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Hannah - Page Text Content

FC: Hannah Scarlett Triplett

1: Hannah Scarlet Triplett | Jessica Ashely Wright B. Nov. 19, 1975 D. July 24, 2010 | William Ivan Lumpkin III B. Feb 26, 1961 | Abigail Alexander B. June 25, 1952 D. July 30, 2005 | Gary Milton Wright B. Oct. 29, 1952 D. March 9, 1999 | Edgar Charles Alexander B. Sep 23, 1927 D. Oct 5, 1985 | Marjorie Sue Cross B.Nov 25, 1932 D. July 23, 2001 | Jessie Milton Wright B. July 1, 1929 | Carolyn Ruth Roberts B. Sept 4, 1931 D.Oct. 25, 2011 | Mable Emma Smedley B. Sep 23, 1900 D. Jan 12, 1987 | William Lafayette Fleck B. April 5, D. July 1968 | Peggy Jane Fleck B. Oct 29, 1928 | William Ivan Lumpkin II B. May 24, 1928 | Clara Jo Cleveland B. July 19, 1908 D. Sep 2002 | William Ivan Lumpkin B. July 9, 1903 D. Nov 29, 1984

2: Hannah Scarlett Triplett December 18, 1999 6 pounds, 15 Ounces 21 Inches 4:44 A.M. | You were going to be named Savannah Caroline, but a cousin of mine had twins and named one of them Savannah, so we changed your name to Hannah. When we changed your first name we also changed your middle name to Scarlett. This name came from one of my favorite movies Gone With the Wind. We were out to dinner at Red Lobster when I went into labor. Your nick name was spike because your hair stuck up all of the time. Ashley Lumpkin

3: How you grew Jan 20, 200 21 3/4 in 9 lb. 9 oz March 1, 2000 23 in 11 lb. 3 oz May 4, 2000 25 in. 13 lb 5 oz July 28, 2000 27 1/2 in 15 lb Sep 27 2000 27 1/2 in 16 lbs 8 oz Sep 6 2001 34 in 23 lb | You got your first tooth when you were 7 months old. By the time you were 9 months old you had your two front top and two bottom teeth. You had all of your teeth by 18 months. | You loved to eat, you really like gravy, anything with gravy on it, specifically rice with gravy. Chocolate milk, French fries, baked potatoes, and popcorn | First words. Eat, Dad-da, kitty kitty, See that, Thank you, Pebu Bubbo Poon ( peanut butter spoon) Aye (yes). | Firsts When you were 2 weeks old you started smiling. On Jan 19, 2000 you laughed out loud for the 1st time. Slept through the night April 8, 2000 3 1/3 mos. old Held your bottle May 29, 2000 5 mos. old Crawled Aug 2000 8 mos. old Sat unsupported June 2000 Held a cup at 10 mos. old Stood up July 2000 7 mos. old First step Dec 24, 2000 | William Lumpkin | Ashley Lumpkin | Big sister Autumn

4: Angel | SWEET HEART

6: Sisters are blossoms in the garden of life. | Autumn holding Hannah and plotting all the fun they will have together.

7: Hannah means "gracious" or "He (God) has favored me". In Japanese it means "Flower".

8: Aunt Shelby, Ashely Autumn and Hannah

9: 2000

10: 2001 | Autumn and Hannah

11: 2002 | I remember this day, I had been crying because I did not like getting my hair curled. Hannah

12: Cute little chick-a-dee. | I remember this recital, I was crying. Just before I was to go on my mom said that my hair was messed up and she started pulling it. It hurt and I was crying. she told me to hurry and wipe away my tears because I'm just about to go on. Hannah Triplett

13: There is no better way to spend a warm summer day than playing on the beach!

14: Hannah

16: 5th Birthday | Abby, Autumn, Hannah in the front, we don't know who the two little girls in the back are.

17: 2008

18: Having your birthday close to Christmas fun. I love taking photos of Hannah in front of the Christmas tree with her cake.

19: Hannah made her own birthday cake this year. I have a lot of cake pans and she looked through them all and selected the mermaid pan. She did a wonderful job.

20: Happy 13th Birthday

21: Snow in Florida is a rare thing. Hannah and her sisters had a lot of fun playing with the little there was. They made a snowman and Hannah used a Hibiscus flower for its hat.

