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Emileigh-year 2

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S: Emileigh Ryan-Year 2

BC: Today you are you, That is truer than true! There is no one alive, That is you-er than you! -Dr. Suess

FC: Our Second Year with

1: Our Dearest Emileigh~ As we begin our second year with you, we look back and cannot believe how you have changed. You have grown into a beautiful, crazy, sweet, headstrong, spirited, determined toddler. How did it happen so quickly? You have taught us many things this year. We have learned to be patient while we wait for you to do things yourself, to be calm when you are not, and, most importantly, we have learned how to laugh. We laugh with you all day long. You, with your child-like innocence, see the world with an amazing view. You find humor in things Mommy and Daddy take for granted. We also laugh at you. You have turned into one of the funniest people we know! You dance and do the silliest things. We love your happy, smiley personality! We couldn't imagine our lives without you and often wonder what we did before you came along. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know! Thank you for making our lives better. We love you! Mommy and Daddy

2: Mommy planned your party for months. She called it Emi-fest! It was 'cupcake' themed! Mommy made your tutu and had a shirt made just for you. We had a giant cupcake sign in the yard advertising your birthday. Mommy made a birthday banner for your party. We had a pink candy buffet with cupcakes, pink Oreos, strawberry wafers, Pink Rock Candy, pink and white animal crackers, Starburst, strawberry marshmallows, and Strawberry Poofs. Your smash cake was a giant cupcake. Since you were still allergic to milk, your cake was very plain-the frosting was fat free Cool Whip! We invited family and your friends from daycare. Mommy and Daddy were disappointed that the day was cool and overcast, but we had tons of fun, anyway!

4: We can't believe you are one already! Your party was so fun! A lot of people came to see you and all your friends from daycare came You also had tubes put in your ears in June. Mommy and Daddy were very nervous about the surgery, but you were so brave! By the time we got home, you wanted to play outside.

5: We went to Quarry Days and Cootie Days in Dell Rapids. We pushed you around in your stroller and ate lots of delicious fair food. Next year, we will go on rides and take a train ride! You love 'helping' load the dishwasher. You are starting to pick up your toys and wipe your tray when you are done! What a helper you are!

8: We went to the Great Plains Zoo on June 5th, the day after your first birthday! Grammie, Uncle Brenton, Adam, Mommy and Daddy went with you. It was over 100 degrees! It was so hot and sunny that you kept your hat and sunglasses on the whole day! You had a hard time seeing the animals, but when you spotted them, you got really excited! The bears and giraffes were easy to see! You loved the petting zoo. The goats were very friendly and liked to stick their heads out the holes. You squealed when you petted them!

9: You love the sprinkler! When Daddy waters the flowers, you squeal and run into it. Daddy likes to spray you and get you all wet. When you help water the flowers, you always 'taste' the flowers!

10: You had tubes put in your ears on June 15, 2010. You kept getting ear infection and were sick all the time. Mommy and Daddy were nervous, but the doctor let Mommy carry you back to the operating room and hold you while they gave you anesthesia. Mommy cried when she handed sleeping Emileigh to the surgeon. Your surgery only took about 15 minutes. Mommy barely had time to take off her scrubs before we heard you coming down the hallway. We would know your cry anywhere! The nice nurses even gave your 'baby' a name tag.

11: We went to Nathan's, Mommy's cousin's National Guard Deployment Ceremony. You were such a good girl, you slept through the whole ceremony and Governor Daugaard's speech. Nathan went to Iraq with the National Guard. There was a whole group of Nathan's family and friends that came to see him. We went out for lunch with everyone before the ceremony. | Great Grandpa Al is trying to snuggle with you; you are trying to escape.

12: July was a very busy month at the Stukel house! You decided that you love, love, love to be outside! Ellie, the neighbor, and you are best buddies. She is 2 1/2, so she tries to be the boss. You stand your ground and don't let her get away with too much! We went to Minneapolis for four days in July. Grammie and Grampie came along! It

13: was your first time there. We shopped and shopped and shopped! Grampie got tired of shopping! We took a trip to see the Gavin's Point Dam, it was open to capacity. It was neat to see that much water. Your favorite words are 'mo' (more), 'nana' (banana), 'mama', 'dada', and 'acky'.

