy so she had to switch to coat hangers. I waited and waited and waited very patiently trying to organize our pretty jewels and accessories, hoping we could start soon. I was happy when mommy finally said OK Em, lets find the spray paint. We went to the garage to paint our wings. After, we had to be very patient again. Mommy let me watch 2 shows while we waited for the paint to dry. The wait was worth it. I got to add all the jewels to my wings using glitter glue and Elmer's. Mommy let me use as much glue as I wanted and put all my jewels exactly where I wanted them. I could tell she really wanted to help. A couple of times she tried to make suggestions. I shot her right down. These were my Butterfly Princess Wings and I wanted them to be just right. Mommy got to bend the hangers and tie the panty hoes. I had waited long enough. The Glue and jewels were all mine. While I worked mommy made me an antenna headband with a feather boa and tied some ribbon to the wings. It looks fantastic. Absolutely perfect, except that mommy forgot the elastic to keep it on. We will have to go back to the store before I can wear it. Such a fun day.

56: Bowling

57: Whidbey Island Kite flying Festival

58: Lights, Camera, Total meltdown! 10/18/10 It began on a Monday. It ended on a Monday. I am referring to my professional modeling career. Last Monday Mommy and Amy took us into the city to a Baby legs spring catalog casting call. If you are unfamiliar with baby legs, they are a Seattle based company that make glorified leg warmers for children. Maddi and Emma went as well. It was a bit awkward in my tight circle of friend when I was the only one called to stardom. Even though my friends looked at me differently now I vowed I would not let fame and a $50 gift certificate to Baby Legs change me. That was day one after finding out I had been called up. Day two the pressure started to hit me. This was huge. The responsibility I was now faced with was heavy. If I succeeded it meant enormous wealth. Mommy could quit her job; hire a full time nanny to take care of both of us. Round the clock housekeepers and gardeners would maintain our 10,000sf mansion and daddy would finally be able to afford to buy Uncle Trinity as his slave. 7 day came and went. This was my big break and I would not disappoint. Mommy did what she could to prepare me. Bath, hair, wardrobe, snacks and a ride, all minuscule compared to perform on demand conditions I had to be prepared for. We got to the shoot on time but the photographer was running late. I hear this is typical in the industry. No respect for the talent. Mommy signed me in and we took our seats. I was nervous at first. There were a lot of talented babies running around. Some were veterans having already been in as many as one other shoot. It was definitely intimidating until I realized I had a huge advantage over the kids who went before me. I had almost 3 hours to study the photographer. I saw every mistake each kid made and was really connecting with the photographer and her style. By the time they called me to wardrobe and hair and makeup I was ready. Cool as a cucumber. Emerson, I heard from across the room, Emerson Heady in the heart socks, we are ready for you. Mommy took me right over to the nice lady behind the camera and said where do you want us? Oh! She said. You are back with Brian. My first thought was what a waste of talent putting me in tiny little socks. Who cares about socks? Second, who the begeesus was Brian? I was about to find out. Mommy and I were directed way down to the other end of the loft. Away from all the windows, pretty sets and nice lady photographer I had been studying all day. Into a dark hallway, thats where I saw Brian and instantly choked. I told mommy I was scared of that man and wanted to go home. Our house was fine and mommy liked waking up at 5AM to go to work. I would happily help her clean the house if we could just leave. Despite my extreme protest I was still shoved onto some white cardboard with stickers. I was told to stand on the stickers and smile. Yeah Right. I screamed. I think all the pressure finally caught up with me and screams of terror were all I could produce. Through the tears I was still able to hear mommy plead with me. “One smile and we can go home sweetie.” All the while she was dancing around like an idiot, pretending to tickle Brian. Did she think this was funny? Had mommy lost her mind? Just then a familiar lady appeared and came armed with Elmo and a singing wand. I was able to pull back the tears and found just enough strength for 10 seconds of red eyed, runny nosed, blotchy faced smiles. I was brilliant. For a minute there I thought the pressure was going to get me, but I totally nailed it.

