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Emileigh-year 1

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S: Emileigh-Year 1

FC: our first year with

1: Beautiful baby girl, You have brought so much love into our lives. You have taught us to be more patient, to love deeper, to enjoy the small things, and to never take anything for granted. This year has been a whirlwind and we can't believe you are an entire year old. You may have only been in this world one year, but we feel like we have known you our entire lives. We think that is God’s way of telling us you were always meant to be a part of us. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know, Sweet Pea, and we are honored to call you 'ours'. We love you more than the stars in the sky, more than the fish in the sea, and more than the words in a library. Thank you for bringing immeasurable joy to our lives. Your laughter makes our hearts sing. We thanks God each day that He chose us to be your parents. When I see your beautiful smile, life becomes a little sweeter. You have stolen our hearts and we are better for having you in our lives. We love you sweet baby girl, Mommy and Daddy

2: Mommy and Daddy had their first date on July 26, 2001. Daddy asked Mommy to marry him on October 21, 2005. Mommy, of course, said yes! And the rest is history!

3: Mommy and Daddy were married on August 5, 2006. It was a beautiful day with the temperature in the 90s. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. All our family and friends were there to help us celebrate.

4: We are having a | Your first picture!!! | Mommy and Daddy found out that Mommy was pregnant on Thursday, October 8, 2009. It was very cold and freezing rain outside, but we decided to go to Sioux Falls to get another test. When the second test came back positive, we so were shocked and surprised. We were a little scared, but we were very, very excited. Mommy started to buy you things right away! We started calling you Peanut; pretty soon, everyone was saying it, too!

5: We chose Terry Englemann, at Sanford Hospital, to be Mommy's doctor. We found out that you were due on June 17, 2010. At 7 weeks, 3 days old, Mommy and Daddy got to hear your heartbeat and see you. You were a little dot, but the most important dot we have ever loved. | We were able to see you again at 12 weeks, 1 day and 13 weeks, 3 days. Mommy and Daddy were so amazed to see you wiggling around. They had a hard time getting a picture of you because you were so wiggly.

6: At 19 weeks, 4 days, Mommy had her 'big' ultrasound. Grammie Julie and Grampie Kent came along to see you. Grandma Janice and Grandpa Jack were going to see you, too, but there was a huge blizzard and they couldn't make it. Mommy and Daddy were so nervous to find out if you were a girl or a boy. When we found out you were a girl, Mommy cried and Daddy got scared! Since you were a girl, Mommy decided to change your name from Peanut to Peanetta, because that sounded more feminine. Eventually, it was shortened to Netta. Grammie was worried it was going to 'stick'! | Mommy always knew in her heart that you were a girl.

7: Both sets of grandparents came to see you at 28 weeks. We were all so excited to get a peak at you again! | We had our last ultrasound at 37 weeks. You finally cooperated and we were able to see your beautiful face. What chubby cheeks you have! We didn't know it at the time, but we would meet you only one week later!

8: Auntie Titia and Auntie Rhonda hosted a baby shower for Mommy at Aunt Jennifer's house. It was very fun; we played games, ate a bunch of delicious desserts, and opened presents for you! Auntie Titia flew all the way from Florida to see you! | Baby Tummies! | Emi | Aria

9: Grammie Julie and Daddy surprised Mommy one day when they painted your nursery! It was very sweet of them and Mommy was shocked! Mommy and Grammie added the pink and white stripes on the bottom when we confirmed you were a girl. | Daddy put your crib together all by himself. Mommy helped a little bit.

10: At 1:30 in the morning, on our way out the door to go to the hospital, Daddy told Mommy to smile. Mommy was in a great mood, considering her contractions were only 3 minutes apart! | Mommy started getting contractions at 11:00 AM on Thursday, June 3rd. Mommy thought she had the flu because you weren't supposed to be here for two more weeks. We went to the hospital at 1:30 AM. After being awake all night, you were born at 9:31 AM on Friday, June 4th. You weighed 6 pounds, 3 ounces and were 18.5 inches long. Mommy couldn't wait to hold you! You were so tiny! | I knew I loved you | before I met you.

