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Emma Our Little Miracle

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S: Emma Grace Whitacre

BC: Emma Grace Whitacre | I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always! As long as I'm living My baby you'll be! | ~ Love Mom & Dad

FC: Dreams Do Come True! Pregnancy Journal 2011

1: Our Story | Jeremy and I will be married 2 years on July 18, 2011 and we are so excited to be expanding our family! Our New Year's goal for 2011 was to get pregnant and we were so happy and grateful that it happened so fast! I know I was shocked when I first took a pregnancy test. I was by myself and all I could do was cry because I was so happy! I took a picture of the test that read YES and went to go print it off to give it to Jeremy in a card! I gave it to him that night and he was so happy! We almost stayed up all night just talking about all the great things to come. I was definitely one of those little girls who could not wait to grow up and start a family. Since Jeremy and I have been together (9 years and counting) we have daydreamed about the kids we would have and the type of parents we would be, and now our dreams are coming true!

2: Parents | Grandparents | Great Grandparents | Aunt | Aunt | Emma's Family Tree

3: Brooke Ashley Whitacre | Jeremy Eugene Whitacre | October 26, 1984 | Kenneth Martin Jones | Elsworth Airforce Base South Dakota | September 21, 1984 | Springfield, Ohio | November 25, 1963 | Decatur, Illinois | Springfield, Ohio | March 22, 1963 | Myra Sue Jones | Stephen Eugene Whitacre | July 1, 1957 | Maryville, Tennessee | July 12, 1953 | Wanda Faye Whitacre | Patricia Lyn Walker | Xenia, Ohio | April, 2,1940 | Struberville, Ohio | Daniel Walker | Barbara Jean Castle | Billie Gene Castle | Donald Eugene Whitacre | Mary Francis Whitacre | Lois Ruth James | Ralp C James | Ruth Ann Hill | March 21, 1918 | Great-Great Grandma | September 21, 1939 | Springfield, Ohio | March 24, 1934 | Vonore, Tennessee | August 30, 1926 | April, 13, 1926 | Jefferson City, Tennessee | Springfield, Ohio | July 1, 1957 | Paintsville, Kentucky | January 29, 1936 | Nippa, Kentucky | August 20, 1932 | Sinclaire, Illinois | Flat Gap, Kentucky

4: We told our parent that next week. We knew that both of our families would be so excited! We bought birthday invitations and make them out for Baby Whitacre! I was so nervous and excited to tell my parents. I handed my mom the card and she opened it up and said, "Who is baby Whitacre"? LeeAnn was also reading the card and saw that on the bottom of the card it said Congrats Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt LeeAnn! She then told mom, "Shes pregnant"! Everyone was just so excited and happy for us! | How We Told Our Family | Telling My Family | 26 W E E K S

5: We then went over to Jeremy's parents. Jeremy handed his mom the card and she opened it up and instantly started to cry. All she could get out was "Thank You Brooke". Steve was on the other couch just laughing at Wanda and kept asking what was going on. Wanda still could not talk so she just handed Steve the card. I think he first said was "Well I guess this means we will not be going to Florida for Christmas." We told Holly the next week with another invitation and she started to cry as well and was so excited. It was really fun to share our news with our families!!!!!!!! | Telling Jeremy's Family | 34 W E E K S

6: Oct 30th | Ultrasound | 26 Weeks | 15 Weeks | 33 Weeks

7: 28 Weeks | 28 Weeks | Harley cuddling with Emma! | Father's Day Present! Boy or Girl?

8: 1st Ultrasound 9 weeks

9: We had our first ultrasound at 9 weeks and it was just an amazing experience for Jeremy and I, it is hard to put into words what we were feeling! We could see its little arms and legs moving around and its heart beating so fast (175bpm)! The doc said everything looked GREAT and that the baby already measures 3 days bigger than expected. It will definitely be a day I hope to never forget!!! | First Ultrasound | Proud Parents-To-Be 14 Weeks

10: 14 Weeks | 20 Weeks | At first I didn't know if I liked my belly bump because I couldn't fit into my clothes and I was very frustrated. As my belly grew and when I could start to feel the baby move I began to LOVE IT! | 24 Weeks

11: 35 Weeks | 37 Weeks | 29 Weeks | A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart till the day you die. ~ Mary Mason

