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From Bump to Baby

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From Bump to Baby - Page Text Content

BC: Thank you so much to Sarah for capturing our journey! sarah.bidgood.photography

FC: From Bump to Baby

1: William Felix Leo Murphy August 12, 2012 12:17 pm 11lbs 11oz 21 3/4 in.

2: Dear Little One, your Daddy, big sister and I are all so excited to add you to our family – we already know you’ll be a great addition. Sloan can’t wait to meet you and kisses you through my belly daily. We’ve decided to wait until your birthday to find out if you are a boy or girl, but Sloan is adamant that you are a tiny baby boy! You are the size of a lemon this week...but seeing as your sister already stretched things out in there for you, it looks to me like you are the size of a melon with the way my belly has grown so far! I think I’ve felt you move a few times already – I love that feeling and can’t wait until it becomes a regular thing! The middle of the night trips to the bathroom have started already, but the need to nap daily has passed thankfully! We love you so much already Little One! xoMummy

3: Week 14

4: Dear Little One, this week you are the size of an apple...which is funny since I have been craving their tart crunch, with peanut butter of course! We have been thinking about your arrival and have our first midwife appointment booked and another ultrasound next week - I love getting a sneak peek at you! We've also been thinking about the fact that our little house seems to be getting smaller with just the thought of more baby stuff! Hopefully we can find something a little bigger and move before your arrival. Lots of exciting changes! Love you Little One! xoMummy

5: Week 15

6: Dear Little One, You are the size of an avocado this week (yummm) and starting to practice your breathing in utero. Sloan has been practicing changing and holding a tiny baby with her dollies - she is going to be a great big sister! She also likes to sing to her babies, but only if she thinks no one is listening - maybe you'll be able to hear her soon. I've felt you fluttering around a bit, but nothing to strong yet. I seem to be growing bigger by the minute it seems, but I'm fine with that as long as it means making more room for you! Love you lots little one! xo Mummy

7: Week 16

8: Dear Little One, This week we had a midwife appointment and everything is right on track. Your Daddy had to work, but Sloan got to come along and listen to your little heart beat pounding away (at 144 beats per minute). Although I'm still not feeling you move a whole lot, we sure could hear you bouncing off the walls in there! I think you're going to be a little mover and shaker! You're the size of a turnip this week...which was hard to find in the grocery store! It doesn't look much bigger than the avocado last week, but apparently you've grown about an ounce and a half! I can't help but wonder how much you will weigh when your birth day comes! Mummy and Daddy love you little one! xo Mummy

9: Week 17

10: Dear Little One, this week you are the size of a bell pepper and fluttering around more in my belly! I can't wait for you to be strong enough to kick and have Sloan feel you moving. We have had crazy summer like weather lately, which is SO unusual for March! While it is nice to no longer bundle up, it worries me a little that we might have a super hot summer. I have a feeling I'll be spending June and July in the lake! Can't wait to meet you little one! xo Mummy

11: Week 18

12: Dear Little One, this week you are the size of a large tomato (which was hard to find since they aren't in season in March!) and starting to grow hair! I wonder if you'll have a little mohawk like your big sister did when she was born! Oddly enough I've had some really bad heartburn this week - maybe you'll have a full head of hair! You've been moving around a lot more this week - especially if I eat or drink something sweet! I also feel you move more at night, right around the time I am reading a bedtime story, or singing to Sloan...maybe you can hear me and are trying to tell me something about my inability to carry a tune! We get another little peek at you next week at our 20 week ultrasound - can't wait! xo Mummy

13: Week 19

14: Dear Little One, this week marks the beginning of the second half - we're just 20 (or so) weeks away from meeting you...which feels like forever and yet so close at the same time! We had the big 20 week ultrasound this week and I resisted the urge to find out if you are a little sister or a little brother for Sloan! You were on the move quite a bit, moving from bum down to transverse to bum down again in the course of the 45 minutes we were watching you - and I can feel every bit of it! You are the length of a banana now - which is something I can't stand the texture of now! Ick! See you soon(ish)! xo Mummy

15: Week 20

16: Dear Little One, You seem to be developing your own little rhythm and are active in the early afternoon and then calm down, and then start practicing karate or soccer kicks at night around 8 o'clock! Daddy hasn't been able to feel you yet, you seem to stop moving the second he gets his hand in place. You are the length of a carrot this week, so you're not so little anymore! Speaking of carrots...the Easter Bunny came this weekend! It's hard to believe Sloan won't be hunting for eggs on her own next year - you'll be there to help! Love you lots little one! xo Mummy

