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Emerson year two

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S: Emerson Marie Heady The Second Year

BC: Another amazing year

FC: Emerson Marie Heady The Second Year | By Katie Heady

1: Emerson Marie Heady Age One 21 pounds 5 oz 31.5 inches Age Two 27 pounds 35 inches

2: Santa better stay the hell away from my chimney 12/04/2008 Today was a very bad day. Being one started out just fine. I had a huge party with friends, cake and presents. How sad that year 2 peaked on day one. It has been all downhill ever since. I kicked off day 2 of being one with 4 shots, 2 in each leg. I do not remember them being so painful in the past. The nurse was a bit rough on me so we will blame her. I recovered quickly and took a 4 hour nap. I also found out that I am getting two new teeth. Molars on the bottom. These are quite painful and are taking a very long time to poke through. Even Tylenol is useless. Unlike in the past when I have gotten new teeth, I am sleeping very well. 13 hours a night and usually 2 long naps during the day. While I am awake however I am extremely unhappy. This all started when I turned one. None of this compares to what mommy intentionally put me through today. It was premeditated child abuse. We kicked off the morning by getting up early and rushing through breakfast. Daddy and I started to eat together. Everything was going just fine. Then mommy took over. Normally I like to eat with mommy. We take our time and have little talks. There were no pleasantries today. Even my blueberries that I love so much and rarely get were taken away from me early. Then mommy tried to wash the blue off my face. I choose not to cooperate so it was not working. Mommy pulled me away from the table, stripped me down and handed me over to daddy in the shower. This was not a fun shower at all. Daddy had the water too hot. Then he let the water hit me right in the face. I was screaming and reaching for mommy to take me back. Now I was willing to let mommy wash my face. It was too late. Mommy had decided a shower was the only way. Thankfully it was over quickly. I was happy to be out. At least on shower or bath day I get to run in the buck for a few min. I feel so free when I am naked. Not today. Today mommy and I went straight to the closet and mommy did the unthinkable. She grabbed that awful dress and tights that Grandma Bussolini forced me into last week. I struggled to escape. I screamed in protest. Mommy seemed unfazed. She was determined and efficient. Before I knew it I was dressed and in the car with my friend Sara and her mommy. When we parked I knew exactly where we were, the mall. Mommy takes me here a lot. I love the mall because I get to share a pretzel and smoothie with mom. The day was definitely looking up. It was so pretty with all the lights and ribbons. There was a choir singing Christmas songs and a huge decorated tree right in the middle. The mommies took us right up to the tree. It was fun. We stood there for a long time looking at it. My teeth were still bothering me but I loved all the pretty lights.

3: This is where my day went horribly, horribly wrong. Inside the tree was a terrible man dressed all in red with lots of hair that looked like it was going to reach out and grab me. He was just sitting there in a huge green chair, reaching out for me. I grabbed mommy as tight as I could, letting her know this was not a safe place. Naturally I assumed mommy was going to get me the heck out of there. Instead she tried to hand be over. For the love of god, what was she thinking? I think she may have actually gone through with it except that she saw my entire body and fingers begin to tremble. It was just like Nasdaq when he sees the ball but is not allowed to chase it. I was shaking from head to toe. I could not believe what was happening. Mommy kept walking closer. I did not know what to do. I screamed and she kept moving closer. I tried to jump ship and she held me tighter. Then she did the unthinkable. She sat down next to this monster, in the chair with him, laughed at me and let complete strangers take pictures of the whole thing. As we left I tried to warn all the other babies who like me just 5 min earlier thought they were only in line to look at the lights. Poor unsuspecting innocent little babies. They had no idea. I heard the screams as we left the mall. Santa Clause was going to sit there all day terrifying small children and no one was going to do anything about it. We made it home safely. I got out of the dress which now hold two terrible memories for me and took a long nap. That concluded my horrible day. I hope. Emerson.

4: First of three visits to see Santa in one week | Redmond Town Center with Sara Donovan 2008

5: Second visit to see Santa. This time with Lyla and Evan

6: City Drivers, No Survivors! 12/18/2008 This past week has been particularly stressful for the driving citizens of the Pacific Northwest. Last week several mommies all had a bee in their bonnets when they heard news of a great snow storm scheduled to hit Seattle. Others, Like Mama Sara were very excited. Every day the weather man warned us of a mega storm that was supposed to be coming on Monday night. Sunday we went to bed very excited. It was going to be my first time playing in the snow. I had a new snow suit, hat and gloves. We woke up to a very disappointing inch. Not even worth getting all dressed up for. Wobbler's class was canceled due to the weather. Instead we ran errands all day and I screamed in the car. It was a personal record. (2 solid hours of screaming.) That should teach mommy to not leave the house without MY children's music. Safely back home we were watching the news. Apparently this was not the big storm. We were going to have a much larger storm that would start that night. Once again we got all our snow gear ready, went to bed and woke up disappointed. No more snow. I am not sure how much they are paying Steve Pool, the weather man, over at King 5 but it is too much. Again we listened to him Tuesday night as he told us that this time it was really it. He was so sure and so convincing that king county decided to cancel all schools for Wednesday in anticipation of the impending blizzard that was going to be upon us by midnight. For a third day we woke with such excitement only to find that once again there was in fact no snow. Wrong again Steve. Now these snow threats were really messing up my day. It was ok when Wobblers class was canceled for the pretend snow storm. Now Musik class was axed and still we had no snow. By noon we were promised snow. Then no snow. Finally around midnight Wednesday we started to see some flakes. At least mommy and daddy did. I was fast asleep dreaming about what fun would be canceled tomorrow due to an imaginary storm. I woke up extremely delight to see that the snow finally arrived. And a lot of it.

7: Mommy woke daddy up and told him that she was going to have to give him a ride to work. Daddy saved 30 dollars a month on a rear wheel drive car , over an all wheel one and cannot drive in conditions any worse that a strong rain. We took him to work and came home. I took a short nap then we got all bundled up and went out to play in the snow. From my point of view it was less play and more another opportunity for mommy to take silly pictures of me. I do not like to wear gloves and hate my hat. Once I got both off I realized how cold snow is and that I also do not like that either. Nasdaq and Havoc really love the snow though. They were crazy. I think I will have more fun in Idaho in the snow with Rudy pulling me in my sled. We are going to leave in the morning if Uncle Trinity does not have to work. Maybe I will break Mondays record of hours of continues crying in the car.

8: My Christmas Vacation 12/29/2008 Part 1 (THE DRIVE THERE) Mommy Daddy and I had a very exciting week in Idaho. It was questionable though as to when we were going to get there. Thursday night Uncle Trinity said he had Friday off so we decided to hit the road a day early. Daddy came down with the Flu and almost ruined the plan. Friday, departure day, mommy pulled the Birthday card. She told daddy that it was her Birthday and he had to get in the car. On your Birthday everyone has to do what you tell them. Mommy made him a nice bed in the back of the car. He got to sleep with Nasdaq and Havoc the whole way. I was so jealous. I love the puppies and I hate my car seat. Daddy looked so comfy curled up with Nasdaq on top of him to keep him warm. The roads were very slick but we arrived safe and sound in Mccall at 2 AM just 11 hour later. That night Mommy and I had a few hours in the middle of the night of quality time. I think mommy wanted me to go to sleep, but Grandma had a whole closet full of stuffed animals I had never seen before. I could not be expected to sleep until I had investigated each and every one. Around 4 AM I finally caved to mommy's demands and slept till 8 AM. Part 2 (THE POINTING GAME) I remembered Grandma and Grandpas house. New in the corner was a Christmas Tree. It was the most beautiful tree I had ever seen. I am pretty sure it was there just for me. I had seen a few of these at my friends houses. I was never allowed to get as close to those trees as I was to grandmas. After immediately discovering the tree, most of my time was spent in the arms of grownups playing my new favorite game. Point and Learn. Here is how it works. I make my way over to the tree and start to remove the toys dangling from its branches. Quickly an adult comes over and picks me up. Next I point to something on the tree and the adult tells me what it is. This was very fun for me and occupied nearly 75% of my waking hours. It was fun for the adults as well. They all took turns. They practically stood in line for their turn to lean me in close to the tree past all the gifts so the pointing and describing could begin. When I wasn't pointing at the tree I was doing my best to get into an adult's arms so I could point to anything else around me. Both Grandma and Grandpa were suckers. All I had to do is smile and reach up to them. It worked every time.

9: Part 3 (SLEDDING) I did manage to get a few more hours out in the snow. Idaho snow is way more fun than Washington snow. Grandpas Berneese mountain dog, Rudy, had a fancy harness for pulling me in my new sled. It was very fun for about half way around the block. I am a little too adventurous for just sitting there. I decided I was going to have to stand to get the full effect. Mommy helped me for a little while. She grabbed my hood while I stood, keeping me steady. Grandma kept insisting that I needed a blanket on. This resulted in me continually be sat back down and covered up. Eventually I decided I had to abandoned sled. I rolled out, white washed my face, and the ride was over. Mommy carried me the rest of the way. We tried it again a few days later and made it out of the driveway before I made my big escape. I heard Grandma say next month when I visit they were going to strap me in with rope or a belt. This does not sound like a fun time to me. I hope that next year I get more gifts that do not require tying me down in restraints like a mental patient.