14: When you were 13 months old, you started climbing on everything. You got so excited when you got to the top of something! You are so determined; 'give up' is not in your vocabulary!

15: We celebrated the 4th of July in Gregory at Grandpa Jack and Grandma Janice's house. We went to the parade, you liked to watch the floats drive by, but slept through most of it! At the carnival, we rode on the carousel, which you loved for the first two times around, then you were scared and wanted to be held. Daddy loves to shoot fireworks. He thought you would LOVE to watch, but you cried every time one made a loud noise. It was a very long night! All weekend, you were obsessed with the rocks in the driveway. We were constantly telling you to take the rocks out of your mouth. You had rocks in your hands (and mouth) the whole weekend!

16: You love to play with Adam at Grammie and Grampie's house! There is so much to do and so much to see, nobody every gets bored! | at Grammie and Grampie's house

18: You started a new daycare this month. You go to Carrie Nirva's house. She used to work with Mommy at school. Your friends Ellie Wanner, Lincoln and Braeden Fersdahl, and Sawyer Nygard go there. Carrie has a daughter, Kayla, who is 5 months older than you. We went to the Sioux Empire Fair, you got to pet a 1 week old calf. You loved her, and tried

19: to ride her The calf slept through your entire encounter! Corn on the cob is your favorite food. You can usually eat the whole ear, sometimes two! You are talking more and more! Your favorite words this month are 'he ya' (see ya), 'uh-oh', 'hi', bye-bye', and 'dit dow' (sit down).

20: Mommy got a call at work from Carrie at daycare. You were running and fell and cut your eye. Carrie told Mommy to come get you right away and take to you the ER. Mommy was so nervous because you were bleeding all over! The doctor couldn't put stitches in because part of the cut was on your eyelid. Instead, they used surgical tape to keep the cut closed. You were very scared while we were in the doctor's office and were still upset when we got home. | First trip to the

22: You have really started to play! You love acting silly and you know when Mommy and Daddy are joking with you. Your favorite thing to do is put things in containers and take them out. You love to put things in 'purses' and carry them over your arm. Daddy likes to push you REALLY high in the swing. Mommy is afraid you are going to hit the roof! Great Grandpa Al celebrated his 80th birthday party this month. You played with Adam all day.

23: We went camping with Grandma Janice and Grandpa Jack this month. Auntie Monica fed you Rocky Mountain Oysters! You really liked them. Being outside is still your favorite thing. You would be outside all day if you could. You say a bunch of words now. 'Get down', 'nice', 'night-night', 'socky' are the newest words we hear. Grammie swears you say 'Bumpa and Mumma', although, Mommy and Daddy have never heard it.

28: Great Grandpa Al turned 80 on September 9, 2011. We had a big party for him. Several of his friends and neighbors came to with him 'Happy Birthday'! Mommy made the cake and cupcakes.

29: Adam loves to tell stories to you, this was no exception. You guys sat on the fireplace for 20 minutes talking and sharing cookies! We only wish we knew what you are saying!

30: The weather in October was so nice! We were able to play outside with no coat for the whole month! Hugs are your favorite thing this month. You say "Huh" (Hug) and lean your head into whatever you are hugging. You also love to talk on the phone. You 'answer' everything! You say "Daddy" or "Bumpa" and get really excited when Mommy calls and you get to talk.

31: Your pluggie is still your best friend. When it is in your mouth, you don't talk very much, so we try to take it out. Mommy and Daddy love to hear your squeaky voice! You are starting to put words together! Your favorites this month are 'he yew' (I see you), 'pizza' (dee-da), 'Daddy, aaahhh ooooo' (Daddy, where are you?), and 'heh-woh' (hello).