12: Progress | A Boy or A Girl ? At first you moved, only a little. I could always find you, right in the middle As time went on, you really started to grow. It wasn't a whole lot, in fact, it was rather slow. Before I knew it, you were all over the place. I kind of felt like, you were running a race. People would ask me, if you were a boy or a girl. I would sit and wonder, if you would have curls. There are so many things, I really want to know. But, you are hidden inside, so the answers don't show. How much will you weigh? How tall will you be? What color is your hair? Will you even like me? I hope and pray, you feel like you belong. I never want you to feel, like you are alone. | 24 Weeks | 28 W e e k s | 34 Weeks

13: Your Dad and I, planned you from the start. You, my dear child, were made straight from our hearts. Around October 30th, we will meet you, for the first time. For you are the product, of your Dad's love and mine. There will be no one like you, not any place in the world. It really doesn't matter, if you are a boy or a girl. We are both so happy, that you even exist. The gender doesn't matter, you'll be hard to resist. I hope I make you proud, that I am your mother everyday. Because, you have filled our dreams, in more than words can say. It won't be long before, I can look you in the eyes. I can feel the excitement growing, I know I'm going to cry. Don't worry my angel, those tears will be of joy. It won't matter to me, if you are a girl or boy. ~Regina M. Linn | 21 Weeks | 33 W e e k s

14: Nashville May 2011 Jeremy & I went on a little vacation and stayed at the beautiful Gaylord Opryland Resort! We went out to downtown Nashville and ate at the HardRock and went to many bars where there were great bands playing, the best was at The WildHorse Saloon. We also took a tour of the Grand Ole Opry, which was really neat. Later that night we went to a show at the Opry where we saw Little Jimmy Dickens, Aaron Tippin, & other performers! We also had a relaxing pool day! Jeremy & I had so much fun! | "BabyMoon" | 15 | W E E K S

15: Flood Line May 2010 | Margaritaville

16: June | Doctor visit - Find out gender | 9 | 8 | Baby's "What will it BEE " Party!!!

17: Ultrasound 19 Weeks | IT'S A GIRL!!! | This Ultrasound was a lot of fun! We found out 1st thing that we were going to have a little Emma Grace! We were both really excited and both started to tear up. She was breech and all bundled up in there. Her legs & feet were over her head, & her arms were just moving around. The tech said everything looked to be normal and her heartbeat was 148 & estimated weight was 10 ounces. We were both really excited to be expecting a healthy little GIRL! | Emma's little foot that kept kicking me!!!

18: Those who thought it was going to Bee a Boy! | The ones who guessed right, It's a GIRL!!!

19: Its a Girl! | Emma Grace Whitacre | Baby Jack enjoying the Party!!! | Excited Great-Grandmas

20: Ultrasound 24 Weeks | Foot Print | We went to Kettering College for some more pictures of our beautiful little girl! She was very active for the students!

22: Conley Bottom Lake Cumberland August 2011 | 29 Weeks

23: Family Fun & Friends | 28 Weeks | 25 W E E K S | 28 Weeks | 34 Weeks

25: Baby Shower was given by Grandma Myra & Aunt LeeAnn! 8/28/11

26: Baby Shower September 11th Given by Grandma Wanda and Aunt Holly

28: Co-Ed BABY SHOWER | September 24. 2011 Given by Jamie and Laura!

30: E | M | M | A | s

31: Jeremy was excited that we finally got the last piece of the crib in the mail so he had it put together and all the bedding in it before I got home from work! | Nursery | Shower Gifts

32: My Mom & Wanda joined us at this ultrasound. It was neat to share the experience with them! The tech took lots of measurements and Emma measured normal for everything. She weighed around 3.2lbs. She was still in the breech position, but hopefully in the next 6 weeks she will turn. It was so obvious how big she has grown, her whole body would not fit into the screen anymore. | 30 Week Ultrasound

33: Cravings I don't think I had cravings, but things I loved while pregnant were: Root Beer since it was caffeine free! Also, I ate a lot of cereal (especially during the 3rd trimester). It was the only thing that kept me full for a while. Nesting I think I drove Jeremy crazy with all my organizing and reorganizing and wanting to clean out every closet, the garage, and basement multiple times. I wanted to paint everything and make everything clean and new for Emma's arrival!!! | Baby Movements The first time I felt Emma move was June 1st at 18 weeks! It was an amazing feeling! Jeremy felt her move a week later and was totally shocked and said "Now it seems real!" I loved to feel those little movements! You were mostly active after I ate and thankfully not at night! Worst Part The first trimester was bad because I was nauseous and was getting sick all day everyday. The other bad thing was just the waiting for little Emma to finally arrive. 37 1/2 weeks was a long time to wait. | 23 Weeks