17: Week 21

18: Dear Little One, you are the LENGTH of a spaghetti squash this week...not at BIG as one...just as long as one! I have to make that clear since a spaghetti squash seems huge! Although that is the way I am feeling this week! You must have gained some strength this week as your kicks can now be easily felt of the outside, and I can really feel them on the inside! Sloan seems to be noticing you more lately, which is adorable! She likes to pull up my shirt and kiss my belly and say good night to you! I bet you can hear her now! xo Mummy

19: Week 22

20: Dear Little One, this week you are the weight of a mango. It's funny to think of you being as long as a spaghetti squash, but only has heavy as a mango! I think I've figured out that chocolate is the cause of my heartburn - how dare you! Your Daddy finally got to feel your strong kicks this week and it was just as special as the first time that he felt your big sister kicking away. We're getting closer - can't wait to have you in our arms eventually! xo Mummy

21: Week 23

22: Dear Little One: This week we had a wonderful visit from your faux-aunties - we are so lucky to have so many great women (and men!) in our lives! I can't wait for you to meet everyone! You are the length of a cob of corn and a little over a pound this week, and your home (my uterus) has grown to the size of a soccer ball apparently...which explains my expanding mid-section! Your taste buds are developing this week, which could be to blame for my new cravings - salsa and slurpees! xo Mummy

23: Week 24

24: Dear Little One, this week you weigh about a pound and a half - the same weight as a rutabaga! My belly is feeling a lot heavier, and I'm feeling big! You are on the move a lot - I can't tell yet if it's your heal, knee or elbow, but I can feel something poking out of my belly! Sloan has been trying to feed you - she likes to give you a bottle through my belly button! Your Daddy and I have been talking about your name - not knowing if you're a girl or a boy makes it even harder to make any decisions! I think we'll have to meet your before we can decide for sure! xo Mummy

25: Week 25

26: Dear Little One, I can feel you stretching out now, and see your little body poking out of my belly! I guess you need more room now that you're the length of a cucumber! You're causing me a lot of heart burn this week...and it doesn't seem to be caused by what I'm eating! Tums are helping a little (if I don't forget them in my desk at work!), but a chocolate milkshake is the best cure! Sloan is still convinced you're a baby boy, it's going to be neat to see if she is right! xo Mummy

27: Week 26

28: Dear Little One, I feel like I am getting bigger by the minute! I don't remember being much bigger than I am now when I was at the end of my pregnancy with your big sister (although I'm sure I was). I had to leave my wedding rings off a few days this week since I seem to be getting puffy! Apparently you are about 2 pounds now - the weight of a head of cauliflower. I only have a couple more weeks of work left and then I'll be off to prepare for your arrival - can't wait! xo Mummy

29: Week 27

30: Dear Little One, this week you are about 15 inches long and the weight of a Chinese cabbage! I'm feeling lots of little feet or knees at the top of my belly so I think you're settling into position! I'm not completely sure, but you may have had the hiccups the other night! Your big "fur" brother got in on the photo action this week! He wasn't a big fan of your sister when she came along, but he has warmed up to her...especially since she can throw the ball for him now! My heartburn seems to have disappeared this week! Yay!! xo Mummy

31: Week 28

32: Dear Little One, It's not even that warm out yet and I've eaten about a million freezes already - I think I have a crushed ice craving! I finished up work this week! I thought it might be nice to spend some time with Sloan before you come along and turn her world upside down for a while! I think she'll be a great big sister...but it might take some time to adjust to sharing Mummy and Daddy. You are the weight of a butternut squash this week, which seems huge! Your feet are usually in the same place, kicking away, but I have felt you flip side to side a few times - you must be running out of space for that soon! xo Mummy

33: Week 29

34: Dear Little One, apparently you are just about 3 pounds this week - the weight of a cabbage! In the next 10 (or so) weeks you'll put on the rest of your weight quickly, and I'm sure the time will fly by for us! I've been trying to put my feet up when possible this week since the hotter weather seems to make them puffy! Your Daddy has been away working way up North this week and part of last week - I'll think he'll notice a big difference in my growing belly when he gets home! xo Mummy

35: Week 30

36: Dear Little One, Daddy came home from working up North and could see that you had grown a lot! You are now the weight of 4 navel oranges combined! You're still quite the little mover – sometimes even waking me up at night with all your kicks and flails! Sloan still insists that you are a little boy, but thinks that we should name you Zoe or Sister! We had a midwife appointment this week and got to hear your little heartbeat just beating away perfectly, as well as you bumping around in there! Plans are being made to have you at home which I am very much looking forward to! xo Mummy