32: We went to the Garden of Weedin' Pumpkin Patch on Saturday, October 1, 2011. You loved looking and touching all the pumpkins! Mommy tried to take your picture beside a beautiful fall basket. By the time we Mommy snapped a few pictures, you had taken all the corn out of the basket and nibbled on most of it! You were so good, but it was very windy and you did not like it blowing in your face.

33: On October 9, 2011, we went to the Apple Orchard Pumpkin Patch. Titia, Kyle, Caroline and Aria met us there. You had fun with the girls. You hugged Aria every chance you got! Animals were the highlight of your trip. We went for a hay ride and you wanted to pet the horse. You were terrified of the goats, but loved the chickens. You kept running back to and jabbering to the chickens. Running on the hay was your second favorite thing to do! You ran with the big kids on the hay pile and, of course, hugged Aria!

34: Aiden, Clara, Slater, Austin, Kinsley, Caroline, Emileigh, Parker, Hunter

35: For opening weekend of pheasant hunting season, Mommy's family gets together. It gets more fun each year because there are new babies to meet! Auntie Titia will have another baby girl next year! It was a secret until Titia cut into the cake and saw that it was pink. We are so excited to meet her! | It is fun to see how well the kids play together. They go from being shy to best buddies in a day or two! The 'big boys', Hunter and Parker, are starting to go hunting with the guys. It is fun to see a new generation begin the tradition!

36: One night, while Daddy was working late, Mommy painted pumpkins with you. You were a little apprehensive at first, but soon, you were having a ball! Blowing kisses and tasting the paint topped your list of favorites! Mommy tried to hold the paint plate, but you were much happier when you could hold it yourself!

37: Our Spooky friends we'll meet. | See the costumes we have on, | See the costumes we have on, | Monsters, ghosts, goblins too. | Pumpkin time is here again, | Time to play trick or Treat. | Pumpkin time is here again, | Hear us all shout "BOO!"

40: You love to say 'hi' to people and get so excited when they respond to you. Grocery shopping is one of your favorite activities. You are so friendly to all the customers. 'More' is your favorite word, especially when you want your sippy cup refilled. Even waiters get asked for more water! When we leave daycare, you say, 'Gump-gin, all gone. It makes you sad that the pumpkins aren't there anymore.

41: New words this month are gump-gin (pumpkin), all gone, all done, pea (please), geng-gun (penguin), dee doo (thank you), 'Mommy, Daddy, Baby', pa (please), baa (bath), muhhh (kiss), jew (juice), bwoo (blue), hickle hickle (tickle, tickle), tree (treat), teef (teeth), caw-caw (cracker), eww, acky poop!, 'baby', 'bra-ba' (brown bear).

42: Grammie Julie celebrated her 51st birthday on November 11th. Mommy, Daddy, and you went to their house for her party. Great Grandpa Al, Uncle Brenton, Tiffany and Adam were there, too! We couldn't get very many pictures, because you and Adam were so wild!

43: Adam's birthday is on the same day as Grammie's birthday! We celebrated Adam's birthday on Sunday, the 13th. | 'SpongeBob' was the theme of Adam's party. Most of his gifts were SpongeBob, as well as the decorations!

44: Daddy turned 31 on November 14th. We celebrated by going out to eat at Johnny Carino's with our friends' Mark and Melissa, Baby Sawyer's parents. The next night, Mommy made Daddy's favorite meal, tacos. For dessert, we had Oreo pie, Daddy's favorite. You helped make the pie. You helped by licking the spatula.

45: Daddy let you help him open his presents. You are just like Mommy, you took the bows off the packages and held on to them!

46: Mommy and Daddy like to host Thanksgiving at our house. Mommy, Daddy, Grammie, Grampie, Grandpa Al, Uncle Brenton, Tiffany, Adam and Lorie came to Thanksgiving this year. Grandpa Jack and Grandma Janice couldn't make it. This year was all about the babies! You and Adam played so well together all day! You played dress-up in all of Emi's clothes, played with beads, played with toys and had Grandpa Al read a million books!