10: Part 4 (CHRISTMAS) Mommy had been talking about Christmas Eve all week and how exciting it would be. She said we would be getting new toys from Santa. The day started out with playing in the snow and taking family photos followed by a very long nap. When I woke up I saw that everyone was here. Mommy, daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Em, Nick, and all 5 puppies. (Rudy, Havoc, Nasdaq, Resha, and Shera). I got right in my highchair for several firsts. I got to try Beanie Weenies, both in sauce and in a roll. I also tried deviled eggs. Soon after eating we began to open all the gifts under the tree that had previously kept me from gaining full access to the wonderful ornaments by myself. The faster they opened, the better I was thinking. Now I could really get at the lights I had been eyeballing all week. Everyone was having such a great time. I was not sure what the big deal was. As far as I could tell they were just creating a huge mess on the floor, making it harder for me to get around. I did finally get a few great gifts. I got a huge stuffed dog. I thought this was going to be great. At last my own puppy that won't knock me over. Unfortunately Shera fell in love with it and I had to wait till the next day to get my turn. With all the action I went to bed pretty early that night. I needed to rest up for the long ride home in a few days. Part 5 (THE RIDE HOME) Friday night Uncle Trinity came back to ride home with us. He spent the night and we got an early start in the morning. We were making great time right out of the driveway. We made it out of the subdivision and almost to the highway and then right into a snow bank. Daddy was looking back to see how cute I was and nearly buried the car in a pile of snow. It took almost an hour to get us free. Mommy tried to make daddy ride in the back. She said he lost his turn to drive. Daddy was not going to give in though and eventually won the battle. Way to go daddy. Mommy does not usually back down. Back on the road daddy said what must have happened is an angel gently guided the car into the snow bank to protect us from danger up ahead. Mommy quickly commented back that is was more likely that the angel was trying to humble daddy for bragging about his superior driving ability. Daddy disagreed. Trinity kept quiet. We had a very smooth ride the rest of the way home with the exception of a white out on White bird. I learned that it is never a good idea to park your car in the middle of the highway with zero visibility. We almost rear ended a scared driver who did just that. We made it home in 11 hours to find we still had about 8 inches of snow. I was very happy to sleep in my own bed. It was so comfortable I had my first 13 hour night in over a week. We are all settle back in now and look forward to seeing all our friends.

14: Everything I poop wipes off me and sticks to you 01/08/2009 Today I got even with mommy for all the hours we have been spending getting in and out of the car looking at houses with Dena. 4 whole days without playing with any friends can really get to a baby. All we did was go from one empty house to another. Today I reached my limit. I had to let mommy know I was through with all this “crap”. What a better way to drive home my point that a sneak poop attack. When done properly it can be very effective at redirecting the days events. Today I hit the nail on the head. Opportunity was knocking loud and clear. It could not have played out more perfectly if I have months to plan. Mommy rushed me into the changing table after a long day in the car. I happened to smell pretty bad. I knew I would be able to catch her off guard when I saw that she herself was doing the pee pee dance. Rookie mistake. She should have known better. Always change the baby second. Mommy got my pants off in a hurry, opened the package to see what she was dealing with. Then as she was looking around for diaper wipes I made my move. Just as she leaned into the pack n play to reach for the wipes, I reached down fast as lightening, and captured the dirty diaper. In all the excitement it landed to the side of my head. Desperately trying to get a better look at my treasure I twisted my head back and forth. Mommy let out a horrifying nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It was too late though. I had poopie smeared across my face and stuck in my ear. Quickly mommy grabbed the wipes. This is where I got very lucky. I have to thank daddy for once again leaving the wipes lid open all night. Mommy grabbed the first wipe only to find that the top half was totally dried out. She went to grab another and found out that there was only the two left. She grabbed the wet one and spread it out as wide as she could across her free hand and swiped my butt, all the while holding me in place with her forearms. Next she went for the half dry wipe and got my face and ear cleared out. She manages to get a new diaper on me and find a fresh pack of wipes.

15: After getting herself, the changing table and the rest of my face cleaned off better she started laughing. Failure! This was supposed to break mommy. Why was she laughing? I had gone this far and had one more ace up the sleeve. I would get mommy to throw in the towel. As she picked me up I strategically turned my head, brushing it up against mommy's face, finally revealing the 3 dingle berries smashed into my curls that mommy had missed during her initial inspection. Now mommy had poopie smeared all over her face. Mommy was no longer laughing. Mommy was grossed out. She put me back on the table and fished as much of the poop from my hair with her fingers, cleaned her face then dropped me in the tub for my second bath of the day. After getting my hair washed 3 times I decided to rethink this line of retaliation in the future. I really had to commit to the task and it got a too messy and too stinky. It was totally worth it to see mommy have to cancel her afternoon plans to take showers and baths but I will never do this ever again. My poop really stinks and I am still not sure if mommy ever got to go potty. Updates. Very little to update on. I am getting much better at using my dinner fork. I have on several occasions stabbed to desired morsel and made it into my mouth. I am not consistent yet but getting there. The spoon? Forget about it. I toss that the instant I see it. I love puzzles and I can stack blocks by myself and have been doing so for quite some time. New fun in the bathroom is teeth brushing time. I love to brush at the same time as mommy and can do it all by myself. I look like I am having so much fun that mommy always want to take a turn on my chompers as well. Sometimes I let her but most days the fun ends when mom takes over. So far I have not said a single word. Every now and then I tease with sounds that are almost the start of a word. Mommy and daddy get very excited and try desperately to get me to repeat. Mommy is getting frustrated but daddy thinks he will be very outnumbered as soon as there is another talking female in the house. I am just having too much fun leading them on to actually start talking. Maybe next month.

16: Splish Splash Nasdaq and I were taking a bath. 01/20/2009 Today was the best day ever. It did not start out that way though. I woke up, still sick! It has officially been a week now. I have had to miss Musik Nest, and I was really bummed to miss out on family day at wobbler's. All I have gotten to do the past few days is play with mom in the living room. My dramatic body slams into the front door in an attempt to get mom to take me outside to play went completely unnoticed. Highlight until tonight have been pulling out all the wet wipes and scattering them all around before mommy can catch me. Even better is putting as many toys in the toilet as I possibly can. For those considering putting your own toys in the toilet, I must warn you. It is quite a rush running back and forth from the toy box to the John selecting the perfect items, never knowing when mommy will appear and end the entire operation. I have found that stuffed animals work best for getting into those hard to reach places, but shoes fill quickly with water and sink down to the bottom of the bowl in to the narrow tunnel. If your mommy is like mine, when she finds out what you have done she will be very upset. It is as equally frustrating for mommies to find toys in the toilet as it is exciting for babies to put them there. Especially when they have to reach their arm all the way in the bowl to fish out little shoes. This afternoon this very scenario played out. I had the toilet completely full when I mommy came around the corner. Game over!! I was busted!! It was after ringing out all my toys and giving then a good washing that mommy decided it was time for a little fun. This is when the greatest game ever invented came to be. I call it, taking a bath with Nasdaq. Bath day is usually a huge highlight, but adding Nasdaq into the tub took bathing to a whole new level.

17: Nas was not as excited about his participation as mommy and I were. Mommy tricked him by throwing a ball into the tub with me. He could not resist. One graceful leap and a small title wave were were both tubing together. Nas tried to get out but mommy said no. First I splashed and Nasdaq tried to catch the water with his mouth. Then I tried to catch the water with my mouth. Mommy said no though. Something about dog bath water being for playing not drinking. That was ok because we quickly discovered that if I used Nasdaq's tail as a rope to pull myself up he would turn around real fast swooshing me across the tub just like like a water park. I think Nas actually enjoyed this part of the bath because he would give me kisses every time I let go. Making sure I was OK Eventually he decided to lay down with me and get washed. This part I normally hate. Once the soap comes out I try to slip over the edge. Not today though. both Nas and I got to have our hair shampooed. I even got to help mommy scrub all of the fur. Both Nasdaq and I got very upset at the rinsing stage though. I did my best to let mom know I was not pleased by screaming. She eventually excused me from the tub and set me free. I thought about taking my bare buns straight in to the bedroom where it was safe. Instead I decided to stick around and watch mommy finish rinsing off nasdaq. I think mommy was getting more water on herself and the floor than she was on Nasdaq. With every cupful of water Nasdaq shook as hard and as fast as he could. I decided that I needed to rescue my friend. I created a distraction by finding a tube of lipstick. I took off the lid and started to eat it right in front of mommy. As soon as she turned to grab it I turned to run. Mommy caught me right away but not before Nasdaq made his escape. It was so funny to watch him run as fast as he could on the slick floors. He fell once before making it to the carpet and then onto the bed. After we all got changed we got to play a new game that was not nearly as fun. Mommy called it washing the sheets. I hope that we can play take a bath with Havoc tomorrow.