22: This was taken on the first day Hannah came to live with us. Autumn and Abby were placed with us and Hannah and Heidi were placed in two separate foster homes. When Autumn and Abby came we had no idea that there were two more sisters out there. We worked for nearly a month to get them all placed together in our home. It was early in April 2006, just a few days before Easter when finally they were all together again. Hannah loved all of the dress up clothing we had. They all enjoyed riding on the truck.

23: One thing our family loves to do is make homemade pizza. Each of us get our own crust to roll out. We put on any toppings we would like. Once all of the pizzas are made, we watch a movie together.

24: Dressing up is fun to do! | Hannah makes a fantastic villain in the girls' games.

25: Joshua used highlighter markers on the girl's faces and then used a black light to take photos. | Hannah played Hannah from the Bible in a ward play. She had a lot of fun.

26: May 2006 | This photo was taken shortly after all four of you girls were placed with us in foster care. Autumn and Abby were placed with us from the beginning but Hannah and Heidi were in two different foster homes. We had no idea at first that there were four of them. When we were called to have you placed with us we were only told that there was two. When we found out about you and Heidi we worked for over a month trying to get all of you together. I am eternally grateful that we did. Our goal when we decided to foster was to do only sibling groups because so often in foster care children are separated from each other. It is hard enough to be away from everything you have known your entire life and then to be separated from your siblings as well, it just makes it all the harder to deal with.

27: Each of the girls got to pick their own backdrop they had a lot of fun looking at all of the ones they had. We all went shopping before the photos to pick out what they were going to wear. Shopping and photos is nearly a perfect girls day out!

28: Waiting for the tooth fairy to come! Hannah''s two bottom baby teeth were refusing to come out. We took her to the dentist and they were pulled, not a happy memory but finding the money under her pillow the next morning was totally worth it.

29: Sisters

30: Playing house was a favorite thing to do. One day the girls all decided to pretend they were expecting. They put balls under their shirts! It was so funny. Our family room was always busy with baby doll activities.

33: Abby, Autumn, Hannah, Heidi | Joshua, Jessica, Benjamin | Fall 2006, Having family photos taken is never really what anyone wants to do. Jessica was super excited and took the lead and selected what everyone was going to wear. Heidi was not happy and cried until the photographer gave her a plastic easter egg to hold.

35: Hannah and Abby at a track meet for Autumn. They had a lot of fun playing around as we waited to watch Autumn run her race. Autumn came in 2nd!

36: This is a park not far from our home. We all enjoyed going there to play. The merry-go-round is no longer there, but it was everyone's favorite item at the park.

37: Bridget, Autumn, Hannah, Carolyn

38: Florida Methodist Children's Home (FUMCH) the agency were were licensed through, had a summer fair each year. There was food, rides, and lots of fun. The girl's truly enjoyed going each year.

39: Hannah waited in line for quite a long time so she could ride the horse. It was her favorite thing she did that day.

40: The girls took a year of dance, they had such a good time. Here they are just before going to their recital.

41: Autumn showed an early interest in photography. She started doing photo shoots. On this occasion she wanted to dress the girls up and take their photos. She instructed them not to smile. It was hard for Hannah and Abby not to smile, they kept giggling. Autumn did their hair and thought they looked amazing. This was the girls first photo shoot. There were many more to come.

43: Hannah loved dressing up in outfits. This one was one of Autumns dance costumes. We had a huge box of dress-up clothing, it kept them all busy for hours.

44: Left to right, Tiffany, adoption case manager, Adrian, case manager, the girls!, Sue, the girls Guardian Ad Lidem, and Adrian's supervisor who I can't remember the name of! :) | Making it official was Judge Marriott. The photo is fuzzy and that was very frustrating, but it does not diminish the amazing day it was and becoming a family! | The paperwork making everything official!