47: friday | Because you and Mommy were able to take a nice, long nap on Thanksgiving Day, we were able to get up at 4:30 a.m. to go Black Friday Shopping! | Mommy and Daddy felt a little bad about waking you up to go shopping, but we figure you have been waking us up every night for almost 18 months! It was only fair! You slept in your carseat until about 7:00. | We met Grammie at the mall for a little bit and then met Grampie for breakfast. You were such a good shopper; you have plenty of experience, since this is your second Black Friday shopping trip.

48: You had a busy month! You helped Mommy bake Christmas cookies, you helped set up, and decorate the Christmas tree. By the time Christmas got here, we didn't have any ornaments on the bottom half of the tree. You said 'Ya yew' (Love you) for the first time on December 8th.

49: When Mommy wasn't looking, you tried to open the presents. You only succeeded a few times! New words this month are 'chee' (cheese), 'boo' (moo), 'dog', 'Santa', 'duck' (Chuck), 'Ma-ney' (Molly), 'ooh ooh ahh ahh' (Monkey sound), and 'dat' (that). You say 'dat' for everything you are curious about.

54: On Christmas Eve, we went to Grampie and Grammie's house. Grandpa Al, Lorie, Uncle Brenton, Tiffany and Adam were there, too. We ate prime rib for dinner and opened gifts. You cried and cried because you were so overwhelmed. You and Adam had a great time!

55: The next morning, we got up early and went to Grandma and Grandpa Jack's house. There were more gifts waiting for you! Uncle Jake, Amy and Noah were there, too. Uncle Butch and Uncle Mike came in for lunch. We went to Kirwan's house after lunch. We played games and talked and had lots of fun!

56: We celebrated Christmas at home on the 26th. Mommy and Daddy bought you a table and chairs and a bunch of presents! You were overwhelmed again, so we opened one or two packages a day for a week. Mommy ended up opening the rest for you, you weren't very interested in it.

58: Since Christmas, you have become really attached to your babies. You love 'Baby Hannah' and all you other babies. You push them in the stroller, cover them with blankets and feed them. Coloring is one of your favorite activities. Markers are your favorite, but crayons are a close second. Mommy loves to color with you. We color Daddy beautiful pictures! When Daddy says 'vacuum' , you let out a little squeal and run to Mommy for Safety. You get too scared! Daddy likes to tease you a little!

59: Blueberries (boo bee boo), pretzels, and strawberries are your favorite snack. In January, your vocabulary tripled! You started talking in sentences and repeating everything we say. Some of Mommy and Daddy's favorite words are 'num-a-nuh' (m&ms), 'Meh-mee' (Emi), 'bitty bitty dye-der' (Itsy Bitsy Spider), 'ooh ooh ahh ahh shoes '(monkey slippers), 'ooh ooh ahh ahh ni-ni' (monkey jammies), and (our favorite) 'yah-you' (love you)

60: Mommy got an electric pasta roller for Christmas. You were such a helper when we were trying it out! You helped stir the filling for the ravioli. You are becoming such a little chef! When Mommy cooks or bakes, you push a kitchen chair to the counter so you can see!

61: January was such a mild month! On the 15th, we played outside for hours! The temperature was 46 degrees! You had a great time running around and playing on your slide and tricycle.

62: You have so much fun at daycare with Carrie! This was your first time playing with Play-doh. Cutting and rolling it out were your favorite things. You didn't like to squish it. Lincoln and Kayla played, too.

63: The slide and the giant ball pit are two of your favorite toys at Carrie's house. Your best buddies are Owie (Kayla), Baby (Sawyer), and Dada (Lincoln).

64: You are getting so good at feeding yourself! 'Boyda-boyda-boyda' (yogurt) is your favorite thing to eat with a spoon. Your favorite foods are pizza, rice, pudding, yogurt, 'noo-nuls' (noodles), pretzels, chocolate covered peanuts, jelly beans, 'bloobies '(blueberries), popcorn, and anything sweet, especially chocolate.

