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S: Aiden Montgomery - The First Year

BC: The 12 Months of Me

FC: My First Year

1: Once Upon a Time There was a Beautiful Baby Boy Who was Welcomed into the World by Two Loving Parents and their Family and Friends... THIS IS WHERE THE STORY BEGINS

2: Contractions began the night of November 22nd.First they were mild, slowly they got more painful.Went to hospital at 10:30p.m. on November 23rd, after a long night our baby boy was born on November 24th, 09:08am

3: Proud Parents | Your First Breath Took Ours Away

4: My First Ride Home | G | November 26th, 2011


7: Tiny Fingers | Tiny Toes

8: There are so many things we love about you little angel. Everything you do is adorable.When you are hungry you kick your legs like you are riding a bicycle.Now I know what you were doing in my belly to make it hurt.You were riding your bike. You are full of smiles.People say you smile more than any newborn they have seen. You have a cute mole on your back. It's just like your aunt's. You don't like having your diaper changed.You are very noisy.You don't go 10 minutes without giggling or stretching.Even in your sleep. You are very strong. | 1 Month Old

10: My First | Welcome

11: Merry Christmas

12: Silly Faces

14: You already look a little different from when you were born. You are very easy to take care of. But you like having a lot of attention. You like to be held and walked around. When put on play mat for a belly time, you would start crying. That meant you wanted to be hugged. Ooh, how much you liked being photographed. You adored it. As soon as you saw the camera, you would start moving yourself as if posing for a photo shoot. You were so funny. You were a little strong boy. You were in 90 percentile for height and weight So small, but already a big boy. | 2 Months Old

16: My Welcome Party

18: You are getting a cute little personality. You are very responsive. You laugh at us all the time and you can recognize our faces well. You are a smiley face cute cupcake. You don't like taking long naps and don't like sleeping at nights. You want to be always awake to examine everything that happens around you. You love being outdoors. As soon as we walk outdoors, you get really calm. You were never a thumb sucker, but this is when you started doing it. We even thought you were teething. You never sucked on pacifier, you preferred your thumb. You started grabbing your toys. You loved being in your swing and watch mommy do the housework. As soon as you wanted to fuss, we would get the camera, take your pictures, and you would start calming down, and smile, and smile, and smile... | 3 Months Old

20: You are a loud baby. We laugh at your noises all day. We think you are going to be quite the handful. You don't sit still very often. You already started moving clockwise. Didn't stay at one place still. You would keep your head in one place and move your whole body in circle. That was cute. It was no longer safe to leave you on the bed or sofa unattended or you would move and fall. We started calling you Gaga. But we also liked calling you silly names all the time too. You liked playing with your feet., sucking on your toes. You were getting better at tummy time too. As always we couldn't get enough of you. | 4 Months Old

22: April 8th, 2012

23: Happy Easter

24: You are a rolly polly. You learned to roll over. But first you did that rolling from your belly to your back. You are still so tiny.But you are still in 75-90 percentile in height and weight. We think you are the most beautiful baby in the whole world.A lot of people think that way too. Those who know you, and those who don't love you so much with only just looking at your pictures. You are very curious right now. You want to touch everything you see. You are sitting up now by yourself. You are a true miracle!! | 5 Months Old

26: My MoM's FIRST MOTHER'S DAY | My First Flower Bouquet To My Mom on Mother's Day | May 13th, 2012

28: You are at such a fun age. You can control your body so well. Your hair is getting long, and you already have your special hairdo and use your daddy's gel which gives you a messy look. That looks so cute.You look like a small fashion boy. Those giggles that you are making are getting out of control. You are still taking 5 minute naps a day and waking up a few times at nights. Your teeth are slowly coming in. But it doesn't seem to bother you, except you suck your fingers quite a lot. You already started eating solids. First you didn't like the taste of everything new I was giving to you. You liked bananas and avocados. Slowly you are getting bigger and bigger, but yet you are our little angel. | 6 Months Old

30: Father's Day | June 17th, 2012

31: Mom made a photo book as a Father's Day gift, where it's only me and my dad

32: City Park New Orleans November, 2012 | Gulfarium, Destin, FL September, 2012 | Destin, Fl September, 2012 | Destin, FL September, 2012 | Halloween 2012 | Gulf of Mexico September, 2012

34: You found your voice. We have so much fun listening to your baby talk all day. Some of it actually sounds like real words.When you are crying you say 'Mama' but I think that happens accidentally. We can tell you really want to crawl, but you haven't quite figured it out yet. You love being outdoors but you are already developing this stranger anxiety factor and start crying every time you see a stranger. But that lasts only the first few minutes. Then you get comfortable and start laughing and smiling at everyone. You already have a tooth. | 7 Months Old

36: A T A M H A T I K | J U N E 2 7 th 2 0 1 2


38: You have conquered a lot this month. You are army crawling, pulling yourself up. You started to say dadadada, tatatata and some more sounds at the same time. You still tend to be a little quiet when new people are around. But you like noisy places. You love music, dancing. As soon as you hear music playing you would start moving your whole body and give big smiles... | 8 Months Old

40: Rubber ducky your the one | you make bath time so much | fun rubber duck im so | in love with you !!!!

41: B A T H | T I M E

42: You are a big boy now. Your screams are getting so high pitched, that they hurt our ears. Your naps are becoming shorter and shorter.You don't like having your diaper changed or getting dressed. And you are moving so much that it is not even possible to change your diaper or have you dressed up. You already have your upper tooth come in. You are excellent at pulling up in anything and everything you are next to. | 9 Months Old


44: Good Times With My Mommy

46: Your aunt Anna visited us this month. You had your first beach vacation in Destin, Fl. It is hard to say weather you liked water and the ocean, because one time you would love it, the other time you would cry when being in the water.But seems you liked playing in the waves and getting sand in your little hands. You can already do bear crawling, and soon standing and walking holding on everything that is near you: table, chairs, sofas. You love opening kitchen cabinets, pulling things out from there.You are already a good mess maker.

48: Destin 2012

50: a day at the beach with Anna

51: Florida 2012

52: You've got over your emotions and you already meet new people easily. No crying. You still feel a little shy, trying to turn your head when you meet a stranger, but you will work on that. Music and dancing are your favorite activities. As soon as you hear music play you would shake your whole body, move your head from side to side, and open your mouth and give a continuous and hearty laugh and screams until the music is over. And you would get angry and scream, which would mean you want the music to play again. | 11 Months Old

53: A Beautiful fall Day

55: My First Halloween

56: You are a year old. You don't walk yet, but you feel more comfortable and confident on your feet. You would still do a lot of crawling, being a really happy and active kid. You like playing with other kids, and we would take you to parks a lot where you would meet new babies and play with them.As always the smile would never leave your lovely face. You are a naughty baby trying to get attention in every way. You would play in your crib, slowly taking the blankets out trying to throw them out of the crib, but you would do that so slowly so that I noticed and ran to forbid you, and that's what excited you, you would now act so quickly and laugh at me. You are a smiley hunny bunny. | 1 Year Old

57: It's your birthday Just have fun Because its your birthday Your very first one! Happy one, Honey Bun!

59: TheEnd

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