45: Abby, Autumn, Heidi and I were going to be adopted by two other families. For some reason or another it didn't work. I know that I hated it; I'd rather be in foster care again then move around finding a family that wants us. We were with the Tripletts in the foster home for most of our lives. Heidi knew them as her one and only family. We already knew them as more of a family then a foster home. Being with them was the best choice I have ever made, and now, if posed with the same question, I'd agree. I know everyone was happy and there wouldn't be a better place to spend the rest of my life. Hannah Triplett | Hannah the day that you became my daughter was the best day ever. It was a long time coming. There were days when I thought this would never happen. The day you were adopted my heart was pounding, I held my breath as the attorney questioned us about whether or not we were willing to make you our daughter, I almost expected someone to rush in at the last moment and say that they wanted you and we would lose you forever. When Judge Marriott finally said that we were now a forever family I cried tears of joy. There will be days I'm certain when you will wonder what you did to deserve this crazy family. I am eternally grateful that you are a part of our family now and forever. The years leading up to your adoption was full of ups and downs, some so frustrating I cried and others so joyful I thought I could never experience more joy. You complete our family. I cannot express how much I love and appreciate you. I am so happy that you are part of our family and I will have the pleasure of watching you to continue to grow, and obtain your own individual happiness. Love mom | Hannah, I remember the day we sat you and your sisters on the couch, acted very serious and told you the family that was planning on adopting you wasn't going to any more. You all looked crestfallen. Then we told you they weren't going to adopt you because we were! Your mouth dropped open, then all of you started squealing with glee! That was the start (unless the start was really when you came to live with us as a foster daughter) of a wonderful relationship we call our family! Love, Dad

47: We spent a number of Sunday afternoons at Ponce inlet. We would have dinner, play at the park, the beach and just have a lot of fun.

50: Hannah you were so excited to be baptized. You and your sisters Autumn and Abby were all baptized on the same day. It was your 11th Birthday, December 18, 2011. It was such a fun and spiritual day. After the baptism there was a lot of food in the gym. Many of our friends from church were there to celebrate such an important day.

51: A year later in December 2012, we were all sealed together for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City temple. It was wonderful to have so much of our family together. We all went out to eat at a buffet called Chuck-A-Rama. We ate out there four times - we all loved it. | Triplett side of the family | Durtschi side of the family | Seven amazing children who we are proud to call ours.

53: This photo was taken at the school Hannah was attending when she was in the foster home just before she came to live with us for a month.

55: Hannah won the story writing contest for Blue Lake Elementary. There was a luncheon held for all of the winners from all of the elementary schools where they shared their stores. Hannah did an amazing job. Hannah also won a medal for honor roll and numerous other awards over the year.

57: 3rd grade | Dominique Brown was one of Hannah's best friends in 3rd grade.

59: School year 2009-2010 | Hannah | Triplett

60: Hannah won the D.A.R.E easy contest for the school. She received a medal, stuffed lion and a certificate. she was so excited.

63: I heard that a new boy band called Big Time Rush was going to be in Orlando; the girls were big fans and so I took the day off and drove them down to meet them. We stood in line for over three hours. There was even a news helicopter flying overhead. We had to buy a CD if we wanted to meet the band; we were told that if all of the girl's wanted to meet them then we would each have to buy a CD. I had not brought that much money, so I decided that Autumn was the one that would meet them. I told the other girls that they would be able to most likely see them just not talk to them. Well when we got up there I had Autumn move towards the table and I had the other girls come with me on the other side of a rope; that's when a man asked why they were not going to meet the band? I told him that we had only bought one CD and so the other three could not see them. He stopped me and said that won't do and escorted them all up to meet the band!! They were all so excited! They each talked to them and got the CD signed by them. When we were done I took them all out to dinner at Cracker Barrel it was a wonderful day.

64: Theme Parks | Our family has always enjoyed going to theme parks. We've had passes to Sea World and Cyprus Gardens (now it's called Lego Land.) We have gone to all of the Disney parks and both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. The following pages is a sampling of what we have done over the years.

65: Cyprus Gardens | Cyprus Gardens was a fun park to go to. We bought season passes but only went a couple of times. The problem was that it was so far away. After a hurricane went through they closed down because it caused too much damage to reopen the park. Then Lego bought it and made Lego Land. We had a lot of fun on this day. We road the roller coasters over and over.

66: For a couple of years we got passes for Sea World, it was buy a ticket for a day and come back all year for free. We all enjoyed the shows and the rides. We would eat chicken fingers and soda for lunch. | People are no longer allowed to get into the tanks with the orcas due to a handler being killed. It was amazing to see them working together.

67: Petting the Manta rays - we were all surprised by how slimy they were!