65: Hooking the fasteners on shopping carts, high chairs, and your car seat are really fun to you! Whenever we try to put you in your high chair, it is always clipped! You also love to sign your name on credit card machines at stores. You are going to be an excellent shopper!

66: It's all & ...

67: ...until Mommy puts Blankie in the washer!

68: On Valentine's Day, Mommy made a nice dinner at home and we took pictures with your Valentine's gifts. Each set of grandparents gave you a stuffed bear. Mommy and Daddy gave you books. Happy Valentine's Day, Baby Girl! We love you!

70: When Baby Sawyer and you get together, both of you usually end up with no pants! The Mommies and Daddies think it is funny!

71: Your stroller is one of your favorite toys. The seat is ripping because you sit in it all time time. Baby Sawyer likes to push you, but he doesn't like you to push him. Of course, your babies love to ride. You hang your purse from the handle, just like Mommy!

72: It finally snowed enough to use your sled! The snow was actually slush and it was about 38 degrees out, but you didn't care. You let Daddy pull you in your sled until Daddy's shoes were soaking wet. You weren't sure about walking in your snow boots. You looked so cute in your outfit!

74: March was such an incredible warm month! We were able to play outside with Ellie and "Puppy Jack" many times! You are starting to love to play dress-up. When Mommy hangs up your clothes, you take things out of the closet as fast as Mommy puts them away. Shoes and hats are your favorite to wear.

75: Baby Sawyer turned 1 on March 31st. You enjoyed attending his party. You are talking so well, we usually know what you are saying. If we can't figure it out, you get very frustrated.

81: You LOVE 'Puppy Jack'! 'Puppy Jack' is Ellie's puppy. Jack's 'Daddy', Troy, lets us 'borrow' Jack anytime you want to play. He gets so excited to see you. You yell out the window, "Puppy Jack, where are you?"

82: You started using the 'big girl potty' in March. You like to sit on the potty and watch YouTube on the iPad or Mommy's phone. You aren't consistent with going potty yet, but you try to take off your diaper as soon as it is wet. Carrie has to safety pin your pants on at daycare, because you take off your pants and diaper!

84: Finally, in March, we got a chance to try out the playground at the new elementary school. We were there for an hour, and you didn't want to leave! Since you were getting over RSV, we didn't let you play too hard.

85: Sleeping is still really hard for you. Mommy usually rocks you to sleep and holds you for a while, then puts you in your crib. After an hour or two, you wake up and want to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. Mommy loves to snuggle with you all night, but you kick Daddy all night long! You don't like any blankets. When Mommy puts a blanket on you, you immediately kick it off! You love to put your head on the pillow, though! You and Mommy share a pillow all night!

86: On St. Patrick's Day, you were getting over RSV. We had hardly left the house for two weeks. We decided to go out to eat and go to the parade. After we ate, you fell asleep and slept through the parade. You loved your necklaces and green outfit.

87: You fell and scraped your knee for the first time on March 23rd. You were having a great time playing with Ellie and Puppy Jack. Usually, when you fall, you don't get too upset. This time was different, you cried and cried. Mommy and Daddy knew it must have hurt very badly.

88: Baby Sawyer turned 1 on March 31st. Mommy made the cake and the 'Happy Birthday' banner. Melissa made lots of delicious food. It was a great time!

89: The star of the show was not Sawyer, it was one of his gifts, a Cozy Coupe. It sure lived up to its name. Three kids all wanted in at the same time! There were some tears, but eventually, all three kiddos got a turn. | You were laying on the floor screaming!

90: Mommy and Daddy can't believe how smart you are! You know all your letters, shapes, and colors! You can count to three and sing lots of songs. The Wheels on the Bus, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and The ABC Song are your favorites. You love any song with an

91: action and even when you are grumpy, you can't stop yourself from doing the actions. You are starting to say funny phrases. 'See you in the morning' and 'See you 'morrow' are your favorites. Mommy and Daddy think they are funny, because we don't know where you heard them!

