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Eva's Baby Advice

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S: Baby Advice from Friends and Family

BC: Marcus - If Mamma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy

FC: BabyAdvice From Your Friends & Family Who Love You!!!

1: Eva We wanted you to know we are thinking of you during this special time in your life.

2: Love her Daddy

3: My advice for Eva raising her daughter: Surround her with people who love her Raise her up in the Lord Model the characteristics you would like her to have | Teach her that her happiness in life comes from her taking responsibility It's not what happens in your life but how you choose to react to it." Love Her Daddy. Love Mom | Stay Firm Remember, You are in charge "The child came to live with you, you didn't come to live with the child" From Grandma Jody

4: One of my friends told me that having a baby is the hardest thing you'll ever do, but also the best thing you'll ever do. I'd say that sums it up pretty well. Here are a couple of words of wisdom from my almost 3 years as a mother. -Say yes to help and don't feel guilty about it. Let a friend take you to lunch, your mother-in-law watch the baby and your neighbor cook you dinner. You deserve it! -Every baby is different. There's always that mom that tells you about her 6 week baby that is already sleeping through the night while yours is still up eating every 2 hours. Don't let it get you down your baby will get there, it may just take a little longer. -If it seems really bad, don't worry, it'll be over soon. There are a lot of stages your baby will go through that will make life seem unbearable, but stay strong and know it will soon pass. -Don't try to do it all. So what if you meant to do the laundry, vacuum the floor and make a nice dinner today. Just take a frozen pizza out of the freezer and call it a day. Love Shannon

6: "Don't turn down any kind gesture. Anyone that loves you is going to try to do something nice for you...accept it. Love, Heidi & John Laughlin

7: 1. Feed your child the same foods you eat. Meats, seafood, fruits and especially vegetables. 2. Take a picture of your baby/child on the same day of each month. You will always have a record of their growth and different milestones along the way (missing teeth, new haircut, or a boo-boo on the knee). 3. Give your child the best education you can afford. Love, Aunt Carol

9: I would like to pass on great advice given to me from Karen. Always remember the pioneers. Having your first baby can be pretty overwhelming and unfortunately, there will be many times when you don't know what to do with that sweet little baby of yours. Of course there are doctors, family, friends, books and now the internet to help you, but most of the time you just need to go with your instincts and use common sense. Our ancestors, the pioneers, probably had little prior knowledge and no books or even doctors to give them advice and yet they managed just fine. So when in doubt, remember the pioneers, and go with your gut. Much Love to you and your baby, Aunt Susie

10: Put on your own oxygen mask first before attaching your child's. Be the kind of person you want your child to be. Feeling guilty doesn't make you a better mother--just do the best you can. Love, love,love. | Kathy & James | Kathy & Jeff

11: If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all-(Grandma Steves) Don't have too many rules (Grandpa Steves) Anybody who trusts a teenager has to have their head examined (Grandpa Steves) Love Aunt Kathy

13: Get Plenty of Rest. The Thank You Notes can wait. New Dads are more than capable of writing their share too. If someone offers to watch your baby, bring you a meal or do a load of laundry, take it.! Trust your instincts. They are almost always right. You will never love anyone as much as your kids. It may not seem possible, but it's true. Enjoy every minute. Love, Tracy Willis

15: 1. Take time for yourself! 2. Take time out for your marriage (date night). 3. Nap when they nap, no matter how many other things you have to do. And on that note don't sweat the small stuff-sometimes it's okay to let the laundry pile up! 4. There is no manual, we are all clueless at first so don't beat yourself up if you're not sure what to do in a situation, ask your mom, ask any other mommy, and ask the doctor as many questions as you want no matter how ridiculous you feel! 5. Take lots of photos, enjoy the moment, and the little things because there will come a time when the little one stops doing some cute little thing they did for so long. 6. Have some form of discipline in place early. The naughty step worked for me, when they've done something bad have your little one sit on a step (or corner, seat, etc..) for 1 minute for every year they are old (3yrs old=3 minutes on the naughty step). 7. As they get older choose your battles wisely-you'll want to save your breath for the big things you'll have to yell about. Caren and Joshua

16: Love them when they are little, they grow up so fast

17: Let them make mistakes and LEARN from them.....if you try too much to HELP them along, they are not learning, just letting YOU do it for them Both parents should be on the "same page"and be one unit so the kids can't play one against the other LOVE YOU EVA.........Congratulations and Good Luck! Love, Aunt Kathy

19: Advice for Eva: Well Eva, I know you are going to be the best mom ever. One thing I can recommend that my mom taught me is not to worry too much about the messes your kids make when they are playing. (making a fort in the living room with all your blankets and sheets!) It can all be cleaned up in good time. The only other advice I would add to that is to always be respectful to your husband in front of your children. (you can always lay into him later!) The Lords blessing upon you and your new family! Love, Patty

