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FC: Heidi Joanna Triplett

1: Heidi Joanna Triplett | William Ivan Lumpkin b. Feb 26, 1961 | William Ivan Lumpkin b. May 24, 1928 | Peggy Jane Flecke b. Oct 29, 1928 | William Lumpkin b. July 9, 1903 d. Nov 29, 1984 | Clara Jo Cleveland b. July 19, 1908 d. Sep 2002 | William Lafayette Fleck b. April 5, D. July 1968 | Mable Emma Smedley b. Sep 23, 1900 d. Jan 12, 1987 | Jessica Ashley Wright b.Nov. 19, 1975 d.July 24, 2010 | Gary Milton Wright b. Oct. 29, 1952 d. March 9, 1999 | Abigail Alexander b. June 25, 1952 d. July 30, 2005 | Jessie Milton Wright b. July 1,1929 | Carolyn Ruth Roberts b. Sept 4, 1931 d. Oct. 25, 2011 | Edgar Charles Alexander b Sep 23, 1927 d. Oct 5, 1985 | Marjorie Sue Cross b.Nov 25, 1932 d. July 23, 2001

2: Heidi Joanna Triplett October 4, 2005 12:50 AM

3: I remember the first time you were able to breast feed. You loved it, and I loved nursing you. You were so tiny and delicate. You had the daintiest little fingers and such a perfectly shaped little head. Your daddy called you "Peanut". Nursing you the first time was such a special event for us both. We were forever bonded and I will always love you more than you could ever know. You wanted to be held and loved every second which was good, because we wanted to hold you and love you every second. You were so beautiful. You had the brightest eyes and the sweetest disposition. Jessica Ashley Lumpkin | Heidi's foot prints

4: The first weeks of your life was full of new experiences and people. On October 10th you had your first bath at home, we bathed you in our popcorn bowl. Aunt Shelby hears you on the phone on October 15th. On the 31st of October your Lumpkin grandparents met you for the first time. November 18th you had your first check up you weigh 8Lbs 15 Oz and are 20 long. Ashley Lumpkin

5: Your sisters were so happy to have you finally here. They wanted to play with you like you were a baby doll. They were so sweet and gentle with you. They were a big help. Ashley Lumpkin

6: May 2006 | This photo was taken shortly after all four of you girls were placed with us in foster care. Autumn and Abby were placed with us first then you and Hannah came. We at first did not know that there was four of you girls. When we found out we started working super hard to have all of you placed with us. It took about a month then just before Easter we had you all together. We are so happy to have you all part of our family! Your smile always brightens my day.


11: Look at those beautiful eyes! | Heidi, you loved sitting in the laundry hamper while I did the wash. You would smile and play the entire time.

12: Heidi you have always loved taking baths. The more bubbles the better!

13: This is a Io moth, we found it as a caterpillar and fed it in a jar until it made a cocoon. Once it emerged you girls were thrilled! The center of the eye spots are clear so we could see through them. That was so interesting. Learning about new things has always been an important part of your upbringing.

14: Heidi we called your walker the ankle slicer. It was aptly named. You could go so fast in that thing; you would chase us around and blood was shed more than once. You also liked to cary Jessica's old doll "Kid sister" out in the front as a type of figure head. It was so funny, and terrifying all at once! LOL

15: Heidi once when dad was working in the kitchen we had to put the gate up to keep you out of the kitchen. You were very frustrated because you wanted to come in. Suddenly you notice the pocket door on the other side of the kitchen was open your were off like a shot, heading into the foyer then the living room and finally the dinning room. Dad got the pocket door pulling it shut just in time. You are one very smart cookie.

16: Adventures under the table and chairs are super exciting! | A hair got stuck on the inside of my camera. We did not realize it until after the film was developed. It took me more than one roll of film to find it and get it out. Life before digital cameras.

17: Love drinking that eggnog!

18: Lets' Play

19: Dress Up | Daddy did this.

