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Frankie's Second Year

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Frankie's Second Year - Page Text Content

S: Frankie ~ July 2011 - July 2012 | a | n | k | k

BC: Today is your day to celebrate your day to be the star so let the ones you love all cheer and say how special you are A year of fun and happiness is my birthday wish for you You are someone special and your birthday should be too!

FC: Frankie | F | July 2011 - July 2012 | r | a | n | k | i | e

2: Family Tradition in Wildwood Crest - Courier Post - | The conventional family vacation to the shore takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to the Cox brood -- dozens of them -- who will visit Wildwood Crest this week. For the 30th straight year. The annual gathering started out with just a handful of family members renting out the bottom floor of a three-story home on Seaview Avenue. The South Jersey clan moved to a five-bedroom house on Louisville Street 18 years ago, and this year another four-bedroom house around the corner and motel rooms across the street are necessities. | "Now I sit and wonder," laughed Matriarch Bernice Cox Brown, after settling into the Louisville Street home Saturday afternoon. "Where did all these people come from?" The group consists of four generations, five children, 11 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren of Brown, who lives in Lewes, Del., and will turn 75 in August. The youngest vacationer, Baby Joey, is 6 weeks old. Upon returning to the house, Brown said, "It looks like it always does. Until we all get here. Then it gets a little hectic. But we all enjoy it, the kids really look forward to it, and it's a tradition that they'll keep on long after I'm gone." Kelly Krawchuck, Brown's granddaughter, said Friday the week is filled with various activities and traditions, such as cooking contests, Brown's spaghetti dinner today, "rides night" and trips for ice cream.

3: "One night for the rides on the boardwalk, that was always the rule," said Krawchuck, 31. "I remember that as a kid we always had to take a nap before we went. As we got older, it became a real big deal and we'd make sure we had our hair and makeup all done up." Krawchuck's mother, Colleen DeLucca, cites a "casino night" that was started a few years ago. "My sister, Karen, used to be a blackjack dealer at the casinos," said DeLucca, 55, of Blackwood. "So we decided to have a casino night. All the kids ante up their 50 cents and they can win a couple of bucks." But keeping all the kids occupied can be a struggle, DeLucca said, especially in bad weather. "I remember about 10 years ago it rained the whole week," she recalled. "We must have played about 40 games of bingo and we rented a whole lot of movies. "We still had fun, and there hasn't been a summer yet that it hasn't been an enjoyable vacation." "Gram" Brown -- or "GG" to the great-grandkids -- said despite the crowded quarters, everyone gets along. "That's what I really like," Brown mused. "Everybody loves everybody. I think it's very rare to find a family without some dissension." There are moments, however, like when her two sons stay up late on the front porch. "My bedroom is catty-corner to the porch," Brown said. "And after they've had a few beers they try to out talk each other. There's been many a time I've had to tell them to keep it down." Son Mike Cox, 45, laughs it off. "Yeah, she's always yelling at us. We just quiet down for a minute and then just wait until she goes back upstairs. We're just having fun," said the Gloucester City resident, who has made at least part of the vacation each of the 30 years. "It's great to come to the shore and be with my family." His 48-year-old brother Eric, who bragged that he won the first two cooking contests the family started five years ago, has also made it to the beach every year. "We're a real close family, and even with that many people it goes really well. It's actually pretty funny. You wake up in the morning and come downstairs and there's people all over the place -- in sleeping bags on the floor, on the couches and chairs." Eric's wife, Lyn, said she had no idea what she was getting into when she married into the large Cox family. "But the vacation's have been wonderful," she enthused. "Every year at work they laugh at me because I get happier and happier as it gets closer to vacation time." About 25 members of the family had arrived by 5 p.m. Saturday. Five of the women were at the grocery store shopping for the entire brood; a couple of the men had just returned from the liquor store. As the family showed up, Colleen DeLucca said brightly, "The party has started."

8: Life is better at the

20: Family Fun at the Phillies Game!

22: Snack Time!

23: Puppy Love!

24: Fun in the Sun

25: Happy Birthday GG!

26: The Many Faces of Frankie!

30: Yummy Yummy In My Tummy!

33: Decorating Pumpkins with Joey

34: Annual Hayrides at Uncle Frankie & Aunt NJ's

36: Happy Halloween 2011 | Trick or Treat!

40: Storybook Land

42: Frankie & Dominick with Santa

43: Dominick with Mrs. Clause

44: Helping Mommy Bake Some Cookies!

48: Christmas Morning

52: Adventure Aquarium

56: Brotherly Love!

57: Lets Go For A Walk!

58: Baking a Cake for Mommy!

59: Happy Birthday Mommy!

60: Welcome to the World Baby Dylan!

63: Happy Easter

66: Happy Mother's Day!

68: Best Friends with 15 Tyler!

70: Yummy Yummy Fruit Salad!!