11: Daddy holding you for the first time! He is so proud of his Sweet Baby. | My first pair of jammies. They were a 'Newborn' size and still a little big! | You are so beautiful to me... | The nurses were so nice, they stamped your hand and foot prints. We also got to keep your little bow.

12: Me Emileigh Ryan June 4, 2010 | Mommy Nicole Leigh April 29, 1981 | Daddy Joshua Ryan November 14, 1980 | Grandparents Julie Ann Wilson November 11, 1960 Kent Alan Wilson July 2, 1955 | Grandparents Janice Sue Stukel September 26, 1956 John William Stukel October 2, 1956 | Great Grandparents Vella Mae Zacher- September 26, 1932 Albert Adam Zacher-September 9, 1931 Betty June Wilson-August 9, 1924 Cecil Warren Wilson-May 31, 1923 | Great Grandparents Kattue Cornelia Remter-April 18, 1921 Walter Edward Remter-November 12, 1911 Dorothy Lou Stukel-December 11, 1920 Joseph William Stukel-November 25, 1910

13: My Grandparents | Grammie Julie | Great Grandpa Al | Grampie Kent | Grandma Janice | Grandpa Jack

14: Getting ready to go home. We get to keep you, they cut off the tags! | You had jaundice after you were born. You had to wear the 'bili blanket' for 22 hours a day. The lights helped to break down the excessive red blood cells. You had to get your heel poked every day to check your bilirubin levels. You cried so hard when they poked you. This blanket tore off your belly button so it was only hanging by a thread. When we went to the doctor, he snipped it off and threw it away. Mommy was sad because she wanted to save it.

15: First days at | Emi-2 days old, Adam-7 months old | Glow Baby | We brought you home on Sunday, June 6th. It was a beautiful summer day. Daddy was so nervous to drive home with you in the car. Mommy rode in the back seat with you. Mommy couldn't wait to get home to snuggle you! | Emi with her Bili Blanket | Grammie, Mommy, and Emi when Emi was 5 days old

16: Sweet Baby Emileigh, only 5 days old.

18: I love you from your fuzzy head to your little bitty toes.

19: Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

20: You had your first bath when you were 10 days old. We gave you a bath in the bathroom sink because you were so tiny. Mommy and Daddy made sure the water was nice and warm so you didn't get cold. You didn't even cry!

21: Just being a

22: When you were but a dream, I wanted you; | When you were here an hour, I would give my life for you. | When you were in my tummy, I loved you;

23: Sweet Baby Emileigh

24: You are growing so fast; we wish you could stay little forever.

26: Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy!

27: You were 12 days old on Father's Day. Daddy was so excited that you arrived in time for him to snuggle you on Father's Day. You helped Mommy make a card. Mommy tried to trace your hand in the card, but you were too wiggly.

28: You were so tiny that Mommy and Daddy had a hard time finding clothes to fit. Size 0-3 Month didn't fit you until you were almost 4 months old! You loved to sit in your Bumbo or bouncy seat so you could look around.

29: Daddy was so excited to take you for your first walk. Good thing you were born in June, we were able to take you outside a lot.

30: 2

34: Emi with daycare kids on her first day | The "Daycare Crew": Lincoln Nagel, Lincoln Fersdahl, Alaina Wolff (not pictured), Braeden Fersdahl, Maddie Jo Henry, Claire Wynja, Jack Henry, Cole Ruesink, Austin Henry, Sully Nagel (not pictured), and Hudson Wolff (not pictured), Sophie and Luke Randall (not pictured) | You went to daycare at Tammy Henry's home. Tammy used to teach with Mommy, but decided to start a daycare. All the kids at daycare have a parent who is a teacher. When you were 10 weeks old, you started daycare. Mommy and Daddy took you to your first day of daycare. Mommy was very sad to leave you. Mommy cried, but you didn't.