34: Baby Shower 35 weeks

35: Patiently waiting for Emma's arrival time! | Yeah! It's Time!!! | 10-12-11

36: The Story of Emma's Birth | It was Wednesday October 12 and we had an ultrasound appointment to check to see if Emma was still breech. I had been doing crazy exercises and going to the chiropractor to get her to turn head down. So I was hoping she had turned and I wouldn't have to schedule a C-Section. My Mom and sister also met us there. During the ultrasound the tech was really quiet and took a lot of measurements. I was getting worried and asked if the baby was still breech and if everything was OK. The tech informed us the baby was still breech but she was concerned because there was not the normal amount of amniotic fluid around the baby. She left the room and went to talk to the Dr. Jeremy and I became really worried. The tech came back and said the Dr wanted us to go to the hospital to have the baby observed for a while. So we were off to the hospital and we were making phone calls to everyone to let them know the situation. I really thought we would go to the hospital & they would hook me up to monitors to make sure Emma's heart rate stayed normal. Since her heart rate was good during the ultrasound I was not too worried and thought we would be home later that evening. Obviously Jeremy was really nervous and worried because on our way to Kettering hospital he missed our exit and didn't realize it until I said something to him like 10 min passed our exit. We got there and went to the labor and delivery floor where the nurse said she was waiting on us and had a bed all ready. I was in bed for about 10 minutes when the high risk OB Dr came in and said that because the baby was still breech and the low amount of fluid they had already scheduled a C-Section for me at 6:00pm. I was totally shocked and not ready to be going into surgery in 3 hours. They hooked me up to the monitors and started

37: an IV, which took an hour and 4 different people to finally get an IV started. I was somewhat relieved that my doctor, Dr Ducette, was on call for the day. He came in to talk to me since he heard that I was not too happy to be having a C-Section. I tried to convince him to let me go home & I would come back the next morning & hopefully by then Emma would have flipped. The Dr calmed me down & made me realize that today was going to be our little girls birthday and he said that the baby and I would be just fine. Thats when I finally accepted the fact that I was going to have a C-Section. I was scared and excited all at the same time. We were finally going to meet this little girl that Jeremy & I had fallen in love with all ready! We made all of our phone calls to family and friends to let them know that Emma was going to make her arrival soon! I went into the surgery room first and Jeremy and my Mom came in later. It seemed like it was only minutes after they came in that I was hearing Emma cry! She came out screaming and she was the most perfect little baby I had ever seen. She was taken to the nursery bed where I watched them clean her up, take her measurements, and had Jeremy cut the cord. Jeremy was the first to hold her and just seeing him hold Emma just made me cry. I finally got to hold her once they stitched me up & I never wanted put her down! We went to the recovery room for an hour and she was so wide awake the whole time. Around 8pm we actually got put in our room and all of our friends and family that had been waiting finally got to meet Emma Grace! The nurse gave Emma her first sponge bath, our friends said good bye, and there we were a family of three! The whole day was so amazing! She came two and a half weeks early and on an unexpected day but it was the best day of our lives!!!

38: Emma Grace | 10/12/2011 | 6:07 PM | 19 inches | 5lbs 15oz

39: The Story of your...

40: Emma's first sponge bath!

42: Hospital Visitors

44: Everyone Loves Emma

46: Bringing Home Baby | We spent 3 days in the hospital and we could not wait to go home and start our little family. Harley was excited to finally meet little Emma Grace! He was really gentle and protective of her.

47: Our Family of 3

48: Who Does Emma Look Like? | Our family is split on if she looks like me or Jeremy. What I know for sure is she has my lips and Jeremy's dimpled chin. Right now she still has Jeremy's pretty blue eyes and I think she has my nose. Sometimes she looks more like Jeremy and other times she looks more like me just depends on what facial expression she has. We both think she is absolutely beautiful!

49: Even before we met you, We Loved You!! | Daddy & Emma | Mommy & Emma

51: A little bit of heaven Drifted down from above- A handful of happiness, A heart full of love. The mystery of life, So scared and sweet. The giver of joy, So deep and complete. Precious and priceless, So lovable too! The world's sweetest miracle Baby girl, is you! | Precious Little One

53: Emma Grace Whitacre


56: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice... | That's what Little Girls are Made Of!

57: Photos taken by Lindsay Herstine

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