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Greogry's First Year

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Greogry's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Gregory's First Year - A journal of Memories


FC: Gregory's FIRST YEAR

1: May 13, 2008

2: FIRST PEEK | DATE ___________________ | HOW MANY WEEKS ALONG __________ | HOORAY! IT'S A __________ | September 24, 2007 | 9 Weeks | BOY!! | Our little Casper!


4: NEW BEGINNINGS | YOUR PARENTS | MOMMY AND DADDY'S NAMES _____________________________________________________________ | Rob & Carolyn Madro

6: HOPES & DREAMS | MOMMY'S WISHES FOR ME | Gregory I am so incredibly grateful to have you in my life. You are such an amazing little man and I enjoy watching your personality take shape each day. These are my wishes for you as you grow: I hope you learn... to love life I hope you aren't afraid... to be yourself I hope you love... freely and with all your heart I hope you get... everything you work for I hope you laugh... and learn from your mistakes I hope you never forget... how much I love you I hope you ignore... mean people I hope you become... whatever you want to be I hope you respect... all living things I hope you grow... old and happy

7: DADDY'S WISHES FOR ME | Gregory, I'll do everything I can to support you. It won't always mean doing what you want, but will always mean doing what I hope brings you further towards the wishes below, because you are loved. These are my wishes for you as you grow: I hope you learn... from your mistakes I hope you aren't afraid... to say what you think I hope you love... learning I hope you get... a profession you love I hope you laugh... often I hope you never forget... how to be young I hope you become... anything you put your mind to I hope you respect... all that deserve it I hope you grow... as a person, always I hope you ignore... hurtful and value constructive criticism

8: YOUR BIRTH STORY | CHOOSING YOUR NAME | We both wanted to find you the perfect name! For us that meant not being on the top 25 list but also one that had a classic, familiar element to it. We went through a lot of names and tried them all out until we finally settled on Gregory. We had a few back ups just in case you didn't seem like a Gregory when we met you, but we think it suits you perfectly! | MEASUREMENTS | BIRTH DATE _______________ | BIRTH TIME _______________ | POUNDS _________ | OUNCES _________ | INCHES _________ | DATE_________________ | May 9, 2008 | 9:44 PM | 9 | 1 | 21.5 | May 9, 2008

9: OH HOW SWEET, BABY FEET! | May 9, 2008


11: FIRST PHOTOGRAPH WITH FRIENDS & RELATIVES | NAME OF RELATIVE _________________ | NAME OF RELATIVE _________________ | NAME OF RELATIVE _________________ | NAME OF RELATIVE _________________ | Grandma & Grandpa | Aunty Shelley | Aunty Christie | Great Nanny

12: FIRST FAMILY PORTRAIT | DATE___________________ | May 28, 2008

13: DATE_____________________ | July 28, 2008

14: FIRST HOLIDAY | A whirlwind trip to Calgary to visit some cherished friends, the zoo, and relatives too! We stayed with our gracious host Aly and you enjoyed watching Nathan do all kinds of big boy things! You had one of the best sleeps ever at Aly's house - over 8hrs! It was so wonderful to visit with everyone and their adorable kids too. | DATE________________________ | August 29-31, 2008

15: Joanne made us a wonderful brunch and while we ate, they all spoiled you with attention! Cassidy was so enamoured with you as well and kept trying to find you toys and other things to make you smile and laugh. I think you were pretty flirty with her too as you gave her all your best smiles and laughs!

16: MEMORABLE MOMENTS | DATE___________________ | May 13, 2008

17: DATE_________________ | July 2, 2008

18: MILESTONES | DATE______________________ | DATE______________________ | _____________________________________________________________ | January 15, 2009 | March 24, 2009

19: DATE____________________ | DATE__________ | Mum, dada, hi, bye, all done, ball, flower, puppy, fish, turtle, spider, duck, bee, frog, Dusty, kitty, mommy, daddy, cookie, cracker, more, burp, water, milk, up, down, teddy, bear, blankie, bowl, bath, book, shoe, tree, hockey, pickle. | March 16, 2009