72: First Surgery - Getting My Appendix Out

73: Sleeping with Daddy in the ER | 1st Room at CHOP | View from Room on 9 South | Mom & Dad got to see me in recovery right after surgery | 2nd Room at CHOP | Sleeping off the anesthesia

74: Sleeping with Daddy | Sleeping | All curled up sleeping | Watching TV, and on Mommy's Iphone trying to relax | View from main lobby up to my room | Sleeping with Mommy

75: Sitting Up in the Crib | Playing with Legos and watching TV | Trying a Popsicle | Yummy Popsicle - You ate the whole thing! | Starting to feel better - Playing with GG | GG was being so silly!!!!

76: Playing with my stuffed animals and GG | Playing with my Thomas Train | GG and Geor | Mommy and one of my nurses! | First time walking while in CHOP | Going for a walk

77: Walking with the family! | You walked all the way to the Front Lobby! | Waving Hi | Elevator ride back to the room with Aunt Kali | Mommy, Daddy and I

78: With Aunt Kali | Waving Hi with Dad | Walking with Mom and Dad | Still smiling even with all we have been through! | View from my 3rd room | Recovery after getting the PICC line in

79: Finally allowed to eat something - Yummy Cheerios! | Mommy being silly on the cot they got for her! | Drawing in the playroom | Full of smiles! | Looking out the window with Dad | Being silly with Mommy!

80: Wow, hope everything goes well, we will be thinking about you. - Mindy Whalen | Hope all will go well sending prayers for a speedy recovery. - Barbara Stroup | I'll be thinking of you all and praying things go well. Hope he is back to himself soon! - Debbie Redrow | Oh my!! Lots of hugs and kisses from me and Connor man!! - Mysti Specht | Hope he feels better soon! - Rose Funkhouser | Give Frankie a big hug for me! Hope everything goes well, keep us all updated! Love you guys! - Tara Morello | Praying Casey!! - Eric Cox Jr. | Hope he gets better fast. - Amy Fuller | Prayers and good thoughts for the little guy. - Geri Heilig | Poor little guy! Thinking of you guys - Jaime Mckinney Wells | Oh no! I'll be praying for him! Hope he gets better soon! - Lisa Davenport | Prayers! Thinking of you guys. Hope all goes smoothly. - Sara McMahon | Oh Boy, poor little man! - Aunt Jeanine | I hope he feels better. I love you guys. Wish u all the best! - Tori | Awww feel better Frankie!! - Allison Mair | Sending prayers and wishes for a quick recovery! - Stacy Smith | You and your family will be in my prayers and thoughts! - Katherine Reilly | Best wishes for a speedy recovery, so sorry! - Jenn Ward | Prays for Frankie! - Robin Geary | Thinking of you guys and praying for a speedy recovery for him! - Christie Conn | I'll be praying for him and you guys! - Tina Stowell | Oh Casey, thinking of you guys all day! You are all in my prayers! - Patti Maguire Churchill | Keeping you in my prayers!! - Melissa Riley | Love and Support From Family & Friends! | Just checking in to see how you ALL are doing. Let me know if you need anything! Sending him lots of hugs and kisses!!! - Aunt Kali | Poor Guy. When you see him let him know that we're praying for him and give him hugs n kisses! - Aunt Lyn | How's my little man? If there is anything you need, cleaning store whatever just let me know. - Aunt Jeanine | God Casey - I 'll be thinking about you guys! - Aunt Karen | How is my Pumpkin Head doing? Hopefully still getting some sleep. I'll check in with you in the morning. Call me if there are any changes. - Gammy | Hugs & Kisses and lots of Prayers - Pop | Lots of Well wishes! - Pop Pop, Pop, Me Mom, GG | Lots of Prayers, Hugs & Kisses - Aunt Kelly, Uncle Paul, Dominick, and Dylan | Sending Love your way! - Pop Pop | Watching over you from Heaven - Your Own Guardian Angel Nana | Give him lots of kisses for me and one Frankie Look!! - Aunt Glor | Thinking of you guys - Grandma Johnson