68: Disney's 75th adversary | Autumn and Hannah | 2000

69: We have been able to go to Disney a number of times over the years. Florida Methodist Children's Home (F.U.M.C.H.), the agency we were licensed as foster parents with, would select a few families each December and pay for them to go to Magic Kingdom. They also paid for lunch! The girls would get tee-shirts as well. We always looked forward to the trip each time we got to go. | December 2006

70: 2007

72: 2009 | We arrived at the park before it opened. There was a performance by a number of Disney characters. The girls loved the streamers that were thrown at the end of the performance.

74: We ate lunch at one of the restaurants. It was a buffet, everyone loved going back time after time for more food. As we ate Whinny the Pooh characters came around to our table and we were able to take photos

79: We sent this photo to Jess on my Cell phone. She was away at school in Tampa, we missed her. Mom

80: Universal Studios Labor Day 2012. Hannah's favorite part was being able to walk around Hogwarts. Harry Potter is one of her favorite books.

85: There was a tropical storm that day, it was a small one but it kept a lot of people home. The lines were not bad at all for a holiday. It rained super hard at one point, Hannah, Autumn and Ben were on the Popeye Ride - it is a water ride, but they got extra soaked. The rest of the family were waiting in line for the Spiderman ride it was inside and so we did not get wet. We rode the Mummy ride over and over and over: best part ever!

86: 2013

87: We had a lot of fun at Magic Kingdom. We were able to ride all of the rides we wanted almost; that is until Abby and Heidi got a stomach flu. The good part was that we were able to spend most of the day there before they got sick. Going to theme parks is being with people you can have a lot of fun with, and my family is crazy silly, so we always have a good time.

88: Mothers day 2013 The best part is seeing tigers. Also we were able to ride Expedition Everest at least 17 times in a row, we stayed until it closed. We all had a great time.

90: Here is Hannah, Autumn, Abby and Heidi riding Expedition Everest. The rest of the family were worn out and enjoyed watching them, those girls just kept going and going. They had such a fantastic time!

91: Here we are doing the family hat photo. Mom loves taking photos of the family in silly hats! | Silly Heidi has no shoes!

92: Hollywood Studios was a lot of fun, we had gotten 4-day passes and we decided to come to this park twice because we all loved it. Hannah loved the Hollywood Tower of Terror. As far as she is concerned best ride ever. The Rocken Roller coaster gave her a headache. Autumn brought her friend Rachel.

93: Tee Hee. Silly hats for everyone.

94: This was one of my science field trips, and my first time to Animal Kingdom. I went with my Mom being a chaperon and with some of my best friends. Pictured here is Briana, me, Dominique and Angelica. The other two girls are Makala and Kasey Krouse, they sure loved to complain. My favorite part was probably riding Expedition Everest over and over again using the single rider line. Our other favorite ride was Dinosaur which we also rode multiple times. Angelica closed her eyes the whole time and just screamed even after the third time when we knew what to expect. Hannah

95: Everyone got soaked even with the ponchos.

98: With Epcot, it wasn't the most exciting theme park, but we still had tons of fun. We went as a field trip for reading after reading a book based about the Disney theme parks, called Kingdom Keeper Disney in Darkness. We were sent on a quest just like the characters in the book. After about an hour or so, we solved the mystery and won first place, a one hundred dollar gift card to any Disney store. There were four of us in our group and so we each got $25. I bought a few charms to add onto my charm bracelet at home. Our team consisted of Courtney, Aunica, Angelica, my mother, Courtney's mom and of course, me. Hannah Triplett

99: The winners!!!!

101: What a fantastic end to an amazing day.

102: Halloween was one of your Moms favorite holidays. She told me all about how she made the costumes you all were wearing except for the Honey Pot, she had to buy that one because she could not find a pattern. Ashley also said that you all won the prize at the Halloween party you all went to for the best costumes.

104: 2002

105: When we would play with the spiderman costume we would stick popcorn and hot dogs down the eye hole s of the costume. My wings were inflatable. Hannah Triplett | 2003

106: 2005

107: When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween.

108: Halloween 2006, Dad found white pumpkins this year. We all though they were amazing.

110: 2007 | This is mine all caved in.

111: This is what we all wore out Trick-or Treating. Mom did our faces.

112: This is what we all wore to the Fall Fling at church.

113: The witches are out. They're flying about. They slide down the rays of the moon. With rattling and cackling. And weird horrid laughing. They ride each about on a broom.

114: 2008

116: 2010

117: I loved my pumpkin this year! I think I did an excellent job on my mermaid.