35: Emi and Mommy on her first day of school. Emi was not excited to leave Mommy. | On the first day of school, Grammie and Grampie sent flowers to Mommy to cheer her up . They knew it would be a hard for Mommy to leave you at daycare.

38: You met your Cousin Aria for the first time at Becky and Andrew's wedding. You are only 2 weeks apart.

39: All of Mommy's cousins came to Becky and Andrew's wedding. We took the time to take a picture just like our parents! | All these babies must have been contagious! In the next 'cousin picture', there will be two more babies! Gina and Jenni will have babies in the picture! Mommy and Titia and Rhonda had lots of opportunities to take pictures of the 'babies'.

44: For your first Halloween, you wanted to be a Beautiful Flower. We looked all over and finally found the perfect Flower costume. Cousin Aria was the same Beautiful Flower! Since it was so cold on Halloween, we went trick or treating at the mall. Uncle Brenton and Adam were there, too! Adam was a Scary Dinosaur!

45: For your first Halloween, Mommy and Daddy stamped your footprints on a pumpkin. Mommy was so sad when she found your precious "footie pumpkin" smashed in the street. Daddy quickly bought another pumpkin and we repainted it.

46: You had fun on your first trip to the pumpkin patch! Even though we didn't find a pumpkin, you loved holding the "baby corn". Daddy is holding a regular sized corn. Cousin Adam is one of your very best friends. He hugs you every chance he gets! You didn't appreciate the witch hat we put on your head. You tried to grab it and eat it! The aquarium was the highlight of your first Cabela's trip. You clapped and squealed!

47: When you were 4 months old, you really started to play. You love playing with your rings. Your toesies are, by far, your favorite thing. You always have them in your mouth! When Daddy played with you, you squealed! You were a much happier baby this month. We found out that you were allergic to milk and soy. At Andrew and Becky's wedding, we switched your formula to Nutramigen and you were instantly happier. Before, you screamed every time you ate.

50: Emileigh and her buddy, Sarah, before the Winter Formal. You both got all dressed up in pretty dresses. Sarah loved your flower so much that she wore it to the dance! | Emi, Grammie, and Grandpa Al at Adam's 1st Birthday Party! | Happy Baby! | Snuggling | Take me for a walk! | Emi getting ready to be baptized! | November was a busy month for you. Grammie's surprise 50th birthday and Adam's 1st birthday were on November 11th. Daddy's birthday was on November 14th. You were baptized on Daddy's birthday! You wore Mommy's Baptismal gown.

54: Momma's Little Bee

57: Merry Christmas

59: We spent Christmas Eve at Grandpa Jack and Grandma Janice's house. On Christmas Eve, we went to Kirwan's house. We came back to Grammpie Kent and Grammie Julie's house on Christmas Day. By the time Christmas was over, you were a master at opening presents! Mommy loves to save bows, but you shredded every one of them!

60: I love my new high chair! | I love my exersaucer! | I love taking naps! | I love my new stroller! | I love wearing matching sweaters! | I love holding toys with my feet!

61: I love to watch TV! | I love cookies! | I love chewing on toys! | I love toys! | I love Tupperware! | I love to nap with Daddy!

64: When you were 7 months old, you really started to love food. You loved sweet potatoes and fruit. You loved Puffies so much that we called you "Puffie Monster". You refused eat anything green. You learned to crawl really fast this month. When you are trying to get something you shouldn't, you crawl really fast and giggle the whole way. You are not very sneaky! | I think my headband is on wrong! | I love to play with my iPad! | This is my favorite way to sleep!

65: On your first Valentine's Day, you had a party at school. You got lots of Valentines from your friends! Your friend, Claire, helped you paint a bucket for your treats. | Daddy bought you and Mommy flowers for Valentine's Day. Mommy and Daddy gave you a toy and a card.