81: That has to be so scary as a mom. Good luck today, I'll be praying for you guys! - Lauren Burke | Will keep him in our prayers!! - Lyn Cox | Awww... hope everything goes smoothly! Poor little guy! - Nicole Chiaravalloti | Sending prayers his way! Hope he is feeling better soon! - Kelly-Jean Zellers | Oh no!!! Thinking about you guys this morning and hoping he feels better soon :) - Amanda Redrow | Hope he is ok Casey!!! - Jessica Butler | Oh no!!! So sorry Case, thinking of you guys! - Brittany Gafas | Oh poor baby...Praying he has a speedy recovery and all goes well! Thinking of you guys!!!! Hugs!! - Heather Picone | Wow he is young for that! Good luck and prayers for a speedy recovery! - Cyane McCorkle | Oh no! Poor little guy. - Lynn Golley | Poor baby! Let me know if you need anything. - Joy Ankine Carlin | Feel better fast little man!! - Beverly Layton-Deleandro | Aww poor baby!! Send love and hugs! - Brianna Lee | Thinking of you and keeping you all in my prayers! - Jessica Doran | We send our love to u three. Theres not a minute we don't think about u! Xoxoxoxoxo Kiera, Jayce, Isabella, Kaleena and Pop-Pop - Kaleena Conn | Casey...thoughts and prayers with you two and frankie;-) - Shannon Broome | Glad everything went well! - Lorraine Hecksher | I'm so glad he's ok! Let me know if you need anything. Tell your sister too... If she needs me to watch the kids so she can come be with you I can! - Tammy | Prayers n thoughts with you and ur little one!! - Geralyn Charli Duden | So glad to hear everything went well and he is now on a road to recovery. - Joy Ankine Carlin | Glad all went well Well be thinking of you! - Linda Troutman | I'm happy to hear everything went well and that he is doing better. Our thoughts and well wishes for a speedy recovery with lots of love! - Robert Duricko | Poor Frankie! Hoping the little guy is back to himself soon! - Casey Burns | Poor little guy!!!! hope for a speedy recovery,hope you guys are doing ok! - Dana & Rich Nicolucci | Give Frankie a big hug for me. I'm glad everything went ok. Call if you need us - Terri Piper Mair | Hope everything goes well for that lil cutie! - Marissa Wisniewski | Aww may god bless you Casey and your family!! I will be praying for you. - Roselena Guerrero | Glad he's on road 2 recovery! Ur family will b in my prayers. Xoxo - Michelle Lynn | My prayers are with you, and hope he gets well soon! - Jenn Ward | Hope recovery goes well too. Good job listening to your mommy senses! - Audrey Trader Barbera | Hope recovery goes well!! Let me know if I can do anything - Lisa Zumwalde | Prayers for you guys and your little man! hope he gets better soon. poor baby! - Jaime Mckinney Wells | You are in my heart and prayers! -Andrea McWhirt | My god nephew is one tough two year old! Hoping for the best - Let me know if there's anything we can do! - Eva Friedman

82: Oh my gosh, Poor baby. Give him hugs and kisses from us! - Uncle Mike, Aunt Jo, Jess & Michael | I feel so bad for the little guy! Glad to hear surgery went well. - Tara | Aw, Poor Baby boy! Let me know if you guys need anything!!! - Randi | How the hell does this happen to a kid this young?!?!? - Uncle Bill | Aw Case, my heart goes out to you all!! Sending positive vibes your way! He is such a trooper. Hope you are all getting some rest! - Cindy | Hugs and Kisses for you 3. Lots of prayers being said for a smooth surgery and recovery. Loves you lots!! - Katie | Hope everything goes okay with his surgery today. Hope to see you guys soon! - Cousin Brett | I am thinking about you guys!! I'm glad Frankie is doing well. Keep us updated and anything you need don't hesitate to ask. :-) - Amanda | Glad surgery went well. Sucks that it ruptured though. I feel so bad for him!! If you need anything let me know! - Jamie S | So happy Frankie is home with you and Buddy. Take it easy and get some rest! If we can do anything for you guys please let us know! - Sue | Hows lil tank? Good Momma to go with your gut feeling and take him back to the doctors. Call if theres anything you need! With JJ or whatever! Sending prayers for my lil tank! - Cousin Maria | Will be praying and thinking of you guys!!! Good call Casey -- You're a good momma! - Tammy D | What?!?!?! Mommy's know best! Good job at pushing for an answer! Poor Baby, He will finally get what he needs! We send you many hugs and kisses your way. Let me know if you need anything! - Lisa | Oh Gosh, Poor baby. How are you holding up. Of course let me know if you guys need anything! - Shippy | Good Luck today. Let me know if you need anything! - Melissa | Sending prayers his way! Hope he is feeling better soon! - Kelly-Jean Zellers | Sorry to hear about Frankie. Hope everything goes well. All my love! - Erin | Sending prayers and hope everything goes well! -Colleen Farrell | Casey, I'm so sorry! Chop is amazing. They took such great care of my Thomas. I know they'll get Frankie better fast. So sorry you're going through this. - Stefanie Davis | Aw, that little man is a trooper! When you get home let me know if you need me to pick anything up, I'd be happy to make the trip! - Lauren | I hope everything goes well! - Jaime Gladysz | Glad to hear everything went well and he is better. Margo,Caden and I send our love!!!! Get better fast lil Frankie!! - Rich Redrow

83: Frankie, You were so strong and we are so proud of you! We love you little trooper!! Love Mommy, Daddy and JJ

84: Happy Father's Day!

86: This is how I brush my teeth!

88: Happy 2nd Birthday

89: Hurray for the Red, Hurray for the Blue, Hurray for Frankie, Because today he is TWO!

92: Frankie's 2nd Birthday Party! July 7th 2012

96: Place the Nose On Elmo Game

97: Ernie's Duck Pond Game

98: Time for Dessert!

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