118: Halloween 2011

120: 2012

122: The Naughty Little Mouse. I saved my cake for Santa Claus One Christmas Eve at tea; For if riding makes one hungry How hungry he must be! I put it on the pantry shelf, Where he'd be sure to go -- I think it does a person good To be remembered so. When everyone was fast asleep, Everyone but me, I tiptoed into the pantry -- O! just as still -- to see. If he had been there yet, Dear me! It made my poor heart ache --- There sat a miserable little mouse Eating Santa's cake. | My mother LaRae Durtschi memorized this poem for her 3rd grade Christmas program. She would retell it to us each Christmas eve. It brings me such sweet memories. Anna Triplett

123: First Christmas | My first Christmas and I'm being held by my grandma Abigail Wright. We called her Gamie. My Mom is next to her and my great grandmother.

124: Christmas 2001 | Hanging out with uncle Seth!

125: Grandpa Wright | Sleeping in our new Christmas sleeping bags we got from Santa!

126: Easter 2000

127: It was just before Easter when all of the girls were together in our home. I have always loved buying fancy dresses and now I have five daughters to play dress up with. The girls all loved going shopping for new dresses | Easter 2006

129: Easter 2007

131: Easter 2012

132: We went out to eat at Medieval Times. We had extended family down for Jessica and Brandon's wedding. Grandpa Triplett treated us all to dinner. We had so much fun. Autumn and I caught a flower from one of the knights, it was so romantic. Hannah Triplett

134: Spending the day exploring different parks is always fun. The girls lived with a different foster home for a little bit and we went and picked them up for the afternoon. We found a park up in Flagler County. There was a nature walk where we even found a gopher turtle but the photo did not turn out. It was so nice to spend the day with you.

139: Autumn dressed us all up to look like dinosaurs. She then took us out into the yard and took photos. It was fun most of the time, but if we don't do just what she wants us to do she gets mad at us and then it's not fun. Heidi got bored super fast. Hannah

140: I wish we still had this tree and the swing.

143: Vogue

144: Triplett's on Thanksgiving day 2010

146: Your Grandfather Jessee Milton Wright & your biological Mother Ashley 1981 Panama City Beach. | Grandfather William Lumpkin, Hannah Triplett, Peggy Flecke you call them Boomie and P. | Edger Alexander your Great Grandfather | Boy holding his lapels Edger Alexander your GG Grandfather photo taken 1898 | Gary Milton Wright your maternal Grandfather | Your Great Grandmother Carolyn Ruth Roberts, Hannah I think you have her eyes.

147: Edger and Marjoie Alexander your Great Grandparents | Your Great Grandparents Jessie Milton Wright and Carolyn Ruth Roberts | Great Grandmother Clara Jo Cleveland and your Grandfather William and uncle Robert Lumpkin | Abigail Alexander your maternal Grandmother | Dave Chauthren Alexander and Julia Ann Demasters your GGG Grandparents | GG Grandparents Jessie Milton Write and Mary Estelle Allums holding your G Grandfather Jessie Milton Write

148: Jessica Ashley Wright Born November 19, 1975 Died July 24, 2010 | Christian & Ashely 1981 | Ashley 4 months Christian 3 years | 2 years old

149: Christian, Abigail, on her lap Shelby, Gary, on his lap Seth, Ashely | 4 years 11 months | 2nd grade

150: The overhead view is of me in a maze, And you see what I'm hunting a few steps away, But I take a wrong turn and I'm on the wrong path. And the people all watching enjoy a good laugh. I continue moving on as it's rehearsed That course that my tread has already traversed. So doing so the trauma engulfing my dream Invaded through what was an unguarded seam. The torrent of helplessness swept me away To the cavern of shame and the hall of dismay. Inside me a voice keeps repeating the phrase... You've lost it-You'll never get out of this maze. 11/17/07 Ashley Lumpkin | Bill being silly dressing up like a girl

151: You had family visitation once a week for an hour at the beginning, the time was longer later on. Your parents would send home bags and bags of candy and other snacks that we would hand out to you over the next week. You enjoyed going. One time they brought the family kitten to the visit you all were so excited to see it. This visit was at the Daytona Beach Library on City Island. They also took you to the boardwalk in Daytona and out to eat. You also have visits at the wooden park in DeLand.

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