18: It now takes 3 seats to fly with Emerson. 02/13/2009 Mommy and I got so sick during our last trip to Idaho; I am just now able to report on all the fun. It all began on a Tuesday, normally a sleeping in day. This particular Tuesday mommy got me up at 8 AM, rushed me into an outfit, and fed me in the car. Feeling a bit cranky from being dragged from my warm, cozy bed, skipping snuggle time, I decided to practice my high pitch screams. Most days mommy and daddy don't pay attention to my attempts at blowing out their eardrums. I think mommy may have been cranky as well because of leaving the house so early as well, 9:30AM, because she whipped around from the front seat and insisted that I pull myself together. I know this tone. At home when I cannot pull it together I have to sit in my crib while mommy takes deep breaths. I was not sure what she could do in the car, nor was I going to risk finding out. When we arrived at the airport daddy kissed mommy and I goodbye and said have fun in Idaho. Once we said goodbye, mommy said we needed to hurry. We wanted to make sure we got to our gate on time. Especially today, we were going to be meeting Great Aunt Anne Marie and Uncle Mark Bussolini in the Boise Airport. It was our job to make sure we got our baggage and dinner before their flight came in an hour after ours. When we made it to the gate we found out that our plane was going to be 45 minutes late. It must have been our luck day. Mommy decided that it would OK just this once to leave our gate to wander, something she would normally never do. In doing so we discovered the toddler play area. I got to ride the slide over and over and over and over until mommy told me it was time to go back to our gate to get on the plane. I was not quite ready. Unfortunately I was not given a choice. Mommy was determined to get back with plenty of time. She wanted to be the first on the plane so we could sit in the front. We made to 100 foot journey back to our gate. I was busy watching an old lady feed treats to her little dog in a red purse when I looked up and saw mommies face turn three shades, red and purple then back to white. Just a few moments later I found out that we would be spending 2 more hours in the toddler play area. We missed our plane by three minutes. It actually came in early. Because they paged us and we did not hear, they left without us. At least when we finally got on the next plane we got an entire row to ourselves. Much earlier in the day mommy said our trip would be a short one hour fight to Boise. It turned out that our new flight was an hour and 15 minute flight to Spokane, we had to stay on board then had to go another hour to Boise.

19: While we were waiting though mommy took the opportunity to move us to the front row so we could make a quick escape when we landed. It was at this point that mommy made a rookie mistake. She told everyone that sat near us that I was a good flier and never cried. Now that I am over one, I feel it is my duty to make sure I make a liar out of mommy even more than I did when I was just a baby. Consequently I demanded to be able to walked around or scream. 60 totally awkward minutes for mommy later we landed. We rushed to the ladies room where Mommy had to change another poopie diaper. It must be the cabin pressure, I crap every time I fly. Right after, we met Uncle Mark at the car and headed to Mccall. Mccall was great as always. Even better this trip actually. Not only did I have Grandma and Grandpa Bussolini to wait on me hand and foot feeding me huckleberries and ice-cream, I had two more seasoned adults standing in line to hold me and teach me new songs. I got to eat Sushi and went to my first parade. It was winter Carnival and the parade could not have had a better theme. It was Mardi Gras. My obsessions have gone in the past few months from stuffed animals to books, back to stuffed animals, though most recently switching gears to Mardi Gras beads I can wear around my neck. At the parade beads of all colors were being tossed from floats like they were going out of style. I was able to double my collection. I have decided that when it comes to beads, more is more. Even more fun was going around town with Mommy and Grandpa looking at different ice sculptures. All in all it was a great week. It ended much too soon and Mommy, me, Aunt Anne Marie and Uncle Mark got back in the car, drove to Boise and got back on another plane. I was very angry to be leaving Mccall. I screamed most of the way in the car. I pulled it together for a while to have fish and chips with mommy then resumed screaming once we took our seats on the plane. I could tell other passengers were unhappy about flying as well. I could see their scowls and glares. Mommy once again secured us three seats. Unfortunately mommy sat on the isle and blocked my escape with her feet and legs. I screamed to let her know I wanted out. The rest of the time a very mean flight attendant told mommy she had to hold me in her lap because of turbulence. Whatever, I was pissed. I did a lot of hitting and screamed as loud as I could. I even kicked the seat in front of me as often as I could to make sure everyone knew how disappointed I was. I capped off the evening by screaming the entire ride home. I did not poop though. At home I continued screaming until mommy gave up and put me to bed. I fell asleep instantly. I do not think mommy and I will be flying anytime soon.

22: There is a First Time for Everything 03/08/2009 The past week has been full of some very serious first for me and mommy. Daddy too. It all started on Monday during Wobbler's class. Right in the middle of class I had, what turned out to be just the beginning of a monster diaper marathon. Mommy took me out to the car where she had left the diaper bag to clean me up. On the way back in I got to walk by myself. Because I could see that mommy was in a rush to get back in, I took my time. There was much to examine seeing as it rained all night. There were puddles to splash in. I am not currently doing the water thing right now so I steered clear. (bad bath incident a few weeks back. I don't want to talk about it.) There was much more to see that I had never noticed before. Most interesting was a long brownish red stick that seems to be twisted up like a noodle. Now that I am 15 months old I do not put too many things in my mouth anymore. I was so bewildered by my new found object, and when I saw mommy running toward me shouting NOOOOOOOOOO……….. I knew this may be my only chance to taste it. Without hesitation I popped it in my mouth. Mommy was getting closer. Experience has shown me that I would quickly and forcefully be stripped of my treasure if I did not eat right away. Mommy seemed very disappointed to see I had already swallowed what I later found out an earthworm. The very next day my string of first continued when I found out that I had my first Ear infection. I am not sure what told mommy that this time we should go to the Dr. With all my other illnesses they decided to just let it run its course. I guess she just had a funny feeling. The doctor prescribed antibiotics for the first time. Later that night Mommy and daddy had a very long discussion about whether or not to let me take them. Mommy was very concerned about a ruptured ear drum and possible hearing loss. Daddy was very concerned about my stomach flora and digestion issues caused by early use of penicillin. This was the first time I had ever seen daddy refuse to back down to mommy. By the end of the night it looked like mommy would have had better luck selling “what would Jesus do” bracelets at a Barmitsfa. Somehow I know that mommy will make sure I am OK. On a more serious not, it looks like I may have a case of an infant onset eating disorder. I was trying to hide it but last week I was busted. It was so embarrassing because I had friends over at the time. We were all at the table eating Mac and cheese. So distraught with the carob intake, I completely forgot I was not alone when I forced a baby spoon down my throat making sure to get rid of every deadly calorie. You know what they say. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips. I still haven't lost my baby fat. Mommy has been considering an outpatient center but for now I have been restricted to larger spoons and stricter supervision.

23: My biggest first of all happened this weekend. Mommy and I went to Idaho to visit Miss. Renata in Lewiston. Grandma and Grandpa Bussolini came up to visit as well. On Friday afternoon Mommy put me down for a nap at Mrs. Sullivan’ s house. She put me down but I did not nap. When I was finally rescued it was very disappointing to find that mommy was not there. Grandma was though. We played for a while. Then I heard the door open. I thought for sure it would have been mommy. I was very excited to see it was grandpa. He took me out to see the horses and chickens in the front yard and I forgot all about mommy's absence. Later we went to a grown up house for dinner. I had some toys but wished I could run free and got cranky. Grandma and Grandpa too be back to the house and surprised me with an evening of naked time. I took spinning to a whole new level when I was allowed to continue even when I was peeing. It's a good thing Mrs. Sullivan has hardwood floors. I went all over the place. I spent the whole next day and night without mommy again except for breakfast Saturday Morning. I had so much fun. Don't tell mommy though. She still thinks she is the only one who can take care of me. I think she was very sad and missed me tons because she let me sit in the front seat all the way home to Seattle. Finally I am doing some talking, at last. Mommy can take a break from worrying. Actually I have been talking for months. If we are going to accurately report this particular milestone we should say that mommy can finally understand what I am saying. Honestly I was getting a bit worried about her. Now she can understand me say night night, Mama, hi, bye, and my favorite, uh-oh. Other new achievements are being able to let myself outdoors if someone forgets to lock the door and go up and down stairs in an upright position (not crawling), with help on the big ones and solo on the small ones. I also tell mommy and daddy when I want to go to bed now. I just say night night and lead them to my crib. Apparently this is a pretty big deal. P.S. Grandma, thank you for the table and chairs. They are a death trap. I have tipped over every one and have a new bruise.

26: NO! NO! NO! Whats a Girl to Do? 03/26/2009 I am taking a moment today to express my discontent with all the adults in my life. It seems all I hear lately is No. Or some equally restrictive version of No. Just this week I heard, no hitting or grabbing or pushing, no clawing, no scratching, no biting, no pinching, no head butting, sit down, No thank you, We don't dance on the dining room table, share please, give it back, it's not your turn, that hurts Mommy, get down, not yet, Not yours, no screaming, be quiet that hurts mommies ears, not in the mouth. Stay out of your lady parts, Crayons stay on the paper. And worst of all, this morning in the middle of conducting an experiment with the outlets and cords mommy told me if I did not stop I was going to get hurt. She was right, but not how I expected. Mommy told me two times no thank you and squeezed my hand very hard. (this does not work anymore by the way. I find it hysterical) Then it happened. Unable to control myself I reached for the cord again. I saw mommy coming after me, arms stretched out ready to squeeze. Suddenly I felt a horrible stinging on my hand. Mommy had slapped my fingers. I definitely did not like this. Mommy said If I touched the cord again I would get hurt and she made sure of it. I did not like this at all. After, mommy and I sat down and hugged, Mommy talked to me about listening and how important rules are. Blah blah blah Mommy does not seem to understand that sometimes I need to eat chalk and practice climbing. And sometimes very quietly pretend to take a nap but instead learn to take off all my clothes and diaper. Mommy was so surprised when she came in to see me in the buck. Even more, she looked a little nervous as she searched my crib for a potty accident. To her great delight, the crib was dry as a bone. Also I am not allowed to go outside without shoes or play with puppy poo. I cannot jump on the furniture, I cannot stand on my chairs or let myself outside. I can't poke at the puppies eyes or feed them my food. I have only recently discovered the joy of throwing food and already that has been unfairly banned. I have only scratched the surface of the injustices I face as a toddler. I can't wait till I am older and I can do what ever I want. I have talked it over with my friends and if we do not see our civil rights restored by two, we are going to organize a rebellion.

