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Hayden Baby Album 6 month- year

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S: Hayden Kent 6 Months- One Year

1: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Birth | 6 Months

2: SIX | months | March 2011

3: Happy 6 Months little man!! I cannot believe 6 months has already passed. We cant imagine our lives without you. We are really seeing your little personality come out. You are such a little daredevil. You love to be thrown, jump on the trampoline, and try to find ways to get into things. You learned how to rock yourself out of your rock in play, so had to give Landon our rock in play. You are starting to show signs that you will be crawling soon! You are so strong on your hands and try to rock yourself forward! You love watching Bailey & Dusty chasing after your puffs and there toys. You crack up so hard when they shake the toys in there mouths!! You also moved up to Level 2 classes in Gymboree, and started working on crawling at gymboree! You are also starting to become very social, you are definitely just like your mommy & daddy. You love "talking" to other babies and playing with your best buddy Landon. We love you so much little man!!

4: If You were a flower. . .

5: I'd Pick You

10: Rayne, Max, Lucy, Gabriel, Eli, Hayden, Cohen, Haddyn, Gavin, Ryker, Gideon, & Geni

11: In March, we hosted a meetup with some of friends from JustMommies. We had people come in from all over the United States & even Canada. We had a great weekend. | Our sleeping arrangement for the weekend

13: We're not just two cute babies... | We're BEST FRIENDS!!!

14: SEVEN | months | April 2011

15: Happy 7 months big guy!! You have been changing and growing so much this month. You have grown from being a little peanut to a chunky little man. You also have learned a couple new tricks this month. You started waving &clapping which is so adorable! On our way home from the beach you learned how to repeat "rawr, rawr" which is what daddy always says to you! I love hearing you talk, you look so little talking. You are now crawling too. You have a the cutest little movement. You don't really "crawl" but army crawl. We went to the beach this month and you loved the sand. You used your little shovel and put sand into your pail. You also loved the water but you were scared of the waves. One of our favorite places to go right now is the park! You love swinging and climbing on the jungle gym! We love you so much little man!!

16: S P R I N G | B R E A K | April 2011

17: Miami, Florida & Little Duck Key

18: For our Easter Pictures, we got 5 baby chicks for Hayden to take pictures with. He was very gentle with them and loved "petting them"

19: Chick Magnet

21: We had our first annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was so much fun to have a house full of little ones and over 400 eggs. We hope we can make this a family tradition

23: Hayden's First Easter Basket

24: EIGHT | months | May 2011

25: Happy 8 months sweet boy. You are such a joy in me and Daddy's life. Your little smile and laugh lights up our world. You are becoming so adventurous and love to crawl all around the house. To celebrate your 8th month, you got your first bruise, right next to your eye. You love climbing up the window seal and slipped and hit your face. Your so tough & you barely cried. You're drinking out of a sippy cups now & not eating any baby food. Your favorite food is grilled chicken, green beans, carrots and any type of fruit. You are such a good eater. You sleep wonderfully every night(8 pm-9 am) & take at least a 2 hour nap every day. Your favorite activity is to go with mommy to Gymboree. You love your teachers, Mrs. Liz & Mrs. Salena. You love the bubbles, balls, and the parachute. You also love exploring the gym and finding new places to crawl. You are such a happy baby and a joy to everyone you meet.

26: Our Little Boy is Growing Up so Fast...

27: Hayden's first hurt (scratch on his eye) | Best Buddies swimming at the Pool | Brushing daddy's teeth!

28: NINE | months | June 2011 | You learned how to climb up inclines | You moved to your big boy car seat

29: Wow Big Boy, your 9 months old. Where did the time go?? I cannot believe in 3 months you will be 1 year. You are so mobile now. You love crawling all over the house, up the stairs and pulling up on everything. You are also cruising all around the furniture. You are getting "battle bumps" now that you are getting more rough and daring. You love going in and out of the kennel and locking yourself and the dogs inside there. Your still only have your 2 bottom teeth but I bet there will be more soon. You have been sleeping in your crib every night and you sleep from 9-10!! Mommy & Daddy are so spoiled!

30: Happy Father's Day!!

32: Hayden VS Watermelon

33: Hayden doesn't have many foods he doesn't like but he hates Watermelon. These are pictures from his first time trying Watermelon. | June 2011

34: A Day with My Friends | Our Just Mommies friends came to Atlanta, so we spent the day at the children's museum and eating lunch. | Hayden and Haddyn

37: On July 2nd, we went and saw fireworks at Ryan's country club. I was really worried you would be scared but by the end you were laying on the grass next to us. You loved the colors and weren't scared of the sound as long as mommy & daddy were close to you.