92: You love to dress up. You like to put on hats, shoes, mittens and tutus. When Mommy wants you to try on a new dress or shirt, you throw a huge fit and try to put on things you want to wear.

94: Corn on the cob is your favorite! You get all crazy when you see it. You can usually eat at least one ear, sometimes two! Last year, you only chewed on the end; this year, you are getting the hang of things!

96: We decorated Easter eggs on April 6th. You had a great time! We found dye on the wall, because you dropped the eggs into the dye. You liked to reach in and retrieve the egg, too. By the end of the night, your hands were blue! You bit one egg and broke the shell! One egg slipped out of your hand. Both you and Daddy watched it fall to the floor.

98: You got lots of Easter baskets this year. Troy and Ellie gave you a flowered one, Carrie gave you one in a purple bucket, and Mommy and Daddy gave you one in a pink basket. Bumpie Kent and Mumma Juju also gave you a cute Easter basket.

100: We spent Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Jack's house. You and Noah played together the whole weekend! He still calls you 'that girl', but he is starting to like you more and more! The Easter Bunny brought you both Power Wheels! You were so excited! We tried to take pictures outside, but it was so cold. You didn't care, you took off your sweater and played with your new car!

101: We went to Uncle Butch's farm to feed the Baby cow. It was 'too scary', but you loved looking at the horses! Uncle Jake took you into the field to pet them!

102: You spent hours playing with your kitchen. You shove as many spatulas and spoons into your apron pocket as you can fit. The oven 'mitten' makes you so angry, you don't understand why there aren't two. "Daddy buy more mitten" is what we hear when you play with your kitchen.

105: Daddy took Mommy to Minneapolis for her birthday. While we were there, Daddy got the flu, so it wasn't a fun trip for him. Mommy still had fun! We celebrated Mommy's birthday the weekend after at Mumma and Bumpie's house. The frosting was your favorite part, your little finger was in it all the time!

106: Mommy got out of school on May 11th, so we had lots of time to play together. You love to be outside. Maddie and Ellie are your best buddies! Good thing we are neighbors, they are always outside. You all love to run through the sprinkler or play in the pool.

107: Popsicles are your favorite snack. You eat one almost every night after supper. Marshmallows and fruit snacks are also high on your snack list. You started to do the 'cheese face' every time we take your picture. Mommy and Daddy think it is too cute!

108: You and Adam love to jump on the spare bed at Mumma and Bumpie's house. As soon as you get together, you squeal and run in there. About 5 minutes after these pictures were taken, you both fell off the bed and bonked your heads on the floor. Adam split open his forehead and was bleeding everywhere. A Sponge Bob band-aid made everything okay again. | no more monkey's

109: You LOVE to dance! You and Mommy have 'dancing fingers'. We put our index fingers up and we dance! You get so crazy, you run in circles and get really giggly! When Daddy coaches golf, you and Mommy watch "Dancing with the Stars" and dance!

110: You go to 'mastics every Wednesday morning. Aria is in your class. You are learning so much! You love to jump and do somersaults! It is hard for you to be brave and do things without Mommy by your side, but by the end of class, you want to keep 'having fun'! The long trampoline and hand stamps at the end are your favorite part.

113: Your birthday party was on Saturday,, June 2nd. It was an absolutely beautiful day. We had a great guest list and you had so much fun opening presents, eating and blowing out your candles! We ate lots of delicious food. Mommy made vanilla bean cupcakes. We had chips and dip, taquitos, meatballs, and marshmallow pops(your absolute favorite), rock candy and sixlets. Mommy and Daddy rented you a bouncy house. You were too scared to go in at first, then Daddy put you in and you loved it. After everyone left the party, Baby Sawyer, Baby Momma, and Baby Mark came back over to jump in it. We were having a good time until Daddy and Baby Mark had a jumping contest. Daddy claims he won, but he hurt his knee in the process.

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