27: On a brighter not I had a major break through today. At first I thought they day was going to end in another bath attack. It has been 6 weeks since my last pleasant bath. Once a week mommy and daddy strip me down for a terrifying scrub down. Ever since the puking and consequent scrubbing I have refused all baths. Today mommy stripped me down at Evan’s house. At first I tried to run away. But them Mama Sara locked the door and I was trapped. They tried to put me in but I was able to slip out. After a few minutes though I saw a few toys in the tub that I had to try. I played from the edge for a short while then when I felt it was safe I climbed in all on my own and played for a long time. I had forgotten how much fun it was to splash in all my nakedness. Evan had fun too. She lapped up water like a puppy and gave me pats on the bottom while I practiced more throwing. Mommy and Mama Sara got all wet trying to catch all the toys I tossed out. Mommy said we were going to try to take another bath tomorrow. I am not sure how that will go. Maybe we should ease into this a bit. Then again it was so freeing to just pee where ever I pleased. A freedom only afforded to the naked. Or maybe I will turn the tables on Mommy and tell her NO!

30: Spring has Sprung in Seattle. 04/09/2009 All winter I have been longing to spend entire days outdoors. Over the weekend my wishes finally came true. It started Saturday Morning. Daddy came home early with a machine to aerate the lawn. Mommy was very upset when she found out that the hundreds of dirt plugs that closely resembled cat terds were not going to be raked up. Both mommy and daddy have valid concerns. Daddy said that He needed to get it done as soon as possible to make sure the grass comes in right. Mommy was concerned that we would now be having our Easter egg hunt in a lawn that looks like a kitty litter box that was so full even that cat stopped using it. In my opinion the dirt terds only enhanced our outdoor fun. I spent over an hour playing catch with Nasdaq and doing a bit of taste testing. Sunday was even better. Mommy, daddy and I spent the whole day outside again. Mommy and daddy were spreading grass seed all over the bare areas in the lawn. This looked like so much fun. I wanted to help. But I wanted it to be a surprise. When no one was looking I ran behind daddy's car and did major seeing all on my own. When mommy and daddy saw what I was doing they were so excited they ran over very fast to sweep me up and reward me for all my hard work by taking me in the back yard to play with bubbles. Who knew bubbles could be so fun. Mommy put a whole dish of bubbles on the ground and gave me a wand. That was fun for a while. Later I realized it was even more fun to splash and pour it over my head. Unfortunately that was the last of the bubbles and I was still ready to play. Mommy brought out a large storage container full of water and toys. I am pretty sure mommy's intension with the water was to splash and pour. I had a better idea. I jumped in right away and had the time of my life, clothes and all. Mommy decided this was pretty funny and just kept taking pictures. Later daddy came up on the deck and said he wanted to do some more aerating and we were heading over to the Becks. I got to rake gravel and roll down all their hills. By dinner I was so tired I kept

31: falling over and running into things. Mommy took me home and we went straight to bed. We got up very early the next day. Mama Suzie and mama Courtney were here when I got up too. We got all dressed up in our spring dresses and piled in the cars. We drove for what seemed like hours. Mama Courtney and My mommy seemed very excited. Apparently they were taking us to the Tulip Festival in La Conner. In all there were 5 Mommies and 8 kids. We pulled into a dirt field, unloaded all the wagons and stroller. Within about 2 seconds all the mommies had their cameras out ready for action. I have never seen mommy so excited to take pictures. Sadly, for all the mommies the children, collectively, decided to boycott all picture opportunities. You should have seen the disappointment on all their faces. No one could get a good shot. We all had our own methods for avoiding the lens. Mine was to only look down unless I was crying or giving the stink eye. I also found running away to be very successful. This may seem like a cruel trick. Keep this in mind though. They drive us all they way out here to just stand by a field of flowers. We are scolded it we touch them. No one asked us what looked like fun either. Personally I had my eye on a great pile of mud right next to the perfect mud puddle. Were any of us allowed to go anywhere near the real fun? Not a chance. A couple times I almost made it when out of no where I was dragged back to the ridiculous field of daffodils. Not even tulips. Apparently the tulip festival does not actually have any tulips until the end of the month. It did not take long for the mommies to realize this trip was a bust. We almost left when we realized across the street there was a garden to play at. I got to take off my shoes and run in grass. We had much more fun here but continued out boycott. No one was to get a good shot. Ok maybe there was one or two but we did our best. The mommies can be very determined. I slept all the way home and dreamed of more sunny day to come.

34: Daffodil Farms in LaConner Washington

36: Today I Met the Easter Bunny 04/13/2009 On Friday mommy had a great Idea. She told me we were going to have so much fun making Easter baskets for our friends. We had to cancel the Easter Egg hunt scheduled at our house due to illness. Mommy decided not to let a rainy afternoon or all the toys and eggs go to waste. We laid out lots of colorful plastic eggs, toys and plastic grass to fill the baskets. First we had to make sure all four baskets had some grass. Mommy made sure of that. Then while she was opening up all the packages of toys I began cracking some eggs. A few I stepped on and a few I gave to Nasdaq and Havoc. Mommy quickly rationed out enough for the baskets and let me have the rest to play with. This was fun for a while. Fun until I saw what mommy was doing with all the toys. She was putting each one into each egg and placing it gently in a basket. She was being very careful to make sure each basket was even and had the same number of toys and especially not to repeat a toy in any basket. I give mommy credit for trying to include me in this project for my friends. Once I saw those eggs go into the baskets I was no longer interested in the decoy eggs she had scattered around the living room. I wanted to eggs in the basket. I wanted to open each one. And I did. Mommy was just not fast enough. I first distracted her by pulling all the grasses out of one basket, making a huge mess and disrupting the eggs. Then while she was gathering all the strands and replacing the eggs that rolled away I made off with and opened the eggs from two other baskets. Mommy was torn between picking everything up and going to the table and trying to move quicker than me. In the end she went for a combo maneuver. She picked up all the extra bags, eggs, grasses and toys and got them out of the way. Then she quickly put all the eggs and toys back together and into one basket. It would be impossible to know what was in each egg now but mommy did not care. She put 5 eggs in each one and off we went to deliver. I think we both had a great time. It was Saturday that I got to meet the Easter Bunny. I will admit I was not looking forward to another one of mommy's adventures to meet some huge religious character that tries to bribe children with gifts and candy just to get a photo. The Easter Bunny was not scary at all though. It helps that she came with chocolate. If Santa would ditch the Candy canes and dish out chocolate I could see us having a much better relationship. Mommy and Daddy took me to the park by our house for the Heritage Hills Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Daddy was in charge of getting me all psyched up. His pep talk really got me ready. He told me to focus on the egg and not to let any of the two year olds get in my head. This race was mine. He also said there is no such thing as second place. His speech was so inspiring I was able to capture 8 rocks and 7 eggs, one being the grand prize egg winning me a chocolate bunny. It was a success.

37: If that was not fun enough, when we got home, waiting there on the coffee table was a huge Easter egg basket full of books, bubbles and a singing/dancing Bunny. I loved the books. I loved the Bubbles. I hate the Bunny. The bunny makes me very angry. Every time daddy turns him on to sing I just cannot help it. I have to run screaming over to it and knock it over. This does not shut him up though. I have tried stomping on it and kicking it. That usually does the trick. Daddy is the real problem. Just as soon as I get him to stop Daddy turns him right back on. He even tries to stop me from getting to it which really angers me. I have tried hiding the bunny but somehow it keeps reappearing. Every time I come into the living room and see him I immediately nut up. Perhaps with time I will learn to tolerate the singing bunny. For now I still determined to send him packing.

38: Heritage Hills Annual Easter Egg Hunt

40: Emerson Marie Heady R.I.P 04/20/2009 It was touch and go for about 30 hours. Finally, tonight I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It all started yesterday morning. We all piled into the car to visit new baby Crumpacker. About half way there I really scared mommy. We were all have a great ride until mommy looked back to see that I was non stop puking. It looked exactly like cottage cheese, large curd. mommy started screaming at daddy to pull over. For some reason Daddy needed to find the perfect spot. Mommy must have yelled at him 10 times before he finally pulled over on the the shoulder, just past a huge gravel lot next to a farm. Mommy flew out of the car and raced around to my rescue. Daddy yelled to her to be careful and watch for cars. Mommy yelled for him to back up into the gravel lot. Mommy and I are still wondering why daddy thought the shoulder would be better than the gravel lot. There was even a horse in the huge gravel lot. It was not long at all before mommy had me out of the car, stripped down, and bent over to get everything out of my tummy. Daddy had the fun job of cleaning out my car seat. I am not sure who had the dirtier job. I was especially bummed to see my bran new spring outfit laying on the ground covered in white puke. Lots of White puke. Once all the puke was taken care of and safely hidden away in a burger king bag and we said hi to the horse it was time to get back in the car. My car seat was very wet and stinky and I did not want to get in. Especially naked. It was lucky that daddy brought the paper with us. Mommy wrapped all the straps with the adds and lined seat with the rest of the paper. We made it home, but not before several more rounds of puking. Mommy said not to pull over though because it was clear and I was sitting up better. No choking hazard. Mommy took me inside, cleaned me up, and put on clean clothes while daddy cleaned out the car. The next 30 hours were just me and mommy soiling every blanket, towel, sweatshirt, and bed spread in the house. Once daddy found out I landed a huge puke right in mommies mouth, he announced that She was in charge. I really hope puking in mommies mouth does not increase her chances of getting sick too.