20: Pearls & boas, dressed to the nines Lipstick on pursed lips, trying to stay in the lines Big wobbly high heels, on tiny, precious feet, Little girls playing dress-up aren't they sweet Laura Taylor Mark

22: Peanut butter and honey sandwiches are the best. Especially if its made all by yourself.

23: Heidi you have had such a love for shoes, since you were tinny. When Jessica had friends over we would have to put their shoes on the other side of the baby gate to keep you out of them. As you have grown, your love for shoes has not diminished. right now in 2016 you and I wear the same size, you are always asking to borrow my shoes.

24: The next couple of pages of photos were taken at a FUMCH activity they hold each year for foster children. Heidi just loved playing in the water!

26: This year they also had a petting farm. Heidi has always shown a great love for animals. She did not care what type they were she wanted to pet them. | First pony ride

27: This barrel ride was a hit with all the girls!!

33: The Davis's would invite us to come over and swim in their pool. It was a wonderful way to spend a hot summer day.

34: Cereal and milk

35: Heidi you are such a ham. You love having your photo taken so much!!!

36: This park is not far from our house, You all called it the hidden park. As you got older you would go there with your sisters and friends and take snacks to eat.

39: Snow in Florida is a rare thing. Heidi and her sisters had a lot of fun playing with the little we got one winter. They made a snowman and they used a flower as its hat.

40: One years old today October 4, 2006 | A year's gone by, How time has flown, We can't believe How Heidi's grown! She's such a joy And so much fun, Oh my! Our baby's Turning One!

42: This year you wanted a cookie cake. It was so good! | 3

44: 4

46: 5

48: 6 | Heidi had two parties this year. One at home and one with her Lumpkin grandparents. We all had a great time.

49: Grandma and Grandpa Lumpkin

50: The candle in the middle of the cake played happy birthday as it burned. Heidi just loved it and insisted it was on both cakes! | Heidi loved Justin Bieber's music. She was so excited to have a Bieber cake. | 7

51: We had two parties again this year with Heidi's Lumpkin grandparents condo, and the other one at home. She had such a good time at both parties. Heidi also loves to mix things up a bit and wanted to open her gifts in the bonus room.

52: 8 | 8

53: Talking to Ben away at college | Hello Kitty made by Hannah | New monster high skirt

54: 9 | Heidi and Abby were really into a show called H2O Just add water. They would play mermaids all of the time. Abby made her a shirt about the show. Dad was living in Utah this year and ben was still in college and so we skyped with them during the party.

56: Jillian, Heidi, Kamiyah, and Marry | jasmin watching Heidi blow out the candles. | 10

60: Waiting for Autumn to come home from Middle School.

61: Daddy and me.

63: Playing at freedom park, Deland.

64: This was taken at your daycare. You loved having your photo taken and having the little bridge to sit on made you super happy.

65: Heidi's First Day of Kindergarten 2011

68: I thought it was a good idea to document all of my best friends on their photo, with a BFF. I loved this class.

69: I moved from Blue Lake Elm. to WoodWard after the class photo was taken, so I drew myself in! I really like WoodWard Elem.

70: Top row left, Heidi Alex, Marvion, Melvinaysia, Mary, Isaac, Jasmine, Kamya, Middle row left. Jasmine, Hoke, Johnathan, Devin, Blake, Tyresse Bottom left, Thomas, Elaina, Thomas, Shawn, Rocco, Gavin, Isabelle.

71: We went out to eat at Medieval Times. We had extended family down for Jessica and Brandon's wedding. Grandpa Triplett treated us all to dinner. We had so much fun. Sad to say our Knight did not win. The food was good and the girls loved playing princess.