66: 8

69: Stare Down! | You and Daddy are good nappers! | Swimming with Daddy! | St. Paddy's Day outfit! | Ready for the bath! | You liked sitting on this stuffed bear. You giggled every time we walked by!

73: Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

74: This month, you were busy! We celebrated Easter at Great Uncle Dennis and Great Auntie Dawn's house. You had a lot of 'firsts' this month. You went to prom with Sarah (you both looked so beautiful), got to sit in snow, and you finally grew enough hair for pigtails!

80: Look out, World! You started walking when you were 10 months old! You cried every time we put you in the grass, you hated the feel of it. Every time you went in the swing, you giggle uncontrollably. Your friend, Blake, loves to come see you. You love to tackle him and sit on his lap and let him read books to you. Mommy waited too long to buy | your swimming suit. We had to order it from California! We loved that suit because it had a matching swim cap! It is still the cutest suit that Mommy has ever seen!

81: You spent your first Mother's Day traveling. We had lunch with Grandma Janice in the camper and drove back and had dinner with Grammie Julie. You were so tired, you slept in your car seat most of the day.

83: Ten tiny little fingers that always want to play, That never stop exploring the wonder of today. Ten tiny little fingers that from the very start, Will reach out for tomorrow, yet always hold your heart?

84: Outside is your favorite place to be! You love to run around, play in the sprinkler, and ride in your stroller and wagon. You are happiest when you are playing in the water!

85: You love to run! Great Grandpa Al says you have one speed: fast! You only sit down for a second before you are exploring again. Mommy and Daddy can't believe how happy you are! You are always smiling and doing something to make us smile! | You love to hug and kiss Baby Sawyer! | Spaghetti is fun to eat! | You didn't wait for Daddy to finish putting your chair together.

88: When you turned one, your personality took off! You knew what you wanted and usually knew how to get it! You had strong opinions and a happy, bright attitude. You love water, the dishwasher, cell phones, being in the bathroom, and getting messy.

89: Bath time is your favorite time of the day. When you hear the bath water start running, you take off and run, arms flailing, to the bathroom. You have gotten so smart that you try to take off your clothes before you get there, take off your diaper, or you try to climb in with your clothes on!

90: We had your party a week after your birthday because Grampie Kent was fishing in Northern Minnesota. On your actual birthday, we met Grandpa Jack and Grandma Janice for lunch. A Mariachi band sang "Happy Birthday" to you while you (and Mommy) wore a sombrero. The whole experience scared you; then they gave you a balloon, which scared you even more! It was such a beautiful day on your birthday!

91: Mommy planned your party for months. She called it Emi-fest! It was 'cupcake' themed! Mommy made your tutu and had a shirt made just for you. We had a giant cupcake sign in the yard advertising your birthday. Mommy made a birthday banner for your party. We had a pink candy buffet with cupcakes, pink Oreos, strawberry wafers, Pink Rock Candy, pink and white animal crackers, Starburst, strawberry marshmallows, and Strawberry Poofs. Your smash cake was a giant cupcake. Since you were still allergic to milk, your cake was very plain-the frosting was fat free Cool Whip! We invited family and your friends from daycare. Mommy and Daddy were disappointed that the day was cool and overcast, but we had tons fun, anyway!

92: are friends for life.

93: Smiled 4 weeks | Rolled Over 6 weeks 3.5 months | Cut Teeth 8 months | Walked10 months | Crawled 6 months | Laughed 3 months | Sat up 6 months | Talked 9 months

95: This girl has

98: Newborn | 1 month | 2 months | 3 months | 4 months | 5 months | 6 months | 7 months | 8 months | 9 months | 10 months | 11 months | One Year Old

99: Mommy and Daddy can't wait to see what the next year brings. We are so excited to see you grow and change each day! We love you!

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