41: Who will take care of us. Boys are so afraid of getting sick. Yesterday was by far the worst. I puked several times an hour. I made it through the night but woke mommy up from our morning nap by spreading puke all over the bed. We changed the bed and our clothes and headed down stairs to do some laundry. We were running out of towels. The rest of the day went much better. I only had a few upchucks. Mostly I just stayed on mommies lap and slept. I was too weak to even walk around. It is after 8PM now on day 2 and I am doing much better. I have eaten half a banana, 4 crackers, a chicken nugget, and a glass of pedia-lite. So far so good. I am going to try to go to sleep for the night and hopefully wake up with more energy.

44: It looks like Mommy Is Slipping 05/10/2009 So far mommy has really been on the ball, anticipation my every want or need. Honestly I never thought it would happen to my mom. In my few short months on this earth I have heard from some very reliable sources that between 18 month and 2 and a half years after becoming new moms, most begin to lose their touch. Already I have noticed some of the other mommies slipping. I felt so bad for all my friends, having to rely on outbursts and tantrums to get their mommies attention only to realize their mommies still had no clue as to what their children needed. I was sure mommies’ and my relationship was stronger than the others. That we would be the shining example by which future mommy baby relationships would be measured. Then it happened. I went to bed one night about two weeks ago, happy and content with all my needs met. The next morning when I work up it was if mommy had been replaced with a stranger. She looked like mommy, but had no idea at all what I wanted anymore. And it gets worse. I now have to work twice as hard to let mommy know when she is failing to meet my needs. So far my methods have been unsuccessful on every front. Mommy is just not getting it. I have tried hurling shoes across the room. Mommy always returns with them and back on they go. Sit down strikes in the grocery store; lie down strikes at the front door when I want to be let out, daily tantrums, nightly sleep interruptions and battles at dinner table (I don't like chicken anymore) and at the closet (I don't want to get dressed today/ever) I have been as stubborn as mommy but still she holds her ground. I can see she may be getting weaker though. On two occasions now I have been allowed to watch T.V. in the middle of the day and she looks more tired. I have decided to be the bigger person. Mornings are for mommy. I put on a happy face, smile and laugh a lot, play games and let mommy feel like she is back in control for a short while. By early afternoon mommy has once again relinquished all control. I hear that this awkward stage of incompetence can last through my threes, maybe longer. I should have a talk with mommy about her behavior. If she would just step it up a bit, and pay closer attention I know she could once again be back in sync with my needs.

45: I cannot be too hard on mommy this week. She made the ultimate sacrifice for my safety. Mommy and Daddy planned a vacation without me to Chili and Argentina. Mommy was so excited. She really wanted to go have some alone time away from me but she knew how much I would miss her. Still she planned on going on without me, leaving me in the care of Grandma and grandpa Bussolini. Two weeks before their trip Grandma and Grandpa went to Mexico on their vacation. The day they landed in Mazatlan was the same day the Swine Flu out of Mexico City frightened the world. There was talk of a full global pandemic. Daddy bought lots of Tamiflu and Rulenza, made an emergency kit and planned an escape route to Oregon. This pretty much freaked mommy out, but she was still willing to go. The day the flu hit Seattle was the day mommy said there was no way she was getting on a dirty airplane and leaving the country while her only baby was trapped 12 thousand miles away in the care of her grandparents, fresh out of Mexico, origin of the deadly, swine flu killer. I was so happy. I did not want her to leave. She may not understand me anymore but she is still the only one I trust to take care of me and protect me. So Daddy is in Argentina with Dan Beck eating lots of steak. Mommy and I are in Mccall with grandma and Grandpa. Swine free innocently.

47: Ancient Grandparent torture techniques... Baths,walks, and teasing

48: Wobblers picnic

49: 2008-2009

54: Today I cheated death 05/23/2009 It was a great day from beginning to end with a little hiccup right in the middle where I nearly nearly drowned. All was going splendidly. We were over at the Donovan house. Katie Donovan was playing in the hot tub. Mommy tried to get me to go in as well, but I was more comfortable splashing from the edge. Mommy and Mama Suzi were close by keeping a close eye on us while they made party favors. Life was good. Of course you can't expect anyone to be completely satisfied for ever. I soon grew bored with just splashing and decided I wanted to take a stab a pouring. I could see a cup. It was in the middle of the Hot tub. I braced myself firmly on the deck and stretched my body as far over the water as I could. I was so close. Just a little closer and the cup would be mine. The next thing I remember was mommy whacking me on the back and coughing up very warm water. Apparently I Fell in. I prefer to think I maneuvered a beautiful swan dive and finished it off with the very difficulty dead mans float. Of course I can't remember so I have to take mommies word for it. I have to say, at first I thought the whole situation was a bit suspicious. I quickly realized it was truly and accident when I saw how scared mommy was. But still it was not an invalid concern. For weeks mommy has been making what I believe to be empty threats on my life. Mostly I heard her on the phone with daddy telling him to come home immediately Or Emerson is going to be tossed out a window. Admittedly I have been been suffering from several disorders.

55: It seems that I was incorrect earlier when I accused the terrible two's of being a disorder suffered my the mommies. As it turns out I have been officially diagnosed. How embarrassing. Symptoms include.... Complete self-centeredness (which is why I was not able to recognize that I was the one with the problems, not mommy) bi-polar, manic-depressive, PMS, high pitch shrills (and the inability to control them), Stealing, hitting, biting, tantrums then sudden bouts of extreme happiness followed by turrets and finally hording. So you can see how all my outbursts coupled with mommies empty threats could leave me feeling a bit suspicious about my dip in the hot tub. On more uplifting note. I am talking up a storm. I have around 50 words that mommy and daddy can understand and 20+ that even strangers can recognize. I have put a few words together. Mostly survival phrases like "BACK UP" to the dogs and "No MOMMY" when it is bath time. I love to say I know and Ok OK OK. I can call my dogs by name now. Havoc I can say almost perfectly. Nasdaq till comes out Dak Dak. Grandma Bussolini was trying to teach me Ship and Truck. A few more days with her and I may have gotten. Mommy said we are going to learn car and boat instead. Still not sure what the big deal is. As for my earlier mentioned turrets. When I get really frustrated I tend to scream, sometimes high pitch other times in a low growl, "NO! And GO!" just out over and over and I can't stop it. Mommy calls it toddler turrets. The only time I am truly happy for an extended period of time is when we are out doors. Mommy has combed the yard sales and consignment stores buying me weather proof toys and finally finished my sand box. Now I can play for hours. All I need is a bucket a shovel and huge pile of sand. We have been spending most of our day in the back yard or the pool that is now open. OK. I am off to blow bubbles with daddy then maybe refuse to accept the lunch mommy is making for me.

56: Artwork18 Months

58: The Reign of terror is over. For now that is. 06/07/2009 It has been over a week since my last tantrum. Mommy and daddy are so pleased. Several new discoveries around the house have me thinking that I can still keep mommy busy, but now we are both laughing and having more fun. My first new discovery has been sitting on my book shelf all this time just watching me from her one good eye. Mommy tells me her name is favorite dolly. I call her baby. I may come around but for now she is baby. Mommy tells me that she was salvaged from the trash receptacle (AKA the Dump) over 30 years ago by grandpa Bussolini when she was just a little girl. Mommy also told me that she actually took very good care of favorite dolly and not to be scared. She was supposed to look like that. You see, favorite dolly has missing toes from where either dogs or rats nibbled on them. She also only has one eye that opens all the way. Her head is the most disturbing. I think someone accidently gave her a Mohawk then took a lighter to it, permanently melting it down into what looks like a giant scab. I can see why mommy loved her so much though. Even when I am dirty and having a bad hair day, with snot running down my face favorite dolly makes me look gooooood. Which brings me to my next discovery; I really am a princess now. Mommy, Daddy and I went to the big garage sales on Saturday and came home with my very own castle. I have a door that locks. This is key for me. Even thought the tantrums have stopped, I do not enjoy sharing my playhouses and now castles. I have a tower that I can climb up in and keep a lookout for trespassers as well as a slide for immediate evacuation in the event I see mommy break out the bubbles. My latest discovery is that secretly mommy and daddy had a squirt park in stalled into our kitchen and I found it today. It was cleverly hidden in the door of the refrigerator. All I had to do was find the ON switch. Once I figured out how to get the water to come out I was having a great time. I cannot imagine why mommy did not tell me about this sooner. So far I see only one drawback. At the squirt park in the kitchen you must wear shoes. There is a crucial flaw in the flooring. When it gets wet I slip and slide all over the place. Such a grand discovery, I cannot see a few knots on the head stopping me.My greatest discovery to date I must credit to Uncle Trinity. He knows how much I love monkeys and wanted to show me some on youtube.com. We definitely hit the jackpot when found the farting monkey video.

59: I am obsessed. I have all the sound effects down and have been working on the choreography. I would watch it all the time but I need the help of a grown up. Since the debut viewing no one can work alone at the computer as long as I am awake. I sense some frustration from my family but I must feed the addiction by any means. I have included the link for your viewing pleasure as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prtsIbjTjQc Updates: mommy and daddy went to a class about potty training and now favorite dolly and I get to sit on the potty and read books every day. Mommy says we are not potty training yet but that someday we will. Right now we are laying the groundwork. Either way I think it is fun to get naked and sit on the potty and dolly like it too. I read her books and show her where her butt is. I am taking a lot now. I have about 20 words anyone can understand and another 50 that only my friends and family understand. I am much happier now that I can communicate.