60: October

62: Thru the roof 10/10/10 Thru the roof pretty much sums up my Halloween party. Setting up for the big day was not as fun as I thought it was going to be. Early in the week before my big party mom got down the big orange box. Only good things could possible come out of such a box. Mommy and I quickly got to work. Before we were able to explore its contents mommy put the big orange box up out of my reach and explained that we would look at it later, a word I heard a lot that day. The first day mommy hung one of two large rolls of black plastic over the deck and the second roll a day later. My job was to go play over there, anywhere over there was acceptable. Not too fun. I wanted to help. I tried climbing the ladder but mommy shooed me away. I tried to use the staple gun but mommy took it away. I did manage to duct tape all the door knobs when mommy was preoccupied. Finally it was big orange box time. Now I was needed. Mommy called me over to help. Inside we pulled out bags of spider webs, sheets, lights, and funny clothes. First we strung spider webs all over the plants and trellis. Next we had to wheel in all the straw bales. Then mommy went into the attic look for anything that could work as our ghost heads. Mommy was so excited when she saw the soccer balls that she did not pay attention to where she was stepping. The attic floor was made of dry wall and trusses. The dry wall was thick, don't get me wrong, but mommy was thicker. One wrong step and she came crashing through bottom first, and landed on the freezer exposing a new skylight into the attic. After that we took a little break then finished setting up. Mommy was but determined. Finally it was party day. We had made so much food I did not know where to start. I was really proud of my cheese spiders. Mommy made her spiders with 4 legs on each side but mind had at least 28 legs and not just on the sides. It looked fantastic. Just as we got all the food out and games set up our guests started arriving. And so did the rain. Fortunately everyone came at the same time and we were able to get outside for pictures and pin the tail on the cat before the torrential down pour and wind emptied gallons of water thru the tarp roof, eventually taking it out completely. Mr. Pumpkin head and fishing for spiders was moved inside with the crafts. I had already finished my craft and made a Mr. Pumpkin head. Now it was time to eat. With very little supervision I had Carte Blanche and took advantage of a huge spread of food, all within reach. Apparently I had completely skipped over the sugar high and went straight to sugar crash. Daddy found me nearly passed out on the floor in the laundry room clenching for dear life to a sucker, completely unresponsive. (Like father, like daughter) A few hours later I was back on my feet and there were two of us left standing, me and Lyla. It was my first sleep over and the highlight of the evening. Mommy let us pick out our own PJ’s. I wore pink and Lyla choose blue. We had so much fun running thru the house working off the sugar. We made at least 150 drawings that we got to hang on the wall in the living room, and best of all, we got to sleep in the same room. So I thought. Mommy said it was night night time and I was ready. We both got tucked in. Both got to hear a story, both got kisses. Same as every night, just times two. Lyla had her own plans and they did not include falling asleep. Instead she decided to bother me. I was just trying to go to sleep like mommy said, like I always do. I know how hard mommy works and I try to do my part by always going to bed on time without protest. Lyla was determined to blemish my perfect record. She kept trying to touch me. I tried to ignore it but after 3 seconds of this torture I had no choice. I had to scream. Lyla was violating our sacred family quiet after 9PM rule and I was not going to take this lying down. Daddy came up to mediate but as soon as Lyla heard his voice she dropped down and pretended to be a sleep. Daddy scolded me. As soon as Daddy was back down stairs again Lyla was up and trying to touch me again. Again I screamed, daddy came up, Lyla hit the pillow, and I got scolded. The third time though Daddy was waiting outside the door watching. Daddy caught Lyla just as she was about to touch me and told her to go to bed and stop touching Emerson. He used his serious voice so she had to take him seriously. We were both asleep by 9:30. Overall I am a fan of late night play dates, but if Lyla wants to stay over again she will have to sleep in another room.

66: Let's make them Happy 10/28/10 Dressed as Wonder Woman again Mommy and I hopped in the car and headed to Marrionwood to meet some friends. I did not know what this place was and had lots of questions. Is this a party I asked? No mommy said. Is it my Birthday? No again. I was very excited to find out that we were going to a place with lots of Grandmas and Grandpas. Mommy explained to me that some of the “residents” she called them, would be in beds, some in wheel chairs, some walking around, but that all of them were very excited to see me and my friends. Mommy also told me that we would be giving everyone a pumpkin we had decorated and to tell them Happy Halloween. And give them a hug, I asked? Sure mommy said. If you want to, that would make them very happy. When we got there a very nice lady came to greet us. She led us down the halls like we were in a parade stopping at different bedroom doors to greet all the grandmas and grandpas. The very first resident was a grandma. I went right up to her and handed over a pumpkin. I forgot to say Happy Halloween but I did give her one of my very best long squeezes. Door after door, one grandma and grandpa after another I worked my way through the entire nursing home hugging each and every one of them and giving out pumpkins. Somewhere in the middle we came across a room where there were a lot of residents sitting in the same room. There was one especially neat lady there with golden Mouse ears on. Her name was Ginny Tyler a Seattle native. Later we found out that she is a pretty big deal, getting her start as Head Mousketeere in 1962’s Mickey Mouse club. Grandma Bussolini verified. I thought she was so nice and she gave great hugs as well. On the way home I asked mommy, do you think we made them happy? Mommy said yes! I think you made them very happy.