20: Cindi's best motherly advice... Be a mean mother! How to be a Mean Mother A mean mother never allows candy or sweets to take the place of a well-balanced meal. A mean mother insists on knowing where her children are at all times, who their friends are and what they do. A mean mother breaks the Child Labor Law by making her children work- washing dishes, making beds, learning to cook and doing other cruel and unpleasant chores. A mean mother makes life miserable for her offspring by insisting that they always tell the truth. A mean mother produces teenagers who are wiser and more sensible. A mean mother can smile with secret delight and pride when she hears her own grandchildren call their parents "mean". What the world needs now are more Mean Mothers and Fathers. -Author Unknown ~~~~ --This poem hung on my bedroom wall for many years. When your baby girl looks at you and screams, “You are so mean... BE PROUD My favorite quote: This too shall pass. Repeat it to yourself, over and over, as a mantra. It will help get you from teething to teenagers, and beyond. Also, a great quote to remember during the cute and cuddly times. Every moment of this adventure will pass quickly, good and bad. The dishes, dusting and laundry can wait, but your baby won't. She will be grown and having her own babies and you will sit and wonder where the time went. Be present and don't blink.! I love you Eva and am so glad to be able to share this new adventure with you!! Love, Cindi

21: Eva, my advice to you is to keep up the baby book and always remember she will be the Mother of your Grandkids.... Love Carol

23: Eva, you will be an absolutely amazing mother and I am so excited to watch you shine in this next chapter of your life. I saw this quote a couple years ago and it made my heart smile, I hope it does to yours as well. Love you. "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." -Theodore Hesburgh Love Sarah

24: Eva- I'm still new to this, but I've learned a few little things to share... -You don't always have to put your baby down when they sleep - the books say it's important for developing good sleeping habits, and it is - but a nap in your arms every now and then becomes a wonderful nap together. -Invest in a nice pedicure and haircut 3 months after the birth, it'll make you feel amazing.! -Don't fret about all the schools of thought on parenting. You are an instinctive nurturer, Eves. If you follow your heart, you'll do what is absolutely best for your baby. Love - Jackie

25: Immediately after Jackie was born my Mom advised me: "To sleep whenever the baby sleeps. Even if there is laundry to be done or other chores needing attention, your first priority is your baby. In order to be the best mother you can be, you must be well rested." I gave Jackie and Amanda the same advice when their babies were born. Love Becky | Baby Girl

26: Susanne Whitson, Mom - Ruby Lee (85), and Sister - Mary Ann Easterday

27: My Mom used to sing = Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, will be, the future's not ours to see, Que Sera Sera. My Mom is a retired Registered Nurse who had 6 children. She says the most common thing among new parents is to worry. The past is history, the future a mystery and today a gift. That is why it is called the present. So my advice is to enjoy the present and your precious gift from God. Don't rush or worry about each new development (The turning over, teething, crawling, balancing, walking, talking, starting school, etc) but enjoy and rejoice each moment! Congratulations on your start to a new and blessed life and adventure! Love, Susanne

28: Enjoy every minute of your baby's life. Before you know it, you will turn around and they will be adults. As a teacher, it is difficult to find that balance with kids, work, home, husband, but God is with you every step of the way. I know you will be a great Mom. Congratulations. Marsha Huska

29: "Making the decision to have a child-it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body" -Elizabeth Stone Motherhood brings a new dimension to your life. Take good care of yourself so you can enjoy every moment of your child's growth and development. Maintain your sense of humor and most of all share your love with your child throughout their life. Marilyn Dance

31: Baby Girl | You can't spoil them enough before they are a year old. They will have lots of friends but only one MOM. Sometimes it is hard to be the parent but you will have to be the one to make the tough decisions. No one will love them more than you and you will always have their best interest at heart. Try not to discipline when angry. Encourage them to find a passion. Enjoy every stage as they grow because soon you will look back with disbelief as the time has flown by. Read and sing to them every day. No such thing as too many hugs and kisses and tickles. LOVE to the new family. Love, Molly Eva, Always listen with an open mind and an open heart. Let her figure things out for herself, because sometimes the best advice is best kept to yourself. My mom always told me to be true to myself and what I believe, and to always back up words with actions. Honesty is the best policy, even when lying is easier, surround yourself with kind people, and my all time favorite, it's nice to be nice. Show her what a strong, beautiful, kindhearted person she can be through example. Even when you are unsure of yourself, know that you are going to be a great mom! Love, Katie

33: Our Baby Girl | My mothers Advice- “Teach your child that there are some things that are always right or wrong. Integrity, honor, and honesty should not be determined by whether or not it is convenient.” “Before disciplining, decompress.” My advice- Cori Rico “Teach them to read maps” “Pose good questions and answer elaborately. Chatty moms breed smarter children” “Remember when YOU misbehaved.” “be consistent, think quick and sympathize.” And lastly since my parents are educators as well as Eva's mother and now Eva, I used to always hear this one. Teachers ARE underpaid.” I also saw this once and thought it was funny. You know you are a mother when you celebrate Velcro.

34: Cousin Eva,! Best advice your Aunt Debbie ever gave me was to not settle for second best. Work hard and you will be rewarded. And of course that too much chocolate will never hurt you. Love, Cousin Cass

35: Trust yourself God made you the mom for a reason. Lessons are more often caught rather than taught. tickle tickle tickle Invest in a great video like "Sleeping Beauty" Take care of yourself... Children want your presence more than your presents. Believe your female intuition, it's real. Train up a child in the way he should go... and go that way yourself too. Trust Yourself! Love you so Much Aunt Debbie

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