62: Desertion 06/24/2009 Grandma and Grandpa Bussolini came tonight. I knew because when I woke up from my nap grandma came and picked me up out of my bed. At first I did not know who it was because by room is always so dark in there. Finally I let her think I remembered her because I really didn't care who rescued me, I just wanted out. She gets such a thrill out of getting me out. Grandma and Grandpa did their usual kissing and hugging and I played along. But something seemed different. I wasn't quite sure what. When I got up the next morning, of course grandma got me, as always, things still seemed different. After breakfast grandma took me upstairs to get dressed. Thankfully I heard mommy tell Grandma that I had a bath and did not need another one. THANK YOU MOMMY! Of course we had to put on an outfit that Grandma made me, that was OK. Then I knew something was really different. Grandma and Grandpa put me in the car, they got in, but no mommy or daddy. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt their feelings. They were having so much trouble anyway remembering everything. I even had to tell them how to strap me in the car seat. As they were fumbling around I just reached between my legs and pulled up the piece they needed to get the job done. They seemed embarrassed, so I didn't want to mention that they forgot mommy. They took me to the science center. I love it there. I played with everything. The music room and all drums, the slides and best of all the water. But suddenly we left right after I poured water all down my front. Once again they didn't know how things work. Mommy always put the rubber apron on me before I go to the water. They should have brought mommy. We went home after a yummy hot dog for lunch. Strange things were still happening that I could not explain. Mommy was not at home. But I distracted myself and went out and showed Grandma and Grandpa my fort, my slides and my sandbox. By the time I went to bed I still could not find mommy and daddy. I really couldn't complain because I was being treated really well. Grandpa kept feeing me blueberries. You can get along without mommy and daddy when you have blueberries.

63: So next day, same thing. No mommy and daddy. I smiled and laughed for grandma and grandpa, but I was really thinking I needed a plan to find my parents. I also wanted Nemo and the Monkey song. But once again Grandma and Grandpa couldn't find them for me. Grandma found them once and we laughed and dance together,but after that when ever I asked ( at least every hour all day) grandma gave me some excuse that they were sleeping, but I knew better. This was just another example them not knowing how to do something. Mommy and daddy have told me that they had good jobs and now are retired. I know why. They don't know how to do anything. They took me to the zoo. I rode in the stroller most of the time. Everyone was saying what a great zoo this is, but I couldn't see hardly any monkeys. I did at last see a monkey, but he did not make the same sounds as my monkey song on the computer, so I was not impressed. We went home after my peanut butter sandwich. On the way home I developed a plan to find my parents. I wanted no nap. I was on a mission. I remembered there were all these books on the stand in the corner that I had never seen. I decided that maybe mommy and daddy were hiding in there. So after crying to let my needs be known, grandma, of course, came and got me out of bed. I went straight to those books. Yes! I found them. They were in those books. I made grandma and grandpa go over those books with me all night. The next day I was focused. Find my parents, find Nemo and find the monkey song. I failed, grandma still had the lame excuses about Nemo and the monkey asleep and mommy and daddy were still just in those books. This was not right. However I have been taught good manners and I continued to humor grandma and grandpa with my good nature. Grandma was thrilled that I let here come my hair and fix it many different ways. Of course later I had to pull it all out because my mommy might come any minute and I wanted her to see all my curls like she likes it. We played hide n seek, but it wasn't like mommy does it. We went to the swimming pool. I liked it. There was a very cute boy a few years older than me. I could tell he thought I was cute because he sprayed me with water and I loved it. My new plan to find mommy and daddy was to be really good about going to bed at night. I thought maybe mommy and daddy left because I had been crying for a long time every night when I went to bed. So I went to sleep each night for grandma and grandpa without any tears. That did not work either. Finally, by Sunday I really thought they were gone for good. Then it happened……. They came home. I knew they would

66: Family and the 4th 07/12/2009 The 4th of July weekend was so much fun it took me over a week to recover before I found the energy to report back on all our adventures. The week long festivities began with another long car ride to Idaho with Mommy and grandma and grandpa Bussolini. On this visit I still got to eat Ice cream for dinner and get up as early as I wanted. This time though grandma and grandpa had a visitor, Laura Bussolini, who is mommies’ cousin. This makes her either my second cousin or my first cousin once removed. No one seems to know for sure. Either way we cannot legally have children together or get married. She was on a very long road trip all around the USA and Canada with her boyfriend Mike from Australia. (Side note… I think he may not be a huge fan of Americans, and Grandma was having fun teasing him) we also got to play at the beach all afternoon. All day I played in the sand and splashed in the water. Grandma was definitely pushing hard for favorite grandparent this weekend. She pushed me around in an inner tube so long that my legs froze up and I could not walk. I recovered fast and when I did Grandma took me for a ride on the wave runner. It only took a moment to realize I never wanted to get off. I was fully prepared to take my nap out in the water but mommy had a different plan and we had to go home. A few days later mommy got the car all packed up again. I thought we were going home when mommy said we were going to see daddy. I did not want to be in the car another 9 hours. I wanted to be playing on the beach and cruising around on the wave runner. I would make mommy pay for this decision later. Unfortunately due to the strategic planning on mommies’ part, departure time was right at nap time and I was unable to resist the hum of the open road and was fast asleep in 30 min. Around Weiser I was awake and hungry. Mommy shared some fries and nuggets with me and told we would be to La Grande soon. We would see Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa Heady as well as a bunch of relatives neither of us have ever met. This seemed like it could be fun, but revenge was inevitable for mommy seeing as I was still upset. I managed to scream in a high enough pitch and with just the right amount of volume that mommy was left with no other choice other than to give me sugary snacks. In the front seat lay the Finding Nemo fruit snacks. Mommy gave me a package to myself. I happily ate the entire thing and resumed screaming for another. You see I had discovered how to get mommy back. My goal was merely to upset and inconvenience her. I was thoroughly delighted when I single handedly forced mommy to go against her principals and morals while humiliating her at the same time.

67: It was brilliant. Here is how it all went down. Mommy handed me the second fruit snack and foolishly assumed that because I was quiet, all was well. 15 miles before the campground mommy decided we better get gas. When she got out and reached back for her wallet she saw what was keeping me so quiet for the last hour. I had gummed every individual fruit piece into a very nice paste. Then I smeared them all over my clothes, legs, arms, hair, face, ear, and sandals. Mommy quickly reached for a wet wipe but discovered that it was no match for my sugary concoction which only smears when rubbed rather than coming off. Normally mommy would have probably not cared. But today was special and I knew it. I was 15 minutes from meeting all my family and I know how hard mommy works at keeping me clean and prides herself at putting me in such cute outfits. She was really mad. She shut the door and asked the gas station attendant where the nearest store was. He replied Wal-Mart is one mile that way and pointed in front of us. (Here is where mommy is forced to throw her principals out the window) Mommy shamefully put the car in drive. With head held high she marched me into my first Wal-Mart. We got water, earplugs, spray n wash, and a big package that looked like diapers. We made our way through the check stand and straight to the ladies room. Mommy took me to the largest stall. (here is where the humiliation comes in) I could see that mommy was busy with that package that looked like diapers. It seemed she was having some lady issues. There was nothing at this point that mommy could do. I made a break for it. I slid the latch to the left and swung the door wide open exposing mommy to all the other ladies waiting in line. Mommy hollered for me to come back but I could not hear her over all the laughing. Ok, I did hear her but it was too late, I had made a new friend. She was very nice, but smelled very bad and had so many piercing it looked like she had fallen face first into a tackle box. I liked her though. She held my hand while another lady shut the door so mommy could pull herself together. Mommy thanked the nice ladies and grabbed me. I could tell I was not going to be getting any special treatment. Mommy tossed me up on the counter and scrubbed me down as hard as she could and we were off. I am not sure why mommy does not like Wall-mart. It was so much fun. Maybe it was the paper towels. They really left some marks where mommy scrubbed me. Once we got to camp I got to meet so many relatives. As always I was a hit. I was very excited to play with Grandma and Grandpa Heady. We took lots of walks, swung on the swings, and played hide and seek. I hope I get to see them again very soon. We got to do everything outside which is my favorite. I got to make my own rope, sing by the campfire and sleep in a cabin. The best part though was the baby walker I shared with one of my 1st, 2nd, or3rd cousins. Again, not sure about the rule on cousins. It was fun pretending to be a baby again. I rolled it all around and if I hit rough terrain I just picked it up and walked around it. Camping is very fun. Especially, since you don't have to take a bath. I hope we can go camping again very soon. Emerson

68: Butler Family Reunion 4th of July 2009

70: Pop Quiz Kids! 08/08/2009 Hypothetically, let's pretend that you are in a restaurant with your mommy and some of her friends. Not a nice place but still very public. Let's also pretend that one of your mommy's friends looks like she is hiding a beach ball under her shirt and waddling around like she has a wedgie. Then let's pretend your mommy may or not be ignoring your eminent need to gather all the ice out of all the water glasses on the table, all the while trying to convince her skeptical friend that Life will not change too much once the baby comes. You can still eat out with your kids and have a great time. Finally, pretend your mommy gets a little cocky and goes on and on about how it really is pretty easy to take your toddler anywhere you want go. Even a dirty little diner in downtown Kirkland, right before nap time. Remember this is all hypothetical. Please read the following reactions below and choose the appropriate retaliation, keeping in mind the severity of the situation. You really wanted that ice and mommy was not backing down. Do you ……. A. Sit quietly in the corner of the booth waiting for mommy to notice you ignoring her with the intention of hurting her feeling, ultimately guilting her into the surrender of not only her ice but all her friends ice as well. B. Excusing yourself from the booth to hide under the table while you try to make random escape attempts only to be disabled by mommy's legs C. Concede to mommy knowing that she is much stronger willed than any toddler and resistance is futile.