40: TEN | months | July 10th 2011 | Your favorite thing to watch: Mickey Mouse | Your favorite toy: Stand up Piano | You love imitating noise and especially screams

41: Wow, I cannot believe ten months have gone by so fast. I love you more and more each day. You are such a fun and energetic little man. Everyone loves your personality. Your favorite activities right now are playing any kind of musical instrument, dancing & walking along the edges of the couch. You've started taking some steps, so I know you will be walking before we know it. You love smiling at everyone we see and waving at everyone. I love when you blow kisses. It's the sweetest thing ever. You have 8 teeth now (4 top, 4 bottom) & have done wonderful with teething. You usually go to bed around 9 and don't wake up until almost 10 am. It is so wonderful watching your little personality become your own. We love you Hayden.

46: Hayden's First Bike Ride | We took Hayden on his first bike while in Jekyll Island. He loved being on the back of Daddy's bike. He even fell asleep throughout part of the trip. We rode 16 miles around the island and went through the historic district, the pier and even stopped and had ice cream.

48: P | O | O | L

49: TIME | Hayden LOVED playing in the pool at the hotel. It was about 2 feet high, so he could walk around the pool in his float and even started pushing his float around the pool. We also practiced going under and "swimming" and he did wonderful. We could have seriously spent our entire vacation in the pool.

54: Hayden loves playing at Gymboree with his best friend Landon | My Smiley Boy

55: Hayden's playroom is his favorite hangout. He loves pulling all the toys out of his toy storage and throwing them around the room

56: All ready to get his first haircut | The first cut! | Not the biggest fan of the spray bottle | Doing a great job! | You didn't like when she cut around your ears as much | Finally distracted by the cool plane

57: Getting your mo-hawk done | You did a wonderful job at your first hair cut. The stylist couldn't believe how awesome you did. We are so proud of you little man! | August 9th, 2011

60: ELEVEN | months | August 2011

61: Happy Eleven Months my little dude! Only 1 more month until you're 1! I cannot believe just how quickly time is flying. You are such a fun & CRAZY little man. You love to scream and yell and fake bite into things. You decided you don't want to walk anymore. You were becoming a pro, walking all the way across the room but you decided it's not your thing right now, which is fine with me. One of your favorite things is copying things & you love to make noises with your mouth. You have such a BIG personality. You crawl around the house yelling, laughing, & saying all your favorite words. You can say 7 words now, Dada, Daddy, Dog, Dusty, Bailey("baby"), Hey, & Buh-Bye but still no mommy. You are also the most happy baby I have ever met. You never stop smiling and everyone always comments on how happy you are. You LOVE food. I think it is possibly your favorite things except Mickey & Rio(and of course, mommy & daddy). You eat whatever we eat and your favorite foods are blueberries, green beans, carrots, grilled chicken, pancakes, bananas and yogurt. We love you so much. We love playing with you, reading to you, and snuggling with you. You are such a sweet boy and you love grabbing our faces to give us big kisses!! We love when you do it too. Bailey is getting more used to you and Dusty still loves you like he always has. You are loved more than you will ever know.

63: Hayden Loves his Gymboree class

64: Your getting so big! | You love stacking the blocks on your alligator

65: This your favorite toy right now! You love putting the balls inside and then pressing the handle!

66: And He's off....

67: You started really walking this week. You look so adorable when you walk because you keep your hands up by your ears for balance. You are getting faster as the week goes on! We are so proud of you! | 8-29-2011

69: You're becoming such a little man! I can't believe all the stuff you are getting into you. You are so smart and figure things out so quickly.

70: Look Mom & Dad, I'm learning to use my spoon!!

71: You are always so serious when using your spoon. You are getting really good at it but usually go back to using your hands, it's much faster :)