37: Week 31

38: Dear Little One, you seem to be dropping lower and lower making it harder and harder for me to get up off the floor from playing with your sister! You must be running out of room in there because I feel you stretching and I’m getting little elbow, knee and heal jabs, but not as much flipping and flopping around! Apparently you are the weight of a coconut this week but the ones in the grocery store seemed quite small – I’m sure your Murphy head is about that size by now! xo Mummy

39: Week 32

40: Dear Little One, apparently you are getting chunkier this week and should be weighing in around the 4 pound mark, about the same as a pineapple! You're making it more difficult for me to sleep! You seem to hate it when I move onto my right side and start kicking and moving almost immediately! Of course I’m also getting up lots to pee at night! I should be well practiced for your middle of the night nursing sessions! Sloan has been singing to you and talking to you through my belly button so I think you should be used to her voice by the time you're born! Can't wait! xo Mummy

41: Week 33

42: Dear Little One, you're running out of room in there - my belly button has popped out completely and I can feel you pushing on each of my ribs trying to make more space! The weather has been really HOT and we’ve been spending almost every day in the pool at Nanna & Papa’s house, it feels nice to just float around, especially on by belly – I really miss being able to sleep on it! The water seems to calm you as you don’t seem to move as much when we are in there, we’ll see if it has the same effect during your birth! xo Mummy

43: Week 34

44: Dear Little One, it’s been HOT HOT HOT and humid to boot! I’m not sure being this pregnant at the peak of summer is the greatest idea, but it will all be worth it when you’re here! Sloan has been living like a nudist and strips down at every chance she gets! I’ve been cooling off in the pool lots this week too! You’ve had the hiccups a lot lately! I don’t remember Sloan ever having them, but I wrote it down once so apparently it happened, but you seem to get them almost daily! You’re the size of a honeydew melon this week, which is heavy! I think you’ve dropped even lower, making me need to pee about every 5 minutes! xo Mummy

45: Week 35

46: Dear Little One, you’re the size of large yellow melon this week, which like the honeydew last week, feels very heavy! Your Daddy and I went on a little weekend getaway to a cottage 5 hours away this past weekend – I’m glad you didn’t decide to come when we were so far away from everything! I had quite a few Braxton hicks on the way home (the car seems to do that to us), but all was good. It was our last getaway before we have a family of four! Sloan has been hugging you lots through my belly, I think we is just as excited as we are to meet you! xo Mummy

47: Week 36

48: Dear Little One, we’re in the home stretch now! If I go into labour today we’re okay to have the homebirth we’re planning! The birth pool arrived this week and we’ve got it all blown up ready to go! I’ve got a little boy outfit and a little girl outfit all washed and ready for your birthday – which will it be!? You seem to be getting the hiccups at least once or twice a day now, which feels so neat, but not so neat at 2am! I’m having a hard enough time sleeping with the constant bathroom breaks and tossing and turning, I don’t need something else waking me up! You’re the length of a stalk of swiss chard this week, which explains why I feel you stretching out in there so often! xo Mummy

49: Week 37

50: Dear Little One, please remove your feet from my ribs! You’re the length of a leek this week so I can understand needing to stretch out, but come out and do it! I’ve been having some crazy realistic dreams this week, but they alternate between you coming out a boy and girl – I am dying to know! I’m carrying different than I did with your sister so everyone thinks you’re a little boy we’ll see! Everything is as ready as it’s going to be, so feel free to make your appearance any time! xo Mummy

51: Week 38

52: Dear Little One, all of our plans for a homebirth might be for nothing after this weeks appointment. When we went up to Owen Sound for our 39 week appointment my blood pressure was high so we headed over to the hospital to check on you – everything checked out just fine and we got to see your heart beat on the monitor along with some small contractions I’m having. We’re going to do another check this week and hopefully that comes back clear and we can still plan to have you at home! You’re the size of a mini watermelon this weekbut it feels more like I am carrying a giant watermelon! We might be meeting you this week – can’t wait! xo Mummy

53: Week 39

54: Dear Will, here we are on your due date and you’re 2 days old! It was a VERY exciting moment when you made your appearance and we discovered we had a son. We couldn't be more thrilled and your big sister is SO excited that you have arrived – she was right all along that you were indeed a boy, but instead of Sister or Zoe (like she wanted) we named you William Felix Leo Murphy. You weighed in at a whopping 11lbs 11oz – no wonder I felt HUGE! Everything went great and we got to have the homebirth we wanted – you were born in the birth pool in our living room – it was an amazing experience! We love you so much little man – welcome to our family! xo Mummy

55: Week 40

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