72: Christmas

73: Christmas 2006

74: 2009

75: Autumn | Hannah | Abigail | Heidi

76: 2010

78: This year dad had taken a job in Utah, we did not expect that he could come home for Christmas. On Christmas Eve when Jess and Brandon came they asked us to help get the gifts they brought out of the trunk of their car. When it opened up there was DAD! It was such an amazing surprise. His family had helped pay for the ticket to come home. On Christmas day we made ice cream Christmas trees. They were super yummy! | 2013

80: 2014

83: 2006

84: 2008

85: Carilyn, Autumn, Heidi, Abby, Bridgett, Hannah

86: Some years we had two different costumes. We would wear one to the Ward Halloween party and the other one on Halloween night trick or treating. I loved to see what they would come up with. | 2009

89: 2010 | Heidi and Ben's | Autumn's | Hannah's | Abby's | Dad's | Joshua's

90: 2 0 1 1

91: Jessica | Brandon | Joshua | Hannah & Abigail | Graham | Benjamin | Mom | Heidi | Abby | Hannah

92: 2012 | Brandon, Jessica and Graham

94: 2013 | Ward Party

96: Halloween is perhaps our families favorite holiday. Plans for the following years costumes begin shortly after trick or treating is completed. Each year it is so exciting to see what they decide to wear. Sometimes it is store bought other years its home made out of bits and pieces. Regardless on how they are made they look great. After the trick or treating is completed everyone dumps out all of their candy and sorts everything according to type. Then the trading begins! A lot of fun is had and everyone enjoys the bartering.

97: 2014

98: 2015

100: 2006

101: 2007

104: 2008

107: 2011

108: Left to right, Tiffany, adoption case manager, Adrian, case manager, the girls! Sue, the girls Guardian Ad Lidem, and Adrian's supervisor who I can't remember the name of! | Making if official was Judge Marriott. The photo is fuzzy and that was very frustrating, but id does not diminish the amazing day it was and becoming a Family!! | The paperwork making everything official! | Nov 22, 2010

111: Autumn loved doing photo shoots with the girls. She enjoyed doing the outfits and hair. In this shoot Autumn instructed them not to smile. Heidi you had a hard time with this and would start to laugh, that cracked up your sisters and they started to laugh. Autumn was only able to get a couple so shots she likes.

112: Heidi and Abby <3

115: On Feb 16, 2013; Heidi wanted to take her training wheels off and learn how to ride her bike. We took them off and I supported the back of her bike and ran behind her down the street. Heidi peddled faster and faster I could not keep up. I had to let go. Heidi rode on down the street and has been riding perfectly ever after. Heidi you are the first of all my children to ride their bikes right after taking off the training wheels.

117: Spent the day at the beach and splash park. Josh found a cool starfish.

118: July 24, 2011 Pioneer day | Heidi learning to walk on stilts, with a little help from sister Wiseman | Dad giving it a try and doing fantastic!

119: Josh, Hannah, Abby, Autumn and Heidi enjoying a little watermelon. | Soooo Yummy!

121: playing in the rain

122: Heidi's first haircut!

123: Your first haircut was quite a day a real adventure in every way. We put it off long as we could you fussed a bit we knew you would. A great big chair just for you this busy place was something new. A SNIP-SNIP here and a SNIP-SNIP there and little wisps of falling hair. Soon your haircut was complete. You looked grown up and oh, so SWEET!

125: I heard on the radio that a boy band called Big Time rush was going to be in Orlando. The girls were big fans; so I took the day off and drove them down. We stood in line for over three hours before we were able to see them. The girls had a great time playing around. When it was our turn the boys were super sweet and talked to each of th girls. They signed the CD. When we were done I took the girls out to dinner at Cracker Barrel it was a wonderful day.

126: Aunti Heidi | Graham

127: Xander

128: Mix

129: Making cookies!!! yummy :) | Roll

130: 2013 DeLand Dog Parade | We were asked by our vet to help in the parade. They called us up out of the blue and invited us! It was a Mardi Gras theme! We all had a great time. | As we were walking home I took this photo of the girls in a grouping of palm trees on Stetsons Campus.

134: Thanks Giving day 2010

137: Dec 2011 Utah

138: Dec 25, 2015

140: Theme Parks | Our family has always enjoyed going to theme parks. We've gone to all of the Disney parks and both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, Gatorland and Weeki Wachee Springs.The following pages is a sampling of what we have done over the years.