71: If you selected any of the options above you have clearly misunderstood opportunity before you. Mommies are at a clear disadvantage in public. Especially during that crucial time between when they have already ordered their food and it actually arriving, either on a plate or in a Togo box. Ignoring them is never the answer. They want you to sit quietly and their feeling will never be hurt. It would go down as a win for them. Excusing yourself under the booth can be an effective way to annoy mommy but it will not embarrass her or ruin her meal. Most likely it will just result in injury to your own head. If you must try it I recommend a table rather than a booth. More escape routes. Finally, the only situation in which you should ever consider a complete surrender is if there is a cookie offered. If so. Take it. The correct and appropriate reaction to the scenario above would be to take off all your clothes while screaming. Mommies can handle the screaming. This is usually where you can score that cookie. But if you are really looking to frustrate, embarrass and discredit your mommy then a fiery exhibition is the way to go. Begin with the shoes. Mommy will ignore it at first. If you act frustrated enough she may unknowingly help you with this part. From then on you can easily get your pants off n mommy knows what it happening you will have you shirt half off. To really seal the deal though you must get the diaper off as well right as the waitress is passing by with another party to sit next to you. Timing is very important. The look the other guests will flash your mommy will carry as much weight as what you will do next. Once the diaper is off mommy will have to take you to the bathroom to have a little talk, Blah blah blah, and get dressed. Don't listen. Your job is to focus on how to go pee pee before mommy can get the diaper back on. Preferably on the counter when there is not a changing table. By now your food will have arrived and mommy will be so mentally beaten down that she will not care if you eat naked in a public place, or what anyone thinks.

74: A week of no rules 08/25/2009 Apparently mommy and Daddy did not learn their lesson last time when they left me with Papa and that other lady. I know her name is Grandma. I am very silly though and love to see Grandma Bussolini get very upset when I call her Papa. I am not trying to be mean. I just have not decided yet what my special name for her is going to be yet. I also thought it was very fun to see her reaction after a week of refusing all vegetables, to eat them right away when mommy came home. She even spelled out that I was a little “SHIT”. I think I know what this means. I have heard mommy say it a few time when I try to play jokes on her too. People say it when they can't believe how clever I am at manipulating adults. I missed mommy and daddy but got lots of quality time with Papa and grandma. Basically I got to do whatever I wanted. It was so fun. They did not know any of the house rules, like stickers only go on paper and we eat food rather than milk for all our meals. Mommy has been very strict, so a week of chaos and total freedom was just what this girl needed. Grandparents are so much easier to trick than mommies. With very little effort I was able to pull off one of my famous diaper prank on Grandma. Just as she was about to change me, the phone rang. It was Great Grandma Bator. I knew I had a real stinker in the pants so I had to act quickly. As soon as I was alone I got right to work. By the time grandma was back I had the poopie package off and was scooting my bum across the living room floor. I think this was my favorite day. I decided after a while that it was not a very nice prank. To make up for it I made sure to make Grandma feel like she was my favorite. I went as far as to only let her take care of me. I know Papa understood that as long as he still had a blueberry stash we would be solid. He knew that grandma really needed to feel needed. I think it worked. I never left her side for three whole days. It was also fun to show grandma and grandpa all my favorite activities, such as putting butt paste in my lady parts, taking off all my clothes including my diaper of course. I also gave grandma plenty of opportunity to clean my butt seeing as I now love taking baths. I look forward to the next time mommy and daddy go away. I have several new tricks up my sleeve that I have been saving that are much more advanced. I am getting a bit too old for food strikes and diaper pranks. Look out papa, next time I am coming after you. Emerson

76: Hello, my name is Emerson and I am a Nemo-holic. 09/14/2009 It has been 4 days now since I last watched Finding Nemo. It was upon arriving home, running straight to the soft and demanding to watch my favorite movie, Finding Nemo that mommy realized that I may have a slight addiction. You see, we had just spent 8 hours watching it over and over in the car ride home from Idaho. I pleaded with mommy that I was fine and that I could stop if I wanted to. I just didn't want to. I was pretty upset until mommy let me play with the markers. I was so excited that I took off all my clothes. Once I was naked it did not take me long to forget that markers only go on paper. Before mommy realized what was happening I had created a masterpiece on my belly. Mommy must have been very tired because I expected to be whisked off to the sink or tub for a good scrubbing. Instead mommy just sighed really loud, said “where's your daddy” then went back in the other room. I assumed mommy intended for me to carry on. So I did. A few hours later I was really craving Nemo again. Mommy looked more rested and I could tell she would not be swayed by tantrums or nagging. I was going to have to find some way to entertain myself. I thought quietly for a bit. Long enough for mommy to assume I was getting tired and was safe to leave unsupervised in the living room while she checked email. I decided that it had been several months since I tricked mommy with a poop game. I planned carefully, taking into consideration this would have to be a solo mission now that the dogs lived outdoors. Nasdaq would not be there to provide a distraction. I also took advantage of my advanced agility and accuracy. I sat recalling my past attacks for a while. Suddenly all the blueberries I had eaten all week kicked in. Another brilliant plan was born. I had been holding #2 in all day and it was about to pay off. Quietly I took of all my clothes, then, ever so gently slipped off my blueberry filled diaper. It was so bad I instinctively yelled out YUCK! I was concerned that I had totally blown my cover. I heard mommy say whats yuck, from the other room. I did not answer. Thankfully the allure of the computer screen was more powerful at this moment than mommies’ curiosity, keeping her from exposing my plans. As quickly and quietly as I could I crept into the kitchen. I felt a little shiver as I as my heels left the floor, barely balancing on my tiptoes against the cold kitchen cabinets. My arms stretched as high as they could go. Careful not to drop the stinky mess, I tipped the diaper into the kitchen sink. At that very moment I felt something I had never experienced before. I was not sure I had done the right thing. Other than forbidding Nemo, mommy had been very nice to me. I felt like I had done something wrong. Immediately I decided the best thing to do was hide. I made a B-line for my tent and waited for the worst. It did not take long before I heard mommy calling for me. First I heard what the heck? Mommy sounded confused. I wanted so badly to peek out and assess her mood but fear took over and I stayed perfectly still.

77: Mommy came straight through to the tent, got down on her knees and asked in a very serious voice, “What did you do?” I was so nervous that I panicked. I stood up, pointed to the kitchen and said Ut-Oh mommy! Yuck! Mommy cleaned my butt, then the tent and toys, all of which had the unfortunate fate of cushioning my dirty bits while I hid. After all that fun mommy and I got to go around the house looking for smears. The next morning I was still feeling bad for mommy. Especially when I remembered it was a two part plan, and nature was telling me it was almost go time for phase 2. Daddy had left already and mommy was on the phone in her room. I gave her every opportunity to get off the phone and play with me but she told me to go away and play. I was feeling less sorry for mommy now. I went into the bathroom, crawled into the tub and played for a while. All of a sudden I knew it was time. I ripped off my diaper, squatted down and pooped in the tub right in the middle of all my toys. Then I started yelling for mommy. Ooohhhhhh Yuck! When mommy came in she was so excited. This was very confusing to me. She told me to look at my poopie. I did. Then she wiped it up with toilet paper and told me I did a good job and that someday I will go poopie in the potty. Mommy was proud of me for recognizing I had to go poo poo. She totally missed the intended poopie prank I had worked so hard on. One would think that this would have been the end of our excitement for one weekend. One would be wrong. On Sunday we all went to the Becks to play. Mommy was out by the fire and daddy was in the living room taking a nap. He had a hard day watching the Vandals play the day before. I was on the deck playing with the water and dog food. This is a game I have been playing for months. I love to see how big the dog food gets in the water dish. I also like to squeeze it between my fingers when it gets soft. Sometimes the grown -ups stop me but today they decided not to fight it. I decided to see what dog food would do if I put it up my nose. As it turns out, dog food up the nose is very painful and scary, especially when your parents ignore you. My eyes were tearing up and my nose was very red. I was screaming to mommy that my nose hurt. She thought I got water up there and ignored me. She said to go tell Daddy that I had a hurt. I tried but he just gave me a cookie and some milk. After a while it was starting to feel better but I was till having trouble breathing. I decided I better go see mommy at the fire. Everyone saw me and finally noticed that something was not right with my nose. Their diagnosis was way off. The dog food was beginning to dissolve and run out. They all thought I was scathing a cold. Dena even wiped my nose with her shirt. Mommy finally noticed that there was brown junk all over my face and began cleaning me up when I sneezed it out. Mommy felt so bad that she did not figure it out sooner. I felt so much better. From now on I am going to stick to fingers only in the nose.