20: My precious Gregory! You truly are a bundle of joy. You are quite content to sleep most of the day away, almost always on me so you can be next to me and hear the familiar sound of my heart beating. That's not to say everyone we know hasn't stopped by for a peek and a cuddle with you! | We had your first baby shower this month and you were showered with love and plenty of gifts too! Lots of cute little outfits, toys to play with as you grow and best of all lots of books that we can snuggle together with and read. You handled being passed around to everyone so well. | You did it! You slept through the night for the first time on June 7, 2008 for 7.5hrs - boy did we need it! You are becoming so alert and starting to take in everything around you. It's amazing how the sound of mommy or daddy's voice can instantly begin to soothe you when you're upset. | 1 - 2 MONTHS

21: You've discovered how helpful your hands can be - to eat, to wave and now even for getting things to play with and to chew on! You scared yourself the first time you picked up these keys and plunked them in your face, but you quickly realized what a great new trick you'd learned and how much it would help you out in the future! | Watching the bond grow between you and your dad has been amazing. You always have smiles and laughs for Daddy and are so excited to see him when he comes home from work every night! Your dad is always coming up with new little games to play with and is never at a loss for a silly face or funny noise that causes you to erupt in a fit of giggles!

22: 3 - 4 MONTHS | Your first real outing was to the Heritage festival this summer. While you didn't get to enjoy the varied cuisine, you did enjoy the different styles of music and all the attention that was lavished on you! You and your cousin Layne both ended up worn out and asleep by the time we left! | We seem to have overcome all our initial challenges with breastfeeding; you are quite the champ now. I especially love how you'll stop in the middle of a feed to smile at me; it melts my heart every time. You also love to coo and chat with me after, which is always welcome! | You found your feet recently and now walk around with soggy feet as you have them in your mouth as often as you can manage, regardless of socks or footed sleepers! I love how you hold both legs up at your ankles for me to change your diapers - you are such a little helper!

23: You love your jumperoo time and could easily spend the afternoon jumping away. Your huge smiles and giggles are amazing, and watching you slowly discover the different toys to play with and how to work them is so much fun - you are always so proud of yourself. You love to show off a new skill for anyone who happens to come by as well. | You are a gifted babbler and will talk to anyone, yourself and even the wall. We babysat your cousin Layne today and you 'talked' to him the whole way home! Tummy time has finally become fun for you, as evidenced by all your smiles. You roll over about half the time when you've had enough and can sit up very well for short periods on your own.

24: 5 - 6 MONTHS | We went out Griesbach to take some fun family pictures at the end of September. You loved being thrust up into the canopy of leaves for some really great shots. Even the local paper stopped to take a few photos. You also tried to eat as many as you could get your hands on! | You first trip to the park was an unseasonably warm October morning. You really enjoyed the swings, especially on your own and would giggle away as you went faster. We tried the slides with you and you also tried your hand at playing a few tunes on the little piano. | Your first plane trip was to Kelowna for Thanksgiving to meet your Great Grandparents and your Great Uncle. You did very well on the flight and enjoyed being spoiled with attention while in Kelowna. We took lots of great walks with Michael, played with Nanny's kitchen utensils and noises and giggles with Boppa!

25: Happy half birthday! We can scarcely believe how much you've changed and all you can do now. You are so observant and watch everything we do in order to try and do it yourself. You have mastered rolling around and I think you could like on the floor and roll around all day long! | You are in love with your cereal; Barley is definitely your favourite. You also now like Yams and Butternut Squash, though without much texture. We have yet to find a fruit you like, bananas being the worst you've tried, but I 'm sure the perfect match for you is just around the corner! | Your first Halloween you were the cutest little leopard! We decided to take you out with your cousins trick or treating so you could learn the ropes early on! You had a great time checking out their costumes and going door to door for some candy. We wore you right out though, and you fell fast asleep in Daddy's arms before the last house.

26: 7 - 8 MONTHS | And you're off! Crawling that is, and no one can stop you. It started off with a little enticement in the form of some peach puffs but once you reached daddy you realized how much more independent it made you! Then you were off to me and the rest was history. Anytime I tried to catch you, you would giggle and go even faster trying to out race me! | We signed up for our first class this month, along with some of our friends. You are having such a blast at Water Babies and I'm getting a great workout. We have lots of fun with all the activities and during our own time before and after the class hanging out in the heated pool! | Your first Christmas. You are the best Christmas present we could have ever asked for! You were delighted at the idea of ripping off the tissue paper and were quite content to hear a story or play with a new toy, not knowing there were plenty more presents waiting! You were definitely spoiled by everyone!