68: Trick Or Treat

74: Kidz Bounce

76: I'm Not done trick or treating, my bag is not heavy yet Why did Sean Coneroy cross the road? to get to his mommy. There are bugs in my PJ's Let's go home Lets put it on a credit card That's so cute, lets buy it it's only $2, lets buy it my kitty is such a cutie pie I just want to wear comfy clothes I'm scared of that man The Dr. looked in my mommy Please don't push me down the stairs I don't want to take a bath when our friends are sad we should give them bandaid I need a bandaid thats not safe I don't like the ut oh song ca ca ca Parrot don't eat my food this is my moment(flower girl at Trins wedding) I want a pink donut with pink sprinkles and pink frosting I can only poop at home I don't need undies today If I give you a hug can I have a cookie

77: Let's snuggle When Papa and Bama get here will they want to look at me All my friends are my best friends Stickers only go on paper Someones pooping someones hungry Actually I want to go ice skating with Daddy I need some privacy I am a princess I will sit with Santa but i will not smile Christmas is when Jesus was born and we get to open Christmas trees Lyla, do you want to smell my feet? I never never never kiss frogs My kitty is in timeout Better Pack a roadie Don't freak out mama, just relax When mommy says NO we get very sad. I'm a Pretty girl, I'm A Happy Girl, I'm a Smart Girl, and I Try Hard. After I'm done going potty, you can wipe my bottom My kitty is such a little monster

78: Ocean Shores Clam Dig

82: Princess Birthday Preparation

85: Princess Emerson Lyla and Evan celebrate together

87: Ut Oh!! The towers fell down before we could blow out the candles. The mommies fixed it though

88: Pin a Kiss on the Frog

90: Happy Birthday to me Nov. 24th I Turned Three

91: I love presents

92: 20 Degrees outside. Let's get Ice Cream

93: Best Friends Lyla, Emerson, Evan

96: First Ski Lesson

97: Second Ski Lesson

98: Dear Emerson Your Great Great Aunt Francis made a comment to me right after meeting you for the first time that I often think about. She told me that she could read Auras. At first I thought this was just a bit kooky, but then she told me she saw in you grace, poise and beauty that as an adult other women would respect and admire. You are only three and already I can see how right she was. It has been amazing seeing your personality and character grow. Seeing your Daddy’s passion for music and dance and my creative side showing up in your little body is so exciting. For me the best part has been watching you develop the most wonderful parts, those parts of you that are Just Emerson. So little and already your heart overflows. You are generous with friends. Sharing comes easy, and the compassion you show for others when you see that they are hurt or sad gives me such pride. Shy at time, you are also very brave. Your courage and kind heart have never been more apparent than the day we all went trick or treating at Marionwood, an assisted living facility. Sharing your handmade cards and sweet hugs with each and every resident lifted me up as much as it did for them. It take some people a lifetime to understand how important it is to share yourself and your time. I knew in the car ride home that at only three years old when you asked me “do you think we made them happy” that you already got it. I cannot wait to spend the next year going on more adventures with you, and maybe when you turn four I will start seeing a bit more of you showing up in myself. Thank you for being you. I already respect and admire your grace, poise and beauty. Love Mommy.

99: My ode to year three My little princess turns three in a couple days. A fresh blanket of snow is outside, but you don't mind, jumping naked into the hot tub with daddy with a “couple cups” and a smile asking me to mold you a hundred snowballs to melt as you dip them in the hot water. I am contently amazed by the perspective you can have on things at such a young age. Your bright smile, your curly hair, and your kind soul are a few of the wonderful things I will always remember. Jumping on daddy in the morning, telling me to get my “lazy bones” up isn't something I enjoy at the time, but will grow to miss. You've had a great year of exploring boundaries, testing mommy's patience, and learning about the world around you. Having mom work early in the morning for a couple months this year taught daddy a valuable lesson.don't send you downstairs by yourself. Things tend to get broken, written on, or a million stickers find their way onto different items. Dropping you off at preschool was a breeze though; you are quite the art project fiend. We've had a lot of good times at daddy's office playing with Melanie as I try to get some work done. I have finally convinced you that you want to be a financial planner when you grow up. However, I will remember one thing most of all, and that is the fact that I always want to hurry home for that big hug and to hear that squeaky little voice yell “Daddy's home!” Love Daddy

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