80: Miscommunication 09/28/2009 Here is a little tale about how miscommunication can lead to a huge mess. The whole family went to Dan and Dena’s to watch the Seahawks lose another game. I think it was the lime green jerseys. Just like the game, the day started out well, but ended in some pretty peeved coaches. The Hawks were winning and I was happily rummaging through all the art supplies and jewelry in my special cupboard. Then it was nap time. When I woke up I was told that I was going to be able to watch Nemo. I was so excited because it had been such a very long time. Mommy gave me some milk and I snuggled up on the sofa with all my blankets for the show. A few moments later I realized I was all alone. Everyone had left me to go eat dinner in the other room. At first I was lonely and had to check on mom a few times. She kept telling me to go play in the other room. This was miscommunication #1. What mommy meant was for me to go in the other room and watch the movie and play. I decided to completely empty out the play cupboard. I had been eyeballing some boxes in the very back. It was a great idea to take everything out. Not only did I discover some great new toys, I found out how fun it is to climb entirely inside, then open and shut the door on myself. This was great fun for several minutes until I realized that I had treasures yet to be opened on the floor. I was not sure what these colorful tubes were, and it looked like they needed to be opened. I took them to mommy for help. When she saw what they were mommy said Oh No! Give those to mommy right now. Dena was gracious enough to run interference for me, telling mommy they were still sealed and even her older niece Jenna was not able to open them. She assured mommy it was fine. Mommy thought nothing of it, handed them back and sent me on my way. That was miscommunication #2. What Dena should have told mommy was that, to use them they needed a thin plastic seal to be removed. Mommy thought you needed scissors to cut off the tips before use. Determined to finally figure out what was actually in these mysterious tube, I made it my mission to get them open. Miscommunication #3 was mommy assuming that the lack of communication between us over the next 30 minutes was me quietly watching Nemo. Instead I carefully studied the package. I noticed that there lids. Thankfully mommy has been practicing with me how to open and close with lids. That was the easy part. Once I got one lid off I was able to get two more off very quickly.

81: I knew I had to work fast on the lids because the next part I thought would be a challenge. Surprisingly it was very easy. All I had to do was poke my finger as hard as I could into the tube through the plastic film. I knew I had hit the jack pot when the paint shot out all over my hands. I started with the silver and covered my feet and toes. Next I dove into the blue. My plan was to designate one color for every region of the body. My hands were completely blue and I was moving on the yellow legs when dinner ended and mommy came rushing in.I heard her say Oh Shit! And she grabbed me by her finger tips and held me out away from her body. After that all I heard was Dena, I am so sorry, followed by a series of miscommunication. This is how it went downAustin, get in here. No reply. Austin, get the heck in here. I heard daddy yell back WHAT? Then mommy said just get in here, I need you to get Emerson outside now. Daddy asked, “Why”? Mommy said, because she has *&%^$#@ paint all over her body and the carpet and I need help! Daddy asked how did she do that? Mommy said, are you kidding me, Get in here now. He eventually made it over to me and we went outside to the grass. We just stood out there by a bucket of water for a while waiting for mommy to get us some towels. It took awhile before Daddy eventually yelled up to mommy. Now this conversation went much differently. Daddy yelled Kate! Mommy replied what? Daddy said we need a towel. Mommy said Ok. Within 10 seconds Mommy had thrown one down to us to begin cleaning. Now that was an excellent example of proper communication. Either was I had a great time. I got to practice new skills, paint, and play in a bucket of water. It was a good day.

82: Do The Puyallup

85: Pumpkin Patches

88: Sugar! Sugar! Sugar!!! 10/25/2009 Last night was our second annual Baby Halloween party. Last year may have had the great weather and everyone stayed in place for picture taking. (Probably because half of us could not walk yet) This year was full of drama. There was a hime lick maneuver in the first 30 minutes at the same time as a situation with Elmo which immediately led to hitting and screaming, leaving the mommies with no other choice but to create a diversion and remove Elmo when everyone looked away. I could care less about Elmo. I was looking great as Nemo and was all about getting pictures taken. I tried to get everyone to go out to the straw bales but it was an impossible task. It was raining cats and dogs and no one wanted to go outside. Besides, there were so many tasty treats inside right at eye level. I hovered around the table shoveling as many cooking and candy corns in my mouth as possible. Mommy gave me free reign over what I ate all day. I even got to have Juice right out of the box. I think this was the very best part. It was my first time. I actually got to have one before the party while mommy and I were cooking. Mommy and daddy kept talking about how giving me juice was like playing with fire. Still not sure what they were talking about. On an unrelated note, I have not stopped pooping. It's been 2 days. I had to change my clothes twice due to defective diapers. I think it must have been all the water mommy made me drink to wash down the last sugar cookie. After the party we got to play clean-up. This is my favorite game. I was so excited because there was a lot to clean. 18 kids and all their parents sure can make a mess. It's a good thing I also had a few carrots to give me so much energy along with mound of candy. I hear the veggies give you all the energy and the candy just makes you tired and want to go to bed. Yes! I am sure it was the carrots. Once I had my house back I decided to run a few obstacle courses at top speed through the kitchen. I ran circles around a balloon until I fell down. Naked, of course. Then I ran into the living room so fast and with so much excitement that I did not realize I had begun peeing. When I realized, I stopped dead in my tracks. Mommy saw what I was doing and came running toward me. I was not ready for naked time to end so I decided I better make a run for it. In doing so I slipped and fell on my back. I quickly flipped over to my belly but I was completely covered in pee and could not stand up. I kept slipping all over and mommy was getting closer. I panicked when she grabbed me and let out a scream. I was screaming so loud that I did not hear mommy at first telling me it was bath time. We were up the stairs and into the bathroom when I saw mommy running the water before I made a new and very important connection. Babies covered in pee go straight to the tub. I love taking baths and used this new discovery just this morning when mommy tried to get me in the car to go to class. I ran in the other room took off all my clothes and turned the hardwoods behind the sofa into a slip and slide. And what-d-ya know. Bath time. I sure am glad I had all those carrots.

94: Trick or Treat 10/31/2009 Last night Daddy took me trick or treating. This was very fun and daddy and I felt like celebrities being followed by the paparazzi with mommy popping out of the bushes with her camera every few feet yelling look at me, look at me! I am used to it now, but daddy though it was very silly. I actually got a trial run trick or treating at city hall the day before. There were very scare people there and I was tormented at every turn. I also refused to put on nemo. I carried it around in one hand while gripping mommy’s hand as tight as I could with the other making sure we did not stop for candy at any of the scary places. I think I got 4 pieces of candy. Later mommy tricked me with a cookie. This was very clever of her. By the time the cookie was gone I somehow was wearing my nemo costume. I decided it was OK. By now my friends were here and all the mommies and a couple daddies took hundreds of pictures of us there was also a nice fella from the news paper snapping a few shots. Then we went home to show off our score. I was pleased with 4 candies. It seemed like quite a lot until Saturday. I made it to 12 houses and all of them thought I was so cute they let me take as many as I wanted. I made sure to try each one while walking to the next house. This way I assured myself no one would want to share with me. And no one did. Unfortunately Aunt Dena put all my candy up in a cupboard I cannot reach, even with a chair. I have not seen a single piece of that candy since Saturday. On a brighter note mommy has given up on the time outs in my room. I have been getting in a lot of trouble lately. I cannot seem to stop myself from getting on the counter tops. I love to look for sharp knives and play in the water. Mommy and I sat down and had a talk. We decided that time outs were probably for 2 year olds. Instead mommy tied all the chair legs to the table so that when I am overcome with the urge to climb I will not be able to use the chairs anymore. This is a real bummer but better than time outs. Seems to be working so far.

97: Birthday Time

98: Dear Emerson 11/24/2009 I knew you even before I saw your face. Some days I think I know you better than I know myself. Today is your second birthday. Looking back, you have brought more to my life than I ever predicted. I know every curl and where it falls across your face. I know the shape of your eyebrows and that you always have a cold nose. I know the chub of your big toes and that your nails curl down making them hard to trim. I know the little dimples in your tushie. I know the pink shade of your lips. I know the face you sometimes still make when you are going poop. I know “gay time” Is Naked time and that it is your favorite part of the day. I know you are a brave and adventurous climber and can take a fall better than anyone I know, Grown or little. I know pink is your favorite color, but you always want your milk in your purple Sippy. I know that you love to listen to the black eye peas and dance with daddy. I know that you first hold back and study a room before you confidently make your presents. I have seen how generous and caring your heart is. I know when you smile your eyes sparkle. I usually know what you are saying even when no one else does. I know where your bruises are and where most of them came from. I know when you get hurt it feel better faster if we count to 5 together and take deep breaths. I know your tears and what they mean. I know the sound of your laughter always makes me smile. I know waking up in the morning to hear you singing on the monitor make me tear up. I know I am a better person just for knowing you. You inspire me. You teach me. You amaze me. I am so blessed. Today you are 2 and I cannot wait to see what 3 has in store for us. Happy Birthday my sweet baby. Love Mommy

99: Dearest Emerson, 11-24-2009 Over the last year you have grown in many ways. Your ginger curls have gotten longer, and somehow, even more curly. You are starting to put sentences together, and becoming more assertive with your “NO DADDY’s” . When I come home at night from work, it's hit or miss. You either run over for a big hug, or I growl and chase after you as you yell for mommy. If I’m sitting on the couch, anytime Nasdaq comes near you yell “Ohhhhh, No” and hide behind me, trying to avoid the licks. You also make sure you repeat yourself, over and over, such as, “eat, eat, eat, eat” and so on. Your smile is the cutest thing ever. Luckily, you can take a fall and shrug it off most of the time. Youtube.com is a favorite of yours, and “Boom Boom Pow” is one of your favorite songs. Mommy and Daddy have taken two parenting classes and one potty training class this year. If nothing else, as you get older, we'll have plenty of ammo to use to make sure you grow up well rounded and thoughtful of others. Daddy’s stress has been reduced by the stock market going back up nicely this year, and the recession that started within a week of your birth is most likely over. I am looking forward to your next year. I have a feeling your language will continue to get better. I’m sure you will amaze me with how quickly you will grow up. I hope the human Petri dish you were this year will make your immune system that much stronger. Even though the last 2 years you've been mostly a mamma's girl, I have a feeling that this is my year. Love DaDa

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