27: You LOVE your food. You could eat and eat all day long. Your favourite food now is pork mashed with apples & apricots. You enjoy your fruits now and have even come around to bananas! In fact you have yet to refuse a new food lately! You've come a long way in picking up your cheerios & puffs and you can open all the doors on your snack tray to find the treats! | You sit on your own for as long as you like now, no more tumbling over! You can go from sitting to crawling and finally vice versa. You were so proud the first time you pushed yourself onto your bum! You also love to bang things together and have even clapped a few times now. You've started reaching for things on the table, it won't be long now.... | You like to click your tongue and babble endless strings of ma-da-ga-bla-da. You’ve said mommy & daddy a few times out of the blue but haven’t fully attached it to us yet, soon! You love to blow raspberries at me and erupt into full belly laughs. You understand so many things when we ask you, like where the bubbles are, who Dusty is and especially MILK!

28: 9 - 10 MONTHS | You are growing up so fast lately! You've started sitting up in your crib now and then realized if you kneel in the front you get a much better view of everything! We lowered your crib down the lowest setting and what did you show us? That you could pull yourself to standing at the front! Thankfully you did this only for a few seconds before sitting back down. | You have been quite the little mischief maker this last month! You're unrolling toilet paper, digging the dirt out of plants, emptying drawers, taking out all the CD's and throwing them all over the floor. Not to mention emptying shredded paper and climbing up onto the dishwasher to see what was inside or on top of the counter! It's not safe to take our eyes off you for a minute! | First attempt to climb up the stairs! You were a little gun shy until your cousins Marissa & Sabrina decided to show you how fun it was!

29: You are certainly good at keeping us on our toes! You started by kneeling in front of the table to pick things off of it and by the end of the night you started pulling yourself up to standing on both the table and the couch and even tried to walk between them! You've started chasing me across the pool at water babies as you find running in the water much easier than walking at home for now! | You've gotten a taste for walking and now you just don't want to give up! I think Dusty is one of your biggest motivators as she will run away if you're not fast enough to catch her. You also seen very keen on trying to get my water bottle all the time! No matter how many times you tumble down you keep getting up and trying that much harder. Way to go Champ!

30: 11 - 12 MONTHS | You love your new walking skills and are becoming so confident now! You'll walk outside, on the grass and even at other people's homes. You made it all the way across the house today without even thinking about, I was so proud of you! The only time you crawl now is when you've fallen, but even that lasts only a second or two. | You seem to be going through another growth spurt - some days it seems like your clothes are only good for one wearing before you outgrow them! Your teething seems to be going full steam ahead and I can see another two bottom ones beside your first two already. Still quite a few more to go! | You're speech is improving each day and you're consistently saying mum, mama, dad, dada, and all done after your meals. You are busy working out new sounds and I am sure there will be a word explosion for you in the coming weeks. You like to make sure you have them all worked out before trying them on us!

31: Now that you're walking is almost perfected you've taken to wanting to help me clean! Your favourites are vacuuming and sweeping and I can always find you sneaking off to the broom closet looking for the swiffer! I'm sure we have the cleanest floors in town some days, well at least until you eat! | We can hardly believe a year has passed already. You have grown up into such an amazing little man. You can now climb up onto the furniture with ease, stroll around as if you've been walking for ever and speak new words every day. Of course every animal is a puppy to you! I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us, my little monkey! We LOVE you so much!

32: FIRST BIRTHDAY | What an amazing day this was for all of us! We were fortunate to share your first birthday with so many friends & family members and all your friends from our mommy's group.

33: You quite enjoyed your cake after you got over the initial dislike of getting your hands dirty. Once you had you first taste you were hooked, but not so much that you couldn't share a little with everyone!!

34: GROWTH CHART | AGE IN MONTHS WEIGHT HEIGHT | 0-1 | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | 1-2 | 2-3 | 3-4 | 4-5 | 5-6 | 10lbs 15oz 22.5" | 13lbs 8oz 24.2" | 14lbs 12oz 25.5" | 16lbs 4oz 26.5" | 17lbs 3oz 27.2" | 18lbs 7oz 28"

35: AGE IN MONTHS WEIGHT HEIGHT | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | 6-7 | 7-8 | 8-9 | 9-10 | 10-11 | 11-12 | 18lbs 11oz 28.4" | 20lbs 1oz 29.1" | 21lbs 5oz 29.75" | 21lbs 14oz 30" | 22lbs 3oz 30" | 23lbs 10oz 31.5"

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