72: You've Got a

73: Friend In Me! | Hayden & Landon Best Friends Forever

74: C | A | K | E | S | M | A | S | H

76: ONE YEAR | September 2011

77: Happy Birthday Big Boy! I can't believe this time last year we were awaiting your arrival. We had no idea how our lives would change once you got here. Now its been a year, and we couldn't imagine life without you. From the second we held you, we knew we would never be the same. You have really completed our family. Your are such a blessing to not only us but our whole family. You have brought so much joy to us. You have such a sweet personality and your ability to make anyone smile amazes me! You love everyone you come in contact with and you don't know a stranger, which I love. You are really becoming your own little person. You love walking anywhere we go and even started running sometimes. You can say MAMA now!! You have 10 words -dada, mama, baby, dog, da-e(dusty), bye bye, "me', that, ball & Hey. Daddy taught you how to go backward down the stairs! My favorite thing you do right now is when I open my arm, you run to me, hug me and give me a kiss. Also, when we ask you for a kiss you give us one, or if you like something or someone you will blow them kisses. You're getting really good at responding to commands and understanding what we are saying and the action that goes with it.You are such a little ray of sunshine and we are always being asked "Does that kid ever stop smiling??" and they're right, you never stop smiling. We love you. I hope you always remember how special and amazing you are!

78: Good Morning, Birthday Boy!! | You woke up for your birthday just as happy as you always do. We had such a big day ahead of you. Happy First Birthday baby!!

79: Birthday Boy Breakfast

80: Happy First Birthday, Hayden!

81: Present TIME! | You were so tired by the time we got to presents but you LOVED everything everyone got you. You are so blessed to have such amazing people in your life!

82: You had such a wonderful first birthday! Everything was perfect and your were the life of the party | Some of the treats mommy made

83: C | A | K | E | T | I | M | E | Yummy Cake!!

85: Today's extra special because you turn ONE! We'll eat cake and ice cream and have lots of fun. It seems like just yesterday, you were brand new, and now there are so many things you can do. We'll light your first candle and make a big fuss to be sure that you know you are precious to us. Today's extra special because you turn ONE and the best thing of all is... your life has just begun!

88: at Gymboree


90: All About Me from Birth- One...

91: Wow how you've grown from our tiny baby to such a big boy! We are so proud of you and can't wait for many more years of fun & adventures

92: ~My Big First~ | First Time Smiling: 10.18.10- Smiled at mommy in the bath tub. (6 weeks) | First Time Laughing: 1.11.11- When Daddy sang "way-o" (4 months) | First Time Sitting: 1.15.11(still wobbly) Sitting Strong all by himself: 1.14.11 (4 months) | First Time Rolling Over: 12.7.10 (3 months) | First Word: "Dada" 4.14.11 | First Solid Food: Rice Cereal & Sweet Potatoes 1.2.11 | Learned How to Clap His Hands: 5.11.11 | Grabbing toys with your hands: 9.22.11 | First Time Kicking Toys: 9.24.11

93: First Haircut: 8.9.11 (11 months) | First Time Waving Good-Bye: 6.20.11 (8 months) | Learned How to Blow Kisses: 7.2.11 | First Tooth: Bottom Two Teeth 5.25.11 | First Time Using a Straw: 6.25.11 | First Steps: 7.3.11 Walking Object to Object: 7.26.11 Full Time Walking: 8.29.11 | First Time Crawling(army): 4.3.11 First Time 4 point crawling: 4.27.11 (7 months) | First Time Sleeping Through the Night: 10.3.10 (1 month) First Time Sleeping 12+ hours: 4.12.11 (6 months) | First Time with a Sippy Cup: 4.25.11 Full time: 5.3.11 | Learned How to Dance: 5.15.11

94: Birth: Weight: _________ Height:___________ Head:_______ 2 Days: Weight:________ At 4 Days:Weight:_______ Height:_________ Head:________ 2 Weeks: Weight: _________ Height:__________ Head:_________ 3 weeks: Weight: ________ 1 Month: Weight:__________ 2 Months: Weight: ________ Height: ______ Head: _______ | 3 Month: Weight: _________ 4 Month: Weight:_____ Height:_______ Head:_____ 5 Month: Weight: _________ 6 Month: Weight: _________ Height: ________ Head: _______ 9 Month: Weight:__________ Height:_______ Head:_______ 12 month: Weight:________ Height: _________ Head:______ | 7 lbs 10 oz | 20.5 inches | 7 lbs 2 oz | 7lbs | 20 inches | 35.75 cm | 6 lbs 15 oz | 20.5 inches | 35.25 cm | 7 lbs 8 oz | 8 lbs 12 oz | 10 lbs 1 oz | 23.25 in | 39.2 cm | 11 lbs 5 oz | 35.25 cm | 13 lbs 12 oz | 25.75 in | 42 cm | 14 lbs 15 oz | 16 lbs 8 oz | 27 inches | 43.5 cm | 32 inches | 23 lbs 6 oz | 46 cm | 20 lbs 3 oz | 29.5 in | 44 cm

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