141: Magic Kingdom 2009 | We arrived at the park before it opened there was a performance by a number of Disney Characters. The girls loved the streamers that was thrown at the end of the performance. We road lots of rides and even got our photo taken on Splash Mountain. We ate lunch at one of the restaurants. It was a buffet, everyone loved going back time after time for more food. As we ate Whinny the Pooh characters came around to our table and we were able to take photos.

142: Heidi you have your feet in the stocks. You thought it was so much fun.

143: This strawberry was as big you!

144: Universal Studios Labor Day 2012. | There was a tropical storm that day, it was a small one but it kept a lot of people home. The lines were not bad at all for a holiday. It rained super hard at one point, Hannah, Autumn and Ben were on the Popeye Ride, it is a water ride, but they got extra soaked. The rest of the family was waiting in line for the Spiderman ride it was inside and so we did not get wet. We rode the Mummy ride over and over and over: bet part ever!! | Heidi you just loved going over the falls on the River Adventure ride!!! NOT!! LOL

146: 2 0 1 3 | We bought 4 day passes for the family. We then split them up over 3 different parks. It was a great spring! We did not go to Epcot, not that interested. :)

147: We had a lot of fun at Magic Kingdom. We were able to ride all of the rides we wanted almost; that is until Abby and Heidi got a stomach flu. The good part was that we were able to spend most of the day there before anyone got sick. Going to theme parks is I think one of our favorite things to do.

148: Mother's day 2013 The best part is riding Expedition Everest at least 17 times in a row. We stayed until it closed. We all had a great time! | Heidi, Hannah, Autumn and Abby riding Expedition Everest. They kept going after the rest of us were worn out! | Heidi! Where are your shoes?!?

150: We went to Hollywood Studios twice. We loved riding the Hollywood Tower of Terror. Once time we got shirts pink for the girls and yellow for the boys. We looked silly but we had a great time! | April 6, 2013 | Hollywood Studios

151: May 25, 2013

153: Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum Brevard Co. Memorial day May 25, 2015 | We were able to get in free because dad is a disabled veteran. We had so much fun looking at all the cool things in the museum.

154: Gatorland March 23, 2015

155: Mom, Abby, Hannah and I spent the day at Gatorland. We had so much fun looking at all the alligators! We got to feed some birds and There were birds nesting and shows to watch. We also played at the splash pad. Brrrr was the water cold that day.

156: Great grandfather Edgar Charles Alexander | Edger Alexander and Sue Cross 1984 your Great Grandparents | Dave Cauthren Alexander and JuliaAnn Demastres your GGG Grandparents | GG Grandparents Jessie Milton Write and Mary Estelle Allums holding your G Grandfather Jessie Milton | The young man holding his lapels is your GG Grandfather Edger Alexander photo taken 1898 | Grandfather William Lumpkon, Heidi Triplett, Peggy Flacke you call them Boomie and P. | Grandma Alta LaRae Meeks and Grandpa Gerald Durtschi

157: Grandfather Jessee Milton Wright your great grandfather & Ashley 1981 Panama City Beach | Gary Milton Write your grandfather | Your great grandmother Clara Jo Cleveland and your grandfather William Lumpkin, great uncle Robert | Your great grand parents Jessie Milton Wright and Carolyn Ruth Roberts | Abigail Alexander you grandmother | Great Grandfather William Ivan Lumpkin in the back and great uncle Robert Franklyn Lumpkin | Grandma Joan McElroy and Grandpa John Triplett

158: Jessica Ashley Wright Born November 19, 1975 Died July 24, 2010 | Christian and Ashley 1981 | 2 years old | Ashley 4 months Christian 3 years | 3rd grade

159: 4 years 11 months | 5th grade | 2nd grade | Christian, Abigail, on her lap Shelby, Gary, on his lap Seth, Ashely | 8 or 9 years

162: William Lumpkin | Bill dressed up like a little girl.

163: You would have weekly visits with your biological family. It was hard on you to see them, you were too young to understand what was going on. Your biological parents would send home bags and bags of candy and other snacks that we would hand out to you over the next week.

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